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LABOR 17.10.2002 17:00
Resolution of the International Solidarity Commission (IWW) against the War
From the open publishing newswire: Declaration of the official stand of the International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World, standing in opposition to War and Empire.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Industrial Workers of the World call on its members and allies to vocally oppose the Anglo-American war against Iraq and advocate against the recruitment and participation of workers in domestic spying efforts, as is possible through popular education, pickets, leaflets, email list-servers, on-line chats, forums and direct action.

Be it resolved that the Industrial Workers of the World call on the United States, United Kingdom and their Western allies to immediately stop the export of weapons and honour their treaty commitments to destroy their stockpiles of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. The West must demonstrate the political and military futility of these weapons to the rest of the world and reduce their availability or other States will never stop trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. [ Read Full Resolution ]

[ IWW Website ]

Bike Delivery Workers Stage Picket Line
from the open publishing newswire: Workers and supporters are staging a picket line at the Transerv Systems Dispatch. All but one transerv worker, who is on vacation, staged the picket line. Management, some for the first time in years, got on their bikes to do the work. Many supporters came to the picket line, activists in the anti-fascist movement, Cascadia Forest Alliance, and Seattle EF!, as well as workers from other delivery companies stopped by to show their support. Some workers seemed to almost be on strike as well. The company was dropping packages from a second story window on the side of the building so that the managers that are now doing the work wouldn't have to deal with the picket line.

The Picket line is at 310 SW 4th Ave. Till 5pm Today 8/17 and all day tommorow 8/18. Come down and show your support.

from another post on the open publishing newswire: As many of you are already aware, your same-day package delivery company, Transerv Systems, has been moving towards unionization. The efforts are grassroots, entirely worker-run, and all volunteer. Workers elected to organize with the Industrial Workers of the World, a directly democratic union. An official NLRB election was lost in August, due to the unexpected "packing" of the election vote with process servers all over the state of Oregon, many of whom own their own businesses.
[ Post by the Union ] [ Post by IMC reporter ] [ What you can do to help ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 17.10.2002 15:04
Columbia Helicopters Active at Peak Timber Sale
From the open publishing newswire: Although one week behind their scheduled arrival, Columbia Helicopters began operations at Peak on Monday, October 14, 2002. Columbia Helicopters is engaged in nefarious activities throughout the world. According to their website (www.colheli.com) they have become the world leader in helicopter logging, annually yarding more timber than any other company.

Columbia also works extensively in petroleum exploration. They work on oil operations in Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru and the Sudan. No doubt indigenous cultures are being affected by this colonial, tyrannical exploration. Columbia Helicopters President Mike Fahey is a staunch advocate of BushÂ's Â'forest policy.Â' Fahey attacks the notion that thinning small diameter trees would help reduce the fuel load, Â"...radical naturalists posing as environmentalists tell us to perform minimal, if any, thinning...In trying to protect our forests, it is senseless to distinguish between trees with or without commercial value.Â"

Two tree-sits remain at Peak, one in each unit of the sale. In the ongoing struggle to end commercial logging on public lands, resistance to the Peak timber sale continues both inside and outside of the 700+ acre closure area. Forest Defenders are well and their spirits are high. [ Read More... ]

Past Stories
[ Oct 10 Feature - Eugene Rally in Solidarity with Peak forest defenders | Earth First! Blocks all four access roads to peak timber sale ]

[ Mazama Forest Defenders | pdx indy forest activism page ]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month a cover for pharmaceutical shilling
From the open publishing newswire: So, Zeneca, the originator of Breast Cancer Awareness month is the manufacturer of carcinogenic petrochemicals, carcinogenic pollutants and a breast cancer drug that causes at least four different types of cancer in women, including breast cancer. I ask you to stop and think, "Is something wrong with this picture?"

The simple fact is that drug companies sole motivation is increasing their bottom lines-period! Never forget that orthodox cancer treatment is an enormous business in the US, at around $110 billion a year for all cancer care. Pharmaceuticals make billions peddling toxic cancer causing drugs that have failed for over 50 years. They have, and continue to, suppress natural and inexpensive so-called alternatives because the competition would greatly reduce, or completely negate, their profit margins. We must have medical freedom of choice. [ Read More... ] Exposing the Cancer Indu$try and the Suppression of (so-called) Alternative Treatments: cancerinform.org ]

Give Oregonians a Choice for Safer Foods
From the open publishing newswire: The mandated labeling of genetically engineered foods in Oregon has become a crucial national issue. If Oregonians succeed in passing Measure 27, we will be setting a precedent, one that Monsanto does not want to see. The coalition of heavyweight biotech companies called CropLife International, in conjunction with brand name producers such as PepsiCo, General Mills, and ConAgra Foods, has committed $6 million to defeat it, contracting with the prestigious Portland firm Conklin, Fiskum, and McCormick for media and public relations work, according to OÂ'DwyerÂ's PR Daily.

