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CIVIL LIBERTIES 04.10.2002 11:12
Student's anti-war speech censored in Bay Area high school
From the open publishing newswire: On September 11, 2002, San Rafael High School in Marin County north of San Francisco scheduled an assembly for students to present talks to commemorate the anniversary. Roberto, a 14 year old freshman, prepared the following speech. The person in charge told him he could not present it, saying it was "too political" and "we are only here to honor Americans".

So Roberto passed out copies of his censored speech to the other students. The next day the principal called him into the office and said that if he passed out any more papers he would be thrown out of school. The vice principal said to him "You are only a special education student and you cannot change the world. You have to do things that you're capable of doing and this is way out of your capabilities."

Then on Tuesday September 24th the school had "club rush", where clubs set up tables to present their materials. Roberto had been approved and had a table set up in the back. Other students were enthusiastically gathered around his table and several dozens signed up. But at the end of lunch, the principals, with security guards, came and confiscated all the material: literature, signup sheets, and several students' backpacks. Roberto was called rude and defiant. [ Full story & Roberto's speech ]

CIA recruiters to visit University of Oregon; Citizen agitation encouraged
From the open publishing newswire: CIA recruiting pigs will visit the University of Oregon next Wednesday, the 9th of October at 6:30pm in the Rogue room in the EMU building. All are ecouraged show up and have a good time with the recruiters. Several people unnamed are already going to show up, with plans to ask questions regarding past CIA slaughters in Latin America, and future play plans of the CIA, which will no doubt send a strong message to the recruiting pigs and their lords in Virginia. Strength in numbers, of course, is always a wonderful thing, and the better to disturb the pig's meeting with! [ Announcement ]

NOT IN OUR NAME 03.10.2002 23:10
Friday Press Conference: Oregon Peace Groups Call on Community to March Against Bush's War Plans
In the shadow of the House vote to authorize the Bush Administration to use force against Iraq, a coalition of Oregon Peace and Justice groups will hold a press conference calling for protest against the rush to war. The press conference will take place at the southwest corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square, at S.W. Broadway and Yamhill, at 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 4th. Representatives from the informal coalition, which includes organizations based in both Salem and Portland, will call on the community to join in the march and rally for peace taking place this Saturday in downtown Portland.

"We stand on the precipice of war, with George Bush urging us forward into a conflict of unknown horrors for the Iraqi people and an uncertain outcome for the world," said Mikel Clayhold, a spokesperson for the coalition. [ Read More... ]

How about a second march on Saturday?
Another poster writes: I hear that Saturday's Peace March is going to be pretty short, permitted, and controlled by marshalls. Nothing wrong with that, and I hope it is a huge success, with tons of people coming out and making it seem safe for folks to express dissent.

After the march is over, I think there are supposed to be more speakers. Again, nothing wrong with that, but I am more into getting the word out to the public than having us talk to each other. So let's keep marching! We could wait until after the speeches are over, or we could listen to a few and then take off. I don't want to disrupt the event, but I also think there should be space for a more radical message, and a "spontaneous" unpermitted march might give folks other ways to express their disgust with Bush's war plans. [ Read More... ]

[ Oct 5th - No War On Iraq Page ]

SOLIDARIDAD 03.10.2002 13:19
PCUN, la union de campesinos de Oregon, celebra 25 anos
Del sala de noticias: El movimiento para la justicia para campesinos e inmigrantes en Oregon celebra un logro importante este aƱo: 25 aƱos de desarrollo y Ć©xitos. El domingo, 6 de octubre, a las 4 de la tarde, PCUN, la uniĆ³n de campesinos de Oregon, va a tener su celebraciĆ³n anual del dĆ­a de Cipriano Ferrel. Este aƱo, la celebraciĆ³n va a honrar al aniversario 25 del Proyecto de InmigraciĆ³n del Valle de Willamette. PCUN ha celebrado el dĆ­a de Cipriano Ferrel el primer domingo de octubre desde 1995 para recordar al fundador y presidente de PCUN Cipriano Ferrel, que falleciĆ³ en 1995. La lectora invitada es Cecilia MuƱoz, vicepresidenta del Concilio Nacional de la Raza, de Washington, DC.

