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27.08.2008 13:38
New Orleans Rising: a Benefit for New Orleans
Siren Nation Proudly Presents:

"New Orleans Rising: Commemorating Hurricane Katrina & Celebrating New Orleans"

Thursday, August 28th
@ The Mission Theater, 1624 N.W. Glisan, Portland OR.
Doors at 8:00, Films begin at 8:30.
$10 suggested donation, 21+.

Featuring: "Finding Common Ground In New Orleans"--a short documentary by PDX filmmaker Walidah Imarisha + several short films by New Orleans women directors


26.08.2008 05:33
DNC protests in Denver - mass arrests
DNC pepperspray Spoke with a friend in Denver on Sunday afternoon who said that people had been peppersprayed and that things were getting a little more intense. I searched and searched mainstream media and alternative media that day to find news of this... never found a goddamned thing anywhwere... But there is now some coverage of Monday's events at comeuptodenver.org - click on the button that says "new" next to "NEWS" at the top of the site.

Here is their latest press release ... including a somewhat interesting bias against anarchist protesters' right to free assembly and speech here... Also Colorado Indymedia is providing coverage - this press release was reposted to that site as well, - so if anyone wants to comment on this press release, that might be a good place to do so, where it will get more attention. [ Full Press Release ]

Eyewitness Audio Interview on KHOW.com | Democracy Now DNC Coverage 8-26-08 | SDS ongoing coverage

Asheville, NC: Democratic Party Headquarters Trashed in Opposition to Oil Drilling and War

Last night, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters in Asheville, NC. We dumped several gallons of used motor oil onto their front porch and painted, "No war, No warming, No Drilling" on their walls.

We took this action to express our outrage at the Democrats pandering to the oil companies. Instead of looking for real solutions to global warming, the Democratic party, including the head honcho himself, Barack Obama, is pushing to open up more of our fragile coastal ecosystems to oil drilling. If this plan is allowed to go forward thousands of miles of coastline could be devastated by this toxic industry. All the while, greenhouse gas emissions will escalate, and our Earth's climate will teeter closer to the tipping point.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to fully support the war on terror. While making half hearted gestures about ending the Iraq war, they have remained unabashed supporter of the war in Afghanistan. One recent highlight of this "just" war was the massacre of over 90 civilians at a wedding last week. Democrats, may the ghost of these innocents haunt you for the rest of your lives.

This action was taken in solidarity with all those in the streets of Denver, and people around the world who refuse to be silent.
[ Read More ]


26.08.2008 01:37
Helicopters over Portland

Is anyone else watching the black helicopters fly low over southeast Portland right now? They are small and fast and going back and forth over Powell Blvd. There were four at first count, now there are only two. No numbers or insignia that I can see but my eyes are bad, as is my camera. They seem to be carrying some kind of instrument arrays (?). Anyone know who these people are or what they're doing?.. Besides making me vaguely uncomfortable?

Update: now they seem to be criss-crossing the neighborhood, though still too fast and low for me to photograph.

[ Helicopters | black helicpoters ]


25.08.2008 07:51
Report back on Blue Hour demo - Sat 8/23
Foie Gras On Saturday, August 23rd, somewhere between 15 to 20 people joined in the fight against Foie Gras in Portland. Protesters showed up at Blue Hour (NW 13th & Everett) around 7:00 PM to raise their voices for ducks and geese that are force fed to make Foie Gras. The protest was very lively and patrons of the restaurant had decided to leave or take their dinner inside by 7:30 PM. The patio was cleared, but the protest continued. There were many new faces, and a few people joined in after passing by on the street... along with lots of honks and thumbs up from people driving by. We are seeing more and more people in support of this campaign.

Foie Gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese 3 times a day, with the amount of grain that would be equivalent to 16 pounds of spaghetti in a human stomach. Many times, the long and inflexible pipe that is used to force-feed these animals punctures their throats and causes them to suffocate or choke to death on their own vomit. For more information about Foie Gras, please visit www.nofoiegras.org. Join us next Saturday, August 30th at 7:00 PM to protest this cruel and torturous process, and the businesses that perpetuate this violence on a daily basis. [ Report back on Blue Hour demo - Sat 8/23 | www.nofoiegras.org | More PDX IMC articles on Foie Gras ]


25.08.2008 07:44
Tre Arrow has been moved
Tre Arrow Tre has been moved to Sheridan Prison. He is currently in their Federal Detention Center (FDC). Eventually he will move to Sheridan's Federal Correctional Institute (FCI), where he will serve his time. If you would like to write to Tre, you may do so at the address below. We will let you know when he is moved and what his new address will be. Remember that all correspondences are read and copied. Tre would love to hear from you!

