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29.07.2008 09:45
Lone Vet Report---Dunce Award
always on the list Each month starting 1 August 2008, we will select one person for the Dunce Award for their actions in the previous month. We will display the name each Thursday at Blumenauer's office; send out notices to all papers and radio stations and other media outlets. Here is how it will work.

The person or group who gets the most votes will be the recipient of our award. You get to cast a vote and then invite your friends to vote also, people at Blumenauer's will get a chance to cast votes. The last week of the month, we will tally up the votes and on the first Thursday of each month, we will announce the winner.


29.07.2008 09:40
Judiciary Committee Impeachment Testimonies & Portland Solidarity 7-25-08
2008 - Get Active 16 Activists / Concerned Citizens / Individuals for Justice met in Solidarity at 7:00 am at a coffee shop on SE 82nd street <with Internet access> in Portland Oregon. (July 25 2008)

As we gathered on the west coast at this early hour, for at the same time (EST 10am) there were others with the same concerns gathering at the Judiciary Committee Meeting in Washington DC. They were holding testimonies regarding the need for Impeachment Hearings with John Conyers overseeing the proceedings

In respect and solidarity with the Veterans for Peace local Chapter 72 whose National President was a speaker at this meeting, and all the other activists who are working for Justice and compliance with our Constitution.
I filmed two short clips from the two hours I was there at the coffee shop.


27.07.2008 14:38
Rally for Legacy workers on Monday. EVERYONE IS INVITED!
On Monday July 28th from 3p to 6p (media arriving at 5p....most important time to be there....) We are holding an informational picket in front of Emanuel Hospital on Vancouver Ave. THIS IS NOT A STRIKE

Legacy continues to ask most Emanuel Members of Local SEIU 49 to accept a 1% cost of living raise for 2008--that's 2% less than members at Good Samaritan are receiving this year. We need fair compensation and benefits to recruit and retain good staff so we can provide consistent, quality patient care. We have been bargaining for months and our contract ended June 30th. Legacy Admin. refuses to offer anything better than the 1% raise. April Whitworth sent out an email to over 50 Dr.s, and also to ALL EMANUEL USERS stating she "has been working with the State Appointed Mediator and the SEIU" on settling the new contract. there was almost no movement on our most important issues, and especially the insulting 1% raise.


26.07.2008 13:58
The Desertification of Southern Oregon
kendrick forest farm Notes on the effect of excessive logging on a small watershed: Our forest farm is situated astraddle a narrow box canyon in the rugged Siskyou Mountains of Southern Oregon and sits less than a mile downstream from the headwaters of the creek that flows down our little canyon towards the mighty Rogue River. Our watershed covers about 400 acres of what used to be heavily forested steep terrain... In Southern Oregon, water is life and our creek brought life to this beautiful green canyon whose slopes were densely populated with tall Firs, Cedars and Sugar Pines interspersed with huge Oaks and Madrones that hadn't seen heavy logging since the late 1920's. It was our Eden and we worked hard over the years to improve and protect the riparian area along the creek, the wetland areas created by the many springs, and the health of our forest.

But we soon had a rude awakening when one of the three upstream private properties was purchased and heavily logged by timber speculators, leaving one face of the canyon denuded and damaged from running heavy equipment to drag the logs out. The springs dried up, the slope became a desert with only the hardiest of Oaks surviving... Our creek was clogged with sediment from erosion runoff in winter for several years and it's flow dropped by at least twenty percent in summer and never returned to past levels...

We once enjoyed the warm days of summer, falling asleep to the sound of the creek gurgling over the rocks and the scent of mockorange in bloom along its banks, but it is now with dread that we watch the days become hotter, baking the life force out of every living thing.



26.07.2008 11:11
Nuclear power station in the UK blockaded yet again
6am and nine anti nuclear power activists head to Sizewell for a day on the beach, well almost the beach, they actually stop at the entrance of Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations and lock themselves together with a number of things and seal the entrance for health and safety reasons.

Sizewell looks to be the next place for another new nuclear power station, with two reactors larger than the existing Sizewell 'B' reactor.

After two previous blockades in the last few months, security had been stepped up and they had put a land rover and two security guards at the gate, but must have decided that this was no longer needed as when we arrived they were not there and yet again we were not spotted.



26.07.2008 11:09
UK: Climate action activist super-glued to Prime Minister Gordon Brown!
The moment he super-glued himself to the prime minister... A campaigner from the climate action group, Plane Stupid ... super-glued [himself] to Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the State Dining Room of 10 Downing Street.

