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1200+ Cyclists show Spirit of Critical Mass; Prevail over city harrassment
From the newswire: Just returned from the Critical Mass ride. As usual the ride started under the Burnside Bridge. Like last month, the police were there handing out flyers informing the riders that they were going to crack down on the Mass. There were also reports from people who spoke to cops during the week that the cops were going to "kick some ass". Perhaps the cops were trying to scare people away from the ride and that is why they made it sound like they were going to be as rough as last month. If so, it did not work as the peak of the ride had1200-1400 riders! [ Read More ]

Another poster reported: I left him [the cop] holding my bike, and a guy gave me his skateboard to ride the rest of the mass. I am dissapointed that I lost my bike, but I'm glad that we showed solidarity in the face of police harrassment. Most everyone was very peaceful, and the candy and flowers were very nice. [ Read More ]

Cops get violent as Critical Mass winds down
One account from the wire: A visibly agitated officer began to push and threaten me at which point I began to ask for his name and badge number. This officer persisted as I fumbled in my backpack for a pen and notepad. I continued yelling that I wanted this officers name and badge number yet he would not surrender this information and continued to push me. I clearly stated that I would move along, wanted no problems, only his information yet he pulled out his flashlight, raised it above his head and proceeded to hit me in the mouth with it. [ Read More ]

From a bystander reporting on the same incident: Apparently on about 26th & Hawthorne Something Bad Happened. What I heard was that a motorcycle officer accidently drove too close and hit a biker, knocking him over. He then (apparently) proceeded to claim that the biker had hit him and then (I think) wrote him a ticket or hit him or something, and shit went downhill from there. I know at least one person got pepper sprayed, several got pushed and hit, and I believe a few got arrested. [ Read More ]

[ S27 Critical Mass Photos | Critical Mass zips past me... ]

LABOR 27.09.2002 21:18
PMA locks out ILWU - Ports shut down on West Coast
From the newswire: FriendsOfLabor.com has confirmed reports indicating a PMA lockout of Longshore workers is underway at docks along the West Coast. Gates at the Maersk Terminal in the L.A./Long Beach harbor were locked at 2:15 PM Friday with similar occurances reported at other cargo handling facilities around the harbor.

Earlier, PMA President Joe Minace reportedly denied to Union officials that a "lockout" was in progress...stating, instead, that the PMA is simply "not ordering any more workers" until Sunday. As reports continued to come in that gates were being padlocked, it would appear this was a matter of semantics. They've simply locked out the ILWU. Later Friday a Press Release on the PMA site confirmed it.

The lockout comes during a record peak shipping season, made worse by the PMA's recommendation that shipper's move up scheduled cargo deliveries, forcing the ILWU to push the limits of safety. Following the deaths of several longshoreman in recent months, the Union just this week had asked it's members to abide by safety regulations until these issues could be formally addressed to the PMA. Reaction from the PMA has been to call this action a "threat," equating the Union's safety concerns with a slowdown in work, despite the ILWU continually setting records for cargo handling. And, according to the PMA, any "slowdown" is subject to a PMA lockout. [ Article ]

Jobs with Justice Action Against the West Coast Waterfront Coalition. Join Jobs with Justice to tell the West Coast Waterfront Coalition and their corporate members NO MORE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE IN PRIVATE LABOR NEGOTIATIONS. [ Read More ]

[ Friends of Labor Website | ILWU Website | Jobs With Justice Website ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 27.09.2002 16:04
New Peak Tree-sit in Danger
From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, September 28, concerned citizens will hold a public rally to halt the Peak Timber Sale where recent developments are endangering the lives of forest activists. On the same day, the Forest Service is considering inviting media representatives to visit the closed sale area to witness the situation.

Early this morning, five days into logging operations, fellers from Roseburg Forest Products located a second tree-sitter living in the canopy over unit one of the sale and are logging within twenty feet of his platform. Despite repeated assurances from Forest Service officials, including Prospect District Ranger Joel King that safety is of paramount importance, these same officials are allowing the escalation of an increasingly dangerous situation.