WeÂ've already seeing the results in glossy brochures, mailers, and television ads thick with misinformation put forth by hired "experts." Chief among the arguments we are hearing from the opponents, who call themselves the Coalition Against the Co$tly Labeling Law, are the grossly over-estimated projected costs, partly because they insist the measure will include food servers such as restaurants. Proponents of the measure point out that the terms "food service" or "food server" are not mentioned in the measure, and that major food retailers in the European Union (including Safeway) have reported no significant increase in consumer food costs because labeling of genetically engineered foods is required there. Thirty-five nations, with half the worldÂ's population, either require labeling of GE foods or ban them outright. [ Read More... ]

[ The Monsanto Files | Vote Yes on 27 Website | GE Food Labeling Campaign ]

Wedding Preparations Continue for October 30th Day of Action Against GE Foods

LABOR 17.10.2002 13:06
ILWU Labor Dispute to Escalate - PMA forcing unsafe conditions
From the open publishing newswire: The Port bosses, represented by the Pacific Maritime Association is filing data with federal prosecutors today, which they claim will prove that the ILWU is engaging in a slow-down strike. On October 16th, US District Judge Alsop formally approved the 80 day "cooling off period" provided under the anti-labor Taft Hartley Act. Judge Alsop's order further forbids any strikes during the 80 day period.

The PMA hopes to force a speedup of the pace of work on the docks. The bosses claim that the pace of work has fallen off by 22%. The Judge's order requires that Dockworkers "work at a normal pace."

Longshore union representatives, however, state that ILWU members are working at the greatest speed consistent with the safety of the members. [ Read More... ]

Past Stories
[ Back To Basics - A Longshoreman's thoughts | PMA Locked Out in San Francisco!!! | ILWU and 'Solidarity Forever' from the SF Central Labor Council | support the Longshore & Warehouse Union against Bush/Ashcroft | ILWU will untie ship with military cargo... Port of Oakland | Australian Unions Join West Coast Picket Lines | PMA brings armed goons to negotiate | ILWU Workers Barred from Ports ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 16.10.2002 21:07
Lewis & Clark students voice opposition to Bush forest plan with banner drop at environmental symposium
From the open publishing newswire: At approximately 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 15, students at Lewis and Clark College dropped a 25-foot banner reading "Don't Blame Forest Fires: Logging Destroys Forests" in protest of proposed U.S. Forest Service policies that would accelerate logging on public land. Four students climbed to the roof of the Templeton Student Center and unfurled the banner after Department of Agriculture Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Merlin E. Bartz finished his presentation as a panelist at the college's annual Environmental Studies Symposium.

We're here to say that we don't support increased extraction of the remaining old growth in America under the guise of fire prevention" stated Rob Hopkinson, a student protester. Julie Engle, another student, said that "The Forest Service needs to listen to its own scientists, who have found that increasing logging actually increases fire danger. The proposed logging increases will heighten the danger of catastrophic fire for ecosystems and people." [ Read More... ]

RACISM / THE POLICE 16.10.2002 20:22
March for Police Accountability this Saturday in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: There will be a march and rally this Saturday, October 19th in Portland to demand police accountability, an end to racial profiling and a halt to discrimination in social services. Communities United to Uphold the 14th Amendment ask everyone to turn out for this event.

The march and rally, which are sponsored by the NAACP and the Police Accountability Campaign, will begin with a rally at 11 AM at the Mallory Avenue Church, 126 N.E. Alberta. The march will begin at noon and end at Irving Park at 7th & Fremont. The closing rally at 1 PM will feature speakers, food, music and an open mic.

The sponsors have secured permits for these events. Families are especially encouraged to attend. [ Details ]

Baltimore 28 Benefit @ the Starr E. Rose on Oct. 22
There will be a benefit for the 28 anti racist activists illegally arrested while protesting the National Alliance and other white supremacist groups in Baltimore, MD on August 24 [ see story at Baltimore IMC ]. The event will feature music and spoken word from Sean Brooxx. Turiya Autry, Desert Rat and Fern Cappella. Oct. 22, 7:00 p.m. at the Star e. Rose, 2403 NE Alberta. [ Read More... ]

FORESTS AND FISH 16.10.2002 20:19
Siskiyou Wild Rivers update
From the open publishing newswire: An anti-forest bill (H.R. 5319) proposed by Scott McGinnis (R-CO) and Greg Walden (R-OR) would permit logging of old-growth trees, roadless areas, municipal watersheds, limit public participation and gut environmental safeguards for a logging activities defined as a "hazardous fuels reduction projects." In addition, it would chain fire protection projects to commerical logging through so-called "stewardship contracts." This bill has been approved in committee, and a slightly altered "compromise" bill may be offered for an entire floor vote soon.

