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23.02.2008 12:44
Fidel Castro: What I wrote on Tuesday 19
That Tuesday, there was no fresh international news. My modest message to the people of Monday, February 18 had no problem being widely circulated. I began to receive news from 11:00 a.m. The previous night I slept like never before. My conscience was at rest and I had promised myself a vacation. The days of tension, with the proximity of February 24, left me exhausted.

Today I shall not say anything about people in Cuba and the world who are close and who expressed their emotions in thousands of different ways. At this point I am dedicating myself to the adversaries. I enjoyed watching the embarrassing position of all the candidates for the United States presidency. One by one they were obliged to announce their immediate demands of Cuba in order not to risk losing a single voter.

Half a century of blockade seemed little enough to the favorites. "Change, change, change!" they cried in unison. I am in agreement, change! but in the United States. Cuba changed a long while ago and will follow its dialectical route. "No return to the past ever!" exclaim our people.


23.02.2008 12:42
Shattered Peace, an Opportunity for Animal Defense
sunrise There is a grassy field on the edge of the Columbia where the geese gather at this time of the year, every morning. They stand in the frosty grass, with circlets of white mist rising all around them from the waking earth. The geese chatter with each other in morning communion, their little black heads poking up through the gentle fog, the sun rising just over the water right behind them, gilding all the edges with gold. It's a breathtakingly beautiful thing to witness. And each time I see it, I yearn to have a camera in my hands, to save a part of the moment on film. So this morning, I went out there, with a camera in my hands, just for that photograph.... I never did get the shot I went out to get, the one of the geese standing in the mist. But the hunters did not get the shots they went out to get this morning either, and that is enough for me.


21.02.2008 08:42
UC Police's action in cutting the lines put Berkeley Oak Grove sitters at risk
Berkeley, CA February 19, 2008 At 6:15 this morning the University of California campus police initiated yet another raid on the Memorial Oak Grove in Berkeley. This latest aggression against the tree sitters was directed at the traverse lines that link the numerous tree platforms to food, water and the ground support.

UCPD Assistant Chief Celaya, who was available onsite to answer questions regarding the raid, said that the action was in response to ongoing "health and safety " concerns.

Berkeley Citizen has been documenting the oak grove struggle for over a year. Here's his video of what happened yesterday, primarily focusing on the press conference...

Related previous coverage: Feb 22 '07 video of police raid | Dec 2 '07 one year anniversary coverage on indybay | Berkely Grandmothers for the Oaks coverage by Berkeley Students United for Peace | compiled local press releases | Indybay coverage; "Tree-Sit Raids & What You Can Do"


21.02.2008 08:41
Portland Cross Trade Solidarity
We are a group of activist union trades workers who want to see more cross-trade solidarity here in Portland.

We are hoping to organize building trades workers from the Portland metro area to travel to the Labor Notes conference in Dearborn, MI on April 11-13, 2008. We are also planning three sessions at the conference on issues in the building trades: diversity in the trades, building cross-trade solidarity, and the building trades unions and immigrant workers.


  • WHEN.. This Saturday the 23rd 7:00pm to 11pm
  • Where... Musicians union hall 325 NE 20th, Portland OR..... This is on NE 20th between Sandy and Burnside..
  • What... Keynote speaker Tom Leedham, Music by General Strike & Guest DJ. Raffle and silent auction.. Beer + Wine + Food = A rip-Roaring TROUBLEMAKING TIME.
  • $5 Donation gets you a pint of the good stuff and a raffle ticket.
Hope to see you there!
In Solidarity! ,p> http://www.labornotes.org/


21.02.2008 08:33
Jonathan Paul - The State of the World and Bananas
Back in the spring of 2007 there was a news story about Chiquita giving money to FARC, AUC and ELN. A US corporation aiding and abetting groups on the US government's Foreign Terrorist Organization list. Not only did Chiquita provide money, they also supplied hundreds of assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition. I thought, "wow, providing not only millions of dollars but weapons and ammunition to a terrorist organization - they are deep trouble".



21.02.2008 08:28
Skillshare: Radical Botany - Week 5 - Plants as Shelter and Willow
Earth House We can go longer afford to cut down trees for shelter. Soon we will have none of the blessings that healthy forests give us. We will have lost our water, our air, our soil health, all the food and healing plants, and other diverse species. So how shall we live? How shall we build shelters? We do what humans have done for millons of years. We use stone, earth and fast growing plants.