"He oĆ­do mucho de PCUN y el Proyecto de InmigraciĆ³n del Valle de Willamette por varios aƱos y ahora estoy muy contenta por tener la oportunidad de viajar a Oregon y conocer a PCUN," dijo Cecilia MuƱoz, "Aunque PCUN y el Proyecto de InmigraciĆ³n trabajan a un nivel local, estas organizaciones tambiĆ©n han contribuido mucho al movimiento nacional para los derechos de los inmigrantes y los trabajadores." [ Lee mas... ]

PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, celebrates 25 years
From the newswire: The movement for farmworker and immigrant justice in Oregon celebrates an important milestone this year: 25 years of successes and advances. On Sunday October 6th at 4:00 PM PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, will hold its annual celebration of Cipriano Ferrel Day, which, this year, will honor the 25th anniversary of the Willamette Valley Immigration Project. PCUN has celebrated Cipriano Ferrel Day since 1995 on the first Sunday in October to honor PCUN's late President and co-founder. The featured speaker will be Cecilia MuƱoz, Vice President of the National Council of La Raza, from Washington D.C.

"I have heard a great deal about PCUN and the Willamette Valley Immigration Project throughout the course of its work and I am grateful for the opportunity to visit Oregon and speak at PCUN," said Cecilia MuƱoz, "While operating on a local level, PCUN and WVIP have made invaluable contributions to the national movement for immigrant and workers rights." [ Read more... ]

Privatization and the 'Austere State': an Illusion
From the open publishing newswire: Like all monsters, Leviathan is rather voracious. The question is how should he be fed. The incompetence of competing individuals is shown in their insensitiveness to their own social and natural conditions of existence. This is also the problem of the state economy. The state is by no means a "non-economic factor" as often assumed since the state must be financed (and money is doubtlessly a thoroughly "economic factor"). The state constitutes a secondary economy, the economy of common conditions of existence for individuals competing in a free enterprise way. By definition the subjects in the "state of nature" of competition do not voluntarily surrender a penny. The state monster must forcibly collect its own costs (which are nothing but the social "business expenditures" of the market economy) and forcibly hinder free individuals from devouring one another hook, line and sinker. [ Read more ]

About the translator
A comment to the article: Marc Batko, the translator of this article, lives in Portland, Oregon. A scholar of liberation theology, Marc has been posting his translations of German political, philosophical, and spiritual writings to the portland indymedia newswire for over a year. His website features a treasure trove of content on topics such as Human Rights, Economics, Anti-Military work, and Christianity. Marc's goal, in his own words, is to "enliven discussion on the myths and misconceptions that have led to our mental captivity, to break the shell of hyper-individualism and American unilateralism and proclaim the traditions of resistance and interdependence that could empower us to true life." Marc deserves great kudos for his contributions to discourse on indymedia and to the community as a whole.

[ Marc Batko Translations ]

IMF / World Bank Protests in D.C. 03.10.2002 13:08
Account of demonstrations in D.C. by Portland activist
From the open publishing newswire: A brief, personal account of the demos last weekend including; People's Strike, the Mobilization for Global Justice Rally and the Anti-War Demo. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis or anything like that, just my view.

Excerpt: As we headed out to Freedom Plaza we saw the Critical Mass ride go by with a massive police "escort" around them. Reports poured in from other activists by cell phone about all the mass arrests, first the snake march and later the Pagan cluster and eventually the remainder of the Critical Mass riders. We were all sure we would be arrested, we were just hoping to avoid a beating or pepper spray. Soon our cluster hooked up with another cluster (mostly younger anarchists) and we had the numbers to block some intersections while moving torward Freedom Plaza. We met with a large group of cops "protecting" a Starbucks and the cops moved in around us. The anarchist cluster took a wrong turn and walked torward a Citibank where the windows had been broken earlier. It looked like a lot of them were getting busted. My cluster went another way and continued torward Freedom Plaza with the riot cops closing in on us also. [ Full story ]

[ DC Indymedia ]

U.S. IMPERIALISM 03.10.2002 13:07
Concerns About Iraq War
From the newswire: On September 11, 2002, the New York Times allowed George W. Bush to present his Orwellian "War is Peace" vision in an Op-Ed. One wonders what brought the Times editors to become an official government mouthpiece. Do they believe the President lacks opportunities to communicate his "ideas"? Do they worry that nobody attends press conferences with the President of the United States?

