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27.02.2009 05:02
Starting a Raw Collective and Getting Raw FNB Back
Call out for food activists and artists!

As the recession looms we need to be on our feet combating food industrialization, recession pounds (weight gain due to crappy eating), access to good healthy food. We have got lots of projects in the works but we need more people!!! Some projects are for health practioners some are for artists, others are just for the general public. Please check out the web page and get involved! Circleakitchen.blogspot.com



27.02.2009 04:57
VIDEOS:: Keep Guard Home - Leah Bloger, Raging Grannie, RoseMary, Peace Summit 09
Joe Anybody - Rosemary War The Peace Summit was held in Salem and open to any and all Peace Organizations in Oregon. It was a day of workshops and information sharing and networking. I have posted a few other YouTube videos from this event as well.

This is a 3 part video set on YouTube. That was filmed at the Salem Peace Summit. National Vice President for "Veterans For Peace" Leah Bolger talks about the Guard Home Campaign and answers questions about it.

videos: (1), (2), (3)
Here is a short out take titled "RoseMary War" From a young 9 year old peace activist at The Peace Summit


27.02.2009 04:51
Radical Botany: Skillshare #9; Digging in the Dirt
radical botany skillshare All this digging is old technology some say. Newer ideas have evolved through the Permaculture movement where "no digging", and "grow what you can on top of the hard pack" dominate the movement. But for me, gardening is more than creating food and providing habitat for creatures that live above the ground, I am tending to the needs of the amazing life that thrives in the soil deep beneath the first few feet of top soil. I am cutting open the hard crust of human civilization to help emancipate, beneficial fungi, earthworm colonies and beneficial microbes.

See video on mycelium at this link: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world with Paul Staments
link to www.ted.com


27.02.2009 04:49
Dept. of Defense Expands Operations in Pacific NW: Public Comments Needed to Stop This
The Navy and Dept. of Defense on behalf of the military industrial complex will be expanding its weapons testing programs in the P.N.W. and that will undoubtedly bring about new environmental insults to the area. More aerosol spraying of the skies, more microwave and sonar, more biological weapons testing, etc. Public comments are needed as are phone calls to your reps. and senators.


27.02.2009 04:48
APOC/Circle A Interview w/ Revolutionary Dylcia Pagan
Dylcia went underground with her infant son and was arrested in 1980. Charged with Seditious Conspiracy in relation to activities of the FALN, she refused to take part in her trial and claimed prisoner of war status on grounds that she did not recognize the authority of the United States government. She was sentenced to 63 years of imprisonment in state and federal facilities in the US.

Interview here:  http://kboo.fm/node/12260


27.02.2009 04:46
Anti-Racist Picnic Confronts Minutemen Racists
The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver and anti-racist comrades held an anti-racist picnic, taunt racist Minutemen and disrupt their meeting. The Colorado Minutemen, a virulently racist anti-Mexican group, held a meeting at the Englewood Library on Saturday, February 21st . RAIM-Denver became aware of the meeting less than a week in advance and was eager to oppose it. With little time to coordinate and promote a large protest, we decided instead to hold a picnic. RAIM-Denver was serving up non-alcoholic wine, cheese, and the best part: crackers.

RAIM-Denver was joined by a couple Denver-area anti-racist comrades, making our picnic only a handful in size. That didn't stop us from getting our point across. As was done at Denver's last confrontation with the Minutemen, klan hoods were offered to the racists as they entered the building. We made some banners also.

RAIM-Denver understands that the U.S. Southwest is land stolen from Mexican and Indigenous peoples. Thus RAIM comrades proudly displayed the Mexican flag. Other comrades held a banner that read,"If you don't like Mexico, get out!"



26.02.2009 08:12
Modesto, Ca: Stolen food left in working class neighborhood
People of the Valley, Everywhere the desert of capital expands - we offer an oasis to drink from....We, the Robin Hoods, take credit for providing the massive amounts of free food that was left in the Airport District park of Modesto California last week, early in the morning. We chose to distribute this food free of charge because the Airport District is one of the neighborhoods hit the worst by the ongoing recession. Our communities are suffering from homelessness and foreclosure, poverty and job layoffs, police brutality and environmental pollution. Let this act be just a note in the chorus of resistance that will soon bring this system down....In solidarity with those from the streets of Greece, China, Iceland, Mexico, the United States and beyond who are fighting this monster we call capitalism.

