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23.05.2008 12:32
FBI Wants Informants To Spy On RNC Protesters
"This is all part of a larger government effort to quell political dissent," says Jordan Kushner, an attorney who represented Ganley and other Critical Mass arrestees. "The Joint Terrorism Task Force is another example of using the buzzword 'terrorism' as a basis to clamp down on people's freedoms and push forward a more authoritarian government."

Related: Earlier post about Marie Mason Case: The National Lawyers Guild has established a hotline, 888-NLG-ECOL, for individuals arrested, subpoenaed or questioned for offenses related to environmental or animal activism. We encourage people to call the NLG hot line if you are contacted by law enforcement and would like to consult with an attorney on these matters.


23.05.2008 12:02
Anti-GM protest shuts down BASF UK headquarters
This morning 30 protesters from Earth First! have shut down the BASF UK headquarters (1) at Cheadle Hulme near Manchester (2), to highlight the company's role in pushing GM onto our plates. BASF is planning to run the UK's only trial of GM crops this year, a trial of blight resistant potatoes.

The protesters arrived early in the morning at the flagship offices and have since been blockading the gate by sitting in front of it and locking on sing d-locks and other equipment. They are successfully preventing any staff from entering and are demanding the company pull out of GM immediately. They have also hung a giant 30 x 10ft banner reading "No To GM". The protesters are planning to blockade the gate for several hours.

uk indymedia


22.05.2008 14:57
Protestors Tell Shareholders NW Natural's LNG Plan "Stinks!"

-Portland, OR.- Protestors from Stumptown Earth First! sneak into shareholders meeting and disrupt with stink devices in protest of the company's investment in proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects slated for Oregon. NW Natural has been making greenwashing claims, including "foreign LNG is a green alternative to the already existing domestic gas." Protestors say "there is nothing green about LNG."

Activists with Earth First! declare that "This action is just the beginning of what's in store for this LNG proposal. We are here to defend the land, the rivers, and the natural habitats, and we will not stop until LNG is dropped!"

Related: lngpollutes.org


22.05.2008 09:03
Occupation at The Evergreen State College in Olympia
Starting around 4pm on Wednesday, members of SDS and their supporters started on occupation of the administrative offices at The Evergreen State College in Olympia until SDS is reinstated as a student group. This followed a rally for Free Speech on campus where 150 showed up. Stay tuned for updates.

[Day 2] Olympia SDS has occupied Evergreen's Vice President's office (as well as the entire top floor and roof of SEM I). The occupation is now going into its second day.


22.05.2008 08:08
Proposed rule-change allowing USED books into Oregon prisons - your input is needed!
books to prisoners Dear Friends,

There is a comment period that ends May 26th for a rule change being proposed by the Oregon Department of Corrections that would greatly benefit Oregon prisoners. This rule change would also make the efforts of Books to Prisoners volunteers a whole lot easier!

This rule would allow prisoners to receive USED books! Please voice your support for this rule change by copying and modify the sample letter below and getting it in the mail by no later than Saturday May 24th, so it is sure to arrive by the deadline of May 26th - Even if you don't have a stamp or the time, please just write the letter (now) and email it to us at: pdxbookstoprisoners@riseup.net with your name and address - then we'll print it off and mail it for you!

These have to arrive by next monday May 26th, so
letters need to be in the mail by saturday may 24th.


21.05.2008 14:52
Rally Against Pesticides in Lane County
"Cide" means "to kill." Pesticides are poisons, and herbicides are one kind of pesticide used specifically to kill "weeds." Crazy People for Wild Places urges you to join them in opposing public pesticide poisoning, especially along our roadways, as it is a violation of our human rights! JOIN THE CALL FOR NO PESTICIDE USE!

Gather at Eugene's Kesey Square (Broadway and Willamette) on Friday, May 30 at 12:00 to hear speakers from Pitchfork Rebellion and the Oregon Pesticide Action Working Group and see compelling maps compiled from decades of spray tracking by Forestland Dwellers and then continue by bike to Harlow Bridge over Coburg Road. Costumes welcome.


20.05.2008 07:08
First Tree Sit Erected on I-69 Construction Site!!!
Roadblock EF Clearing for the first 1.77 miles of I-69, the NAFTA Superhighway, in Southern Indiana began in mid-March. If completed, the highway will stretch over 1700 miles from the Canadian border crossing of Port Huron, Michigan to the Mexican border crossing of Laredo/Brownsville, Texas. In Indiana alone, 450 families stand to be dislocated and nearly 10,000 acres of forests and farms are slated for destruction. The road is widely unpopular, with 94% of public comments to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) opposed to the new terrain route. Concerned residents have vowed to never let them build this road. The first aerial defense encampment on the route was established last night.



