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29.12.2007 12:17
"The Baileys" Lone Vet Report
When I got to 729 Oregon street it was really raining, not that drizzle stuff but wind driven rain, the kind that makes your bones say get me out of here. I found out the office was closed for the Holidays, very few people were walking about, I thought of my Baileys.

After setting up my picket sign and trying to smoke a cigarette, people started to show up, wow! I was impressed; others got themselves out in the rain and wind and said, "What the hell."

After a while, many of the people whom I have spent the last 22 Thursdays with were walking around with their signs and laughing.

Impeachment Vigil Video


27.12.2007 15:50
VIDEO FILE: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas.
NO LNG From local organic farmers to third generation fishermen, from small business owners to loggers, over 200 Oregonians gathered in front of Northwest Natural Gas in Portland Oregon on December 12, 2007 to protest Liquefied Natural gas facilities proposed for the Columbia River Estuary by Energy speculators from Texas, New York and California. Speakers from these, and many more demographics briefly took the bull horn to demand that their Governor, Democrat Ted Kulongoski, weigh in against the establishment of another unsustainable fossil fuel industry. He has not come out against this, and if fact, has been riding the fence on this most important issue.

This concerns all Oregonians, as we could find ourselves investing in another fossil fuel technology with money which could be going to alternative energy research and development. These energy infrastructures situated in Oregon would be used to pipe the natural gas to the lucrative markets in California, who have already refused to situate the facilities in their own state. This technology has already caused much damage in other parts of the world, where the collection and liquefying of the gas is destroying the environment, species, and native subsistence cultures.

VIDEO: Oregonians Reject Liquefied Natural Gas | Audio file of a Russian, Dimitri Lisitsyn, speaking about the damage to Sakhalin Island, Russia: MP3 | Web site of Russian organization dealing with this issue:

Governor Kulongoski's office number is .



27.12.2007 15:43
Message from the Cuban Five
Cuban Five Dec. 20, 2007 Message from the Cuban Five.

Dear brothers and sisters of the world: As the Christmas and New Year 2008 celebrations approach, we want to send you our congratulations together with all the appreciation and affection, for supporting us in this cause that unites us: solidarity with Cuba and freedom for the Five.

No matter how long this cruelty lasts, victory will be ours. We will continue to struggle alongside you, to put an end to the double standard of the empire, which claims to fight terrorism, yet keeps us imprisoned, denying the history of terrorist attacks against the Cuban people. In every corner of the planet we have heard the voice of justice demanding our freedom. Your letters inform us each day of all these actions, events and displays of solidarity. Many thanks, sisters and brothers, for knowing that we can depend on you always, to put an end to so much injustice that for almost 10 years has separated us from our loved ones and our beloved homeland. For Cubans, the holidays include the one we celebrate, of another anniversary of the Revolution, which returned the dignity and freedom that the peoples of our continent struggle for. Long live the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban people!

Ever onward to victory!
Ramón Labañino Salazar
USP Beaumont, Texas

Ramón is in lockdown since December 11 and for that reason he has not been able to send all the letters and salutations for the new year to his friends around the world...

Write to the Cuban Five:  http://www.freethefive.org/writethefive.htm


27.12.2007 15:35
New Orleans Women's Health & Justice Initiative
"Moving from the margins to the center is vital for the health and well being of women of color and poor women. To do so, we must address the control and exploitation of our bodies and the regulation of our reproduction." --Shana griffin

Comrades, Friends, Allies and Concerned People: Below is a call out for an amazing and important health project that hasn't gotten the exposure that Common Ground's clinics have but deserves recogniton and support for their mission and work. Their analysis of intersecting wider reproductive and womens rights issues has largely been missing from many conversations and defense work within and without New Orleans.

Please support their work AND spread the word. All the health care we can be a part of supporting in NOLA helps to create autonomy and self determination in the face of forgetting by bad governments, the corporate media and larger society.


