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HOMELESSNESS 01.11.2002 19:25
St Francis Parish under neighborhood, police scrutiny
From the open publishing newswire: Many of you may have heard through channels including the media that St Francis Parish (at SE 11th and Pine) is under threat of being shut down by the neighborhood and police as a "nusiance property." St Francis has a park, a church, and a dining hall which has meals for low-income and homeless families and individuals. It is also the home of JOIN, a homeless advocacy group, and VOZ, an immigrant workers' rights organization.

They have done a lot of good work in the community. They are also already operating under a negotiated agreement with the police from several years ago regarding excluding people who commit criminal acts while on church property.

Nonetheless, residents of Buckman neighborhood and local business owners are raising concerns about the upsurge in what they call "an atmosphere of crime and violence." The police, in turn, are pressuring the Parish to shut down the park, labelling the Parish a "nuisance property" for reasons including that someone tried to set fire to one of their buildings a few months ago.

St Francis is asking for community support.
[ Read More... ]

GLOBAL SOUTH 01.11.2002 16:11
Why El Salvador?
From the open publishing newswire: To many it may seem that the people who pursue international struggles operate in a piecemeal fashion. One minute they rush to the aid of the Kurds, another it is Indonesian sweatshop workers, and yet another the people of Burma. There is, however, order to the chaos. With the rise of international or global visions of trade, commerce, and corporate enterprise (that is, corporate rule), a global struggle has arisen against age-old problems. What may seem, then, like disconnected projects, in fact represent the growth of a worldwide movement of people against the dominating and repressive status quo. The apparent multitude of struggles really is one common struggle.
[ Read More... ]

ANALYSIS 01.11.2002 16:00
Portland's green party sham
From the open publishing newswire:A year ago the green party came to town after the election. They had a couple of weirdos up on stage, i.e. Danny Glover who was doing GAP ads at the same time. Then Koufory came on stage and demanded a $1000 dollars or more before he would allow Nader to speak. I am poor. He demanded money in the same way a TV evangelist would. He wanted a $100 from 10 different people. It was horrible and insulting. I realize the green party is at a financial loss. I also realize that Nader makes several million dollars a year. [ Read More... ]

Taco Bell Street Action, 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'
From the open publishing newswire: To expose free trade's link to farmworker poverty here in the United States, local Portland activists will participate in the national days of action in the Taco Bell boycott, timed to coincide with protests at the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) ministerial meeting in Quito, Ecuador. Come join CBLOC and other local student, labor, immigrants rights, and faith-based social justice activists will be at the Taco Bell at SE Powell and Foster from 12:30 to 2:00 pm on Saturday, Nov. 2 with giant puppets, costumes, and a street theater of "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!" All who want to participate in the street theater should come in costume as a farmworker, a Taco Bell boss, or a killer tomato.

Locally CBLOC has been supporting the Taco Bell boycott for nearly a year, since the struggle so clearly connects the issues of devastating economic policies in Latin America with poverty, immigration, and poor working conditions for farmworkers in the U.S. Nationally, four days of creative actions are planned on campuses and in communities across the nation that will clearly link free trade and farmworker exploitation.
[ Read More... ]

[ CBLOC | Coalition of Immokalee Workers: Boycott the Bell ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 01.11.2002 10:38
PPRC Rally Promotes November 17th Action, Calls for Campaigning Against War
From the open publishing newswire: "Yesterday, throughout Tony Blair's United Kingdom, the British people again demonstrated forcefully against their country's support for war on Iraq," said Mikel Clayhold of the PPRC. "As we did on October 5th, and we hope in even greater numbers, the people of Oregon and Washington will take to the streets on November 17th as a clear and unwavering voice for peace." A growing coalition of local peace and justice organizations has again come together for a large-scale march and rally for peace and justice at 1:00 p.m., on Sunday, November 17th, starting at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. "The theme for this rally and march for peace is 'No War on Iraq!', but of course the growing peace movement here in the Northwest is diverse and encompasses much more than an anti-war message," said Clayhold. "We remain deeply concerned with the targeting of the immigrant communities by law enforcement, the ethnic profiling of Ashcroft's police state, and the erosion of our most basic Constitutional rights." Along with many of the organizations that were involved in the October 5th march which drew 7,000 to 10,000 people, the PPRC will now spend the next two weeks working to build support for a larger turn-out on November 17th.
[ Read More... ]

[ Oct. 31: UK rises up against War in Iraq | Portland Peaceful Response Coalition ]

