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08.04.2008 06:53
National Petition to End Sweatshops and Slavery in the Fields
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) - an organization of low-wage workers based in Immokalee, Florida - has launched a national petition campaign to demand that Burger King and other food industry leaders work with the CIW to improve the wages & working conditions of the workers who pick their tomatoes, and join with the CIW in an industry-wide effort to eliminate modern-day slavery & human rights abuses from Florida's fields.

Farmworkers are among the poorest workers in the United States, and have very few labor protections. Most workers earn sub-poverty wages and do not have the legal rights to overtime pay, to organize, or to bargain collectively. in the most extreme conditions, workers are forced to work under conditions of modern-day slavery, receiving little or no pay through violence & threats of violence.

The petition not only calls on Burger King & other food industry leaders to join McDonald's & Yum Brands (parent company of Taco Bell) in addressing human rights abuses in the fields where their tomatoes are picked, but will serve as notice that the petitioners are "prepared to stop patronizing Burger King now, and other food industry leaders in the future, should they fail to do so."

To read & sign the petition, visit fairfoodnation.org/petition

Coalition of Immokalee Workers www.ciw-online.org


06.04.2008 00:52
Food Not Bombs National Gathering reportback
FNB Logo cool colors By nearly all accounts the Food Not Bombs National Gathering that took place at the end of March was a smashing success: Activists of all types and ages from FNB chapters all over the country were brought together in Nashville, TN for a Critical Mass bike ride, no-pants dance party, a day of workshops, a group meeting, scavenger hunt, huge food sharing downtown and a march through the streets.

Local organizers arranged the opening date of the gathering to coincide with the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and even built dozens of bicycles for those who couldn't bring their own. Visitors and locals, including Nashville Rat Patrol, made their way from the West side of Nashville to the East side in the rain, going right down Broadway through the heart of the city...

Bike rides in the rain, a dance party, communal meals, late nights, teaching each other, challenging each other and marching together provided bonding experiences for activists from all over the country who believe that food is a right, not a privilege. I think I can safely say that many of the people in Nashville this past weekend; from veterans of the movement, involved for years or even decades, to those that just prepared their first food sharing the week prior to the gathering--felt that they were part of something larger than themselves, finding inspiration to continue building a better world.


05.04.2008 08:33
Sea Lion Demo Report-Back: Don't Be Dumb--It's the Dams.
...BPA seemed like a good place to start the campaign to save the sea lions. The Bonneville Power Administration is, after all, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of salmon each year. The dams are the single largest killer of salmon on the Columbia river. But rather than going after BPA and forcing the removal of the dams (or at the very least, forcing the redesign of the fish passage through the dams), officials have been seeking permission to kill sea lions. Although there is no scientific reason for targeting sea lions, there are plenty of political reasons: Sea lions do not bend the ears of Northwest legislators, while large power corporations do.

It was good to see so many people there today, in a world where humans seem to have such difficulty living in harmony with those around us. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of people who passed by as demonstrators lined the sidewalk, virtually all of them seemed to be very supportive. In spite of all the propaganda spewing forth from the BPA and the fishing industry, there is a lot of support out there for the sea lions. [ Other articles about the Sea Lions ]


04.04.2008 18:06
Radical Botany: Skillshare-Seeds and wild plants-Valuable?
Our valuables A friend recently was complaining about how everyone is talking about buying gold to protect themselves from economic collapse. He told me a story about his elderly aunt who had lived through several holocausts. She was Jewish and one of only a few who survived in her family. As a child she and her mother first fled the Nazi's and ran into Russia, then fled the Russian's and fled into France and finally they came to the U.S. They had few things with them. The woman told my friend that she and her mother survived starvation, which killed many refugees, not by hoarding gold, but by secretly carrying seeds in the fold of their clothes. People around them, even the enemy let them live because they had a skill that was much needed... the knowledge of how to raise their own food. [ Radical Botany ]


04.04.2008 06:16
Fossil Fools Day Direct Action from around the US and tidbits worldwide
Fossil Fools Day [April 1st] was "fossil fools day" an international day of protest against the dirty energy industry for their promotion of climate change and resource wars, the protest was called for by Rising Tide and many other groups. Globally 100 fossil fools protests took place on April 1.

Al Gore suggested such tactics last summer.

Around a hundred actions -- include about a dozen involving civil disobedience -- took place around the world.

