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HOMELESSNESS 21.10.2002 22:43
Neighbors organizing to oppose closure of St. Francis' homeless services
From the open publishing newswire: Neighbors opposed to the closure of St.Francis' services for the homeless will be meeting at 6:45 pm, this thursday at Three-Friends coffee house. This is an open invite to all those interested in helping out, residents of the buckman neighborhood, however, are especially encouraged to attend.

Try to be there on time as the meeting will actually take place in one of our neighbor's homes. This meeting is intended to facilitate the formation of an organization that will coordinate neighborhood response to the upcoming anti-St.Francis get-together on the 29th of October, and to establish ties between Buckman's working class and the local homeless community. With any luck we will be able to create a long-term relationship that will serve to both assist the homeless, and provide a vehicle through which neighborhood issues can be addressed (and resolved) without the reactionary forces of business, property, and police getting involved. [ Newswire post ]

Videos from the Resistance
portland indymedia & the PSU Rearguard will present a Video Showing on the PSU Campus:
  • stories from the hearts and minds of those working for global justice
  • news from the local/global indymedia network
  • forest defenders on the streets and in the courts
  • critical mass ride
  • wyden sit-in
  • and more...
Indymedia Video Night
Thursday Oct 24th 7:30pm
PSU Campus - Smith Center - Room 238 - Browsing Lounge

[ Details & downloadable flyers ]

Calling All Students! - Indymedia on Campus! - Join the Resistance!

  • learn about guerrilla media - it's creative, effective, and fun
  • help start a student media/video group
  • help break the grip of the corporate media machine
  • help tell the stories from the hearts and minds of those working for global justice
  • get empowered, get informed, get active!
Indymedia Video Night
Thursday Oct 24th noon
PSU Campus - Smith Center - Room 355 - ballroom

There will be some video, discussion and training. All skill levels welcome
[ Details & downloadable flyers ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 21.10.2002 11:20
Stop the War on Iraq Before It Starts - Oct. 26 in NYC, SF, & Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld want war. The majority of the world wants and demands peace. Nelson Mandela spoke for most of humanity when he recently said Â"the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.Â" Mandela called the decision to attack Iraq Â"clearly a desire to please the arms and oil industries of the U.S.A.Â"

In a war, Iraqis will suffer most, but not only Iraqis will suffer. While 148 U.S. troops died in the 1991 Gulf war, 30% of the 500,000 U.S. soldiers who were sent receive disability benefits today — many related to Gulf War Syndrome. While threatening U.S. youth, a new war will also waste $100 billion of our tax money on destruction instead of social services.

Now only the intervention of the people can stop a new war against the people of Iraq. On Oct. 26, hundreds of thousands will march in Washington, San Francicso, and around the world to stop the war before it starts. [ Details ]

March and Direct Action to Stop the War in Portland
What's happening? Whatever you make happen! This is just a time for people to come together and express themselves however they want to. It's time to turn up the heat!

We have marched in the streets, thousands strong. We have called Congress. But Bush is not slowing down in his drive to war. Let's take to the streets and let the policy makers know how we feel.

People are encouraged to hook up with, form, or come with affinity groups and make this action your own. Do you have an idea for a creative action? Street theater? Civil Disobedience? Anti-War Art Party? Make it happen--call some friends and set it up.

Saturday 26 October
Pioneer Square

[ Calendar announcement | Newswire item ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 20.10.2002 19:57
Report from the Giant Peace Circle
From the open publishing newswire: Families for Peace was set up by patriotic citizens of Portland with little organizing experience under the slogan "We must find a better way, NO NEW WAR." Although, they did not succeed in created a 3 mile long "living circle for peace" between the Hawthorne and Steel bridges -- there were lots of gaps -- these photos show that they had a very successful event around the Hawthorne Bridge. (And also on the Steel Bridge, and quite far down both banks). [ Photos ]

background info: [ GIANT CIRCLE FOR PEACE ]

Analysis: "How many more lives will be taken before you decide to act?"
A discussion beforehand here on portland indymedia raised some issues about the event: What good is holding hands in a circle? What's up with using the word "patriotic" on the poster? And what's it mean that the organizers wanted people to "report any non-peaceful activities"? Here are some thoughts on those questions as have bubbled up in my brain after reading this site and conversing with people in the community. [ Full Story & Photos ]

13 Women Reclaim Redwoods
From the open publishing newswire: In an attempt to stop oldgrowth logging operations and to raise awareness of the corporate lead destruction of our environment, 13 Women have taken to the branches of 13 trees scheduled for cutting by the The Pacific Lumber Company.

