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12.10.2013 15:58
The Schools Portland Students Deserve
-- A Community Forum --
The Schools Portland Students Deserve
Speakers: Gwen Sullivan, president, Portland Association of Teachers; Maribel Gomez, Beach School parent; Rose Murdock, Beach School teacher; Armonda Clay, Jefferson HS student
Wed. Oct. 16 - 7 - 8:30pm
Jefferson High School, 5210 N. Kerby (@ Killingsworth & Alberta)

Come hear about, question and discuss the teachers' bargaining proposal preamble --
"The Schools Portland Students Deserve"
which calls for
•Reduced class sizes and caseloads
•More electives, music, art, physical education, libraries, and world languages
•Wrap-around support services, including counselors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, second-language and special education teachers
•Equity in allocation of resources to high poverty schools
•Maintenance of enrollment rather than school closures
•Use of standardized testing as only one tool for assessment of students
•&#61472;Academic freedom and collaboration for professional educators

Portland Public Schools (PPS) refuses to bargain over these issues in a meaningful way. PPS should continue negotiations without declaring impasse. PPS should settle a contract which provides for adequate compensation and benefits, fair workload and preparation time, because teachers' working conditions are students' learning conditions.

*to contact PPS School Board members call 503-916-3906


09.10.2013 22:40
Videos: October 5th National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families
Video Report Back: October 5th National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families in Portland
Over 300 hundred people attended the speeches, music and dancing at Directors Park on Oct 5th joining in solidarity with communities across the country. This action was to bring families into the streets to press for dignity and respect for immigrant families and to send a message to the House of Representatives to: "Get Immigration Reform Done; and Get it Done Now. For our families, for our communities, for our country!" Portlander's joined with 14 organizations at Director Park at 3pm for the National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families. The complete event was documented by Portland Indymedia.

The Oct 5 Immigrant Rights Dignity Rally in Portland Oregon was attended by over 300 or more participants.
The event was held in the Directors Park in downtown Portland.
One cop and one security officer was observed at this permitted "National Rally for Citizenship and Family Respect"
The event consisted of music, dancing, information, speeches and singing

The complete full video is available on YouTube here:
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIYRKjNzdfU (2 hours and 19 minutes)


05.10.2013 20:00
Video: Rally to Save Our Public Lands
PORTLAND, Ore. Oct. 1, 2013 ?Holding dozens of banners and signs opposing clearcutting, more than 200 people gathered today outside the office of Sen. Ron Wyden at Portland's Holladay Park for an hour-long rally in support of policies that include responsible management of Oregon's publically owned forests.

Rally to Save Our Public Lands

"It is a false choice to suggest that clearcut logging is needed for the health of rural economies," said Randi Spivak with the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the rally's organizers. "In fact, this approach will harm sustainable economies that depend on clean water, healthy fisheries and intact forests, The message sent to Senator Wyden today was clear: Don't clearcut our children's future."

Reps. Peter DeFazio (D.-Ore.), Kurt Schrader (D.-Ore.) and Greg Walden (R.-Ore.) have proposed to effectively privatize 1.5 million acres of public land in western Oregon known as the "O&C" lands, turning it over to a private logging "trust" to be managed under the Oregon Forest Practices Act, where clearcutting is rampant. Sen. Wyden is currently developing his own plan for expanded logging of public lands in the western part of the state. [...]


05.10.2013 19:43
Acts of EcoTerrorism via Spraying Poisons Continues in SW Oregon
Jennifer and Link Phillippi Clear-cut in Illinois Valley, OR 2013 Jennifer and Link Phillippi, owners of the now shuttered Rough and Ready Mill in Cave Junction Oregon and Perpetua Forest Industries, seem intent on clear-cutting and herbicide spraying as much of their 70,000+ acres of land holdings in southwest Oregon as fast as possible. In the upper Illinois River valley alone there is over 1,000 acres of clear-cuts scheduled to be sprayed by Jennifer and Link Phillippi within the next 30 to 60 days that will poison ESA listed juvenile Coho salmon and rural residents.

Oregon Department of Forestry data shows that more than 125,000 acres of industrial forest lands will or have been be sprayed with herbicide poisons this year alone.

The owners of Rough & Ready Mill and Perpetua Forest Industries, Jennifer and Link Phillippi, of Josephine County Are Spraying Herbicides that Jeopardize ESA Listed Coho Salmon & Southern Oregon Families.

News: As of Today, Saturday October 5th, Perpetua sprayed poisons via helicopter in the headwaters of Draper Creek where thousands of baby Coho have barely survived the summer. Rain is expected sometime this weekend. We hope that Draper Creek is flowing now (it was not before the rain) and most of the juvenile Coho have escaped being poisoned.