In North Carolina, protesters who had chained themselves to bulldozers at a coal plant under construction were tasered by police despite being immobilized while "locked-down" to bulldozer.

With the only a few years to turn our emissions around and the growing focus on civil disobedience, the movement to stop climate change appears is heating up.

8 Arrested as North Carolina, USA Residents Shut Down Construction at Cliffside Coal Plant
Activists Blockade Bank of America to Protest Funding of Coal, Boston, Massachusetts, | Billionaires for Dirty Energy blockade Citibank in New York, USA. 2 arrested | Banner drop and "Cheat Neutral" action in Portland, OR, USA | Plum Creek Receives "Fossil Fool's Award", Maine, USA | Tar Sands Targetted in Waterloo, ON, Canada | Protesters Shut down open-cast coal mine, Wales. 2 Arrests | Cambridge, UK Fossil Fools Day Protest at RBS Bank | EV-EON Carbon Capture launched on Southbank! (UK) | Bristol Rising Tide blockade Aberthaw power station, Wales, UK



03.04.2008 13:36
Animal Torturers in Town - TONIGHT 630pm
Animal Torturers in Town - TONIGHT 630pm BridgePort Brewing Company 1313 N.W. Marshall
Tonight!!! 6:30Opm

LAMA - The Laboratory Animal Management Association, (AKA - the professional dog/cat/mouse/primate torturer/killers of Amerika).....
are having a party this week in our town.

TONIGHT, they will be attending a comedy show at:

BridgePort Brewing Company
1313 N.W. Marshall
Portland, OR 97209
Phone (503) 241-7179


02.04.2008 21:34
Candlelight Vigil honoring Jordan Case, dead at 19
Invitation to peaceful candelight vigil for Jordan Case. Help us stand up for our rights so others may have what he was denied. Friday, April 4th, Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Before he died on Oct. 22, 2006, the unarmed aspiring physicist was Tasered 12 times, hit with nine beanbag rounds and shot four times. In a federal lawsuit to be filed April 3, Case's parents claim their son's death was totally unnecessary.


Animal Rights 02.04.2008 20:47
Demonstration Against the Proposed Slaughter of Sea Lions
Today, the PDX grassroots animal liberation organization, The Portland Animal Defense League (PDX-ADL), announces demonstrations against the proposed killing of Sea Lions by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The planned killing of Sea Lions by the US Fish and Wildlife Service is simply a mistake that most Portlanders oppose.

Record level over-predation by human fishing, combined with the impact of dams have reduced the wild Salmon's numbers to a fraction of their historical populations. Now, the US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to "avenge" the remaining population of Salmon by slaughtering our Sea Lions.

This is simply an emotional, political, irrational, and totally ineffective response to a very serious ecological issue.

Related: comments due by Friday April 4th
Salmon and Sea Lions: Let's Get Our Facts Straight | Email Comments | A sea lion slaughter won't save salmon | Other Sea Lion articles | HSUS and Wild Fish Conservancy File Suit To Stop Sea Lion Killing At Bonneville Dam


02.04.2008 20:46
Landslides continue in Colton
Hult Road out in Colton is still closed and the hope for it ever opening again is dim. As reported here last December, this area was destroyed by the careless logging of a steep hillside by Ronald and Vina Mitchell. Permits were given to the Mitchells for this logging by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Today we hiked up the road to check on the damage caused when the clear cut area was washed out by winter rains of 2006.

Its closure has been very inconvenient to people living in the rural area and has forced service vehicles to drive out of their way to provide bus service for school children and mail service for homes. But as I walked up there this morning, I noticed a California Jay flying by with nesting materials. I heard quail calling in the low brush. I would imagine that quite a few fellow creatures are more than happy that we are not driving our vehicles back and forth on this road. What this comes down to, though, is the vast stretch of erosion which was 'permitted' and paid for by citizens of this state. [ Read More | Clear cut causes road closure ]


01.04.2008 12:38
Stumptown Earth First!'s Fossil Fool's Day Action
As part of Fossil Fool's Day, Stumptown Earth First! in protest of the LNG Oregon Pipelines, performed a four-story banner hang off of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, OR.

The banner reads No New Pipelines with a no LNG logo directly in the middle. The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pipeline is a proposed project that involves three LNG processing terminals and over 600 miles of new pipeline throughout Oregon.



