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09.05.2010 10:38
Right to Survive May Day Demonstration Video
A short video of May Day's Right to Survive action, including interviews explaining the event. Enjoy!

[Click the Read More link below for links to the video]


09.05.2010 10:35
Sit Lie - PDX Sidewalk Use
After hearing from the variety of concerned groups and citizens (Sisters of the Road, Portland Human Rights Commission, Portland Copwatch, ACLU, downtown construction workers, preachers, media activists, political activists, homeless folks and people with a home) all encouraging the city to NOT ...pass this sidewalk law... they did so anyway

And just so you know[.] Only 2 spoke in favor, and the city council reports that they are all fine with their compassionate, thoughtful concern fro the poor and homeless when they voted FOR THIS LAW. To me it seemed their minds were made up, and rather than postpone (or just scrap the whole thing)[.] It appeared to me they used the meeting to prop up their position of backing the PBA as they pat their own backs while telling the room they ..."really do care"[.] Shameful Outcome! How soon before the first lawsuit is my question?


09.05.2010 10:31
VIDEO: May Day 2010 - footage from Portland's protest
MAY DAY 2010 These are videos from the Portland protest march and speeches on May Day

Over 5,000 people attended this event Non Violent - Family Friendly - No Robo Cops

[Click the READ MORE Link below for a list of videos.]


03.05.2010 15:22
Public Hearing: We Demand Clean Air, Not More Acid Rain From Boardman
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now reviewing a "Title V" operating permit that would allow PGE's Boardman plant to continue polluting our environment and harming our health. This permit is an opportunity for DEQ to require full compliance with the Clean Air Act by requiring the best available pollution control technology at the plant. These costly measures could force PGE to close by 2014.

BACKGROUND: Portland General Electric (PGE) operates Oregon's only coal-fired power plant located in Boardman, Oregon. The Boardman Coal Plant emits 5 million tons of carbon dioxide, over 15,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and over 200 pounds of mercury every single year making it a major source of air pollution in the Gorge, and Oregon's largest stationary source of global warming pollution.

WHAT: Public hearing on the future of the Boardman coal-fired power plant. The DEQ is taking public comment on the Title V "Acid Rain" operating permit for Portland General Electric's Boardman coal-fired power plant.
WHEN: Tuesday, May 4th 6:30 pm
WHERE: DEQ Headquarters, Conference Room EQC-A (10th floor)
811 SW 6th Ave Portland OR



02.05.2010 10:34
Emergency Protest Monday: Solidarity with Oaxaca
May 3 2010 Oaxaca Solidarity Banner Portland


12 NOON MONDAY MAY 3rd Meet at the Mexican Consulate SW 13th and Morrison in Portland


12:00 del lunes 03 de mayo En frente del Consulado de México SW 13th y Morrison en Portland

On Tuesday, April 27th, a caravan headed to San Juan Copala was attacked by gunmen identified as members of UBISORT, an organization with affiliations with the PRI (Independent Revolutionary Party) political party. At least two are reported dead, Beatriz Carino, director of CACTUS, and Jyri Antero Jaakkola, an observer from Finland, several are missing, and at least one is wounded.

Video: Portland Solidarity Statement 5.3.10


28.04.2010 16:13
Sisters Of The Road Calls for Solidarity TOMORROW, 04.29, to Oppose New Sit-Lie Law!!
Thursday, April 29 at Noon meet at Sisters for a quick rally and then parade through Old Town spreadin the message that SIDEWALKS ARE FOR EVERYONE and celebrating our community! At 1:30 pm, we sign up to testify against the Sidewalk management Ordinance at City Hall and then pack the council chambers at 2 pm!


27.04.2010 14:00
Police Abolition March Communique
We took to the streets yet again last night (4/26). This was an anarchist police abolition march, which meant no reformist chants and no holding back. We went to the military recruitment center on 14th and Broadway, smashed every available window, and pelted the computers. This target is relevant because soldiers are the cops of the world. Just as the Portland Police commit racist hate crimes and enforce and oppressive social order, so to do soldiers abroad.

We also hit two Wells Fargo bank branches. Wells Fargo is the largest financial backer of G.E.O. group, which owns a majority of the privatized prisons in North America. G.E.O. group owns the northwest immigrant detention center in Tacoma, which every year kills immigrants through deplorable living conditions and denial of medical services.

A Bank of America branch was smashed as well. Their recklessness alongside other banks has caused a crisis of foreclosure and unemployment that is endemic of capitalism.


27.04.2010 13:45
AZ Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wear Nazi Uniforms in New Ad This Week
April 27, 2010


See R.E.M.'s "AZ1070" ad at http://www.responsibleeducationandmedia.org/az1070.html

PHOENIX, AZ: In response to the signing of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 last week, a new ad is set to run this week in Phoenix depicting Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Nazi uniforms with the message, "We Need A Regime Change." The ad, placed by the nonprofit group Responsible Education and Media (R.E.M.), will appear in the Phoenix New Times beginning Thursday, April 29.