A project of the League of Wilderness Defenders


10.5.13 - 3:00pm Director Park 01.10.2013 10:09
October 5th National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families in Portland
On October 5th, communities across the country will bring families into the streets to press for dignity and respect for immigrant families and to send a message to the House of Representatives to: "Get Immigration Reform Done; and Get it Done Now. For our families, for our communities, for our country!" Join over 14 organizations in Portland at Director Park on October 5th at 3pm for the National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families.

Immigrant rights organizations and allies nationwide will continue escalating pressure on members of Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill by holding more than 100 events nationwide on Oct. 5 as part of the "Day of Dignity and Respect" for all immigrant families.

In Portland, people will gather for the October 5th National Day of Action by holding a rally for immigration reform in Director Park at 3pm.

"The Day of Dignity and Respect will show House Republicans why they must act quickly on passing an immigration reform bill that contains a path to citizenship and keeps families together," said Andrea Miller, Executive Director of Causa Oregon. "We will continue to put pressure on members of Congress until immigration reform is won."

October 5th National Day of Dignity & Respect for Immigrant Families
Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 3:00pm
Director Park (SW Taylor and SW Park) Portland, Oregon
homepage:  http://www.causaoregon.org/oct5


01.10.2013 10:05
PDX Radio Revolution
Portland Radio Project will launch an online station designed to reconnect radio with the community through a mainstream music mix, featuring local and emerging artists, combined with quality news and true public service.

Why the revolution? Because we believe commercial radio has gotten WAY off track, and it's time for change. It's time for a new model of radio - a model that reflects and serves the community through its music and public affairs programming. Connecting with the Portland community is our mission.

Portland Radio Project is a group of radio professionals who have witnessed significant and unfortunate changes to radio over the years. Through ownership consolidation, a handful of corporations have gained control over most of American radio. Their primary interest is money, not music, and certainly not community. They play only the songs that serve the bottom line, over and over and OVER again, ignoring incredible talent that deserves to be heard. They give air time only to those organizations that can pay for it, disregarding the great work done by so many Portland nonprofits and volunteers whose stories deserve to be told. homepage:  http://www.prp.fm


28.09.2013 12:31
Video: Kathleen Dean Moore-If Your House Is On Fire
Kathleen Dean Moore, professor of philosophy and environmental ethics, speaks on climate activism. An excellent presentation. She was the speaker at an event in Portland Oregon educating people about industry attempts to move oil, coal and gas through the northwest.

If Your House Is On Fire


28.09.2013 12:07
The Shortwave Report 09/27/13 Listen Globally!

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, the Voice of Russia, and Spanish National Radio.

Dear Radio Friend, The latest Shortwave Report (September 27) is up at the website http://www.outfarpress.com/shortwave.shtml in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {35MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)

NEW PODCAST!!!- feed: http://www.outfarpress.com/podcast.xml (128kb Highest Quality)

[Previous Report] The Shortwave Report 09/13/13 Listen Globally!


23.09.2013 20:09
Video: Lummi Elder Speaking at Totem Pole Journey Ceremony
KWEL HOY': A Totem Pole Journey.... In September, the Lummi community is undertaking a Totem Pole Journey to raise awareness and opposition to a proposed coal terminal on their sacred lands.

They journey from Montana, where the coal is mined, through the Columbia Gorge where the coal is be transported, and then on up to British Columbia.

The ceremony in Portland was held at Cathedral Park and featured speakers from communities of faith, the director of Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, as well as a Lummi elder. This video is of Lummi elder Jewel James.
Jewel James, Lummi Elder


23.09.2013 19:56
VIDEO: Community Members Stand With Workers In Protest Against Fubonn On 9/21
On 9/21 around 60 protesters gathered, organized, and marched to Fubonn Shopping Center in southeast Portland to picket against unfair treatment of two hispanic female ex-workers.

After a successful previous action in which dozens of members of Portland Solidarity Network marched into the Fubonn Shopping Center in solidarity with two mistreated workers and confronted the owners and management, another blow has been dealt to this establishment. On 9/21, around sixty protesters marched down 82nd avenue to the Fubonn Shopping Center (2850 SE 82nd Avenue) to picket in solidarity with two hispanic female workers who had been discriminated against and mistreated by management at this asian-owned mini mall.

