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20.11.2008 07:28
Video: Portland Interview with Members of X-Vandals
About a 45 minute interview with Not4Prophet and Johnny Juice of the rap group X-Vandals.

They appeared on the local Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Also included in the segment was Walidah Imaresha, who produced their Northwest Tour.
Among her many talents, Walidah is a local spoken word artist.. Not4Prophet is a songwriter and the lead singer of the rock band Ricanstruction, as well as an MC, graffiti writer and radical political activist.Johnny Juice is also with the long running rap group Public Enemy.

Among the many topics of discussion were the national rap scene, the Puerto Rican struggle for independence, and the struggle for all people to be free of Capitalist oppression.

This program, including about 15 minutes of music video from the group, will repeat this Thursday evening, November 20, at 7:00 on channel 22.

X-Vandal Interview


16.11.2008 07:11
Protest Foreign Nuclear Waste To Hanford
hanford nuclear radiation
Global Nuclear Energy Partnership = More Waste to Hanford

In the dying throes of the Bush administration, one last environmental disaster is being foisted on the public. With GNEP, Hanford Nuclear Reservation would get a lot more nuclear waste (both from within and outside the country) and a dirty nuclear waste 'reprocessing' plant.

Condemned by health and environmental groups across the country, GNEP means foreign nuclear waste imported and "reprocessed" to USA for more plants. The only public meeting in Oregon by DOE about its Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, is in Hood River at 7 PM Tuesday, November 18 at the Hood River Inn, exit 64 from Portland. CARPOOL or take FREE BUS (see below). This is a national issue. We need a big Oregon outcry. 20 years behind on clean-up, Hanford cannot accept more waste!!!


COMMENT BY MAIL: letters due before December 16.

  • Mail letters to: Francis Schwartz, GNEP PEIS Document Manager, Office of Nuclear Energy, NE-5, DOE, 1000 Independence Ave. S.W., Washington, DC 20585.
  • COMMENT ONLINE: www.regulations.gov -- click on above link, then click on the yellow button next to Add Comments
  • Write your congressional delegation.

Hanford Watch | Heart Of America NW | Columbia Riverkeeper


16.11.2008 07:07
Veterans Direct Action in DC
On Saturday, November 15, at 8:00 am, at the National Archives Building on Connecticut Ave., eight military veterans and a military mother climbed a 9-foot retaining fence and occupied a ninety-foot high scaffolding to raise two 450 square foot banners stating, "DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION. ARREST BUSH AND CHENEY: WAR CRIMINALS!" and "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT."

The same message will also be displayed at demonstrations in the Los Angeles area on Saturday. Members of Veterans for Peace (VFP) chose the Archives for their nonviolent protest because it is symbolic of their military oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

In September they occupied the Archives for 24 hours, and plan to stay longer this time. "The offenses of Bush, Cheney, and their accomplices are appalling," said Kim Carlyle, a VFP member and Army veteran. "Their misdeeds have killed or maimed more than a million people - American soldiers, innocent civilian children, women, and men. They have displaced almost five million people, with millions seeking refuge in other countries. Their total disregard for international agreements has severely tarnished the reputation of America in the world. Their unlawful wars have squandered billions of dollars that could have bolstered a troubled economy."



16.11.2008 07:03
This month in DIY Education: November
Our monthly listing of free workshops, skillshares, and discussion groups around Portland - We're a little late but do not worry because this month is full of skillshares! This calendar is also available online at our website: http://portland.freeskool.org with more details and often with new classes or updates so make sure to check there too.

"How can I start a class" you ask? Well, its easy! You can teach something that you are passionate about, or maybe start a group to discuss something you'd like to learn more of. It can be in your living room, a park, or any other community space. We have lots more resources for starting a class and finding a space on our website. Read below for some fine examples of grassroots education happening this month, or you can also attend our...