If this bill becomes law, areas affected by the Biscuit Fire, including the North & South Kalmiopsis roadless areas, old-growth forests, and the world-class salmon rivers of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area would be at risk. [ How to help ]

[ Siskiyou Wild Rivers | pdx indy forest activism stories ]

HOMELESS ACTIVISM 16.10.2002 12:56
Homeless in Eugene-protest & tree-sit
From the open publishing newswire: Travler is doing wonderful By the way. He tells me that he has never eaten so good. We have had alot of supporters bringing him food, toys, reading materials, and stuff. Stuff is always good. My name is Khi. I am the president of the Eugene Homeless Initiative. We are a group of homeless people who have decided to solve our own problems. [ Full Story ] [ Background ]

Traveler's starvation diet
Wed Oct 16 '02 - 3pm Update
The Eugene Homeless Initiative has a homeless man named Traveler tree sitting for homeless rights. He has vowed to stay up in the tree at the park on the corner of eighth and oak for as long as it takes the city of Eugene to let us build our own legal camp site. A police officer named Jennifer curry has cut off Traveler's food and water . She has decided to starve him out of the tree. [ Full Story ]

LABOR 16.10.2002 10:49
Nike Claims Right to Lie
From the open publishing newswire: Nike has applied to the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn a California Supreme Court ruling that held that Nike could be sued for making false statements in advertising campaigns. the state court ruled 4-3 that a plaintiff had the right to sue Nike for statements the company made in press releases, letters to newspapers and other media outlets, disputing accusations of sweatshop conditions, in the case where those statements are false. [ Full Story ]

Child Labor and the Bananas on your table

Human Rights Watch has reported substantial violations of international child labor conventions in Ecuadoran banana plantations. Ecuador supplies 24% of the bananas consumed in the United States. Children work under dangerous conditions in Ecuadoran plantations, and adult workers fear firing if they attempt to organize. [ Full Story ]

Support imprisoned SOA protester Chani Geigle-Teller
From the open publishing newswire: In July 2002, Chani Geigle-Teller was sentenced to 6 months in a federal minimum security prison and fined $1000 for her role in last year's national protest at School of the Americas (SOA) in Georgia. She entered Federal Prison Camp Dublin in September. As an activist, a former OregonPeaceWorks program assistant, and as a person, she is much loved by her community. During her trial, she received public support from the City Council and residents of Salem. Chani was one of many activists, who received six months sentences for speaking out against the brutal violence carried out by SOA graduates. Other Oregonians also protested at the SOA last year. Like all political prisoners, she deserves our support. Take a few minutes to write her a letter and let her know she is loved, missed, and admired.
Federal Prison Camp Dublin
Chantilly Geigle 90968-020
5775 8th St., Lamp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568
Salem Vigil/Rally This Thursday: Please Support Chani Geigle-Teller and speak out against an attack on Iraq every Thursday, 5:30-6:30 pm at the corner of High & Court in Salem

Benefit Dinner: There wiil be a Benefit Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction to raise funds for this year's SOA Oregon Delegation. The event will be held at the First Congregational Church, 700 Marion St NE, in Salem. We will show the new SOAWatch video and provide an update on Chani. We also hope to provide musical entertainment. [ Details on all of the above ]

[ SOA Watch website | previous stories: Chani Geigle-Teller Sentenced To Federal Prison | 10 School of Americas protesters receive six-month sentences | 50 gather to Support the SOA 37 in Salem | Salem City Council Sends Letter to SOA Judge | Crossing Lines of Justice - Voices of SOA Activists ]

...AND NOT A DROP TO DRINK 15.10.2002 19:05
Pacific Green Party presenting Water Regionalization Forum
From the open publishing newswire: The City of Portland is currently engaged in talks to share control of the Bull Run watershed among the thirteen municipalities that it serves. This important (and under-reported) decision could have a dramatic impact on water rates, new development, and accountability. A panel will present their arguments for and against the proposal, as well as an update on its current status, and then take questions from the audience.

