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FOREST ACTIVISM 06.11.2002 13:39
Timber barons meeting in Dallas Nov. 7-9; Your action needed to save the ancient forests
From the North Texas IMC: A crew of forest defenders from the Pacific Northwest are in Texas to greet thousands of timber executives who are gathering for the 110th annual NAWLA tradeshow. NAWLA is an industry trade group of over 650 members with conbined annual sales of more than $30 billion. Global timber titans like Boise Cascade, Weyerhaeuser, Louisiana Pacific, NOR PAC, Arauco, Pacific Lumber, Georgia Pacific and International Paper are all members of NAWLA.

NAWLA is complicit in the destruction of our last remaining old growth forests and distribute products acquired through the genocide of indigenous people in Chile. Many organizations are converging in Dallas to expose the role of NAWLA in the destruction of the World's endangered forests, indigenous communities and their support of unfair labor practices.
[ Read More... ]

Plea for the ancient forests
I am a Cascadian activist. I have lived what goes on in the forests. I have seen rivers silted brown and dead. I have been dragged by my up-twisted arms over logging roads by men who did not wait for an answer to their question, "Will you walk or won't you?" I have seen eyes clenched shut onto pepper spray... My friends who are my family risk their lives, daily, to save a few hundred acres of trees, occasionally. We all hope that the way that we get the word out, and the time we are able to spend among living beings who infuse the air with life, and infuse us with strength, makes the risk worthwhile, but sometimes it feels like we are trying to stop a giant using a few mosquito-bites.

Even if you can't make it to Dallas, I urge you to create a local flare-up in solidarity, and make sure that NAWLA knows about it, loud and clear. I ask you for the sake of the web of life our lives depend upon, for the sake of the people I know, and love, who place their lives at risk every day, for the sake of the incredible partners in resistance that I have not ever met, and for the sake of the land itself, to act your truth in the face of power-over, before this head-honcho bloc scatters, invisibly sunk into the corners of the world, as diffuse, and as difficult to influence, as mist.
[ Read More... ]

Protest in Roseburg on Thursday
For the first time, a protest is coming home to Roseburg to bring attention A recently-released supporter of the Ashland-based Mazama Forest Defenders known as Thimble, who was apent last week in jail after being arrested at the Peak Timber Sale for violating a federal closure order, was quoted as saying, "I live in Portland, bur I was born in Roseburg. I can't believe my birthplace contains the mill where some of the healthiest native forests in Oregon are put to the saw."
[ Read More... ]

Emergency Day of Action! November 7th
We need everyone across the country to participate in this emergency day of action, either by helping with protests at four primary targets (Rep. DeFazio (D-OR), Rep. Miller (D-CA), Rep. Udall (D-CO), and Rep. Boehlert (R-NY), or by coordinating events and media releases in your own region. Until we permanently end the commercial logging program, the logging industry will always have a Salvage Rider or fire-logging scam up their sleeves. The National Forest Protection and Restoration Act is the permanent solution to this problem, and in the mean time, we must defeat the "Healthy Forests" Logging bill!
[ Read More... ]

ANALYSIS 06.11.2002 12:17
When the White Liberals Fail it is Time for the Militants
From the open publishing newswire:After reaching the threshold where I can no longer tolerate the white liberal pretense of caring about environmental, labor, women's, minority and gay rights here in the US and abroad, I have reached the conclusion that it is time for militancy on these issues right across the board. The white liberals will say that militant behavior will ruin any chance that they have at effecting change in the democratic process. I would like to point out to the white liberals that they walked away from democracy completely and finally when they did not challenge the ethnic and political cleansing of the voter list in Florida in 2000, effectively turning their back on the black vote in America.[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 06.11.2002 01:46
PPRC Direct Action at Senator Gordon Smith's victory party met with violence from Republican goons and guests
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition (PPRC) earned some street cred tonight when the No War Drum Corps and a group of peace activists crashed Senator Gordon Smith's victory party downtown. The Republicans responded with violence, dragging the activists out of the hall where they pushed them around and threw several to the ground.