Activists continue to maintain tree-sits in order to block illegal logging and bring attention to the blatant disregard of an explicit court order, or "stay"', issued by Judge Golden in a Humboldt Co. Court, prohibiting logging on all active Pacific Lumber (P.L.)Timber Harvest Plans (THP). P.L. has not ceased logging since the stay was first issued about a month ago. [ Read More... ]

Resist the Free Trade Area of the Americas
From the open publishing newswire: As government Trade Ministers and corporate leaders meet behind closed doors in Quito Ecuador to force through the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), the people of Ecuador and movements of South, Central and North America will take action to stop the FTAA. The FTAA would put even more power and wealth in the hands of a few corporations and the governments they control, resulting in more poverty, militarization and war, environmental destruction and misery in Portland and across the Americas.

Ecuador's indigenous people, peasant farmers, labor unions, womens' groups, students, environmentalists, and neighborhood organizations have already deposed two presidents who tried to implement neoliberal reforms. Again and again, when faced with privatizations and cutbacks in social services, people here have blocked highways across the country, filled the streets of Quito and the provincial capitals, seized radio stations and airports, and generally responded with a resounding NO. On January 21, 2000, when the President announced a plan to dollarize the economy, they took over the Congress and set up a new government presided over by the indigenous movement and other social sectors (which lasted until the military seized control). In short, groups here are fiercely committed to the struggle against neoliberalism, and have a very impressive capacity to mobilize. [ Read more... ]

PDX Resistencia Against the FTAA
From a comment posted to the article: Here in Portland, we are planning a radical street festival in solidarity with those actions to denounce the expansion of neocolonialism promoted by the FTAA. Why A Radical Street Festival? In this world where corporations are striving to homogenize us into passive and faithful consumers, our culture is our greatest weapon of resistance. Traditional demonstrations and protests, while essential, often alienate the general public, are disregarded by corporate media, bore the participants, and are ignored by policy makers. Taking to the streets with dance, music, street theater, poetry and the spontaneous eruption of joy breaks through the numbing isolation induced by wage slavery and condescending media and lights a fire in people's consciousness. Ordinary folks creating meaningful art and sharing culture captures the imagination, and deepens our vision of a movement which is reflective of the worlds we aspire to create.

Meet on October 31 at 3:30pm in Terry Schrunk Plaza--SW 3rd & Jefferson. Come in costume and dancing shoes, prepared to have a good time. [ Details ]

[ Indymedia Ecuador (es) | Stop the FTAA ]

FILM 20.10.2002 18:39
Atanarjuat - A Myth for Defeating Violence
From the open publishing newswire: Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) is a phenomenal and powerful film! A film based on the Inuit Tribe of Canada; this is a remarkable mythic tale. According to Joseph Campbell myths provide clues to spiritual experience; they teach us how to life live under any circumstances. The Inuit People live the most simple and basic existence imaginable. Living in the arctic and spending their day searching for food, (caribou and seals) they are about as far from western "civilization" as one could possibly be.

But violence still seeps into their tribe, despite the fact that they face none of the issues that we are currently fighting against. This violence is a malevolent force that seeks to divide and separate them. And it nearly does them in. [ Read More... ]

Long Hot Siege Broken by Direct Action
From the open publishing newswire: This summer we experienced record breaking heat. Of course we have been saying pretty much the same things since the early 70's and before. With temperatures reaching up to a hundred degrees on several days and with coinciding smog alerts, it was hard to decide whether to leave the windows open in the house as I slept or whether to shut them. The descion really became one of necessity. The windows had to remain open.

After the Bush protest the use of sirens in my neighborhood rose unbelievably. Police sirens would wake me up 3-4 times a night. At 2:00, at 2:30am, and 3:30. As I lay suffering in the heat, my sleep uneasy with heat and dirty air, the police sirens seemed to take on greater significance.

