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03.03.2008 16:03
ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1- Demanding End to War in Iraq and Afghanistan
ILWU Local 5 Files Complaints Against Police In a major step for the U.S. labor movement, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has announced that it will shut down West Coast ports on May 1, to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East. This is the first time in decades that an American union has decided to undertake industrial action against a U.S. war. The action announced by the powerful West Coast dock workers union, to stop work to stop the war, should be taken up by unions and labor organizations throughout the United States and internationally. And the purpose of such actions should be not to beg the bourgeois politicians whose hands are covered with blood, having voted for every war budget for six and a half years, but a show of strength of the working people who make this country run, and who can shut it down!



03.03.2008 12:58
World Can't Wait Arrestees Win!
On 5 October 2006, 10 responsible citizens were arrested in the World Can't Wait protest. That day they protested against the war and against Bush in a world that soon would no longer be dominated by republicans. In December '06, Ryan Dunn won his jury trial with Leah Greenwald providing the legal heroics. Civil disobedience protesters often win their jury trials in this county because the community does not support police behavior, and DA prosecution, of civil disobedience protesters.

Today was the first day of trial for most of the remaining group of 9 arrestees. The state told the court it had enough witnesses for this trial to last 3 WEEKS! But this morning, Spencer Hahn argued on behalf of all arrestees that the court and the State of Oregon had denied all defendants their Speedy Trial rights. Judge Philbrook heard all argument from the DA against the motion, heard arguments from other defense lawyers supporting it, and carefully considered all evidence relevant to the speedy trial motion. After carefully considering all the evidence, J. Philbrook ruled that the cases against the defendants should be dismissed!!!!


01.03.2008 19:41
Mon. Noon Rally for Tre Arrow
We welcome the public and supporters of grassroots activist Tre Arrow to join us for a rally.

There will be a rally held for our brother Tre Arrow at the Federal Courthouse,1000 S.W. 3rd ave., at noon on Monday March 3rd. We wish to give him a warm welcome back and send him much love and light. Tre is feeling strong and sends his love to all.

Please dress for court if you are attending the 1:30 hearing, and keep in mind there will be high security. THERE WILL BE DESIGNATED SPOKES PERSONS FOR TRE THERE AS WELL.

Tre Arrow asks that we stand with him; 2000 Audio File



01.03.2008 19:37
Information Activism at PDX airport
This is a little known opportunity for any activist group to crack a mainstream populace. A little known "freedom of information" policy at the Portland airport (that they somehow left out of the patriot act) allows for virtually any political, activist, or information group to set up a table and hand out material of their choice. A permit must be acquired at the Port of Portland office in the airport which involves a brief meeting and submission of the material to be distributed. They are very friendly and gracious and after the first permit is acquired it can be faxed in subsequently. The permit is good for a week and has to be renewed each week. At this time the POP supplies the table and chairs however they won't after the end of march.


01.03.2008 19:33
Students Protest Mexican Trade Commissioner
Holding a banner in front of the stage as Sergio Rios begins his presentation. At Seattle University (feb. 21st, 2008) students and community activists use a variety of tactics in protest to a lecture about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), given by the Sergio Rios (the Mexican Trade Comissioner).

On Thursday Feb 21 over fifty students from Seattle University, the University of Washington and community activists protested against the presence of Sergio Rios, the trade commissioner of Mexico, who spoke on Seattle University's campus about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). During the year Rios travels throughout the west coasts of Canada and the US and encourages trade with Mexico (which has become increasingly efficient for corporations as a result of NAFTA). SU students were moved to action after having organized a panel discussion on free trade, indigenous rights and migration earlier this year.


01.03.2008 13:18
Proletarian Solidarity Against the Repression in Cameroon
On Saturday, February 23, the prohibition of a meeting of the opposition in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, was followed by bloody repression and confrontations. A private TV channel that had the misfortune to broadcast a report on this subject was immediately banned by the authorities. At the beginning of week the transportation unions (taxis, motorbike-taxis, primarily) called for the strike to protest against the rise in the price of fuel. Very quickly and spontaneously, apart from any instruction from the trade unions or political parties, the strike overflowed from the owner/operators of taxis to be followed by a large part of the poor population. With several thousand people against the high cost of living, the demonstrators and strikers establish barricades with their slogans "We are hungry!", "Lower the price of staple foods", "No to high cost of living and the reducing to beggary of Cameroonians!", as well as anti-government slogans: "Biya must leave!" "Popaul you will be hung along with your constitution", etc. The forces of capitalist disorder responded by shooting at the demonstrators. The port of Douala, which is the economic heart not only of Cameroon, but also of all the countries of the sub-region, was paralyzed. During the riots, shopping centers were attacked and plundered, various public buildings attacked (the Taxation Center and the sub-prefecture of Douala V were burnt), enterprises belonging to the Biya family, symbols of French presence, etc.


