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05.11.2010 07:42
Sleeping Bag Drive!!
Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, and Microcosm Publishing are hosting a sleeping bag drive to assist those who are homeless through the winter. Please donate today!!

Cold, rainy weather has arrived, with temperatures expected to dip below freezing by Thanksgiving. Each sleeping bag is someone's home this winter and essential to survival in the Oregon winter, protecting against discomfort, illness, and even death.

Over two thousand people are living either on the streets, camping, or in a car- with thousands more living without permanent housing or other conditions (Oregon Housing/Community Service).

Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Café, and Microcosm Publishing have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather), to be distributed in the local area. With many homeless vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter sleeping in and around St. Francis Park and adjacent to our businesses, we are compelled to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Sleeping Bags will be picked up from each location on November 19th.

Please visit WWW.SLEEPINGBAGDRIVE.COM to donate, add your business/organization as a sleeping bag collection-point, or for more information.. or drop off new or clean bags (preferably low-temperature capable/below freezing..) to Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, or Microcosm Publishing. Thanks for the support!!


28.10.2010 10:20
Mini documentary about activists shutting down oil refinery in Britian
This is small documentary about a project called "Crude Awakening" which was about shutting down an oil refinery.

The participants succeeded in shutting it down by using flash mobs. The activists there have also created some new ideas in claiming public space, namely in using bamboo tripods. I think this is fitting given that BP is located in Britain.

Also National Geographic had an article about the oil spill in the gulf this month worth reading. It compares it to the Ixtoc oil spill in Mexico and states that they are still able to find oil tar in the region where Ixtoc happened in 1979. The information there gives no such a pretty picture about the future of the gulf region after Deep Water.



26.10.2010 15:29
Olympia Climate Activists Hang Banners Against Biomass
Olympia, WA - On October 25, activists from Olympia Rising Tide hung two banners at the Evergreen State College in opposition to a proposed biomass gasification facility. Olympia Rising Tide opposes biomass because it is a false solution to climate change and would lead to a massive resurgence of clear-cut logging in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere.

Olympia Rising Tide opposes biomass in solidarity with residents of Shelton, Port Townsend, Port Angelos, Forks, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Tacoma, who are also facing potential biomass facilities. We say no to biomass in Washington and no to biomass anywhere!

"Cutting down and burning our forests is not a solution to climate change," says Jo Lillian of Olympia Rising Tide. "Biomass is a greenwashed false solution that distracts from the real work that needs to occur to stop climate change and curb energy consumption, namely ending war and dismantling capitalism. Natural gas isn't a viable heating fuel either, but replacing one form of pollution and eco-destruction with another isn't progress."

To get involved, contact  olympia@risingtidenorthamerica.org.


26.10.2010 15:27
ONPRC Vivisectors Demoed at Their Homes
Thimble On Sunday evening, October 24th, approximately twenty compassionate animal rights activists from Portland Animal Defense League visited the homes of two of Oregon National Primate Research Center's (ONPRC) most notorious primate vivisectors. The demos ended a successful week of action in coordination with National Primate Liberation Week



23.10.2010 12:36
Photos of Obama protest on 10-20
Photos of the hardy 50+ who bravely stood their ground against over 100 right-wing Tea Party or re-packaged Americans For Prosperity protestors and over 5,000 Obama supporters. Also photos of the right wingers to show how utterly confused and misled they are, in spite of their real anger/grievances. Sometimes, you don't know whether to laugh or weep! What will it take for ordinary Americans to wake up and stop being conned/manipulated by the elites and their pundits.

Well, there were over 5,000 Obama supporters, 100 right wing Tea Party/Americans for Prosperity, and 50 of us at the protest two days ago when Obama came to town to stump for Kitzhaber. But the progressive activists from Veterans for Peace, PCASC, SUPER, ISO, immigrant rights groups and others bravely stood their ground in spite of their small numbers, and did their best to get their message out. No more wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan, no more corporate giveaways and bailouts, Money for jobs and education, and no more voting for the two-party con men, Democrats and Republicans, soaking in corporate money and corruption. If we want real change, we've got to do it ourselves, not depend on politicians, leaders and cheerleaders. Look at what the French students and workers are doing right now to fight back against the cutbacks and attacks on them by the ruling elites. Strike, Blockade, Sabotage! Enough said!

[Related PIMC video post]


23.10.2010 12:34
Oregon doctors support Measure 74
Solicitation for support of Oregon's Measure 74 (medical marijuana dispensary regulation) Happy Friday, Beaver Staters! What are your weekend plans? How about voting YES on Measure 74 and submitting those ballots! Many leading Oregonians have spoken out in support of Measure 74, including several physicians. Doctors Frances J. Storrs, Peter Goodwin, Glenn M. Gordon, John Pearson, Nancy Crumpacker, Philip Newman, Susan Katz, and James P. Scott all agree that "Measure 74 will enhance the care and well-being of thousands of seriously ill patients. It will reduce pain and suffering and improve quality of life."