27.12.2007 14:23
Pacific Power lies in paper about Klamath Dams: The response the Oregonian wouldn't print.
Toxic algae from Pacific Power's reservoirs turned the Klamath green last year Pacific Power has is using Oregon's newspapers to lie about the Klamath dams. Numerous reports show that keeping these polluting dams will cost costumers way more money then removing them, and that the dams do not provide for flood control. Science shows that these dams cause one of the worst toxic algae problems in the world while killing salmon. The Oregonian did not print the response of the Klamath Riverkeeper, or the other groups and tribes working to let Oregonians know the truth about why the dams should go. This is what we wrote in response to Pacific Powers lies.



27.12.2007 08:31
Escalate Peace: The Pissed Off Grannies are Returning to the Recruiting Center on Friday
SPOGs - Seriously Pissed Off Grannies The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies will be returning to the recruiting center at NE Broadway and 13th this Friday, December 28th at 10 AM. They were just acquitted of charges stemming from an action at this same location on Good Friday of this year. The message of the action this Friday is "Peace on Earth - Stop the War".

The families of 3,900 fallen soldiers will be observing the holidays with an empty place at the table. The 4 million displaced Iraqi people will find no room at the inn. The 1 million Iraqi civilian casualties are the ghosts of all Christmasses to come. It is a grief that will never end.

Join us to help stop this obscenity. Fri. 10 a.m., 13th & NE Broadway.


27.12.2007 06:20
Olympia Impeachment Party: You're Invited
Olympia Impeachment Party:
Friday, Dec. 28th 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Woman's Club, 1002 Washington SE, Olympia.

Come when you can. Leave when you must.
Enjoy music and great convesation with kindred spirits.
Four popular bands will perform, including Citizens Band, Bevy (an all-woman Latin jazz band), Street Karaoke Project, and Peace Bandits.

Begin gearing up for Impeachment '08
State Senators Karen Fraser and Eric Oemig will be there.


27.12.2007 06:17
FBI Plans $1 Billion Biometric Database
The FBI announced that they are spending $1 billion to create the world's largest & most comprehensive biometric database. The database will contain voice samples, fingerprints, DNA samples, data about each individuals unique "body language", iris scans, & detailed information about facial features. This article will discuss this & several other programs and laws in place to violate your privacy and strip you of personal freedoms.

The latest in a long chain of domestic surveillance laws, programs, and "presidential directives" is the recent unveiling of the FBI's new national biometric security database. The federal government is planning to spend over $1 billion to create and maintain a database, accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide, that will contain, amongst other things:

  • Fingerprints
  • DNA samples
  • Iris scans(what your eyes look like -- at a range of up to about 15 feet)
  • The unique way your body moves as you walk, talk, sit, etc (useful for identifying people in crowds, from hundreds of yards away on surveillance cameras)
  • Detailed information on how your face looks (remember those cameras they use to film protests?)
  • Sample recordings of your voice (pulled from their CALEA-compliant recordings of your phone calls)


27.12.2007 06:14
Berlin Commune Fights the Property Developers
The Kopi squat in Berlin The Köpi in Berlin is famous as one of the last remaining remnants of the city's squat culture from the early 1990s. The building, which is in a desirable location, has now been sold to a property developer -- but the residents aren't giving up without a fight. The Köpi residents are already getting organized ahead of the coming battle. One group is responsible for PR and dealing with the press, another is looking into the mysterious buyer and his backers, and a third manages the professionally designed website.

In 1990, it was one of the first buildings to be occupied by squatters in former East Berlin. Today, it is the most important radical left-wing residential project in the former city of squatters. The building has even been featured on postcards, thanks to a slogan painted in giant white letters on the outside wall: "There are no borders between peoples, only between the top and the bottom."



26.12.2007 16:30
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Caught in a Conflict of Interest Over the LNG
NO LNG The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which regulates the LNG industry (or pretends to) is caught in a huge, obvious conflict of interest issue since it has been discovered that the contractor it used to write the Bradwood Environmental Impact Statement is also working for the Palomar pipeline. Essentially, the same contractor is simultaneously writing environmental documents for both FERC and the energy industry - on the same project!!

