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04.06.2011 11:19
Red and Black Communique - June 2011
Want to know what's going on at the Red and Black Cafe for the entire month of June? Check out our calendar of events! We've just updated our website with all the events for the month. The printed version of the Red and Black Communique will be available starting on June 2nd. Look for it at the cafe and in other spaces around town!

You can see the calendar online here:  http://redandblackcafe.com/red-and-black-communique

In solidarity, Red and Black Cafe


01.06.2011 18:20
Bill Negatively Affecting Struggle Against LNG Passes Oregon Legislature
Tuesday morning, the Oregon state Senate passed HB 2700, the bill that allows a company to apply for and receive removal/fill permits on private property without landowner knowledge or consent. This is a bad bill. The passage of this bill infringes on private property rights by allowing companies building LNG-related pipelines to begin the state permitting process without landowners having a say about proposed activities on their property. For three years, we have called this the "LNG fast-track bill." The bill already passed the House, so it now sits on Governor Kitzhaber's desk awaiting his signature.

If you are a landowner along the pipeline route and you receive notice from LNG companies or the Department of State Lands that they issued a permit for your property, please let us know immediately.

The Good News: We can still stop LNG projects in southern Oregon! Yes votes on this bill do not represent a yes vote on LNG. Many legislators believe that this bill is needed for municipalities and incorrectly believe that it does not impact LNG, that LNG is no longer a threat to Oregon or that the LNG proposals are already dead. While it is unfortunate that some of the legislators are misinformed, that does not mean they support the LNG projects....stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the federal level with respect to LNG pipeline impacts to public lands and rivers in southern Oregon.



01.06.2011 18:00
Reflections from an American Anarchist in Athens
I've traveled to Athens, Greece ahead of Mayday and a General Strike. Here are some observations for folks back home for insight and inspiration....From http://www.insurgentphoto.blogspot.com.

Exarchia is known throughout Athens as the center of social struggles. This densely packed neighborhood has a reputation as being anti-establishment and is home to students, anarchists, artists, and leftists of all stripes. A month of nationwide rioting was sparked in December 2008 when a 15 year-old local high school student and anarchist was shot and killed by police near Exarchia Square. Most Athenians hate the police, and when this young boy was murdered the whole country exploded. On the corner where Alexis was shot, his mother has mounted a memorial plaque which has his photo as well as the following words (translated from greek):

"Here on the 6th of December 2008, without any reason, a child's smile was extinguished from the innocent fifteen-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulous by the bullets of unapologetic killers."

Second Update | More Photos
Insurgent Photo Blogspot


01.06.2011 16:19
Animal Rights Fugitive Moves to Third on Most Wanted Terrorists List
voice of the voiceless With the (alleged) death of Bin Laden, the FBI has reordered its "Most Wanted Terrorists" list, moving animal liberation fugitive Andres San Diego to number three. San Diego was indicted in 2004 for the bombings of two targets related to the campaign against Huntington Life Sciences: Chiron (Emeryville, CA) and Shaklee (Pleasonton, CA). He was last seen in 2003, after he evaded an FBI surveillance tail in downtown San Francisco.

Andreas San Diego first became a suspect immediately after the Shaklee bombing, when he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation less than a mile from the site of the explosion. He has been a fugitive for nearly eight years. Adding San Diego to the "most wanted terrorists" list is among the more bold moves by the federal government as it works to sell the public on animal rights activists and the A.L.F. as "terrorists". This despite a 30+ year history of activity in which no humans have been harmed. The bombing Andreas are accused of took place at unoccupied office buildings, and no one was injured.

The FBI's wanted poster has this to say about Andreas San Diego:



30.05.2011 12:52
VIDEO: Rising Tide Day of Action - Hood River
People from across Cascadia and up north, from Canada, gathered on the banks of the Columbia to say NO to the shipment of heavy machinery bound for the Albert Tar Sands.