Then the incident played out on 9/20/02 at 2:45am. Clamydia was up being unable to sleep due to the extreme noise pollution. When Clamydia flipped of the police officer we did not know it was the way to deal with the police misconduct. Clamydia knew his rights and he stood firm on this issue. The police officer obviously thought that he had him tagged as a drunk or drug addict. He even called for back up. When the police officer threatened to Jam him up, Clamydia responded very simply at this point and inquired if it was a threat. (If you want his account please see the archives.) After a bit Clamydia demanded his badge number and name. The police officer would not provide this information. This is against Portland Law. Clamydia asked at least half a dozen times for this information which was not supplied in front of witnesses.

After that day the neighborhood became quiet again. [ Full story ]

previous story, with loads of discussion: [ Portland Police Bullying/Threats at 2:45 AM 09-20-02 ]

FASCIST INVADER 19.10.2002 18:51
Gordon Smith in Portland Oct 21
From the open publishing newswire: SMITH PLANS MASSIVE STATEWIDE REPUBLICAN EFFORT. Downtown Portland: Pilsner Room at Harborside Restaurant off Naito at 6:45 p.m. COME [CHALLENGE] GORDON AT DEBATE RALLIES! Mr. Gordon Smith wants to stay in Washington. He is having too much fun there. Living off the money he receives from deforesting Oregon, breaking unions, putting Oregonians out of work and sending the jobs to countries that pay a couple dollars a day in wages. Mr. Gordon Smith sees himself as another Jimmy Stewart. He's going after the senior/conservative vote. He thinks these people are stupid enough to ignore the fact that he is goose stepping to the Probush regeime. He calls his campaign the Road to Victory. See below for his schedule. We should be there to greet him. We should show him how much we appreciate his last visit to Portland where he pepper-sprayed babies and seniors. [ Full Story ] [ PDF version of The Road to Victory ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 19.10.2002 12:02
Portland Collective Housing Syndicate hopes to purchase building for low cost cooperative housing
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Collective Housing Syndicate is a year old non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving affordable housing and collectivizing ownership of residential property. The PCHS currently has an opportunity to purchase the building at 612-616 East Burnside. This is the building that houses the IWW Union Hall, The Back to Back Café, The office of The Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC) and The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee. The top two floors of this building contain 10 affordable studio apartments-some of which are currently occupied by activists working with the IWW and the Back To Back Café. One of the apartments is being rented as an office by the non-profit organization Danzine. On PCHS board of directors are a core group of dedicated, experienced volunteer activists who among other things have helped give Portland the Red And Black Café, The Back To Back Café and the IWW hall. Among the things that make this such an exciting opportunity is generous financing package offered to us by the current owner. [ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 19.10.2002 11:57
Anti-war sentiments are everywhere: Rally for Peace in Silverton, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: Wednesday night, Silverton People for Peace gathered for the second time to stand for a non-violent resolution to the perceived threat from Iraq.

Eighteen people turned out Wednesday evening: double the attendance of the first gathering. Many voiced their concerns about the Bush Administration's war on terrorism, and specifically the U.S. threat of war with Iraq. Also, a great deal of information was shared. During these sobering times, we hope the group can provide a source of strength for those opposed to the direction taken by the Bush Administration and congress. We are open to ideas on how to make this happen.

We look forward to you inviting others to join us as we meet again next Wednesday at 6:30 at the Town Hall Square. Please bring a candle (with candle holder) and any articles, letters, phone numbers, prayers, songs, poems or other information/inspiration you with to share. [ Newswire article ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 19.10.2002 01:04
'While you're shopping, bombs are dropping': Friday rally participants march through downtown shopping mall
From the open publishing newswire: 60+ folks came out for the friday anti-war rally tonight, a few more than usual.the drum corps fueled a spirited march through downtown.the brightly colored NO WAR signs stood out strongly in the greying of twilight.chanting "while you're shopping, bombs are dropping," a contingent of folks broke off from the main group and marched through the pioneer place shopping mall. the security guard was quite flustered and was on his walkie talkie right away. the protesters, however, went straight through and out the other side without pausing. considering how long it usually takes for building management to get a police response to an action like this (as if police are needed to respond to an action like this), it's a tactic that could be used all over downtown to great effect. now that the holiday shopping season is almost upon us, the "while you're shopping, bombs are dropping" chant will be extra relevant. [ Read More... ]

Northwest Somali Community non-profit seeking volunteers
From the open publishing newswire: The Northwest Somali Community, a recently founded non-profit in Northeast Portland, is seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks and projects.