It is now obvious that FERC's own contractor has a huge financial interest in getting the Bradwood project approved. If Bradwood is approved, then the Palomar project becomes much more viable - and the FERC contractor is also working for Palomar. NRG will make more $$ by writing a shoddy document on Bradwood and giving the FERC commission a rose-tinted view of the Bradwood project. And this is exactly what happened. The Bradwood EIS is outlandishly cursory in its analysis and ignores huge potential negative impacts to fish, public safety, the local economy, and wildlife in the area.


26.12.2007 15:34
International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 0
The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC) is a fictitious organization. The IAC does not exist in the real world. The IAC only exists in the virtual world known as the internet. The virtual world of the internet is not the real world. The internet is a part of the spectacle controlled by this system, the spectacle which keeps people detached from reality. If people are detached from reality, they cannot understand it well enough to know how to act in it. The function of the fictitious organization known as the IAC is to reveal the wide variety of control mechanisms keeping people shackled to the illusions spawned by those in power. The fictitious organization known as the IAC has attempted to accomplish this in many ways and for many reasons....


23.12.2007 23:05
Tre Arrow's latest call out - Dec 21, 2007
Tre Arrow Tre's words...
I wish everyone a blessed holiday season and sacred solstice.

A tiny limb of spruce needles was given to me this week. Periodically, I pick it up and hold it to my nose. I am instantly filled with the sweet, pungent fragrance of the sacred tree, while simultaneously flooded with countless memories of the magic surrounding this time of year.
Despite the depth of darkness and the widespread consumerism and oppression throughout our culture, there remains a Divine light.

Throughout all I've been through and all the changes that have occurred, when I smell the spruce needles I'm transported to my innocent days of youth. Part of me longs to reclaimthose days before there was knowledge of the darker side of humanity. Nevertheless, I have faith that the light, which we all carry, may come to manifest a world where all beings are happy and free.



23.12.2007 22:45
Call out for black bloc at Thursday action
It may not be the typical action of anarchists in Portland, but I think the recent discussion and assurances between people here on indy warrants that someone take the first actual step. This is an individual, autonomous action, where people have stated we'd be welcome to show up in black masks and contribute in any way we see fit. Let's start by supporting the ongoing, increasing protests against Blumenauer this week, 12-2 on Thursday at 729 Oregon St.


23.12.2007 15:12
Can You hear us now Blumenauer?
http://www.benfrank.net/blog/f/faxCongress-impeachNow.pdf Come play, "Can You Hear Us Now Blumenauer" this coming Thursday, 27 of December. We will be there with our red shirts calling for the impeachment of the criminals in the White House. We welcome all who want accountability, impeachment and an end to this horror called the war/occupation and now genocide of Iraq. We want justice!

This action is happening all over the 50 States, we are not alone. The people of the United States want real hearings exposing what happened before, during and after 9/11. We ask, petition, yell and now use direct action to say to our representative, "You are guilty of violating your oath of office."

729 Oregon St.
Portland, Oregon
High noon until 2:00 PM



23.12.2007 11:45
Victory for Tukwila Teachers and Anti-War Students!
The Tukwila School District administrators finally announced the results of their disciplinary investigations against the Tukwila six teachers who allowed or supported the Nov. 16th walkout of 125 students against the Iraq war and military recruitment at Foster High School—a Letter of Reprimand for Brett Rogers who walked out with students and a Directive Letter for Kjell Rowe who gave students a ride to the student rally.

That no teachers were fired is a tremendous VICTORY for the Foster teachers, their students, and for us all! This is proof that there is power when ordinary people are organized, and that we can make a difference in challenging the unjust war and military recruitment in schools! The Foster principal initiated a political witch-hunt against teachers, but a powerful groundswell of support from students and community members broke his effort. Thanks to ALL who demonstrated their solidarity by calling, emailing, and protesting the Tukwila School District!

