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Senator Robert Byrd stands up for our Constitution
Quoting Senator Byrd from the newswire: "In the newly published 'National Security Strategy of the United States,' the document which I hold in my hand... date: September 2002, the document in which the President of the United States outlines the unprecedented policy of preemptive deterrence which the Iraq resolution will implement--the President asserts that: 'The constitution has served us well.'

"There you have it, 31 pages, and that is the only reference to the Constitution of the United States that is made in this document titled 'The National Security Strategy of the United States of America.' He asserts that: 'The constitution has served us well.' That's it. That is the alpha and the omega of the reference to the Constitution, this great Constitution of the United States which creates the Presidency of the United States, which creates a bicameral legislative body, which creates the judicial branch of this great Nation--provides for it. That is all it says about the Constitution. He asserts that 'the Constitution has served us well.'

"And note, too, that the word 'constitution' as mentioned in the President's document is in lower case. It doesn't begin with a capital letter, it begins with a lower-case letter, 'the constitution.' ... This administration doesn't believe that it merits a capital C even, and only mentions, as I say, one time in passing that 'the Constitution has served us well.'"

"That, apparently, is what this administration thinks of the Constitution. And it references the Constitution as though it were some dusty relic of the past that needs to be eulogized before it is retired. And so it says: 'The constitution has served us well.'" [ Full Transcript ]

[ Audio of Senator Byrd's final speech ]

YOUR RIGHT TO HEALTH 14.10.2002 13:20
Issues Pivotal to Oregon's Health
From the open publishing newswire: I have a passion to provide peace, justice, and equality in the arena of health for ALL the people of Oregon. This passion has been consistently fed through the last few months by the stories that Oregonians told me while I was out stumping for this very important initiative, Measure 23. People who will vote in the next few weeks should know the history of Oregon's struggle for healthcare access and justice. I have a story to tell - with passion I tell it.

I stood in the doorway trying to make eye contact with each person who passed me by. I reached out to the man in front of me and placed a square of paper in his hand. He looked at the paper and then at me. "I see you everywhere", he said. "And, you do this with such passion". "Yes, because I have a long memory of what was before, and what is waiting for us" ... [ Full Story ]

Wedding Preparations Continue for October 30th Day of Action Against GE Foods
From the open publishing newswire: Wednesday, October 30 • 11-1 pm - Bio-suits and giant pupptes await the public as work continues on crafting the perfect "franken-wedding". NW RAGE and supporters will take to the streets around Lloyd center $afeway and illustrated through a wedding the perils of genetically engineered foods. [ Full Story ] [ NW Rage Actions ]

From the open publishing newswire:October 15th is the deadline for you to drastically change oregon. In a few weeks, we can vote to have all genetically modifies foods labeled [Measure 27] - many say this will be the beginning of the end of GMOs. Monsanto is investing 6 million to defeat this. In the same election, we can vote to create a statewide healthcare system [Measure 23] - that means you and everyone you know in Oergon will have health insurance. The insurance mega-corps/companies are investing millions to defeal this. We can beat them-legally!!!
[ Full Story ]

9.11 COVER-UP 14.10.2002 00:24
The People's Investigation of 9.11
From the open publishing newswire: This is an incredible piece by Carol Brouillet, whose impressive 9-11 investigation activism has been very inspiring to those of us who are seeking the Truth behind 9-11. This article announces a new website called The People's Investigation of 9-11, pi911.org, which was officially launched at a Press Conference at the Federal Building in San Francisco on October 4th, 2002.

"Almost everyone can remember with clarity the moment that they heard of the attacks of September 11th, and in addition to the grief, shock, horror, fear that we felt collectively and individually was the desire to understand, to know- 'Why?,' 'How?,' and 'Who could possibly benefit from such a crime?' These questions were never answered satisfactorily by the press, which soon began beating the war drums and hurtling us towards World War III.

"In the months that followed, the anti-war movement blossomed; Third World solidarity groups who objected to U.S. military aid to repressive regimes throughout the world could see that 'War is Terrorism' and that the folly of military action that would most likely doom innocent civilians, especially women and children.

"The U.S. government's attacks upon Afghanistan, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution; it's attempt to redefine the world in an Orwellian manner contingent upon the events of September 11th prompted people to critically examine the events of that day, before, and after to discern the truth from the lies.

