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20.01.2008 09:54
Skill Share: Radical Botany - Week 2- plant/human communities and the White Oak
The Oregon White Oak Go outside and look out to the horizon if you can, and notice the most prominent plant, possibly a giant White Oak which was plentiful and extremely valuable to human survival for thousands of years in Cascadia. If you live in the forest and cannot see the horizon, look up. You will see the teacher trees, the mother plants. Plants live in communal support of each other. We can learn from the plants.

When I look across the skyline I still see the White Oak. These trees have been here in Cascadia for thousands of years. Where ever you find these trees you will also find a vast ecosystem of food, healing plants and pronounced animal, insect and plant communities. For instance, if you look up into the branches of the White Oak in the fall and winter you will see mistletoe, at its base you will find small herbs, sweet flowered ground covers, and sumac (also known as poison oak).


20.01.2008 05:27
Stop Toxic Imports Campaign
toxic toys On January 16, 2008, the National Day of Action on Toxic Trade, the United Steelworkers (USW) took the fight against the importation of toxic toys to 100 members of Congress at Congressional offices in 40 states to protect 100 million children. (From the January 16, 2008 Stop Toxic Toys Campaign Media Advisory)

In Portland, labor, environmental, consumer and fair trade advocates rallied outside the downtown office of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith to urge his support for the Food and Product Responsibility Act. The USW was joined at the event by members of the Oregon AFL-CIO, Working America, Portland Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Environmental Coalition, the Sweat Free Northwest Campaign, the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, the Oregon Public Interest Research Group, the Oregon Center for Environmental Health, and others.

"The Unhealthy cheap goods that are coming into the country means that somewhere in the world, other workers are being exposed to low wages and higher levels of dangerous chemicals and work conditions than in the United States."... "The door to the morality of the multi-national corporations has opened, and as we peer in we begin to understand they do not care about us, or kids, the future of the planet,"

Picket signs at the rally depicted forty different recalled items imported from China. Hazards associated with the recalls included excessive lead content in paint, risk of children swallowing small magnets, choking and strangulation risk, even one which is known to have caused comas in two different children after swallowing several pieces of the product.

All of the recalled products on the signs at the Portland event were issued since September 2007. One of the recalls was issued this month. Many of the recalled items sat on the shelves and in the hands of consumers for months, and in some cases years before the item was recalled for refund or replacement.

After the presentations, Ronald announced that, since Sen. Smith was short staffed, no one from the group could be allowed into the office. Instead, a representative would come down to accept whatever comments or materials were intended for the Senator Numerous citizens have been arrested in 2007 merely for seeking to speak with Smith concerning his continuing support for the Occupation of Iraq.

21 minute audio file of the speakers, who give a good understanding of the issue and what's at stake.:Get the LEAD Out: Stop Toxic Toys, RealPlayer | MP3

www.usw.org for latest news and podcasts.

Examples of products to watch out for:


19.01.2008 17:38
Road Kill in BC: New Highway Blocked By Protesting “Raccoons”
The barricade at the end of the road is decorated with freshly-planted poinsettias in a mound of earth. Yellow plastic sunflowers, two graffitied TV sets and an oversize truck tire line a meter-wide trench just past the pavement's end. They mark the boundary between the city of Langford and a protest camp occupied by feral humans.

The Raccoons are a ragtag mob of irregulars holding back a major highway interchange project designed to service Bear Mountain, a sprawling golf resort in Langford, just west of Victoria. A few dozen dumpster-diving, trash-talking, anti-authoritarians with a passion for undisturbed natural places have built a camp in the path of the new highway. The proposed interchange cuts through a pocket of forest packed with natural and cultural rarities: a sacred First Nations cave, a seasonal pond, garry oak meadows, arbutus bluffs, red-legged frogs and chocolate lilies.

"This is the only example of eco-anarchist action in Canada right now," says Ingmar Lee, a Victoria environmentalist and camp supporter. "This is the grassroots, and it's a totally different kind of protest."