BUT... the campaign is not done.


22.12.2007 20:46
Our Experience at the Monkeywrench Cafe
We arrived at the house to find the front entrance closed with a sign pointing to a "secret" entrance through a side door. We were greeted with a "Welcome to the Monkeywrench Cafe," a DIY menu, and the ambiance of glowing candles and flickering from the fire. Two large rooms were quickly filled with people of all ages, from toddlers to elders. We sat near the fire and sipped tea and hot chocolate waiting for the storytelling to begin.

We listened to a wide range of stories from activists of different ages. Some shared serious opinions on tactics and critical perspectives at the movement's evolution. Some shared light hearted stories of pesky bear encounters while tree-sitting. Sometimes the stories were so hilarious and the tellers were enjoying telling so much that you could hardly hear the story through all the laughter. Two speakers were on the bill for the night, but with impromptu storytellers, we heard from half a dozen folks sharing memories and ideas.


22.12.2007 14:10
Review of Derrick Jensen's Q&A in Portland
Derrick Jensen Walking into the Disjecta, one could not help but feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the dark cold empty warehouse located underneath the Burnside bridge. But given the dire circumstances of the planet and the "times", it was also somewhat appropriate even in the holiday season. Looking out the west windows of the building, you could see the skate park under the bridge and hear the buzz of traffic. Despite asking $15 to $18 a head , a crowd of approximately 100 people filled one side of the warehouse. A representative for Disjecta informed everyone that this would be the last event at the warehouse and that we were really not supposed to be there and were essentially "squatting" on the property.


21.12.2007 09:21
Multnomah County Jails: Problems go way beyond Bernie, Grand Jury a whitewash.
Each year, a special grand jury is chosen to "investigate" the Multnomah County jail system. And every year, it turns out to be nothing more than shameless, symbolic politics. This year's report from the grand jury promises to be no different. It's not the fault of the jury, either. It's the system itself.

Today, the Multnomah County grand jury wound up months of work related to a sadly foregone conclusion. Jurors were presented with mountains of documents, and entertained by parades of "experts" to expound on the minute details of obscure financial improprieties. Many of the jurors were completely unaware of just how tightly controlled the whole proceeding was, or just how much information was never presented at all.


21.12.2007 09:11
Three Senior Citizens Arrested at Impeachment Vigil
Outside of Blumenauer's building: “Impeach!” Three senior citizens were arrested in front of Representative Earl Blumenauer's office building on Thursday, December 20, the twenty-first week in a row that protestors have called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Sara Graham, Joe Walsh, also known as The Lone Vet and dressed as "Santa" and Marilyn Pike were arrested after police earnestly tried to convince the group to move.
The Lone Vet initiated the protests because he feels that it is the responsibility of American citizens to challenge the illegality of the Bush administration. "George Bush has caused me to be ashamed to be an American; Earl Blumenauer has caused me to be ashamed to be a democrat. We are willing to risk arrest to send a message that Bush is the one who should face a judge."


20.12.2007 15:01
Friends Of Family Farmers listening sessions

Wed. January 16th, 6:30-8:30pm @ People's Co-op Community Room, 3029 SE 21st Ave, 1 block north of SE Powell. The community room is located in the upstairs of People's store with access by stairs or by elevator for anyone with disabilities. Friends of Family Farmers would like to invite you to participate in an informal meeting with other area farmers and members of the food system. This Listening Session (you talk, we listen) will be a group brainstorm to develop a list of issues and challenges that you, as a family farmer, face while trying to run a socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly business in the state of Oregon.

We will be holding 5 Listening Sessions around the state of Oregon in January and February 2008. Right now, the scheduled locations are:

  • The Portland Metro Area- Wed. January 16th, 6:30-8:30pm @ People's Co-op
  • Corvallis/ Eugene- TBA
  • Southern Oregon/ Rogue Valley- Wed. January 30th, 6:00-8:00pm @ OSU Extension
  • Pendleton- TBA
  • Bend/ John Day- TBA



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