21.02.2008 08:17
Peru Free Trade Agreement, which Bluemauer supported, leads to mass arrests, murders
Blumenauer says he cares about Peruvian workers and farmers--give him a call at (503) 231-2300 to make sure he knows that people are dying in the streets of Peru!

When Congressman Earl Blumenauer voted for the Peru Free Trade Agreement last year, he said, "I continue to be concerned about the potential impact of this agreement on poor farmers in Peru... I am heartened, however, that the 17-year phase-in for Peru to open its agricultural markets contained in the agreement gives us a prime opportunity to fix the problems..." here's something from some activists in New York:


[EMERGENCY} MEETING CALLED BY: NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade.


21.02.2008 08:13
Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE) interview on KBOO
The KBOO interview with CHE director, John Poling, is now available! Suzanne, a reporter for KBOO community radio, recently conducted an interview with John Poling, director of Cascadia Hour Exchange. The entire interview can be found by searching Google for Cascadia Hour Exchange. CHE, as this alternative currency is better known as, is a 'time based' substitute for money. No Federal Exchange Notes are allowed here. This currency is backed by the time and integrity of the people who participate in the Cascadia Hour Exchange.

This is bioregonalism at it's best.



19.02.2008 10:55
Students Plan to Walkout Against the War
Peace! As part of a nationwide day of action to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, students in the Portland metropolitan area will walk out of class on March 20. Students will walk out at 11:00 to converge in the North Park Blocks for a rally and march beginning at 1:00.

The event will address student-specific aspects of the Iraq War, and emphasize the responsibility that each citizen has to respond to this illegal and immoral war. As a group, students are adversely affected by the war in that we lack legislative representation, are targeted for military recruitment, and experience the loss of resources that comes from an inflating war budget. By walking out, students not only take a stand against the war, but also assert our own power as a community determined to enact change. Acknowledging that silence gives consent, students are willing to disrupt our education for one day to take a stand against five years of mounting death tolls.


19.02.2008 10:50
Denmark: 3rd night of riots in Copenhagen
Denmark. The struggle for a new social centre and youth house in Copenhagen continues. Yesterday was the 3rd nigth of riots in the Dansih capitol.

Since the the eviction of Ungdomshuset  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/354943.shtml protests never stopped and turned again into riots with burning cars, blockades etc.


19.02.2008 10:44
Earth First! Blockades Power Plant Construction Site, 27 Arrested
Palm Beach County - Early Monday morning dozens of concerned community members from Palm Beach County and all over the nation put their bodies on the line to halt construction of FPL's West County Energy Center (WCEC), demanding energy efficiency, truly clean, renewable energy and a moratorium on development in south Florida. Everglades Earth First! blocked the main entrance to the WCEC site, a proposed massive 3800 MW gas-fired power plant that would emit 12 million tons of CO2, a leading greenhouse gas, every year. The plant is currently under construction despite ongoing legal challenges to the plant's needed permits and certification, which have been spearheaded by the local Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition.

A dozen activists locked themselves together through metal pipes as 200 supporters rallied around them. The blockade stopped work on the construction site for six hours before a total of 27 people were arrested.

Everglades Earth First! activists still locked up, in need of legal defense funds


18.02.2008 21:18
Two Gill Nets Spotted on Columbia: Scapegoating Sea Lions for Human Error
I was walking along the docks down by the Columbia river this morning, when I happened upon a disturbing sight. Two boats that I did not recognize were moored down there. And they had great, hideous gill nets dripping from drums, peering over the sides of the boats.

This is a strange thing to see, and you will not see it on any other river in the US. Gill nets, you see, are dirty pool. Particularly on a river, where nothing can get out of their way. They trail out behind fishing boats in great swaths, ensnaring anything in the water. They kill fish, seals, water birds, otter, beaver, and anything else that becomes entangled in their snagging webs. They are so dangerous and so devastating to wildlife, that they are not legal on any other river in this country. Yet for some bizarre reason, here in Cascadia, on a river in which some of the most endangered fish on earth are making their very last stand, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) allow these nets. Even as plans are afoot to begin slaughtering sea lions on the Columbia, to "save" salmon, the gill nets are still dragging the river.

