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14.12.2013 14:12
Video: Discussion Regarding Portland Water Public Utility District
Public Access program, " A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with Travis Williams, Executive Director of Willamette Riverkeeper regarding an Initiative attempt to take the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services away from the City Council and put it in the hands of a Public Utility District.

Discussion Regarding Portland Water Public Utility District

Program features an interview with Travis Williams, Executive Director of Willamette Riverkeeper regarding an Initiative attempt to take the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services away from the City Council and put it in the hands of a Public Utility District.
Signatures are currently being gathered for a May 2014 election.

Willamette Riverkeeper, as well as many local environmental organizations, vehemently oppose this effort.


13.12.2013 07:56
Video: Solidarity Protest at Portland Mexican Consulate for Nestora Salgado 12 10 13
Solidarity Protest at Portland Mexican Consulate for Nestora Salgado on 12 10 13
Nestora Salgado is being punished for being a strong female leader in her hometown, where the local authorities have become oppressors of her people and social justice fighters.
Salgado was arrested by federal police on August 21, 2013, on bogus kid- napping charges. Demonstration protests were held at numerous consulates

Video 34 min:  http://youtu.be/XVKrmvw_Wn8


updated 12.27.13 05.12.2013 17:38
The Shortwave Report 12/06/13 Listen Globally!
UPDATES: NEW BROADCASTS POSTED TO PIMC ON: 12/13/13 | 12/20/13 | 12/27/13

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK World Radio Japan, the Voice of Russia, Radio Havana Cuba, and Spanish National Radio.

This week's show features stories from NHK World Radio Japan, the Voice of Russia, Radio Havana Cuba, and Spanish National Radio.
From JAPAN- Japan is enacting a state secret protection bill, which has been met with outrage from many citizens and civic groups- here is a story about protests then an Insight into the bill. US VP Biden went to China and was said to tell them that the new air defense identification zone in the East China Sea was unacceptable. Greenpeace issued a study on air pollution in China and said the government is not doing enough to rectify the problem.
From RUSSIA- British PM Cameron made a business oriented visit to China and avoided any criticism of the country's human rights policy, leading to statements that he kowtowed to China.
From CUBA- Venezuelan President Madura accused opposition forces of creating power blackouts that have been occurring recently. Latin America has made more progress in reducing hunger than any other region in the world. The US government is continuing assassinations by drone in several areas of Afghanistan. Pakistani protests against the drone was have halted US military routes into Afghanistan. An editor at the Guardian UK was called before Parliament to answer questions about publishing NSA secrets from Edward Snowden.
From SPAIN- The Spanish government has approved a controversial new law imposing heavy fines against street protestors. Meanwhile in Thailand protests against the Prime Minister flared for a week but calmed for the king's birthday. Protests and a general strike in Ukraine continue in an attempt to oust the President. Hundreds of Palestinian youth activists have sailed off to protest Israeli restrictions on fishing off the seas of Palestine.

The latest Shortwave Report (December 6) is up at the website http://www.outfarpress.com/shortwave.shtml in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom [...]

NEW PODCAST!!!- feed: http://www.outfarpress.com/podcast.xml (128kb Highest Quality)


02.12.2013 12:55


Between the cuts to Housing Assistance and SNAP (food stamp) benefits, many, many families are struggling right now just to make ends meet and the holidays will be financially-stressful and bleak for their children. Sisters of the Road will be hosting a Family Community/Kids' Day on Wednesday, December 18. They would appreciate help in providing toys and children's outerwear at this event.

Items Sought: UNWRAPPED NEW toys and stocking stuffers; GENTLY-USED OR NEW children's outerwear donations (ages 2 - 12) -- gloves, hats, scarves, jackets, wool socks, etc. Ages: Suitable for ages 2 - 12

Time Period for Acceptance of Donations: Tuesday, December 3, through the afternoon of Tuesday, December 17

Drop-Off Locations:
Between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at Sisters of the Road Cafe, 133 N.W. Sixth Avenue (corner of N.W. Sixth and Davis).
Ask for Catherine. If Catherine is unavailable, other staff can assist
Between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. -- Sisters of the Road Administrative Office, 518 N.W. Davis (between Davis and Broadway)

The donations are being collected for distribution at a Family Community/Kids' Day Party to be held at Sisters of the Road Cafe on Wednesday, December 18, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.