Dan Glass, a 24 year old MSc student based in Scotland, gained access to the PM's official residence at 5pm this evening. He greeted Mr Brown and asked the Prime Minister why he and his ministers have refused to meet West London residents opposed to the construction of a third runway at Heathrow. He simultaneously put his super-glue covered hand onto Brown's polyester suit. When Brown went to turn away he found he had been super-glued by his clothing to Plane Stupid, and had no option but to listen to Dan.



24.07.2008 16:22
WOPR Rally in Portland Sunday July 27
Pitchfork Rebellion On Sunday, July 27, from 12-5 pm at Portland's Pioneer Square (701 SW 6th Ave.), the Pitchfork Rebellion and other forest lovers are hosting a rally and music event in opposition to the Bureau of Land Management's Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) which proposes to radically increase old-growth logging and road building on public forestland in western Oregon. More information on the event can be found at link to www.forestcouncil.org for carpool and more info on the rally.

This event kicks off the 2nd Annual West Coast Convergence for Climate Action, located near Eugene July 28-Aug. 4. The Climate Convergence is a week-long camp, temporary eco-village, carnival, conference, action-camp focusing on environmental justice and climate action. For more information go to www.climateconvergence.org



24.07.2008 16:19
SE Portland biker in Coma from collision
On Monday, July 14th 2008 Karl Hugo was in a serious bicycle collision with a truck in the intersection of SE 50th and Lincoln, a well traveled bike route for SE Portland cyclists. Karl was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in SW Portland where he arrived in a coma, with one collapsed lung, and severe trauma to the Thalamus region of his brain.


24.07.2008 16:18
Village Free School offers opportunities for homeschoolers, unschoolers, teens, and more
Here is a summary of our upcoming events:

-One more week of camp left. Camp open to kids 4-18. The theme of the last week is Fairy School, July 28 to August 1, the entire week is dedicated to our fairy friends. Fairy wings, fairy stories, fairy houses, and a fairy ball on the last day. However, many other activities will be happening around campus, including a video game making group, and participants can choose any activities they'd like.

-open house: Aug 9. Open house will begin with a free cookie making class in the school[']s new commercial kitchen.

[See more events in Read More link]


24.07.2008 16:14
Conservative Savage Slams Children with Autism
Conservative Hate Radio star Michael Savage is back at it again. And although he continues to become more and more hateful against everyone, he took the gloves off to Children with Autism. Michael Savage still aires in the Portland Area on 750 KXL. And although there was an outpouring of anger at Michael Savage for his parody of Senator Edward Kennedy's brain cancer diagnosis, KXL and Rose City Radio refuse to remove the "Savage Nation" from it's line-up. Contact information for KXL, it's General Manager and Program Director can be found below.


24.07.2008 16:12
Lone Vet Report---year 2 begins
Just before the arrest of Santa-12/20/07 We will return to the Earlman's office this Thursday because talk is cheap and action is needed. Our Congressman must get in front of this parade on accountability or be run over by it. People are leaving the Democratic Party because we see no action and the criminals in the White House will walk in January 09.

Registration of new democrats is up, but by 2010 that will all be gone. Pelosi and her gang will damage the party to such an extent that it will take years to recover. The Democratic Party is dying and may be dead.


24.07.2008 16:07
Rod Coronado In Need of Fiction Novels
t's a rainy day where I sit, a little sultry and moody. The dark, heavy
clouds rolled up over a tangerine sky and no longer could the morning
light escape. It feels like a good setting for a story that could take you
out of a place you don't want to be. I think that is what Rod is in need
of, a good book to take him out of where he doesn't want to be.


22.07.2008 12:29
Strange Taser Demonstration Leaves More Questions Than Answers
In the face of growing concern over the use of tasers and other so-called "less lethal weapons," police officers and weapons industry shills have been conducting what can only be described as one of the strangest PR campaigns ever mounted. They have been "demonstrating" tasers by shooting them at each other, and at hapless volunteers in incongruous settings during family-friendly public gatherings. The message is supposed to be simple and easily digested: "See? Tasers can be fun." One such demonstration took place at the Columbia County Fair over the weekend. It was a bizarre spectacle that surely must be reminiscent of what Rome was like shortly before it fell.


22.07.2008 12:27
Force-Fed Ducks, Bluehour Sucks demonstration report
Foie Gras Makes Me Sick ast Saturday night saw another round of demonstrations in front of Bluehour restaurant downtown. About 12 animal advocates gathered to educate the public and restaurant patrons about the inherent cruelty in foie gras production.