There is only one day left to be heard on this issue, by the way. The deadline for public comments on whether or not sea lions will be killed is tomorrow. You can email them here:  sea.lion.comments@noaa.gov Or you can call them here: contact Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005.


17.02.2008 16:50
An Open Letter to Three Iraqi Women:
You don't know me and one of you will never have an opportunity to read this letter but you have each left your mark upon my soul.

If you don't already know it, the US military can train a man to kill but can not train that man how to handle it when he does. For this reason amongst many others my Marine son, John, who touched your lives in Iraq, (and through him, so did I), is in treatment along with other veterans of this and earlier wars.

There was a firefight in Baghdad, a 360 degree battle with the Marines taking fire from all around and overhead. You were there, not as a participant just a civilian and you are my first connection though I learned of you last because my son couldn't tell me about you until recently. Training had the Marines firing back reflexively at anything that moved, vehicles, stray dogs a blur of a shirtsleeve. The Marine who fired upon your husband and two children was almost 100 yards away and he jerked his weapon up in horror at the end of the burst and watched your family fall. You didn't know it at the time but he watched you run out to your family. He saw you in your light blue wrap as you went from one body to the other. He tried to avert his eyes as you picked up your dead child and then the other and wailed in your grief. He tried to look away but that light blue color was always in his peripheral vision, pulling at him drawing him back.


17.02.2008 10:39
Animal Rights Message Mysteriously Appears Downtown
Earlier today, as I was traveling down Alder Street, something caught my eye. In a sea of billboards competing with each other for my consciousness, I almost missed it. I almost went right by without registering it. But the face staring out from the huge, seemingly commonplace billboard was one that deserved attention, and quietly demanded it.

I had already looked away when it struck me. I had to back up and look again. Sure enough, in a city where every bare surface is covered with the cold face of commerce, where murals are illegal unless they're selling something and Clear Channel serves as gatekeeper of our collective consciousness, I had stumbled upon something different. This jaunty little pig was not selling anything. More revolutionary still, the little rogue was actually imparting an animal rights message! Surely I must be seeing things, I thought. After all, doesn't Clear Channel own every billboard in the city? Clear Channel once refused to sell ad space for a sign promoting vegetarianism, claiming that such a message was "too controversial." (Though, of course, "public service" slots for the forest industry, claiming that logging saves forests from fires, are not considered controversial at all by Clear Channel. Nor are signs advertising for the meat industry, or billboards selling women's bodies along with the cheap products they adorn and are adorned by.) Upon closer examination, I discovered that this was not a billboard at all, but an expertly executed banner.


17.02.2008 10:32
Puerto Rico: All Out to Defend the Teachers’ Struggle!
Teachers protest Puerto Rican governor’s speech (Rafael Pichardo/El Nuevo Día) We are on the threshold of a major class battle in Puerto Rico. Every day new preparations are announced for the coming strike of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation (FMPR). With 42,000 members, a majority of them women, the FMPR represents almost all of Puerto Rico's teachers and is by far the largest union on the island. The Shock Force of the Puerto Rican Police and National Guard are being readied to go after the strikers. The struggle of the Puerto Rican teachers affects everybody. The working class as a whole, students and parents, teachers and defenders of workers' rights around the world must come out in defense of the FMPR! If there are mass arrests, the response must be massive blockades and spreading the struggle to the point of shutting the island down. In order to win this strike, it is necessary to prepare for a struggle not only of the teachers but within the whole workers movement against the pro-capitalist labor bureaucracy that sabotages the workers' struggle. Above all, it is necessary to fight against illusions in and ties with bourgeois parties and politicians. It's high time to begin building a revolutionary internationalist workers party.


16.02.2008 15:50
Report from Berkeley counter protest in front of City Hall
Code Pink Truck - more pictures here - http://codepinkjournals.blogspot.com/ Report from a Code Pink supporter who was counter-protesting "Move America Forward" in front of Berkeley City Hall:

I was at the Berkeley recruitment center event on the 11th and 12th. The Berkeley city council had drafted a letter telling the Marine recruiters they weren't welcome in that town and gave Code Pink [  http://codepinkalert.org/ ] a free parking space in front of the center to hold their protests. Code Pink activists are currently gathering signatures to zone the recruitment center out of town.

