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03.11.2008 14:34
Video: Excerpts from Northwest WInter Soldier
Two of the Iraq Veterans who spoke at the Northwest Winter Soldier event in Portland on October 18, 2008. These two spoke at Panel One, "Voices of Veterans form Iraq and Afghanistan." Video is about 22 minutes in length.

Both are members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.The first, Christopher Arent, was a member of c 1-119 field artillery from 2001 - 2007. He deployed with charlie battery from 2004 - 2005 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was a block guard and the escort control for 11 months. While deployed he co-founded the short lived radical G.I. Resistance group Motorcycle Awesome. He is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Chicago.

The second speaker is Josh Simpson, who spent six years in the US Army as a counterintelligence agent, including a one year tour in Mosul, Iraq. He is now involved with the GI Voice Project, Port Militarization Resistance and making Olympia a sanctuary city for war resisters and undocumented workers. Josh is a member of IVAW Olympia.



02.11.2008 07:19
Obama and the Unions
Bill Clinton's Presidency is a necessary place to start when trying to understand Obama's approach to the unions. Many workers were rightfully skeptical of Clinton the moment he announced his intentions to run for President he was Governor of a 'Right To Work' state and was notorious for siding with management on major labor disputes. Many unions refused to support him until he successfully secured the Democratic nomination, where he was mystically transformed into the "lesser of two evils".

But it's hard to imagine a greater evil to labor than Bill Clinton.


02.11.2008 07:11
Impeachment Treat or Blumenauer Trick Outside of Earl Blumenauer's Office (House District 3) [who also is running as a incumbent that has spoken out against Bush yet does very little to hold Bush/Cheney accountable and allows them to violate the constitution] ... The Lone Vet (Joe Walsh) and about a dozen citizens gather for the weekly vigil that has been going weekly (Thursdays at high noon - 2pm) for well over a year.

The Lone Vet has in the hospital and has missed the past 7 week of protesting[.] Well he is back..... and sounds as "hot on the issues as ever"[.] This video is 10 minutes from the 10-30-08 vigil


02.11.2008 07:07
Reportback from Deep Green Resistance
This October (2008) from the 24th through the 26th I had the pleasure of attending a convergence called "Deep Green Resistance" (DGR) just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon. Several previous DGRs have been held on the east coast and other locales.
In many respects, the works and theories of eco activist-turned-radical author (and Cascadian resident) Derrick Jensen have inspired these events, which are intended to accelerate the actuation of and preparedness for the collapse of civilization, as a means of halting current trends of environmental/biological disaster.


31.10.2008 13:34
Beehive Collective Swarming Portland
Please join this empowering graphics collective on the eve of the election for a powerful and interactive story about empire, corporate globalization, resistance and sustainability.

The Beehive Collective and their "Dismantling Monoculture" graphics campaign will make a variety of free appearance around portland. The events will take place as follows:

Oct. 31st @ 3pm - PSU Smith Building, 1825 SW Broadway St. Hosted by Students for Unity and MECha
Nov. 2nd @ 7pm - Reed College Student Union. Hosted by Blue Heron Infoshop
Nov. 3rd @ 6pm - ILWU Local 5, 917 SW Oak Suite #206. Hosted by the ILWU Local 5, Independent Publishing Resource Center and Free School Portland
Nov. 4th @ 7pm - Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th avenue (at Oak). Hosted by the Red and Black and Free School Portland

The Beehive Collective presents their three part narrative: Dismantling Monoculture - Mesoamerica Resiste: a visual exploration of the impacts of militarism, free trade, and corporate globalization in Latin America. The group's mission is to "cross pollinate the grassroots" through the creation of images as an effective medium for deconstructing and educating the public about complex geopolitical issues.



31.10.2008 10:03
Last call for November skillshares
We're about to do the final printing of our November calendar so that means its time to pick a date for that skillshare or discussion group you've been wanting to get started.

Its easy!