Bush is afraid to hold press conferences, lest some innocent reporter asks a question for which only Dick Cheney knows the answer. Interviews include questions, too. That makes them subversive to a President with so much to hide. Thank God the Times gave Bush an opportunity to speak without having to fear even the timid questions American journalists ask. That's a patriotic press! [ Read More... ]

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MEDIA CRITICISM 03.10.2002 12:29
Time Magazine tries to slime John Walker Lindh with homophobia
From the open publishing newswire: In a recent article purporting to explore why John Walker Lindh joined the Taliban, Time Magazine attempts to smear Lindh by suggesting that he had "a homosexual affair" with a man in Pakistan. Given the strict sexual mores of Lindh and other Muslim fundamentalists, this allegaton is a thinly disguised Homophobic Lie--as this charge has been denied by both Lindh and the Pakistani man. Score another point for the American propaganda press. [ Newswire article ]

October 22 planning meeting, Thursday night
From the open publishing newswire: Thursday, Oct 3, at 7:00pm at the Laughing Horse Bookstore we will be having a planning meeting for the Oct 22 rally. Laughing Horse Collective is located at 3652 SE Division. Feel free to bring yummy veggiehead savory snacks to share and a big hug for all. If you can't make the planning meeting: the October 22 Wear Black! Against Police Brutality march will be taking place at the south park blocks at 4:00pm. [ Newswire article ]

[ National October 22 Coalition | Last year's October 22 event ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 03.10.2002 12:21
New Portland animal rights site
From the open publishing newswire: Portland Animal Activists Unite is new site created by and for, those concerned about animal welfare issues who are living in the Portland OR and surrounding area including Vancouver, WA and the vicinity. Our intention is to help connect and foster communication among local activists on issues and events that matter to the animals.

We (the authors) have recognized the need for enhanced communication among local animal activists and thereby developed this website as a way of contributing to animal rights activism in our area. While the area is fortunate to have several branch offices of national organizations located here, as well as other very fine groups working to end animal suffering and exploitation, what we have not had until now, has been a way to coordinate the information amongst all the groups. We have organized these pages in an effort to do so. [ Full story ]

[ Portland Animal Activists Unite website | pdx indy animal rights news ]

SOCIAL ILLUSIONS 03.10.2002 12:15
We're Jeff and Tracy. We're Your Good Neighbors. We Smoke Pot.
From the open publishing newswire: We tried spending our own green money to publish the message that tens of millions of responsible, productive Americans smoke pot. Portland's largest newspaper, The Oregonian, censored us. So did corporate heads at Portland's KUFO, KGON, KEX, KKCW, KSTE, KNRK, KKRZ and Seattle's KISW. Even the mass transit system, Tri-Met, banned our message. Sooo...we are taking our message to radio stations in other parts of the country, to college campus radio stations, indie stations, even internet stations in the hope that they will play it over the air waves! Help us spread the message that regular Americans smoke pot, you just don't know who they are because they are afraid to talk about it. [ Read more... ]

[ jeffandtracy.com ]

NOT IN OUR NAME 02.10.2002 16:22
Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse to Address October 5th Peace March
From the open publishing newswire: Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse will be the keynote speaker for this Saturday's "No New War on Iraq!" march and rally for peace. The rally will begin at 12:00 p.m. NOON on Saturday, October 5th, starting at the South Park Blocks (Shemanski Park, S.W. Salmon & 9th) in downtown Portland. The peace march will begin at 12:30 p.m. and wind up at Terry Schrunk Plaza, across from the Federal Building (S.W. 3rd & Madison) where the rally will continue. In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Congresswoman Furse outlined the concerns she will be raising in her Saturday address:

