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16.03.2010 17:37
Veterans for Peace Forum, February 2010
Portland Oregon Public Access program sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72.
Host Dan Shea interviews Afghanistan War veteran Tobias Shea and singer songwriter David Rovics
The program begins with a YouTube video from David Rovics

Following the video, Dan interviews Tobias and David. Total program is 48 1/2 minutes in length.

VFPForum, February 2010

Veterans for Peace Forum airs on the fourth Saturday of the month at 7:00 on channel 11. It is produced by Kellie La Bonty through the facilities of Metro East Community Media in Gresham Oregon.


animal rights 11.03.2010 11:53
5 More Sea Lions Die Today
sea lions According to ODFW spokesman Rick Hargrave, seven sea lions were trapped today [3/9/10]. Of those, five were allegedly on the government hit list - the list of animals who have been "observed eating at least one salmon." As a result, according to Hargrave, all five were to be put to death some time today. We were unable to confirm with him when the event took place - he said he "wouldn't know till the end of the day." At the end of the day, of course, he was unavailable. He was clear, however, that the sea lions would be killed. Rick Hargrave may be contacted by calling (503) 947-6020 or faxing (971) 673-6070. [ Read More ]

Sea Lion Advocates Confront Robert Stansell at Bonneville Dam

Today [3/10/10], representatives from at least three different animal advocacy organizations converged on the Bonneville Dam office of Army Corps of Engineers fisheries biologist Robert Stansell. Matt Rossell from NW In Defense of Animals, Julie Farris of the Sea Lion Defense Brigade, Justin Kay of the Portland Animal Defense League, and a contingent of members of each group wanted to speak with Mr. Stansell about the role that he, and the Army Corps of Engineers, have played in the unnecessary and tragic killing of sea lions on the Columbia river. [ Read More ]


11.03.2010 11:45
"Granny D" Passes Away
Doris "Granny D" Haddock died peacefully today in her Dublin, New Hampshire family home at 7:18 p.m. Tuesday, March 9, 2010. She was 100 years old. Born in 1910 in Laconia, New Hampshire, she attended Emerson College and lived through two world wars and the Great Depression. She was an activist for her community and for her country, remaining active until the return of chronic respiratory problems four days ago

In the 1960s, she and her husband, James Haddock, Sr., were instrumental in halting planned nuclear tests that would have destroyed a native fishing village and region in Alaska. A public memorial service will be held this summer.

Video of Granny D when she was last in Portland December 2005


11.03.2010 11:36
Books to Prisoners needs help!
Hey Everyone, Books to Prisoners needs your help. We are broke and need money to send our packages out to prisoners. But there's some good news! Someone has made us an offer that may not be repeated:

A family foundation is offering 2:1 matching funds for any donations to BTP for the next 2 months. That means if someone donates $100, the foundation will give an additional $200...So please, please; if you have anything to spare at all, now is the time.

Books to Prisoners Benefit Show Saturday March 20


11.03.2010 11:32
FORECLOSURE WARS -- Do not lose your home!
stop foreclosure wars "If you are in foreclosure you are not alone. We are getting traction on this foreclosure disaster— We have gotten some of our foreclosures stopped and cancelled and are obtaining transparency on our loan issues in Jackson County so we can put together smart foreclosure defenses." --Portland Oregon Homeowners Foreclosure Support Group

Date: Saturday March 13, 2010
Time: 9:00am to noon
Location: Portland TBA (space lim-ited)
must pre-register with CODE - KT

RSVP for Location: 541.664.8332

Printable Flyer:  http://3bl.me/qvq2pe


11.03.2010 11:31
FREE Film Night - March 11 - Eugene
Civil Liberties Defense Center's FREE Film Nights

2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 pm
@ WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th (next to WOW Hall)

Monthly civil rights films this month:
Black Panthers

For more information, go to  http://www.cldc.org.


10.03.2010 17:16
Sweeping victory for SEIU reformers
IN A stunning upset, union reformers in Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021 swept to victory in their local's first-ever elections--an outcome that will rattle the top leaders of the 2 million-member union. The reformers in Local 1021 were expected to do well given the Northern California local's poor performance in defending jobs and public services, and local officials' seeming inability to resist concessions.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the state, reformers in SEIU Local 521 captured a number of seats on the local's executive board after an uphill fight. The Voices of the Members slate had to battle an army of paid union staff. The reformers were unsuccessful in winning any of the officers' positions, but their gains, coming alongside the win in Local 1021, signal growing dissatisfaction with the SEIU's bureaucratic methods.


