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06.01.2009 06:26
Bergin Arraignment TODAY at 1:30
According to Judge Mauer's staff, Bergin's arraignment is scheduled for TUESDAY, January 6th, at 1:30pm. As always, you are advised to call the courthouse in the morning, to confirm the date and time, and these are subject to change (as most of you know).

Notorious murder-cop William Bergin is to be arraigned (again) at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City tomorrow. As you will likely recall, Bergin and his accomplice Deputy Dave Willard gunned down an unarmed, injured accident victim because they were scared that he might get blood on them. He's not being arraigned for that, alas, but he is being arraigned for official misconduct, theft, and whatever else. It might be fun to be there.... If you would like to interview Mr. Bergin for a story, you should have reporters stationed outside each exit. You should come early, and be willing to stay late. Because last time, Bergin sneaked into the courthouse early, through the back door, to avoid having to face the public. After the arraignment was interrupted by lawyers for the man he murdered, who were there to ask that Bergin's lawyer recuse himself due to a conflict of interest, Bergin literally ran out the back door and fled from anyone who might want real justice, or who might have any tricky questions for him.

And let this be a lesson to Mr. Bergin and all cops who would kill people just for fun: The system might let you off every time, but you will have to live with your conscience, your fear, your own knowledge, and the judgment of the public for the rest of your life.

In any event, it promises to be some fun. See you there.


06.01.2009 06:19
Public Access Program Discussing Israeli Massacre of Innocent Civilians
06.01.2009 06:15
Dicentra's Next Monthly Event
Dicentra Presents: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Safe Space Policies: Dialogue and Exploration. The Dicentra Collective will facilitate a discussion and presentation on the impact of sexual assault, domestic violence and safe space policies on our lives and our communities. Join the Dicentra Collective on Thursday, January 8th at 6 pm for a discussion and presentation on the impact of sexual assault, domestic violence and safe space policies on our lives and our communities. This event will take place at In Other Words Women's Books and Resources at 8 NE Killingsworth.

The event will begin with a facilitated conversation to explore the strengths and challenges of the response to sexual assault, domestic violence and safe space policies in our communities. Next a presenter from a to-be-announced radical initiative will join us to share their experiences and knowledge on organizing and responding to these issues. Finally, we will use the information gathered from the event to explore "what's next" for our communities.



06.01.2009 06:13
Report on Sunday's Free Gaza protest at Pioneer Square
Around 250 people gathered Sunday afternoon at the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland (of course forbidden from using the square itself, because Portland's main public square is PRIVATELY owned....but that's another issue). The protesters, as in the Tuesday and Friday protests, were mainly from Portland's Arab-American community. Supporters from the peace and justice community were also present, and the protest lined the sidewalks on all four corners at SW 7th and Salmon.

Related: important analysis of the framing of the current attacks | Twenty-five practical actions you can take to help bring peace with justice in Palestine | international middle east media center


06.01.2009 06:10
Tennessee Coal Ash Disaster
When will people learn that coal can never be clean? From extraction to disposal, it is one of the most environmentally devastating energy sources in existence. On December 22, 2008, the residents of Roane County, TN received an early Christmas gift from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). It seems they were quite naughty this past year. However, instead of the simple lump of coal I always dreaded as a child, they got a coal ash slurry. An estimated 400 acres of it.

The nearby Kingston Fossil Plant had been storing coal ash, the solid byproduct of burning coal, since it began operating in 1955. According to the TVA website, the plant burns 14,000 tons of coal a day. That's a total of 271 millions tons of coal. All of the ash from all of that coal is mixed with water and stored in an above ground reservoir. On the Monday before Christmas, one of the 20ft earthen retaining walls encasing the dump site failed sending forth a gray tidal wave removing houses from their foundations and covering over 400 acres in a toxic quagmire. Volume estimates range from 350 to over 500 million gallons. But that is just the beginning.

There are roughly 600 coal fired power plants in the US alone.

Clean Energy Rally in Salem Tuesday Jan 13th


06.01.2009 06:06
Escalation in Greece: Riot Cop shot down by Kalashnikov AK 47 attack rifle
Reports have come in that a 21 year old riot police man in Exarchia, Athens has been serious injured by bullets from a Kalashnikov gun.
Apparently two men fired upon the riot cop around 3am.

Currently Exarchia is sealed off, dozens of people have been arrested in and around various bars and cafes often frequented by anarchists. Police have detained 72 people during the initial search for suspects after the attack.


06.01.2009 06:04
Rod Coronado Has Been Released!!
rod coronado Political prisoner Rod Coronado has been released - Just got this from Chrysta, Rod's partner: Really, Really! It is true, Rod has already been released and just called me from a gas station in El Reno! He is on his way to us, and then will serve the last 3months in a half-way house! There he can make his own food, visit us when he has visitation passes, work, and escape the sadness and violence within prison.

