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17.10.2009 10:04
VIDEOS: Homeless Protest at City Hall
homeless protest city hall 10.10.09 I stopped by the "NO Camping Law" Protest, at Portland City Hall, and not expecting to see anyone I find about 20 people who are "protest/camping" around the building to demand changes regarding sleeping in a safe place without arrest at night in Portland.

The protest and some of the problems are discussed in the four short vidoes. The restroom issue was something I feel needs better attention by the city especially now that they closed the city hall rest room and there seems to be not much available from what I hear.

The protest seems respectable yet poignant in its demands. With winter quickly approaching and with others being criminalized for sleeping outside the city is being pressured to step things up.


12.10.2009 09:25
Pirate Healers Treat Sick Sea Lion Stranded on the Coast
Sadie While the community was expected to sit back and watch helplessly, a young sea lion lay dying on the coast near Seaside. Authorities were adamant that no treatment would be provided: They decreed that nature should take its course with the animal, and that they felt they needed to "keep humans out of the equation." This might have made more sense, had the sea lion not been sick and malnourished in the first place due to human interference in the ocean ecosystem. And nothing could be more hypocritical than the suggestion that humans must keep their compassion "out of the equation" on the coast while other humans have inserted themselves violently into the equation on the nearby Columbia - by killing sea lions for eating fish.

In Cascadia, though, we like to think for ourselves. We follow our hearts more faithfully than we follow the dictates of people who consider themselves to be "The Authorities." And so the people of Seaside began bringing fresh water to the sea lion dubbed Sadie by the nearby community.



11.10.2009 15:04
World boycott campaign to Chiquita for its support of the Coup d'Etat in Honduras
In response to the call made by the National Front against the Coup d' Etat in Honduras we are promoting a world campaign to boycott Chiquita which supports the Coup d'Etat in Honduras. Visit the web page of Chiquita's Headquarter in Cincinnati, OH (USA) and send them the following message: I DON'T BUY CHIQUITA BECAUSE IT SUPPORTS THE COUP D' ETAT IN HONDURAS

FACTS: On June 28, 2009, military commandos involved in the coup d'etat arrested the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. They attacked his residence with machineguns, kidnapped him and took him to the US military base at Palmerola. The plane carrying the "president-prisoner" flew to Costa Rica, where he was abandoned in pajamas on one of the runways. It is a military-business coup d'etat, planned by the United States IV Fleet, which buries Honduras once again in its dark past of military dictatorships.

All of the international organizations of the American continent, the United Nations, the European Union, etc. condemned the Coup d'Etat and demanded Zelaya's return to the Presidency of the Republic, out of respect for the will of the Honduran voters. We have therefore launched the World Campaign to Boycott Chiquita, one of the corporations that most stridently oppose Zelaya's government and support the coup. It is urgent to strike back at the transnationals that, behind the scenes, finance and support the coup-installed government!

For further information: http://www.rebelion.org (spanish) | http://www.counterpunch.org/kozloff07172009.html (english) | informationclearinghouse.info



11.10.2009 10:42
Strykers coming to Tacoma October 20th (more or less)
stryker The ship Green Point is bringing the 1-25th Strykers back from Iraq to be rebuilt at Fort Lewis. They expect to arrive around October 20th according to the Port of Tacoma's web site.

THEREFORE: I estimate that we're going to see a military load-in (incoming Strykers) at East Blair One on or about the October 18th - October 22nd time period and should make observations on the ground before that time to prepare for that eventuality.



10.10.2009 11:18
Red and Black Cafe 9th Birthday Bash!
Come party down with the Red and Black Cafe as we celebrate our ninth year as a radical / community space. There will be live music by:

Tansy & Tarweed (jazz / punk inspired anarcho-folk)
Slow Teeth (raucous vaudevillian folk)
Disemballerina (cello, guitar and viola doom, epic and beautiful)
The Dapper Cadavers (PDX favorite, punk-tinged old time)

In addition we will have TWO TYPES of kombucha on tap for sale, courtesy of local business Herbucha, as well as beer on tap. There will also be rad t-shirts, buttons and posters for sale, and literature / info tables by some local activist groups.