ECUADORAN SOLIDARITY / NO F.T.A.A. 31.10.2002 19:41
Portland Marches Against the FTAA
From the open publishing newswire: About 200 or so people met today @ terry schrunk plaza in downtown portland. They gathered to rejoice in our international solidarity and condemn exploitive and unjust economic policies. The event began with a hoe-down dance, and bi-lingual speakers and songs. The group subsequently marched to the world trade center and held a radical street party. The Infernal Noise Brigade (a marching band from seattle) and a samba band got everyone dancing and shouting. The costumes, puppets, and decorations were great. Apparently the police had prepared tear gas and some serious weapons of mass destruction beneath the burnside bridge, nevertheless they didn't attack, arrest, or harm anyone as far as I know. Some smiled at us as we carried our banners and most directed traffic. It was nice to have them doing their job for once. I also didn't see any cameras out. [ Newswire article ]

radical street festival?
today's anti-ftaa action was billed as a "radical steet festival". it seemed much more like a carefully-staged and un-democratic sham to me. after a very brief march, we took over an intersection for a short period of time where there was no public presence whatsoever. just a few office workers peering down from their windows (indeed it seemed as though most of the trade center workers had gone home for the day). we then performed for ourselves. all of the skits and performances and drumming were great, and would have benefitted from having an audience other than only those present for the march, who presumably were already pretty knowledgable about the potential impact of the ftaa.
[ Read More... ]

COLLATERAL DAMAGE 31.10.2002 15:50
US Army recruiters invade 'free speech area' at PCC Cascade campus
From the open publishing newswire:For Wednesday and Thursday of the week of 10-27-2002, US Army representatives have set up camp at the PCC Cascade campus. This is an insidious recruitment tactic geared towards people who are trying to DO something with their lives (earn a degree, get an education, etc...). Thank god they're (hopefully) leaving today.
[ Read More ]

Support justice globally and locally by supporting PCUN
Piñeros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN, "Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United") represents over 4,500 farmworkers in Oregon, and is the state's largest Latino organization. Founded in 1985 by 80 agricultural laborers, it has since grown into a force for social and political change that has successfully challenged corporate power and brought it to the negotiating table. Farmworkers have back-breaking working conditions, are exposed to pesticide, live in substandard housing, are forced to put their children to work, have been harrassed and fired for union organizing and face systemic racism, all as parts of their everyday lives. Working with groups and individuals from the faith, labor, and human rights communities, PCUN addresses all these issues and has won better living and working conditions for farmworkers through grassroots organizing, political pressure, and community building.

This update touches upon some of PCUN accomplishments in 2002, which was a banner year for the union and its members. Local efforts for farmworker justice is, however, tied closely to the battle against corporate globalization, so the ultimate happy end is not yet in sight. The protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador, this week (and around the world, including Portland) are part and parcel of the same struggle against oppression. PCUN offers by its example many ways to fight this good fight. By working for farmworker justice here in Oregon, we can take on corporate globalization and build better local alternatives at the same time.
[ Farmworker Justice update from PCUN | Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, to visit Portland ]

previous PCUN stories on portland indymedia: [ search by "PCUN" | 2002 Walk for Farmworker Justice | 2001 Walk for Farmworker Justice ]

More information: [ PCUN | STOP the FTAA | Indymedia Ecuador ]

GLOBAL SOUTH / FTAA 31.10.2002 14:54
Update on Ecuador
From the open publishing newswire:

I have been checking out Indymedia Ecuador to see what is going on down there. I used an online translation program and this is what seems to be going on, some details may be mistaken. As far as how close they are to shuting the meetings down I was unable to find that information. In addition to these marches there was also mention of several other groups of people including environmental and student organizations.

--11AM-- In the morning FENOCIN, CEOLS, and a few other socialist groups started a march at a park and headed to the Suisse Hotel. Apparently there where aprrox. 800 hundred on that march. When the Amazon and Columbus arrived they where met with a wall of police. (not sure what that means). The police fired tear gas at them and fired there wepons in the air in the streets of Juan Leon Mere and Santa Maria.
[ Read More... ]

[Pictures from Quito | Ecuador IMC | StopFTAA.org ]

LIFESTYLE 31.10.2002 14:05
Anti-oppression consumerism?

From the open publishing newswire: How can we purchase the things we need without contributing to oppression and poverty the world around? OK... it's clear that reducing the demand for oil is a good start, and that at least protesting the oppressive policies of our government and corporations is beneficial as well. But how can we shop?

