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08.03.2009 10:07
A Message from Oregon Supporters of Campaign Finance Reform
In this era of no limits, contributions to candidates for state or local office in Oregon skyrocketed, from $4.2 million in 1996 to over $49 million 10 years later. The result is that those who can readily afford to make political contributions are now in charge. For example, among all states Oregon continues to have the lowest taxes on corporations and nearly the highest income taxes on families living near the poverty line.

Here are 6 easy steps for you to help: By downloading and signing the proposed statewide measure, you can put a campaign finance reform Oregon constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot.

Click to download the signature sheet.

Click to print out the text of the proposed measure.

Staple the sheet with the measure text behind the signature sheet, using one staple in the upper left corner.


05.03.2009 11:39
Video Report Back from Recent Economic Town Hall
Video of both Plenary Sessions from the recent Economic Town Hall which attracted over 800 people to the First Unitarian Church on January 31, 2009. The event consisted of two Plenary Sessions and a number of Workshops. Also in this report is an announcement of an upcoming Public Access interview with one of the Town Hall Plenary speakers.

Martin Hart Landsberg: Understanding the Crisis | Veronica Dujon: Making a New Vision a Reality | Working Together: Building a Movement



05.03.2009 11:36
Upcoming West Coast RNC 8 Events: March 9-14
Two of the RNC 8 are hitting the road on the west coast next week! Come say hello at the following events: Monday, March 9 Presentation at Evergreen College, Olympia 5:30pm Building E, Room 1105 Free

Tuesday, March 10 Presentation at Reed College, Portland
Followed by a concert with David Rovics! 5-7pm Eliot Hall Chapel, 3203 Woodstock Blvd Free

Wednesday, March 11 Presentation at Red and Black Cafe, Portland
followed by music by the Dapper Cadavers and Steve Arceri 6pm 400 SE 12th Ave Donations at the door [more dates in READ MORE link]



05.03.2009 10:35
Help Support the The LNG Public Protection Act
The LNG Public Protection Act was formally introduced yesterday. The bill number is HB 2015. This is the number you should refer to when asking your legislators to support the bill.

Thanks to your hard work, we were able to get the co-sponsors below: Chief sponsors of the bill are Rep. Riley and Sen. Prozanski.

Specifically, the bill states: Prior to issuing state water rights, removal/fill permits or granting state land leases for LNG terminals and LNG-related pipelines, the Oregon Department of Energy is required to conduct a needs assessment to determine whether:

RELATED: Help Counteract Industry Front Group Lobbying Against LNG Protection Act TOMORROW(Friday March 6th)



05.03.2009 10:32
RNC Civil Litigation - Sue the Bastards!
The Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS) is seeking potential plaintiffs to sue the state. If you feel your rights were violated--whether through excessive force or police brutality, an unlawful arrest/search, mistreatment in jail, or the suppression of your first amendment rights--then you might be a good candidate for an individual, small group, or class action suit. Let's sue the bastards!

To get involved, send us an intake form so we can help coordinate communication and plan our political & legal strategies in support of civil litigation. High-quality info will be heading your way on our low-traffic announcement listserv. Please fill out an intake form available on our website

And send it to us at: CRASS Civil Litigation c/o Coldsnap Legal Collective, PO Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405



04.03.2009 07:29
Red and Black Cafe Communique - March
March is upon us, comrades! There are many exciting things happening this month at the Red and Black; in particular, there are several benefits happening for people that really need your support. Show some solidarity and come out! Please note that all events start at 7pm unless otherwise noted. Also, not every event is listed here - consult the calendar for a complete list!



04.03.2009 07:26
African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa
GE Africa Oakland, CA: A new report from the Oakland Institute, Voices from Africa: African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa, issues a direct challenge to Western-led plans for a genetically engineered revolution in African agriculture, particularly the recent misguided philanthropic efforts of the Gates Foundation's Alliance for a New Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and presents African resistance and solutions rooted in first-hand knowledge of what Africans need.

The report finds a lack of accountability, transparency, and stakeholder involvement in philanthropic efforts such as AGRA. "Despite the Gates Foundation's rhetoric of inclusion and the claim that their investment in agricultural development benefits the growing majority of the world's poor who rely on agriculture, a leaked Gates Foundation confidential report on their Agricultural Development Strategy for 2008-2011 actually emphasizes moving people out of the agricultural sector,"...