Marisol and Norma, the complaintants, were ex-employees of the Fubonn Center. Marisol worked in the food court and Norma worked in the meat processing area of the establishment, where all other workers were male. Marisol explained that they were given few breaks or opportunities to use the restroom and were oftentimes yelled at by management to the point they were in tears. Norma, in our interview stated that she at one point was pregnant and was asked to lift boxes up to 40lbs. and also was not given opportunity to eat a lunch or use the restroom when needed as well. [...]

Video Link: Worker Protest Against Fubonn Shopping Center


17.09.2013 18:00
First Community Picket in Support of Marisol and Norma
Come join Marisol, Norma and Portland Solidarity Network this Saturday 9/21/13 from 12:30-3 for our first picket against Fubonn. We will be meeting in the parking lot of USA Pawn and Jewelry, 8001 SE Powell BLVD

(please make an effort to meet here so we can march in mass) and marching to Fubonn, 2850 SE 82nd Ave shortly after. This is a kid friendly event and we encourage you to bring as many people as possible. Refreshments will be available.

Rain or Shine.


17.09.2013 17:45
Independent Media (Mexico City) take the floor in their own defense
On September 11, these independent media collectives [from Mexico City] spoke at a press conference to tell what they experienced that day, denounce the alarming scenario of repression that exists in the city under Miguel Mancera, defend their comrades facing charges, and defend their journalism that has been denigrated both in the mainstream media and the 23rd misdemeanor courtroom of judge Fausto Favela Ayala; it's no exaggeration to say that the independent media themselves are on trial.

Published on September 16, 2013 in Mexico City, Oaxaca
[reposted from here]

When they took to the streets to support the struggle of dissident schoolteachers last September 1, more than twenty people were grabbed by the Mexico City riot police and jailed unjustly, including Estela Morales of Regeneración Radio, Pável Alejandro Primo of Multimedios Cronopios and Gustavo Ruiz Lizárraga of the SubVersiones Autonomous Communications Agency, who were arrested as they documented police abuses.

In moderating the press conference, SubVersiones reporter Rafael Camacho pointed out that even though arbitrary detentions and irregularities have been documented in the cases, the judge continues to compound the excesses. "We presented videos showing the innocence of Gustavo Ruiz, but the judge disregarded them while accepting the statements of cops who failed to present evidence, photos, videos, or anything at all indicating Gustavo's guilt. . . And furthermore, they're still inventing charges."


14.09.2013 23:42
Occupy bike swarm blocks private mail truck
Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

Occupy Portland's bike swarm joined "postal protectors" to block a private mail truck leaving the Mt. Hood Distribution Center (US Postal Service) September 7th, demanding that postal management stop subcontracting the trucking of "the people's mail." Claiming concerns about safety, cost and corruption, the blockaders left after police ordered them to disperse. No arrests were made.

"Postal truckers are losing work to a bankrupt, fly-by-night outfit, Dill Star Route Inc, in a corrupt, no-bid deal with local USPS management," declared Jamie Partridge, a blockader and retired postal worker. "We intend to stop this attack on family wage, union jobs."

Calling themselves "postal protectors for the 99%," the protesters included retired postal workers, a small business person, seniors, a teacher, an immigrant worker and a teamster, all of whom declared themselves impacted by postal privatization.

Chanting "We'll be back!" the "protectors" vowed to further interfere with private mail transport, if postal management did not reverse the subcontracting. The group has blocked or interrupted Dill Star mail trucks four times this summer - with people, with a car and today with bikes. [...]
Postal workers have seen their wages cut by 25% for new hires. Bottom-tier Postal Support Employees (truckers and clerks) and Mail Handler Assistants now make less in wages and benefits than the non-postal, non-union sub-contract workers.

The postal service is not broke. Subcontracting work is unnecessary and costly. However, the agenda of corporate America, their friends in Congress and in postal management, according to the CPWU, is to cripple the USPS, to soften it up for union busting and privatization. The USPS is a $65 billion annual business with over $100 billion surplus in its pension and retiree health benefit funds, over 30,000 post offices and 200,000 vehicles. Postal activists claim that America is being confronted with a huge transfer of public wealth to for-profit, private corporations.

homepage: homepage:  http://cpwunited.com


14.09.2013 23:36
Video: Portland Protest Ringling Brothers Circus
Interviews with several Portlanders protesting animal cruelty for profit and entertainment. This protest was on Thursday evening, the first of four days that the circus was in town.

Informative interviews with people of conscience who protest the treatment of animals for profit and entertainment. These animals lead a miserable life. Some of the most cruel treatment are abusive training practices, long confinement in rail cars and separation from family life.

In attendance were members from Portland Animal Liberation (PAL) and In Defense of Animals, as well as several who attended as individuals.

