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03.02.2010 08:17
Marie Mason Vegan issues update
Hey All,

As many of you know Marie has been having problems receiving Vegan meals since entering in the Federal system almost a year ago.

We recently received a phone call from Marie during which she asked that friends and supporters write the new warden at Waseca and politely request she be given consistent and nutritionally adequate vegan meals. The hope is that with the help of outside support the new Warden will be more understanding of her situation then his previous counterpart.

A sample letter is included below.

In the Struggle,
Got Your Back Collective


29.01.2010 23:37
AR Folks PLEASE Chill Out
I know death is a scary and upsetting subject for most people. Emotions run high and people get confused about things. Especially under such strange and disturbing circumstances as the recent self immolation.
But in your search for meaning in this please be careful with your allies and comrades feelings. We're receiving a high volume of complaints from people who've had their feelings hurt and are expressing frustration with open publishing. Even worse than that, people are complaining that they are feeling discouraged from being a part of the struggle for animal rights (on all sides of the opinion spectrum on this issue).


28.01.2010 20:47
Searching for the Significance of a Life and a Death
Yesterday, a man set himself on fire outside Ungar Furs, and burned himself to death. We know his name now: According to the Alliance, it was Daniel Shaull. And we know that what he did appears to have been in solidarity with the animals who continue to die horrible deaths, day after day after day, to keep Nicholas Ungar in business. We know that, even as he was on fire and undoubtedly in terrible pain, he mustered great strength and tried to go inside the fur store to spread the flames to the coats and garments and blood-stained profits of the last fur store in Portland.

I would like to know more.


28.01.2010 10:57
Howard Zinn died today at age 87
Howard Zinn Howard Zinn died of a heart attack at age 87 today. Author of "A People History of the United States" he was an amazing historian, activist, and anarchist.

More information here:  http://www.howardzinn.org/default/index.php


26.01.2010 21:43
What’s rotten about education?
Budget shortfalls, student ratios, and teachers' contract disputes hamper institutions' ability to educate students
Let's just say it: education is pretty messed up right now.
Oregon taxpayers now spend roughly the same amount of money to incarcerate 13,401 inmates as they do to educate 438,000 university and community college students. But spending on prisons is growing at a faster rate than education and other state services.


26.01.2010 16:06
Forty activists and homeless people from Portland joined newly-formed WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) protest in San Franciso for march down Market Street for housing rights and against 'crimes of status' with target of Nancy Pelosi's office. Organizers also helped with a picket in Ashland against US Bank over 66/67, and a forum on housing politics with JwJ/OA.
On January 20, 2010, the one year anniversary of Obama's Inauguration, hundreds of West Coast activists and poor people pooled their protesting energy in San Francisco and marched down Market Street in the rain to Nancy Pelosi's office, advocating for more housing funding and civil rights. WRAP, Western Regional Advocacy Project, with members from Sisters of the Road and Street Roots in Portland, endorsed by PSU Progressive Student Union, Tenant Rights Project and Transit Riders Union (among others) in Portland, and including groups from San Francisco and Los Angeles, like LA CAN -- organized this protest, with the theme "Housekeys Not Handcuffs."


25.01.2010 16:08
Join us for a presentation on animal consciousness.
Can fish feel pain? Are birds stupid? Is all animal behavior just instinct? Science has come a long way from the days when it was thought that only humans had emotions, could think, or were conscious. Join us on January 28 for a special presentation on the cognitive and emotional lives of animals....


25.01.2010 16:07
Pre-Olympics Street Medic Training in Bellingham, WA
The Rosehip Medic Collective is holding a 20 hour basic Street Medic training in Bellingham, WA on the last weekend in Janurary, with a focus on training medics for the Anti-Olympics Convergence. In these trainings we seek to empower people to provide
quality emergency care in situations pertinent to activists. We will train you in giving a basic assessment, in offering friends and allies life saving first aid, discuss strategies for dealing with police weapons and violence, and many other awesome things.

This training will be the weekend of January 29-31, 5pm-9pm on Friday and 9am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. We ask for a $20 donation to cover the cost of materials, supplies, and travel, but no-one is turned away for lack of funds. We're not from Bellingham, but we can help to coordinate housing for people coming from out of town. Our priority is to get as many people trained as possible, and we will prioritize anyone planning on providing medical support at the Olympics. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make this training accessible for you.