04.03.2009 07:21
DEQ Suspends Review of Bradwood LNG Project
Current proposed LNG pipe line crossing of Clackamas River The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has suspended review of the air and water discharge permits requested by the Bradwood Landing LNG terminal because of two important victories by LNG opponents. DEQ cannot review permit applications if the project is violates local land use laws

First, Clatsop County Citizens for Common Sense passed a referendum on September 16, 2008 that barred LNG pipelines in protected areas.

Second, Columbia Riverkeeper and partners won a challenge at the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) that overturned the county's approval of Bradwood Landing. Based on these two victories, DEQ has suspended review of all permits for the LNG terminal and pipeline.



03.03.2009 21:07
The Big Lie of Recession Politics: 'Shared Sacrifice'
It's everywhere you look and in every speech you listen to. Every time a politician or businessmen talks about the recession, an almost in-synch, repetitive mantra can be heard: "Shared sacrifice, equality of sacrifice, hard choices." Oh my.

There must be something to it, since EVERYBODY seems to be regurgitating the phrase in harmony.


03.03.2009 21:01
D Day for Sea Lions: Bonneville Demonstration Report Back
Yesterday the injunction against killing sea lions, the stay of execution, ran out. Today, government officials commenced with efforts to trap and kill sea lions on the Columbia river. As they expected, they were met with resistance. And, as we expected, they ran like little babies. They mostly scurried away and hid from uncomfortable questions that members of the public might have for them.


02.03.2009 18:53
Corporations Buying Millions of Acres Around the World
Scary Stuff !!! Apparently there has been a steep rise in the number of large land purchases by governments/corporations in the last year -- millions of acres of agricultural land were sold.

Quoting Slow Food International (SLI), "Saudi Binladin Group is planning an investment in Indonesia to grow basmati rice; tens of thousands of hectares in Pakistan have been sold to Abu Dhabi investors; Laos has signed away around 15 percent of its viable farmland; Libya has secured 250,000 hectares of Ukrainian farmland, and Egypt is believed to want similar access."

Madagascan Land Grab, 23 Feb 09, News da Terra Madre


02.03.2009 18:47
Pit Bulls Banned???
[...] just reported that there is an effort to ban pit bulls in Oregon. If passed, it would mean that pit bulls would be killed, people caught with pit bulls could be punished, and pits would be outlawed. Aren't enough pit bulls already dying of human ignorance in this state?

If you love dogs, please fight this.


02.03.2009 18:45
Burning Forests for Electricity and Liquid Fuels: Deforestation is Bad Energy Policy
The use of forest biomass for electricity and liquid fuel, currently proposed by our state and federal elected officials, threaten our climate and economic security with little return on energy invested. This presentation will dispel the myths that there is "waste" in a forest ecosystem and that large-scale forest "thinning" projects are needed to reduce fire risks.

Thursday, March 5 -- 6:30 to 8:30 pm Harris Hall, Lane County Auditorium, 8th & Oak, Eugene, Oregon. free admission



02.03.2009 18:41
guerrilla gardening mondays and thursday in march
dont have land, still want to garden? come get involved! umm....wanna plant some seeds in someone else's yard? the weather is right for planting seeds and we will be in gardens old and new. come share your skills and seeds mondays 4:30 at nw. burnside and 16th.

if you interested in bike guerrilla gardening we will be meeting on thursdays at 3125 e.burnside (city repair) for more information see portlandfreeskool.org


02.03.2009 18:39
VIDEO:: Arrest Bush & Cheney Protest Announcement
Individuals For Justice meet here every Thursday (map) A short 2 min announcement about the weekly protest in Portland. Arrest Bush & Cheney demands by Portland citizens. I arrived as the weekly downtown vigil / protest as it ended on 2.26.09 I was able to get a short announcement about his event on video.

