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24.07.2011 22:43
Report back for : Portland demonstration for the Spanish 12!
Report back for the demonstration that happened 7/23/11 as part of the International Day Against Repression of the Animal Rights Movement.

Yesterday in Portland, 14 activists came out to show their solidarity with the Animal Rights Activists in Spain on the International Day Against Repression of the Animal Rights Movement. Since we do not have a Spanish Consulate, we had a demonstration and did outreach in Pioneer Square, the city's centre. We handed out hundreds of fliers and talked to the public about the recent arrests and repression of the activists in Spain. Overall we had a great response.
In Solidarity!

Websites to check out:



24.07.2011 22:27
Video: Papa Murphy's Protest 2. - Portland Oregon pizza workers Rise Up
Filmed on July 22 2011 in Portland Oregon on NE 15th and Fremont This is the second protest that is been organized in the last month, regarding these pizza workers. Young people are standing publicly to expose the unfair treatment of workers at the pizza restaurant in their community. Demanding justice, the management ignores their demands. This is protest is number #2 outside Papa Murphy's Pizza on NE 15th and Fremont in Portland Oregon.

"Wanna Know what all the Fuss is? ... Were Standing up for Justice".

The 15 minute video of Protest #2 is on YouTube here:
Papa Murphy's Pizza Protest #2 Portland

The number of protesters grows to 5o at the height of their 4 hour protest on Friday July 22.

Over 200 hundred flyer's were handed out.

Food, chanting , speeching and community interaction.

Related links:
Protest Two announcement on PIMC
Protest One on PIMC


24.07.2011 21:47
Anarchist General Assembly (July 30th)
Call for anarchists of all stripes to assemble on Saturday July 30th at 6pm at the BlackRose infoshop. General assembly from 6-8 followed by capture the flag in the park!

For the past year there has been a lack of discussion throughout the body of the Portland anarchist community. Without the intensity of events to propel us toward gathering and communicating we have let our cohesion whither and return to a state of disinterested and fractional friend groups. This meeting is being called to reaffirm our interest in a broader anarchist community, and cooperation within it.


20.07.2011 18:40
Directions to Cascadia Forest Defenders Action Camp
This July activists are invited to to support direct action in defense
of a beloved, ancient coastal rainforest, the Elliott State Forest.
Under the watchful mismanagement of the Oregon Department of Forestry,
timber barons are actively razing this rare, 93,000 acre cathedral of
previously untouched wilderness. It's time for friends of Cascadia to
take a stand against the dozens of clearcuts on the table for 2011-2012.
Cascadia Forest Defenders Action Camp July 22nd - 25th 2011

This July activists are invited to to support direct action in defense
of a beloved, ancient coastal rainforest, the Elliott State Forest.
Under the watchful mismanagement of the Oregon Department of Forestry,
timber barons are actively razing this rare, 93,000 acre cathedral of
previously untouched wilderness. It's time for friends of Cascadia to
take a stand against the dozens of clearcuts on the table for 2011-2012.

Workshops will include: climb trainings, backwoods stealth and evasion,
know your rights, and anti-oppression.


19.07.2011 07:37
2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair
Portland Anarchist Bookfair The 2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair is happening on July 23rd and 24th at Portland State University. It will be hosted by Students for Unity and be completely free.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, being a vendor, or volunteering please e-mail us at pdxanarchistbookfair@gmail.com.

address: 1825 SW Broadway Portland OR 97201

Schedule and List of Vendors


19.07.2011 07:34
IWW Benefit, Thursday July 21st @ Alberta Rose Theatre
A benefit show for the local chapter of the Industrial Workers of the
World. The show will have Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, doing songs,
stories and poems.