"Why this rush to war? Why now? How does it benefit the American people? Will our children be better fed, better housed, better educated because we bombed other children thousands of miles away? [ Read more... ]

More info on Oct. 5 @ portland.indymedia.org/O5

FOREST ACTIVISM 02.10.2002 16:19
Call DeFazio now to oppose fire bill
From the open publishing newswire: We really need to be calling Congressman DeFazio to ask him to oppose Scott McInnis' fire bill, H.R. 5319. Please contact David Dreher in DeFazio's office at 202/225-6416 today. Apparently McInnis' bill has been revised somewhat based on the negotiations between he and several Democrats including George Miller from CA and Rep. DeFazio. However, the revisions are still unacceptable and include dangerous stewardship logging pilotnprojects and an open door to log mature and old growth forests in the name of fuels reduction (see talking points below)

H.R. 5319 could be voted on in committee as soon as tomorrow. Please contact DeFazio's office as soon as possible and ask him to oppose H.R. 5319 and support the Inslee/Blumenauer fire bill H.R. 5358 which would focus fuels treatment in the areas immediately surrounding homes and communities, among other things. [ Details ]

[ H.R. 5319 | American Lands Alliance ]

LABOR SOLIDARITY 02.10.2002 16:00
Support Locked Out Longshore Workers -- Action Friday at Noon
From the open publishing newswire: The Pacific Maritime Association closed down all West Coast ports, locking out ILWU workers last Friday, then again on Sunday. The West Coast Waterfront Coalition has gone on the offensive--telling their members to call Congress and the Bush administration to demand federal intervention. Columbia Sportswear, the Gap, Home Depot, Target and other corporations are part of the West Coast Waterfont Coalition.

We are making headway--Payless Shoesource has made statements against federal interference and Columbia Sportswear have started talking to us about it. This contract fight not only affects the thousands of Longshore Union members up and down the West Coast, but also all other contract struggles coming up - reaching working people everywhere.

Friday, October 4--Meet at Pioneer Square at 12 Noon [ Details ]

PMA brings armed thugs to Federal Mediation meeting, ILWU walks out
Today [Oct. 1] ILWU officers walked out of scheduled talks with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services (FMCS) head Peter Hurtgen at the FMCS office in Oakland when they arrived this morning and were greeted by gun-toting security guards under the employment of the PMA.

The ILWU officers were asked by Hurtgen to discuss a possible government mediated solution to the PMA lockout that has closed all seaborne cargo movement on the US West Coast. Both sides had agreed to limit their representatives to five on each to make the talks manageable. But the ILWU delegation arrived to find nearly the entire PMA negotiating team in the office along with two security personnel packing weapons. [ Read more... ]

[ ILWU | PDX Jobs With Justice ]

INTELLIGENTSIA 02.10.2002 15:52
Ralph Nader to speak on 10/6 at Lewis & Clark
From the open publishing newswire: Honored by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential Americans of the Twentieth Century, consumer advocate and presidential candidate for the Green Party, Ralph Nader, has devoted his life to giving ordinary people the tools they need to defend themselves against corporate negligence and government indifference. With a tireless, selfless dedication, he continues to expose and remedy the dangers that threaten a free and safe society... Nader organized a presidential campaign in 2000 to challenge the "duopoly" of the two-party system. His goal is to build the foundation of a third political party and a robust progressive political movement that rally around issues rather than empty slogans and figureheads.

