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13.09.2007 10:53
9/11/This Is War: When the Chickens Come Home to Roost
U.S. Soldiers NYC Mayor Giuliani was booed when he spoke at the 9/11 commemoration this morning. From APN News: "Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani returned to ground zero Tuesday, despite objections by several victims' families and firefighters who said he should not speak at the remembrance because he is running for president. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton attended the ceremony, but did not speak. Giuliani later descended to the trade center site, and one man yelled "Scum! Scum!" at him.
Everyone remembers where they were six years ago, right? At that time, I was working as a boycott organizer for PCUN, The Oregon Farmworker Union in Woodburn. The union owned a small house on the union hall property where I and other organizers would often stay to avoid a daily 90 minute round trip commute. I awoke early as usual, put coffee on and switched on the t.v., and, there it was. 9/11. On every station. Replays of the crash and collapse. I remember a commentator saying "america under attack." I drooped to the carpet on my knees and said to myself aloud, "Mutherfuck! The chickens have come home to roost!"


Craigr Speaks 11.09.2007 11:14
Craig Rosebraugh Lecture this Friday in Portland
Nationally recognized political activist and author, Craig Rosebraugh, is scheduled to give a public lecture at 7:00pm on Friday, September 14 at Laughing Horse Books (12 NE 10th Ave). Rosebraugh is best known for his role as the former national spokesperson for the radical Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

From 1997 through 2001, Rosebraugh was the primary spokesperson for the ELF, an underground environmental organization that inflicted well over $100 million in damages through arson and sabotage attacks against environmentally destructive companies. Despite the seizure of his computer equipment; multiple searches of his home, business and person; grand jury investigations; FBI questioning; death threats and facing years in prison, Rosebraugh did not reveal the identities of members of the ELF movement.

In February 2002, under force of subpoena, Rosebraugh appeared in front of US Congress in a House Resources Subcommittee Hearing on Eco-terrorism, where he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights to 54 of 56 questions. He did issue Congress a 12-page written testimony, charging the US Government with being "one of the worst terrorists in planetary history."


11.09.2007 10:49
Unlocking The Darkness
In 2004, in Olympia, a few people materialized into a crowd, bolt cutters at their side. The fence was cut and pulled down. Beyond the fence lay a load of Strykers, ready to aid in the murdering of Iraqi's. Ready to barrel down streets, firing into houses and crowds, turning people into meat. Ready to run over children. The fence came down and then a few people ran forward, into the police. Those few people were taken down. The crowd remained where it was, standing behind an imaginary line. In 2006, in Olympia, the fence came down again. A few people ran in and were taken by the pigs. Others sat down down and went through agony while they were being arrested. The night before a fight to take down the fence lasted hours, numerous people disabled by pepper spray. Just as they did in 2004, the Strykers left Olympia for Iraq. The poor suckers stuck in them were torn to pieces. In 2007 a liberal, pacifist group began heavily pushing its agenda on those who did not wish to conform to it. When the Strykers came through Tacoma the response was minimal for the first week. People who did not want to sit idly by as the Strykers rolled through the port struggled to organize a large response on Friday night. Surrounded by hundreds of riot cops, the fence came down. Numerous people were shot with rubber bullets. The crowd left and headed towards one of the police blockades. Half the group pushed forward, on the verge of overtaking a police cruiser and pushing the line back. The other half sat down. Sang "Give Peace A Chance." And went through agony. Enveloped in tear gas, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with clubs, those following non-violent principles allowed themselves to be brutalized. Some people said we provoked the police, that our violence created violence. On Monday night no one pushed against the police. That night the police shot and gassed a completely non-violent crowd.
In Tacoma, in 2007, people were struggling against each other more than working together. It takes the willingness of multiple parties to cooperate. We have been willing in the past and we will be willing in the future. But other people have not, time and time again. The Strykers went right through the port. There was no chance of stopping them then, but a lot of the people there were not even trying. Do we want to stop the things we say we want to stop?


11.09.2007 10:22
9/11, Uncle Osama and The US Be Tray us Report
Take the Day Off Recent Surge of Osama video appearences seem link to US military designs. Other apprearnces seem link to US political election and policy making. Osama is GI.
A continuance of coincidences over time is likely not a coincidence, but a consistent media response. (9/11- Osama did it). This is of course is shown from his video allegedly admitting his orchestration.. I don't know for sure, for I don't speak Arabic and my source of this information are the same people whom purposefully led this country to war to protect me from pretend WMD's. So the fact is there is no credible source of information.
Now its 6 years since the 9/11-2001 coop we get 2 Osama video this week. We also get the Petraeus (Be Tray us) Report, in the face of growing opposition in the occupation, and months into the surge.