20.05.2008 07:04
City of Corvallis Unanimously Adopts Anti-WOPR Resolution
WOPR On April 21 the Corvallis City Council passed a resolution opposing the Bureau of Land Management's Western Oregon Plan Revisions. The draft Plan would increase old growth logging in Western Oregon by 700% and reduce riparian reserves and habitat for endangered species. In March, members of the Coast Range Association and the Benton Forest Coalition presented the resolution to councilors, who referred the measure to the Legislative Committee. After hearing testimony from seven local residents, including a forester, a plant pathologist, and representatives from the American Hiking Society and the Audubon Society, the Legislative Committee returned the resolution to the Council with a stamp of approval.

The City Council voted unanimously to adopt a slightly modified version of the Eugene resolution, originally penned by Josh Laughlin of the Cascadia Wildlands Project. Councilors cited concerns about ecotourism and the impact of proposed increases in logging on BLM lands on adjacent city owned watersheds.

maps of affected forests | Old Growth Giveaways in Oregon's Heritage Forests | background | background and press releases, including video/audio clips


20.05.2008 06:57
Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices
LNG tank o' DEATH Tell NW Natural Shareholders that LNG is a bad investment!

*Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices*
220 NW 2nd Ave in Portland
Thursday, May 22nd @ 1pm

Stumptown Earth First! will be joining community members to let the shareholders of NW Natural know just how bad of an idea it is to invest in a non-renewable resource project. This Thursday NW Natural shareholders will be having their annual meeting and we will be there to show the that the communities being impacted by their investment in LNG are organized, motivated and oppose these projects!

There have [been] handfuls of great successes in the recent weeks
-- new city resolutions passed, a courtroom victory announcing
the constitutionality of our referendum efforts in Clatsop
County, a successful PDX LNG Teach-in, and an Oregon Dept. Of Energy
report finding that there is no need for LNG in Oregon...the list goes on.

Come to NW Natural's offices for our 1pm rally -- bring your signs,
tractors, kids, neighbors, anti-LNG shirts & buttons and let's tell our utility's shareholders that LNG is a BAD INVESTMENT!


20.05.2008 06:57
Really Really Free Market comes to Springfield, Oregon!
RRFM is a non-hierarchical collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. The RRFM movement aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way. It holds as a major goal to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. Markets often vary in character, but they generally offer both goods and services. Participants bring unneeded items, food, skills and talents such as entertainment or haircuts. A RRFM may take place in an open community space such as a public park or community commons.

Saturday June 7, 11-3pm
200 West B Street
Island Park, Springfield [OR]

bring food,music,skills,clothes, love and more!
everything for free!

more info or if you want to help out with his event please email,  reallyreallyfreemarketeugene@gmail.com


20.05.2008 06:55
Grassroots Radio Conference in Portland this July! Submit workshop proposals now
Grassroots Radio Conference— GRC-13: Call for proposals

The Grassroots Radio Conference is being held in Portland, OR, July 25 - 27th, at the Native American Student and Community Center, at Portland State University. The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of community radio activists in support of this mission:

" More than audio outlets, volunteer-based community radio stations are cultural institutions in their communities, reflecting the unique concerns and passions of the people who live there. With a system of governance based on openness and collaboration, and diverse programming produced by volunteers and funded by listeners, these stations are cornerstones of participatory democracy, offering ordinary citizens the chance to exercise First Amendment rights in a mass medium and audiences the opportunity to directly support the programming that is of importance to them."

Each year, the conference provides skill building workshops, space for important discussions and information exchange, and panel presentations on a variety of relevant topics. We are currently soliciting panel participants and workshop leaders in the following topic areas:



20.05.2008 06:53
worker owned raw vegan cooperative
Lets work together to make raw food something that all can enjoy, not just the super privileged.

Hi all! I'm looking for folks who want to start a radical worker owned raw food cooperative in portland, or although people from neighboring towns are welcome to participate.

Projects that I had been brainstorming for the coop would be making handmade zines and ebooks, foraging workshops, cheap donation based underground cafe and well as maybe renting spaces for fancy raw food meals. Doing benefits for animal and earth rights prisoners and hosting talking events about GMO issues, etc. Also we can order food in bulk and share the wealth and discounts.

This is not about making money, so it need not be a full time job for anyone.We also really need someone who can make a website or blog page. Decisions in the group will be made on consensus basis not majority rule. Profits made by the coop will be distributed to those in the coop who express the most need at a particular time as well as putting them into future projects. All interested can email me at circleakitchen(at)yahoo.com.


20.05.2008 06:50
United Poor People Rise UPP!
This is the text from the UPP 3-fold pamphlet which will soon be made available as an online readable pdf.

The UPP was founded as a people's response to the crisis of poverty and homelessness in Portland. We recognize that this is a national crisis which needs immediate, viable solutions, not promises of future recognition.

We meet in Chapman Square, across from City Hall every day at 10:00am and 6:00pm. Our meetings are consensus based and open to the public and we encourage and request that YOU come join us and help develop solutions that will WORK.



20.05.2008 06:49
Daniel McGowan is Being Moved
Hello, all -

We just found out that Daniel has been transferred out of FCI Sandstone.
This was completely unexpected, and we do not know what his final destination will be. Please hold off on mailing letters for the time being; we'll send out an update as soon as we have one.

