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28.06.2010 17:59
VIDEO: Our Budget, Town Hall, Protest, 6.26.10. Portland Oregon
joe anybody Filmed outside the Convention Center on 6.2.10 in Portland Oregon: A doctor and two activist/citizens talk with me about why this *lack of discussion inside the meeting is critical to the meeting being honest and meaningful and how it is being billed as democratic when it is not.

This video has three people explaining what is happening, which is sad to say, is actually they explain that which is not being talked about at the private funded Town Hall meeting inside. Things like Social Security, Health Care, Military Spending, Wall Street& housing bailout, Medicare and more in regards to this deficit and real honest solutions.

10 min video


28.06.2010 17:56
New AETA4 Support Video
Matthew Strugar (Center for Constitutional Rights), AETA4 co-counsel discusses the case of the AETA4, indicted for allegedly participating in home demonstrations to oppose University of California animal experimentation

link to video



28.06.2010 17:20
Against Patriarchy, Beyond Feminism July 9th-July 17th
9 days of events for Our Bodies, Ourselves... at the M11, 1212 S. 11th St. Suite 24 Tacoma

Factors of our society such as patriarchy -a family, community, or system that is governed and dominated by men- and the concept of human capital places each one of us in a submissive position in our daily lives. Whether woman, queer, person of color, or poor we are either victimized, criminalized, or pacified by the dominant culture. Most of the time this goes unnoticed, and is acknowledged as "just the way it is." There is no solution in perpetuating this sentiment, or merely replacing those who are dominant over others. There is no satisfaction in relying on politicians and the police. Within their existence and infrastructure, they will always be at the top and we will keep sinking lower into the their trenches.

In participating in this week of events, we want to build relationships with those around us that are ready to take an assertive position in taking control over our lives and how we are treated as human beings. There is no expectation of things changing over night, but this is a beginning... This is about communication, mutual respect, and having fun. We hope to see you there, and in the streets.



25.06.2010 15:12
Help Map the Gulf from Portland
The Government is not creating high-res maps of the Deepwater horizon spill that truly show the ecological damage. Grassroots Mapping is. Help build aerial photography rigs to send to the Gulf! no expertise required.

Grassroots Mapping is a group empowering communities to map their own space. They're in the Gulf right now using simple and cheap balloon and kite aerial photography rigs to photograph the oil spill. It's a truly grassroots effort, and the number of mapping teams continues to grow as teams train new teams. This Saturday at (Map here) in inner SE we'll be building balloons, testing out homemade designs to reduce the cost of getting airborne, and assembling rigs to send to the Gulf. Come join us- no expertise required, all supplies provided. If you can, bring food!


20.06.2010 20:29
June 19th Anarchists March against police violence
About 75-100 anarchists and supporters marched from the waterfront through downtown Portland. There was a moment of comic relief before the march started when an anarchist noticed a bike cop wearing "evil" socks. The intensity and the pace of the protest were not for those who value politeness and passive resistance over defiance and confrontation. The chanting went on almost non-stop; there were shouts of "Another man deceased, Who's to blame? The police," "No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police," "No KKK, No Fascist USA, No cops!" and "Our passion for freedom, Is stronger than your prisons." Many protestors handed out flyers and booklets "Get to know your police officers." Several also talked with curious passers-by about the issues.

We marched at a fast clip for over 2 hours, stopping briefly at NW 13th and Everett where James Chasse was killed by the cops. The anarchists attempted to march over the Morrison Bridge, but the cops quickly appeared to set up a blockade. Throughout the march, there were over 100 cops on bikes, horses and cars. It seems 3 people were arrested, for no apparent reason. After the second arrest, the riot police appeared to the jeers of the crowd. Finally, the protestors marched to the Justice Center to show solidarity with their comrades who were arrested. The march ended after 6 PM.

[Related Videos:]
Video link 1.
Video link 2.


18.06.2010 17:54
Fill The Streets June 19th! March Against The Police State!
March Against The Police Be there: June 19th, 3PM Sharp, SW Jefferson & SW Naito on the water front. Let the police and city know that we will not accept the murders of our community members, let the PPA and their new president know that closed negotiations are affront to a community already outraged by an out of control police department!