Bluehour serves foie gras, which is literally the diseased livers of ducks and geese who have been force-fed with metal tubes rammed down their throats. The mortality rate on foie gras farms is about 20 times that of other duck farms. The birds are force-fed such huge amounts of food that they cannot walk. Their necks are torn by the metal tubes. The process is so cruel that it has been banned in at least 14 countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


22.07.2008 12:23
Film of the Impeachment Vigil Protest on July 17 2008
we don't torture This marks the one solid year of weekly protesting for accountability and justice outside (and inside) our Congressman's Earl Blumenauer's office

This skit pokes fun at the obvious facts that the USA <citizens> accept Bush's tolerance and accept that Bush and the Democrat-controlled-Congress will allow torture and human right lawbreaking to continue. The skit also pokes fun at the House Rep in Dist #3 here in Oregon who finds it not illegal or morally wrong to let the Bush administration continue doing what ever they want <sic> in-spite of written laws and our Constitution of the United States?


21.07.2008 06:27
Customers Ask the California PUC to examine PacifiCorp's spending on Klamath Dams
Toxic Algae at Iron Gate Reservoir A group of PacifiCorps California electric customers has asked the California Public Utilities Commission to examine the company's spending to relicense four Klamath River dams and powerhouses. The customers say the company has already spent more than $50 million on aging facilities which harm the Klamath River and its salmon. The PUCs are charged with protecting the interests of customers - called "ratepayers" in PUC parlance.

Some Californians who get their electricity from Portland-based PacifiCorp want the California Public Utilities Commission to review PacifiCorp's spending on its Klamath River dams and to provide an expert, independent assessment of what is best for the ratepayers.



21.07.2008 06:19
Update on Daniel McGowan
Friends, On Monday, July 14, Daniel appeared in federal court in the Western District of Wisconsin (Madison) before Judge Barbara Crabb and was found in civil contempt for his refusal to answer questions before a grand jury.

Since he is already in custody for his existing prison sentence, this means that his clock of time being served has stopped. An appeal has been filed by his lawyer to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as a motion for bail (in his case since he wouldn't be released, to start his federal time moving forward again). Right now, until the grand jury is dismissed or other agreements are made within that case and things are resolved, his time will not count as time served. It is unknown whether he will remain in county jail for the full extension of this period.

So, for now, please continue to write to Daniel with positive thoughts, funny stories, and well wishes, as this has been a particularly stressful and difficult time. Letters are key to time passing quickly inside.



21.07.2008 06:17
Feds Attempt to Overide Local Opposition to LNG Pipeline
Despite overwhelming public opposition in Jackson County Oregon to the proposed LNG pipeline beginning in Coos Bay, OR and reaching Malin (near Klamath Falls, OR), the federal government continues to pressure local residents into accepting an pipline through their backyards..

blog discussing Oregon/California pipeline


21.07.2008 06:15
Another Victory: Eagle Asset Management sells their shares in HLS
It's been confirmed that Eagle Asset Management/Raymond James Financial sold their shares in HLS. After being made aware of the cruelty inside HLS, through protests in London and in the USA. Along with polite emails from across the world. Eagle Asset Management/Raymond James have sold their half a million shares in LSR on 15th July, we thank them for taking an ethical stance on this and to stop dealing with HLS/LSR. Thank you for your support!



21.07.2008 05:44
'Thank You' Letter From Pitch Pipe Infoshop
pitchpipe infoshop camera Thank you! To the anonymous ninjas, Us here at the Pitch Pipe Infoshop would like to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for removing the surveillance camera that was pointed at our house. You are beautiful and amazing, whoever you are. We are all extremely grateful for your vigilance in defending our community from the onslaught of the police state.

The government wants us all under their thumbs. They want all of us to be in our right place; going to work, being trapped in school, rotting in prison, doing nothing that they do not want us to do. We are forbidden from living. The government wants to render us into soulless, empty shells, acting as nothing more than carriers for capital and resources. Our forests are as expendable as we are to them. And so that none their slaves may rebel, they cover our streets with cameras and police cruisers. They wish to destroy every free space still in existence. They wish to see everything so that they may stop what is most dangerous to them: LIFE.

Whoever destroyed the camera destroyed a small piece of the government's grand design for us. They took a swing at the panopticon and made off with one of its eyes. Let there be thousands more of these acts. Together, let's smash their horrible machine to pieces.
PS: If you can, please make information about the stolen camera public so everyone can know what they were using against us.

Photos of the Camera: 1,2


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