In effect, Measure 74 will provide both doctors and patients better information and better treatment options. It is crucial that we pass this compassionate measure in Oregon. The most important thing you can do now is VOTE! If you are registered to vote and have not yet received your ballot, call your county elections office right away. Please voice your support for Measure 74 in any way you can -- forward this message to a friend or two or post about it on your social networking sites. Have a great weekend, and remember to VOTE YES on 74!


Marijuana Policy Project


23.10.2010 12:29
Portland Lecture with Campaign Finance Reform Expert and Founder of Fix Congress First
Lawrence Lessig, founder of Fix Congress First, professor at Harvard Law School, and acclaimed campaign finance expert, is coming to Portland next week.

Lawrence Lessig, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fix Congress First is currently the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Prior to returning to Harvard, he was a professor at Stanford Law School, where he founded the school's Center for Internet and Society, and at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. His current academic work on "institutional corruption" (relationships that are legal, even currently ethical, but that weaken public trust in our institutions) led to his founding of Fix Congress First in April, 2008. Additionally, he has worked as a columnist for Wired, Red Herring, The Industry Standard and The Huffington Post.

Thursday, October 28th, First Unitarian Church (1011 SW 13th Avenue) in Portland. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event begins at 6:45pm. Sliding scale entrance fee $5-$25 (nobody will be turned away for lack of funds)

*Proceeds will benefit the Voter-Owned Elections (Yes on 26-108) campaign and are not tax deductible for income purposes


22.10.2010 19:46
Massive Banner Hang Against Vivisection
October 22nd, 2010

Portland, OR- In the early morning of October 22nd, activists hung a massive banner over the Willamette River that read, "OHSU: Stop Killing Monkeys Now!" The action was done in solidarity with National Primate Liberation Week. For more information on NPLW:



20.10.2010 11:22
Will Obama Meet the Resistance in Portland?
Call for Organization of Protest at the Oregon Convention Center, Wednesday, October 20, 2010

President Barack Obama has scheduled a visit to Portland on behalf of Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber. Obama will be speaking to 10,000 or more pre-registered guests at the Oregon Democratic Party-sponsored function in an attempt to bolster the Kitzhaber campaign.

There is a handful of future public school educators organizing to send a message to Obama regarding his Administration's endorsement of the recent film "Waiting For 'Superman'" and the broader agenda it promotes to further corporatize the public education system in the United States for the benefit of multinational corporations that need semi-skilled labor at ever-lower prices. We plan on posting up outside the Convention Center with signs and loud voices.

If there are any other activists who would like to join with us, regardless of your issue/reason for protest[...]

PIMC reportback with photos from event


19.10.2010 22:58
Video: The Police Cover Up Killed James Chasse
James Chasse  May 7, 1964 – September 17, 2006 Portland Oregon Press Conference regarding police brutality and abuse of power in the September 17, 2006 killing of James Chasse. Chasse was a mentality ill person who died in custody after being severely beaten by Portland police and subsequently denied immediate medical attention.
The Police Cover Up Killed James Chasse

The Conference was called by the lawyers for the family, Thomas Steenson and Thomas Schneiger, in order to provide the public and media with evidence that it was not the beating that killed Chasse, but the immediate attempt by the police to cover up their actions, including, but not limited to, lying to the arriving medical team about his injuries and condition.

On the wall there were several large panels reproducing the documentation supplied in the media packets. This documentation provides a time line for the entire episode which culminated in the homicide of James Chasse.

The panels just behind the two attorneys for the Chasse family gave "the stories the police tell" on the left side and "the truth" on the right side.
On the left side of one of the panels, "the officers claim that Chasse runs away after Burton yells or whistles;" on the right side, "the two closest civilian eyewitnesses say Chasse does not run at all."


19.10.2010 19:10
Stop the suits: Resistance within El Salvador
El Salvador mining resistance Orlando Velasco, anti-mining leader from San Isidro, El Salvador, will give a firsthand report on the resistance to mining in El Salvador, the $200mil lawsuits filed against the Salvadoran government by North American mining companies, and the links between U.S. free trade policy and metallic mining in Central America.

Thursday, October 21 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Urban Grinds Coffee House, 2214 NE Oregon St

Un reportaje de primera mano sobre la resistencia a la mineria en El Salvador, las demandas que se han iniciado en contra del gobierno salvadoreno por $200 millones por parte de las companias mineras y los vínculos entre la politica de comercio estadounidense y la minería metalica en Centroamerica. Una peligrosa amenaza esta siendo impuesta.