Any questions? Contact us at  info-pfs@riseup.net or check out the how-to on our website:  http://portland.freeskool.org/?q=node/46

homepage: homepage:  http://portland.freeskool.org


31.10.2008 09:59
Lets make this coming Nov 5th be Evergreen Wednesday
Yes it will be Guy Fawkes Night and yes it will be Election Fraud (resoults) Wednesday, but why not add a little color to the season and wear green.
Yes Evergreen Wednesday. Like in Ukraine when they wore orange for their Orange Revolution. Like in Eurasian Georgia when they wore red during their Rose Revolution. Like Portugeese wore a carnation during their Carnation Revolution. Lets make that day colourful with green. Green for the Evergrren State of Washington. Green with envy. Green for a new green economic system. Evergreen for Cascadia!

Wear it as a scarf. Wear it as a tie. Wear it as a hat. Wear it as a coat. Wear it as hooded sweater. Wear it as what ever you want.


29.10.2008 04:26
Radical Richard Taken To Jail!
SOLIDARITY - HOMELESSNES IS NOT A CRIME Local activist jailed for smoking.
Radical Richard was cited for "offensive littering" while smoking on the opposite side of the street from Pioneer Square. He put his cigarette out on the ground and was immediately approached by police who announced that they were citing him for "offensive littering". Richard told them that many people put out their cigarettes on the street and that they (the cops) were only citing him because they targeted him as a potentially homeless person. Richard then told the cops that he would obtain a lawyer and fight his case if cited for this infraction. The cops then took him to jail, he spent several hours in Central Precinct. His court date is November 28th.
Richard needs our support, please contact Central Precinct (503)823-0097 and voice your concern about the obvious over handed jailing of a minor infraction offender.


29.10.2008 04:21
Pics from protest at Mexican Consulate to call for justice in Oaxaca
These pictures are from Monday morning's protest at the Mexican consulate in Portland. The Friends of Brad Will in Portland, along with supporters of Oaxaca, gathered in front of the Mexican consulate to call for justice in the case of Brad Will's murder by Mexican paramilitaries, and justice for the people of Oaxaca.

This is the letter we submitted to the Mexican Consulate:

October 27, 2008

This letter is presented today on behalf of the Friends of Brad Will in Portland, Oregon.

Bradley Roland Will, a 36-year-old journalist-activist from New York, was killed on October 27th, 2006 while filming unrest in Oaxaca state, where protesters had been fighting for months to oust Gov. Ulises Ruiz for alleged electoral fraud. Will recorded video and wrote dispatches for indymedia.org


29.10.2008 04:16
Skillshare: Radical Botany #7 The Great Harvest
Wapato In the world of plants there is one time a year when all the elements conspire to bring on the harvest. At the time of harvest the plant is at its fullness for essential oils, fragrance, nutritional health and flavor. For most plants when the plant leaf, fruit, nut or root is mature... before the seed is formed, is when it is harvested by humans. There is only one way to know this. Study the plant. Then capture the plant in its prime.
"As you sow, so shall you reap"

There is great harvest going on in Cascadia and on the earth at this time. It is a time when we look at our gardens and wildlands and find food to eat and store away. We are reaping what we have sown.

The seeds of our actions are producing either healthy plants or plants without vitality. The way we humans have treated the earth, is creating either healthy plants or plants that are not regenerating.


28.10.2008 09:08
Update on prisoner Jeff Free Luers
Jeff Luers - August 2008 at CRCI Dear Friends,

As beautiful autumn weather brings us closer to 2009, Jeff's release date in December 2009 seems all the more palpable. And all the friends and family that have visited Jeff these past few months have noticed a huge change in Jeff's demeanor as he too realizes he will once again enjoy the pleasures that we on the outside all take for granted

Please help us build a release fund for Jeff to help pay for his education and costs associated with rebuilding his life.


28.10.2008 09:03
CCSO and Sandy PD: Another cover-up by the good old boys in blue
While I am grateful to have the local community newspapers because they have devoted more than just a few words to this issue as the Boregonian did, I must again take exception to the tone and lack of meaningful substance these articles nonetheless show.

A "voluminous," 500+ page report from the Clackamas County sheriff was released last Friday (October 17th) detailing "the sexual habits of a 14-year seasoned deputy who served the Mt. Hood Corridor communities." This is the report on the probe that led to Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett resigning.

One article, the one I will critique here, states that the "report on that probe answered the questions that local residents have been asking..."