24.01.2010 00:00
Protest the Reed College Chicken Slaughter!
PDX ADL will be bearing witness and protesting the Reed College chicken slaughter starting at 11:00am. Please come around 10:30 if you are interested in letting Gabriel Holt know that his murderous lifestyle will not be tolerated as a college course. Let's let the public know what is going on and let Gabriel know that he can not murder without consequence Sorry this is last minute everyone,

What: Witness and Protest the Chicken Slaughter at Reed
When: 10:30am
Where: 3908 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Why: Because taking the murder of farm animals into one's own hands is a false solution to animal suffering. Because these chicken's lives will be in the hands of inexperienced persons with a predisposition to killing. Because we will never give an inch!

homepage:  http://pdxanimaldefense.com
Indy Media Related Article:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/01/396827.shtml


24.01.2010 00:00
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back at Red n Black 1.24.10
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back Starts at 6:00 PM Sunday 1.24.10


.Video 1 introduction of delegation arriving at peace rally in Caracas
.Video 2 various scenes, bus, community council, media, protest march, street interviews
.Discussion on community councils and media in Venezuela
.Video 3 media in Caracas
.US intervention in Latin America discussion
.Video 4 Iraq Veterans speak on Telesur TV in Caracas
.Discussion on Military base buildup
.Video 5 Peace Rally in Caracas

Location: Red n Black Café
map:  http://tiny.cc/b8hBl

homepage:  http://www.pdxvenezuela.org


21.01.2010 16:01
Long Time Community Activist Passed Over Tuesday
Long time community activist Paul McAdams passed over this week in Medford Oregon.

Paul has been active in the Portland community for at least 30 years, participating in protests and working with community media. He photographed for the Portland Alliance and crewed for too many programs to mention at both Portland Community Media and Metro East Community Media.

Most noteworthy was his support and contributions to Native American issues and culture through the years.

There will be a memorial pot luck dinner at Portland Community Media tomorrow evening, January 22, 2010 from 7 - pm. Everyone is invited to attend and share in the memorial. Portland American Indian Movement drum will be in attendance.


19.01.2010 12:26
BOYCOTT (ST)UMPQUA BANK On Thursday, January 14, Josh Schlossberg and the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed a lawsuit against Eugene Police Department Officer Bill Solesbee, Chief of Police Pete Kerns, and the City of Eugene regarding a March 13, 2009 incident where Schlossberg was falsely arrested, injured, and jailed by Eugene Police Department Officer Bill Solesbee while Schlossberg was legally distributing brochures from the edge of a public sidewalk in front of Umpqua Bank in downtown Eugene.

Link to Utube Video


18.01.2010 14:52
Students and Faculty Occupy Building in opposition to SWAT POLICE training on WSUV campus
MLK picture with WSUV SWAT training We the student and faculty members of the Center for Social and Environmental Justice and Social and Environmental Justice Club on the campus of Washington State University Vancouver are now meeting in our building of work and learning.

We are here today as a direct response to the police, sheriff and SWAT training that has been scheduled to occur in our building concurrent with the campus's prescheduled Martin Luther King Day events happening elsewhere on campus.

We feel that this training is in direct opposition to the strategies and philosophy of Martin Luther King. We know that if he were here with us today Martin Luther King would challenge the claim that this type of militaristic civil drill is an effective avenue for addressing acts of violence.


18.01.2010 14:49
Pacifica Forum: Nazis & Anti-Semites Off Campus!
An anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi sympathizing group called the Pacifica Forum uses a loophole that allows them to meet on the U of O campus. Now a group of students and community members is standing up and saying enough - get this organized hatred off our campus! On January 8, 2010, University of Oregon students, activists and community members confronted and demonstrated against the Pacifica Forum, a documented extreme right wing hate group, during one of their meetings on the U of O campus.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors hate groups nationwide, the Pacifica Forum was founded nearly 17 years ago by longtime pacifist and retired U of O professor Orval Etter. The Pacifica Forum started as an informal group whose stated aim was to "provide information and points of view" on "war and peace, militarism and pacifism, violence and non-violence." The group was considered to be left wing.