The event will be held at LIBERTY HALL on [Thursday} October 15th. It will all start around 7pm. Liberty Hall's address is: 311 N. Ivy Street.



03.10.2009 09:55
Jeff Luers is back in prison
After 6 hours of freedom, Jeff "free" Luers is back behind bars.

In a bizarre turn of unfortunate events, Jeff has been taken back in to custody after having a few moments of freedom.

Apparently this is because of an "error" on behalf the Oregon Department of Corrections. He was "mistakenly" released because they thought he was eligible for early release, but because of - as we understand it at this point - Oregon's Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentencing Jeff did not qualify for this early release.

Please write him letters of support:

Jeffrey Luers # 13797671
9111 NE Sunderland Ave
Portland, OR 97211-1708



02.10.2009 14:12
Radical Workshops at Econvergence
Econvergence Conference: NW Regional Gathering on the Economic and Ecological Crises

October 2 - 4, 2009 in Portland, OR

This three-day conference will include over 80 workshops and sessions (all sessions other than Noam Chomsky and Derrick Jensen will be presented FREE to the public). Workshops will cover diverse political perspectives and a broad array of topics including: the economic crisis, the environmental crisis, direct action, organizing, economic justice, environmental activism, war & imperialism, political repression, the Green Scare, veganism, anarchism, socialism, cooperatives, radical art and poetry, and more!

Check out the selected list of workshops below that indicates some of the radical workshops represented at the conference, listed by topic. There's really something for everyone. We hope to see you there!!

Friday and Saturday events will take place at First Unitarian Church of Portland (SW 12th Ave & SW Salmon St). Sunday events will take place at Portland State University, Smith Memorial Union. For more information and a complete list of workshops, visit www.econvergence.org.


02.10.2009 09:48
Jeff "Free" Luers is FREE!!!
Jeff Luers BREAKING: Jeff was released this morning!!!!!!!

A Lane County Circuit Court Judge has just signed a supplemental judgment granting Jeff an additional 30% reduction in his total incarceration time!!!

This is huge news and could mean that Jeff is released much, much earlier than the expected date of December 16, 2009, and of course 12 years earlier than his original sentence prior to appeal.

In the meantime, the weeks from now to December we had planned to fundraise for education and living expenses for Jeff are now out the window, so please dig deep and send in your donations now.

Donation options are available here, http://freejeffluers.org/donate.html | or you can buy something on Jeff's wishlist here: http://freejeffluers.org/assets/pdfs/WISH_LIST.pdf | http://www.freejeffluers.org


29.09.2009 13:54
Political Prisoner High Concern
Looking for support for an eco/indigenous warrior getting worst treatment of his lengthy sentence - worst treatment out of 5 fed prisons. Please write or call...

I don't want to use the words 'prisoner emergency' yet but we are rapidly approaching it. Hello, my name is Sumner Gray and I have been writing Oso Blanco aka Byron Chubbuck, for over 5 of the 10 years he's been in the fed. prison system and this is the WORST TREATMENT HE HAS RECEIVED while incarcerated. For full info on Oso visit www.osoblanco.org ('the case' and 'the cause' tabs explain a lot).

There are two main areas of concern. First is my belief that USP Lewisburg is an archaic institution, stuck in time in its interactions with inmates (openly racist and hateful). Oso has been punished for the silliest things and I truly believe that this prison is trying to rack up enough punishment time against him that he will lose all contact with the outside world. In short, they are trying to keep him indefinitely in solitary. Oso has racked up 1.5 years of no phone calls, 1.5 years of no visitation, and 1.5 years of loss of store privileges! He hasn't even been at this facility for 6 months (more details below). Secondly, mail (isn't that always a problem for political prisoners?) has come to a halt in and out for Oso. He has not received any of his three current paid for magazine subscriptions nor any political papers since his transfer to Lewisburg. Oso is an avid writer - often sending two to three letters out a day. All contact has been lost for months except to me off and on.