"People needed to build a new map of reality, to understand where we were, and what direction we're facing." [ Read more... ]

rejecting so-called "conspiracy theories" has been begging the question
Albert, Corn, and Berlet have rejected Ruppert and his allies claims that Bush was behind 9/11 based on their rejection of Ruppert, et al's argument and evidence. Well, Albert et al have no support for their rejection of Ruppert's argument and evidence. They, therefore, only beg us to share their view of the world and whine a lot if we don't. [ Read more... ]

The government lies to the people
Governments lie often when they plan war. If the people knew the truth they would not support the government's aggression. Examples from our history are demonizations of previous CIA clients like Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. The CIA created a story about Iraqi soldiers throwing babies into the streets just at the time that the Senate was debating whether to support Bush's attack on Baghdad. The attack on the Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin was fabricated to get a near unanimous vote on entering the Viet Nam War. The accidental sinking of the U.S.S. Maine was blamed on Spain to spur emotions before entering the Spanish American War.

The government lies to the people. [ Full story ]

More stories: [ Thucydides was a conspiracy theorist! | panel to probe September 11 collapses | The vice president blocks an independent commission to 9 11 investigation | David Corn Defies Logic! | Znet's reply to a 9/11conspiracy theorist | portland indymedia interviews with Mike Ruppert ]

[ pi911.org | Community Currency 9.11 Info & News | Mike Ruppert's From the Wilderness site | portland indymedia 9.11 INVESTIGATION page ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 13.10.2002 23:33
Giant Circle for Peace of 5000 people to form this weekend
While at the wonderful gathering and march for peace yesterday here in Portland it was announced that the peace community is going to form a circle 5 miles in circumference next Sunday, the 20th. Without further ado, I will just publish the information.

From Penny Kennedy, Families for Peace: "Families for Peace is reaching out to other peace organizations, as well as to the educational and faith communities, to enlist the participation of all who believe that a peaceful solution is preferable -- and possible. You'll join hands with 5,000 men, women, and children and create the giant Circle For Peace -- a circle calling for A Better Way to Achieve and Keep World Peace. PLEASE JOIN US." [ Details ]

ANTI-IMPERIALISM 13.10.2002 17:29
Eugene Columbus Day march a success
From the open publishing newswire: About 60-75 people convened at the U of O ampitheatre Saturday night for an impromptu anti-war protest. After various people there spoke out about recent protests & progressive actions & political events we marched from campus down 13th then stopped in the downtown park to hear the treesitter then eventually strolled on to the Federal Building (home of regional Forest Service, DEA) singing & chanting most of the way. We got encouraging honks from passing vehicles and an entourage of police on bicycles who respectfully kept their distance. [ Newswire article ]

2,000 people gather in Denver to protest Columbus Day
From the Rocky Mountain IMC: Roughly 2,000 people gathered in Denver, Colorado Saturday to show strong opposition to the celebration and continuation of Christopher Columbus' legacy. The Transform Columbus Day Alliance, a large group of organizations all committed to ending genocide and the legacy of Columbus, which is a legacy of slavery, genocide, and racism according to historian Howard Zinn's book; "A People's History of the United States," has gathered again to protest the Columbus Day Parade. The Organizers of the Columbus Day Parade say it is a celebration of heritage, however; the people here to protest the celebration of Columbus wish to celebrate their heritage as well, a heritage that was dramatically effected by the raging fires of racism and mass murder sparked by Christopher Columbus... To Columbus; people = slaves = money and power. [ Full story ]

[ Transform Columbus Day | A Prayer For Bush Clan and Cohorts on Columbus Day ]

ANTI-SWEATSHOP 13.10.2002 16:57
Reed Students Protest GAP
From the open publishing newswire: Friday October the 11th, three speakers came to Reed College to talk about sweatshop labor. The discussion became an open session where free trade, working class struggle, the military-government-corporation alliance, and the possibilities for change were examined. Following the talks about 20-30 people went to the GAP at Pioneer Square to protest the GAP's use of sweatshop labor.

Last spring, everyone at the Gap factory where Hernandez worked was fired in response to their efforts to organize for better wages and treatment. Deisy Hernandez came to Reed College to speak about her experiences there in El Salvador. Since she was blacklisted, Hernandez joined the Global Justice for Garment Workers Campaign tour to educate people about the global sweatshop crisis. She will be accompanied by Marina Sitrin from the Union for Needletrades, Industrial, & Textile Employees, and Molly McGrath, representing United Students Against Sweatshops. This event is sponsored by the Reed Student Peace Action Network. [Full Story...]