Sorry, but I beg to differ.

The report may indeed have answered the questions we've been asking, but I'm sorry, this article on the report does not.


buscar justicia 25.10.2008 22:24
Demand Justice for Brad Will
On the Second anniversary of Brad's murder by security forces in Oaxaca, demand justice for his companeros charged with his murder!

Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez and other companeros are currently in danger of being convicted on these baseless charges. Activists in Oaxaca are presenting demands that the government reverse this injustice, and have called for international solidarity actions this Monday at 10:30am (see call below). Join Oregonian friends of Brad, Oaxaca solidarity activists, and traveling Oaxacan journalists at the Mexican Consulate to demand:

1 - Free companero Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez.
2 - Cancel arrest warrants for all companer@s of the movement.
3 - Punish the real murderers: Manuel Martinez Feria, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Felipe Calderón!

When: this Monday, October 27, 2008, 10:00 - 11:30am.
Where: Mexican Consulate, 1234 SW Morrison St., Portland


24.10.2008 19:26
2 Stop the WOPR! Multimedia Roadshows - Saturday, Nov. 1; PSU @ 4pm, Red & Black Cafe @ 7
Forest threatened by WOPR A multimedia presentation designed to educate and inspire action to stop Bush's WOPR (pronounced "whopper") plan to quadruple logging on public forestlands in western Oregon.
Forest threatened by WOPR

WHAT: Stop the WOPR! Multimedia Roadshow # 1
A multimedia presentation designed to educate and inspire action to stop Bush's WOPR (pronounced "whopper") plan to quadruple logging on public forestlands in western Oregon.
WHEN: Saturday, November 1, 4pm
WHERE: Portland State University, Smith Building, 2nd floor
WHO: Sponsored by WOPR & Beyond Coalition and PictureEugene.
Email  info@eco-advocates.org or call 541-344-6017 for more info.


WHAT: Stop the WOPR! Multimedia Roadshow # 2
A multimedia presentation designed to educate and inspire action to stop Bush's WOPR (pronounced "whopper") plan to quadruple logging on public forestlands in western Oregon.
WHEN: Saturday, November 1, 7 pm
WHERE:Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th Ave, Portland
WHO: Sponsored by WOPR & Beyond Coalition and PictureEugene.
Email  info@eco-advocates.org or call 541-344-6017 for more info.


22.10.2008 14:06
Only 13 Days Left to Stop Prison Expansion Measures
flier There are only 13 days left (including today) to stop Measures 61 and 57, both of which will build more prisons in Oregon. Please print out these fliers and put them up!

Measure 61 establishes mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent property and drug-related crimes. It will put thousands of people in prison, many for first-time offenses. Measure 61 will especially impact women, particularly low-income women and women of color. It will require building 4 new prisons, in a state that already spends more money on incarceration than on higher education.

Measure 61 will make it harder for people who use drugs to access treatment. It will decimate families. It will further criminalize those of us who break the law in order to survive. The U.S. prison system has been growing exponentially for decades, and it is making us less safe, not more.

Measure 57 is intended to be a less severe replacement for 61 - whichever passes with more votes will go into effect. However, it will increase sentencing, require more prison construction, and incarcerate about 1000 people. Sacrificing 1000 people is not a solution.

It is time to
say no to more prisons.
Vote No on 61 and 57!


21.10.2008 12:30
Today Cascadia Rising Tide Monthly Open meeting
Hey Everyone out there is Rising Tide land. Just wanted to let y'all know that Portland Rising Tide is having it's Monthly meeting this Tues. the 21st of Oct. from 6-8pm at the Chaos Cafe which is located at 2620 SE Powell.

What: Portland Rising Tide's Monthly meeting
Where: Chaos Cafe 2620 SE Powell
Date: Tues. Oct. 21st
Time: 6-8pm

There are a few things on the agenda that we would love folks to plug into, such as a roadshow coming thru Portland talking about the BLM's plans to open up logging to tons of Old Growth, the Caravan to Black Mesa this Nov. and the National Day of Action against Coal on Nov. 14th and 15th


21.10.2008 12:14
Authentic RESISTANCE – Northwest Winter Soldier Portland
This "Winter Soldier" thing was modeled after a tool developed during the rise of the Vietnam protests of the 60s/ 70s. When will this stuff die? It seems a heaviness of heart is generated when we step onto the go-back-machine, i.e. the latest that I'm aware of -- Recreate 68 - yawn, mumble grumble.