The Somali community, comprised mainly of women and children, needs your help. Many Portland Somalis are recent immigrants who are still learning essential survival skills for their new environment. The Northwest Somali Community aims to create a community center, and provide services that will help local Somalis achieve self-sufficiency. If you have administrative, computer, technical, fundraising, tutoring or organizing skills, we need you! In fact, whatever skills you have can be utilized -- there is much work to be done. [ Full story ]

[ Previous stories about Portland's Somali community: Audio of Stanley Cohen speech (Sheik Kariye's lawyer - Oct. 14) | State harrassment of Muslims: Sheik Kariye released on $250,000 bail (Protest - Oct. 11) | AUDIO interview with Stanley Cohen at Oct. 11 bail hearing protest | Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force harassing Somali community (report on a speech by a Somali activist in Portland - Sept 23) | Photos of same speech (Sept 23) | FBI Tests Show Sheik's Luggage Had No Explosive Residue (Sept 23 AP article) | Stanley Cohen, Civil Rights and Criminal Attorney (speaking about civil liberties and the Muslim community, Sept. 22) | Courthouse Vigil for Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye (Sept. 10) ]

LABOR 18.10.2002 21:57
On the war cargo: Open letter to ILWU Rank & File
The following appears in the November issue of the Industrial Worker, published by the Industrial Workers of the World, IWW, and was posted to the open publishing newswire:

The news came Sept. 30. The UPI wire quoted ILWU President Jim Spinosa as saying, "We have told the military that our obligation to this country and to our military effort is one that we will not move away from. ... Anything our country needs in the interests of national defense, this union will provide." Two days later, Local 10 issued a release which read, "The ILWU is committed to shipping all military cargo."

Those weren't a good few days. As someone trying to help organize solidarity actions on the East Coast where I live, and as an anti-war activist, this course of action was very discouraging. The ILWU had my admiration for a number of actions that its members had taken: in solidarity with workers organizing against the apartheid regime in South Africa; in support of the thousands of workers, students and activists demonstrating against the World Trade Organization; and in support of a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, political prisoner on Pennsylvania's death row.

I understand the desire to want to get back to work, but other strategies were available. [ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 18.10.2002 21:36
Peace On Earth Ornament Project
From the open publishing newswire: During the holiday season the words "Peace On Earth" become ubiquitous. Last year, in response to 9/11, Kate Mytron wanted to make those words a reality. "While I had seen those words many times during the holidays, they never really meant much until last year." Mytron, a long-time artist and activist who recently relocated to Portland from New Orleans, organized the Peace On Earth Ornament Project. The project called on people to make ornaments with the words Peace On Earth, which would then be sold to benefit children in Afghanistan.

People involved in the project also worked with children and the elderly through various schools and organizations such as South East Uplift and Portland Impact. A group from the Oregon Institute for the Blind made ornaments with Peace On Earth written in Braille. What started out as a small project ended up bringing in over 1,000 ornaments from 14 different states and as far away as South Africa, and raised $1,000 for Mercy Corps and UNICEF.

"Even before the sale was over," Mytron said, "we knew that our project would become an annual event to raise money for children around the world." Mytron feels even more strongly about the project this year: "A year ago what we were doing was important because of 9/11 and because of Afghanistan, but it's even more important now because this country is on the verge of an unprovoked war. It's important that people do whatever they can and everything they can to see that we have peace." [ Read More... ]

Medea Benjamin to Visit Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Medea recently accompanied four Americans who lost loved ones in the September 11th terrorist attacks on a trip to Afghanistan to meet people there who lost relatives during the US bombing of Afghanistan. Their extraordinary journey has received such International attention that the US Government is being pressured to discuss civilian casualties and to create a compensation fund for Afghan victims. In November of 2001, Medea led a women's delegation to Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to investigate the humanitarian situation there among the refugee population, to assess the consequences of US bombing, and to talk to women's groups about what role they would like to play in a transition government. Medea is currently galvanizing grassroots support to promote rebuilding the region.