There is mentioned in the video about: www.Individualsforjustice.org (new website)
And also mentioned is about the on-line version of: www.warcrimetimes.org (newspaper 1st addition) This protest is on Thursdays across from the Federal building at high noon till 2:00pm


02.03.2009 18:37
General Strike to Protest Global Warming
Global warming is no longer a future threat waiting on the horizon. Human societies across the globe are already suffering as a result of climate change. The very world as we know it is endangered. Each day, untold species go extinct to never be seen again. Thousands of people go hungry because of crop failure and drought wrought by climate change.

In December 2009 it is time for more than just international solidarity, more than just pleading for change. It is time for a united front; it's time to reclaim our power. It is time for a general strike.



02.03.2009 18:36
Sea Lions, WDFW, and TOKENISM
I am writing from the Yakama Nation. And I want to say that I just saw the most shameful thing. It involves video taped footage of a press conference held by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (and also ODFW) at the Bonneville dam. The press conference was to convince the public that these organizations need to, and can safely kill sea lions to protect salmon at that dam. And to make their point, they paraded out a woman presented as a Native grandmother. It was the most shameless display of tokenism I have yet seen, and went mostly unchallenged by the press who eagerly lapped it up and patted her on her head. It was disgusting.


27.02.2009 16:30
Activists Crash Sea Lion Press Conference At Bonneville Dam
sea lions Today, activists from the Sea Lion Defense Brigade and In Defense of Animals, along with several autonomous individuals, crashed a press conference held by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) at Bonneville Dam. The press conference was being held to pre-emptively curb public revulsion over the agencies' plans to kill sea lions on the river beginning next week. They actually gave us all hard hats and ID badges.

Activists were there to ask the hard questions that are not being asked by the corporate media. Questions like, "Haven't sea lions always co-existed with salmon on the Columbia river, without posing a threat to either species?" "Isn't it true that dams and over-fishing are causing salmon to go extinct, not sea lions?""Why are you not addressing the salmon crisis in a non-lethal, and far more effective, manner by curbing fishing?" .... Bizarrely, the corporate "reporters" stood mutely by while these questions were blatantly skirted by the people who organized this press conference. When one activist demanded answers regarding the raising of the fishing quotas at a time when salmon populations are imperiled, Diana Fredlund of the Army Corps of Engineers leapt between the questioner and the government "expert" who could not answer the question. Diana brusquely told the questioner that "we are not here to answer questions." ...At a press conference.

Thank God for indymedia, because I'll bet you don't see most of this on the news tonight


27.02.2009 05:08
Sea Lions to be Killed on the Columbia: Stay of Execution Denied.
Viva la Sea Lions!!!!! The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just denied an extension of the stay of execution for the sea lions of the Columbia river. This means that on Monday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife can legally begin killing the sea lions of the Columbia river.

This is a tragedy. Sea lions and salmon will both suffer as a result of this flawed plan. Salmon are not in decline because of sea lions, birds, or any other natural predator. Instead, they are dying of human predation. Dams and over-fishing have brought native salmon crashing toward extinction. Twenty million salmon once co-exsited with thousands of sea lions in this ecosystem. Although sea lions, in their role as natural predator, did (and do) eat salmon, they never posed a threat to the survival of the species. Rather, they maintained a careful balance -- as is the case with all healthy predator/prey relationships. Over thousands of years of co-existence with sea lions, the salmon population remained, literally, in the millions. However, the salmon have been no match for the most pernicious, exotic, invasive species of all: Homo Sapiens. Within a century of the arrival of non-Native humans into this region, the salmon population went from twenty million down to less than 1 percent of original numbers. This has nothing to do with sea lions, and everything to do with us. We cannot solve the salmon crisis until we change human predation habits.

I'm heartsick about this. Everyone who cares about salmon, sea lions, and Cascadia should be *Up* *in* *arms* about this... So very little wildness is left in Cascadia. We should all care very much about this.


27.02.2009 05:05
Rosehip Medic Collective Street Medic Training This Weekend!
20 Hour Street Medic Training: The last weekend of this month we're having another 20 hour street medic training. It'll be the usual schedule of 5-9pm Friday (the 27th) 9am-6pm both the 28th and 1st. Location TBA for now (but PSU is a likely general area).

We are in need of simulation patients on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon!! To get registered for the training or volunteer as a simulation patient please email Oliver at ahayes8 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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