Of course, plenty of folks aren't happy with this, and right-wing radio tools are rallying their ever-faithful listeners to come to the "defense" of the Marines. Republicans in Washington have drafted a bill, the "Semper Fi" bill [ link to chronicle.com ], to punish Berkeley for this "snub" by the city council, which would take away $2 million of Federal money from the city and give it to the Marines. As if the Marines don't have enough of a budget already (how about this, Congress? Take away *Blackwater's* entire budget and give it to the Marines. That's a measure I'd sup


16.02.2008 15:46
Skillshare: Radical Botany - Week 5 - Plants as Shelter and Willow
Earth House We can go longer afford to cut down trees for shelter. Soon we will have none of the blessings that healthy forests give us. We will have lost our water, our air, our soil health, all the food and healing plants, and other diverse species. So how shall we live? How shall we build shelters? We do what humans have done for millons of years. We use stone, earth and fast growing plants.

First, you should know that this phenomenon of cutting forests down to build "things" is not new, it happens in times of cultural collapse, and empire building. It is a sign that the culture is headed toward devastation, desertification, and possible famine. You have only to look at places like the middle-east (ever hear of the cedars of Sinai) or Ireland (the myth of Robin Hood and his merry tree dwellers happened here). In both cases amazing forests, that supported populations of humans, animals, plants and other living beings were razed to that humans could make war on others. It was an act of greed and genocide that these forests were destroyed.


13.02.2008 20:38
Notes from Briana Waters’ Trial: Days One and Two
briana waters

The proceedings began before the jury was brought in.

US: Yesterday we heard for the first time that Mr. Fox anticipates going into the area that the FBI might have changed or tailored witness testimony if the agents were concerned about the OPR Office of Professional Responsibility or a civil lawsuit.

Lacey Phillabaum to testify 2/14 and/or Friday
Day Two PM Overview plus Day Three (2/13)

UPDATE 2/15:
Notes from Phillabaum's testimony 2/14

UPDATE 2/17:
Brief notes from Phillabaum's testimony 2/15


13.02.2008 11:03
Another Fox Tower? Appeal Wed. 2 PM
The public is invited to comment at the hearing in the Council Chambers, 4th and Madison at 2 PM, Wednesday. Comments can also be e-mailed to Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk  kmoore-love@ci.portland.or.us or given or mailed to her at 1221 SW 4th, Rm. 140, Portland 97204.

This is your opportunity to tell the Council what you think of more high-rise development, gentrification, and construction downtown. Moyer's architect is talking in the press like a planning Czar. He says he can put skyscrapers anywhere downtown using FAR stratagems if zoning does not allow, as with Moyer Tower. The Block-5 area has been a construction-sacrifice zone too often through the years :1997-2000, 2006-2008, and, if Moyer gets his way, it will be so again 2008-2011.

"What market collapse?" say developers, who claim they're building "ten years into the future" and for "an exclusive market." What do you say to the makeover of your city for the benefit of some hypothetical upscale market from out of town? Moyer Tower stands for all of that and more of that.


11.02.2008 08:16
Ways of supporting Briana Waters in Court. IMPORTANT!
For many of us wishing to support Briana in her trial, what we think of as "appropriate dress" for court is going to be a bit different than what her jury will think of as normal. Here are some important thoughts for those getting ready to go up to Tacoma tomorrow and over the next month...

First of all, one of the most important things to remember is that we are there to support Briana and help show the jury that she isn't part of some "family" of underground scary anarchists or even activists. We are not there to protest the unjust court process, we are there to show a jury that a large number of THEIR peers support this woman and don't believe the government line. Therefore: IT IS ESSENTIAL, that if you want to support Briana, to show up in the most mainstream type of clothes you can find. Do NOT wear black. No Patches. Piercings other than earrings should be taken out. Guys: If your scruffy, now is a great time to shave...

Also, if you want to help out in this case but don't know if you can pass yourself off as something you're not, WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! There are plenty of ways to get involved behind the scenes that are just as important! Please email  olycivlib@riseup.net to find a way to help!



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