10.09.2007 15:10
San Diego: Trial Begins for Rod Coronado

Rod Coronado is being prosecuted by the federal government for a public speech he gave in 2003 in San Diego. During a question and answer period following the speech, he was asked about previous direct action he has taken in defense of animals and the environment. The government is employing a rarely used statute to prosecute Coronado that relies on the intent of the speaker to foment criminal activity.

Rod Coronado has been affiliated with many environmental and animal rights organizations, beginning with his work with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in the late 1980's. He stands as an effective and inspiring speaker and writer on the ecological crisis facing current society. Coronado served a 4 _ year sentence for destroying a fur farm in the 90's and more recently, was imprisoned for moving and setting off traps set to harm mountain lions in a wilderness area in Arizona.

The trial starts Monday, September 10, 2007, 9 am with jury selection.


Update 9/12: A court report for Monday and Tuesday is available here.

Update 9/13: An update from Wednesday is available here.

Update 9/14: A court report from Thursday is available here.

Visit Rod's support website here.

Sacramento: First Week of Trial for Eric McDavid

From Sacramento Prisoner Support: "Trial starts on Monday! The first part of the morning will just be jury selection, but we WILL (more than likely) be doing opening arguments in the afternoon. The defense will present their case first- probably taking up the first week, and spilling over into the second. We might be done with argument around the 19th, but it might also spill over into the next week. Then the jury will deliberate... "


About Eric McDavid, from SupportEric.org: "Eric McDavid was arrested in Auburn, CA on January 13, 2006 as part of the government's ongoing Green Scare campaign. He now faces two decades in prison. [...] He was arrested along with Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner and all three were charged with "conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives." The government's case is based on the word of a single FBI informant who was paid over $75,000 to fabricate a crime and implicate the trio."

Urgent Action 9/10: McDavid is being denied both vegan food and commissary by the Sacramento Main Jail. Read more here. Update 9/12: "Eric has finally been given commissary again! This is the first step towards a stable vegan diet for Eric. Please continue to call the jail and request that Eric be given vegan meals."

Update 9/11: Court notes from the first day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/12: Court notes from the second day of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.

Update 9/13: Court notes from day three of Eric McDavid's trial are now available here.


10.09.2007 09:48
Audio File: September Bark Hike and Public Lands Protection Opportunities
September 9, 2007, the monthly Bark field trip hiked to an area outside Zig Zag in the Mt. Hood National Forest, checking out a bridge washed out last November and hiked part of the Ramona Falls trail. The U.S. Forest Service just finalized their Travel Planning Rule, which ignores any use but Off Highway Vehicles. They are proposing 6 large playgrounds for the OHVs; 55,000 acres of Mt. Hood that will be unsuitable for hiking, mountainbiking and horseriding access, not to mention the loss of wildlife habitat. This solution does not provide for enhanced enforcement, and also fails to consider our forestwide system of roads and watersheds currently threatened by these aging and unsupported roadways. Thousands of miles of roads are closed, but are used illegally by off roaders. Hundreds of culverts have become nonfunctioning after years of maintenance backlog, bringing increased sedimentation and chemical runoff into our drinking water, a perfect recipe for catastrophic landslides... dozens of campsites have become inaccessible by washouts on major roadways, taking sometimes years for the U.S.F.S. to prioritize repairs.

this week there will be two opportunities for two public testimony sessions on these issues, one here in Portland and the other in Hood River.

Tuesday, September 11 6pm-7:30pm
310 SW Lincoln St.

Wednesday, September 12 6pm-7:30pm
1108 East Marina Way
Hood River, OR

Bark is hosting the Clackamas Campout 2, Friday September 14 through Monday September 24, 2007, offering the public an opportunity to complete the first ever Citizens Inventory of Mt. Hood's 4,000 miles of roads.
Related: Forest Plan Now Accepting Comments on Future of Roads

Off Road Vehicle Comments, RealPlayer | ORV Comments, MP3

| PhilosopherSeed.org | the Bark website


10.09.2007 09:38
Death of trans immigrant in detention forges united protests
Olga Arellano spoke at a rally at the Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 27 about how her 23-year-old daughter, Victoria, died July 20 at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal detention facility in South Los Angeles. "I can only find the strength to talk about this because I want people to know what is going on inside that place," Olga Arellano stated. "I don't want another family to have to live through this nightmare."