We continue to send our love and prayers to those still imprisoned unjustly. We hold onto the hope that not long from now those kept from their families and communities will be returned, and until then, we won't forget them.



03.01.2009 16:09
Emergency Demonstration Sunday: Pioneer Square 3:30 pm - Stop the Genocide in Gaza
Also, we will be confronting Senator Wyden at a town hall meeting in
Clackamas at 12:30 pm tomorrow (meet at 12). The address is: Willamette Falls Hospital, 1500 SW Division St. Oregon City, OR




03.01.2009 16:02
Reports on the two Free Gaza protests: Tuesday and Friday
friday [Jan 2 2009]: Portland holds second protest demanding justice in Gaza... Around 200 people braved the cold and sleet on Friday afternoon in Portland to voice their opposition to the Israeli attacks in Gaza, and to call on Senator Ron Wyden to change his position on the issue from unquestioning support for Israel to a position that supports equal rights for the Palestinian people. Many held hand-stenciled signs reading "Gaza Genocide: Made in USA", and "Free Palestine". The group made their way around the downtown Portland park in front of the Federal Building, chanting "Free Free Palestine" and "Occupation is a crime". Motorists passing in front of the protest honking and cheering, and pedestrians on the street also voiced their support.
[full story at:  http://www.imemc.org/article/58297]

Tuesday afternoon [Dec 30, 2008]: "Occupation is a crime, killing children is a crime" - was the chant that filled the downtown streets of Portland, Oregon - USA, Tuesday afternoon, as hundreds of local residents gathered with handmade signs and megaphones to voice their outrage at the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza that have continued for the last four days. Mazin Malik, a Palestinian-American who has lived in the Portland area for decades, attended the protest Tuesday. He told IMEMC reporters, "People in Portland should pressure their representatives to use the financial leverage of the US government to reach parameters to forge a true peace." An estimated 500 people attended the Portland protest, which was just one of dozens held worldwide on Tuesday, in solidarity with the besieged population of Gaza. IMEMC's Saed Bannoura, who was shot and paralyzed by the Israeli army in 1991, also spoke at the rally, condemned the ongoing Israeli offensive against the residents in the Gaza Strip, and called for rejecting the US policies and its blindfolded military and financial support to Israel.

full story at:  http://www.imemc.org/article/58244

audio report:  http://kboo.fm/node/11237


03.01.2009 10:26
Ungar Fur demo wrap up 1/2/09
This weekly demo turned out to be a crowd favorite. throughout the day the activists count was around an average of ten. it was a cold snowy morning, but within the first hour the sun started to peak though to give us some sunshine.

each activist was holding an anti fur sign with images showing the horrors of the fur industry, a couple activists were busy handing our literature and talking with anyone walking by that happened to have any questions about why we were out there. some disgusted passerby's even ended up walking into Ungars to let them know what they think about the fur industry.


02.01.2009 12:08
Start a new year for Climate ACTION with Rising Tide in Portland
Cascadia Rising Tide taking direct action last summer at NW Natural With Bush heading out and Obama coming in, new developments on the LNG front and lots more news about climate and dirty energy politics from around the US and the world, Rising Tide will be kicking off a new year of organizing against the root causes of climate change with a public orientation to our group and the issues on Sunday, January 4th, at 6pm at Red and Black Cafe.

Come hear about the latest developments from December's UN climate meetings, find out about troubling developments in Obama's energy policy, see videos of recent climate direct actions around the US and world as well as footage and stories from the terrifying coal waste disaster in Tennessee last week, and more...

No LNG in Oregon, Yes to Clean Energy! Rally in Salem Tuesday 1/13/09 cascadia.risingtidenorthamerica.org


31.12.2008 14:28
freeskool guerilla gardening
The snow is gone, and the ground is warming up! So its time to get back to transplanting and planting perennials. Now is the time to plant so they may make the most of this season to build healthy rootsystems. The class will meet in several locations, as there are a few gardens to work on, so check the schedule to see where we will meet for each class.

This week we will be adding soil amendments creating a raised bed. We have smashed up some tarmack and created a couple of beds, transplanted and planted. But our plants are probably in need of some tending to after the recent snow storm, and I will bring some vegan chocolate to keep us energetic.

Start: 01/05/2009 - 16:33
End: 01/05/2009 - 17:22
Timezone: Etc/GMT-8
location: nw 16 and nw burnside


30.12.2008 14:32
Portland Protests Israeli Massacres in Gaza
December 28th, 2008, American citizens concerned with Social Justice gathered at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland to protest recent Israeli massacres of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. A lone speaker at the small gathering spoke passionate truth to those Sunday shoppers who, for the most part hurried past, disregarding his plea for compassion and action.