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan



18.05.2008 18:43
MAY THE FIRST: A Reflection On Olympia And The Future
Disclaimer: In no way does the following account accurately portray what took place in Olympia on the the first of May, 2008. There is far too much involved in what took place for any account to fully describe it. This author does not wish to claim any more accuracy in her accounting than another person who was there that day. This author merely wishes to share her thoughts. This account is purely fictional.

MAY THE FIRST 2007-2008: Or, A Reflection On The Future


18.05.2008 18:33

Press Conference 5-13-08 City Hall Homeless Protest Here is an update that I videotaped from the Park on 3rd street on Saturday evening regarding the still in progress "protest to repeal the no-camping and sit-lie laws"

Here is an YouTube video Update from a few of the protesters on Saturday evening

They are letting the community know of the Monday morning City Hall Protest starting at 8:00 am

Numerous homeless advocates have been arrested over this push for human rights and dignity

Support and Solidarity is still needed



16.05.2008 08:35
Buffalo Advocates Rally in Helena
Buffalo Field Campaign award to Montana Governor With banners and tombstones in hand, and strong hearts that have withstood a season of tremendous buffalo slaughter, Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers trekked to Montana's capitol, Helena, on Wednesday, May 15, for a rally to draw attention to Montana Governor Schweitzer's role in the shameful slaughter of America's last wild bison. Buffalo Field Campaign was joined by other friends of buffalo, including local residents and members of a newly formed citizen action group, Buffalo Allies of Bozeman.

At the end of the event, people walked into the capitol and up to the Governor's office to present this [Buffalo Bill] "award" to Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer for his role in the largest wild buffalo slaughter since the 1800s. This is the same governor who promised "more tolerance" for wild bison in Montana. Of course, the Governor was out of the office and unable to receive his token in person, but an intern was sent out to hear our concerns in his stead.



16.05.2008 08:30
Portland, Lets kick Foie Gras out of town!
This goose choked to death on vomit. Portland Animal Defense league will be continuing its anti-foie gras campaign this Friday, May 16th. Please join us and let Blue Hour know that the torture of ducks and geese for the "delicacy" of foie gras will not be tolerated in Portland!

We will be meeting at 6:30 at the courner of 10th and Davis. That is in the Pearl district downtown. We will then walk to the restaurant 'Blue Hour' where foie gras is prominently featured on their menu.


15.05.2008 21:44
Rise UPP!
After the Portland Police department swept protestors from City Hall at 5:30am, [on Thursday May 15th] the United Poor People have regrouped and continued their protest. We are calling for new ways to address the lack of adequate housing for the people of Portland in the hopes that it can serve as a model for other cities. More long-term solutions are being debated by UPP such as searching for ways to provide affordable housing for people who are poor. Innovative changes must be addressed with proper representation for the poor instead of solely allowing existing service providers to make decisions.

The protest has been ongoing for over 20 days, starting April 25th, since police performed sweeps at many of the common camp sites that people were staying at. Larger issues have become key such as the lack of adequate housing, shelters that provide space for those with mental and physical health issues, couples and people with pets, as well as for sexual minorities and increased space for women. The existing shelters, which police gave information for during the sweep, are already full as are the beds that Mayor Tom Potter has trumped up for the media.

Protesters have stated that they would stop sleeping at City Hall if a temporary Green Zone was approved to allow those without houses to camp in a safe environment. This would require repealing the Camping ordinance and protesters would like to see the Sit and Lie ordinance repealed as well. Please come out to support members of your community because this issue effects all people. Any time is good for people to come down but especially on Wednesday morning for the City Council meeting at 9:00am. For more information please contact UnitedPoorPeople@gmail.com.

[ Previous articles: More articles on homeless camp ]

Updates: May 16th - City Hall Protesters return, but then cops return also, and sweep them into park


15.05.2008 21:35
Senate just throws out FCC ruling that would have allowed MORE media consolidation
Victory! Many of us went up to Seattle to fight the FCC, knowing all along that the deck was stacked. They wanted to hand over a huge victory to the corporate police state: They wanted to allow anyone with enough riches to take control over all of the media they want. That means, they would have been able to control what we see, hear, learn, and think. And they had the votes to override the voices of millions of citizens who opposed the plan. ...Or so they thought.

While the FCC ignored all of our voices and pushed the rule changes ahead in spite of monumental outcry, it seems we have been heard anyway. Moments ago, the Senate votes to throw out the FCC's decision.

Here is a communique from Free Press Action: Just moments ago, by a near-unanimous vote, the Senate stood up to Big Media. They voted to throw out the FCC decision to let the largest media companies swallow up even more local media. This is simply an astounding victory, and it would not have happened without the massive grassroots effort by you and thousands of others who called their senators, sent more than a quarter million letters, posted thousands of pictures and stories on StopBigMedia.com, and testified at public hearings held by the FCC.

It was your dedication that made today's Senate win possible. Today was a huge step forward, but there is still much to do. The fight against the FCC now moves to the House, where our elected representatives need to hear from us.


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