19.01.2008 17:20
Sea lions: Public comments being accepted now
Columbia River Sea Lions The NOAA national marine fisheries service is about to decide whether to begin killing sea lions on the Columbia river. Some say the decision has already been made, and they are simply going through the motions (ala the FCC) of pretending we have a say in the matter. Perhaps. But this is the last chance to make any public comment about whether or not they should be allowed to kill sea lions on the Columbia river. Please take the moment or two that it will take, and make your voice heard. Tell them not to kill the sea lions.

You have only until February 19th to be heard by them before they make a decision. This is the last paragraph of the draft:

"NOAA will consider all substantive comments received by 5 p.m. (PST) on Feb. 19, 2008. You may submit comments by e-mail. See the Federal Register notice, below, for more information; or contact Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005."

The email address is  sea.lion.comments@noaa.gov.


18.01.2008 12:20
Anarchist Video Showing Benefit Tonight!
The anti-authoritarian RNC Welcoming Committee needs funds, so we're showing a pseudo-historical Korean big-budget action film.

When: Friday Jan 18, 2008 7:00 PM

Where: Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Portland, Oregon 97232

How many $: 3-5 is what we're asking for, but any amount including zero is totally fine.

About the film: (from wikipedia)
In Shanghai, circa 1924, a covert cell of five anarchists attempts to overthrow the Japanese government's occupation of Korea through propaganda of the deed. The story is told from the perspective of the youngest member, Sang-Gu (Kim In-Kwon), years later.


18.01.2008 02:08
Hurley's closing doors, blames protests for lack of business
Chef Thomas Hurley is closing doors of his posh restaurant and skipping town. In recent years Thomas Hurley has come under fire by animal activists for continuing to carry foie gras on the menu of his upscale restaurant Hurley's. Hurley blames animal rights protests as being one of the main reasons for his restaurants failure.

This is yet more proof that our actions can have an effect. First the Schumachers, now Hurley's. Who's next?


18.01.2008 01:42
Packed House and Drama in Olympia: Impeachment Hearing 1/17
Packed hearing room--Washington Legislature Well over 100 people filled Hearing Room 2 and an overflow room in the Cherberg Building today to hear statements in support of SJM 8016 calling for impeachment investigations. Only a handful of people got to speak but those who did spoke eloquently on their desire to see the Constitution restored.

Senator Oemig made the opening statement at the meeting that started at 3:30 with only the Democratic members of the committee present: Fairley (chair), Pridemore, Kline and McDermott. He said it was unfortunately necessary for the state legislature to act. Since he first introduced the bill ten months ago, there are more abuses, he said, the most recent being the White House destruction of emails. "We can no longer hope and pray that these abuses will stop," he said. The state legislature must act. "If we fail to pass this memorial, we will tell Washingtonians that we are as unwilling as Congress to take a stand to protect the Constitution."


17.01.2008 16:40
Immigrant Rights Groups Are Calling All Allies!
On Tuesday, January 22nd:
Stand by residents of Oregon who are in danger of losing their driving privileges due to executive order 7-22. Immigrant Rights organizations are calling on all of their allies to come to Salem on Tuesday to participate in a rally from noon until 1pm, and to testify at a legislative hearing which will take place from 1pm until 4pm.

Last Friday, a historic protest rally was held, with over 3000 Oregon
residents in front of the state capital. Hundreds gathered on the
steps of the Capitol, while three rooms were filled to capacity with
people watching the hearing on closed circuit TV.

The new license restrictions come from an executive order signed by
Governor Kulongoski in November, allowing the Oregon Department of
Motor Vehicles to limit documents accepted from immigrants. Currently
under Oregon law, all residents of Oregon, regardless of legal status,
can obtain a driver's license.

Contact CAUSA for more information: 503-984-6816
Need a ride? PCASC and Oregon Oaxaca Solidarity are working on
putting a carpool together.


17.01.2008 14:30
uh-oh!...local, so-called "law enforcement" has had a BAD PRESS DAY...
Did you notice over the past couple of days, how many reports in the local media have highlighted various problems with our so-called "law enforcement" personnel? Today was about as bad a "Bad Press Day" as I've seen in long time. Let's recap, briefly, 7 of the stories making the news:

(1.) Beaverton hires former Portland cop who shot unarmed motorist...this, of course, is a report of a bureaucratic misstep made by the Beaverton officials as they hired former PPB Officer Jason Sery, who became infamous in 2004 for killing an unarmed motorist.

