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22.02.2010 07:04
New to vegetarianism? Register for Veg 101 classes, sponsored by Northwest VEG.
Confronted by global climate change, health concerns, and disturbing news about the treatment of farmed animals, many people are switching to a flexitarian or vegetarian lifestyle. If you find yourself wondering about the impact of dietary choices, now is a great time to sign up for the Spring 2010 sessions of Veg 101, offered by Northwest VEG.

Veg 101 classes will run from 6:30-8:45 PM every Sunday from March 7 to April 25. Each class features a one-hour lecture and one-hour cooking class, with samples served. View the complete course description at  http://nwveg.org/veg101.php

Northwest VEG is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) group that supports healthier, more sustainable, compassionate food choices. Join us for the 2010 Portland VegFest, which will be held on September 18 and 19 at the Oregon Convention Center.

For more information about Northwest VEG, visit www.nwveg.org.


19.02.2010 13:13
Stand Together Against Police Violence March 3PM Friday
Rally and March in response to the recent murder of Aaron Campbell by Portland Police, and the perpetual violence perpetrated by police in our communities.

Pioneer Square @ 3pm on Friday the 19th!

Tomorrow, we are calling for the citizens of Portland to stand strong together against the violence inherent to the policing system. We have asked our fellow students to join us in walking out of classes and into the streets. We now extend our invitation to our teachers and professors, as well as to all of the many members of Portland's diverse communities. We will not be passive observers to the continued brutalization of our friends, neighbors and families, but instead will stand strong in opposition to those who would marginalize and attempt to quell our outrage.

See you in the streets!
love and unity,
Students for Revolutionary Action


19.02.2010 10:54
"ONE STRUGGLE-ONE FIGHT" An Intergenerational Political Prisoner Support Panel
'One struggle, one fight' - it can be an elusive concept. Please join
this panel of speakers as they talk about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, the Green Scare, COINTELPRO and how they relate to each
other. The aim of this panel is to explore how movements struggling for fundamental change can persevere over the long term in the face of state repression. This will be a benefit for the AETA 4, four activists in the Bay Area being prosecuted as "terrorists" for their beliefs. All money raised will go to their legal defense fund. In addition, this event will hopefully plant the seeds of solidarity and cross-pollination between movements.

-Friday, Feb 19 @ 5pm
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard
Eliot 314
-Saturday, Feb 20th @6pm
Red and Black Cafe
400 Se 12th Ave

Speakers: Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center), Nadia Winsted
(grand jury resistor), Claude Marks (Freedom Archives, former political prisoner), Jeffrey Luers (former political prisoner, environmental activist), and Walidah Imarisha (historian, hip-hop artist).



15.02.2010 07:34
Multi Media Report Back: News Conference On Killing of Aaron Campbell
Video, audio and photographs from the February 12, 2010 News Conference at the Portland Justice Center regarding the death of an unarmed Portland citizen at the hands of a police sniper.

A number of people stood forward and addressed the crowd and media, including JoAnn Bowman of Oregon Action, a speaker from the Urban League, former State Senator Avel Gordly, as well as representatives from a wide variety of religions, to name just a few.
All voiced outrage and sorrow at the latest death of an unarmed citizen at the hands of our law enforcement officers. All were numb with grief, yet moved to action, on how to organize on local, state and federal levels to end this abuse of power.
Many regarded the actions of the PPD as reprehensible, and demanded an independent investigation of the incident.

Audio of Speakers at the News Conference | Audio of Marva Davis, mother of Aaron Campbell | A Growing Concern


15.02.2010 07:27
Video: Honduras:Elections & Resistance - labor activist Jose Baqendale Portland 1/28/10
honduras resistance The 110 minute video as well as five out takes from the presentation on January 28 in Portland was organized and sponsored by www.PCASC.net

These are 5 short YouTube out takes from his 2 hour speaking engagement on 1.28.10: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Jose Baqendale discusses (1)The coupe (2)The Resistance (3)The Police (4)Missing People & Womans March (5)The Front's policies

