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15.12.2010 11:06
Video: What Every Portland Resident Needs To Know About Our Water System
portland water Public Access program featuring a power point presentation by Friends of Safe Drinking Water concerning the plans by City authorities to cover Portland reservoirs and add toxic chemicals.

Scott Fernandez of Friends of Safe Drinking Water, appearing on the Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Some of the points covered by the discussion:

*Cryptosporidium, the supposed reason for this massive rebuilding of our water system, is a red herring. A catastrophic sewage event in Milwaukee, Wisc. - the rationale for requiring Cryptosporidium treatment - was caused by raw sewage in the drinking water, not Cryptosporidium.

What I took away from this extremely educational Power Point presentation is that this effort to cover the reservoirs is a business decision, not a health or community service decision. The situation needs massive intervention by the public, contacting the City Commissioners, the Mayor and the Congressional delegation, particularly David Wu.

What every Portland resident needs to know about our water system


15.12.2010 10:54
Primate Uprising: an OHSU 5 Solidarity Benefit
Primate uprising Benefit show for the OHSU 5 on December 17 at Laughing Horse Books! 8-10pm, $5-10 sliding scale.

On June 28, 2010, a group of 5 activists were arrested for defending the primates at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro. Support them and their legal defense by coming to this show!

Great bands! Blossoming Lotus treats! Homemade cat toys! Whoa!

WHEN: Friday, December 17 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
WHERE: Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97232

BANDS: Fought Alone, Foot Clan, Fuck You, Dad!, Anne


15.12.2010 10:52
Tacoma Police Station Attacked
On December 14th in Tacoma, all of the windows were smashed out of the downtown police substation. This was done for all of the people currently locked up in the Pierce County Jail seven blocks up the street. We are supposed to be sad when the police lose and officer. But when the police kill the people around us we are supposed to be silent. We send our warmest greetings to the kids of London, Rome, and the inmates of Georgia prisons. Good luck on the 15th to the people of Athens.


14.12.2010 07:50
Anti-Racists Ask: “Know these Nazis? Give Us Information.”
small poster image "Wanted" Posters Distributed in Oregon City and Milwaukie

Clackamas County, Oregon - On the night of Saturday, December 11, militant anti-racists distributed over a hundred "Wanted" posters in Oregon City and downtown Milwaukie. The posters, which were stapled and pasted in both locations, ask for community members to provide information on individuals associated with Volksfront International, a major white supremacist organization. Volksfront members live and socialize in the areas where the posters were distributed. The neo-Nazis pictured in the "Wanted" poster are: Nicholas and Leah Cheshire, Richard and Crystal Arden, as well as key Volksfront leader Justin Ryan Martin. The poster is available at:


The following day, December 12, anti-fascists released another appeal for information, leaking 120 photos of Volksfront members and their gatherings to the activist website Portland Indymedia, and asking information on those pictured. The photo albums are available online at:

Volksfront International is a neo-Nazi organization that was founded in 1994 in the Oregon prison system. It has gone on to establish a presence in several North American locations as well as in Europe and Australia, although the greater Portland area remains its hotbed. Volksfront has a long history of violence--including murder--and anti-fascists felt it imperative to warn community members of the white power organizers in their midst. On the day of the anti-racist poster distribution, December 11, several Volksfront members had traveled to Whidbey Island, Washington, to commemorate Robert Jay Matthews, a white supremacist of the Silent Brotherhood / "The Order" terrorist group who died in a confrontation with federal authorities there in 1984. Volksfront is also part of the greater white supremacist movement that Rose City Antifascists believe to be responsible for the shooting of anti-racist Luke Querner in downtown Portland on March 27 of this year.