The SB 1070 is a controversial new anti-immigration law signed by Brewer on April 23, making illegal immigration a state crime and allowing law enforcement officers to inquire into the immigration status of any person within the state. Individuals found to not have valid identification are subject to arrest and may be charged with violating this new law.
Read More >>>

Racist Arizona: report back from Phoenix protests Friday-Sunday 4/23-25

Brief notes from the protests I am from Eugene and drove to Phoenix to protest SB 1070, a law that was passed on friday which now makes it illegal to be in Arizona if you do not have papers. There are supposedly 500,000 undocumented workers, motsly from Mexico, in the state.

The rallies were large for a conservative city like Phoneix, mostly Hispanic, but with a few white people. Friday was a youth rally and youth march; mostly highschool students walked ten miles, from Glendale to the capitol. There was a twenty-four hour vigil on saturday, and huge crowds on Sunday to hear congressmen Grijalva and Guttierez speak.

Read More >>>

Arizona's Attack on Immigrants

Arizona's recently passed law as of Friday allows police to racially profile and sets dangerous precedent for the rest of the country. How we should respond. Arizona has opened the way for Gestapo tactics to enforce immigration laws. As of Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the toughest law against undocumented workers or "illegal immigration" in this country. The law once it takes affect would make it a crime to be in the state illegally and requires police to check suspects for immigration paperwork. The law will clean up everything law enforcement has not been able to do in the past few years obligating officers to determine immigration status often through racial profiling or if they have "reasonable suspicion" that someone is an "illegal immigrant". A person could be subject to an immigration check without breaking any laws and charged with state trespassing. Arizona has become the leader of anti-immigration legislation and a laboratory for anti-immigration measures that sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.


27.04.2010 12:26
Upcoming DEQ Hearing on PGE's Boardman Plant
Portland General Electric (PGE) operates Oregon's only coal plant located in Boardman, Oregon. The Boardman Coal Plant emits 5 million tons of carbon dioxide, over 15,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide and over 200 pounds of mercury every single year making it Oregon's largest stationary source of air and global warming pollution.


27.04.2010 08:11
Help Influence the New Forest Plans for Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountains Forests!
Hi everyone, Help protect three Blue Mountains National Forests from long-term Forest Service management harms. Spread the word & attend the [LAST] public meeting in Portland on [Wed] April 28 at the Red Lion Convention Center, 1021 NE Grande Ave, 5 to 8 PM

The new Blue Mountains Forest Plan will guide management of over 5 million acres of our public lands for the next 15 to 20 years on the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests. Your public comments are essential - it is of paramount importance that the new Forest Plan is founded on sound science; protects old growth forests, roadless wildlands, and salmon waterways; maintains biodiversity; and provides for the recovery of imperiled wildlife, fish, birds, and plants. Sierra Club members, volunteers, and allies are a powerful influence helping ensure the protection and resilience of these 3 Blue Mountains national forests! Comments are due by or before May 25.

Based upon public involvement, the Forest Service will issue a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for additional public comments in 2011. The final decision is expected in 2012. Help us ensure this process gets off to a sound conservation beginning!

Talking Points for your comments at meeting and in writing
Another place to send your opinions to Obama Administration about Forest Service Policies


27.04.2010 01:32
Oregonians' Bias Coverage on Confederate Bed Store/EyeSore
Dixie Mattress Co., the bed store with the two confederate flags out front located on the 3300 block of SE Belmont, has been bought & sold. The new owners have yet to be identified, & their plans for the long shuttered store-front are as yet unknown. The Oregonian had an article about this in yesterdays' edition, Friday April 23, 2010 Metro section page B3. The article, as typical for the corperate, slowly dying paper, was extremely bias to the point of obscene. In 2008 a decent citizen took it upon him/herself to cover up the two conferderate/klan flags with decals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many of you may recall this


27.04.2010 01:25
Candlelight Vigil Held Outside the Home of Notorious Vivisector
Portland, OR- To finish off a week of actions, education, and entertainment the Portland Animal Defense League visited the home of Eliot Spindel very early in the morning of Saturday, April 24. Activists were armed with their voices and with candles to mourn all of the animals systematically murdered at the Oregon National Primate Research Center.


27.04.2010 01:17
Audio of Ashanti Alston @ PSU
Ashanti gave one of the most inspiring talks at PSU today. For those that could not make it, BURN got permission from Ashanti to put this out there.


27.04.2010 01:14
Know Your Kitchen! FREE job skills workshops
The Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA) is proud to present Know Your Kitchen! a series of free job skills workshops. The workshops will educate workers on the kitchen techniques they need to advance in the restaurant industry, and allow already familiar workers a chance to hone their skills.