09.03.2010 14:07
Save community tv
Take steps now to preserve community access television and free speech. At the city of Portland budget hearing yesterday, Commissioner Amanda Fritz said that if people are concerned about public access television (Portland Community Media) and want to prevent more budget cuts and in fact restore funding to PCM, they can make a difference by showing their support for community access by contacting all of the city commissioners. So if you want to protect your first amendment rights of free speech for all, and continue to have a platform to air your concerns about animal rights, the environment, the arts, politics, neighborhood livability, etc, contact all of the city commissioners and tell them to fully fund community media. Right now PCM's budget has been cut so much that the facility is relying on volunteers to keep it open. Please contact the commissioners and use your voice to protect this vital community service.

Amanda Fritz' Response


05.03.2010 08:28
PSU Marches Fourth!!


Why is it that neoliberal banks and corporations are bailed out while students are squeezed of every last penny by predatory student loans amidst our financial feeding frenzy?

On March 4th, over 400 students, community members and professors protested on the Park Blocks of Portland State University in solidarity with a national call to defend public education. Several student groups in collaboration with student government organized the rally as a direct response to the proposed economic deregulation and restructuring of PSU.

Students feel that the state funded institution is augmenting corporate interests while diminishing the quality, affordability and access to higher education. Students demonstrated their bravery by walking out of class at 1pm to express their heightened level of disgust and indignation with administrative ineptness and bureaucratic subterfuge. Speakers discussed the financial mismanagement of the education system in order to keep those who might be agents of social change in debt and bondage.

Local drumming troupe; Powder Keg led students, faculty and the public in a rigorous display of resistance to the neo-liberal capitalist vision of 'education' presented by the administration and board. The crowd proceeded to march across campus, occupying the hallways of the administration offices. There they presented the following demands agreed upon by students at all three of the universities in the Oregon University System:

Read More >>>


March 4 PSU Student Protest

The speakers at the rally articulated our opposition to adopting the public corporation model for our public universities. Barbara Dudley, a PSU professor and longtime activist, told us that OHSU, after embracing the corporate model, has raised its tuition fees so much that they are now the most expensive medical school in the country. She informed us that the plan to corporatize public universities has been around for a long time, and not a recent response to the financial crisis which occurred in 2008. Ronald Reagan wanted to implement it when he was governor of California in the 1970s, so that students would become so heavily in debt that they would have no time to be "troublemakers." This is a form of "structural adjustment" that many countries face, including Haiti. Wael Elasady, Co-founder of SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights) and PSU student activist, asked why billions of dollars are wasted by our government on wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, but when it comes to funding public education, we are told that there's not enough money. It costs about $1 million a year to deploy a soldier to Afghanistan, and $49,000 a year to incarcerate a prisoner in California. Why should students have to bear crushing debts or be denied access to higher education when the bloated military defense budget keeps getting more funding, including Obama's recent budget plans? He called for an end to wars and occupations, to the enthusiatic applause of students.

Read More >>> (this one has lots of pictures)

See all the pictures here

Click here to read a related article

Check out the Berkeley Protest Below

March 4th Pre-Games at Berkeley

California Rioters Battle Police at UC Berkeley


04.03.2010 10:02
Lionel is Dead: Executed By ODFW
New Page 1

Tonight, Lionel is dead. He was a healthy, friendly, gregarious sea lion who we were worriedly watching. We knew that he was among the animals absurdly listed by ODFW on their infamous hit list - a list of animals "observed eating at least one fish" at Bonneville dam, and therefore targeted for death. So when he showed up back in the ancient feeding grounds on the Columbia, near what was once Celilo Falls, we knew that the ODFW would be gunning for him. Today, when he hauled out of the cool water to sun himself in the warm spring air, he was trapped by ODFW and the Army Corps of Engineers. A short time later, he was injected with a lethal poison that stopped his heart, and he was killed.

