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20.04.2010 12:15
PDX Bring the Ruckus statement on recent events in the city
Since last fall, we've seen the facade of legitimacy surrounding policing and the liberal establishment in Portland collapse in on itself. Since the Portland Police Association's (PPA) November 24th march in defense of officer Christopher Humphrey's violent attack on a 12 year old girl, we've seen two police murders and numerous scandals involving off duty officers.
The most recent murders and police road rage cases do not exist as aberrations, but their visibility within the public eye marks the emergence of a new political moment, one in which normally submerged contradictions have been forced to the surface.

Between the impunity and hubris of the PPA and the failure of the liberal establishment in controlling the crisis, a political opening has emerged. As but one piece of the crisis of legitimacy emerging around both the police and liberal politics in this city, the actions of the Black Block and various anarchist tendencies in organizing street protests have stood as exceptional contributions to the exacerbation of this crisis.


20.04.2010 12:11
Portland May Day March and Rally
JOBS FOR ALL: Immigrants' Rights Are Workers' Rights!
On May 1st, International Workers' Day, Portland labor, immigrant, and community groups will come together to demand comprehensive immigration reform. Organizers aim to connect the many issues facing workers and the poor.
Celebrate International Workers' Day
Saturday, May 1st
South Park Blocks (SW Park and Salmon)

11am: Sign-Making, Entertainment
12pm: Rally
1pm: March

May Day has a rich history going back to the fight for an eight-hour workday. In Portland in 2006 we saw the largest mobilization in Portland's history with estimates of up to 40,000 people in attendance. Now, faced with a deepening economic crisis and increasing attacks on workers and immigrants, it is time for our movements to come together and support each other in the struggle for economic justice.


20.04.2010 11:59
May Day March, Rally and Celebration in Salem
Join the May Day March in support of the DREAM Act, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and to Pay Tribute to Latin American Workers.

The March will start at 11am near Jackson Plaza at Willamette University (900 State Street Salem, Oregon 97301) and go to the Oregon State Fairgrounds. There, we will hold a Rally for Immigration Reform and a Homage to Latino Workers: Celebrating their contributions to the State of Oregon

WHAT: May Day Rally for Immigration Reform and Homage to Latino Workers
WHEN: Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at 12:00 Noon to 8:00PM
Oregon State Fair Grounds
2330 17th Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301


20.04.2010 11:57
Police Accountability Panel CRASHES Itself
The distinguished and respectable panel of concerned community members were there. Portland city council hopefuls were gleaning future votes there. Your future correctional officers and enforcers of the law were there. A very visible and unwelcoming entourage of troopers filing in and out of the proceedings were there (if they were invited, they had nothing to say)... and there may have been an anar-chist or three in the midst...


20.04.2010 10:57
Operation Chi Lift: Time for a No Kill Nation
Oscar. Adorable and sweet, recovering from intestinal and respiratory issues Here at Ananda, we support No Kill policies. We know that we cannot take in every animal who is about to be put down in a shelter, but we do what we can and if everyone would do their part, together we could save them all. Last week, we were confronted with a difficult dilemma. We received word that the kill shelters in LA were over-flowing with dogs who were about to be killed. And with that news, came pictures and stories. This is something that Multnomah County officials would do well to consider - We know that the Multnomah County shelter is filled with healthy, adoptable, deserving animals, and we know that the Multnomah County kill rate is shamefully high. An animal going into that shelter has a higher chance of being killed there than of coming out alive. But we do not know which dogs are in danger and which are not. Because our space is so limited, and because we do not have unlimited resources, we cannot always be going in to the shelter here and pulling out animals. It is especially difficult for us to do that when we do not know which animals are about to die and which still have time left to find a home. Other shelters around the country, including the LA shelters, often have a published list, usually put out by rescuers who are given the information by shelter staff, of the animals who are about to be killed. That, my friends, is a very effective tactic - it's one thing to know that there are animals languishing in shelters, and another to see their faces and to know that it's up to you to save them.

And that is what happened to us last week.


20.04.2010 10:53
Anti-Racist Action House Bombed Near Vancouver, B.C.
Nine days after the shooting of anti-racist Luke Querner in downtown Portland by neo-Nazis, the house of a Canadian anti-racist organizer is targeted.
The second attack in less than two weeks on an anti-racist activist in the Pacific Northwest occurred in the early hours of Monday, April 5, in Abbotsford, B.C. A device detonated in the doorway of the home of Maitland Cassia, media liason and one of the organizers of the March 21 anti-Nazi rally at New Westminster's Braid SkyTrain Station. The "blast" woke the residents of the house around 2 AM


20.04.2010 10:47
Who Are The State Street 29
The State Street 29 is a group of individuals who were arrested on the
night of April 8th, 2010 and now facing charges from rioting to Felony
Assualt on an Officer. They were arrested at a march consisting of over
60 people that took place in downtown Olympia. The march was done in
solidarity with the West Coast Days of Action against State
Violence to draw attention to the fact that police everywhere are
perpetuating and fostering fear among our communities.