12.12.2010 08:47
Calling All Activists - Join Us on the Ground in Palestine!
Activists Pull Down Settlement Fence inPalestine Join the Palestine Solidarity Project in Beit Ommar, Palestine, and become part of the growing international movement to support Palestinian non-violent resistance. We are in need of volunteers to join us this winter and spring as we struggle to end the Israeli occupation in all its forms and to promote justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people. We have a wide range of programs lined up for the next few months, and are in need of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to help make our goals a reality.

This winter we will be planting 3,000 trees in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. The land in Saffa has been destroyed by settler attacks, and is now under threat of annexation by the neighboring Bat Ayn settlement. By planting on Palestinian land marked for annexation we hope to deter settlement expansion and support farmers as they remain steadfast on their land.

We will also continue to support the Beit Ommar National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in their weekly demonstrations against the Karmei Tsur settlement. In addition, we are supporting the Center for Freedom and Justice in a variety of programs, including English lessons, media classes, and workshops. Several new microeconomic development projects are also in the works, including several new greenhouses and a honey bee colony . And of course we are continuing to support the Beit Ommar women's embroidery cooperative, promoting women's economic self-sufficiency.

Prospective volunteers should visit our website to get a better sense for the work we do:  http://palestinesolidarityproject.org
See you in Palestine,
The PSP Crew


12.12.2010 08:45
Criminales Todos
Criminales Todos The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) and the Launch Pad Gallery announce "CRIMINALES TODOS", a provocative group exhibition featuring work by emerging local talent. Launch Pad gallery will host the opening night reception on December 10th starting at 6pm. The evening will also include performances from local and national musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists as well as video testimonies from local residents describing their experiences with police.

Confronting the inflammatory politics targeting immigrants in recent years including increased police surveillance, tightened border control, and the heightened incidence of racial profiling across the country, organizers view the show as a platform from which to explore the impacts of discrimination as well as how communities are responding to stop the hate. The exhibit features artwork from dozens of local artists through various mediums, including a mural designed by El Grupo Juvenil that was featured in the groundbreaking documentary, Papers, produced in Portland, Oregon.

Launch Pad Gallery is located at 534 Southeast Oak Street, Portland, OR 97214. The exhibit runs from December 10th to December Jan 3rd. CRIMINALES TODOS (WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS) is a traveling community art exhibit aiming to inspire an ongoing dialogue and examination of the social, political and cultural issues related to the criminalization of communities of color. More information can be found at the blog: criminalestodos.tumblr.com. pcasc.net


12.12.2010 08:29
Trial of John Graham Native Land Defender Begins: Reports from Rapid City (Nov.29th)
john graham Today, November 29th, jury selection begins for the trial of Tuchone native John Graham. As many who have been following this case know, John Graham has been charged with the 1970's murder of his friend and comrade in the American Indian Movement, Anna Mae Aquash.

We understand the real intentions of this so called "investigation" to be two-fold. The first is an attempt by the State to rewrite history in order to cover up the crimes they themselves committed. The second intent is to neutralize Native American struggle for survival in the face of colonial and economic domination.

No news is objective and we are not here to pretend.

Resources for Background: Jan 08 B.C. Anarchist declaration of solidarity with indigenous warrior John Graham | Our Freedom, A news site for John Graham and Leonard Peltier | Graham Defense Free John Graham: Booklet (pdf) | Leonard Peltier Defense Committee | The Tyee: Delivering a Framed John Graham | The Case of John Graham | Transcript of Arlo Looking Cloud Trial | both sides of the story & letters from Anna Mae

Dec 10 2010 Update: John Graham convicted in death of Anna Mae Aquash


12.12.2010 08:27
Sleeping Bag Drive!
sleeping bag drive Help out a Portlander in need this holiday season!!
Freezing, rainy weather has hit, and over a thousand fellow Portlanders need your help! For those sleeping on the streets and without shelter, a sleeping bag can be the difference between life and death. So far, we've gone out on our bicycles and given out over 25 sleeping bags, along with some warm food and other supplies. While great thanks goes out to those who have helped out, WE NEED A LOT MORE DONATIONS!