Monsanto will be supported when we buy products made with GMO corn, which we may not have to if the Oregon vote comes out favourably... but that's just food. What do we do about clothing, and electronics, and other items that we decorate our homes and bodies with?

Is there a list of the socially and environmentally conscientious manufacturers? I really worry that when I buy my next pair of shoes I'll be helping perpetuate the starvation of some third world kid. And what about my pants and shirts and kitchen appliances and stuff? It's tough to do the right thing when the very fabric of our society is built upon the oppression of others.
[ Read More... ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 31.10.2002 13:59
Challenge to Portland's Pacifists
From the open publishing newswire: Over the last few years I've heard alot of commentary from the pacifist "side" of several movements regarding tactical strategy. In Portland this element seems to believe that the best tactics are no tactics at all.

Without civil disobedience, what can a pacifist do? If blocking traffic, or occupying a military recruiting office is unacceptable, what is acceptable? Marching? On a sidewalk?!

When you are a citizen of the most powerfull nation in the history of the planet, a nation that assasinates democratically elected foreign leaders, exports weapons of mass destruction, poisons, and corporate rule, and uses it's power to veto things like the resolution on the rights of the child, or an international ban on landmines, is a rally the best that we can do?

When millions of africans are starving, dying of AIDS, murdered by corporate death squads (Shell), and brutalized in civil wars fought with western weapons, is a three-word chant the most effective tool to raise awareness and show dissent?

While South America is gradually destroyed by international mega-corporations, it's native population (like all native populations outside the culture of dominance) murdered by oil,timber, and mining companies (hello Mr.Gore), it's labor organizers assasinated by, again, corporate death-squads (think about the 5000 killed in columbia over the last several years next time you have a Coke!), is a parade permit really the first thing you think of?
[ Read More... ]

Definition of Violence
Having listened to "anarchists" strained description of violence as specific to actions against living things, I finally got around to looking it up. I guess it's time to start burning the dictionaries. Yuk, yuk...
[ Read More... ]

Measure 23 Is Good Medicine
From the open publishing newswire: Measure 23, the Oregon Comprehensive Health Care Financing Act, takes a bold step that federal or state legislators, beholden to the insurers and the health care industry, won't take. For the 80 private insurance companies that presently operate in Oregon, it would substitute one non-profit public corporation. It creates an insurance pool, the Oregon Comprehensive Health Care Finance Fund, owned by and responsible to the people of Oregon.

The Oregon AFL-CIO has come out in opposition to the plan because its members, who currently get 100% of their premiums paid by employers, would suddenly have to pay a health care income tax. But with health care costs continuing to rise steeply each year, no one's coverage is stable, and no one's budget, either corporate or personal, can be planned or predicted. And the present system of private insurance and employer funding has kept labor perpetually running to stay in place. With health care off the table as a bargaining chip, labor will finally be free to bargain for other things: longer vacations, maternity and sick leave, and better working conditions.
[ Read More... ]

Facts about Measure 23
Opponents of Measure 23 seem incapable of actually reading the Measure, or even a summary, available on the Health Care For All - Oregon website. So instead they make up figures and resort to name calling. Here are some facts about Measure 23.

The personal income tax will have a range of 0-8 percent of TAXABLE income, income after deductions, which averages about 80 percent of gross income. This is a PROGRESSIVE tax, meaning the rate depends on income, like the federal and state income taxes you now pay. Only those with very high incomes would pay the maximum rate. People making up to 150 percent of the federal poverty level, about $1200 a month for an individual, are exempt.
[ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 30.10.2002 22:09
Resist the Peak timber sale closure
From the open publishing newswire: Mazama Forest Defense is calling on activists to come and challenge the illigal closure of over 680 acres of our public land. There are presently two tree-sits in the sale. One activist was arrested when he locked down to a backho, three activists violated the closure and were arrested also. Then on October 26th another activist was arrested in the closure. He is still in jail as of the 30th and has not eaten since his arrest. We as that you call the jail and demand his release. Jackson county jail 541 774 6850 his prisoner # is 101738.