Link to entire 100 min Archive .org Video


12.02.2010 10:26
Rose City Antifa Calls for Protest of Neo-Nazi Pacifica Forum Presentation Tonight
Jimmy Marr of the National Socialist Movement is scheduled to give a presentation for the anti-Semitic Pacifica Forum on Friday, February 12 entitled "Can Myths Harm Indigenous Peoples?" The presentation will take place in Agate Hall on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon, at 5:00 PM. Local anti-fascists are calling on people in the region to demonstrate against this unapologetic show of bigotry and eliminate the Pacifica Forum as a platform for Neo-Nazi propaganda. Meet at 4:30 PM at Agate Hall.
Anti-fascist groups in Eugene, Oregon--including, but not limited to, the Black Tea Society--will be demonstrating against white supremacist Jimmy Marr's Pacifica Forum presentation this Friday, entitled "Can Myths Harm Indigenous Peoples?" ( advertised on pacificaforum.org ) Rose City Antifa supports the Black Tea Society's call for active opposition to the anti-Semitic, racist Pacifica Forum, which has served as a platform for prejudiced propaganda on the University of Oregon campus for years. Demonstrators will be meeting at 4:30 PM on Friday, February 12 in front of Agate Hall on the U of O campus, at 18th Avenue and Agate Street in Eugene, Oregon.


11.02.2010 11:50
DISRUPT the opening ceremonies! at Pioneer Square on Friday
Friday the 12th, at pioneer square, the opening ceremonies of the olympics will be aired live on two large screens. I am not sure what time this is, but I do know that a disruption would be in good form. If you find out the time, please post on the calendar.


11.02.2010 11:44
Tre Arrow to speak at Reed College
tre arrow Tre Arrow to speak at Reed College
Thursday, February 11, 2010
7pm, Blue Heron Infoshop (Gray Campus Center Room 34)

Tre Arrow served 5 years in state custody after being accused by an FBI informant of masterminding a series of political arsons in Oregon in 2001. Tre fled to Canada, but was later arrested there, held, and ultimately extradited back to the US after being denied political asylum. Prior to his flight and ultimate arrest, Tre was a prominent organizer and activist working to protect Oregon's ancient forests, including Eagle Creek, a major drinking water supply source for the state's citizens. Tre gained widespread public recognition for his 11 day occupation of a 9 in. wide ledge on the Forest Service Building downtown.

Having recently completed his sentence, Tre will speak publicly for the first time about his activism, his case, his extradition, and his prison hunger strike.


11.02.2010 11:40
Portland Indymedia Web Radio is looking for New Shows!
Portland Indymedia is looking to add to it's already stellar line up of show. Have a show idea? Maybe it's time to make that idea a reality.

Do you have a radio show show idea that you've always wanted to do but weren't sure how to get started or thought that it would cost too much? Portland Indymedia has radio times open in our schedule and is looking for people who want their own radio show and are social justice minded. Here's the schedule with current shows and times.

Monday - 1,2,3 Who Cares airs 9pm to 10pm Tuesday - maximum Damage airs 10pm to 11pm Wednesday - OPEN Thursday - The Naked Diablo airs 7pm to 9pm

Friday - Sex Positive airs 7pm to 8pm and Foxfire Radio airs 8pm to 10pm Saturday and Sunday are OPEN.

Look at all the opportunities!!! To get involved it's easy come to any Saturday meeting at the Red and Black Cafe 400 se 12th ave and let us know your interested. We'll get started from there, just remember that Portland Indymedia is Social Justice based news site and your show should have some element of that.


11.02.2010 11:31
Protest police shooting of unarmed black man! 10 am, Thurs 02.02, Justice Center
Members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA), other concerned organizations, and the community at large who are outraged at the death of Aaron Campbell by a police assault rifle in late January, will gather at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11 at the west front steps of the Justice Center on SW 3rd Avenue in Portland to present community demands related to the case. From there, the group expects to hold a picket line around the Multnomah County Courthouse on SW 4th Avenue in support of an indictment for Officer Ronald Frashour who, in the words of Portland Police Association President Scott Westerman, "shot an unarmed black guy running away from us."