The Robin Hoods


24.02.2009 07:53
Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at UO Feb 26 - Mar 1
Come to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference Thursday, February 26 - Sunday, March 1, 2009 at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene.

Spectacular annual conference brings together environmentalist attorneys and activists... Concerns about climate change, energy use and environmental responsibility rank among the most pressing issues facing all nations. With environmental awareness on the rise and the increasing economic need to restrict consumption and preserve resources, there has never been a better time to build a unified movement to guide our planet forward. With this in mind, the 27th annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) seeks to promote "Solidarity! United Action for the Greener Good."

The Conference features daily afternoon and evening keynote presentations by preeminent attorneys, activists, scientists, politicians, philosophers, and authors. This year PIELC welcomes as keynote speakers:



24.02.2009 07:45
Army recruiting? In my neighborhood?
no blood for oil - recruiting Are army recruiters harassing your high school aged siblings or children? I was absolutely disgusted to find an Army Reserve flyer on my door today. Nobody at this house is interested in state sponsored murder. They were targeting my younger brother who just had to register for selective service and he too was upset about the note. It was left on our doorknob without a sound, we never heard anybody walk up on the porch, never had a knock at the door. Are they afraid they'll spit on? Well, probably here.

This is essentially just a reminder to call your local recruitment center and tell them to leave you alone! If you have a younger sibling or a child that they send their junk mail to on a monthly basis, let them know it's a waste of a tree (which is also disgusting), that no matter how bad the economy gets no one should be forced to harm other humans for money and that they are not welcome in our communities.


24.02.2009 07:44
bike guerilla gardening
bike guerilla gardening: emitting wholistic remediation through the rapid dispersal of seeds

[thurs] 02/26/2009 - 4:33 p.m.
Location: sustain ability now, (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside)
503 438 4093

guerilla gardening bike "hit and run" squad... unofficial spring is almost here. why not help start some raised beds and plant some seeds and transplants? we will be skill sharing, each one teach one, various permaculture knowledge. if you know alot thats great, if your thumb is black thats great too, we'll make it green, and cruising portland sowing seeds, and throwing seedballs. we will also have mushrooms to grow. prepare to ride, weather permitting at a medium-gentle pace. taking time to stop and plant some roses.

Suggested Materials: something to plant, something to dig with, something to plant in, soome water to drink, something vegan to share and eat.

Accessibility: Requires bicycling


22.02.2009 16:22
Protest in Portland Friday called on Wyden, Merkley to end US aid to Israel
Around 100 people gathered at the Federal plaza in downtown Portland Friday afternoon to call for an end to US military and financial aid to Israel. They held signs saying 'Free Palestine', 'End the Siege on Gaza' and 'Wyden Wake Up', and stood in silent vigl along the road. They also wrote handwritten letters to Senators Wyden and Merkley and delivered them up to the Senators' offices.



21.02.2009 11:45
Four Animal Rights Activists Arrested in UC Actions, AETA Charges Applied
Adriana Stumpo, 23, of Long Beach, California; Nathan Pope, 26, of Oceanside, California; Joseph Buddenberg, 25, of Berkeley, California; and Maryam Khajavi, 20, of Pinole, California have been arrested and charged with crimes related to actions at the University of California in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. They are being charged under the "Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act". Some of the charges relate to simple protest actions.


21.02.2009 11:44
A Simple Solution to the States' Budget Crises
On February 16, in Salem, Oregon a rally of more than 5,000 students, teachers, parents, and social service workers assembled in front of the state capitol, demanding a solution to the state's financial crisis.

This was but one of many similar protests nationwide; and Oregon is par for the course when it comes to U.S. states neck deep in a budget crisis. It is estimated that, unless other sources of revenue are raised immediately, the state will make $800 million in cuts... by June. The projected deficit for the next two years is $2.5 billion.


21.02.2009 11:41
Multnomah Co. Extorts the Poor/Protects the Criminals!
Dear Judge McShane, On Friday Feb.6, 2009 I was in your courtroom when I pleaded 'no contest' to one charge of criminal mischief. This charge stemmed from a violent incident last June (Sat. 6/07/09) in which I was assaulted by two strangers while I was on my way to work. During this assault, I was thrown through a store-front window of a business. In the wake of this assault, in a split-second of misjudgment on my part, I broke a 2nd window out of distress, un-intentionally. 2 days later, I was fired (because I was prevented from making my peaceful way to work that Saturday night) & I've been un-employed ever since. I've explained my financial situation in court - that I'm living off of un-employment insurance & food assistance & nothing else; that I'm currently in debt, whereas, no debt existed [for myself] prior to last June. I thought this much was understood, as my [court-appointed] lawyer's fees were waived & I agreed to the terms of my probation, including community service.