The Know Your Kitchen! workshops will be led by award-winning chef Andrew H. Garrett in the test kitchen of Bargreen and Ellingson: Fodservice Supply and Design.


27.04.2010 00:22
The Chicago Conspiracy West Coast Tour 2010
The Chicago Conspiracy begins on March 29, 1985. On this day, two young
brothers and militants of the MIR, Rafael and Eduardo Vergara, were gunned down by police as they walked through the politically active community Villa Francia. The Chicago Conspiracy is about today. Following a national plebiscite in 1988, the dictator Pinochet ended his rule in 1990, yet the struggle against both dictatorship and democracy continues.
Red and Black Cafe
Portland, OR

TUESDAY, APRIL 27 at 8:30 PM
Lewis and Clark
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR


27.04.2010 00:00
Rally for Oregon Jobs
Recently, Congressman Kurt Schrader said he wants to expand Free Trade Agreements to new contries - the same type of agreements that have cost Oregon thousands of jobs. He told the "Oregonian" that he is unwilling to continue unemployment benefits for people who can't find work.

Please join with Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, Union of Unemployed and others to demand jobs and unemployment benefits for those that have lost their jobs to the Republican/Banker/Wall Street economic collapse.

Rally for Oregon Jobs
Thursday, April 22 - 12 noon
Congressman Schraders's Office
8th & Main - Oregon City, OR


26.04.2010 23:43
Revamped Portland Alliance Forming Editorial Collective
There is much change and revitalized energy in Cascadia. Get your events posted in our monthly calendar! Get us to interview you about your activist work! It is time to create a new movement. It is time to birth a new anarcha leaning publication. It is TIME! The Portland Alliance is looking for experienced journalists to contribute to our ever evolving publication!


23.04.2010 07:29
Animal Defense League DropsThree Anti-Vivisection Banners throughout Portland
Dropped Over I-84 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, April 22, 2010
Portland, OR- Early morning on April 22, activists from the Portland Animal Defense League hung banners at three locations throughout the Portland area. The Portland Animal Defense League (ADL) is a grassroots organization dedicated to exposing and abolishing animal exploitation.

The action was taken as part of World Week for Animals in Labs, an annual and international event that highlights the brutal nature of vivisection and encourages people to take action against it. The banners carried messages against OHSU and the research conducted at the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC). Today's banner hangs come at a time when OHSU is requesting $15 million from the National Institutes of Health for a massive expansion of their primate research facility. The facility currently contains approximately 4,200 nonhuman primates and has been cited for numerous USDA violations, the most recent series occurring in November of 2009. An inspection noted 7 violations of the Animal Welfare Act including unqualified personnel, inadequate veterinary care, and improper housing. The worst came when an unapproved drug was administered to two rhesus macaque monkeys, leaving them dead.

This latest action taken is a sign that resistance to OHSU, the ONPRC and vivisection is building.


21.04.2010 06:40
ARA Presents: The White Power Movement on the West Coast...
In Portland, a long-time anti-racist is targeted for assassination in the downtown area. In Vancouver, BC, an anti-fascist activist's house is bombed. In Los Angeles, the National Socialist Movement rallies and is opposed by hundreds. In the Northwest, the Aryan Nations faces resistance as it searches for a community to base its new compound.

* How are white supremacists organizing in Portland? On the West Coast generally? Should neo-Nazis just be ignored?
* How have communities responded to white supremacist activity, and what can we learn? Are there lessons from Portland's own history?
* Is neo-Nazi organizing connected to anti-immigrant movements? The Tea Party phenomenon? How?

We are hosting a panel discussion and community speak-out to address these and other questions. Our goal is to bring people together who are interested in this topic, provide broader context & resources, as well as to kick-start conversations about building responses. Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm for the efforts ahead. We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, April 24, 7PM-9PM
First Unitarian Church, Buchan Reception Hall
1226 SW Salmon Street, Portland
FREE educational event (donations accepted)

phone / vm: 971.533.7832


20.04.2010 17:44
Anarchist Panther in Portland!
Ashanti Alston Omawali will be speaking in Portland this Wed and Thurs, the 21st and 22nd.

Ashanti started a Black Panther chapter in New Jersey, was a member of the Black Liberation Army, spent twelve years in jail, and is an anarchist. For a time he was on the board of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, and is part of the IAS' Speakers Bureau. He's an aweseome guy and a great public speaker. Come see him!

* Wednesday, the 21st, 4-7 at Mount Hood Community College: Jazz Cafe (26000 Southeast Stark Street Gresham, OR 97030).
* Thursday [the 22nd]
--- at Washington State University in Vancouver, 11am-2pm in the Firstenburg Commons. (14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue, Vancouver Washington 98686)
---at PSU, 3-6pm Thursday, the 22nd, in the Smith Room 327 (1825 SW Broadway Portland, OR 97201).

Come out to see him and all the other great speakers!



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