(2.) Portland police officer pleads guilty to official misconduct/Plea follows investigation into sexual relationship with autistic woman...A 10-year Portland Police Bureau veteran, 34-year-old Jason Faulk, resigned from the bureau after pleading guilty Wednesday, Jan. 16, to an official misconduct charge.

3.) State agency's final report: Giusto lied repeatedly...The state agency investigating allegations that Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto lacks the moral fitness to serve in law enforcement, issued its final report today laying out a case that describes the sheriff as repeatedly lying to the public...hmmmm!


17.01.2008 14:16
Will The Real Eco-Terrorists Please Stand Up? 2nd Prison Dispatch from Jonathan Paul
Jonathan Paul When I was arrested in early 2006 for the destruction of the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse, the media went into a frenzy with headlines describing me as an "eco-terrorist" or "eco-terror suspect". The local newspaper in my area had a heyday putting out stories fed to them by the federal government. The news media in my area surely enjoyed being the mouthpiece for the corporations and the government. For me it was not the fact that they reported the story of my arrest, but how they reported it.

The government's use of the term "eco-terrorist" works well for their fear-mongering and paranoia inducing plans to terrify the general public into complacency, inaction and silence. After the September 11th attacks, the government proclaimed that anyone who opposed the policies of our government would now be dubbed a "terrorist". This was the perfect opportunity to begin to shred the Constitution and to reign in our civil liberties protected under the Constitution by using fear. By instilling fear in the American public, our government and the corporations that rule the government, began to criminalize the people's right to oppose their practices, therefore ensuring their bottom line - maximum profits for 1% of the population, the super-rich and elite.

As I sit here in prison I see red-tailed hawks flying overhead. I see rabbits running through the fences and razor wire like it isn't there. I see ducks and songbirds fly over me. I see true freedom. I hate being here. I know why I am here. Although I chose many years ago not to use fire as a tactic because of the inherent dangers involved, I know somewhere out in the world a wild foal is born and a herd of horses run free because the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse no longer exists.


14.01.2008 17:49
Celebrate One Year of Granny Love and Rage
A Bloody Business For most of 2007, with Handcuffs, Hearts and Hand Prints
The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies/Grandpas/Grandkids
have rocked, biked and testified.

And now it's time to party - and raise some money for fines and appeals.
You know they're radical, but did you know they're fun?!?

January 19, 2008, 7 pm
Peace House, 2116 NE 18th at Tillamook

Entertainment, refreshments, silent auction, and a tribute to the fantastic support of the National Lawyers Guild.


13.01.2008 23:11
Eric McDavid - 2 Years and Counting
Two years ago today our friend, our loved one, our comrade was snatched away from us by the state. They charged him with "conspiracy" (thought crime in the most literal sense) and threw him in total separation (isolation) - where he has remained ever since. Since his arrest, Eric has not had any physical contact with his loved ones. For two years we have been forced to communicate through pen and paper, through telephone wires, through thick plexiglass windows, with only our words and the light in our eyes to offer comfort. But even the cold, lifeless mediums we have been forced to utilize cannot repress or dampen the love we feel in our hearts, the joy and the pain all mixed up in our tears, or the courage and strength that we draw from each other every day. There are still some things they can't take away.

Since his arrest, Eric has endured so much more than the "normal" grief associated with being ripped from one's community and loved ones, stripped of all one's freedoms, and thrown in a cage. He has endured the agonizing pain of betrayal, first as he discovered someone he loved and trusted was actually a government informant, and then later as two people he loved dearly also turned into collaborators with the state. He has endured two years of isolation, deprived of the essential humyn connections derived from the beauty of touch. He has endured two separate struggles to secure access to food he can eat, remaining true to the compassionate principles that drive not only his veganism, but the ways in which he lives all aspects of his life. Both times he underwent grueling two- week hunger strikes, and both times he was victorious against the seemingly endless power of the state and his captors. He has endured two separate bouts of pericarditis - a painful heart condition most likely caused by his total lack of nutrition - and the subsequent complete lack of medical care from the jail. He has endured two years of a concerted effort by the government to vilify and criminalize him, his lifestyle, and all he holds dear. This extended so far beyond the bounds of "government misconduct" - the outright lies and misinformation - that even the jury which ultimately convicted him saw through much of it, and commented to the press afterwards that they were ashamed of the FBI, and described their conduct as "scary." And he endured a trial which, by all rational and legal standards, was fraught with blatantly unjust and erroneous legal rulings.