On Monday the 4th of November we are calling on folk to stand in solidarity with the tree-sitters and the forest that is being destroyed in the name of profit. There will be a rally and a mass closure crossing on monday. There has not been an event like this in the South Cascades for years and we are hoping to turn up the heat with this action. The Replacement Volume Program is not canceled and until we force the powers that be to hear us and cancel the program out right the destruction will continue. [ Read More... ]

[ Peak Arrest Update, demonstration plans (29 Oct) | Activist Arrested at Peak (27 Oct) | Activist Protest Reckless Behavior (26 Oct) | Columbia Helicopters Endangers Peak Tree-sitter's Life (24 Oct) | New Peak Tree-sit in Danger (27 Sept) | Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) ]
[ Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories | Tree-Sit.org]

Safeway CEO, Steven Burd, marries Betty the Biotech Corn in Portland today
From the open publishing newswire: A national campaign to rid grocery stores of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods hit a peak today when hundreds of consumers throughout the United States and Canada joined the GE-Free Markets Coalition and protested at their local supermarkets, demanding these risky ingredients be removed. NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NW RAGE), as members of the GE-Free Markets Coalition, are demanding that Safeway remove untested GE ingredients from its store brand products. Today's rally featured a mock wedding with Betty the Biotech Corn and Steven Burd the CEO of Safeway. The group says it will continue to pressure supermarkets around the country until they commit to going "GE-free".

"We're calling on Safeway to listen to their customers and do the right thing by removing genetically engineered ingredients from their store brand products," said Mark Des Marets, "Whole Foods, Wild Oats and Trader Joe's did it - Safeway can do it, too." [ Read More... ]

The Wedding Vows
The following are the vows exchanged by the $afeway and Betty the Biotech Corn. Thank you to all wedding participants and attendees. It was great fun. Remeber to mail in those comment card to $afeway and help keep the pressure on. Great work!

Sadly bewildered, we are gathered here today, in the name of obscene profits and genetic engineering, to join Betty the Biotech corn and Safeway the Grocery Conglomerate in unholy matrimony...

I, Safeway, take thee Betty to be my lawfull wedded product. To stock and to sell, for richer and even richer. Inspite of sickness, disease, or other genetic side effects. I promise to provide an ample supply of unwitting consumers, to put profit over people, and to sell, sell, sell from this day forward for as long as your customers may live
[ Read More... ]

AUDIO: Humorous and entertaining, this file punctuates comedy with information about the already existing marriage between the Federal Drug Administration, Monsanto and others of the Biotechnology Industry and grocery super stores. About 12 minutes in length [streaming]. [ Newswire article ]

PHOTOS of the Wedding! [ click here ]

[ NW RAGE | SayNoToGMOs.org ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 30.10.2002 01:09
Corporate Media Black out of Wellstone Memorial
From the open publishing newswire: Its become a standard feature on CNN and the other corporate media news channels. The Memorial service. Anytime a child dies violently, whether through a kidnapping or a school shooting, every corporate media channel goes into full-time coverage of the memorial service of the death.

Just recently, the corporate media showed wall-to-wall coverage of the memorial services for the sniper victims in DC. Now, a major American political figure dies violently. Whether you liked him or not, Paul Wellstone was a major opposition political leader in this country. One of the very few with the courage to stand up and oppose the Bush junta.

As I write this, a Memorial service is being held for Sen. Wellstone. If you turn to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNBC or any of the other corporate media channels, you won't see any coverage of this. None. A memorial service for a sniper victim gets hours of coverage on all of these channels. A memorial service for an opposition politician who dies violently gets zero coverage. None, nada, nothing, zero. Completely blacked out.

It is on Cspan. That's how I know its happening right now. I post this to make a point. The point is that you can't trust the corporate media to tell you things you should know about. [ Read More... ]

'anarchists' vs. 'pacifists' - how real is the rift? Analysis of Oct. 26
From the open publishing newswire: Lately, if discussions on portland indymedia are an indication of anything, an old rift has been opening wider within the activist community. On posts about the Oct. 13 giant peace circle, the Oct. 22 anti-police brutality march the Oct. 25 critical mass, and the Oct. 26 anti-war actions, people have been exhorting the virtues of "radicals" vs. "liberals", "revolutionaries" vs. "reformists", "anarchists" vs. "pacifists", "trouble-makers" vs. "peace cops", "massholes" vs. "wusses" or any number of other paired labels. Some people have suggested ways to work together, one of which is to not work together. In my opinion, while the relative effectiveness of various tactics is certainly a legitimate topic, I feel that the polarization we're seeing is excessive. Because both "anarchists" and "pacifists" were present, the afternoon of anti-war actions on Oct. 26 provided a good illustration of the rift, showed some ways it can be bridged, and highlighted how real or imaginary it might be in a practical sense...
[ Read more: pt. 1 | pt. 2 ]