Under the cover of darkness, the activists had gathered outside a restaurant kitty-corner from the hotel and divided into four groups of 4-5 people each. The drum corps was its own group and marched to the front of the hotel where it struck up a beat to act as a distraction. The other activists then slipped in the other door group by group and made their way to the victory party, where they ate hors d'oevres and watched the election results come in on the TVs. Some donned "Go Gordon!" stickers to fit in. After about 10 minutes, everyone had arrived and most of them had made their way to the middle of the room and were standing behind the corporate media talking heads who were making reports. Gordon Smith was about to get up and speak when one of the PPRC organizers began the chant: "No party on this floor if you're planning to make war!"

The Republican security goons moved in quick and started dragging the activists out.
[ Read More... ]

On the subject of so-called 'Trust Fund Kids'
From the open publishing newswire: I've noticed that some of the right-wingers and Bush lovers who post on IMC -- most notably those with nothing of substance to say -- are fond of using the term "Trust Fund Kids" as a pejorative to somehow diminish the contributions of those whose financial circumstances are anywhere above the poverty level. Let's dispel some of the "popular" misconceptions.

First, I can assure you I'm not a "Trust Fund Kid" myself, in age OR in means (far from it, in fact), but having been involved with social issues for many years, I'm acquainted with quite a few who could be said to fit that description. I have to say that not all young people - well-heeled or not - make social activism a lifelong commitment, at least not to the extent that they pursue it full time, and certainly there are a few dilletantes and fair-weather players, as there are in any field of human endeavor, but by and large I've met very few who weren't totally committed to their cause.
[ Read More... ]

KBOO Bike Show Wednesday morning
From the open publishing newswire: The KBOO Bike Show airs the 1st Wednesday of the month from 9-10 am on 90.7 fm streaming live on the web at www.kboo.fm. The new, expanded KBOO Bike Show invites you to call in with questions and comments.

On this month's show: Interview with long time cyclists, Biking in Chicago, Community Cycling Center's Holiday Bike Drive, Critical Mass updates, and your questions and comments!
[ Read More... ]

SPIRITUALITY 05.11.2002 17:29
Krishnamurti Group Forming
From the open publishing newswire: For more than sixty years Jiddu Krishnamurti traveled the world giving public talks and private interviews to millions of people of all ages and backgrounds, saying that only through a complete change in the hearts and minds of individuals can there come about a change in society and peace in the world. He was born in Mandanapalle, South India on May 12, 1895 and died on February 17, 1986 in Ojai, California, at the age of ninety. His talks, dialogues, journals and letters have been preserved in seventy books and in hundreds of audio and video recordings.

We are forming a group in the Portland, OR, area to discuss his work and its implications for our times and our lives.
[ Details ]

Portland State Faculty Senate passes resolution condemning government repression of political activity
From the open publishing newswire:
Whereas Portland State University considers itself an important and integral part of the City of Portland, "where knowledge serves the city;" and
Whereas PSU faculty and administration consider the encouragement of active democratic participation central to our mission, and are committed to making the university a model for the promotion of civic engagement by both faculty and students...
Therefore be it resolved ..That the Faculty Senate finds that statements and actions of public officials which explicitly or implicitly question the legitimacy of political dissent or which gratuitously link activism to terrorism have a predictably chilling effect on the willingness of PSU students, faculty, and staff, and other residents of Portland to exercise their democratic and constitutional rights... [ Read entire resolution ]

ANTI-WAR 05.11.2002 11:03
Hoodlum Drummers To Bring Shenanigans to Election Night Festivities
From the open publishing newswire:Rumor has it that a roving band of thug drummers will be raising a ruckus tonight at the "victory" parties of Oregon's elected politicians. The communique I have received requests the presence of ALL PEOPLES in opposition to WAR, rising amerikan Fascism, and the status quo of amerikan life.