Now he faces 20 years in prison for a crime that was never committed- for falling prey to government intrusion, infiltration, and entrapment.


13.01.2008 20:46
Saving Salmon by Killing Sea Lions: Some Numbers
As reported on this site previously, NW officials are gearing up to "save" salmon by killing sea lions. They claim that the killing of sea lions is necessary because there are an estimated 50 to 100 sea lions each year that hang out near the Bonneville Dam, and those sea lions kill an annual average of 3000 salmon. This, they say, is causing our threatened and endangered salmon to move toward extinction. But a little sleuthing creates some serious questions about this assertion, and about wildlife management policies on the Columbia in general.

According to the ODFW, in the Fall of 2006 alone, the legal, officially counted catch of Chinook salmon by humans on the Columbia river was as follows: By commercial fishers: 26,000 Chinook. By sport fishers: 13,400 Chinook. By Native fishers: 78,082 Chinook.

This is a total of 117,482 Chinook salmon, killed by humans, in only one season of only one year. This does not count all of the other species of fish, including threatened or endangered coho or steelhead. It does not include all of the fish illegally killed and not counted. It does not include fish killed in the ocean, before they could return to the river. And it does not include any of the thousands upon thousands of fish killed each year by the dams.

It appears that humans killed 25% of threatened Chinook salmon in the fall of 2006, while sea lions killed around 3%. (Depends on which source you consult: Some sources have the number of fish killed by sea lions as low as 0.3%, but I will use the highest number, that quoted by the ODFW. That number, again, is 3%.)


13.01.2008 16:11
"Rebooting Democracy" Protest, and Earl's Bloody Hands.
We arrived at our destination in front of the building, which was going to host Rebooting Democracy08 at 1:45 PM. We had been in contact with Ms. Caitlin Baggott, one of the members of the Bus Project and were given permission to hand out our leaflets outside the doors. When we made the turn into the parking lot there were about a dozen or so protesters along the street to greet the Peace Bus. Yes, we arrived with members of Chapter 72, to the cheers of our friends in a 30-foot bus with peace messages and impeachment signs all over the bus.

As we passed the security people standing at the gate, I knew the rules were about to be changed. We came off the bus, and Building Management with their security people looked like someone hit them with a brick---they did not know what to do with us progressives. First, they demanded we get out and off their private property. I explained we had permission to have people by the doors to hand out our leaflets, I called for Caitlin Baggott, "Caitlin come out wherever you are, no Caitlin--I knew this was not good. We talked and explained that we would move the bus, (parked at a yellow lined curb) but would not go away from the front door because we had permission to hand out our leaflets. The usual stand off began, they still did not know what to do except call the cops.


12.01.2008 18:21
Online Radical Botany Skill Share -For January 12th
Oregon Grape I am long-time Cascadian - I was born here in the valley and group up pretty much feral child. As a child, I attended school, but every other moment of my life I spent close to the earth and the plants. I live close to a white Oak forest and learned about the plants from the plants themselves. I loved the animals and birds also. I lived close to the foot of Mary's Peak in the Coast range (Tamanawis- place where the spirit dwells). I ran wild on the slopes of the mountain - especially the North Trail. This is a trail where Kalapuyan children were sent for their vision quests. I had a father who loved the earth and helped me to understand the plants and learn to identify them. He encouraged me to draw them and paint pictures of them as a way of understanding them. He did not know about their healing abilities but sensed that some knowledge had been lost about these plants. My father was an organic gardener from way back and our family raised about 50% of our food from the earth. I learned a great deal about drying, preserving and harvesting from my parents.