More info on GAP and Sweatshops:
[GAP Sucks.org | United Students Against Sweatshops]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 13.10.2002 00:07
150 protest war and weaponization of space in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Today, about 150 people gathered in Terry Schrunk Plaza for a rally called "THE CHOICE IS OURS: WAR IN SPACE OR PEACE ON EARTH". Portland Peaceful Response Coalition organizers brought the big pile of colorful NO WAR signs that everyone's been seeing everywhere lately. The rally featured music and speakers on the topic of peace and the weaponization of space.

Reception from drivers was overwhelmingly positive, with negative comments (or gestures) outnumbered by a ratio of at least two dozen to one. This is an amazing difference from the climate six to ten months ago, when peace protests garnered more or less equal negativity and positivity, with the majority making no comment. Now the number of people being negative or silent has fallen, and more people are supportful all the time. This country is not in favor of this war. [ Read more... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 12.10.2002 23:45
Education - The Key to Enlightenment and Evolution
From the open publishing newswire: I spoke with the editor of my college newspaper about covering the Â"Not in Our NameÂ" Rally that was going to be happening in Eugene. Excited about the event, she said that she wanted to make it a top feature, but told me that I must write it in AP format, and tell it from an objective viewpoint.

I considered the proposition, but knowing that there is no objectivity when it comes to attacking Iraq, I declined the assignment. I did however, offer to submit photos and a commentary on the rally.

As it turns out the photo editor was thrilled with one of the photos that I submitted and decided that it should be on the front page, large and very visible, or in newspaper terms, three columns wide. He told me that he wished that he would have been at the protest.

This of course, is my prime motivation for submitting material to the newspaper, to inspire and motivate others so that when they pick up their copy of the Torch this week and see the protest photograph and read my commentary, it will stir in them the desire to get involved. [ Read more... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 12.10.2002 23:35
Stopping the Bush war machine: It Is Now Up to Europe
From the open publishing newswire: Now that the peace movement in the US has failed to mobilize the numbers needed prior to the congressional vote on the Gulf of Tonken resolution of our time, the Iraq oil grab resolution, it is now up to the Europeans to take it to the streets and shut Europe down and force a security council veto from France or Britain. And when I mean shut down, the economy must be ground to a halt.

The chief representative of British Petroleum Tony Blair must be rendered irrelevent by the Labor party and Chirac cornered by the French parliament. To do this Europe must be shut down.

As the Americans are attempting to enforce neo-liberal policies that they left to the IMF and World Bank with military might, we must now lay it all on the line. As I have stated in the recent past this is all about taking control of the strategic oil supply in order to create fortress North America and Europe. The CIA has conclude that the world food and water supply is collapsing as a direct result of global warming and deforestation and the Military and its neo-liberal allies are reacting. If the US controls the oil supply they will be able to bomb the starving brown people into submission while maintaining they draconian control over the brown people's resources. [ Read more... ]

Interview with Stanley Cohen, Sheik Kariye's lawyer
From the open publishing newswire: A brief, six minute interview with Stanley Cohen, lawyer for the Portland Imam recently charged and held without bail for Social Security Card violations. This interview takes place in downtown Portland in front of the courthouse, where Sheik Kariye was finally released on bail. [ AUDIO ]

More about the 11 Oct. bail hearing: About 150 people demonstrated outside the bail hearing of Sheik Kariye. [A] judge set his bail at $250,000, a ridiculously high amount for the accusations. It is doubtful that any white person would receive such a penalty. [ Read more... ]

LABOR MUSINGS 12.10.2002 15:14
Back To Basics - A Longshoreman's thoughts
NORTH BEND, Ore.--The dock is empty of cargo, and the pigeon nesting under the planks pokes his head out, hoping I will feed him. My memory is reeling like a videotape. I am a longshoreman living and working in North Bend, Ore. My boss is the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), an association of ship owners and stevedoring companies brought together in the late 1930s to deal with the success of Harry Bridges and his upstart International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). The wind blows a piece of newspaper across the dock in front of me. It's dated Sept. 7, 2002, the last time a ship was here. Days ago, the PMA locked us out of the docks, claiming we had waged a work slowdown. Now, by order of the President of the United States, we're back on the job. Read More

NO WAR IN IRAQ 12.10.2002 01:52
175+ people take the streets to protest the war at Portland Friday Rally
From the open publishing newswire: At least 175 people showed up for the Friday peace rally in Pioneer Square, giving it the largest attendance in a year. Anti-war sentiment had been stirred up on Thursday and Friday when first the House and then the Senate granted Bush dictatorial powers to wage war against Iraq. The tragic possibilities of such a war are heart-wrenching to imagine, and history will surely view Congress' decision with disdain. The death and suffering wrought upon Iraq by the sanctions of the last 11 years -- on top of the destruction that country suffered in the so-called "Gulf War" -- are already crimes against humanity for which U.S. "leaders" should be tried. Additional attacks of a more intense variety could take thousands -- even millions -- of lives, and affect the population there for generations to come.