While the politicians beat the drums of WAR, the people will strike the drums of PEACE. Who will be heard?

please come.[ Read More... ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 04.11.2002 22:57
To vote or not to vote...
a very brief statement about all these calls to go vote
To vote... is simply to change the face attached to the hand around your throat. Those in power will remain in power regardless of whether they are represented by a donkey or an elephant. voting is a farce designed to give us as citizens the impression that we have the ability to effect politics in this country. did you know that women were finally given the right to vote to appease them because the patriarchal government was afraid that if they didn't, then the womens movement would actually become a real threat? [ Read More... ]

The truth about electoral politics
I will not be voting in the next election, nor in any election after that. I refuse to give my name to a system which can so easily be diverted and corrupted. Does this imply that I am apolitical? Far from it. But in a system which insists that individuals cannot make a difference, I will use everything in my power to do so. If this means breaking their laws, so be it. There are ills that need to be cured, and apathy is the only criminal element in dealing with those ills. [ Read More... ]

Anarchists, let us vote!
Yes, let us all vote, for that is our right. In the future, this will be exercised more legitimately. But as of now, we know the score, so we must vote, the unexpected, to expect any chance, in the tides of change.... [ Read More... ]

Why Progressives and Radical SHOULD vote!!
I understand the argument which says, voting is a way of endorsing the current system. I am sympathetic to that view. However, at certain junctures, to prevent the system from lurching over from a quasi representative republic into a full fledged dictatorship, voting can make a difference. If a vote can break the near monopoly of the far right wing forces on power; if a vote can keep the ruling sectors divided, even if it is only somewhat divided, then a vote is worthwhile. If a vote can slow the war machine, by even a few months, it is worthwhile. [ Read More... ]

[ Make your Vote Count | 'VOTE OR DIE!' Stickers ]

MUSLIM SOLIDARITY 04.11.2002 22:40
The Politics of Fear: Wajahat Sayeed on harrassment of Muslims in U.S.
From the open publishing newswire: In this audio file, Wajahat Sayeed, Executive Director of the texas based group, Muslim Legal Fund of America, speaks for a little less than 1/2 hour. His group works to assist and defend some of the people who have been targeted by the recent hysteria against those of the Muslim faith. He catalogues many instances of discrimination against Muslim people in this country, specifically because of their religion and their culture. But, his talk is more than a litany of grievances. Throughout, he urges the local Muslim community to organize and be prepared for the worst. "This is only the beginning," he warns. And, from the many instances of discrimination he lists, one can only surmise that he is probably correct.

An enlightening presentation, where one can see the world through a community of people who are irrationally and unjustly being arrested, interrogated and often imprisoned. [ streaming audio | Newswire item ]

[ Muslim Legal Fund of America | more audio of local events: PhilospherSeed.org ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 04.11.2002 22:31
The next Big Event: Nov. 17 March and Rally for Peace and Justice - No War on Iraq!
From the open publishing newswire: The next big march and rally for peace and justice in Portland, Oregon, will be held at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, November 17th, at Pioneer Courthouse Square (S.W. Broadway & Yamhill), in downtown Portland. Like the October 5th event, this rally and march is being sponsored or endorsed by over twenty local peace and justice organizations (see partial list below). For more information, call any of the groups listed. [ Read More... ]

[ Most recent big event: Oct.5: 11,500+ rally for peace in Portland | Other peace / anti-war events: pdx indy STOP WAR page ]