The April 8th march was similar to ones that took place in Portland,
Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area on the same day as well as
April 9th. These marches were formed to speak out against recent
unjustified violent actions taken by police officers in these cities
and surrounding areas.


20.04.2010 07:21
Portland Animal Defense League Targets HLS Supplier and OHSU
Portland, OR - Day three of World Week for Animals In Labs (WWAIL), organized by local grassroots animal liberation group the Animal Defense League, targeted the Staples Managing Office in Tigard and the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Beaverton.

Activists arrived at the office of the Staples Managing Office prepared for an office protest where they planned to leaflet the different cubicles inside. An hour after recon, the employees had closed up shop, doors locked, and all the lights were off. We were forced to leaflet the rest of the building and the cars outside in hopes of educating neighboring offices of Staples dirt. Staples has been a target of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign for nearly three years for their involvement as a supplier to Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

The Portland Animal Defense League would like to send a special 'Thank You' to all the folks who traveled from Seattle and Olympia to help out with the last two days of demos. Please consider joining activities for WWAIL, including leafleting at OHSU on Tuesday, April 20, 2pm.

Portland Animal Defense League


20.04.2010 07:19
Earth Day Rally against Oregon LNG abuse
Please join us for a demonstration in downtown Portland at noon on Thursday, April 22nd (Earth Day), to demonstrate your opposition to Liquefied Natural Gas development on public land!

This rally coincides with two important LNG happenings this month: The state of Oregon is considering extending a lease for Oregon LNG on the publicly owned Skipanon Peninsula in Warrenton. At the same time, Oregon LNG is being investigated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for misconduct and abuse of stakeholders in the permitting process. On the day of our rally the FERC investigative hearing on Oregon LNG's misconduct will be held at Portland City Hall and we will be there to show our opposition to LNG in Oregon!

No LNG Development on Public Lands!
Noon-1pm in front of Portland City Hall
1120 SW 4th Avenue
Thursday, April 22nd - Earth Day



20.04.2010 07:15
benefit for books to prisoners Friday night
books to prisoners Hello,

There is a benefit for Portland books to prisoners this Friday at the red and black cafe. The taxpayers and Lee Corey Oswald are playing. There may be a surprise band or two as well. The fun starts at 6:30 pm. Donations appreciated. the red and black cafe is located at 400 Southeast 12th Avenue. no one turned away for lack of funds.




19.04.2010 17:10
CRASH THE PANEL! on Police Use of Force and Accountability
Just One Bad Apple? The Panel on Police Use of Force and Accountability is an event taking place TONIGHT at PCC Cascade.

*With exception of the organizers, speakers and a small circle of involved people, The community is largely unaware of this important conversation taking place.
*The Agenda is exclusively focused on reformist measures in reaction to recent police murders.
*Be Present, Loud and Proud! Lets break they box that this discussion is currently in!
*T.J. Browning, The Chair of Portland Police Bureau Advisory Committee will be there.
*Its sponsored by the Criminal Justice Department of Portland Community College. The up and coming police force of the future.

More Info on the Panel:



16.04.2010 15:48
Video: Upcoming Opportunities to Resist LNG
Video from a recent field trip to the proposed natural gas Palomar pipe line crossing on the Clackamas river, recently designated as a Wild and Scenic River.

The hike was led by Martin Evans of the forest advocacy group, Bark, and Dan Serres of Columbia Riverkeeper.

Besides brief background information, Evans and Serres detail upcoming events where people can voice their opposition to a proposal siting these LNG terminals in Oregon in order to facilitate natural gas delivery to California, who have refused to allow these facilities in their state.

Video From April Bark Hike


16.04.2010 15:40
Northwest Anarchist Conference: Anarchist Practice. April 24th - 25th
A Short Introduction:
The idea and focus behind this conference is to bring different types of anarchist practice to the for-front and begin moving away from specific theoretical engagements. Rather than taking theory and separating it from its everyday practice. This is an attempt at allocating theory the ideas brought up in discussion and talked about and beginning to practice them (IE. Praxis). There will be no specific theory leading the discussions or dialogue throughout the time except for the person. The set up is to have the ability to talk and discuss the ideas in an open manner. So after every discussion there will be a small open dialogue about the ideas.


16.04.2010 15:38
Free Show for World Week for Animals Kick-Off
Join us for the beginning of a whole week of events. Please come to this to learn about the daily events of the rest of the week, including protests, leaf-letting, film screenings, an ADL benefit show, and other awesome actions!!
Saturday, April 17th- World Week for Animals In Labs Kick-Off Party!
Red & Black Cafe- SE 12th & Oak, 7p FREE!!