Authorities reportedly refused to give Victoria Arellano—an undocumented Mexican transwoman with AIDS—urgently needed medical attention and her critically necessary prescribed antibiotic, despite mass protests on her behalf by other immigrant detainees. Authorities had imprisoned her since May in a men's mass detention cell.

Outrage over Victoria Arellano's death is forging a coalition of organizations that fight for immigrant rights, AIDS care, and trans, lesbian, gay and bisexual rights. The bilingual Los Angeles vigil and media conference was called by Arellano's family and Bienestar—a Latina community service and advocacy organization working to meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.


09.09.2007 17:46
Eric McDavid Hearing Update
eric mcdavid Report on 9/7 [In Limine] hearing... Eric had his In Limine hearing Friday morning. Judge England denied Mark's motions because they were filed after the deadline set by the court. Some of the issues raised in the motions can be addressed during trial. Then the discussion moved to the government's motion to preclude the entrapment defense. At first, the judge seemed unmoved by Mark's response, and made it very clear that he did not want trial to become an indictment of the FBI. But after much back and forth, the judge asked to see the case law that Mark was citing. We took a 20 minute recess so he could read the case. After the judge returned, things moved quickly. The case law is very clear - the defense only has to show "slight" evidence of entrapment to pursue it as a defense strategy. England could not deny that Eric has indeed met that requirement. He stressed over and over how "slight" he thought the evidence was, and reiterated again and again that he did NOT want the trial to become an indictment of the FBI, the Justice Department, or CS "Anna." He said if the evidence does not support an entrapment defense, the jury will be so instructed. Related articles


09.09.2007 17:35
Alex Jones Arrested by NYPD
NEW YORK - Media activist Alex Jones was arrested by New York Police Department officers while filming a documentary about the sixth anniversary of September 11th and joining the protest against the official version of what happened on 9/11.

According to Infowars sources Jones was singled out by police from the head of a crowd of about 400 9/11 Truth Activists and protesters. He was verbally accosted and forced by the police officers to present identification which he was not carrying at the time. More news as it develops... http://infowars.com


08.09.2007 13:06
Skunk spotted at Oaks Bottom
Local bicyclist was thrilled to encounter a skunk on the springwater corridor trail, on wednesday night as the sun was going down. "At first I thought it was a little black and white kitten" said the bicyclist, who preferred to remain anonymous, "I have seen snakes and turtles and possums and raccoons and heron and eagles and even a deer on ross island, but I did not know we had skunks living in our city. And I had no idea they were so cute!" The bicyclist stopped to watch the skunk for a moment and then bicycled home.


08.09.2007 12:51
Second Anniversary of Fouad Kaady's Murder
Two long years have passed, since Fouad was cruelly murdered by agents of the fascist state. Justice is slowly grinding forward, but we grow impatient.
We need to see Officer William Bergin (Sandy Police) and Deputy David Willard (Clackamas County SO) squirm, and pay. I sincerely hope that famed Lawyer and advocate for the underdog, Gerry Spence, will seek personal punitive damages from these two murderers. Since the District Attorney and sheriff were unable to find any problems with their actions, so thoroughly reported here, and in the fine film, "28 Seconds, The Killing of Fouad Kaady" it is up to the civil court system to deliver at least some modicum of justice.


08.09.2007 05:26
Olympia: Citizens Talk Back to Baird
Reading the names After a brief visit to Iraq as part of a Congressional delegation that was wined and dined at the Ambassador's residence, [Representative Brian] Baird came home a convert: the surge was working and the occupation should continue. Immediate withdrawal, he stated, would result in "wholesale slaughter." The reaction in Washington's 3rd district has been strong. Over 500 people stormed his Vancouver town meeting and 200 people were at Longview. They were articulate in their disagreement with Baird. Channeling Richard Nixon, Baird dismissed their concerns, stating he believes that there is a silent majority who supports his position and wants us to win in Iraq.

[Friday, September 7th] A small group of 40 citizens gathered in front of Rep. Baird's Olympia office to respond to his sudden conversion to supporting the war. Baird's office was expecting us. His staff greeted us with cookies and a desire to hear what we had to say. They cleared the parking lot so we could hold our rally. Several of the Veterans for Peace entered the office and began reading the names of the American soldiers killed in Iraq. The others remained outside to talk back to Baird. The speakers were videotaped and a copy will be sent to Baird. The Talk Back to Baird action will continue every Friday in September from noon-2 p.m.