Wear a red ribbon for peace
Wear a red ribbon to show you refuse to add to the bloodshed, you will not cause the innocent to fear. To show you won't hate because of race or religion. To show you will not support Bush's war on Iraq. To show that you don't support police, or government agents terrorizing people in their homes. Let it be known to all, why you wear a red ribbon. Let a red ribbon show Muslims in our community that you do not blame all for the actions of a few. Muslim women in the community are becoming reluctant to go to the shops, or send their children to school, let a red ribbon signify that you will not attack them. Our communities are being destroyed by religionist and racist, government propaganda, and we are losing the very things that make our countries so great. Not all of us are able to attend protests, but we can all wear a red ribbon. Let our governments see a river of red ribbons and maybe prevent rivers of blood. [ Newswire article ]

13,000+ New Englanders Rally for Peace in Boston
On Sunday 11/03/02, over 13,000 people from across New England gathered on the Boston Common for a peace rally and march through Boston. A great diversity of signs, some of them highly creative, voiced people's opposition to a war on Iraq. Some carried signs calling for working through the UN for weapons inspections and against a first strike, while others were simply opposed to all war. [ Read More... ]

CHURCH/FACIST STATE 04.11.2002 19:46
Boy Scouts of America - Hitler Youth revisited?
From the open publishing newswire: First the Boy Scouts of America asserted its "right" to discriminate against gays. Now this self-professed bastion of moral values plans to expel yet another of its most exemplary members - 19-year old Darrell Lambert, a Seattle Eagle Scout with dozens of merit badges, awards and ten years in scouting to his credit. Is he gay? Has he done anything wrong? No to both questions. The thing that has the BSA's knickers in a knot this time is that the scout in question simply refuses to acknowledge a belief in God. The BSA has given Mr. Lambert one week to profess his belief in God or face expulsion. We all knew the organization was bigoted, but few realized it actually claimed authority under the laws of the Inquisition. Who's next on their hit list? Democrats? [ Read More... ]

POLITICS 04.11.2002 14:23
Socialist Party of Oregon Office Grand Opening
From the open publishing newswire: For the coming election cycle and the ongoing work of organizing, the Socialist Party of Oregon is opening an office in Portland. Located in the Northwest Neighborhood, the office is planned as being a central workspace for Party members and associated organizations. Literature, including brochures and petitions, for multiple efforts will be stocked in the central office space, which is located near several bus lines and many restraunts and ciffee houses.[ Read More... ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 03.11.2002 22:16
Regime Change Begins at Home. VOTE!
From the open publishing newswire: In the next few days we people of Oregon have a chance to affect a regime change. We need to get out and vote. Vote for Bradbury. Vote for Measure 23 to kick the damn corporate medicine brokers out of the state. Help to save lives and keep our healthcare dollars at home to bring health back to our ecomomy and our people.

Vote for Measure 27 so we will know what is food and what is technology waste. Labeling is the only way for us to know if our food is safe. We Oregonians are smart. With a little education we have always been able to make decisions that are good for humanity, progressive and forward thinking.

We have a chance to change history. Make sure you vote. [ Read More... ]

How to support measure 23: People who support measure 23 will be out with signs at the intersection of Burnside/Sandy/12th all day on Monday to get the word out. If you want a health care system that has everybody in and nobody out, help spread the word there on Monday.

How to Vote Smart
Until fair and democratic elections (instant run-off and proportional representation like real democratic countries) become a reality in the United States, we are stuck with our "winner-take-all" system. It means that voting for the party we like, whether it's the Green Party, the Socialist Worker's Party, the Communist Party, the Working Family's Party, the Labor Party, or the Wild Party only makes us accomplices in the crime of siphoning votes away from the left and ensuring a far-right victory. [ Read More... ]

[ Vote for Measure 23: Health Care for All Oregon | Vote for Measure 27: Labeling GE Foods ]

ANTI-CAPITALISM 03.11.2002 21:56
Call for local actions on 'Buy Nothing Day'
From the open publishing newswire: "Buy Nothing Day" is a tradition started by Adbusters Magazine 11 years ago. Every year it happens on the day after Thanksgiving which is the beginning of the "holidary shopping season" and is considered the biggest shopping day of the year. Adbusters encourages people to celebrate "Buy Nothing Day" in two ways: first, to not buy anything personally that day, and secondly, to make creative public statements about it by crashing malls, donning costumes, flyering, or anything you and your friends come up with. Whirl-Mart Actions are one possibility. A call to action has gone out for a Buy Nothing Day demo here in Portland.