That elected representatives in Washington, D.C., received an overwhelming number of calls and emails opposition to this passing of the war-reigns to Bush is cause for additional anger. What options remain when the proper channels have been utilized? Taking the street and stopping business as usual is one. And that's what we did tonight. [ Read more... ]

[ Saturday morning, October 12 at 11:00 am: gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd and Madison for a rally and walk through central Portland ]

PEACE AND ANTI-WAR 11.10.2002 23:40
Protesting in Eugene - 'If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention!'
From the open publishing newswire A few dozen of us protested at the Federal Building in Eugene this afternoon in the warm October sun. The Women in Black stood silently while some of the rest of us chatted amongst ourselves. I mostly spoke with David who has been at the Federal Building protesting the pending War on Iraq for the last three afternoons.

David said that his new name for the U.S. government is the "Political Mafia", with Cheney telling us: It's business. I told him that my son was not going to be a part of their business, that if the draft is reinstated like Bush wants it to be, IÂ'll be throwing myself over my sonÂ's body. He is NOT going to fight in their War!

David said that he has two young sons, one ripe for the draft at 21 and the other 14. He said they he and his family have been contemplating where to go if the need arises, the government is not getting his sons either. We both agreed that it is wise to have passports in order. And then a comrade came to where we stood talking and said that she is thinking of renouncing her U.S. citizenship and wondering where to go.

The Protest continues at the Federal Building tomorrow at noon. At 7 pm there will be a march from the EMU Amphitheatre (UofO) to the Federal Building. [ Fullstory ]

PROPAGANDA 11.10.2002 23:21
Truth Is The First Casualty Of War
From the open publishing newswire: When the former head of CIA's counter-intelligence unit comes out and basically says that there is lying going on for political ends, one must take notice.

"'Basically, cooked information is working its way into high-level pronouncements and there's a lot of unhappiness about it in intelligence, especially among analysts at the CIA,' said Vincent Cannistraro, the CIA's former head of counter-intelligence." (Source: see Guardian story below).

Listen to the entire Scott Ritter speech, delivered in Seattle, Oct. 5. It's an important speech. And remember, he was an intelligence officer, not just a "weapons inspector." [ Read more... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 11.10.2002 23:16
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Petition Against War On Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: Portland, Ore...Writers from around the world have signed their names to a petition against a US war on Iraq. In the United States and England, respected and well known science fiction and fantasy authors Karen Joy Fowler, Michael Moorcock, John Kessel, Lisa Goldstein, L. Timmel Duchamp, Kelly Link and many others have signed in protest. The petition is available on the Internet.

"Science Fiction writers have a special interest in the future and the US policy on Iraq is putting our future at risk. It's no wonder that so many fine writers in the genre are coming out in opposition to Bush and his war," said Douglas Lain, the man who co-wrote the petition via email with New Zealand author Tim Jones.

"We are calling for a diplomatic solution. The United States should should allow the return of UN weapons inspectors to Iraq without any resolution on the use of force. Then, when the inspection is finished, the UN should lift the sanctions which have caused so much misery in Iraq," Tim Jones explained.

The petition states that writers and artists have a special responsibility to combat deceit and distortion, and suggests that the public is not being told the truth about the heavy civilian and military casualties a conflict with Iraq would cause. [ Read more... ]

[ Sign the petition ]

State harrassment of Muslims continues: Sheik Kariye released on $250,000 bail
From the open publishing newswire:About 150 people demonstrated outside the bail hearing of Sheik Kariye, who has been imprisoned for several weeks for allegations of social security fraud. The Kariye was originally arrested at the PDX airport, where the FBI said that his luggage showed traces of TNT. Showing no respect for human decency or the facts, the Oregonian splashed these unsubstantiated claims across their front page, throwing fuel on the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment, and helping Portland brownshirts Mayor Katz and Police Chief Kroeker renew the civil liberty-busting Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force. The FBI crime lab eventually reported that further tests showed no traces of TNT and that the airport test had been a false positive, which is apparently fairly common.

Nonetheless, Kariye was kept in prison, with now only allegations of social security fraud. At today's hearing, a judge set his bail at $250,000, a ridiculously high amount for the accusations. It is doubtful that any white person would receive such a penalty. [ Read more... ]

ALERT: CODE PINK - to all Women of Peace
From the strong women of the Lane County Green Party, Medea Benjamin, Stawhawk, and other women activists.