Thursday, July 21st, 8 pm (doors open at 7)
Alberta Rose Theatre
3000 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon


19.07.2011 07:30
"Grounds For Resistance" Portland Premier
In November 2008, a group of U.S. Veterans opened Coffee Strong, a coffee shop located outside the gates of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. Inspired by the Vietnam-era G.I. coffee house movement, Coffee Strong provides a safe space where service members, military families, and Veterans can drink coffee and discuss issues, such as their experiences of war, deployment concerns, the hardships of life in the military, and veteran benefits. At the center of the film are the men and women whose experiences in the military and war compel them to commit themselves to help others who are serving or have served in the past. The film examines each one's stories from their decisions to join the military, their experiences of war, and their motivations for devoting themselves to Coffee Strong. It explores how their relationships with one another and their activists efforts to make a more peaceful and just world help them cope with their own experiences.

The film will be showing once at the Clinton Street Theater (2522 Southeast Clinton Street, Portland) on July 21st at 6pm. Following the showing of the film, the filmmaker Lisa Gilman and members of Coffee Strong will answer questions about the film.


19.07.2011 07:26
Ban The Bag Rally and City Council Vote!
As you may know, the Oregon State Legislature recently failed to take action on SB 536, a bill to ban single use plastic bags in Oregon introduced in the 2011 session. Following up on their commitment from the rally many of you attended last year, the Portland Mayor and City Council have brought the issue back up and now the local Portland effort is heating up. We have tremendous buy-in from the city, but we need your help to push this ordinance through. We're so close to eliminating this unnecessary trash in our beautiful city and it's time to act.

July 21st - City Hall at 3:00pm

RSVP for the City Hall event to banthebagpdx@gmail.com and get a complimentary Ban the Bag t-shirt! We need your support again at Porltand City Hall on this Thursday, July 21st at 3:00 pm, it would be great to see a packed chamber like you helped us do last year, wearing your Ban the Bag t-shirts! And if you don't have one, RSVP and we'll give you one to keep! The hearing is not until 3:45 but we'll be having lots of fun outside of city hall prior and encourage early arrival!

If you haven't already done so, please act now by signing our petition!


16.07.2011 09:25
Earth First! Dances on Governor's Table in Tar Sands Protest.
Helena, MT - On the morning of July 12th, six activists from Earth First! and Northern Rockies Rising Tide have risked arrest by occupying Governor Schweitzer's office in an act of non-violent civil disobedience. The activists have locked their arms in a mock oil pipeline made out of PVC plastic pipe. In the wake of the Silvertip spill, Governor Schweitzer has publicly chastised Exxon Mobil, while simultaneously continuing to promote the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, megaload shipments bound for the Alberta Tar Sands and other extreme fossil fuel projects throughout the state.

"If the Governor has his way, Montana will be transformed into what is essentially an energy extraction colony for Big Oil. The Silvertip spill is simply a short preview of what this would mean for the lives and livelihood of all Montanans," says Great Falls native Peter Dolan, one of the eight occupying the office. Activists wearing "lock boxes" at office of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Activists inside the Capitol are also demanding that Schweitzer stand up to TransCanada and other international criminal organizations by publicly opposing Alberta Tar Sands exportation.

Full Story at: PeacefulUprising.org

Check out the [U Tube] video!


16.07.2011 09:13
Memetic Cascadia (class 2) the History of Propaganda
Class Two (Monday July 18th 2011): In this session, we will explore the works of Edward Bernays and others. We will look at how psychology was used by various elite to control the "bewildered herd." We will examine how the very concept of democracy was undermine so as to shift societies from active citizenry to desire driven consumers. This "class" or actually "think tank" requires interaction between members within the group. This course is FREE as it is part of Portland Free School. The goal is to create a bioregional awakening (Cascadia) that becomes widespread and very contagious and then create a "culture of active social change.

For this class I request all to watch part one of Century of the Self [at:]  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article12642.htm
or  http://www.archive.org/details/AdaCurtisCenturyoftheSelf_0

Portland State University Library
1875 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97201


12.07.2011 08:05
Federal Court Rejects Media Consolidation in Prometheus vs. FCC
PHILADELPHIA - On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued its long-awaited verdict in Prometheus Radio Project v. the Federal Communications Commission, rejecting the FCC's attempt to further deregulate media ownership. The Court threw out FCC rules that would have allowed one company to own a newspaper and broadcast stations in the same market. The Court also upheld the FCC's other limits on local broadcast ownership, and agreed with Prometheus and other public interest groups that the FCC failed to consider the impact of its rules on women and people of color.