10.02.2010 17:06
Little Beirut Welcomes Karl Rove
Break out the welcome party
Karl comes to Little Beirut this evening
The protest starts an hour before the event
LOCATION of protest:
 http://tinyurl.com/yz3grm2 (map)

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1037 SW Broadway-Portland Oregon

PROTEST TIME: 6:00 PM 2.10.10
VIDEOS from Protest are Now Posted


10.02.2010 13:46
anti-2010 solidarity: local company team sends three snowboarders to olympics
no idea when or by whom window in picture broken, or for what reason New Page 1

Local snowboarding-gear company "Grenade "Gloves" boasts on their website (http://grenadegloves.com/news.php?id=721) that three snowboarders from the company team, known as "the army," will be competing at the 2010 winter olympic games, to be held on stolen native land in St'at'imc & Squamish Territories. The three athletes, Greg Bretz, Scotty Lago, and Louie Vito, express excitement and eager anticipation for participating in the olympic games, with no apparent analysis of the harmful impact that the olympics will have on the people and the living environment where it's taking place.

According to no2010.com, the snowboard and freestyle events for the 2010 games will be held on Cypress Mountain, located near north Vancouver. Cypress Mountain has suffered an onslaught of clearcuts to make room for the ski resort expansion to accomadate the olympics, including 9 new ski runs, 3 new chair lifts, a new lodge, and a "state of the art snow-making system."


In Related News

Indymedia Reporter Detained in "No Mans Land" on his way to Vancouver Olympics

Another independent journalist was turned away at the US-Canada border Tuesday on his way to Vancouver to cover protests at the 2010 Olympic Games. John Weston Osburn, a long time indymedia activist, drove 2,000 miles from Salt Lake City to cover Games with the Vancouver Media Cooperative. He was interrogated and denied entry into Canada, making him the second US journalist to be denied entry in the last four days.
VMC: After he was turned around, he went back to the US and tried to re-enter Canada, this time at the truck crossing, where he was again denied entry due to past convictions for misdemeanors. This time, he flipped on his video camera to record the experience. Stopped by homeland security, Osburn was again interrogated about the Olympic protests. When he told homeland security that he wanted to speak to a lawyer,


Also see this related story

Independent media reporter rejected at border, detained by border agents & denied contact!


10.02.2010 13:39
Community Calls for Justice in Aaron Campbell Shooting
News Conference, Picket Line from Justice Center to County Courthouse Thursday, February 11, 10:00 AM

Members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA), other concerned organizations, and the community at large who are outraged at the death of Aaron Campbell by a police assault rifle in late January, will gather at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11 at the west front steps of the Justice Center on SW 3rd Avenue in Portland to present community demands related to the case. From there, the group expects to hold a picket line around the Multnomah County Courthouse on SW 4th Avenue in support of an indictment for Officer Ronald Frashour who, in the words of Portland Police Association President Scott Westerman, "shot an unarmed black guy running away from us."

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10.02.2010 13:34
Eugene's Black Tea Society: Emergency Call to Action!
Recently intercepted communications from the neo-fascist/third-positionist Pacifica Forum indicate that the NSM ( National Socialist Movement, the new name of the American Nazi Party ) is planning on showing up in force to their next event. This we cannot permit. Therefore we, the Black Tea Society are putting out our own call to for anti-fascists from across the state to converge on our city on February 12th to confront the Nazi menace. The Northwest is front line of the the battle against the fascism, many of their ilk are hoping to make this part of the country where they make their stand, it is also where we and all students of history will put an end to them. ( we mean end philosophically of course)


09.02.2010 09:07
Bark About to Fish Creek
2008 Hike to the proposed Palpmar pipe line near Timothy Lake This area is a microcosm of many issues that Bark is working on in the National Forest, and we will be discussing them in relation to the proposed Palomar Pipeline. The current route of the Palomar Pipeline will run through Fish Creek, damaging old growth, reopening closed roads, and placing water quality at risk for both salmon and people.