Sunday, October 6, 3pm, Pamplin Sports Center [ Details ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 02.10.2002 15:45
Action Camp at Peak Timber Sale this weekend
From the open publishing newswire: The Peak timber sale threatens 660 acres of native forest in the upper Rogue River watershed. This area is home to spotted owl, peregrine falcon, and the elusive Pacific fisher. Forest defenders have been occupying the Peak timber sale since July. Come learn more about public lands logging and ways to get involved. Skill Sharing and Hikes, Timber sale monitoring, Climbing, Backwoods Medicine, Know your rights.


previous stories: [ Arrests and Gunshots at Peak Timber Sale (29 Sept.) | New Peak Tree-sit in Danger (27 Sept.) | Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept.) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept.) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept.) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories ]

Report from Portland Police Citizen Review Committee meeting
From the open publishing newswire: Well, I almost wish I had gone to the "after Bike Summer" meeting at City Bikes instead. Attending the CRC meeting were 2 members of CopWatch, 4 concerned individuals, two of which had had recent negative interactions with the PPB, and myself. Of interesting note were the 2 guests that spoke to the Committee at some length relative to their hiring to complete a report focused on shooting during the years 1997-2000. They were from a non-profit organization in Los Angeles called PARC who also investigated and wrote recommendations for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Boss Sheriff Peter Pitchess, the man who fine-tuned all of our beloved Sheriff of Portland's skills (notice how that came out sounding a little bit reminiscent of "Sheriff of Nottingham"). The only result, after a long-winded diatribe by the esteemed visitors to our fair city was that during a short Q&A session allowed by the Committee, was that those assembled are still displeased with lack of any true response by the official police review of Mr. Rosenthal's office to any police misconduct in the recent past. [ Read more... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 01.10.2002 18:59
Logging in Sutherlin's watershed approved yesterday
From the open publishing newswire: Lone Rock Timber, (owned by Howard Sohn, chairman of the Oregon Board of Forestry) was granted permission yesterday by the Oregon Department of Forestry to clearcut harvest the high landslide-risk slopes above Cooper Creek Reservoir. The permit was approved even though it failed to include the three recommendations of the Oregon Water Resources Department to prevent "complete failure of the dam". Thousands of Sutherlin residents live just beneath the dam.

The long range plan is to clearcut harvest and herbicide spray virtually the entire watershed, a drinking water source for the City of Sutherlin. The permit approved yesterday would allow clearcutting of 45 acres of high landslide risk slopes and 2 acres of BLM old growth needed for yarding their private forests. Cutting could begin as early as October 4, 2002.

The permit was approved before citizens living under the dam were able to submit their comments. Public comments are allowed when logging occurs on high landslide risk slopes, but do not have to be considered before granting permits. [ Read more... ]

background: [ Lone Rock Timber clearcutting Sutherlin's drinking watershed | Cooper Creek Reservoir and the City of Sutherlin ]

FREE SPEECH 01.10.2002 12:26
Punk rock telephone poles: The scourge of Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Is there really a majority of Portland residents who are offended by a heavily papered utility pole? Nothing adds to the urban charecter than many layers of posters creating a nice little cushion to lean against, when your down on your luck and unshaven, flipping a coin in the air like on the old Warner Bros. cartoons. Or do we prefer a stark collection of rusty nails, staples, and waterlogged scraps of paper, telling nothing of the crappy band it once advertised, not knowing if the lost cat was ever found. And tar. The fucking tar. A couple of months ago, I was on my way to meet a blind date, and I inadvertantly placed my hand in a big spot of tar... [ Read more... ]

NO WAR IN IRAQ 01.10.2002 12:21
Here, With One Prayer
From the open publishing newswire: Monday morning, September 30, 2002, at First Methodist Church in Portland Oregon, representatives from many faiths held a Press Conference to protest the recent moves towards war with Iraq. One by one, faith by faith, moving appeals were made to diplomacy, to negotiations, to whatever it would take to prevent the inevitable bloodshed and the further destabalization of the area.

The representatives were heavy on the Christian side, but speakers for the people of the Muslim and Jewish faiths were present, as well as Scientology and one New Age faith.

Though promoted as a Conference forPeople of Faith, this could just as easily been People of Heart, of Compassion: and yea, perhaps in this situation most of all, of Reason. Appeals were made to the United States to be a cooperative force, instead of a coercive force in the middle east. War is not a reasonable solution to conflict, though as it was brought out, those who bring us to war do not fight in that war. [ More, with AUDIO ]

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