He spoke of Israeli War crimes, the illegal and immoral collective punishing of Palestinian civilians and wondered, "where is the outrage?" According to the speaker, this "Occupation has been condemned by every Human Rights organization around the world. We must start to protest this inhuman brutality, which is supported by the United States, wholeheartedly."

And he states further that Barak Obama, for whom so many people voted, hoping for a change in Foreign Policy, has said nothing since this has started. "His silence is deafening, and you know he is not going to criticize Israel and their war crimes. He is no better than George Bush!" "We have to be in support of the Palestinian people, who are innocent. These massacres are not stopping..............do something....we cannot let these massacres go on." Hastily organized at the last minute, the event was ill attended, but those who choose to stand up and speak out may attend another event Tuesday, December 29, at 4:30 at the Federal Building, Downtown Portland, SW 3rd & Madison.

Video of 12/28/08 Portland Protest

Related: Hamas releases important statement on AlJazeera.com | listing of other protests nationwide | Ongoing updates from Palestine


30.12.2008 09:07
The Governor Wants a Mileage Tax: Why You Should Care
If you've ever wondered why there never seems to be an end to road building/re-paving/repair projects, so have I. No matter how bad the economy gets, it seems there is *always* enough money laying around to tear up perfectly adequate streets and re-pave them, to close down perfectly useful on-ramps and re-vamp them, to block lanes and close roads in an orgy of machinery and men in orange vests. A lot of money is flowing through our highway and road projects, and one might reasonably ask why we make this such a priority at the same time we shave the last few cents off programs to help senior citizens and people with disabilities. Governor Kulongoski isn't asking such questions, though. Instead, he's proposing new ways to keep the money spigot flowing toward ODOT projects now that people are buying less gas. And boy, does he have a stupid idea now.


30.12.2008 08:39
Indymedia in the Police State
BY WHAT AUTHORITY? An interesting thing happened at the Republican National Convention this past September. As police donned riot gear and readied their rubber bullet rifles and tear gas canisters to combat thousands of anti-war/anti-police state protesters, minute-to-minute updates of police brutality and resultant street fighting began to appear online on Indymedia centers across the United States.


29.12.2008 09:03
Gaza Solidarity Protest in Portland Tuesday
Portland, come out in numbers and show your solidarity with the people of Palestine! As Israel prepares for a ground invasion of Gaza, cities worldwide are demonstrating their outrage of Israeli war crimes against the besieged Palestinian people.

Tuesday December 30, 2008
Gather at 4:30 and Rally 5:00 pm
Where: Federal Building, Downtown Portland, SW 3rd & Madison
Organized by: Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, and others.

Contact: (503) 344-5078 Related: a list of all of the protests nationwide can be found at: endtheoccupation.org
Ongoing updates from Palestine can be found at: imemc.org Ongoing updates from Palestine can be found at: imemc.org


27.12.2008 12:36
Let's paint the Hawthorne Bridge PINK
I'm in favor of asking the City Council in Portland to paint the Hawthorne Bridge pink. It would serve as our memorial, our HomoMonument to all those who were murdered for being gay, lesbian, bi, or transgendered, during and after the Second World War. The wages would be welcome in this economy, too. There is a Homomonument in Amsterdam, and its website gives the following reason for its existence:

"Immediately following the end of the Second World War there were calls to establish a memorial to commemorate the gay men and women who lost their lives in the war. However, all efforts to establish a monument failed. It took until the 1980's, almost 40 years after the war, before the time was ripe. It wasn't until then that thorough research into the persecution of homosexuals in the Second World War was properly conducted.


27.12.2008 12:29
Intel Fails to Make Good on Green Rhetoric
Oregon Intel calls itself a "green" company and a "good corporate citizen." However, Intel belongs to the business association Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities, which has consistently lobbied against progress on global warming and clean energy issues in this state. Please ask Intel to live up to its green rhetoric by lobbying FOR clean energy in Oregon.


27.12.2008 12:27
Call out for Practical, Original Ideas?
Do you have any ideas that could benefit humanity? I mean really? Are there any solutions? I've been checking out Indy Media here for about three weeks and it's fascinating. It really is. I've learned a lot, and had some almost productive conversations. I've read some interesting discussions about eliminating poverty, anarchic society, consumerism, pirates and Zimbabwe; it's really been an education. There is no doubt that Portland Indy media has a readership of very intelligent people.


27.12.2008 12:11
Local Urban CSA sponsoring Seed Exchange - Jan 3
Sunroot Gardens is an urban CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farming enterprise. We bike around, growing vegetables in people's yards and "unimproved" public rights-of-way, etc. We saved a boat-load of seeds this year from a ton of veggies, herbs, and flowers, and will be making the collection available at an Exchange on Jan. 3.


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