29.09.2009 13:52
John Day RMP Being Completed Using Misleading Information / Public Comments Were Modified
This involves modifying and tampering with public records, corruption, deceit and unfair treatment of the general public regarding the Bureau Of Land Management's planning process and handling of public comments for the John Day Basin Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement and other matters.

It would serve the public interest best if the John Day Basin Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement was rendered not worthy of further consideration and set aside in the same way as its nasty sister, the Western Oregon Plan Revisions


29.09.2009 13:45
A Complaint About Police Harassment in Downtown Portland
I work downtown. I work in a high rise office building, I have a PhD, I pull in a fairly good salary, and I am very involved with my community. I tell you these things, not because I think you ought to be impressed by them, but because I want to draw you a picture of the two different worlds that I am part of and the perspective that gives me. In one world, I have a five star view of the city from my ivory tower office, where I interact primarily with people in suits. In the other world, I am an advocate for people who are homeless - as I once was - and I am very close to the streets. And so this is where this story begins.


29.09.2009 12:55
Homeless people camp and protest once again at City Hall
BREAKING NEWS: Homeless people camp and protest once again at City Hall

An Organized night time protest is now in effect.

"We are here tonight to show that this is the only campsite that is safe inside the city of Portland and that we really need places that we are able to go for the night and know that we are going to be safe. By safe, we mean that we'll be able to pitch a tent or sleep in a shelter or live in a tent city without harassment from the police."

Read The article in full on Street Roots Website ... the link is below


29.09.2009 12:53
VIDEO: Emergency Solidarity Rally for Honduras - Portland 9.24.09
A dire situtation is at hand in Honduras

This was an emergency rally organized by
Jobs with Justice and PCASC to show support with the
Honduras people and their ousted president Zelaya

A 9 minute video from the rally at Pioneer Square on Sept 24th
As the president Zelaya is trapped in the Brazilian Embassy, a group of 50 meet in Solidarity in Portland...


homepage:  http://www.joe-anybody.com


29.09.2009 12:51
Excellent report of Pittsburgh Anti-G20 black bloc protests
This is on-the-spot reporting just in from the first day of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, which has seen a great deal of spirited resistance and confrontation—perhaps as much as has occurred at any anarchist mobilization in North America in half a decade. This gushy, hastily composed account presents the context, attempts to convey the spirit of the day, and raises a few preliminary questions.
The basic narrative of the day runs thus: The protesters attempt to reach the summit site, but are brutally forced back by police. They eventually turn around and march through Pittsburgh neighborhoods and shopping districts, where the police pursue and attack them. Property destruction intensifies in response to these attacks, and the conflict culminates in a standoff between police and students during which a black bloc destroys a business district.

Read here: Report linked to videos and pics


29.09.2009 12:50
Eric McDavid Update - Appeal, Birthday, and More
Hello friends, We are incredibly relieved to finally be able to tell you that the opening brief for Eric's appeal was filed on September 17. This is only the first step in a very long process, but after over a year's worth of delays, it was a welcome development. The government's response to Eric's brief is due on October 15 - although it is quite possible there will be more delays. We will post the opening brief on Eric's website soon. We also want everyone to know that after a recalculation of his points (what the BOP uses to determine in what security level prison to place someone), Eric realized he qualifies for a low-security facility. He has put in a request to be moved and is awaiting a response. We will let you all know as soon as we hear anything.