BLACK FRIDAY PROTEST 11:00AM 24.11.2013 13:07
Black Friday Walmart Protest. 11:00am - respect your workers, stop paying poverty wages
On Black Friday in Portland Oregon, JwJ and UFCW555 are working with the "Making Change at Wal-Mart" national campaign to support wal-Mart workers in their dealings with Wal-Mart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Wal-Mart publicly commit to adhering to labor rights and standards. Meet at 11AM @ 4200 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR.

Meet in solidarity at 11AM @ 4200 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR.?

On Black Friday we will bring a strong message to WAL-MART "respect your workers, stop paying poverty wages!"

Portland Jobs with Justice is committed to supporting workers taking bold risks to demand better jobs and working conditions. That's why we bring together labor, community, faith, and student activists to support the courageous workers on strike at Wal-Mart

Walmart jobs don't allow workers to live better. Walmart pays its associates an average of just $8.81 an hour, so an employee who works Walmart's definition of full-time - 34 hours per week - makes just $15,500 per year, placing them squarely below the poverty line. And those full-time positions aren't the norm. To avoid having to pay employees benefits, the company increasingly hires part-time positions - subjecting associates to erratic schedules, limited job security, and even less opportunity to make ends meet. [...]

[Facebook] Event Link:  https://www.facebook.com/events/236112673214899/

Previous PIMC Post on recent Wal-Mart Protest for Fair Wages in June 2013:
[includes 33 minute video]


PROTEST CANCELLED - update 11.27.13 24.11.2013 12:43
Fubonn Protest on Black Friday, 29 November 2013, 13:30 - 14:30
Fubonn has been accused of forcing workers to work off the clock, work under dangerous condition, and refused proper breast feeding breaks. Two workers at Fubonn are owed thousands of dollars, and we demand that they be paid what is owed and that they start complying with all labor and safety regulations. A call out to protest the managements treatment will be at 1:30 to 2:30 on 11.29.13

Continuing our wage theft campaign at Fubonn, we are re-initiating the campaign with a Black Friday picket in front of the grocery store! On Black Friday we are coming out to show them that we will not back down, and that the campaign is going forward despite their attempts to silence us. We will not stand by while workers are abused and not paid fair compensation. Join us in this community picket, and stay tuned as we move forward!

You can learn more about this particular campaign below: link to wagingnonviolence.org

Location: Fubonn Supermarket and Shopping Center 2850 SE 82nd Ave, Ste #1, Portland, Oregon

Previous PIMC post from protest on September 9th:
portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/09/425138 [video]


24.11.2013 12:40
Join or Lead a Tree Care Team in 2014 with Portland Fruit Tree Project
Join a Tree Care Team and receive instruction in organic methods of fruit tree care throughout the seasons, while caring for urban fruit trees that provide fruit for the community.

Each team will care for a cluster of PFTP-registered fruit trees, visiting each tree once per season to complete the full spectrum of care. Each team is instructed & guided by two 'Team Leaders' with experience and skills in organic fruit tree care. This is a unique opportunity to develop strong skills in organic fruit tree care, meet new people, and care for trees providing food to your community!

Members and Leaders will participate in ten 3-hour work-parties over an 11-month period (January-November, 2014). Topics/tasks will include: Winter & Summer Pruning, Young Tree Training & Care, Pest & Disease Management, Fruit Thinning, and more. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Click below for program overviews & position descriptions:
Tree Care Team Member -  http://www.portlandfruit.org/2014-tree-care-team-member-position-description
Tree Care Team Leader -  http://www.portlandfruit.org/2014-tree-care-team-leader-position-description


APPLY & MORE INFO: homepage:  http://portlandfruit.org


16.11.2013 12:32
this is sam threw me out Is it possible to cry and laugh at the same time?

When I am speaking to the Portland City Council I am in crisis mode and as I smile at them tears are flooding my body. These local politicians are the worst of the worst; they operate in a parallel universe. [...] I sat down feeling good, happy and there was nothing on the agenda that perked much interest, it looked boring; I was very wrong. Commissioner Fish started the action after my passionate plea about how they were going to use money to help the homeless. After my 3 minutes he used my name and speaking in a very condescending voice about their intention of spending 1.7 million dollars and not one cent of that for the people who are on our streets. They are going to once again waste money by giving it to the same people who have failed us for so long. [...]