Protest Event Facebook Page

Portland Protests Circus


14.09.2013 12:32
Portland Copwatch 20 years in PDX
20 years of Portland Cop Watching in this Portland Area

Celebrating and moving forward. Portland Copwatch (PCW) is a grassroots group promoting police accountability through citizen action. Portland Cowpatch, originally known as POPSG* was formed as a project of Peace and Justice Works (formerly Portland Peaceworks) in June, 1992.

Portland Cop Watch PCW has been for 20 years keeping an eye, cameras and their legal trained eye on what the Portland police have been doing, and then sharing updates and reports in their quarterly newsletters.

Current issue #60 is available [only in print at this moment], at various locations (my favorite is the Red & Black cafe) and the current issue #60 is available by snail mail subscription (private) contact PCW for subscription.

Usually the latest issue goes "online a few months after the printed issue. These "Peoples Police Report" newsletters go out four times a year. August 22 was the latest day, and one of the days for new information from PCW to go out to subscribers and limited newsstands.

Check the website for the latest available online issues here:  http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/index.html


14.09.2013 12:27
Banner Drop by Emerald Valley Anti-Racists
Photo of Banner Drop Anti-racist response to white supremacist banner in Eugene, Oregon

At 6am Friday morning, September 13, 2013, the Emerald Valley Anti-Racists dropped a banner over the side of the parking garage at Olive St. and 7th St. in Eugene, in solidarity with people of color and all oppressed people in the Eugene/Springfield area. This banner was dropped in response to a white supremacist banner dropped on the I-5 pedestrian bridge with an image of an iron cross and the words "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.'' With this response we want to acknowledge those who may have experienced fear, anger, confusion, or felt threatened in any way for their physical or emotional safety. We chose a strong image and words because we are filled with rage, disgust and a deep sadness that we live in a world filled with violent white supremacy, disgusting racism and tragic systems of oppression that threaten to destroy us all. We will never be silent to this sort of behavior.
Text reads:

Fight the racists
hunt them down
kick the nazis
out of town


14.09.2013 11:49
Video: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 9.4.13
The monthly meeting of the Portland Human Rights Commission
A 2.5 hour meeting on local issues
This meeting had a presentation from Sisters of the road
The public gets 3 minutes to comment about concerning issues

The latest HRC meeting was video recorded and now posted on PIMC:
"Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 9 4 13"
 http://youtu.be/3kSYgfPbsuw [Video 2hr 36 minutes]

The HRCommission is made up from volunteers who meet publicly on the first Wednesday of the month at 4pm on the 5th floor of the Common Wealth Building at 421 SW 6th Avenue Suite 500 Portland, OR 97201 <Google map>  http://g.co/maps/4y56w

In this meeting [19:35 in the video timeline] Sisters of the Road gave a special 30 minute presentation around the ideas of the Western Regional Advocacy Project, "Without Housing". The website www.wraphome.org has more information. Their known slogan is "House Keys Not Handcuffs". They handed out a thick packet of info {"Without Housing"} which Michael from "Sisters" said would soon be made into a "slide show".


11.09.2013 06:03
There are a number of anti-war and social justice events taking place in Portland on Wednesday, September 11.

Wednesday, September 11

Part of an international day of action against drones
Rally and "die-in" "At noon, we will rally at City Hall. We will make as much noise as possible. Then at 3:00 p.m., we will die in a silent and powerful form of protest where we lie in a pile of bodies to symbolize the many innocent lives lost to murderous drone strikes.

Pioneer Courthouse Square
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72


Candlelight vigil
Hawthorne Bridge
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


06.09.2013 12:45
What Can We Learn from 25 Years of Jobs with Justice?
It's no secret that the last 30 years have seen a brutal corporate assault on U.S. workers. Incomes and union membership rates have plummeted, unemployment is soaring, and the two corporate parties have joined forces to go after our previously untouchable historic gains.

This class war has largely been one-sided, but not entirely. The organization Jobs with Justice, for one, demonstrates that the workers' movement is still lively, innovative, and capable of resistance.


03.09.2013 16:47
10th Annual Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair
The 10th annual Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair will showcase the hard work and creative spirit of individuals, social justice groups, peace organizations, faith communities, performers, artists, businesses, and environmental activists who are making the world a better place.

The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair builds community among the grassroots peace and justice groups in Southwest Washington. We highlight our common goals of peace and justice at home, our community, and the world. The fair helps each of us find further ways of dedicating our lives to peace and justice.

Saturday 9/7/13
8th and Columbia St.
Vancouver, Washington
9am to 4pm - Admission is free!


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