Related: Call for Anti-Authoritarian Black Bloc

Related: Call-Out for Non-Black Bloc Protesters


17.06.2010 09:03
Q&A with Tre Arrow on His One-Year Anniversary
tre June 8, 2010, mark[ed] the one-year anniversary of Tre Arrow's return to Portland. A year ago (June 8, 2009) Tre Arrow greeted a small group of well-wishers at PDX's Arrival terminal, climbed onto a tandem bicycle and merged into a sunny Portland afternoon. He wasn't home free, but--after two years as a fugitive and five and a half years of incarceration--he was home.

If you had been at Arrivals that day, you may not have recognized the biblically long-haired man with the slightly stern blue eyes. After all, it's been eight years...You may not have recognized Tre, until you looked down. Tre was characteristically bare foot. It's this podiatrical peculiarity that is Tre's most attributable feature.

Related: Recent Video of Tre Arrow


16.06.2010 13:00
Party for the Dogs! A Benefit for Ananda Farm Sanctuary
What: Benefit to raise money for the animals of Ananda Farm Sanctuary
When: Thursday, June 17, 7pm to 10pm
Where: Sweetpea Vegan Baking Co. located at 1205 SE Stark st
Why: To raise money for the animals, and to have a great time!

Sweet Pea is putting on a fabulous benefit to raise money to help with vetting costs for the rescue dogs of Ananda Farm Sanctuary. Ananda saved a group of dogs last month who were on death row in Los Angeles. Each of them came in with some very serious health issues, and would have been put down in the shelter had Ananda not stepped up to save them.


15.06.2010 08:16
Video: Anuradha Mittal Speaking About World Hunger
Excellent Keynote Speech by Aduradha Mitall, Executive Director of the Oakland Institute presented in late February at the 2010 Environmental Land, Air and Water Conference in Eugene.

Anuradha Mittal is an internationally renowned expert on trade, development, human rights, and agriculture issues. After working as the codirector of Food First/ Institute for Food and Development Policy, Mittal established the Oakland Institute, a progressive policy think tank, in 2004.

This video is about 30 minutes in length. Anuradha Mittal: World Hunger


15.06.2010 08:03
COMMUNE is a film about Olympia, Washington, and was a gift to the denizens of that small city. It's a street-level exploration of the Olympia social commons?a shifting space that erupts on street corners and bubbles up from an underground well of potential. Through casual interviews with strangers, the film dives into the depths of desire and unveils new uses of the spaces Olympians all share. It was meant to be a looking glass, a lens, and a thief's gaze directed at Olympia's own terrible community.

A terrible community constitutes itself in opposition to an opponent and, in that opposition, closes in on itself and begins to rot. Olympia, once home to ELF cells, the diffuse network of Port Militarization Resistance, and a broad community of anarchists, has become little more than a stale, dusty closet, a cafe-to-show circuit, a green-washed, gentrifying haven of the left. In short, a terrible community. COMMUNE exposes that Olympia runs business as usual despite its high activist-per-capita ratio and radical reputation. But the film also reveals the existence of different communes, spreading on their own, outside of anarchist or radical circles.


15.06.2010 08:00
There are oil spill nets still needed that would contain the spill and keep the currents underwater from picking up the oil and sloshing it all over the place.. the fact is, there were containment nets needed for the "exxon valdez " , "selendang ayu", "cougar ace",and "cosco busan, and the "f/v baranof and the tug "pathfinder' and the "dubai star" . These nets that would have been effective in heading off disasterous impacts have STILL NOT BEEN MADE!


15.06.2010 07:55
Anti Police Violence protest just ended
75 people estimated in front of city hall Friday 4 - 5 PM

The hour long protest was attended by less than 100 concerned Portland Oregon citizens Demanding that the killer cops be fired, and no closed doors for their union contact negotiation to the public. Group went to deliver letter to the mayor ...but the front doors were locked (it was after 5PM)



11.06.2010 19:50
Predator Film and Justseeds Art Show
"Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators" - Film, Art Show (by Justseeds Artists' Cooperative) & Discussion

Monday, June 14th @ the Hollywood theater - 7PM - Birds, butterflies, beaver and antelope, wildflowers and frogs — could their survival possibly be connected to top predators like the wolf and cougar? For those who have seldom given thought to the great predators so often missing from the web of life, here is a world of reason to think again. Following in the footsteps of wolves and cougars, and the scientists working to understand their place in the rapidly changing world of nature, award-winning filmmakers Karen and Ralf Meyer of Green Fire Productions have captured the predators' ongoing drama in their new documentary, Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators.

[A]ccompanied by an Art Show by Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, highlighting art about predators and our relationships with them. It will be followed by a Q&A panel discussion with scientists, wildlife managers, and conservationists.