Tue Oct. 22
7 pm Portland State University
Smith Memorial Center Ballroom

Iraq, Afghanistan, Corporations & the Need for a Regime Change in Washington, D.C." Free and open to the public. Followed by Q&A. Donations accepted. Medea just got back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and was arrested in D.C. for allegedly disrupting a pro-Iraq War speech by Donald Rumseld.

A panel of 10 national and local speakers will address U.S. and Oregon public policy about * Bush's Iraq War II * Afghanistan * unemplyoment and hunger * joint terrorism task force * targeting tree sits * global sustainability and globalization and more.

Wed Oct. 23
12 pm Portland State University
4th Avenue Building, Auditorium A
1900 S.W. 4th (3 blocks east of PSU off Montgomery)

[ Read More for events in Salem and Eugene... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 18.10.2002 09:52
Friday Rally renews efforts to stop war on Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: [The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition] is urging Portlanders to sustain and expand the opposition to Bush's plans for attacking Iraq. "Already the coalition of peace groups behind the October 5th march and rally for peace are mobilizing for an even larger action on November 9th," said Chris Roehm of the PPRC. "We are planning smaller actions aimed at raising awareness within the broader community, and hoping to reach out to a larger range of our neighbors throughout the city." The coalition of peace groups is planning to expand the involvement of communities of faith and hopes also to find additional support from organized labor and from communities likely to most directly feel the cost of the impending war. [ Read More... ]

This is the price of war
A comment to this post adds: Here's a photo of a baby born with severe birth defects in Iraq due to depleted uranium used by the U.S. military during the Gulf War. This is the price of war. If you don't want this, get out on the street tonight at 5:00.

[ Depleted uranium and its effects in Iraq and Kosovo: The evidence lies dying in Basra ]

War is not a video game you can opt out of playing, or an intellectual ideal to oppose during a cafe debate. War is a real, brutal force that maims and murders children, rapes mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, and sacrifices fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. War is the business-as-usual of the United States, the grist that feeds the economic mill, the engine that drives corporate profit. We must stop war, and we must stop Bush's war now.

Come out to Pioneer Square every Friday at 5:00 to send a message to Bush and the rest of the country and the world that we will not stand for war.

[ Last week's rally: 175+ people take the streets to protest the war at Portland Friday Rally ]

Breakfast on the Bridge!
From the open publishing newswire: What a great way to start the day... Folks were hanging out on the Broadway Bridge this morning (and other bridges too, I hear), passing out handbills to promote this month's Critical Mass and inviting morning bike commuters to join them for Breakfast on the Bridge. I saw people stopping from a ways off and thought the bridge was being raised so I stopped too and then someone gave me a cup of coffee and I realized I'd just joined a party. Oh well, work's not going anywhere! We had donuts, watched the clouds drift over the river, and (hopefully) showed other bikers speeding by what a good time Critical Mass is. The best part of waking up is... BIKING TO WORK! [ Read More... ]

[ August & September Critical Mass rides ]

New edition of the weekly Shortwave Report
From the open publishing newswire: The latest Shortwave Report (October 18) is up. A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). [streaming, too.] With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. This week's show features stories from Radio Netherlands, the Voice Of Radio, Spanish National Radio, and Radio Havana Cuba. [ Details ] Shortwave Report archives

ANALYSIS 17.10.2002 23:55
Reporter's Notebook -- Making sense of US foreign policy
From the open publishing newswire: So let me see if I've got this straight.

North Korea has declared it has an aggressive nuclear weapons program and analysts estimate it has enough plutonium and enriched uranium on hand to produce at least two modern high-yield nuclear weapons. It is also known that North Korea has stockpiled huge amounts of chemical and biological agents, and has the missile systems to deliver these or nuclear warheads at considerable distances. Kim Il Jung is a brutal dictator who has threatened his neighbors, and nearby countries including Japan are expressing the fear of nuclear blackmail. North Korea adamantly asserts it is not bound by the 1994 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and intends to continue stockpiling nuclear weapons. It flatly rejects calls for disarmament and will not allow any outside monitoring of its weapons programs.

Right so far? ... Okay. [ Read More... ]

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