Firsthand account of Indymedia reporter's arrest

From the newswire: On Saturday, oct 26th, about 1:55, I was arrested while videotaping the anti-war/anti-capitalist action/march that had started at noon in Pioneer Square. After leaving the Lloyd Center Mall, the march made its way to an Army recruiting center. There a number of people went inside, while others waited outside. I was outside for a few minutes, then went in to take some video. I was inside for about 2 minutes and then returned outside...
[ Read more... ]

POLICE BRUTALITY 29.10.2002 14:42
November 1, 8PM: Day of the Dead Event Honors Life of Jose Mejia
From the open publishing newswire: An event celebrating Jose Mejia Poot's life and mourning his tragic death will be held at 8PM on Friday, November 1 in the Dining Hall of St. Francis Church, 330 SE 11th Avenue. Held on the traditional Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead, the event will feature prayers, music, food and speakers, including Jose's brother, Carlos Mejia Poot.

On April 1, 2001 Jose Mejia Poot, a 29 year old Mexican laborer who spoke little English, was shot and killed by Portland police officers at Pacific Gateway Hospital. Mejia had been taken to the psychiatric center after being arrested and beaten at a bus stop on 82nd Avenue in Portland. The TriMet bus driver called police after Mejia attempted to board the No. 72 bus twenty cents short on his fare. Numerous eyewitnesses described the excessive use of force against Mejia during his arrest at the bus stop.

Days after the shooting at the hospital, a grand jury acquitted Mejia's killers of wrongdoing, sparking another outrage in the community. Mejia was shot once through the forehead and once through the heart ... [ Full Story ] [ May 30th, 2001 feature ]

FOREST DEFENSE 29.10.2002 14:06
Peak Arrest Update, Demonstration Plans

Tree sit at Peak Timber Sale
in the Rogue River National Forest in Southwestern Oregon
From the open publishing newswire:On Saturday, Oct 26 an activist was arrested at the Peak Timber sale for alleged closure violations (See previous article). Since Saturday, the individual has been on hunger strike and has refused to give the police his legal name. His araignment was originally set at one oclock at the federal courthouse in Medford. At the last minute it was rescheduled for 1 O'clock PM. People were not being allowed into the courtroom unless they provided the police with photo identification, so a group of demonstrators protested outside of the courthouse with American flags tied around their mouths as gags.
[ Read More... ]

[ Activist Arrested at Peak (27 Oct) | Activist Protest Reckless Behavior ( 26 Oct) | Columbia Helicopters Endangers Peak Tree-sitter's Life ( 24 Oct) | New Peak Tree-sit in Danger (27 Sept.) | Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept.) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept.) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept.) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) | Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories | Tree-Sit.org]

portland indymedia 'Videos From The Resistance' Wednesday at Reed College
From the open publishing newswire: portland indymedia and the Rearguard newspaper presented VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE last Thursday up at PSU, and it was the best indymedia video showing yet. every video was about a local event and was independently produced by Do It Yourself indymedia activists. in between, activists explained the issues and events, and folks from the audience offered updates when they had 'em. it was like an interactive local news broadcast, but without the corporate lies!

this wednesday at Reed, portland indymedia will present another night of videos about local stories. some of them were shown at PSU, but some will be new, freshly produced since then! so even if you came last week, you shouldn't miss this event.the program will include: the ongoing bike messenger strike, forest defense actions, "george w. bush speaks the truth" (a clever montage that shows off the magic you can make with digital video editing!), anti-war rallies, and the struggle of the somali community against the portland joint terrorism task force.

students and people from the community are invited to attend this FREE event and find out more about the issues and events that the local blow-dried corporate news people don't tell you about.
[ Details | Downloadable posters: 8 1/2 x 11 | handbills ]

ANTI-WAR 29.10.2002 00:11
From the open publishing newswire:On Saturday, October 26, NOT IN OUR NAME-BEND organized the largest peace rally ever in Bend! Over 350 people marched through downtown Bend and participated in a rally at a local park, where live entertainment, a host of speakers and the recitation of the "Pledge of Resistance" kept the crowd enthusiastic and cheering. The rally was organized in solidarity with other peace rallies across Oregon in Eugene, Ashland, Klamath Falls and Portland among other cities, and with cities across the globe. [ Read More... ]

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