01.03.2008 12:50
Skillshare Radical Botany -Week 6: Plants for clothes, shoes and utility- Plant: Cattail
Cattail Radical Botany: Arising from or going to a root or source; Arising from the root or its Crown: radical leaves. Favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes in the current practices.

GRASSES,REEDS, RUSHES and SEDGES- The plants of utility

For Thousands of years First Nation people's created everything they needed in their lives from plants, rocks, earth, water and fire. They used fire and rock to forge the tools they needed for harvesting the raw materials. Plants gave them the bulk of the materials they needed to create clothes, shoes, blankets, hats, protection from the elements, home furnishings, storage containers and cookware. These people lived simple lives, uncluttered with "stuff" that would poisoned their world. Everything they created decomposed back to the earth, so there was no need for collecting and discarding garbage into unsafe environments. There was no collection of vast islands of plastic and metal collecting in landfills, oceans and streams. People kept these utilitarian objects for years, patching them and only creating new when absolutely necessary. Elders passed on favorite tools or baskets to youth. The young felt blessed by such a gift. Along with the gift of the tool or basket came wisdom and valued knowledge about the natural or spirit world. How were plants used?


29.02.2008 21:21
Tre Arrow Arrives in Portland
Tre Arrow Tre Arrow will be given a warm "welcome back" to Portland by his many friends, family and supporters. Tre is a grassroots activist, known foremost for his environmental protection work in the forests of Northern Oregon. Following several years of peaceful activism by Tre, the U.S. Government labeled him an "eco-terrorist" and charged him with multiple counts of arson, conspiracy to commit arson, and possession of destructive devices (i.e. incendiaries). Tre has been a prisoner for four years in Canada fighting extradition to the U.S., fearing that he would not be given a fair trial in light of the "eco-terrorist" label. Tre is awaiting trial in Portland, Oregon, vigorously fighting his criminal charges. Tre states, "As winter holds the land in its grasp, the bare hardwoods stand strong and beckon the spirit of Spring. Likewise, as my life enters a new season, my strength and life force are flowing through my veins and invigorating my body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming challenges. The time has come to prepare for trial in Portland. I am returning from Canada ready to assist my lawyers in this process."

Tre has consistently denied any guilt and always asserted that he is innocent of all charges. Tre states, "I have maintained my innocence from the onset of this ordeal. My legal team presented my plea for asylum in Canada based on the political persecution I am facing. But, it is abundantly clear that the Canadian Government is complicit in the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by the US government. My faith in the Canadian authorities to act with a conscience in a fair and objective manner has not been realized. The time has come to prove my innocence once and for all."

Tre Arrows Latest Callout


28.02.2008 11:17
Jeffrey Free Luers has been resentenced to 10 years!
February 28, 2008 (Eugene, OR)- This morning at 9:00am in Lane County Circuit Court the re-sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Luers took place in front of Judge Billings. This followed an Oregon court of appeals ruling in February 2007 that Luers original sentence of 22 years 8 months by Judge Lyle Velure was illegal, and the appeals court remanded the case back to Lane County Circuit Court for re-sentencing. Following the appeals court decision, negotiations have resulted in the decision today to reduce Luers sentence to 10 years, bringing his release date to late December 2009.

In June 2001, then 23 year-old Jeffrey "Free" Luers was arrested for the burning of three trucks at a Eugene car dealership. His stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs and trucks play in that process. Despite the fact that this action hurt no one, caused only $28,000 in damages and the cars were later resold, Luers received the draconian sentence. Luers gained support locally as well as all over the world as a political prisoner. It is widely believed that Luers received such a drastic sentence because of the political nature of the action he took. Following his original sentence, Amnesty International and the Eugene Human Rights Commission (EHRC) issued letters of support citing that the sentence appeared to be politically motivated.

Jeff Luers statement to the court


28.02.2008 10:36
FUNK THE WAR! March 19th War Anniversary Action
On the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war, Portland's radical community will be taking on Portland's war profiteers. While were at it, we plan to throw the one of the best parties the streets of Portland have ever seen.

Portland Guide to War Profiteers

Movement Building In Portland - CM, Funk the War, and Walkout!