Speakers from In Defense of Animals
-Tre Arrow
-Cape Perpetua (Acoustic Doom)
-Evan Sadlou (Folk/Inde)
-Slow Teeth (Vaudevillian Anarcho-Folk)
Plus Inspirational Films of Activists Kicking Vivisection Ass!

Over 20 million animals suffer and die in U.S. laboratories every year. These innocent victims are subjected to addictive drugs, caustic chemicals, ionizing radiation, chemical and biological weapons, electric shock, deprivation of food and/or water, psychological torture and many other horrors. World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week (April 17th - 25th, 2010) is an annual, international event where activists come together to make a difference for these animals. These animals are depending on each one of us to stand up and act on their behalf.


16.04.2010 15:28
Portlanders Raise Money for Radical Writers
On the 27th of February 2010 three dozen Portland residents gathered to celebrate the Institute for Anarchist Studies and its primary mission of providing grants to radical writers and translators.

This was one of the first events in the Northwest for the IAS, and we were pleased to offer fine food and drink to our friends in the Portland community. All contributions collected that evening went directly to supporting radical writers and our important work. Over $1000 was raised!

Building off over a decade of experience, the IAS amplifies radical voices by providing funding so that grantees can create engaging and politically important contributions. Such grantees include Portland's own Kristian Williams (www.kristianwilliams.com), who spoke at the event, and is currently working on a book on Oscar Wilde and anarchism partially funded by the IAS. The most recent issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, a publication of the IAS, was also distributed to attendees.


16.04.2010 15:24
To Print for the Revolution: Celebrating Five Years of Eberhardt Press
During May an exhibit, event and fundraiser will take place to benefit Portland's own anarchist and radical publisher and printer Eberhardt Press.
The exhibit will run throughout the month of May at Red and Black Cafe - 400 SE 12 Ave @ Oak St. Portland - www.redandblackcafe.com
Posters, propaganda, books, zines and other printed materials which enliven and educate will be exhibited. Additionally, copies of Eberhardt Press titles will be available for sale. To view the exhibit, donate and purchase titles please visit during the Cafe's open hours 9am to 11pm, 7days a week.

Closing Party Friday May 28, 2010, 7pm at the Red & Black Cafe. $5 - 20 suggestion donation; Beer provided to all those who donate.


16.04.2010 15:11
International Lolita Protest
On May 15th, Portland is joining the worldwide protest for Lolita, the orca whale to be "RETIRED" from Miami Seaquarium to a seapen provided by the Orca Network in the Puget Sound of Washington.
Please join us May 15, 2010 from 12-2 at Waterfront Park at the Saturday Market entrance.

One location of 30 cities WORLDWIDE peacefully protesting for Lolita to be retired from Miami Seaquarium!

Lolita is an Orca whale captured off the shores of Whidbey Island, WA at age 4. A capture team using speedboats, airplanes and explosives forced the entire Southern Resident orca community into a narrow cove where they corralled all 110 orcas. When they chose the young ones to ship to marine parks around the world, Lolita was delivered to the Miami Seaquarium.

Lolita has lived 37 years in a tiny tank that is barely legal by the standards of the Animal Welfare Act. For a wild animal who swims 35mph up to 100 miles a day, this is extreme cruelty.


14.04.2010 09:25
Community Forum on the Police: April 14, TODAY 6:30 PM
In response to the recent deaths of Aaron Campbell and Jack Collins by members of the Portland Police Bureau, a group of concerned individuals and community organizations, with support from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods will facilitate a series of community speak-outs in April. In the first of a series, Community Report Part 1: A Call to Action will be held on Wednesday April 14, 2010 at Curious Comedy Theatre 5225 NE MLK at Vanport Plaza, beginning at 6:30pm.


14.04.2010 09:12
"But wasn't the latest killing justified?"
flyer format This is something that's been asked a lot lately: "But wasn't the officer's use of deadly force justified? I can see why people got angry about something like the beating of Rodney King, which was obviously breaking the law. But the shooting of Jack Dale Collins, for example, was by the book, and as such justified." So why continue protesting? Aren't masked anarchists really just hooligans looking for any ridiculous excuse to cause trouble?
Well it's technically true that all of Portland's recent cases of death-by-cop have been "justified." And that's exactly the problem.


14.04.2010 09:00
VIDEO: Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting
Portland Sharing Sidwalks Committee 4.5.10 The meeting was titled "Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee
It is an open to the public meeting held monthly on the first Monday of the month, in The Portland Building. The discussion was on sharing the public sidewalks in Portland


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