Eric's birthday is on October 7. It would be great if everyone could send him a quick note of support to remind him we haven't forgotten about him. You can send cards and letters to:

Eric McDavid 16209-097
FCI Victorville, Medium II
Federal Correctional Institution
Adelanto, CA 92301


26.09.2009 13:03
26.09.2009 12:58
Pink and Black Attack #3 out now!
We are proud to announce the release of the third issue of 'Pink and Black Attack', a queer anarchist publication from Olympia, WA. This issue provides legal updates and calls for legal support for comrades facing legal trouble as well as news and reportbacks from anti-corporate Pride actions. We also feature an interview with Terence Kissack and an excerpt from his book, Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States 1895-1917. Additionally, we feature more anti-assimilationist, anarchist queer analysis and thought.
You can download/read Pink and Black Attack #3 here:  http://zinelibrary.info/pink-and-black-attack-3

In solidarity-
Pink and Black Attack Collective


26.09.2009 12:45
Health Care Rally 09/22/09 Portland, Oregon
Tuesdays march was attended by over 400 people, many with signs for the public option and single payer, and against big insurance and the for-profit insurance industry. Speakers included someone who'd lost their house because of health care bills, Dr. Paul Gorman, and moveon.org people as well as someone from the AFL-CIO which has come out strongly in favor of Single Payer. The march began at Pettygrove Park and went around 200 Market building housing the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Video of march and speakers protesting Big Insurance trying to control debate over health care and stop the public option:

Related: Open Letter to Congressman DeFazio on Health Care


26.09.2009 11:41
ELF Graffiti in Washington State Threatens More Actions in the Future
Maltby, WA - The underground environmental protection group, Earth Liberation Front (ELF) left a strong warning in Washington State this week, spray-painting a message on industrial buildings in the City of Maltby. The message, left specifically for the Master Builder's Association and Andy Skotdal, owner of Everett's KRKO-AM 1380 radio station, stated:
"MBA KRKO/Snotdol Empire. If you continue to risk killing children, mother earth and her creations, all your holdings are targets. Rise up earth children, ever, ever, ever, ever so carefully. They watch everything. The time is now. Authentic ELF? Ask ATF/FBI about restricted water mains. Little water, better burn. ELF."

On September 4, the ELF knocked down two radio towers owned by Skotdal and KRKO near Everett, WA, leaving a banner claiming responsibility. Previously, on March 3, 2008, the ELF was responsible for burning three homes in the Woodinville, WA Street Of Dreams, inflicting $7 million in damages.

"The ELF takes action to stop the ecoterrorism caused by industries and governments who are more concerned with financial gain than they are with the health of their children, of their citizens, wildlife and planet," ... "Only when all of the corporate and governmental ecoterrorists have ended their destructive practices will the ELF be satisfied."



f*ck the corporate media 24.09.2009 09:34
Willamette Week Smears Rose City Antifa, Excuses Local Bigots
Rose City Antifa It's hard to know where to begin responding to an article as unethical and error-ridden as James Pitkin's recent Willamette Week story, "Anti-Fascist Front." As an organization committed to opposing racism and organized bigotry, Rose City Antifa's biggest concern is Pitkin's use of his position in the press to silence and trivialize the struggle of people of color, sexual minorities, Jewish communities, and others who are frequent targets of oppressive ideologies. Pitkin defends white supremacists and militant Jew-haters in his story. This article is a result of Willamette Week's willful ignorance of the far Right, and its inability to recognize fascists and anti-Semites unless they come dressed in swastika armbands or Klan robes.

Pitkin contributes to a culture of silence around issues of oppression and racial intimidation in our city, indicating that anti-racists are the bigger problem. To support this idea, he mischaracterizes our organization from the article's start to its finish, going so far as to claim that we refused to grant an interview. What he neglects to mention is that while in dialogue with Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman, we consented to do an interview on the condition that the Willamette Week correct factual errors on their website relating to Rose City Antifa, which they failed to do before our scheduled interview, therefore forcing us to cancel.

We have never had confidence in Pitkin's journalistic skills or professional ethics. It was clear by his earlier authorship of an opinion piece against Rose City Antifa ("Rogue of the Week" article of July 15) that Pitkin had compromised his ability to report news accurately and without bias. Our organization has talked with ethical journalists in the past, and is willing to do so in the future.

Related: Appendix: Willamette Week / Rose City Antifa correspondence | "Anti-Fascist Front" article in WW biased and selective



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