This is your chance to help out someone in need this holiday season. Please donate online at www.Sleepingbagdrive.com or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, Microcosm Publishing, or Alberta Co-op Grocery. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!!

homepage:  http://www.sleepingbagdrive.com
phone: (480) 363-5470


12.12.2010 08:25
Paxton Gate PDX protested by Santa!
santa claws A half-dozen santas let Paxton Gate PDX (at corner of Mississippi Avenue and Mason in North Portland) know that they will be receiving lumps of coal in their stockings this christmas because they buy fox tails from fur farms. An employee confirmed today that the fox tails for sale at Paxton Gate (4204 N Mississippi) come from fur farms. An hour or so later, about half a dozen Santas ho-ho-hoed their way into the store and let the owner and employees know that they did not make Santa's "nice" list this year, due to their support of fur farms, and would be receiving no gifts on christmas. Furthermore, they have been added to the "naughty" list and will be receiving lumps of coal in their stockings.

Hope to see you all at Paxton Gate's "GRAND OPENING PARTY" on DECEMBER 15!!!

[RELATED:] [dec 1:] "New Store on Mississippi Avenue sells Fox Tails, Raccoon Tails, and other offensive shit" | [dec 7:] Paxton Gate removes fur-farm tails from store!


12.12.2010 08:18
School of the Americas-what the hell are they hiding???
soawatch.org The international community is blowing up over the arrests of foreign journalists sent to cover demonstrations at the "School of the Americas" which is a military training school that has been providing "counterrevolutionary" forces to Latin America for the past 60 years.
Most people in the U.S. are not aware of the presence of "School of the Americas", but citizens and governments of other countries ARE and keep tabs on what we're doing and who we're training to send as agents of revolutionary suppression into the various countries of Latin America.

Our government had these journalists arrested to keep U.S. citizens in the dark about "School of the Americas" so this post is meant to draw attention to it and to encourage everyone to learn about S.O.A and spread the word! They can't arrest the the truth!

link to "School of the Americas watch" organization:


12.12.2010 08:14
Unemployed Oregonians speak out against looming cuts
unemployment rally Organised by the Sunnyside Self-Help Employment Group, Oregonians held a press conference in Director Park to speak out against the looming cuts and the affect this will have on people in the Northwest. Portland, OR, USA, 29/11/2010.

The conference today focused on the issues surrounding the fact that just 4 days after Thanksgiving, Tuesday November 30th, Federal Unemployment Insurance Extension Benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) will expire for millions of Americans. Countrywide over 20 million Americans are unemployed. If Congress does not act by the deadline over 2 million will be cut off from exiting employment benefits, with 7500 families affected in Oregon alone.

homepage:  http://www.alexmilantracy.com


12.12.2010 08:11
American Premiere of THE IDIOT CYCLE in Corvallis, Oregon
Idiot cycle For the first time the award winning documentary The Idiot Cycle is being screened in America - December 7th, 2010 - at Dark Cinemas in Corvallis, Oregon and at the same time at California States University in Sacramento.

The film has been at the center of much discussion, since it was denied E&O insurance because of "subject matter" (which means it probably will not be shown on television in the USA or Canada) and recently the university of Montpeiller's screening of the film was almost cancelled by the school director when he heard the school's sponsor BASF was cited in the film. It is a serious film about cancer and how chemical companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer, but also profit from selling the drugs that treat cancer. These same companies are now developing genetically modified crops, which have never been tested for long term health impacts like cancer.

The film focuses on six major companies: Dow Chemical, Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Dupont, and Astrazeneca. It was filmed in eight countries, including the U.S. The trailer can be seen here: www.theidiotcycle.com


12.12.2010 08:08
Video: Toga Africa Solidarity - A protest in Washington DC on 3.25.10
togo africa I filmed this interview while in DC last March. I intended to post this much sooner to help spread their message and voice for justice.
It was an interview I did with a group standing on the park across from the White House.