See this related article "Local NAZI hand out flyers"


18.01.2010 14:45
Video: Bark Hike To Proposed Nestle Bottling Plant
Osbow Springs at Oxbow Fish Hatchery, Nestle Proposed Tap Source Currently, Nestle is proposing a new bottling plant in the town of Cascade Locks on the Columbia River, capturing the pristine water of Oxbow Springs. This video is from the January 2010 Bark Field Trip to the proposed Nestle bottling site. Hike is led by Loriann Burd of the forest advocacy group Bark and Julia DeGraw, of Food and Water Watch

Food and Water Watch Fact Sheet

24 minute Video Of Bark Hike
Sign the petition!

Article from the Bark Site

Bottling a hundred million gallons annually, Nestle is seeking to turn a profit on our most valuable public resource. There are several groups working together to support the residents of Cascade Locks who don't want a multinational bottling plant in their community; low-wage jobs or not. If you are interested in getting involved in this effort, contact amy@bark-out.org and stay tuned to Bark for upcoming actions you can take.


15.01.2010 19:55
Help Organize the 2nd Annual Cascadia Trans & Womyn's Action Camp!
This year will be the 2nd Annual Trans & Womyn's Action Camp in Cascadia.

The Trans' and Womyn's Action Camp (TWAC) is a annual gathering of activists with a diversity of backgrounds, but who have a focus on radical feminism, environmentalism, challenging gender oppression, and bringing down patriarchy. TWAC is for folks who identify as any variety of womyn, transfolk, genderqueer or intersex. This will be safe(r) space camp in the woods to share skills in a supportive, empowering and encouraging environment.

Last year was the first Trans'& Womyn's Action Camp (TWAC) in Cascadia, where folks from all over the country traveled to participate in over 40 workshops. Here, it was decided to host this as an annual event in Cascadia, in coordination with other TWAC's happening around the country during the same time.


15.01.2010 19:45
Southeast Oregon Plans a Coyote Killing Derby this Weekend
"That a state government agency would foster such a puerile, violent form of entertainment is morally unacceptable, and the logic behind it is nonsense. No one has undertaken a scientific study on the effects of the random killing of coyotes. In fact, as coyotes flee human threat, they regroup and reproduce, without the natural selection and competition of a large community of coyotes."

Beginning this weekend, hunters in southeast Oregon will host a killing derby, where "as many coyotes as possible" will be killed for prizes such as rifles, binoculars and scopes.

According to a 13 January Big Game Hunt notice, the derby will run from 16 January through the 17th throughout Lake, Malheur, Harney, and Klamath counties. The event will be headquartered in Silver Lake, Oregon, where the final winners will be determined.


15.01.2010 19:36
Primate Center Expansion Protest
Monkey Behind Bars OHSU is trying to expand their Primate Center and In Defense of Animals is working to stop them. Please join us to protest this proposed expansion and to inform the public about the primate center's history.
What: Demo against OHSU expansion project
When: Thursday, January 21, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Where: In front of the main hospital at OHSU - Marquam Hill Campus
Why: Because the monkeys need our help!


14.01.2010 06:40
Steve Murphy Update - Plea Agreement
Steve Murphy has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson. Today [1/11/10] court documents were filed in which Steve Murphy plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson. The charge carries the Terrorism Enhancement. Steve is now facing 5 years in prison. The documents filed today mention an unindicted co-conspirator.

At this time, there is no reason to believe that Steve is cooperating, and he still needs your support. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

pdf of plea agreement

Steve's support site is: supportsteve.org


13.01.2010 18:38
Portland's Mercy Corps accepting donations for Haitian earthquake relief
A major earthquake struck Haiti's capital, collapsing buildings and disrupting communications. As the devastation comes into focus, Mercy Corps is deploying an emergency team.


Mercy Corps is a great, local, four-star charity. Their website makes it easy to donate to Haitian earthquake relief. Haiti has suffered for years as the poorest country in the western hemisphere. They need our help now more than ever. Donate now and spread the word!


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