"We won on almost every point. This decision is a vindication of the public's right to have a diverse media environment," said Andrew Jay Schwartzman of Media Access Project, who argued the case on behalf of Prometheus. This is the second major victory this year for the Prometheus Radio Project, whose ten-year effort to pass legislation expanding community radio succeeded when President Obama signed the bipartisan Local Community Radio Act into law on January 4. The law will result in thousands of new community radio stations, and the FCC will be accepting applications for stations as early as next summer.


11.07.2011 08:25
The Limitations of the Earth Liberation Front
Environmentalism is the defining issue of our times. The ecological crisis is touching all of our lives. The environmental movement is engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the forces of industry; at stake is the planet that gives us life.

Sycophantic environmentalists regularly dismiss the ELF as "ineffective" in the capitalist press. An odd invective indeed given that if we have different goals we are going to have different ideas of what "effective" means... The first guideline is "to inflict maximum economic damage to those who profit from the destruction and exploitation of the environment." This is the essence of ELF strategy, to force their targets to perform a cost benefit analysis, in which the target arrives at the decision that they should stop what they are doing because it is more expensive to continue than it would be profitable.

The ELF's greatest strength is that it cannot be physically destroyed, in past years the US government has had a certain amount of success in finding and imprisoning ELF soldiers. But ultimately it doesn't matter if they catch all members of the ELF because the group is not so much an organization as it is the living embodiment of an idea (the use of sabotage in defense of the Earth) and ideas cannot be jailed or killed.


11.07.2011 08:23
The Man Who Never Died: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Joe Hill
Joe Hill "labor organizer, musician, song writer, revolutionary" was executed in 1915 by the state of Utah for a crime that many believe he did not commit. Now there's proof.

Big Bill Haywood used to call revolutionary industrial unionism, the organizing philosophy of the Industrial Workers of the World, "socialism with its working clothes on." Writing for the "International Socialist Review" from his prison cell, Joe Hill offered an example of such hands-on belief. Hill had recently arrived in Utah from the docks of California where many of the jobs were temporary. Therefore it was "to the interest of the workers 'to make the job last' as long as possible," Hill wrote in his article, "How to Make Work for the Unemployed."



11.07.2011 08:16
Interview with a Young Greek Communist
The following is an interview with Melina, a twenty-one year old member of the KOE's youth organization (KOE, pronounced "Koy" on the streets of Greece, stands for Communist Organization of Greece). Melina comes from Patras, a city with an occupied square simlar to that of Athens. Patras is also home to great polarization around the question of immigrants in Greece.

 link to thefirecollective.org


10.07.2011 10:33
Memetic Cascadia: A knowledge sharing course on building a contagious Cascadia
We will examine ways to transform the abstract idea of Cascadia, the bioregion, into a contagious idea associated with our regional identity. The class will consist of knowledge-sharing as well as creating a functional workspace from which to spread the meme of being "Cascadian." The intent of the class is to eventually become a "think tank." This course is FREE as it is part of Portland Free School. The goal is to create a bioregional awakening (Cascadia) that becomes widespread and very contagious and then create a "culture of active social change."

Time: Mondays (starting July 11th) 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: In front of Millar Library at PSU - [future locations TBA]
1875 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97201


MEMETIC CASCADIA part 2 Monday July 18th


09.07.2011 09:44
ALF / ELF Fugitive Justin Solondz Arrested
After three years in a Chinese jail, Justin Solondz is taken into US custody Justin Solondz spent years on the run before being arrested in China three years ago. This week, years in a Chinese jail, he was deported and taken into US custody at a Chicago airport. He is being charged with a role in two actions: the 2001 University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture arson (claimed by the Earth Liberation Front), and the arson and attempted animal release at the 2001 Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Corral in Susanville, California (claimed by the Animal Liberation Front).