These were folks, who traveled from all over the US in representing Toga Africa, and they were trying to get a meeting with Obama regarding the Human rights violations and injustice that is going on and has been for too long. I just happened to be walking by when I noticed they had signs a message to say. I asked a few sign holders what it was about and thus is this recording from that day:

What I understand and have read is that the country has been oppressed and violently ruled by one particular family / military for around 43 years.

There is not much information on Toga when I just searched the words "Toga Africa"... But when I added the search words "human rights violations" along with "Toga Afric" lots of links popped up.

Trying to share what Im learning - please learn and share what you know about Toga' struggle for justice with others.

In Solidarity
((( i )))

homepage:  http://www.joe-anybody.com


12.12.2010 08:04
Video: No Tax Breaks For The Rich - Protest at Congressman Wu's
no tax breaks for the rich This protest was filmed outside of Congressman David Wu's office in Portland on Thursday 12.2.10. A few speeches about "trickle up" and "tinkle down" economics

JWJ spokesperson commented and also a few citizen as well regarding the upcoming tax break continuing for the ultra wealthy.
The protest was to say "NO" to giving a tax break to the rich at the office of our congressman. One person was a wealthy tax payer ...and she spoke of "not wanting any break and she wanted to pay her fair tax"



12.12.2010 08:01
Anarchists set off smoke bomb in cop bar--Portland, OR
In the predawn hours of December, 6th 2010, to mark the two year anniversary of the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Exarchia, a smoke bomb was ignited inside the Portland Metro Police Club (618 SE Alder st.)--a private bar, ballrooom, and athletic facility operated by the Portland Police Association. We did this to articulate our utter contempt towards the police, and our hatred of the state and capitalism in general.

This act of sabotage was a gesture of revolutionary solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Greece, The Asheville 11, Christos Stratigopolous, the recently released Alfredo Bonanno and all those resisting state repression everywhere.


08.12.2010 07:55
Portland Anarchist Bookfair : December 11th and 12th!
2010 anarchist bookfair The 2010 Portland Anarchist Bookfair!
December 11 and 12
Saturday : 11am - 6pm | Sunday : Noon - 5pm
The WaterHeater : 750 N Fremont St.

Featuring dozens of anarchist booksellers, publishers, zinesters, artists, organizations, and projects! Two full days of workshops, a variety of other activities, free child care, and more!

More info and a full workshops schedule at NorthstarInfoshop.org! And for more frequent updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Big thank you to KBOO Community Radio for co-sponsoring the bookfair, and to Radix Media for printing our fliers!

homepage:  http://www.northstarinfoshop.org


03.12.2010 17:35
Video: Forest Service is Privatizing Bagby Without Public Input
Bagby The United States Forest Service in the Mt. Hood National Forest has recently began remodeling the scenic and historic Bagby Hot Springs without seeking public comment. Further, they wish to Privatize this popular hot springs by handing it over to a for profit company.
[Video] Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes: Speaking to this issue during the November Bark hike to the proposed crossing of the Palomar pipe line site, hike leader Amy Harwood provides background and contact information for viewers to both weigh in on this privatization and request a public comment period.

Bark is calling for the Forest Service to hold a public meeting and comment period in the coming months before deconstruction of the remaining bathhouses occurs. Currently both group bathing areas have been rebuilt with the iconic log baths being removed and destroyed. The private baths remain, but with plans to replace those with baths rather than logs, as well. Remember that since Bagby Hot Springs is on public land, any citizen of this country can let their voice be heard on this issue.

Please contact the Forest Service and demand public input, using Bark's comment tool

Or contact Kathleen Walker at 503-622-3191, Ext. 641
email: kwalker@fs.fed.us


03.12.2010 12:07
Wikileaks: A "Teachable Moment" for Anarchists
As anarchists, we often say that the freedoms in bourgeois society are a sham. Most of the time, non-anarchists can easily just laugh this off as the delusions of nutty radicals. Not so much right now. Not when "democracy" after "democracy" is chasing their site out of their borders, for doing nothing more than non-violently refusing to stay silent while the worlds' elites conspire to kill, torture, and oppress.

