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IMPERIALISM 10.11.2002 20:52
Discussions on Imperialism and Its Consequences
The Denial of Imperialism
From the open publishing newswire: The most important force in recent world history is not recognized in the US corporate media or in academia as existing. That force is imperialism. One can discuss 19th century British imperialism or Soviet imperialism, but not US or Western imperialism. That is a stunning achievement of the propaganda system in the United States.
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Sweatshops and Imperialism
From the open publishing newswire: Charles Kernaghan, an anti-sweatshop activist noted for his confrontation with television hostess Kathie Lee Gifford, has vividly described conditions in Third World sweatshops.

He describes the factories as uniformly austere concrete buildings topped by razor wire and with armed guards who search the employees on entering and leaving. Employees are often teenage girls made to work as fast as possible by brutal foremen. These foremen verbally abuse or beat the girls to enforce compliance or sometimes use the threat of firing for sexual favors.
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[Other Writings by this Author]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 10.11.2002 16:15
Student activists rising up nationwide and in Portland
National Student Day of Action: Nov. 20
Wednesday November 20th is the National Student Day of Action against war with Iraq. Join students across the nation expressing their demands for peace. Actions will occur the local level scattered throughout America providing everyone the opportunity to participate and oraganize.

Peace is still and always will be an option, but it must be demanded and struggled for. Are you waiting for a chance to speak out? November 20 is the National Student/Youth Day of Action. It is an opportunity for every young person to express thier objection to a war with Iraq. Do not wait for a national march. Motivate students on your campus to show opposistion to war. Five protestors on one campus, a few dozen at another, and a couple hundred or thousand at others adds up to hundreds of thousands of students making a difference. Force the country to realize the decision on war rest with the people, and it is open to debate and resistance.
[ Newswire item ]

Student Activist Alliance Meeting in Portland: Nov. 12
The Student Activist Alliance is meeting this Tuesday at the Red and Black cafe at five o'clock. Any high school students interested in Social Justice, whatever that means, are welcome to attend. Our current issues are peace, environmental justice, school censorship, school military recruiters, and the CIM. Any students who show up are welcome to bring their ideas and little problems they would like to see addressed.
[ Details ]

The Horse, the Spider and the Snake: A Picture of Africa
From the open publishing newswire: The peace prize of the German book trade was awarded in 2000 to the Nigerian Chinua Achebe. A writer was honored who lived through and narrated like no other the collision of cultures on his continent. Chinua Achebe, born in 1930 in Nigerian Ogibi, worked in Nigerian radio after his study. He was Biafra's special envoy during the Biafra war. In 1958, Achebe was world-famous with his novel "Things Fall Apart". This excerpt is from "A Picture of Africa".

I went to a good school organized according to the model of the British public schools. There I read many English books. Among the dozens of books, I read books like "Treasure Island", "Gulliver's Travels", "Oliver Twist", "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "Tom Brown's Schooldays". There I met Ryder Haggard, John Buchan and their "African" books.

At the beginning, I didn't see myself as an African. I sided with the whites against the wild or savages. In other words, in my first school years, I thought I belonged to the whites with their hair-raising adventures and narrow escapes. The whites were good and rational, intelligent, brave and courageous. The savages opposing them were wicked and foolish or at least deceitful. I hated them to the bone.

A moment came when I was old enough to see that these writers had duped me! I was not on Marlow's boat that steamed toward the Congo in the "heart of darkness". I was one of those strange beings with hideous faces who jumped around on the river bank.
[ Full story ]

ANTI-WAR 10.11.2002 16:02
Massive Peace Demonstration in Firenze, Italy
From the global indymedia website: Reportedly, up to 1 million people (police estimate 450,000) took to the streets of Florence to demonstrate their opposition to the War during the European Social Forum on Saturday. Witnesses say that demonstrators at the end of the march have yet to begin marching while those in front reached the end point long ago. Support for the peace marchers along the route was high and the event created a lot of regional and international media attention. Earlier reports of activists being stopped at the border seem to have had little effect.

Eyewitness report and protest overview.

See photos: [1] ,[2], [3] & [more]

Watch video, or listen to listen to Radio Gap from Florence.