Contrary to my preconceptions about Winter Soldier, it is a beyond profound movement. This is where the resistance resides, an invisible undercurrent of humans of all kinds infecting this society with slow intensity. The first Neo-Winter-Soldier event took place in Silver Spring, Maryland, March 13 to March 16, 2008, timed to highlight the 5th anniversary of the 2003 invasion.


Some 200/300 people showed up. Many elderly, a definite lack in youth presence. First panel - on stage - there we saw youth.

Amongst the shattered humans on that panel, nine men, as different from one another as can be imagined - a display of the beauty of humanity right there. Each brought their story, their confessions, their way of talking, seeing, feeling - straight shooters. Nothing but being there, in the flesh, can enable a person to grasp the enormity of the all-encompassing spectacle of war; we gotta own it, our wars. Radio, television, any intermediary form is an obstruction to the process of learning with something like this.

Background, I believe that all but one fellow on the panel was seventeen or eighteen years of age when they joined the services, including National Guard. Below, I've provided a few bits, from just a few people.


21.10.2008 11:00
Daniel Koller DVM, Veterinary License is SUSPENDED!
Many people have had tragic stories when they have taken their beloved pets to Dr. Daniel Koller at Companion Pet Clinic on 3150 NE 82nd Avenue. We have heard a lot of these stories right here on Indymedia. This is an update for all the people who have wished Daniel "God" Koller would get his license revoked. Yes, he legally changed his middle name to God. This is also to inform the public about Dr. Daniel Koller and Companion Pet Clinic on 82nd ave. Also, Daniel Koller is not the only veterinarian that can not be trusted with an animal. When you take your pet to the vet, make sure you have done some reseach on the vet and to also be with your pet AT ALL TIMES! If they won't let you go in the back room with your pet, be suspicious and take the animal somewhere else.

Daniel G. Koller, a licensed attorney in the state of California, who owns and operates Companion Pet Clinic on Northeast 82nd ave has had his Veterinarian license suspended by the Oregon Veterinary Board which also plans to take away his license for good. Daniel Koller has a long history of drug abuse, violating state laws, and abusing/killing animals which dates back to 1977.


19.10.2008 08:48
EXIT WOUNDS & War Resister Interview
War Resister Camilo Mejia Photos from Irag were on Display and still are
I was able to film a 20 min interview with war resister Camilo Mejia
This is part 1 of 2 videos

In this clip (#1) Camilo talks about his life and activism with war resisting
There is also a gallery reception going on that is an exhibit of pictures from Iraq and of soldiers who were there or still are.

Camilo Mejia, a National Guard staff sergeant who after fighting for five months in Iraq, became the first combat soldier to refuse to go back to Iraq. He spent 9 months in prison for resisting. He now serves as Chair of the Board of Iraq Veterans Against the War and is the author of Road from ar Ramadi. He is now a IVAW activist and strong advocate for peace.


18.10.2008 18:11
Free All Ages Conscious Hip Hop Show
Nov. 12, 2008 there will be a free all ages conscious hip hop show, featuring NYC duo X-Vandals, and local artists Mic Crenshaw, Syndel and DJ Gen.Erik at PSU's Ballroom.
Come join us for an exceptional chance to see talented conscious hip hop artists from both coasts perform... for free!!!

2 Coasts, 1 Show!
Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2008
Conscious Free All Ages Hip Hop Show

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 2008
From 6 - 9 p.m.
At Portland State University Ballroom
Smith Memorial Center, 3rd floor
1825 SW Broadway
All ages

Mic Crenshaw
DJ Gen.Erik
Hosted by Good Sista/Bad Sista

This show is sponsored by: Reed College Multicultural Resource Center; KBOO; and at PSU: The Multicultural Center, Portland State Professional Sound, Association of African Students, Black Studies Department, Black Cultural Affairs Board.


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