Tre Arrow #70936-065
Sheridan Federal Detention Center
P.O. Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 07378

Tre's Latest- Callout August 13th, 2008

Yesterday, Tuesday August 12th, 2008 I was sentenced to 78 months in Federal Prison for two counts of arson. I plead guilty to these charges to avoid going to trial and possibly spending the rest of my life behind bars if found guilty. I want to reiterate very clearly that this was a non cooperation plea agreement, wherein I didn't give any information to the government about anyone or any action in order to receive this sentence. Unlike the three other defendants in this case I have not snitched on anyone. They received a 41 month sentence because they implicated me and cooperated fully with the government.If you wish to review the proceedings of any of my hearings you can do so at your convenience. These are public documents and available to anyone.

As for the sentencing hearing, once again I am humbled with the deepest gratitude to all my family (blood and extended) who were present in the courtroom. I gave a statement to the judge explaining my deep passion and commitment to helping save what is left of this precious planet. I certainly would love to see the government and its prosecutors demonstrate the same tenacity towards greedy corporations as they have directed towards peaceful activists. We owe it to our children and all future generations to do what we can to protect the forests, air, water, soil, and wildlife from greed and pollution. I will continue to be a voice for this planet in any way I can. [ Tre Arrow Has Been Moved | Tre's Latest- Callout | http://www.trearrow.org ]


23.08.2008 16:39
High school kids can opt out of military recruiting
Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release our family's private
information to military recruiters unless parents (youth in some cases) "opt out" in writing.

You can get a copy of the form here:  http://www.leavemychildalone.org/lmca_forms/Opt_Out_Form_Parents.pdf

If the youth is already in the database, they can send this form:  http://www.leavemychildalone.org/lmca_forms/JAMRS_OPT_OUT.pdf to get removed from the Pentagon's recruiting and marketing database.

I believe parents and youth have until the end of September to file the first form with the school district so they don't pass along the student and family's personal information.


22.08.2008 16:44
Is there a word
Something clicked when reading about Spain's basketball team doing the Chinese eye thing. My mind wondered back to The story a couple years ago of the German solders making derogatory comments about Harlem and black People. Both of these stories highlight socially unacceptable behavior being committed in an environment of different social norms. At first I thought the word was hypocrisy, where always doing things here In America that would be considers socially abhorrent elsewhere.


21.08.2008 12:07
Monday 3-5PM Ungar Furs Outreach Demo - Their Only Voice is YOURS!
What: Anti-fur demo and outreach
When: 3-5PM
Where: Ungar Furs 12th & Yamhill (downtown, right off the max)
Why: A purely fur store in downtown PDX???? Really??? WHY???
Portland made history with the shutting down of schumacher furs but there is still much more work to be done. We must continue the fight and let others know that we will not tolerate fur stores in our city. Nicholas Ungar Furs, you are next...

Join us for the new weekday campaign to get fur out of PDX!

Educate the public and the proprietors of Ungar on the cruelty of fur.

Also - Call Nicolas Ungar and ask them to remove fur from their store!!!

Nicholas Ungar Furs
1137 SW Yamhill St Portland, OR 97205
M-F 9-5


21.08.2008 10:56
Fouad Kaady's killer under investigation again
Sandy P.D.'s own Bill Bergin is on administrative leave and under investigation yet again. This is the third time that Bergin, one of the cops involved in the horrendous slaying of Fouad Kaady, has been put on leave in less than three years.
The Sandy Post is reporting that Bill Bergin has been on administrative leave from the Sandy P.D. since Friday, July 25th after some new information was revealed in the ongoing investigation of Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett.

Claggett has been on paid leave since early July after the Department of Justice passed along complaints and allegations made against him by a Sandy resident.


21.08.2008 10:48
Another Murdering Portland cop gets his job back
Yet another Portland cop (who was fired from the bureau after a deadly shooting) has been reinstated following a review of the case by an arbitration judge. Lt. Jeffrey Kaer was fired by Mayor Tom Potter after he shot and killed Dennis Young in January of 2006.
This is the one from 2006 where this cops sister called him and said someone was sitting in a car outsider of her house. Portland cop "Lt. Kaer" decided he was going to check it out himself and confront the person in the car without telling dispatch what he was doing.

When Kaer got there, he found Dennis Young asleep in the car. Kaer tapped on the window and could not wake the guy up, so he


20.08.2008 09:31
sit lie survey
2 am  - 8.19.08 sit lie law survey / poll
Take the survey on Portland Business Journal


The link is for a poll on the sit lie ordinance

The Portland City Council will revisit the city's "sit-lie" ordinance in October. The ordinance, adopted last year, prohibits persons from sitting, either on the pavement or on a chair or stool, or lying down on public sidewalks. Supporters say the law makes for a safer, cleaner downtown, but opponents say it discriminates against the homeless.