But I received a letter last week stating that I owe $67 in court costs. Further more, the letter also states that if I don't pay this amount within 30 days, an additional $50(?!) will be added on! This additional $50 amounts to a POVERTY FEE...


21.02.2009 11:36
Next Radical Childcare Meeting! [TODAY 2/21]
The PDX Radical Childcare Collective is in the process of forming and we invite everyone to come to our second meeting Saturday 2/21 at 12:30pm. It will be held at the Calvary church at 126 NE Alberta, and in room childcare will be provided.

Our current goal is to start off providing care for activist organizations and insta-action care, and then eventually mold into more needed roles. We believe this is an important step as parents voices are often not at the table when movement decisions are being made that have a great impact on their lives.


21.02.2009 11:34
Killer Cop in Court February 23?
... so it seems that Lisa Ann Coppock will appear in court on Monday, feb 23, and maybe so will officer Humphreys... I'm not really sure. Just a little history on officer Humphreys:

James Chasse died in police custody after being tackled and beaten and tazed by officer Humphreys and other cops [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/09/346392.shtml]


21.02.2009 11:30
This oughta get interesting: Bergin pleads not guilty
And the plot thickens! Bill Bergin pleads not guilty; seeks trial.

Since he was caught red-handed with the damning evidence, I'm quite curious to see how Billy-boy and his attorney have to spin this to try to get him off. At the very least, the whole thing doesn't get swept under the rug with some back door, confidential plea agreement. But wait.... Bill Bergin, former Sandy cop and one of the infamous killers of the unarmed, grieviously injured Fouad Kaady, pled not guilty in Clackamas County Court last Friday to charges of felony identity theft, first-degree official misconduct, and (the, IMO, rather odd charge of) "use of an invalid driver's license," according to the Sandy Post. [I don't know what the official charge SHOULD be, but taking people's drivers' licenses (without charging them so there would be no paper trail, it should be noted) and giving them to minors so they can go drink in bars, sounds like more than "use" of an "invalid" license, don't ya think? How about ILLEGAL use of STOLEN licenses to CORRUPT MINORS?? Geez. Get real.]


21.02.2009 11:23
Fareless Square Changes Proposed
TriMet's commissioned report on Fareless Square modification options has been released, and times have been set for Open House events seeking public comments. Download the full report here:  link to www.trimet.org

Open House Meeting times: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 4-7 p.m.

Portland Building, Room C [,] 1120 SW 5th Ave.[,] Portland, OR 97204

[Many more meeting times in the "READ MORE" Link]


21.02.2009 11:20
From Slavery to Obama: The Struggle for Black Liberation
Public Meeting. From Slavery to Obama: The Struggle for Black Liberation
Thursday, February 19th, 7:15pm. [,] Portland State University [,] Smith Center Room 333
sponsored by International Socialist Organization

Obama's election dealt a historic blow against racism. At long last, a popular majority elected an African-American to the U.S. presidency in a country built on slavery. Yet as Obama takes office there are still more Black men in U.S. prisons than there were slaves in 1840, and they are being used for the same purpose; working for private corporations at 16 to 20 cents an hour. Half the states have private, for-profit prisons, whose lobbyists are demanding longer mandatory-minimum prison sentences. Indeed, American Blacks are incarcerated at nearly eight times the level of South African blacks during the height of apartheid.


21.02.2009 11:14
Tasering victim going to court
Tom O'Connor was tasered in front of Imbibe at 23rd and Hawthorne[.] October 15th, 2008.

As he recalls it, he was sitting outside at the tables enjoying a beer, with his dog tied up, infront of the bar where the bartender had grown accustomed to putting water out for another dog he'd had, who'd had kidney problems, and who had died the day before. The bar owner also liked tom's dog, as did the veterinarian who frequently came out to pat the dog, or the one before this one. He was not intoxicated(according to the Fire Department, which removed the taser leads), nor was he doing anything wrong.


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