Not when Julian Assange is being dragged into what is a quite obviously dragged into a politically-motivated trial. Not when Assange will probably end up being killed in the next year. Not when both "left" and "right" governments are cooperating in the effort to muzzle Wikileaks. It's the bourgeois concept of freedom: we'll let you have freedoms only so long as you agree not to use them for anything truly meaningful. Then we'll revoke them from you. Are these the hallmarks of the sort of system that can be changed peacefully and non-disruptively from within? It is, I think, an ideal time to make these points to our friends who are not currently radicals.

| WikiLeaks Mirrors =>leaks.be | wikileaks.at | wikileaks.de|| wikileaks.pl | wikileaks.eu| wikileaks.fi| wikileaks.2600.com | wikileaks.indymedia.org


03.12.2010 10:21
FBI Closes Investigation into Iowa A.L.F. Lab Raid

From Voice of the Voiceless

Investigation into the Animal Liberation Front raid of UI labs ends with no one caught

Six years, over 200 FBI interviews, and several house raids and jail terms later, the FBI has officially closed the investigation into the 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid of the University of Iowa ? without a conviction.

To put it another way: the A.L.F. pulled off one of the largest lab raids in U.S. history ? and got away with it.

One false arrest and several house raids later?

This news from the FBI comes less than three months after they dropped charges against Scott DeMuth, the only person charged for a role in the raid. DeMuth was charged just three days before the state of limitations was to expire, despite DeMuth being just 17 at the time of the raid.

During the investigation the FBI interviewed over 200 people, subpoenaed at least three to a grand jury (jailing Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman for refusing to testify), raided my home in Utah, and more.

Animal Liberation Front walks free

The announcement should bring to a close the investigation into the monumental lab raid, which saw the largest rescue of animals from a lab in over 15 years. The raid closed the Spence Labs research building for over a month. It also cost the university and researchers $500,000, [...]


29.11.2010 18:46
FBI Set-Up at Pioneer Square.
FBI "thwarts" it's own so-called bomb plot at Pioneer Square on Friday Nov. 26th. All major & even some [apparently liberal] news outlets pass off this bullshit as an actual event. Predictably, the dopes (e.i. general public) all fall for it, hook/line/sinker. Get ready for MORE security, MORE police, MORE surveillance, & MORE lenses watching your every move.

All these "thwarted bomb plots" are starting to become a real cliché. Some harmless 19 year old no-body with a clean record, brown skin, & two Mohamuds in his name gets fingered by the FBI informant goons in 2009. Over the next year or so, federal goons pretend to be this guy's friend, leaning on him, spoon-feeding him all sorts of phony baloney about carrying out some attack that he NEVER originally had any intention of carrying out. They give him all this material that he never would've had access to, or even the slightest clue of where to get it. They spend a year setting up & totally ENTRAPPING this guy, who in the beginning never EVER had a great sceme to carry out anything, maybe other than attending college. At one point, Mohamud Osmond Mohamud was planning to head to Alaska for a seasonal fishery job (which seems really unusual for a "hardened terrorist"). However, the fed. goons stopped him from going because how could he have carried out some fake bombing here in Portland if he was slinging fish in Alaska, right?

The "plot" was eventually "uncovered" & predictably, all the thought-less dopes swallow the LIES. Typically, all media outlets including The Oregonian, NPR/OPB, & even most of so-called "progressive" talk radio (locally at least) has been hashing out this one-sided propaganda about how Mohamud Osmond Mohamud was some eeeeeeevil jihadist & how the FBI did it's "due diligence".

Which is all total bullshit, of course. But who cares, right?


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