In my early teens I was able to attract two great plant teachers to me. "Grandma" who lived not far from me, across a couple of fields and taught me to harvest the tiny purple center of Queen Anne's lace as a natural dye. She was my most important teacher. She told me about the spirit of each plant. I was not taught that a certain plant family always reacted the same for each human dose. I was taught that each human attracted plant healing in different ways. This is upside down from what corporate medicine teaches today.


11.01.2008 21:38
Portland Animal Defense League, Computer Security Training for Activists
PGP/ Computer Security, SSL, HTPS, Proxys Workshop
Monday January 14th
Food Fight! (SE 12th & Stark)


This is a computer security workshop geared towards all activists that use the internet and computers in general. A large portion of this workshop will be going through the step-by-steps of installing and using PGP encryption. It will be given by two experienced computer-security-geeks, who will be available for other questions as well.


11.01.2008 21:11
Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference Planned for FEB 9th in Olympia WA
flyer Olympia SDS presents the Northwest DNC/RNC Resistance Conference! On February 9th, 2008, activists from around the Northwest are cordially invited to participate in a day full of workshops, networking, and food! Workshops will focus on topics ranging from street tactics to supporting the protests, even if you aren't going. Other workshops will include shields, lockboxes, a presentation from street medics, and other tactical and strategic workshops. In the evening, we will have speakers from Recreate 68 (Denver, CO) and RNC Welcoming Committee (Twin Cities, MN) discussing their plans for the conventions. The conference will be held at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA


10.01.2008 16:00
Urgent! Transportation Committee hearing this Friday
Your presence is needed this Friday at a hearing on the proposed legal presence requirement to Oregon driver's licenses.

On December 31st, Oregon Latino leaders presented the DMV with 5,000 signed petitions asking for a delayed implementation date to Governor Kulongoski's Executive Order which requires proof of legal presence to get a new, replacement, or renewal driver's license or ID card. The delay would have provided valuable time necessary to adequately inform the community about the Executive Order. The governor rejected our proposal, and the new rules are scheduled to go into effect on February 4th.

This is the last opportunity to voice our opposition to the Executive Order before it goes into effect! Help make sure that every Oregon driver has the opportunity to take the driving test, be licensed and insured.

Joint hearing of the Senate and House Interim Transportation Committees on proof of legal presence for driver's license applicants:

This Friday, January 11th
Rally at 12 noon, hearing at 1 pm.
Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem
Hearing Room A



10.01.2008 15:51
PPRC Testimony to the City Council: Pioneer Square harassment.
PPRC Rally Aug 30, 2002 correction Statement of PPRC's Brian Greer to Commissioners today at City Hall:

I am speaking today on behalf of Portland Peaceful Response Coalition to inform you of troubling developments in relation to our exercise of free speech, and to request your consideration of the important issues that are raised thereby.

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition was formed on the evening of 9/11. It initiated a weekly series of demonstrations at the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square that has continued for more than six years. With support of a strong majority of our fellow-citizens, we exercise "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

In recent weeks, PPRC has been approached by employees of Portland Patrol, Incorporated (PPI) objecting to our use of a battery-operated megaphone and to the use of drums. On December 21st, the City of Portland Noise Control Officer, accompanied by a representative of Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc., and by a member of the Portland Patrol, informed us that, if we use either the megaphone or drums, individuals will be cited.


10.01.2008 15:30
Clearcutting the Climate: a conference of science and action. January 26, 10-5, UO, Eugene
Clearcutting the Climate Burning fossil fuels - petroleum, coal and natural gas - is not the only cause of global warming. Logging forests also disrupts the climate. Join expert scientists and environmental leaders for a groundbreaking one day conference to bring together citizens concerned about climate change and about forest protection.

-Mark Harmon: Professor and Richardson Chair of Forest Science, OSU
-Olga Krankina: Assistant Professor, Sr. Research, Forest Management, Forrest Ecology, OSU
-Doug Heiken: Conservation and Restoration Coordinator, Oregon Wild
-Tim Hermach: Executive director, Native Forest Council

Afternoon Discussions:
* How the climate and forest protection movements can work together
* Real and false solutions for the climate / forest crises

Saturday, January 26, 2008
10 am - 5 pm
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Lawrence 177 (School of Architecture)

 http://www.forestclimate.org Free admission - donations appreciated!


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