We cannot morally consent to war while paths of peace and negotiation have not been pursued to their fullest. We who cherish children will not consent to their murder. Nor do we consent to the murder of their mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, or to the deaths of our own sons and daughters in a war for oil.

We call on all outraged women to join us in taking a stand, now. And we call upon our brothers to join with us and support us. These actions will be initiated by women, but not limited to women. Stand in the streets and marketplaces of your towns with banners and signs of dissent, and talk to your neighbors. Stand before your elected representatives: and if they will not listen, sit in their offices, refusing to leave until they do.

Withdraw consent from the warmongers. Engage in outrageous acts of dissent. We encourage all actions, from public education and free speech to nonviolent civil disobedience that can disrupt the progress toward war. Read More

[ Code Pink Action: Two Women Arrested For Disrupting Congress Yesterday ]

CONGRESS: NOT IN OUR NAME 11.10.2002 12:21
Congress gives Bush dictatorial war powers; Opposition to war needs to step up
From the open publishing newswire: At 1:30AM, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Senate voted 77 to 23 in favor of granting Bush war powers to make a "preemptive strike" against Iraq whenever he pleases. The House had voted 296 to 133 in favor of the legislation earlier in the week. This in spite of thousands of calls and emails from people across the country in opposition. Senator Byrd, one of the few vocal senators to recognize his constituency, fought to no avail for more debate. These powers can and may be used independently of any U.N. Security Council or General Assembly rulings and even if Iraq complies with inspections.

With this vote, Congress has handed war-making powers to pResident Bush in what history shall surely judge as one of the most undemocratic capitulations to tyranny in U.S. history. A man not elected, who has displayed no respect for human decency or international law, has just been given carte blanche to use the most brutal military machine the world has ever seen a sanction-battered, starving country of demolished infrastructure and poverty. This is a sad, sick day.

We must get out in the streets to oppose this fascism and shout NOT IN OUR NAME! Democracy -- which had long lay twitching on the table -- is now dead. The letters and calls to Congress did not work. It is time for stronger, more direct tactics. [ Discuss ]

[ Bush's resolution for war on Iraq: How the reps voted | House Defies Constituents, Protest - Votes for Unilateral War | "In Memoriam - The Death of America's Promise" handout | House Resolution | CSPAN Coverage of Congress on Iraq ]

ANTI-WAR 10.10.2002 22:12
Peace Train Gaining Speed! Next Stop PORTLAND!
Friday, October 11th, at 5:00 p.m
Pro-peace activists around the country have been building steam since last week's Not In Our Name rallies drew 85,000 people nationwide. Since then thousands have continued to take to the streets to demand Bush and Congress recognize the U.S. public's aversion to killing innocent civilians in the name of corporate oil profits.

In Seattle today as many as 3,500 people marched to St. Mark's Cathedral to show their resistance to Bush's war. In San Francisco an estimated 500 people have gathered for an all night vigil to protest Congresses' granting of war powers to Bush. Tomorrow, at 7 a.m. they will shut down the Federal building in an act of civil disobedience. So, the question is, how will Portland raise its voice and add to the chorus that thunders louder every day in the halls of Washington?

This Friday, October 11th, at 5:00 p.m the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be hosting Portland's next show of opposition to Bush's war machine. "We're heartened by the massive show of opposition that we saw on Saturday at the march and rally for peace here in Portland," said Mikel Clayhold of the PPRC. On Oct, 5th as many as 12,000 people showed up to tell Bush and Co. we aren't interested in blood for oil. [ Details... ]

Anti-War reports from around the Country: [ 5000 Protest Bush Speech in Cincinnati -eyewitness account | Rush Hour Anti-War Rally A Huge Success - Rochester NY | 3,000+ People March for Peace on a Weeknight in Seattle | Protests at Fed Building-SF - Civil Disobedience | OTHER REPORTS ]

PMA Locked Out in San Francisco!!!
From the open publishing newswire: San Francisco - October 10, 2002 - Bay Area environmental, economic and social justice leaders gave the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) a taste of its own medicine today by locking the shipping bosses out of their downtown San Francisco headquarters. During the lockout, activists unfurled a 120 square foot banner reading, "Bush Makes PMA Rich; Workers Get The Taft," from above the doorway of the PMA building. [ PDX IMC Newswire Story ] [ SF IMC Newswire Story ]

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