What better way to make Mother Earth your Valentine than by getting to know her better and learning how to protect her. See you on the trail!

Carpools meet at the Hollywood Trader Joe's, 4121 NE Halsey in Portland. It is across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2. If you would like to meet us between Portland and the forest, please call the Bark office in the week before the hike to arrange a meeting location.


09.02.2010 09:05
At its regular meeting tonight, the PPS Board will vote on whether to accept Resolution 4214, a $320,000 revenue contract for the StarBase program, an educational program funded by the Department of Defense. Students in Starbase get 25 hours of so-called science, math and technology instruction at local military bases. A growing number of Portland parents and community members strongly oppose the StarBase program, because it is used as a recruitment tool by the military and heavily targets low-income youth. They are urging the Board to vote down this contract.

"We oppose the militarization of our children through a science curriculum," says Jessica Applegate, mother of two PPS students. "This program is funded out of the Department of Defense recruitment budget and takes place on military bases."

UPDATE: The StarBase discussion has apparently been pulled from tonight's School Board agenda. The discussion is being postponed till the next School Board meeting on February 22 or March 8.

You will be kept informed.

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08.02.2010 11:02
Demo at Ungar Furs report back
This winter has seen a decline in active protesters outside of Portland's last fur store at the same time as an increase in seasonal shopping for fur coats. This past week however brought the spirit of resistance back to life for me as I saw many friends and comrades showing solidarity for the countless victims of animal torture.


08.02.2010 10:02
Independent media reporter rejected at border, detained by border agents & denied contact!
Martin Macias Jr., an independent media reporter from Chicago travelling
to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, has been rejected by
Canadian border agents and held without outside contact for at least 7
hours (as of 9pm) today.

Macias arrived in Vancouver from Chicago (via Minneapolis) on a 11:30am Delta Airlines flight on Saturday, February 6, 2010. He was detained for hours by Canada Border Services agents in the Vancouver International Airport and questioned about his plans during the Olympics. Ultimately he was refused entry to Canada. He was then put on an Alaskan Airlines flight to the Seattle / Tacoma Airport (departing at 2:40pm). As of 9pm he had not been able to contact legal counsel or his travelling companion since before his rejection at the border. The information on his rejection was only made available through the US Consulate. It is routine for people rejected at the border to be interrogated by both Canadian and US border agents; he may well still be detained for questioning in the USA at this point.


08.02.2010 09:56
Radical Botany: Skillshare - Spring plants in Cascadia - Nettles and the potherb
It is the time of year to begin harvesting in the wild. Spring tonic plants are available due to our warm winter weather. Also, plants used for basketry and fiber are available. Go out in the woods and connect!

here a number of native plants that are very important to health, nutrition and ecosystem support. This is the time of year to start looking for basket-making plants.

Nutritional - Medicinal

There were a number of plants that were known by First-peoples of Cascadia that helped humans survive starvation and nutritional imbalance. Know by Europeans as "Spring tonic" plants, these plants with their new shoots are full of nutrients that are helpful to our well being. For instance- stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) when picked young, can be steamed and eaten in February and March. This plant has been known to alleviate muscle pain, depression and tiredness. Because of the unusually warm weather this winter in Cascadia, I have already begun to harvest young Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettle is often found in semi-wet well drained areas. The plant is often found near Horse Tail (Equisetum arvense).


08.02.2010 08:02
Medics, Mediators, Cooks etc. still needed for EARTH FIRST! OC/WR in SB Feb. 11-15!!!
This is a quick shout-out to let everyone know that the EARTH FIRST! Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous is still happening next week in Santa Barbara.

All are invited, but people with skills are especially needed to come down and help make this party a reality.

PLEASE COME TO THIS PARTY! The Organizers' Conference portion will occur from Feb 11-13 and the Winter Rendezvous portion from Feb 13-15th. For details on where it is, what to bring and other valuable information, check out 2010oc.org.

thanks for reading this, and may the forest bewitch you. hope to see y'all in Santa Barbara!



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