Free School Orientation
November 30th, 4:30pm
(every last Sunday of the month)
CommUnity Arts Garage 3969 NE Rodney Ave


16.11.2008 07:00
Earth, Animal Liberationists Wage War in Mexico City
ALF action received anonymously (translation):


In the evening of Thursday, November 6 we painted various slogans referring to animal liberation on the walls and windows of a Burger King; immediately after, a couple of molotov cocktails were launched at strategic points in this place of capitalism and exploitation.
We claim this action as an act of solidarity with the FRENTE DE LIBERACION ANIMAL DE MEXICO for its strong activity and confrontation.
But it was also in memory of an active warrior for freedom: BARRY HORNE...
This week is already a week of action in his memory.
Fighters like Barry are remembered as they would like to be remembered:
Bringing war without mercy to the exploiters and capitalists.

Against the state and capital .... social war!
For freedom ... Until they fall!


Mexico City (D.F.) November 7 2008"


16.11.2008 06:56
KBOO Radio's 'Prison Pipeline' show gives update on Mumia Abu-Jamal
mumia Suzanne Ross of the New York City Free Mumia organization provided updates on Mumia's case. The prosecution is trying to reinstate the death penalty and appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. December 9 is the anniversary of the death of Officer Faulkner so demonstrations and rallies will take place all over the world. Saturday Dec. 6, there will be events in Philadelphia and New York City, and Monday, December 9, Portland will gather at the PSU Multicultural Center, for a rally.
Listen to the show here:  http://kboo.fm/node/10381

Also listen to a previous show on Mumia here:  http://kboo.fm/node/9541


14.11.2008 08:42
This Friday 11/14, Utah Phillips memorial event
Friday, Nov. 14, 9:00pm

Laurelthirst Public House, 2958 NE Glisan, Portland, OR

Join the IWW and friends for an evening of music, stories, and memories of our fellow worker, Utah Phillips.

Featured musicians include: Casey Neill, Mark Ross, Dick Weissman, Melinda Pittman, Fast Rattler, and General Strike. Donations at the door of $5 or more benefit the Portland IWW. This is a 21+ event.


14.11.2008 08:41
Nationwide Protest Against Proposition 8
pink crow FYI: A nationwide protest has been called for this Saturday, November 15th against the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Prop 8 defined marriage as between a man and woman and is a step backwards from the legal marriages that were being performed.

Portland Protest: When: 10:30 am - - Where: South Park Blocks

Home made signs and banners are encouraged! Say what you will about the institution of marriage--Proposition 8 is a homophobic attack on our civil rights. WE WILL NOT BE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.


14.11.2008 08:35
VIDEO: Stop The WOPR Tree Sit stands but challenged by police / Communique
After a successful and safe first day, state police asked that tree sitter Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky come down. The group's police liaison explained that descending in the dark could be dangerous. The officer left, but is expected to return tomorrow and make the same request. The group believes that it is currently not operating in violation of any laws. Before this interaction, the group has had a successful day with many passers by giving words of encouragement, supplies and positive feed back.

Cascadia Rising Tide hopes the governor will reject the WOPR in favor of a more sustainable forest economy that prevents clear cutting, stops logging in native forest, and would not decrease the protections outlined in the North West Forest Plan. The group is part of a larger coalition called WOPR and Beyond. The group is holding a rally to convince governor Kulongoski not to accept the BLM's proposal.

Video Communique : HERE


14.11.2008 08:33
Ecuadorian human rights / environmental Rising Tide activist Leonardo Cerda on tour NOW!
Photos from Ecuador's Oil Industry... Leonardo Cerda is an Ecuadorian youth climate, energy and sustainability activist studying International Relations and Political Sciences at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.

Leo's been involved in resistance movements against the oil industry in Ecuador since he was fourteen years old. He and others in his community starting doing workshops around the Amazon at that time, in different indigenous villages, discussing the causes and the future consequences of the oil industry, it's relationship to climate change and the many other devastating consequences to people and the environment.