Recently, Solondz's former girlfriend, Briana Waters, entered into a plea deal in which she agreed to testify against Solondz at his upcoming trial. A search for his name on the BOP Inmate Locator did not give any results, and his current jail address is not known. With several cooperating witnesses, he faces a hard legal battle ahead. I will be posting his jail address as soon as it is available. For now, give your silent support to the three remaining fugitives from this FBI sweep dubbed the "Green Scare case". They are somewhere out there tonight, continuing to be hunted as "terrorists" by the FBI. - Peter Young



07.07.2011 13:30
Video: Portland Rising - June 30 2011 - 7 Actions with JWJ and many others
The 7 action bus tour with Job With Justice and many others in Solidarity for workers cotracts and rights.

3 buses go to seven stops
The longer version video will be coming soon

(15 min video)


05.07.2011 17:52
Anti-HLS Lunch Time Demos This Thursday July 7th - Join Us!
Lunch time Demos on Thursday July 7th will target major shareholders of AstraZeneca, the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer whose contracted experiments have exposed horrific animal cruelty.

Hello Friends,

Join the Portland Anti-HLS Customer Campaign this Thursday afternoon as we target two major shareholders of AstraZeneca, the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences customer whose contracted experiments have exposed horrific animal cruelty. If you are unfamiliar with the murder paid for by AstraZeneca, please visit  http://www.shac.net/AZ/index.html for more information and to view the undercover video investigation of AstraZeneca's bloody experiments at HLS.

Join us and together we can SHUT DOWN HLS for good!

Lunch Time Demos
Thursday July 7th at 12:30PM SHARP

Meet at Tom McCall Waterfront Park
on the SW Side of the Hawthorne Bridge near the brick outdoor theater

Demo locations will be announced during the meet-up solidarity discussion. Each demo will last approximately 30 minutes.


04.07.2011 13:32
Portland Police Officer Dane Reister
Link to "Get to Know your Police Officers" page about Officer Dane Reister.

On June 30, 2011, Officer Dane Reister, along with other police officers, responded to a call about a man harrassing kids at a park. The cops found a 20-year-old man some distance away. When they tried to approach him, he fled. Officer Reister fired 4 times at him with a bright-orange-colored shotgun that is supposed to be loaded with less-lethal "beanbag" rounds. Instead, live lethal rounds were loaded. As of this writing, the kid is in the hospital in critical condition and Officer Reister is on paid leave
Officer Reister is also the cop who took a video camera away from a citizen who was observing police officers approaching two men in downtown Portland. According to the Oregonain article, "on the nine-minute video, one of the officers can be heard accusing one man of being a drug dealer and the other a drug buyer. He repeatedly asks one of the men for his ID and to allow himself to be patted down. At one point, the officer - identified by Tabor as Reister - tells the man to back away. And when the man takes a step back, Reister takes two or three steps forward and shoves the man in the chest."

Officer Reister is also named in a lawsuit (MARBET v. CITY OF PORTLAND) alleging police misconduct at an anti-Bush rally in Portland that included firing rubber bullets at a crowd of protesters.

from G2KPDX.org


04.07.2011 11:28
BMedia and friends Variety Show #3: Earth Day Inc.
EPISODE #3 of B Media's monthly variety show was inspired by GREEN CAPITALISM and connects indigenous and environmental struggles at Hood River, the Bank of America's financing of the Alberta Tar Sands, City Repair's Earth Day festival, the economic justice rally in solidarity with Wisconsin, and ties it together with Slingshot's radical history of April (the cruelest month), an unexpected visit by a cadre of Unemployed Superheros... and YouTube cat videos.

View episode here  http://blip.tv/bmediacollective/variety-tree-earth-day-inc-5288049

This episode explores the connections between environment destruction and the economic and cultural systems that enable it. Movements and actions by groups like Rising Tide North America, City Repair, the PDX Climate Justice Coalition and the alternatives they advocate for are contrast with the banking system and unchecked capitalism, the increasing atomization of American life, and the Tea party. Our goal was to highlight the people doing important work in our communities, and single out the elements distracting us from that work on a daily basis.


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