30.03.2008 11:54
KBOO interviews Joe Anybody about camera taken by police
The Roadblock "Independent Media Under Attack" ... is the audio from KBOO 90.7 community radio and video from the event that caused police to take camera from me ... an Independent Videographer here in portland. This interview with KBOO 90.7fm is in my own words, the video is my own tape I share this with my community in hopes of raising awareness and in gaining support As I push for peace and justice and a free press that is not intimidated in our city.

[ Read More | Walk Out part 10 "The Roadblock" | Video Journalist Joe Anybody Has Camera Taken By Police | http://www.joe-anybody.com/id1.html ]


29.03.2008 11:17
NW Regional Council of Carpenters Picket at Condo-building site on Mississippi Avenue
picket at Mississippi Ave condo-project Friday March 28, 2008, the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters staged a picket line at the site of the Mississippi Avenue Lofts project (Skidmore and Mississippi Ave), demanding that contractor Gray Purcell pay area standard wages and offer area standard benefits.

The union picketers showed up at 6:30 am in the rainy and snowy morning, but the situation got heated when a private security guard for the condo-project used the metal fence to to push against the picketers, threatened to mace them, then called the police, reporting a "riot." [ Read More ]


27.03.2008 23:07
Sea Lions, Make Your Comments to WDFW Before April 4th.
Often, people get caught up in causes far away ... this is something right here, tangible, in our own region that we can really do something about... Aside from being extremely ethically problematic, killing sea lions to help recovering fish populations does not have a science-based foundation, and also has a very unpredictable outcome... There is simply no reason to have Sea lions be killed in vain.

"Under provisions of the State Environmental Policy Act, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is soliciting public comments on the sea lion removal proposal. Comments may be submitted from March 21 through April 4 via email ( SEPAdesk2@dfw.wa.gov) or by mail to Teresa Eturaspe, SEPA coordinator, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, 600 Capitol Way N., Olympia, WA." Lets get the powers that be to reconsider this irresponsible course of action and focus on a more logical and effective management strategy in order to promote endangered fish populations--stricter fishing regulations. [ READ MORE | Sea Lion Slaughter Protest Sign Making Party! Sat 2:30 PM @ Food Fight! SE 12th & Stark | Email Comments | A sea lion slaughter won't save salmon | Other Sea Lion articles | HSUS and Wild Fish Conservancy File Suit To Stop Sea Lion Killing At Bonneville Dam ]


27.03.2008 14:33
Activists Shut Down Visitor Center at Yellowstone
Two West Yellowstone women, Miriam Wasser, 20, and Cat Simonidis, 22, locked themselves together around a post inside the Mammoth Visitor's Center in Yellowstone National Park at approximately 10:30 this morning to call attention to the Park Service's slaughter of nearly 1,000 bison since February 8. Upon discovering the women, Yellowstone officials closed the visitor's center to members of the public and the media, including reporters from CNN, CBS, and an independent film maker.

In spite of receiving thousands of calls, letters, and emails from concerned citizens opposed to the bison slaughter, Yellowstone National Park remains intent on capturing and killing bison. As the women staged their action, Yellowstone Rangers captured between 30 and 50 bison a few miles away. Between February 8 and March 26, Park rangers have captured more than 1200 bison on the north side of Yellowstone National Park. While the government's official reason for the slaughter is to prevent the spread of brucellosis from wild bison to cattle, no such transmission has ever been documented.



26.03.2008 11:17
March 2008: Prison Dispatch from Jeff “Free” Luers
Jeffrey Free Luers What a long and strange journey this past year has been. I have been riding highs and lows as I have been struggling to regain my freedom and find a balance between my desires for this movement and my own personal happiness. I've made no secret of my often conflicting emotions or my disappointment in radical struggles here in the United States. I have strived to remain true to the ideals in which I believe.