14.11.2008 08:30
Great Vegan Recipes for You to Try!
Animal defense filmmakers have been working on vegan cooking videos to help people who want to learn to eat more compassionately. In the process, we've been encountering some fabulous recipes and eating some really great food! You will be able to see the videos soon, but in the meantime, here are some really good recipes. (At least two of the three recipes below would be great for a vegan Thanksgiving celebration.)(Maybe all three, though the smoothie is more casual.)


14.11.2008 08:25
Armistice Day
Remembering Armistice Day This moment marks the time 90 years ago when the guns ceased firing on the Western Front. Soldiers on both sides hesitated...wondering if it were really true. After four years of trying to kill each other - leaving 40 million dead - all of a sudden, the heads of state decided they'd had enough. Slowly, cautiously, the French "poilus"...the English "tommies"...the American "doughboys"...and the German "fritzes...huns...krauts" crawled out of their trenches. They walked across no-man's-land and greeted their opponents. They shook hands. They traded tobacco. It was over.


12.11.2008 04:48
Urban Tree Sit in Salem Against the WOPR
WOPR [Nov 11] In the brisk hours of the morning a concerned citizen climbed into the branches of a tree opposite the capitol building unfurling a banner that read, "Don't Clear Cut Our Future." The sitter plans to sit in the tree to call attention to Governor Kulongoski's ability to stop the federal government from clear cutting Oregon's native forests." The event was organized by the group Cascadia Rising Tide to provide education about the WOPR leading up to a permitted rally on the Capitol Steps on Friday, Nov. 14.

Cascadia Rising Tide invites you to visit the capitol building lawn and show your support for our work against the Western Oregon Plan Revisions. These logging plan revisions would increase logging in Oregon by 436%. Pending the governor's blessing, 70% of the new logging would be clearcuts. Of the 2.6 million acres that the BLM manages (and does not pay Oregon land taxes for) timber harvesting would occur on 1 million acres. As for our last old growth, 100,000 acres would be cut.

With the recession weighing heavy on everyone's mind, proponents have touted the WOPR as a solution for Oregon communities. But others are concerned that this plan will actually lead to a loss of Oregon jobs. Recreation and tourism contribute more than twice as much money to Oregon's economy than the timber industry. Recreation, tourism, and fishing are projected to lose long-term jobs under the WOPR.

Nov 12 update: "Stop The WOPR Tree Sit stands but challenged by police | Salem Rally details | Free Bus to Salem from Portland @ 10:30 am


11.11.2008 11:35
david javier diaz guillen was wrongly convicted and falsely imprisoned for 30 years by the racist oregon injustice system for alleged vigilantism against two known serial rapists.

in hillsboro racist washington county judge gayle nachtigal gave david diaz 30 months in prison for an alleged act of vigilante justice against two known serial rapists who are still free and being protected by the state even though it is known they were both undocumented immigrants from guatamala and a female testified to being raped by one of them. both so called "victims" testified in court that david diaz was not the shooter and not one person could say they seen david diaz enter the apartment or pull the trigger. holly danks a racist reporter with the oregonian who has strong ties with anti-hispanic/latino hate groups has written numerous articles on david diaz misleading the public and trying to paint david diaz as the villain in this case. for example this was obviously not a gang related incident but she continually described david diaz in her articles as a "gang-leader" which he was not. the state of oregon has a long and horrid history of protecting rapists and framing innocent people. the state does not care about the safety of our women. please spread the word and keep david diaz and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


11.11.2008 09:16
Terrorizing Dissent - the RNC 08 documentary
Glass Bead Collective, Twin Cities Indymedia, and other independent media activists have released a new film, 'Terrorizing Dissent', an expose of events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Featuring first-person accounts and footage from more than forty cameras on the streets, 'Terrorizing Dissent' focuses on the story of dissent suppressed. People charged with "conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism" speak out against the government's campaign to manipulate media coverage and label civil disobedience and community organizing as terrorism.