Do you support Portland's sit-lie ordinance?
Yes No

Well it doesnt look encouraging from the results I seen today *most votes are from the suit n tie crowd I am wagering/thinking

(((I VOTED NO)))


20.08.2008 09:18
Peace Fair 2008
Parkrose Peace Fair with the Peace Bubble Cafe On Saturday at Parkrose high school, right along side the Peace Labyrinth, there was an event called the Peace Fair, and the multi media Peacebubble café was there


20.08.2008 08:46
The Wealthy Welcome the Free Trade Bus to Town!
Portland, OR — Affluent Traders of Oregon (ATO) helped welcome the "Corporate America Wins with Trade" tour during its visit to Triad Speakers, Inc in northeast Portland this morning. The bus tour, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, is traveling the United States to drum up support for the Bush administration's stalled free trade pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.


19.08.2008 10:13
Community residents and forest activists from the redwood region and far beyond Humboldt County in Northern California, were relieved and elated as news spread of an unprecented commitment by Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) owners of what was Maxxam/PL land to spare the Nanning Creek and Fern Gully ancient groves where tree-sits have been keeping chain saws at bay. The message was delivered directly to tree-sitters and included a commitment to further protect from future cutting all old growth 250 years old or more.

"Old Growth now included in old PL timber harvest plans will be taken out of those plans", said HRC president and chief forester, Mike Jani, in an interview with KMUD radio in Garberville last week.


19.08.2008 09:36
Clothesline Project Event on Women's Equality Day
The Clothesline Project is a visual display of shirts with graphic messages and illustrations that have been designed by women survivors of violence or by someone who loves a woman who has been affected.

The Portland Branch of WILPF will sponsor a continuation of this project on Women's Equality Day, which is Tuesday, August the 26th, at Terry Shrunk Plaza in downtown Portland from 10am until 3pm. This will be the 17th anniversary of Portland WILPF's participation in the project. The first Clothesline event in Portland was held in a member's backyard. Hundreds of shirts have been made and hung since then. Mayor Patter has declared, "this day to be memoralized to give every woman her voice for independence and freedom from violence." UN Resolution 1820 acknowledges rape as a war crime. Shirts will be made and hung for the many, many women who have suffered violent sexual crimes in conflicts and war. There will be speakers at noon.


17.08.2008 20:19
Higher Education, Progressive Change
This is a response to the article by Dante Armos titled "Student Activism Doesn't Make The Grade" ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/07/377275.shtml). Though I valued its attack on pretention and intellectual elitism, I have a few counter-points in defense of higher education, student organizations, and required community service.

Higher education in America is bullshit. Earning a college degree has become synomymous with earning a key into the middle class and (who knows, this is America, right!) beyond. Too often, education serves to elaborate on the tactics available to enter into and thus maintain systems and games of dominance.


17.08.2008 20:16
Picket Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is headlining a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Gordon Smith. They call it "The BIG Event" -- and they're not kidding. This promises to be the biggest GOP event in Portland since President Bush's visit in 2002. Join us in saying "Hasta La Vista" to the Smith-Schwarzenegger-Bush agenda!

Picket Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser
11:30 am * Thursday, August 21st
921 SW 6th Ave * Portland, OR


17.08.2008 20:12
Foie Gras Demo! A Call for Mercy
Foie Gras production Foie Gras is a status symbol. Translated from French, it means Fatty Liver. To produce, ducks and geese MUST be force-fed by gavage (The French take the process so seriously that there is a law in place to preserve it). It is the epitome of oppression, of cruelty, of exploitation and of bourgeois privilege.

A quick summary of the process:
Gavage means that ducks and geese have a long metal pipe forced down their throats, often this act actually punctures their throats. Through the pipe pumps pounds of grain. This happens three times per day. The goal of this heinous act is to fatten the animal's liver 10-12 times its normal size. The result is a diseased and fatty liver.

Blue Hour has heard us for months and have managed to marginalize and ignore our cries for mercy. Chef and Co-Owner Kenny Giambalvo has decided to comfort himself with the profit-driven propaganda of his "humane" supplier, Sonoma Foie Gras, instead of listening to our arguments or watching the footage of Sonoma for himself. Foie Gras is featured prominently on the menu, and since the demos began, has become even more prominent.


17.08.2008 20:10
Video: Impeachment Vigil August 14 2008 outside House Dist #3
The vigil was on its weekly course outside Earl Blumenauer's office in NE Portland (Thursdays @ noon - 2pm)

8.14.08 Impeach Vigil --- A 1/2 a dozen citizens from the vigil of Individuals for Justice, discuss current affairs outside Earl Blumenauer's office in the 100 degree weather. Of course the usual hot topics arise like, Earl doesn't want a circus (read "No Impeachment"), or about how or representative, Earl Blumenauer, is not holding Dick and George accountable and the discussion of him not representing the anti war constituents by demanding this war end and .....to quit funding it.


17.08.2008 20:03
Pentagon denies blockade
.... sources are saying that the Pentagon denies that it plans to blockade Iran (imminently): "As a matter of policy we do not discuss current or future ship's movements. However, I can tell you that reports of an alleged naval blockade of Iran are false," said Lt.-Col. Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs."


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