"This is an obvious act of aggression on the part of Roseburg Forest Products and law enforcement officers," said Ashlander, Lesley Adams, who has remained in communication with the tree-sitters. "There are many other parts of the sale that can be logged without threatening safety." [ Read more... ]

[ Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept.) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept.) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept.) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 27.09.2002 15:54
URGENT-Forest Activists Under Attack!!
From the newswire: Activists are facing arraignments starting Monday for trumped up charges.. Six dedicated forest activists are facing charges for valiantly defending the Borg timber sale and objecting the sale of the Solo timber sale, both in the Oak Grove Watershed. Come to the arraignments and support them!!!

Activists who are defending the last native forest are being targeted and charged with felonies by law enforcement officers of the Forest Service and the State of Oregon. Two young women, Emma "Pitch" Murpy-Ellis, 19, and Namarta "Tortoise" Dosanjh, 18, are being charged with Felony Rioting and Felony Conspiracy for attending a protest where nonviolent activists blocked a car and police reacted with violence. Michael "Mike D" [McMullin], has also been charged with the same two felonies and is currently being held as a political prisoner at Washington County jail.

In addition to the aforementioned felony charges, Namarta "Tortoise" Dosanjh and three others, Matthew Ritzinger, John Felsner, and Lindsey blahblahbhal have all been charged with three misdemeanors for their alleged involvement in protecting the Borg timber sale in the Mount Hood National Forest. Each have received the charge of Interfering with an Agricultural Operation, the latest effort by the state to align the non-violent direct action forest defense movement with terrorism. Using charges such as Interfering with an Agricultural Operation and Felony Rioting, are an attempt to suppress our right to petition the government with our grievances. This loss of civil liberties will not go unchallenged!!! [ Read More ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance Website ]

Sexual Harassment of Woman Prisoner at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
From the open publishing newswire: Barrilee Bannister, an anarchist woman prisoner at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, was one of 78 women prisoners shipped to Arizona's CCA male prison a few years ago. After being raped, harassed and beaten by guards, they garnered enough media attention to be sent back to Oregon and got some of the offenders fired. In Oregon,sexual harassement seems to be the norm. Please call Joan Palmateer, Superintendent of CCCF, and ask why this is allowed to continue.

"On Friday, Sept. 6, 2002, at approximately 7:05 am, correctional officer (CO) Bradly approached me while I was doing my laundry. I was wearing my red shorts, blue sweatshirt & white socks with shower shoes. CO Bradly stared at my chest for approximately 20 seconds until I asked him, 'What are you looking at?' CO Bradly responded, 'Go out to the corridor and help push meal carts.' I said to him, 'Sir, I'm doing my laundry. It's my day off. I cannot leave my laundry unattended nor can I go out to the corridor the way that I am dressed.' [ Read more... ]

PEACE AND ANTI-WAR 27.09.2002 15:48
Portland Peace and Justice Community: WE SAY NO TO WAR
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, September 27, at 5:00 p.m., will focus on upcoming vote in Congress on whether to give the Bush Administration carte blanche for a war on Iraq. "What American citizens do in the next few days will determine whether our country dives into an unnecessary and criminal war, or chooses instead a path of diplomacy and peace," said Mikel Clayhold of the PPRC. "We know that Congress is already being flooded with phone calls opposing Bush's war plans, but unless that flood turns into a tidal wave we may be looking at yet another massacre of untold numbers of Iraqi civilians, and increased risk to Americans everywhere." The PPRC and many other peace and justice groups in Portland are gearing up for a large-scale march and rally for peace on October 5th. This Friday's PPRC rally on Pioneer Courthouse Square kicks off the final week of outreach to build support for the October 5th demonstration. [ Full story ]

[ October 5th-7th NOT IN OUR NAME peace events ]

Police Plan Critical Mass Showdown
From the newswire: A Portland radio station reports that the Portland Police Bureau plans to have 40 officers at tonight's Critical Mass ride. The report, which called Critical Mass "cult-like," indicated that police will have video cameras to record violations of the law.