On Thursday, October 17 from 6:30-8:30 pm, there will be a forum to present various perspectives on the proposed regionalization of Portland's Bull Run water supply. The forum will take place in the U.S. Bank meeting room in the downtown Multnomah County Library at SW 10th and Taylor. The event is being organized by the Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party to educate the public on the pros and cons in regard to this important decision, as well as its current status. Panelists will include Mark Knudson from the City of Portland's Water Bureau; Edward Campbell, a Water Resources Staff Assistant; Scott Forrester from Friends of the Clackamas River; and John Wish of the Portland Public Utilities Review Board. [ Read more... ]

[ Pacific Green Party, Portland Metro Chapter ]

ANARCHISM 15.10.2002 15:57
Discussing Anarchism
From the open publishing newswire:"Begin with the thesis: Whenever possible and to the greatest degree possible, breakdown hierarchical state structures and construct participatory and equitable social institutions."
[Full Story]
"No matter what you think of Anarchists, any basic understanding of 19th and 20th century American history will illustrate the key role's they have played in labor struggles, peace movts, women's rights, birth control, civil rights, ecology and the critique of corporate globalization."
[Full Story]

[Webster defines Anarchy]
"You're the anarchists, tell me how it's done -- not that I don't understand the theory, not that I ought to read this or that, but tell me how these very basic government functions would be performed in a world without leaders."
[Full Story]
"In describing or defending anarchism, people have been providing some historical examples to show that it can really work. Unfortunately, I don't think the examples are relevant to our time or place in history."
[Full Story]

FOREST ACTIVISM 15.10.2002 15:00
Bark Field Trip To Borg Timber Sale
From the open publishing newswire:
This months BARK Field Trip visited the Borg Timber Sale in the Oak Grove Watershed, part of the Clackamas River Watershed system. Borg has already been partially cut and yarded, though many fine stands of trees remain after much of these forests were either clear cut or thinned in the mid 60's. [ Full Story ] [ AUDIO ]

Resistance and Oppression in its Many Forms

From the open publishing newswire:
Upcoming Forums
Measure 27 - GMO Foods events - Eugene
TUESDAY, October 15th - Opposition is building from Corporate agribusiness interests and Corporate food manufacturers. U of O students are planning events to educate the public about this important measure. [ Full Story ]

PPS Student Action Coalition Meets Tuesday
Tuesday, Oct. 15: The Portland Public Schools Student Activist Coalition is meeting in the Red and Black cafe on about SE 22nd and Division at 5:00. Any high school or public college students are welcome to attend. [ Full Story ]

Tuesday, October 15, 2002: University of Oregon - Discussion of strategic threat,Oil Resources and Foreign Policy, Geopolitical Consequences of War in Iraq,Domestic Impact of War on Terrorism,and Pre-emption and International Law. [ Full Story ]

Forum on Measure 23 Pro & Con
Thursday, October 17th: Confused about what Measure 23 - Healthcare for all Oregon will mean to your life? Come to a town hall meeting and forum moderated by Joanne Bowman. [ Full Story ]

News & Callouts
Central America rising up against FTAA
Check out the news from Central America about today's massive protests against the acronyms from hell: FTAA, PPP, CAFTA. And get ready for the October 31 Radical StreeT Festival against the FTAA. [ Full Story ]

Dockworkers' Struggle & Int'l Solidarity of Labor
In an article in "In These Times", David Moberg discusses why the Dockworkers' contract dispute is of international significance and of interest to anti-globalists. [ Full Story ]

National Bi-Coastal Marches (DC & SF) - October 26th
Two weeks to go to get yourself and anyone and everyone you know to put themselves physically in place at the only national anti-war march announced to date. [ Full Story ]

Tens of thousands pledge: "Not in Our Name"
Tens of thousands said it together on October 6--in dozens of rallies and gatherings across the U.S., on banners and T-shirts, signs and songs, in chants, speeches and a solemn common pledge of resistance. [ Full Story ]

They're in there for us. We're out here for them... [ Full Story ]

From the open publishing newswire:
Bu$h - Cheney Critics are too generous
Iraq crossed western oil corporations 30 years ago, and the oil executives have long memories... [ Full Story ]

Corporate Eco-Terrorists Unpunished! 10,000 died immediately, and up to 20,000 in the 18 years since. Though 40 tons of toxic gases including Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) were released in Bhopal, Dow Chemicals (new owner of Union Carbide) considers the chemical make up of MIC to be a "trade secret" ... [ Full Story ]