19.10.2010 19:06
National Primate Liberation Week
October 15th, 2010
Contact: Justin Kay, Portland Animal Defense League-
(503)369-4516, pdx_adl@riseup.net

Portland, OR- During the week of October 16th to the 24th activists from the Portland Animal Defense League will target Oregon Health Science University and its Oregon National Primate Research Center in recognition of National Primate Liberation Week (NPLW). NPLW is an annual week of protest, education and action to end the use of primates in laboratories.

Portland Animal Defense League has long targeted OHSU for dealing in exploitation, death, and scientific fraud. For several years, ADL has engaged in a campaign of education and exposure, illuminating the public to the torture, fraudulent science and "scientists", and wasted tax dollars that characterize the Oregon National Primate Research Center. Those efforts recently culminated in a road blockade outside of the ONPRC in late June that resulted in the arrest of five activists.

Yet activists are not done. There will be a surprise action during the week. The media will be alerted. As long as there are animals imprisoned at the primate center, OHSU will have to answer to the demands for their liberation. ADL has scheduled events for National Primate Liberation Week:

RELATED: Action Alert - Contact OHSU & ONPRC Administration and Staff!



19.10.2010 15:19
We could learn a lot from Chile
Responding to disaster runs much more smoothly when done in the light of day. Like most people, I was riveted and inspired by the joyous rescue of the 33 Chilean miners yesterday. Yet I couldn't help but make some comparisons ... why didn't we have these guys cap the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Chile did everything right that the U.S. did wrong when it came to addressing disaster.

First of all, they accepted outside help. They had several contingency plans and there was actually a friendly competition between different firms as to who could drill the escape route first. This was all done in the light of day instead of like how BP did everything, including somehow enlisting the U.S. Coast Guard, to chase away anyone who might be so curious as to know what the hell they were doing to fix one of the worst environmental catastrophes in history.

In recent months, Chile has been exemplary in showing the importance of good preparation. Remember the earthquake they had earlier this year? It measured 8.8 on the Richter scale, 501 times stronger than the quake that devastated Haiti. Yet Haiti lost a quarter million people while Chile's death toll was in the hundreds. That shows how important building codes are. That's why you regulate companies instead of having them write the rule books for you. BP pretty much wrote their own regulations. See where that got us?



19.10.2010 15:13
Portland High School Redesign -- Questions to Consider
Portland has been rather quiet about the high school redesign issue. As of last evening, it was formally decided that Marshall High School (all three academies) in the struggling Lents neighborhood of Southeast Portland will be closed. Benson Polytechnic High School will become a smaller magnet school, although it will remain a four-year vocational high school.

Jefferson High School will become a focus school. The affected student communities and their families have been vocal. However, where was the rest of the Portland community? Were people silent because they did not have children in the schools? Did they not care because their children's schools were not targeted? It takes a village to raise a child. Where was the rest of the Portland village during the high school redesign process? Here are some questions to ponder as the high school redesign takes effect.... Your silence will not protect you (or yours).


19.10.2010 15:09
A.L.F. Raids Oregon Deer Farm
ALF raid on deer far, In a communique received today by the Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for cutting fences and releasing an entire herd of deer from a farm in Molalla, Oregon. This is the second recorded deer liberation in the U.S. The first occurred in 2005, when the A.L.F. liberated an entire herd of deer from the GNK Deer Ranch in Monterey County, California.

This A.L.F. action is the first reported in Oregon since the July arson at the Ylipelto's Fur Farm, in which several pieces of equipment, a vehicle, and a building were set on fire. The full communique for this week's Oregon deer liberation is as follows:

"On the morning of October 9th, we raided a deer farm located at 32155 S Grimm Road in Molalla, OR. A large section of fencing was stripped away allowing the captive deer herd a chance to escape into the surrounding forest. The venison meat industry remains small in this country, but as long as they exploit sentient animals, they will remain a target of the ALF. For the animals enslaved, mutilated, and murdered by this society: we will be tearing down the fences to set them free. --Animal Liberation Front"



17.10.2010 10:52
Video and Report Back: October 9, 2010 Rally, March and Teach-In
Video and report back from the Portland Rally, March and Teach on October 9, 2010, commemorating the 9th year of the war and occupation in Afghanistan.

[Video:] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTuuDDD9cA8

Report Back by Peace and Justice Works
Thanks to all the hearty individuals who braved the rain and rallied in the South Park Blocks on Saturday, marching over an hour to our teach-in at PSU! I counted about 100 people in the park and between 100-150 marching down the park blocks, toward the waterfront, and back up Broadway. It was a spirited crowd who didn't let a little "Oregon sunshine" get in the way of getting out the message "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation!"

The march went by a surprising number of pedestrians given the inclement weather. The No War Drum Corps kept a steady and upbeat pace as the "End Wars" banner made the 30-plus-block trek, stopping at the World Trade Center to denounce Wall Street's war on workers and the Oregonian building to call for "no more lies!"