From a comment by the original poster:I was shocked and disappointed to hear some blatant editorializing in a news story KEX aired on its 8 a.m. newscast today. The story was about a planned police crackdown on Critical Mass, the group of folks who ride bicycles through downtown the last Friday of each month. The report described Critical Mass as "cult-like." This comment was not attributed. In other words, it reflected the opinion -- the bias -- of the reporter who wrote it, the anchor who read it and the news director who allowed it on the air.

The term "cult" evokes a negative emotional response in most people. What do YOU think of when you hear the word "cult" -- Jim Jones, David Koresh, the Moonies? Anyone who knows anything about Critical Mass knows the group is a loose confederation of individuals with personal agendas running the gamut from simple bicycle advocacy to anarchy. A "cult" Critical Mass is not. [ Read More ]

Body Shop renounces its own founder for her anti-war statements
From the open publishing newswire: "The founder of the (formerly) progressive company Body Shop has practically been blacklisted by the CEO and apparently her fellow boardmembers. Ms. Roddick wrote a commentary for London Independent on how the world has changed since September 11. In it she lamented the loss of civil liberties in the US.

The company falls over backwards on its website to distance itself from Ms. Roddick. The statement implies that any American who raises dissent over pResident Bush's policies and the disappearance of civil liberties is not a true American.

In addition to this attack from her own company, Anita Roddick has received hate mail that also misses the point. She realizes she joins a worthy group of people who have also been targetted with hate over their right to dissent. She reports, though, that she's received far more letters of support. [ Full story, and sample letter to send to the Body Shop ]

Report from DC - IN SOLIDARITY
From the newswire: The DC Indymedia server is overloaded with people trying to get the REAL news. It can take up to 10 minutes to get to the pages. So in solidarity with those who resist in DC I am posting the news from the DC indymedia website as of 9:30 this morning. If you choose to go to the DC indymedia website it may take some time to view the page. Be patient please.

Summary... more than 500 people have been arrested. Police are breaking into protester's homes to make arrests. Police are beating and dragging protestors into police vans. The media is not adequately showing the number of protestors present or the extreme violence shown to protestors. Indymedia and NPR Journalists are arrested. [ Read More... ]

Other reports:
[ Latest Updates from DC (3:15pm Eastern) | Over 300 Arrested in DC, Protestor on NBC Shown Bleeding | IMF/ World Bank protests in Washington - CNN Report ]

Mayor Katz refuses invitation to Critical Mass
From the original email invitation:
Mayor Katz and the Portland City Council,
This message is to invite you to attend the upcoming Critical Mass bike ride through downtown Portland [on Friday, Sept.27]. There is no better way to find out if the participants and the police are behaving non-violently. I am not an organizer of Critical Mass, I am a simply a participant who has read police distortions of events. In order to observe the event in its real form, I urge you not to tell the PPB that you are choosing to attend.

Mayor Katz responds:
"Thank you for the invitation to ride with you. I'm declining, but Tommy Brooks from my office will join you on his bike." [ Full story ]

[ A30 Critical Mass Video ]

recent CM posts: [ Arraignments for Critical Massers | Invitation to Critical Massholes to Defend Antisocial Behavior | Eleven fun things to do at Critical Mass | Critical Mass Poster: zip on! | An open invitation to the Mayor and Portland City Council to attend this Friday's Critical Mass | Critical Mass art | Wuss Ride 4ever | Critical Mass should come together as one ride | Police riot at A30 Critical Mass ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 26.09.2002 16:22
Help the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee is an ad hoc group of concerned Portland residents working to convince the Portland City Council to adopt a resolution against the infringements of civil liberties in America under the auspices of the USA PATRIOT Act and various Executive Orders.

Help us join Portland with the other cities and towns across the country that have been taking official stands against the USA PATRIOT Act and Executive Orders which infringe civil rights and liberties.