Meanwhile, anarcho-situationists who are skeptical of what they deem "the perfect feel-good, liberal, middle-class activist non-happening" have made a competing call for a daily "Steal Something Day". Whatever your tactic, Nov. 29 will be a perfect time to remind people that "While you're shopping, bombs are dropping!" [ Read More... ]

Monopolistic practices by AOL
From the open publishing newswire: Have you ever been offered by America on Line a month or two for free? - I was. I tried AOL for a month, but then ATT offered me a better deal. I called AOL to cancel the services. Customer assistants offered me another two month for free and said, "think about it before you switch." Additional two free month of AOL, - sounds appealing, and I agreed.

One day, I am getting a message on the screen, "enter your credit card number" and it goes on every time I connect to the internet. It made me suspicious and I decided to check billing information. Can you imagine how amused I was when I saw my bill running at $300? [ Read More... ]

[ AOLsucks.org | more AOL sucks pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

EDUCATION 03.11.2002 21:22
Weekly 'Dialogue on Anarchism' to focus on Emma Goldman's 'Traffic in Women'
From the open publishing newswire: this FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8TH AT @ 8 PM, there will be an open discussion group focusing on EMMA GOLDMAN'S "TRAFFIC IN WOMEN" essay. the prior readings have lasted about 2 hours, so expect the class to last until 10 pm. Laughing Horse Books.
[ Read More... ]

STOP THE FTAA 02.11.2002 17:33
UPDATE FROM ECUADOR: "Sí a la vida, No al ALCA"
From the open publishing newswire: Please accept this [unedited] bulletin from the edge of consciousness. I don't know whether I feel like crying because I am so moved by what I saw today, because my mucous membranes are all shot to hell from too much tear gas, or out of sheer exhaustion. But I want to get this out while it is still fresh in my mind, and tomorrow will be another insane day.

At 6 PM, folks decided to try once more to deliver their giant letter, this time at the Suissotel, where the trade ministers were meeting with assorted CEO's and trade lobbyists at the 7th Americas Business Forum. As a strategy to boost legitimacy and head off disruptive protests, the government had already made offered to allow a couple civil society representatives to address the ministers. On these terms, the indigenous and campesino groups had refused. But tonight, 2000 people marched up to police barricades, where they demanded that a much larger delegation be allowed in to deliver the letter. Clearly hoping to avoid the kind of confrontations that have occurred in past uprisings here, the government allowed 40 people from across the hemisphere to come in and meet with the ministers.
[ Read More... ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 02.11.2002 17:17
Why Progressives and Radicals should vote
From the open publishing newswire: Polls are now showing that BOTH the House and the Senate are up for grabs. The gaps between the main candidates in many races are within the margin of statistical error, and are therefore too close to call. Also, the number of undecided voters is quite high, between 8 and 15 per cent in many areas.

I understand the argument which says, voting is a way of endorsing the current system. I am sympathetic to that view. However, at certain junctures, to prevent the system from lurching over from a quasi representative republic into a full fledged dictatorship, voting can make a difference. If a vote can break the near monopoly of the far right wing forces on power; if a vote can keep the ruling sectors divided, even if it is only somewhat divided, then a vote is worthwhile. If a vote can slow the war machine, by even a few months, it is worthwhile.
[ Read More... ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 02.11.2002 13:16
Workshop: The scientific argument against animal research
From the open publishing newswire: Grab this opportunity to learn more about the medical disaster that is animal research. All are welcome regardless of knowledge level. Scoping out some of the following books and websites will make this workshop even more productive!
[ Read More... ]

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