Link to 7 minute video:  link to blip.tv [blip.tv/bmediacollective/rising-tide-international-day-of-action-oregon-happenings-5203275]

[On April 20th, 2011 Groups around the world commemorated the BP Deep Water Horizon Oil catastrophe with actions calling for an end destructive energy resource extraction. In Hood River, Oregon, members of the community, people from the Northwest and guests from Canada handed a resolution to the City Administration calling for a shipping ban on heavy machinery bound for the Alberta Tar Sands up the Columbia River. People gathered on the river banks to fly kites, enjoy kayaking, listen to music and talk about alternatives to our destructive addiction to oil.]


homepage:  http://www.bmediacollective.org


30.05.2011 12:47
Video: Winiona La Duke, Speaking In Portland About Alberta Tar Sands
Winona La Duke, noted Native American activist and author, speaking recently at the Native American Center at Portland State University. Winona spoke for about ½ an hour about the Alberta Tar Sands and also about the large oil extraction equipment being shipped from South Korea through Portland and along narrow highways though Idaho and Montana.
< Winona La Duke, Speaking About Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul

After a few brief introductory comments, Winona says that "we are these people at this moment in time; we are the one's who are here...........and as you look around you've got the shot to do something great. You've got the shot to keep them from blowing off the top of a mountain, you got the shot to keep them from combusting the planet to oblivion; you've got the shot to keep them from opening another uranium mine, or gold mine for some jewelry that you don't need; shot to take down a dam in a river; and you've got the shot to stop the Tar Sands. And I feel that it's a great spiritual moment where you have the ability to do something great spiritually." Winona says that we must keep up the battle, because the other side has a 50 year plan. "Exxon has a 50 year plan for their Tar Sands and for all of us.....you have to be prepared for a long haul, because these things don't get fixed in 48 minutes when you watch tv. A little character development, a little solution and we're done." "We need to step outside our arena of comfort and do something." La Duke speaks at length about the Alberta Tar Sands, and the plans to transport enormous equipment from South Korea through Portland and along small roads and fragile ecosystems in Idaho and Montana. This has been dubbed the Heavy Haul, and there are numerous groups resisting this invasion:


30.05.2011 10:53
June 11 Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, Update
solidarity with anarchist political prisoners The Day for Solidarity with Long-term Anarchist Prisoners is now two weeks away. June 11th is an open invitation to demonstrate support for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, who are each serving 20 years. This date provides an opportunity to build links of affinity and solidarity towards the destruction of the prisons and prison-society.

This occasion for solidarity—as an open invitation—can to be responded to however people want, according to their own ideas and contexts. But many people have written asking for suggestions so we wanted to share a quick list of ideas for people who wish to plan events: *Organize an info-night.... * Throw a [vegan] benefit party/show/pancake breakfast/barbeque/picnic

Though Marie and Eric's cases cannot be simplified to a lack of support, we understand that the state succeeded in imposing such long sentences on Marie and Eric in part because it was able to isolate them, both politically and socially. In the wake of these long-term sentences, support for Eric & Marie—and for other Green Scare and anarchist prisoners—has relied on the consistency and commitment of their respective families and support crews. As anarchists, we think there are many ways to improve their visibility that don't rely on the mass media, but rather on organizing and face-to-face interactions in the street. Thus, in particular we encourage people to:
*Organize microphone demos and other very public events.
*Put-up posters, and drop banners (only with permission, of course!). Full-color posters were just printed that can be sent your way.
*Operas, plays, ballet, like Redbird Prisoner Support in Colombus, OH!
*Other, wholly-new and original plans that we'd be excited to promote and spread for June 11, 2012, and until every prisoner is free,

Get organized, and get in touch with us if you need to!  june11thsolidarity@gmail.com


29.05.2011 22:11
Flash mob targets New Seasons’ ethical image, Israeli products
BDS FLASH MOB Shoppers at Portland's Concordia New Seasons were greeted with an unexpected performance this afternoon when about two dozen Portlanders broke into song and dance. "New Seasons, you say you're local but you buy into Israeli occupation," participants sang, referencing the 19 Israeli products New Seasons carries. The flash mob, coordinated by the Portland BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) Coalition, was part of an ongoing campaign calling on New Seasons to stop selling Israeli products.

"New Seasons cannot claim to be friendly and local while it continues to stock products made by Israel, a gross violator of international law," said Wael Elasady, member of Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights and flashmob participant. "There's a glaring discrepancy between their ethical image and the products they profit from."