[Related Videos on PIMC here]


13.10.2010 14:10
Occupy, Resist, Produce
Protesters take over empty Tenderloin building, in San Francisco.

By Mike Aldax
October 11, 2010

"Protesters squatting in a vacant Tenderloin residential hotel may have set up blockades to thwart invading cops, police said.

More than a dozen police officers stormed the building at 587 Eddy St. Monday in an attempt to flush out an unknown number of homeless advocates who broke into the building Sunday and have refused to leave.

But as of noon, cops said they struggled to make contact with the protesters. Officers dealt with a number of obstacles and blockades that may have been intentionally placed inside the building, police spokesman Sgt. Mike Andraychak said. The activists occupied the building, formerly the Leslie Hotel, as part of the first World Homeless Day. A rally for World Homeless Day was held in Civic Center Sunday.

Miguel Carrera, a spokesman for the activist group, Creative Housing Liberation, said there were 18 people inside the building, and that they would remain there until police remove them.

Officers planned to go room-to-room in all six floors of the building. They hoped to boot out trespassers and also scan for any damage the activists may have caused, Andraychak said. Police shut down streets surrounding the building due to the operation. Muni had to reroute the 31-Balboa bus line due to the street closure. (And the 19 Polk). Cops have been on scene since Sunday around 5 p.m., after a citizen called 911 to report that around 50 people were blocking traffic in front of the vacant building.

The activists say it is a crime that there are more vacant housing units in San Francisco than homeless people. They claimed in a press release that there were between 6,000 and 15,000 homeless people in The City last year, and that more than 36,000 units are currently vacant.


13.10.2010 14:06
Teach-in on Korean FTA discusses dangers
The investor protection clause in the Korean-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) - now pending in Congress - could be the biggest boon for big business since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and could clear the way for similar agreements with Colombia and Panama. On June 26, President Barack Obama said he would take steps toward ratifying the Korean agreement, which the Bush administration negotiated in 2007. The agreement is set to increase exports and jobs in certain sectors of the US economy. At the same time, however, imports will also increase and the US trade deficit with Korea will grow.

Arthur Stamoulis from the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, hosting a panel discussion on KORUS on Oct. 7, cited estimates that the FTA could double the trade deficit and eliminate over 800,000 US jobs... Investor protection allows multinational corporations to challenge the sovereignty of states. Enacting laws to promote the livability of the planet could be beholden to profit margins....But Barbara Dudley pointed out that investor protection could go beyond environmental degradation. The General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) has expanded to include services, including financial services. The current financial collapse is the result of deregulation of the US financial market. Now, there have been calls for oversight. FTAs, though, could give signatories excuses not to regulate, possibly leading to further financial meltdowns.

KORUS, like all other FTAs, is a horrible, potentially disastrous idea. But there has been resistance to its ratification. The Korean teachers' union has led a 10-day strike that prompted the entire cabinet, which advises the president, to offer their resignations.

Video Follow up of This Event 12.Oct.2010: A Growing Concern: the Korea Free Trade Agreement


13.10.2010 11:51
The Significance of the October 2nd Demonstration in Washington, D.C.
It would be easy to miss the meaning of the October 2nd One Nation demonstration in Washington, D.C., given that all the media — and many on the left — focused their attention almost exclusively on the calls by top organizers of the action to vote for the Democrats in the coming election. This was, no doubt, part of the picture. But it was not the most important part.
The Significance of the October 2nd Demonstration in Washington, D.C.

It would be easy to miss the meaning of the October 2nd One Nation demonstration in Washington, D.C., given that all the media — and many on the left — focused their attention almost exclusively on the calls by top organizers of the action to vote for the Democrats in the coming election. This was, no doubt, part of the picture. But it was not the most important part.

In fact, the nearly 200,000 people who attended the event, almost all from unions, brought a different message. They were not there to support politicians; they were there to demand that the politicians support them. And they were insisting on demands that run directly counter to the Democratic Party platform.



11.10.2010 18:14
Video: Portland Rally to Defend Public Education
Portland Oregon Student Rally held at Portland State University on October 7, 2010, as part of a national day of action to defend education.

The first speaker sets the theme for the event by calling attention to the reasons for this nationwide action: "education continues to be attacked by budget cuts, privatization, faculty and teacher lay offs, rising tuition, etc."
She then goes a little into the history of the student rebellion against this crisis, the successful March 4th 2010 Student Strike and the subsequent organizing.

The second speaker begins by "wanting to know where my money is?" She answers that much of our money is going to the bloated military budget and elaborates just what that amount of money could do for the people of this country.

The third speaker, a lawyer, talks at length about what people can do to save education.

Video is about 14 minutes in length.
Portland Rally to Defend Public Education


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