I like Thursdays because I go to the County Board and the people there may be problematic but I always have the feeling they care, all five of them. This visit was going to be hard for me because I was hurt during last Thursday's, (11/07/2013) meeting and I wanted to take them on but did not want to alienate them; it was hard but Patty said I did not come across hostile, just hurt. What happened was last Thursday the board wanted to celebrate Veterans Day and the way they decide to do it caused me a lot of pain and I needed to tell them why. They had ROTC from PSU march in with the American flag and the flag from Oregon in formation. They were in uniform and marched in military style, all stood and then proceeded to the front of the auditorium and did another military maneuver. They stood at attention while the national anthem was played. Everyone in the room stood and had their hand over their hearts except me. Since I was sitting alone it was very hard to not get up, but I was not going to celebrate Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day, by an exercise in super patriotic nonsense [...]

homepage: www.IndividualsForJustice.com

Updates: Report Back: Nov 24 2013 Nov 24 2013 | Dec 1 2013


08.11.2013 12:48
ARMISTICE DAY - Monday, November 11
Monday, November 11
"A day dedicated to the cause of world peace"
11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Ringing of bells at 11:11 on 11/11.
Pioneer Courthouse Square

Sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72, and Women's International League for Peace and Justice - Portland.

Gather between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m.
Ringing of bells at 11:11 a.m.

Bring a bell, poem, song or photo of a fallen veteran dear to you

*VIDEO FROM THIS EVENT: "Power To The Peaceful"

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6gRg0MYzKM [35 min video]

[related] video post:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/11/425716.shtml#424697


08.11.2013 12:37
PDX-Exchange @ Laughing Horse Books
pdxchange Come down to Laughing Horse Saturday, November 9th, between 3pm-7pm to see local artists, bands and zines show off their stuff.

A meet & greet/pop-up shop with your favorite Portland-based artists & distros. Including: Because We Must, Black Mold Tapes, Entangled Roots, Friends For Life Records, Know Your City, Life During Wartime, Retirement Fund, The Taxpayers, Where Are You Press and more!

homepage:  http://https://www.facebook.com/LaughingHorsePDX
phone: phone: (503) 236-2893
address: address: 12 NE10th Ave. Portland OR


03.11.2013 15:24
Senator Wyden's BLM Clear-Cut Scheme Exposed
Billboard on I-5 Exposing Senator Wyden's BLM Logging Scheme Senator Wyden is proposing to dramatically increase logging on 2.6 million acres of Oregon's BLM O & C lands across Western Oregon. One local group is exposing this scheme to Oregonians via a commercial billboard on Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon.
Please consider sending this image to Senator Wyden's offices once a week, once a month, or whenever you have a few moments to spare.

U.S. Senator Wyden in an attempt to appease the wealthy timber barons of Oregon and big timber dependent local governments in Lane, Douglas, Jackson, and other O & C counties, is publicly proposing to introduce legislation that would dramatically increase native forest and clear-cut logging by adopting the "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" as his preferred BLM management regime across 2.6 million acres of publicly owned BLM O & C forest lands.

The "Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin Pilot Projects" are regeneration harvests or a clear-cut. Their Orwellian term used to describe these clear-cuts is "variable retention harvest" or "VRH". Several Norm and Jerry Show Projects have already been auctioned and awarded to Oregon timber barons. To View pictures of a logged Norm and Jerry Pilot Project "Buck Rising" from May 2013 go to  https://picasaweb.google.com/112037980213765028264/BuckRisingUnits1And2Cut#5920273007004695746

There are several more "Norm and Jerry Projects" in the works for the Eugene and Salem BLM Districts.

If you want to help keep this billboard on I-5 or help out any other way, contact us.  http://https://sites.google.com/site/ecosytemadvocates/Home/blm


03.11.2013 11:28
Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior in Vancouver WA
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-5

You can board Rainbow Warrior this weekend at The Landing, in Vancouver WA, on the Columbia, just downriver from I-5 bridge. Do it!


Updated Posts Added 11.16.13 02.11.2013 07:44
The Shortwave Report 11/01/13 Listen Globally!
UPDATEs: NEW BROADCAST POSTED TO PIMC ON: 11/8/13 | 11/15/13 | 11.22.13 | 11.29.13
A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. NHK World Radio Japan, the Voice of Russia, Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and Radio Deutsche-Welle.