The now-burgeoning BDS Coalition, endorsed by groups such as Jews for Global Justice and the ILWU Local 5, has submitted a petition with over 500 signatures from New Seasons shoppers. The petition asks New Seasons to respect the boycott call issued by Palestinian civil society in 2005, and stop selling Israeli products until Israel complies with international humanitarian and human rights law. Additionally, hundreds of customers have submitted "comment cards" supporting the boycott.

homepage:  http://pdxbds.wordpress.com


23.05.2011 23:31
Black Rose Threatened with Extinction
[A] call out for support that emphasizes our immediate need for funds.

The long, chilly, rainy seasons are finally departing, leaving the
Black Rose far behind in our finances. We have until June 5th to catch up,
otherwise the Blackrose will be evicted. So we're calling for community
support in raising the funds we need to stay open. With a few new
volunteers and comfortable weather we're opening the shop damn near daily,
so stop by during regular hours (12noon-7pm) or, come on out for our
variety of upcoming events (which are posted on the indymedia calendar  http://protest.net/pdxindymedia/ )!
We want to show as many people a good time as possible between now and June 5th!
As always no one turned away for lack of funds but, we really encourage folks
to pitch in and donate in this time of need. Tell all your friends!
support this all ages show space in north Portland! Keep D.I.Y. community
space alive on sold-out Mississippi Ave.! (insert fist-shape emoticon here) Seriously.
An Safer/Sober Space - 4038 N Mississippi Ave


21.05.2011 12:04
Update on Wednesday's Water Rate$ Hearing
Subject: Update on Wednesday's water rate$ hearing: The good, the bad & the ugly. A big thank you to all who came to the water rates meeting on Wednesday. For those of who couldn't attend, here's a break-down of what happened.

THE GOOD: Turnout at City Hall was terrific. Council Chambers was packed with people who are supportive of avoiding the unnecessary "treating" and covering of Portland's historic open reservoirs for contaminants that do not exist. Over 100 people attended , including a mayoral candidate. Near the beginning, a speaker asked people to stand up if they were attending in support of keeping the reservoirs open (and stopping unnecessary construction). THE ENTIRE CHAMBER (except for Water Bureau employees) STOOD. Numerous groups testified against the planned 85% water/sewer rates increase over the next 5 years -- 45 people signed up to testify including Siltronics, Portland Bottling Co., Yo Cream, Alsco Linen, a low income housing representative, Sierra Club Columbia Chapter, Physicians for Social Responsibility and many, many more.

THE BAD & UGLY: Commissioners gave the green light for water-sewer rates to go up nearly 20% this year. They approved a 6 percent sewer fee hike and a water rate hike of approximately 12 percent. Council is expected to officially approved the rate hikes next Wednesday. An audit recently found that the Portland Water Bureau has spent millions of dollars on projects other than water and sewer operations. This is in violation of Oregon state law. You may recall that the Oregonian Editorial Board recently called for regulatory reform in an opinion piece on LT2. The question is why isn't the Portland Water Bureau working in support of community will, our good water, and LT2 regulatory reform.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Call each city Commissioner's office and tell them to stop reservoir construction projects.

Here's a brief KBOO piece by Joe Meyer on Wednesday's rate hearing:
Previous coverage of this issue:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/05/408414.shtml


21.05.2011 11:58
Day of Action to Protect Mt. Hood
Proposed Xrossing near a trail in high elevation forest Join Bark in a Day of Action to Protect Mt. Hood from NW Natural's plans to resurrect the Palomar Pipeline. This Day of Action coincides with the annual NW Natural Shareholders Meeting where we've had a presence for the past three years. This year we'll have all day on-line actions at bark-out.org.

Help Bark on Thursday, May 26th to send NW Natural the message that we will never allow this pipeline to go through Mt. Hood! Mark your calendars and get ready to take a stand for Mt. Hood on Thursday, May 26th! To plug in to our in-person actions contact Olivia (olivia@bark-out.org), otherwise just visit bark-out.org on May 26th.

In March of this year Palomar withdrew its application to construct the 220-mile pipeline through Oregon, but NW Natural is scheming to bring the project back as early as next year including its 40-mile long clearcut through Mt. Hood National Forest. Visit this link to learn more about NW Naturals plans to resurrect Palomar.



21.05.2011 11:55
Activists arrested at the Seattle Fur Exchange
Jail Support needed for Alex Payan, Kyle Oels & Kyle Terry; Three activists staged a lockdown at the Seattle Fur Exchange and need support! They will be in jail all weekend and will need vegan food. Please call and politely request they receive adequate vegan meals.