As many of you are aware, I was resentenced on February 28th, after years of fighting for a reduced sentence. In the months preceding my resentencing I was faced with numerous obstacles and forced to make difficult decisions. I wrote a statement acknowledging I was wrong to believe that arson could achieve the change I desired, though I added I was not ashamed of nor did I regret my actions. Judge Billings told me that in his 35 years as an attorney and judge that my statement was the most sincere and passionate he'd ever heard. He told me he was impressed with me... He finished by wishing me the best of luck... I'm still here and I am not quitting. ~ Jeffrey "Free" Luers

Jeff Luers #
PO Box 9000
Wilsonville, OR 97070



26.03.2008 11:00
Radical film night plus Riot Folk, march 26 8:00pm (Eugene,Or)
music and film for FREE
when : Wednesday March 26 @ 8:00pm
Lorax 1648 Alder St. Eugene, OR


showing a documentary about maniac sailors and anarchists castaways and the vogaye of S/V Pestilence plus music from Brenna Sahatjian, Adhamh Rolland and Tin Tree Factory


25.03.2008 13:12
Week of Action and Demonstration Against the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma
Monday 4/21: public teach-in

Tuesday 4/22: High-School teach-in @ Mad Hatter Tea Co. (1130 Commerce St, Tacoma)

4pm show @ Pitchpipe Infoshop (621 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma)
in the evening, details TBA

Wednesday 4/23: bake sale & crafts workshop @ Pitchpipe Infoshop
there may also be a speaker coming to UWT added to our itinerary for this day

Thursday 4/24: Media meeting @ Kings Books, 4pm (218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma) all are welcome to sit in.

Know Your Rights! Workshop & Vegan Potluck @ Pitchpipe Infoshop, 6:30pm

Saturday 4/26: rally 12pm @ People's Park (9th and MLK, Tacoma) & march downtown 1pm


25.03.2008 12:10
The Common Enemy and the Machete: Neoliberalism and Indigenous Resistance in Oaxaca Mexico
This multi-media workshop/presentation is intended to introduce the audience to neolibearlism through the eyes of a popular resistance in Oaxaca, Mexico. The workshop will include scene selections from three films: "El Enemigo Comun" (2005), "El Machete" (2007) and "Paz Sin Justicia" (2008) in order to illustrate neoliberal atrocities and community based resistance to them. The first film documents some paramilitary activity in Oaxaca from , leading up to the arrival of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Oaxaca's current governor. The second film has been filmed and edited by indigenous women and youth from communities in Oaxaca, during the winter of 2007, and documents a more profound look at the day to day struggles for land, water, transportation, culture, dignity, justice, liberty, and peace.

"Paz Sin Justicia," a 41 minute film by the Committee in Defense of the Rights of the People - CODEP, examines what Oaxaca looks like today, and what it really means for Oaxaca to return to normal after the 2006 uprising. Corruption, institutionalized repression, and economic slavery are the standard through which, a weak government attempts to hold itself together, and stay in power.

All the while the Oaxacan People's Popular Assembly APPO, along with Oaxacans in general, wait for the next moment to practice what they have already begun: self-determination, autonomy, popular power, and the dignity that comes with rising up from below.

Thursday the 27th
7-9pm 5040 se Milwaukie

(corner of SE Mitchell & Milwaukie)


23.03.2008 08:40
Olympia SDSer Arrested! Free Forrest Student!
On Tuesday, March 18, local activist Forrest Student and member of SDS at The Evergreen State College in Olympia was targeted by Officer Perez of the Evergreen Police. Perez has a history of harassing and abusing students and other people on campus. When Perez approached him and started questioning him, the person said he had the right to have an attorney present and because of that, Perez arrested him for obstruction. Forrest continued in his refusal, demanding an attorney while in jail and at his arraignment. In response his charges were increased to misdemeanor criminal mischief. The judge refused to set bail and Forrest is still sitting in jail.

Forrest has been very involved in local politics of late, participating in the Port of Olympia protests in November and being very vocal in his criticism of the conduct by the Administration on campus in the wake of the events on Feb. 14th. In the current environment of political repression on campus and elsewhere, this development proves significantly troublesome. Forrest has been held in jail and is facing charges for exercising a right protected by the Fifth Amendment, the right not to speak to law enforcement without representation.

If you would like to lend assistance to Forrest for legal matters, send check or money to:

Forrest Student
910 4th Ave. E
Olympia, WA 98506


23.03.2008 08:38
FILM -- "Brad Will: Another Night at the Barricades" coming to Portland Monday!
a film about murdered indymedia journalist brad will
Brazilian filmmaker and media activist Miguel will be on hand
to discuss his documentary tribute to a fallen friend.
(film in portuguese and spanish with english subtitles)

Monday March 24th 7 pm
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy St.


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