[ Overview from UK IMC ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 09.11.2002 17:46
Purchasers of Guard Timber Sale Confronted in Texas
From the open publishing newswire: Dallas, Texas - Within 24 hours of purchasing the Guard Timber Sale on Mt. Hood National Forest, Hampton Tree Farms representatives were confronted at the North American Wholesale Lumber Association's "Trade Market" meeting.
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Breaking news from NAWLA protests in Dallas
From the open publishing newswire: Cell-phone update from Kim Marks, of Forest Ethics, who is in Dallas for the NAWLA conference. When we spoke, she was outside the Lew Sterrett Justice Center doing jail support for three activists who were arrested today during a protest outside the hotel where the conference is happening.
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FOREST ACTIVISM 09.11.2002 17:08
Unlawful dumping in the Mt. Hood National Forest
From the open publishing newswire: yesterday, an activist was arrested at the mt. hood forest service office in sandy for "unlawful dumping" of trash during the protest of the guard timber sale auction. the irony of the situation was that he and some comrades were delivering trash to the office that had been unlawfully dumped in the mt. hood national forest. it is the forest service's job to clean up this trash, and should be their duty to *restore* forests, not just destroy them. [ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 08.11.2002 22:42
Forest Activists Crash Timber Baron Party in Dallas
From the open publishing newswire: Today was a successful day of action in Dallas, Texas, as forest defenders from across the country turned up the heat on timber executives as they gathered for their biggest meeting of the year. Today was the opening day of the 110th annual conference of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association, taking place at the exclusive Wyndham Anatole Hotel in downtown Dallas. Beyond networking and attending workshops, the primary purpose of the conference is the Traders Market, where 650 industry trade groups market their products and services to one another.

The festivities began with the unfurling of a three story banner by Rainforest Action Network. The banner, dropped from the 7th floor of the main atrium inside the hotel, was timed to coincide with a workshop hosted by Boise on how to build your corporate environmental image. It read: NAWLA AND BOISE: LUMBERING TOWARDS EXTINCTION.

Immediately following the banner drop, a twelve-piece revolutionary marching band pushed their way into one of the hotel's main entrances, stunning the hordes of logging company representativies as they were preparing to enter the gala opening luncheon hosted by Roseburg Forest Products. Inside the 2,000 person Chantilly Ballroom, massive screens could be seen projecting rotating saw blades churning out two-by-fours to the beat of bad techno music. The surreal scene inside the sprawling foyer was complimented by a dozen activists distributing half-page fliers exposing the ethically criminal practices of Roseburg Forest Products, Boise, NorPac and NAWLA's newest guest: Arauco Lumber from Chile. Six people took turns berating RFP at the top of their lungs, while two screaming devices were deployed with adhesives to the walls of the lobby. Eventually, the Dallas Police Department aided hotel security and everyone was ushered out of the building, with no arrests made.

And this was just the beginning!
[ Read More... ]

Timber Execs Stunned by Cocktail Disruption
It was a level of militant action rare coast-to-coast, not to mention Texas. Bumps and sprains were small price for the message sent by bodies flying into the security apparatus put in place to protect many of North America's real ecoterrorists. Most importantly the suits were seriously tweeked by the intensity of power arrayed against them. Bottom lines are now under real threat and it shows when clandestine activists ride the elevators or overhear coffee talk. [ Read More... ]

A Message to Timber Barons
Dear NAWLA Member Employee or NAWLA Member Owner, You work for or own a business that is a member of an association dedicated to the profit of each member corporation. Some of those corporations you share this relationship with are profiting in ways that are not beneficial to people or other beings. Some North American Wholesale Lumber Association members profit from logging old growth ancient forests. Some NAWLA members profit from logging United States National Forests and other lands held in the public trust. Poll after poll show these acts are against the will of the majority of the public. There is no place for this in a democracy.

Against the will of some of the few survivors among the indigenous of the Americas, ancestral lands are being logged and sold by NAWLA members. This is morally reprehensible and must stop immediately. Survivors of genocide cannot have their land converted to plantations by foreigners for what amounts to mostly foreign profit. It will stop.

There are implications for those who do business in this way.
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[ previous story: NAWLA Update ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 08.11.2002 22:15
Media Terrorism: Polling as an instrument of demagoguery
From the open publishing newswire: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the possibility of a nationalistic bias in public opinion polls due to agenda setting and framing influences of political elites and mass media in the context of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.

[P]olling on the issue of terrorism has a definite agenda that parallels mass media. Surveys are focused on goals, fears, security, defense, and war, from an ethnocentric perspective. A study of why Americans believe the attacks happened is conspicuously absent from both mass media and polls. The demography of these polls may also reveal a certain bias. All respondents are identified as "American." After going out of the bounds of my defined search I was only able to acquire one poll taken from an Arab-American sub group. This is not surprising considering the amount of nationalism currently present in movies, commercials, and TV "news." A similar world view is also prevalent in framing of the issue in mass media and reflected in polls.
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(S)ELECTION 2002 08.11.2002 22:09
You can't vote them out if you never voted them in: Diebold--the face of modern ballot tampering
From the open publishing newswire: The lack of any exit polling on November 5 has been oddly ignored by the media. Those pesky tracking polls leading up to the elections have been explained away by a 'late surge to the Republicans' caused by.... hmmmm, how about sun spot activity? With no exit polls, there was no other feedback to conflict with the "official" results, this allowed the Diebold touch screen machines to change the way election fraud is carried out.

Previously, election cheating was a complex matter of ballot tampering combined with sample skewing. That is to say, you screwed up ballots for your opponent with under or over votes, made sure that people likely to vote against you wouldn't even get that chance (the program of voter disenfranchisement in Florida) and padded your own vote total with such things as falsified absentee ballots.