Renton City Jail - 1055 S Grady way
425-430-7600 prompt #8

We are posting bail for all three, so if you can donate anything to help get these folks back into the streets for the rest of the weekend, it'd be so appreciated!

Some media!


21.05.2011 11:50
Event: Fifth Annual Social Uprising Resistance & Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival
Event: The Fifth Annual International Social Uprising Resistance & Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival is taking place now! It runs from May 17th through May 23rd, 2011. Admission is free and snacks are free... because everything in the world should be free!

Mission Statement: Peace, Equality and Solidarity. Although political protests give us the opportunity to unite our thoughts in opposition to the route which our governments are taking us, many of us all over the world have come to the realization that the lack of peace in the world and the problems that we see increasing every day have a foundation deeper than the Republicans, the Democrats, or a few select multinational corporations. What we face are institutionalized problems, problems which can only be confronted at the root, researched and solved by imaginative and broad based, non-violent social movements - not ballot boxes.

Please visit:  http://www.WeSurge.org and click on "Calendar of Events (Downloadable)." Love and Solidarity!


16.05.2011 11:18
Wed May 18 Pdx City Council Hearing to decide fate of Bull Run Water supply
uv treatment plant protest From BARK: The City of Portland will decide on May 18th @ 10:15 am whether to waste $500 million to treat our Bull Run drinking water, recently confirmed as pure and free from harmful bacteria. Location is at: Council Chambers, Portland City Hall (between Jefferson and Madison on SW 4th Ave)

This issue seems to be not very well covered locally, but enforcing EPA regulations and building a UV treatment plant will seriously affect Portland's drinking water, and utility rates. No harmful cryptosporidium has ever been found in this water. Yet for some reason the city is going along with the supposition that open reservoirs should be covered to comply with EPA recommendations/requirements. Covered reservoirs have more risk of microorganisms historically across the nation.

Contrary to what BARK (and Friends of Reservoirs) are putting out on their websites, instead of pursuing a (temporary) "variance", the council should be pursuing a (permanent) "waiver" from compliance with these regs on the basis that this treatment facility is unwarranted and will actually increase the contamination of our now clean water with chemicals like radon and chloroform which build up if not allowed to off-gas, as well as mercury and other pollutants that will increase toxicity due to the other pollutants required for this kind of "treatment"...

foresttofaucetpdx.blogspot.com | Past Portland IMC Coverage & links | Video: Rally to Save Portland's Drinking Water | VIDEO: Growing Concern Cable Access coverage of the issue w/ Scott Fernandez |followup report of the hearing

Citizens For Portland's Water


15.05.2011 11:23
9 killed as Israeli forces attack Nakba marches on northern, southern and central borders
An estimated four people were killed Sunday on the Syria-Israel border, five killed on the Lebanon-Israel border, 52 injured in Gaza, and at least 24 injured in the West Bank as Israeli forces attacked Palestinian refugees trying to re-enter their former homes in what is now Israel. The day of protests was a commemoration of the 'Nakba' or 'Catastrophe', the day when Israel was created on Palestinian land 63 years ago.

The Israeli military confirmed firing at protesters on the Israel-Syrian border, as thousands of refugees tried to cross into the Golan Heights - a territory that was traditionally Palestinian, but is now a disputed territory claimed by both Israel and Syria. Many Palestinians who lived in the area found their towns and families split in half by the border. Initial reports indicate that four people were killed by Israeli gunfire on the Syrian border, and dozens were wounded, as Palestinians crossed dangerous unmapped minefields to cross into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. At least 63 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces at protests in the West Bank and Jerusalem since Friday.


International Middle East Media Center


15.05.2011 11:01
Help Us Stop Radioactive Waste Being Transported Through Oregon!
Please join Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and our partners at Heart of America Northwest in protecting our communities from 12,000 truckloads of extremely radioactive waste, which would go through Portland and Spokane to Hanford under a US Department of Energy proposal.


Attend and speak out at next week's public hearing on the US Department of Energy's proposal to use Hanford Nuclear Reservation as a national radioactive waste dump for extremely radioactive (GTCC) waste.