Download the text of the resolution and bring it to any organizations you belong to. Discuss whether or not the organization is willing to endorse it. If so, email the PDX BoRDC with preliminary info and a way for us to get back to you. Also, download the signature sheet and help us get signatures. See if your organization or business is willing to keep copies of these sheets out for your memebrs or customers to sign. [ Details ]

[ Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 26.09.2002 12:20
Saturday rally at the Peak Timber Sale
From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, September 28, the Mazama Forest Defense will stage a mass public rally at the Peak Timber Sale. After three days of logging, the Mazamans continue their resistance despite road closures and an increasing police presence.

The rally will be at noon on the bridge over the Rogue River on Forest Service road 6510 near highway 230 and Crater Lake. Solidarity activities are planned in Eugene.

The Forest Service invited the Media Collective to join a media hike on the sale after the third day of logging. [ Full story & Photos ]

[ Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept.) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept.) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

Tens of thousands of salmon dead or dying in the lower Klamath
From the open publishing newswire: The weekend of September 21-23 I went to visit family in Klamath, California. The salmon had began their fall run, and the river was lined with Yurok fishermen and tourists. As we were wandering along the beach on Saturday, rumors of "someone dumping dead salmon" began to circulate. Within hours it became clear that in fact, the salmon were sick and dying in the river. A combination of drought, drained marshlands, water diversions (from the Klamath and tributaries), and a recent stretch of warm weather caused the river temperature to rise to the point that the salmon can't survive. The water is thick with algae and the salmon are succumbing to gill-rot (branchiomycosis). They are suffocating by the thousands. It appears the die-off began Friday. By Sunday the river had become a mass grave of dead and dying fish. We walked along a small stretch of river at Klamath Glen, about three miles up from the mouth. There were easily a thousand or more dead fish in that stretch alone. Some surviving fish were thrashing about the surface. Others were swimming listlessly along the banks. But most of the fish appeared to be doomed. [ Read more... ]

[ Photos ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 26.09.2002 12:03
Support Congresswoman Barbara Lee's resolution calling for no war in Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced H.Con.Res.473 calling for the United States to work through the United Nations to renew arms inspections, assure Iraqi compliance with U.N. resolutions, and to oppose unilateral first strike military action.

"President Bush has called on the United Nations to assume its responsibilities. I call on the United States to assume ours by working with the United Nations to ensure that Iraq is not developing weapons of mass destruction by utilizing mechanisms such as the resumption of arms inspections, negotiation, regional cooperation, and other diplomatic means," Congresswoman Lee stated.

Call your Congressional Delegation and tell them to support NO Iraq Resolution OTHER THAN House Congressional Resolution 473, introduced by Representative Barbara Lee of California! [ Full story ]

[ Barbara Lee Given 'Integrity in Politics Award' in Eugene | House Congressional Resolution 473 ]

WARTIME DISPATCH 26.09.2002 11:48
Who IS the enemy here? A call for action
From the open publishing newswire: When Senator Lott posed his question "Who is the enemy here, the president or Saddam Hussein?" he may have congratulated himself on a clever rhetorical flourish, but in fact he has raised one of the great questions of our time.

The president and his ideological cronies are attempting - and thus far very successfully - to shape the foreign and domestic policy of the United States in a way more than reminiscent of 1930s Germany. To accomplish its agenda, the players of the Bush administration have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to distort, embellish, misrepresent and fabricate "evidence" to support their positions, and their successes to date have in large part been due to a calculated blend of fear-mongering, McCarthyesque suppression of dissent, and political bullying. [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 25.09.2002 22:03
Write to stop permanent Fee Authority in public wilderness areas
From the open publishing newswire: How do you feel about paying a fee just to park your vehicle on public land and then paying another fee just to enter a public Wilderness Area even though the very law that created the existence of the Wilderness in the first place forbids such fees? Needless to say, I hate it and you should too!