28.02.2008 09:40
Public Hearing TODAY on the Police Review Board- 2 PM, CITY HALL
Today at City Hall (1221 SW 4th St) at 2 pm, citizens will ask our city commisioners to accept the findings of a recent audit on the Police Review Board. We demand more transparency and accountability of Portland police! Be there to make your voice known!

A long-awaited assessment report on the "Independent" Police Review Division (IPR)--Portland's "Civilian Police Review Board"-- was released on January 24. It contains a lot of useful information, with some basic concerns about the IPR system community members have been pointing out for years. This includes that the IPR doesn't do independent investigations, its 9- member Citizen Review Committee (CRC) doesn't have enough power, the public doesn't know the system exists, and those who use it are far less satisfied than the officers who do. It reveals that officers are sometimes not disciplined even after they admit to or are found to have violated Bureau policies. And, perhaps most clearly, it shows that the system is nearly impossible to understand and tends toward "behind the scenes" work instead of being open and transparent to the public.

On the other hand, the report doesn't go far enough. The mistrust the report wisely notes that the community has for the system is based on the IPR's dependence on the Police Bureau. Currently, all investigations of civilian complaints go to the Bureau's Internal Affairs Division (IAD). The report's recommendation is for some investigations to be done by civilian investigators, not all.

The Verdict: Portland's system of ensuring police accountability is desperately flawed | 186 page report


28.02.2008 07:58
Leap Day Actions in Portland
This leap day *February 29* imagine everyone who feels smothered living a mediocre life within the current insane system rising up to resist in whatever way they can. Take leap day off work and live life like it really mattered. Spend the day as a free and whole being. Maybe that means spending time alone, or maybe it means with friends, or with your whole block, or even the whole city. Maybe it means tearing down the forces that seek to force you back to work and back onto you knees on March 1. Maybe living free for a day means spending the day creating new structures, new ideas, new forms of cooperation and a whole new reality which make you happier and freer. You don't have to wait for tomorrow, and you don't have to ask anyone for permission.

We are going to meet at Critical Mass at 5:30pm under the West Side of the Burnside bridge. Then ride round and round, where the action stops nobody knows.


27.02.2008 12:16
Community discussion- local sustainability group wants advice
The Social Permaculture Advocacy Collective is hosting a community discussion on whether or not it needs a nonprofit status to accomplish its goals- first and foremost to assemble a library, study and meeting place. What is the S. P. A. C.? It's a new collective based in Portland, interested in researching what REAL sustainability will look like and then making it happen- not "going green," buying energy efficient light bulbs, but replacing civilization itself with community, equality & sustainability; learning how we as the descendants of imperialism can take responsibility for our and our ancestors wrongdoings on this land.

The S.P.A.C. wants to do a number of things, like assemble a library and host free workshops dealing with how we as inhabitants of an increasingly degraded ecosystem and social environment can learn to change our behavior in order to stop destroying nature and in order to survive without civilization.


27.02.2008 11:05
Radical Workshops in Eugene Starting Friday
Join Lane Community College Students for a Democratic Society, the Civil Liberties Defense Center, and the LCC Peace Commission in a series of workshops.

Friday Feb. 29th, 2008 2:00pm - 3:30pm
"Battle for the Port"with Leah Coakley & Patrick Edelbacher, Tacoma Students for a Democratic Society. This interactive workshop focuses on the diverse and effective acts of resistance at the Ports of Tacoma and Olympia. After analyzing the organizing and sharing the story of the actions, the workshop will look at what worked and what challenges remain. An emphasis will be placed on the potential of meaningful large group actions and other issues relevant to the group.

Friday Feb. 29th, 2008 3:45pm - 5:15pm "Civil Rights & Liberties Post 9/11: Practical Steps to Restore the Constitution" with Lauren Regan, Executive Director Civil Liberties Defense Center & Dave Fidanaque, Executive Director ACLU Oregon. Civil rights and liberties have been under grave attack for the last several years. Panelists will illustrate the rollbacks to our civil liberties through specific cases and legislation they have worked on recently including the Green Scare, SHAC 7, the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and many others. Come learn how your rights have been eroded since 9/11 and why we are no safer.


27.02.2008 11:00
Vultures hovering over Cuba after Fidel Castro steps down
On Tuesday, February 19, Fidel Castro announced he was resigning his position as President of Cuba. This comes 19 months after Castro underwent stomach surgery. In fact he has not been in public since then. The media coverage since Castro announced his retirement has been sickening. No mention of the real social gains of the revolution, but plenty of talk about brutal dictatorship and so on.