When: Thursday, May 19th beginning at 6:30PM*
Where: Doubletree Hotel, Lloyd Center (1000 NE Multnomah Street) in Portland

*Pre-hearing workshop at 5:45 PM in the Ross Island Room, 1st Floor

To learn more:  http://www.hoanw.org


14.05.2011 09:51
Police and FBI set-up in Seattle: a case study
[W]ake the fuck up or get woke the fuck up!
This is just a link to an article posted on  http://pugetsoundanarchists.org/ It is a detailed account of an entrapment-type undercover operation by the police and FBI in Seattle. In a nutshell, an undercover Seattle police officer tries to badger activists into more risky actions, and failing that, entraps one in a drug-deal by appealing to the activist's sense of friendship and loyalty.

The undercover cop pretended to be an activist, initiated conversations about making molotov cocktails and explosives, tried to push people into doing violent and illegal acts, and encouraged the presence of drugs and guns at after-hours parties.

Here is the link to the article (which originally appeared in the Seattle weekly, the Stranger):


14.05.2011 08:57
Portland Fruit Tree Project : Tree Scout volunteers
PFTP is looking for volunteers to become tree scouts during the 2011 harvest season to help register fruit trees in the Portland community.
Join the Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need...
As a Tree Scout, you will identify and register fruit trees in a designated neighborhood area, and conduct follow-up with tree owners that want to share the bounty. It's a fun way to meet neighbors and help make locally grown produce available to all.

TREE SCOUT OVERVIEW: All the necessary materials and information will be provided. You can expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week on this volunteer position, which begins June 18th and ends October 30th, 2011. Attend Tree Scout training (Saturday, June 18th, 9:30am-1:00pm)
If you're unable to attend the June 18th training, we can arrange an alternate training date.

Fill out the attached application form. Request an application by calling 503-284-6106, or send an email to katy[at]portlandfruit[dot[org, with 'Tree Scout Application Request' in the subject line. We'll send you an application right away. Applications are due Friday, June 3rd.


11.05.2011 12:46
The Real Cost of Prisons --An interview with Lois Ahrens
Book Cover The racist sub-text of the neo-liberal political agenda succeeded in creating acceptance of mass incarceration while simultaneously creating the laws and industries to police, prosecute, cage and control millions of people—almost all poor people and people of color. Neo-liberal policies have been in place for more than thirty years. As a result many people are not aware that our current political and economic situation is not the result of a natural course of events, but rather, of a systemically created ideology that has pervaded every aspect of our daily lives.

Lois Ahrens is the Founder/Director of The Real Cost of Prisons Project (RCPP) and has been an activist/organizer for more than 40 years. First started in 2001, RCPP brings together justice activists, artists, justice policy researchers and people directly experiencing the impact of mass incarceration to work together to end the U.S. prison nation. RCPP created workshops, a website that includes sections of writing and 'comix' by prisoners, a daily news blog focused on mass incarceration and three comic books that were first created in 2005: Prisoners Town: Paying the Price; Prisoners of the War on Drugs; and Prisoners of a Hard Life: Women and Their Children. Hundreds of organizations around the country use the comix in workshops, outreach and organizing. 135,000 have been printed, while over 115,000 have been sent, free of charge, to organizations and thousands of people held in prisons and jails. Due to lack of funding, Prison Town is now out of print and Prisoners of A Hard Life will soon be as well. Prisoners of the War on Drugs is still available. Print-ready versions of all three are available to view and download here.

Check out all the embedded links here


10.05.2011 22:31
Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela - July 10-22
You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22. The tour will examine issues of land reform, urbanization issues, rural development and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context. Venezuela is an outstanding example of a country that strives to ensure its citizens' right to food while bolstering its domestic agriculture sector, with an emphasis on organic practices and agroecology. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process.

We will start and end in Caracas: Tentative Itinerary. We will visit the states of Portuguesa, Barinas, Lara and Amazon. Activities will include visits to social programs, farms, community sites, and media outlets (with opportunities for radio and TV appearances); meetings with farmers, community leaders, and government officials; and trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest.

Cost to participate in the delegation: $1,100 - This covers 11 full days

Food Sovereignty, Social Movements and Social Change
July 10 to 22, 2011
Please register asap!

Article by Christina Schiavoni and William Camacaro
More Information


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