If you are tired of this needless, sad killing, here are some things you can do:

1. JOIN US TOMORROW AT THE DAM IN PROTEST AGAINST THIS KILLING. We will be carpooling from the office of NW In Defense of Animals (1732 NE Alberta St, on the corner of NE 18th and Alberta Streets) at 10:30am sharp. We will meet at Bonneville Dam on the Washington side at 11:30am. Tell your friends, we could use some help. Speak up against the killing. If you have questions, please contact NW In Defense of Animals at (503)249-9996 or email Matt Rossell at matt@idausa.org.

Click here to read a related article


02.03.2010 17:41
This Weekend's Student Animal Liberation Coaltion Events
Friday, March 5 at 6:00pm. At Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union room 236 (Cascade Room)
Saturday, March at 7:30pm. At Portland State University 5th Avenue Theater (510 SW Hall St.)


01.03.2010 12:42
Come to PSU on the 4th to defend public education!
Hundreds Gather at the Education is a Right Rally!

In the defense of Education on March 4th A National Day of Action

WHO: Students, community leaders, and activists will rally to defend education in coalition with thousands from across the country on March 4th, A National Day of Action on behalf of Higher Education. Our local coalition is composed of the Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU), Students for Unity (SFU), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), Pan American Solidarity Organization (PASO), Radical Women, Faculty members, and volunteers through Jobs with Justice.

WHAT: In commemoration of the protests in California last year on UC campuses across the state, students return to continue to protest lack of an accessible, affordable education. Hundreds will gather to take a stand that education is a right!

WHERE: Portland State Park Blocks on the Center Stage

WHEN: Rally and speakers at 1P.M. Followed by a march and bands until 3 P.M, March 4th 2010


01.03.2010 12:35
About Portland Indymedia
Portland Indy Media - IMC Victory! Portland IMC is a multimedia news service with a social justice focus. It is part of the international network, "Independent Media Center", also known as "Indymedia" or "IMC" for short. The mission of Portland Indymedia volunteers is to empower everyone to be the media by providing and maintaining the tools & audience using an anarchist model of organization. Portland Indymedia encourages and PULLS content from local, first-hand experiences through OPEN publishing. Instead of pushing content like traditional media. In other words, we provide direct access to media.

Once upon a time, a few years before the invention of blogs and Twitter and social networking sites, Indymedia revolutionized the way media is made. Back then when corporations & powerful institutions, like the IMF, wanted to black out insurrections and dissenting voices it was relatively easy to do so. They had exclusive influence on the media. Then here came this wild idea. This Open publishing program, written in fancy new code that enabled comments to articles! The news content was USER driven. And...

Click here for the video of this speech and others from the E-law direct action panel


27.02.2010 13:56
Bob Williams, along with another Portland, Oregon, TriMet transit agency board member, quit this week in the face of recent protests and pickets over austerity measures by this $2.5 billion transit agency -- including gutting downtown Portland's so-called free zone, 'Fareless Square.'


27.02.2010 06:38
Say NO To Starbase!
This is a notice of a rally and testimony to the Portland School Board scheduled for Monday, March 8. The Starbase program is a Pentagon program that abducts elementary school children from public schools and brings them to military bases. This militarization of younger and younger children has got to stop.

Please come to the rally and meeting to support the school board toward making the right decision to say no to the military. It's bad enough that in order to get financial aid a young person must register with the Selective Service, and it's bad enough that the military recruiters have access to our high school students as a condition of federal funding. This is going way way way too far. Help! If we don't protect our five-year-olds, what does that say about us???

Click here to see a related story


22.02.2010 07:25
Death Row Dogs Get Sanctuary Thanks to Ananda and Olympic Animal Sanctuaries
animal sanctuary Last summer, two pit bulls were seized from a known dog fighter by the name of Eduardo Jose Ribaya in Columbia County, and the case wound through the courts for 8 months. Ribaya is a well-known top organizer of large-scale dog fight rings in at least three states. He has been convicted three times in California and Washington for the crime of fighting dogs. Ribaya was caught last July with the two Columbia County dogs, dog fighting equipment, a pit cut into the brush around the property he was using, and dozens of pot plants. For some reason, the County elected not to prosecute Mr. Ribaya but instead condemned the two pit bulls to death. Thanks to Ananda Farm Sanctuary and the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the dogs will get to live after all.