Immediately upon hearing of Castro's retirement, George W. Bush announced that this should begin a democratic transition and that, "Eventually this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections. And I mean free and I mean fair." He added that, "The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty." The blessings of liberty indeed! We may ask whether he is referring to the kind of blessings bestowed on the Iraqi or Afghan people.

The hypocrisy of the man has no limits. Everyone knows that irregularities took place when Bush was elected, so he has no authority to give lessons on democracy to anyone. Furthermore, the recent elections in Pakistan witnessed blatant vote rigging, which we can be sure was organised with the help and advice of US "experts".


26.02.2008 14:46
RNC Welcoming Committee comes to Portland
On September 1-4 of 2008, the Republican Party is descending upon
Minnesota to celebrate their latest conquests in global domination and
exploitation. The RNC Welcoming Committee wants to make sure that this
time the fear-mongers will be met with their own biggest fear: people
mobilized, organized, and taking the future back into their own hands.

The RNC Welcoming Committee will be at the Blue Heron Infoshop on
Thursday, Feb 28th at 6pm to present subversion, critical analysis, and
ideas for how the future is taken back today. All are invited to the
free presentation

Blue Heron Infoshop
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock BVLD
Grey Campus Center room 34


26.02.2008 14:42
WEDS: Clackamas Co. to hold hearing on Use of Deadly Force
ALERT: Public hearing on Wednesday re: the use of deadly force in Clackamas County. The hearing begins at 5:30 pm in Courtroom 5 of the Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Str., Oregon City.

The hearing will be held by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and will address the county's draft of a new policy re: the use of deadly force. According to the O, the new policy was drafted "to satisfy a 2007 state law aiming to bring uniformity and fairness to the processes following a police shooting."

Draft copies of the plan will be available at the hearing and afterward at: www.clackamas.us/sheriff. A two week public commenting period follows.

Police use of deadly force accounted for 40% of the homicides in Clackamas County in 2005, the year Fouad Kaady was gunned down so cruelly and needlessly. Since June of last year, Clackamas Co. deputies have been involved in 3 lethal force cases. To my knowledge, every officer involved in a lethal force case in Clackamas County has been cleared of wrong doing by secret grand juries.


24.02.2008 14:57
Briana Waters Defense Starts Monday
The Defense starts for Briana Waters trial on Monday, February 25, at 9am. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. The Defense for Briana Waters will start on February 26 and is expected to last a week. There is a little left on the cross examination of Agent Halla and then the prosecution will rest. Now we can hear Briana's Defense!

Court begins at 9am on Monday, February 26 at 1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA. There is housing available for people who come and need a place to stay. Now is the time to show our support. This is a call to come support Briana Waters this week! This will be a critical week, and probably the last, and there needs to be as much support as possible in the court room.

South Puget Sound Indymedia


23.02.2008 17:27
Eugene: Anti-Recruitment Rally THIS MONDAY
A crowd of students & community members will gather @ 9:30 Monday morning, in front of the Military Recruitment Center on 13th & Chambers to manifest this community's rejection of the state's war program & use of poverty, race, & other institutions to win new recruits to kill and be killed, oppress & be further oppressed. All are welcome and encouraged to contribute their voice, presence, & protest. Food Not Bombs will serve food and (fair trade) coffee & musicians of all levels are encouraged to bring their instruments. You are encouraged to join the bike parade leaving from the 16th/17th alley between Alder & Hilyard Street (campus neighborhood) or have your own. Let's kick recruiters out of our schools, neighborhoods, and minds. No Bodies, No War


23.02.2008 15:37
Call Out For Resistance In Olympia

Many of you have already heard of the riot that took place in Olympia on Valentine's Day. If you saw anything inspiring in what happened, if you do not believe the police were justified in any of their actions or if you simply are ready, please listen. The police have issued a threat, printed in the Olympian newspaper, to the people involved in the riot. They intend to begin a witch hunt. They will no doubt use everything in their limited power to terrify a community. If they succeed in terrifying everybody, another period of darkness will descend.

Rather than lapse into despair and inaction, I am asking you all to stand up to them. I do not know, nor have I the capability to say what standing up to them means. But I know it is what we must do. The police expect zero-resistence from their herd of sheep and have grown used to always winning. They always win because they have conditioned everyone to never resist them, just like every good domesticator.

Do not let them get anyone.
And let them have a hard time trying.

Footage from riot: Part 1, Part 2 | Threat from police


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