11.06.2010 13:56
West Coast Regional Earth First! Rendezvous - June 11th-13th!
Action Camp For all those who love Ancient forests and wild spaces (and those who enjoy being alive, thanks to these forests and wild places!)... you are invited to join us in the trees for another summer of resistance!

The West Coast Regional Earth First! Rendezvous and Cascadia Forest Defender's Action Camp will be taking place June 11th through 13th. This will be an opportunity to sharpen direct action and forest skills and connect to people with similar skills/interests. This will also be THE BEST WAY to plug into the CFD's summer campaign to defend Oregon's native forests.

Camp will be within one hour's drive East of Eugene in the Mckenzie Watershed. Location is accessible by a public bus line. Stay tuned for directions and more information.

Updates can be found at:  http://forestdefensenow.org/

May the Forest Bewitch You!


09.06.2010 15:06
March for a Police Free Society, March Against the Police State
Every Portlander is affected by the police. Let's come together and let them know we are on our communities side. June 19th @ 3:00 Waterfront at SW Jefferson


08.06.2010 16:39
fascists on the move in cascadia
we need to understand that we are not facing the same circumstances that we were just a few years ago. this is a new, much more dangerous time for anti-racist, anti-corporate, earth and animal liberation, and other radical activists. the hammer is ready to fall on us, after the fascists have started the process by destabilizing communities through violence.

from vancouver to eugene, fascists have been boldly stepping forward...


05.06.2010 15:03
Matt Rossell Speaks on National Television Today for the Sea Lion Defense Brigade
While local "journalists" have consistently failed to ask any questions about the government's program of scapegoating and killing sea lions on the Columbia, the story was sucked right out from under them today by the national news. This is a story that has been meticulously covered here on Portland Indymedia for years now but, until today, the best the local corporate media could do was to either ignore the story completely or just repeat ODFW press releases verbatim, and curl up in the lap of the NW fishing industry.
It has been very frustrating to watch the truth swept aside in the corporate media all these years. So I am very happy to see this story today:

[video link]  http://tinyurl.com/2c94st4


04.06.2010 16:56
Red and Black Cafe asks cop to leave, mainstream media and boot-lickers throw a fit
Red and Black Worker-Owned Cafe For reasons unknown, former marine, Iraq-war veteran, current police officer, James Crooker went to the Red and Black worker-owned cafe in south east Portland and ordered coffee. He was given his coffee in a to-go cup and asked to leave due to the fact that cops make many people uncomfortable. This entirely reasonable act done out of concern for the well-being of other patrons has wrinkled the noses of Portland's cop-supporter community.

The corporate media has jumped all over this not-very-exciting incident and loonies have been making anonymous threatening comments on blogs and what-not. Now is the time for all of us who have been supported by the Red and Black to show our support and solidarity as our friends and comrades come under attack.

[related newswire]
Divided & Conquered
Red & Black in corporate media??


03.06.2010 13:52
Video: Memorial Day 2010
Video from the Memorial Day 2010 event sponsored and hosted by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72.

[Video:] Memorial Day 2010
The commemoration was held at the Koran Wall in the Memorial Coliseum complex, where two members of the Veterans for Peace,Chapter 72 gave brief comments before Taps was played to honor those who have fallen. A third commentary from another member now living in Seattle was also read.

The first speaker, Grant Remington finished his brief comments: "So while we reflect on the names on this wall, let us learn to love and remember that there is only one ambition that is good, that is to live now that none may weary of life and none may have to do the task we leave undone- and that task is to make peace."

Another member of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, Harvey Thorstad reminds the crowd of the tragedies of war, but not just the fallen and physically maimed soldiers, or even their families, but those tens of thousands who have returned emotionally scarred by what they have witnessed and in which they have participated. Thorstad recounts examples of what happens in war, soldiers killing innocent civilians and having to live with this the remainder of their lives.

War is hell for many reasons, most of which have no relevance to one's life until those heavy circumstances arrive, often squeezing heart, mind and soul out into streams of homelessness, drug addiction, and the inability to cope with civilian life.


03.06.2010 13:39
Countering the Westboro Baptist Church
Today,[6/3] over 200 people of all ages, genders, races and sexualities met hate head on as they confronted the Westboro Baptist Church during their protest of Grant High School.

Around nine or ten followers of the WBC arrived at Grant High School at 7am this morning. Their website (godhatesfags.com) said that they were going to be there until 8am.


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