Exxon-Mobil Working with Chinese to Build Pipeline Thru Tibet
A friend of mine told me of Exxon-Mobile's plans to build a massive pipeline through Tibet. I found out that through various webnews sites that 5 oil companies spent somewhere around 5 billion dollars on the Chinese government to exploit colonized Tibet... [ Full Story ]

SOMALI SOLIDARITY 14.10.2002 21:18
Stanley Cohen Presentation At PSU
From the open publishing newswire: Stanley Cohen, the lawyer for local spiritual leader, Sheik Kariye [who was recently charged and held without bail for Social Security Card violations], addressed a large gathering on Saturday evening, October 12, 2002 at Portland State University. This was his second presentation, and, though containing some of the material from his first presentation, proved again to be both humorous and inspiring. During this presentation, Cohen gives penetrating and often comical descriptions of the FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA, and other governmental agencies. Besides this, Cohen addresses many of the terms involved in judicial process: search warrents, subpenoas, material witness, secret evidence, and others. The talk lasted 90 minutes or so, but this audio file is from the last 54 minutes, containing the bulk of the new material. [ Full Story ] [ AUDIO ]

[ Related stories: State harrassment of Muslims: Sheik Kariye released on $250,000 bail (Protest - Oct. 11) | AUDIO interview with Stanley Cohen at Oct. 11 bail hearing protest | Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force harassing Somali community (report on a speech by a Somali activist in Portland - Sept 23) | Photos of same speech (Sept 23) | FBI Tests Show Sheik's Luggage Had No Explosive Residue (Sept 23 AP article) | Stanley Cohen, Civil Rights and Criminal Attorney (speaking about civil liberties and the Muslim community, 22 Sept.) | Courthouse Vigil for Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye (10 Sept.) ]

HOW TO CROSS THE DISTANCE 14.10.2002 16:49
Love, Intuition, Zapatismo
Quoted from the newswire: "For too long we have been trapped in a mindset of paranoia, fear and suspicion... No longer is the revolutionary problem how to form connections across regional boundaries, but how to cross the infinitely more troublesome distance which divides us one from another, the distance—which is really not so great—that separates the meeting two eyes locked in a gaze. Where as in past revolutions the problem was the spread of revolutionary ideas, our current problem is the spread of networks of trust."

"There is something that binds us that runs deeper than any ideology that can be articulated. Call it love, call it intuition, call it Zapatismo. Given the proper, radical space of encounter which we are currently proposing, it will become clear to us who has that love, and who does not. None of us need trust anyone else more than we feel comfortable, for to do this would be ignoring our intuition and thus strategic suicide. But when we feel the radical connection of love and rage that unites all revolutionaries, whether we meet in our hometown or the streets of D.C., we must begin to have the courage and passion to trust that which we recognize in others—the same as that which we recognize in ourselves. [ Full Article ]

[ organizing an anarchist network in portland | L.A. ANARCHIST ANTI-WAR CONFERENCE OCT. 25-27 ]

HOMELESS ACTIVISM 14.10.2002 15:48
Rally for the Homeless treesitter in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire:
For 3 days a man known as Traveler has been living in a tree in downtown Eugene to protest the war on Eugene's homeless. He will not come down until Eugene's war on the homeless has ended! Come show your support for the creation of a legal camping area for those without homes in Eugene. [ Full Story ]

PARK BLOCKS at 8th and OAK, downtown Eugene

Comment to the story: The city goverment in Eugene has been reluctant to seriously try and come up with any real solutions to the homeless problem.The city council is claiming that since the city has previously set up homeless camps in the past and experienced difficultys they are not willing to try again.Hopefully this tree-sit occupation will force them to look at the problem,which is growing,and find an acceptable solution.Everybody needs a safe place to sleep.

ANTI-GLOBALIZATION 14.10.2002 15:04
Mon & Tues, Speaker from Guatamala to discuss free trade and resistance
From the open publishing newswire:
Monday, October 14, 7:00 pm
St. Andrew's Church Gymnasium, NE 8th and Alberta.

Tuesday, October 15, 7:00 pm
SEIU Local 49 Hall, 3536 SE 26th Ave.

These two public events will feature Santos Choc, an indigenous campesino and community leader. Santos has been active in community organizing both defending human rights and protecting native forests for the past 15 years. Santos will speak about the challenges his community faces with the current proposed free trade policies, including the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) and the ways they are organizing to resist these agreements and plans. [ Full Story ] Labornotes on PPP ]
SPONSOR: PCASC, the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee CO-SPONSORS: [ [ Cross Border Labor Organizing Committee (CBLOC) ] [ Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE) ] [ Alliance for Democracy - Portland Chapter ] [ American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) of Portland ]

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