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) introduced the Federal Lands Recreation Fee Authority Act (S.2607) on June 11th, 2002. This bill will make the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program (Fee Demo) permanent. Please write to Senator Jeff Bingaman and tell him you oppose S.2607 because it makes Fee Demo permanent. Let him know how controversial and unpopular these fees are. Tell him you are contacting your Senators to ask them not to cosponsor his bill. [ sample letter 1 | 2 ]

ten minute video featuring speakers addressing the fee demo project

[ MANY FOREST SERVICE WORKERS DON'T LIKE IDEA OF NEW FEES | Forest Lovers file suit againt "Adventure Pass" | Federal Lands Recreation Fee Authority Act (S.2607) | contact info for Bingaman ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 25.09.2002 11:36
Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows
From the open publishing newswire: Tuesday morning began somber and peaceful, with a rally in support of the forest defenders occupying the sale at the site of the road closure. At approximately 11:00 am, Forest Service personel attempted to bring in road equipment to the closure area to construct blockades at the other two access points to the sale. Activists blocked access to the closure, and one person locked down to a backhoe transported on a trailer. Over the next three hours, two dozen law enforcement officers maintained the blockade of FS road 6510.

An arrest was made at around 1:30 pm, after negotiating a deal to turn back the road building equipment for the day. [ Full story ]

[ Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

THEFT OF NATIVE LAND 25.09.2002 11:27
Feds Rustle Shoshone Livestock - Dann Sisters call attack
From the open publishing newswire: CRESCENT VALLY, NEWE SOGOBIA, Nev. -- Western Shoshone Indians and sympathetic Nevada stockmen are bracing for the next stage in federal raids on the herds of the elderly sisters and Shoshone traditionalists Mary and Carrie Dann, after a pre-dawn convoy Sept. 22 carried off more than 200 head of cattle for auction.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents staged the Sunday morning roundup as the latest move in a long-standing attempt to collect grazing fees from the Danns and other Shoshone ranchers for the use of what the federal government maintains is "public land." The Western Shoshone traditionalists have refused to pay for decades, maintaining that the rangelands were never legally ceded by their tribe. The raid came just days before the U. S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee is scheduled to meet to "mark up" a bill introduced by U. S. Sen. Harry Reid, D. - Nev., to extinguish the Shoshone land claims. [ Full story ]

[ Domestic Terrorism? Preparing for Another Assault in Shoshone Country (23 Sept.) | Shundahai network ]

PORTLAND POLICE STATE 25.09.2002 11:19
Arraignments for Critical Massers
From the open publishing newswire: These are the arraignments this week for 3 critical massers who were arrested [on A30]. I know more dates are coming up but these are the only dates I have. So, if you know of more dates, or info, please post them up here.

Dominic's arraignment: tommorow Wednesday September 25th @ 1:00 at Westside Community Center; crt rm. 1. Jenna's arraignment: Thursday Sept.26 @ 1:30 at the Justice Center. Stephanie's arraignment: Friday Sept.27 @ 1:00 at the Justice Center. Let's show up and support these critical massers! SOLIDARITY!!!!!!!!!! [ Newswire article ]

recent CM posts: [ Invitation to Critical Massholes to Defend Antisocial Behavior | Eleven fun things to do at Critical Mass | Critical Mass Poster: zip on! | An open invitation to the Mayor and Portland City Council to attend this Friday's Critical Mass | Critical Mass art | Wuss Ride 4ever | Critical Mass should come together as one ride | Police riot at A30 Critical Mass ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 25.09.2002 11:19
Pacific Green Party meeting tonight
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party will hold its monthly general membership meeting from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, September 25. The meeting will take place in the Southeast Uplift building at 3534 SE Main (two blocks north of Hawthorne). All are welcome to attend.

The meeting will include presentations by the Oregon Public Power Coalition on their campaign to establish People's Utility Districts in PGE service territory; the campaign against extreme hate radio in Portland; and the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee's resolution to prevent City Council from complying with the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. [ Details ]

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