06.09.2007 19:00
Locals Spur on National Fast, Urging Congress to Cancel the Debts of Impoverished Nations
September 6, 2007—Today marks the first of a 40-day fast led by retired campus minister and long-time social activist Rev. David Duncombe, of White Salmon, Washington. He will drink only water as he fasts and lobbies on Capitol Hill to win support for the Jubilee Act, a bill that would cancel the debts of 67 of the poorest countries and establish responsible lending practices for the future.

Last month, local organization Jubilee Oregon hosted Rev. Duncombe for a special send-off, in which local Portlanders agreed to fast in solidarity for one or more days. Local organizations endorsing the fast include: the Jubilee committee of Witness for Peace, St John the Baptist, Ainsworth United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Council and the Spiritual Life Center of Portland State University.


05.09.2007 12:11
Community meeting to start local currency in PDX
What if Portland had it own money? Come to the community meeting on Sun 9/23 from 7-9pm at People's Food Coop and learn about local currency design and implementation.
Many communities around the world have successfully implemented local currencies that help their businesses attract and retain customers while promoting sustainability. Imagine our very own money that would circulate in tandem with federal dollars. Local currency would invigorate our economy as well as our community.


05.09.2007 12:05
Stop Foster Farms in Canby
Foster Farms, the infamous poultry company, is looking to build a 1.5 million chicken industrial operation in a farming community in rural Canby, OR. Industrial factory farms are taking advantage of the privileges afforded to family farmers. One rural community has been turned on its head as the family farmers and rural residents who live there have learned that an out-of-state corporation has all the rights and they have none. There are over 200 property owners that will impacted by the proposed operation. Voice your concerns for chickens and the community of Canby. Stop Foster Farms on Oak Grove Road in Canby.


04.09.2007 16:22
Unanswered Questions About James Chasse
Young Pic Do you have unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse?

Consider joining the Mental Health Association of Portland on September 17 at 4 PM at City Hall to deliver a letter asking Mayor Tom Potter to answer the unanswered questions about what happened to James Chasse.

Answers - and actions - bring justice and safety to the streets of Portland. Your help is needed - now.


04.09.2007 14:32
Reportback from The Second Encounter of Zapatista Peoples with the Peoples of the World
This coming Monday come out to In Other Words books to hear folks from both Olin, and Malkriad@s Media Distribution's take on the recent Zapatista Encuentro, meetings with CIPO-RFM, and other revolutionary organizations and folks in Mexico!

Earlier this year Olin helped to raise funds and coordinate sending a delegation from two collectives affiliated with Sin Fronteras Portland (Olin and Malkriad@s Media Project)to the Zapatista Intergalactica in Chiapas last month, and also to meet with and bring back materials from revolutionary organizations in Mexico city and Oaxaca.

[Monday] September 10th
6-8 PM
In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
8 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211


04.09.2007 12:59
Sitters arrested! pl employees and cops blockading entrances to treesit village. sitters are in the trees, but need ground support, which have already sustained multiple arrests. come down right now to scotia, ca. to save one of the last stands of old growth redwoods left on commercial property. this is an emergency call to all activists!

!caution! the towns of scotia and rio dell are crawling with cops.
contact humboldt forest defense before attempting to locate the treesit village! cops are in the woods and in scotia/rio dell!

call 707-845-9046 or visit humboldtforestdefense.blogspot.com.

please help us! please help the trees!


04.09.2007 12:49
Another person "not" killed by taser-Scapoose
Two police departments and a medical examiner were trying to figure out what caused the death of a mental patient at a Portland hospital Friday night. Glenn Shipman Jr. was tasered by Scappoose Police the night before. Can you say "TASER?"

Officers said they have assurances from the medical examiner that Shipman did not die because of the taser. Police said the Shipman family called them for assistance handling Glenn Thursday night. The 42-year-old suffered from a mental disability and had recently had a change in his medication, according to his father. When police arrived to transport shipman to a mental bed in Portland, they said they had to use a taser twice, yet still had trouble controlling Shipman.

About 24 hours after arriving at Emanuel Legacy hospital Shipman died. His relatives said he died of cardiac arrest. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as still unknown.


04.09.2007 12:43
Riot Manifesto (IAC)
Instructions for a riot(Black Block).

I: The Black Block is not a group. The Black Block is a tactic. Not a group. We understand the appeal of identifying with what you believe in and finding some solace in a world bent on its own destruction. On the street however, the color Black is there for your protection and to aid you in your quest of attacking the capitalist system, authority, hierarchies and control.

The state supplicating media has played a large role in spreading the myth that the Black Block is a tightly run group similar to the IAC. It is not. The first step you must take is to eradicate the last remnants of that tired illusion. Once that has been done, the true beauty of the magical Black Block can become clear.


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