Dear Radio Friend,
The latest Shortwave Report (November 1) is up at the website http://www.outfarpress.com/shortwave.shtml in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quickdownload or streaming form (6MB) (28:59) Links at page bottom (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {35MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)

From JAPAN- The former Prime Minister of Japan and the current leader of the opposition party are working together to eliminate nuclear power in the country. A cabinet member wants the government to bear part of the massive cost of cleaning up the Fukushima area, since they promoted the use of nuclear energy. Scientists say that most of the radioactive particles that fell on the forest still remain there. Honda is building a wind farm in Brazil where it will manufacture cars. Der Spiegel published a list of 80 US diplomatic missions around the world that the NSA uses for spying.
From RUSSIA- The NSA spying scandal has been growing and intensifying each day around the world. Here are excerpts from 3 stories aired on the Voice of Russia.
From SPAIN- As news of the NSA's extensive spying on Spanish citizens came to light, the government prosecutors launched an investigation into possible criminal charges. Ecuadoran President Correa is visiting Russian President Putin. Iran and the IAEA had very productive talks about settling disputes over nuclear power development. Brazil erupted in violent protests after the police killed of a 17 year old demonstrator.
From CUBA- Spanish students have taken to the streets to protest government cutbacks in education. At the UN Cuba rejected the US justifications for continuing its economic blockade against the island. In a controversial move, Israel freed the second of 4 batches of Palestinian prisoners.
From GERMANY- Germany sent intelligence investigators to Washington following US spying on the German people and Chancellor Merkel. In the UK the trial began for the news reporters who hacked into phone messages of celebrities and politicians. 3 Egyptian judges resigned while presiding over trials of Muslim Brotherhood members, while more Brotherhood leaders have been arrested. A German court is hearing a civil suit brought by relatives of Afghans killed by a NATO airstrike.


02.11.2013 07:35
Video: Yes on Washington Initiative 522
An interview with Elizabeth Larder, Communications Director for Washington State Yes on 5232 Campaign, the campaign to label genetically engineered foods.

Larder discusses the reasons and needs for the ballot measure and debunks many of the lies put forth by the campaign to defeat it, financed mainly by Monsanto and pesticide companies.

About nine minutes in length. Yes on 522


27.10.2013 12:34
VIDEO: A conversation with Professor Zaher Wahab on 8.14.13 in Portland Oregon
Professor Zaher Wahab spoke to a small group in Portland Oregon in August 2013.

He shared how he was leaving the US, in a couple days, with a team of teachers and study material he collected and translated to teach in Afghanistan.
He talks about the huge corruption problems, and the difficulties in trying to cope in his now war torn country, and how he himself in spite of the danger in taking on this project, and how he is dedicated to bringing education, knowledge and hope to those who are still there in dire need.

A conversation with Professor Zaher Wahab
"Afghanistan: Our Ethical Responsibility"

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_55ic68FEJI [video 1hr 45min] Filmed in Portland Oregon on August 14th 2013

An insightful conversation on with Zaher on what is going on in Afghanistan currently and a scope of the massive corruption and first hand information on what this war and foreign influence has done to the country where he grew up in.
He tells of the huge piles of garbage every few block, like never seen before.

He speaks of the agreement with the US of keeping 9 major bases ...
Right now there is 110,000 troops from 48 countries (and 120,000 contractors)

Professor Zaher, left the US for Afghanistan (to teach) a few days after this conversation in Portland.
The last hour in the video is the question and answer part of the conversation.


21.10.2013 23:13
Mercy for Animals Pro-Vegetarian Demo in Portland
Here's the [video] link

Mercy for Animals brought it's traveling demonstration that asks the question: Why Eat One and Not the Other? to downtown Portland on Thursday, Ocotber 17. A giant blow up hot dog stuffed with a puppy drew the lunch crowd over to find out what it was all about and get some information on how/why to change their diet.

Mercy for Animals has done an enormous amount of undercover video to highlight the abuse that farm animals face every day in factory farms. These "farms" routinely mutilate pigs and chickens, without anestheaia. They are stuffed into tiny cages where they are forced to live their entire lives. Dairy cows are left broken and exhausted on the ground, to be slaughtered as "downer cows." In its effort to bring awareness about the animals' plight, Mercy for Animals staged a peaceful demonstration in downtown Portland, and handed out veg guides to help people make more compassionate choices.

homepage:  http://beyond-productions.com/


21.10.2013 22:53
Move Marie! Call-in Monday, Oct. 21 and Write-in Friday, Oct. 25
Please call the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) on Monday, Oct 21 and write a letter on Friday, October 25 to ask that Marie Mason be moved out of the restricted unit of Carswell prison and that it be shut down. [...]