'Terrorizing Dissent' shows the results of the $50 million dollars the Department of Homeland Security gave to local authorities for security & a large chunk of which went to weaponize the police & and the $10 million insurance policy contract between the RNC Host Committee and the City of St. Paul, which shattered Minnesota's civil compact between protesters and police.

Portland Anti-imperialists are proud to show Terrorizing Dissent at the Red and Black Cafe (400 SE 12th Ave) on November 11 at 7pm. After the video, stay for Q&A from those who were there


11.11.2008 09:15
ELF Press Office to Obama: Protect the Environment or the ELF Will
The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (NAELFPO) challenged the incoming Obama Administration Tuesday to take immediate action to reverse the trend of global warming and environmental destruction.

"The incoming Obama Administration's plan for the environment, or lack thereof, may very well influence the activities of the Earth Liberation Front throughout the next four years," stated Lisa Nesbitt, one of four new press officers for the NAELFPO. "The $150 million in damages caused by the ELF in the last decade to environmentally destructive corporations was, in part, a direct response to the refusal of the U.S. Government to take necessary measures to stop environmental destruction."

"The U.S. Government has refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol, refused to permanently protect the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), refused to stop the logging of national forests, and refused to heighten the Energy Act standards for light cars, trucks and commercial vehicles - the greatest contributor to global warming," Nesbitt continued. "We have one message for the incoming Obama Administration: act to protect the environment or the ELF will."


10.11.2008 20:25
VIDEOS: Human Rights Commission in Portland Oregon _First Meeting 11.05.08
Portlands Human Rights Commission 1st Meeting 11.05.08 I went to the first meeting for the "Human Rights Commission" here in Portland on November 5th 2008[.] It was two hours and there was no microphone [.] I recorded 3 videos that afternoon(one short one and two longer ones) [.] The sound quality is rated poor / fair. (sorry)[.] The sound was modified (edited) to help in hearing this event. [.] I went to this meeting with out planning on filming. Many of the participants talked very quietly. The message is worth hearing so I am sharing this important groups first meeting with the PIMC community


10.11.2008 20:16
What would change my mind about Mr Obama
This is the moment where we will see what Obama really stands for. it is the big test before being the president. I believe if we really wish to see change we need to push this administration towards the "left" in e-mails, phone calls, letters and rallies. he claims he wants to hear our voice... then make it loud and clear that we do not support corporatism. We do not want a Georgie Bush or a Billy Clinton in power ever again. After he is sworn in I believe the biggest test as president is to push an investigation and arrest of the war criminals currently in office.

But I am a realist and believe he will be another Clinton guiding the sheeple back into a quietly accepting the Corporatist Agenda


10.11.2008 20:06
We should begin to vision the world we want to live and work hard and fast to create it while there is still time. Soon the haters and naysayors will be trying to sap every bit of will, vision and strength we have. The time is now. Using the Indymedia network each progressive/radical community can begin this proces. Join me now if you will.

So this is an exercise that you can join in if you choose. I believe the roots of our reality is stored in what we think about. Our vision is essentially the driving force behind what we create. Our collective vision can be quite powerful - anything can happen.

In a perfect world we would have a neighborhood-up type of government. In a perfect world we would already have tribal councils in our neighborhoods that represented ALL the people. People in the neighborhoods would live healthy, prosperous lives and community and families would be intact.


10.11.2008 19:58
Racist, Homophobic Ass gets measure passed in Columbia County
A self righteous resident of Columbia County had two anti-immigrant measures added to the ballot out here. One would have required signs proclaiming Columbia County to be an "illegal worker-free zone." That one failed, thank goodness. A second measure, however, mandates a fine of $10,000 for anyone who hires a so-called "illegal alien." Apparently, it could also mandate that the sheriff's office check people's papers. This one passed.


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