You can reach Ananda Farm Sanctuary at AnandaFAR(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can learn more about the Olympic Animal Sanctuary by visiting  http://www.olympicanimalsanctuary.org/.


22.02.2010 07:22
Ungár Furs Report Back 2.19.10: Resistance and Repression
caged fox It has been over two years since Nicholas Ungár Furs has become the focus of animal rights protest and demonstration. The demonstrations continue with perseverance even though they have become a target of political repression. This Friday, February 19, a minimum of 10 compassionate activists voiced their outrage at Nicholas Ungár Furs about the 50 million animals killed each year for vanity and status. The protest was positive and effective. Several people welcomed the activists' presence and engaged in conversation about fur and other animal issues.

The first surprise of the day was the discovery that a trash can in the underground parking garage of the Portland Clinic has become home to a "clandestine" video camera. No, the camera was not thrown away as trash. Rather, it was installed inside of the body of the trash can and pointed directly at Nicholas Ungár Furs and the protest activity. (Photos and video follow). Interestingly, that is not where the discoveries ended. Activists also learned that the FBI has begun questioning businesses in the area about protest activity.

*for more information about the fur industry:  http://www.furisdead.com or  http://www.furkills.org


22.02.2010 07:17
28th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Feb. 25 - 28 in Eugene
Continuing economic uncertainty is merging with environmental and social degradation, and humanity faces both a mounting crisis and a dawning opportunity. As environmental activists, we must recover from the damage inflicted on our communities, our nations, and our planet, renew our determination for and commitment to positive change, and reimagine how we shall move forward into the new century and toward future generations.

PIELC has become the premier annual gathering for environmentalists from across the globe, and is distinguished as the oldest and largest conference of its kind. The four-day event includes more than 150 panels, workshops, and multimedia presentations addressing the entire spectrum of environmental law and advocacy. This year's panel topics include: fighting coal power plants and mountaintop removal mining, responses to Copenhagen, water law and dam removal, sustainable architecture and design, grassroots environmental activism, recent environmental litigation and legislation, new developments in species and habitat protection from the U.S. and around the world, and many more.

View the whole panel schedule at:  http://www.pielc.org/Brochures/2010.pdf
Read more about the keynote speakers:  http://www.pielc.org/2010/speakers.html
Register for the conference:  http://www.pielc.org/pages/register_active.html
Ride and housing boards:  http://www.pielc.org/phpbb2/index.php

homepage:  http://www.pielc.org
phone: 541-346-3828


22.02.2010 07:14
Blockade of Golden Ears Bridge, Unceded Katzie Coast Salish territory
As part of the No 2010 Olympics Convergence, members of Katzie First Nation and supporters took part in blocking the Golden Ears Bridge spanning the Frazer River between Pitt Meadows and Langley B.C. - Coast Salish Territories. Early this morning [February 13, 2010] members of Katzie First Nations and supporters took part in blocking the Golden Ears Bridge for 10 minutes in protest of the creation of this unwanted infrastructure. Its purpose is to transport stolen resources from other sovereign native nations, to be shipped out throughout Asia, and ship in unnecessary sweatshop made merchandise for chain stores. This bridge has desecrated a traditional site that dates back over 3000 years, and negatively impacts our sacred food source, the salmon. My people have been told when to fish and how big our net can be since our book of rules (Indian act) in 1896. My family has been arrested for fishing when they were not allowed.


Vancouver Media Coop


22.02.2010 07:09
Lone Vet Report and Karl Rove
Portland, Oregon Tells Karl Rove To Go To Jail.

The World Affairs Council of Oregon arranged a debate between Karl Rove and Dr, Howard Dean on the 10th day of February 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Almost 100 protestors, most outside and some inside brought the message to Karl Rove that he should be before a judge and not making millions of dollars on a speaking tour with Dean. There were many who also had a message to Dr. Howard Dean, "You are enabling this man to become rich, and you must stop it now."

Outside there were representatives from Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, the Pissed Off Grannies, Individuals for Justice, and other groups. Inside there were about a half dozen members of Individuals for Justice who pooled their money to buy a $47 ticket, (each) and confront the man we call traitor. One by one we stood up and yelled from the balconies...




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