Please help get Marie Mason moved out of FMC Carswell by writing a letter to the Bureau of Prisons Director. We are asking as many people as possible to write letters and organize letter writing events so that we can show the BOP just how many people recognize her position as unjust, and support the idea of her being moved into a general population unit closer to her family.

Below is the address to send all letters to, and a sample letter. Please remain firm but polite in your communications with the BOP.

Charles E. Samuels, Jr. , Director,
Federal Bureau of Prisons,
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC 20534

Dear Director Samuels:

I write on behalf of Marie Mason #04672-061, who is currently incarcerated in a special isolation unit at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.


Marie has never violated any prison rules and is obviously being targeted for her political beliefs. We demand that she be removed from this restrictive unit and transferred to a federal prison near her family and friends.

homepage:  http://www.movemarie.com


19.10.2013 13:01
Video: Human Rights Commission Meeting 10.2.13


The monthly meeting of the Portland Human Rights Commission This months topics at the meeting were on police training, IPR introduction and proposed changes, also there is the Director's Report Back, HRC leadership roles, Memorial Awards and Portland Housing Board information.

The monthly meeting for the Portland Human Rights Commission (HRC) filmed on October 2 2013

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwcE_I55O64 (Video: 2 Hours 35 Minutes)

The commission meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 4PM. 421 SW 6th Ave, Suite 500 Portland, OR 97204 Mission:
The Human Rights Commission works to eliminate discrimination and bigotry, to strengthen intergroup relationships and to foster greater understanding, inclusion and justice for those who live, work, study, worship, travel and play in the City of Portland. In doing so, the Human Rights Commission is guided by the principles embodied in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

[Related Post] Video Out-Take: Video: Report Back by Human Rights Director regarding Police Training Scenarios

A full Archive of their past meetings is here:


19.10.2013 12:48
Radioactive Portland
Group forming to deal with the issue of nuclear radiation in Portland.

Portland is radioactive, especially when it rains. Using a geiger counter, I've measured radioactive contamination in rainwater 10 times over normal background levels. Nuclear radiation is accumulating over time from decades of industrial and military activity. Some of it comes from Hanford 200 miles up the Columbia River, and some of it has found its way here from Fukushima. We're forming a group called Radioactive Portland to respond. We'll conduct monitoring, share knowledge and take direct action. We'll meet weekly. Visit  http://radioactivepdx.org and join the discussion.


19.10.2013 12:36
The Shortwave Report 10/18/13 Listen Globally!


A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, the Voice of Russia, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK World Radio Japan.

Dear Radio Friend,
The latest Shortwave Report (October 18) is up at the website http://www.outfarpress.com/shortwave.shtml in 3 forms- (new) HIGHEST QUALITY (128kb)(27MB), broadcast quality (16MB), and quick download or streaming form (6MB) (28:59)

NEW PODCAST!!!- feed: www.outfarpress.com/podcast.xml (128kb Highest Quality)

This week's show features stories:
From GERMANY- The Green Party in Germany has declined forming a coalition government with Chancellor Merkel's Christian Democrat Party. There is controversy over political donations to Merkel from BMW shareholders. The team attempting to neutralize chemical weapons in Syria cannot get the rebels to cooperate in a ceasefire. The UN wants more troops and helicopters for their actions in Mali. The top critic of Russian President Putin has avoided a jail term but is banned from politics.
From RUSSIA- There was a new article in Tuesday's Washington Post revealing the massive extent of NSA data gathering on American citizens.
From CUBA- Glenn Greenwald says that the most shocking stories about US spying are yet to come- NSA activities in France and Spain will be released first. The FISA court has approved extending NSA spying on American phone records. Bolivian President Morales claims that the Pacific Alliance is an American plot to thwart the Union of South American Nations, or UNASUR. Brazilian teachers protests continue in the largest cities, with police clashes erupting in many areas. Last weekend saw demonstrations against Monsanto GMOs in 400 cities around the world. A UN official has blasted Canada for its weak handling of problems faced by its indigenous people.
From JAPAN- An NHK poll found that 75% of Japanese citizens are unaware of a new bill protecting state secrets. Remember the hole in the ozone? Some researchers have data showing its relationship to global warming. South Korea wants to join in the monitoring of radiation in the Pacific Ocean. Despite efforts to stop radiation leaks into the ocean offshore of Fukushima, cesium levels have not gone down. This week a typhoon hit the Fukushima area, further raising radiation levels reaching the sea. Negotiators from Iran and 6 major powers met over the nuclear controversy with positive results.


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