In the much more high tech world of Diebold electronics we are seeing a wonderfully efficient vote rigging system...
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COMMUNITY BUILDING 08.11.2002 16:36
Come Git Yer Soccer On
From the open publishing newswire: This weekend, there will be a fantabulous soccer game at SE 32nd and Market st. 2PM, don't be late! Or be late, we don't care! [ Read More ]

Forest Defense 08.11.2002 15:58
Guard Timber Sale Auction Protest - One Arrest

Serve the Forest!
Guard Timber Sale Auction Protest About 15 people showed up at the Forest Service Office in Sandy this morning to protest the auction of the "Guard" Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest. They were greeted by police tape across the front of the building and along the perimeter of the upper parking lot and were denied access period to the lower parking lot, where bidders come and go.

Activists had planned to put on a theater piece urging Restoration rather than Destruction of public lands, but the Forest Service did not allow people to unload the props that arrived by truck. The props were comprised of large pieces of trash (mostly from an old camper) that were found in the Guard Timber Sale.
[ Read More... ]

Activists at Guard Timber Sale
Activist Arrested for "Illegal Dumping"

The protestor charged with "illegal dumping" was unloading trash found illegally dumped at the Guard sale and converted into signs and props for a guerilla theater skit. The reclaimed trash was to symbolize the destructive effects of commercial logging on public lands and highlight the need for scientifically sound restoration. The protestors maintained their vigil at the auction despite the arrest and unnecessary police presence, performing the skit sans props.
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Elsewhere in the state...

The Willamette National Forest is under assault by Allyn Ford, of Roseburg Forest Products and his partner-in-crime, Columbia Helicopters. As of November 8, two separate clearcutting operations (chainsaws and helicopters blaring) are going simultaneously in our national forests just outside Eugene. The sales being actively slaughtered are Pryor (300 acres) and East Devil (180 Acres of "replacement volume"), with Straw Devil (150 acres) on the verge of being logged next. All this just below the Willamette Pass/Diamond Peak wild roadless areas.
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LABOR 08.11.2002 11:01
Solidarity: Swedish Strike Support Requested
From the open publishing newswire: Two fellow workers and members of SAC are on strike for their salaries at the University restaurant in Luleå. The restaurant is run by Sodexho LTD a multinational company www.sodexho.com active in France, Spain, Sweden and other countries. Today they hired scabs to do the work of our striking members.
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St. Francis Church and Supporters Meet with Riled Buckman Neighbors
On Wednesday, November 6 at 7pm, a community meeting was held at Norse Hall near East Burnside to discuss relations between St. Francis Church and Buckman neighborhood residents and business owners concerned about the impact of St. Francis Dining Hall patrons on the immediate area around the church. Over 200 people attended the event, which had to be moved from a smaller meeting room to the building's main hall in order to accommodate the overflow crowd.

St. Francis Church, located at 311 SE 11th Avenue in Portland, serves over 300 meals a day to Portland's poor and homeless out of its dining hall, and hosts a variety of community groups that conduct their services on church property. The church also owns St. Francis Park next door to the church. [ Read More... ]

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The Truth Ain't Always in English - Translations of political analysis from German
The following two essays were translated from German by local translator Marc Batko, and posted to the open publishing newswire:

The Wilderness Lives: The End of Prehistory as a Beginning
Poverty and misery grow worldwide. The "Third World" is no longer a mammoth region but includes Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, London and New York. This is all part of the standardization of the world society through the world market. The "Third World" appears everywhere... Capitalism's expansion dynamic lasting centuries seems to have largely exhausted its potentials. Inventions that created jobs on a large scale instead of destroying them by means of capitalist application are not in sight. Rather computerization and genetic engineering, the leading technologies of the 21st century, are instruments of increased profit with the consequence of extreme exclusion. According to different prognoses, three quarters of the potentially economically active population will be permanently excluded from the formal economy in the foreseeable future.
[ Full Story ]

The Flexible Person: Critical Psychology and Fitness Training
Using athletic and medical metaphors, persons even in nursery school are urged to fitness training. Under globalization, societies and populations find themselves in positional competition. National chances are set against the global threat. The welfare state in Germany is dismantled partly be referring to this threat. Catastrophe- and threat scenarios replace debate over issues. Critical psychology could help us overcome the darkening future.
[ Read More... ]

About the translator
Marc Batko lives in Portland, Oregon. A scholar of liberation theology, Marc has been posting his translations of German political, philosophical, and spiritual writings to the portland indymedia newswire for over a year. His website features a treasure trove of content on topics such as Human Rights, Economics, Anti-Military work, and Christianity. Marc's goal, in his own words, is to "enliven discussion on the myths and misconceptions that have led to our mental captivity, to break the shell of hyper-individualism and American unilateralism and proclaim the traditions of resistance and interdependence that could empower us to true life." Marc deserves great kudos for his contributions to discourse on indymedia and to the community as a whole.

[ Marc Batko Translations ]

S.O.A. WATCH 07.11.2002 11:22
School of the Americas day of action in Eugene

SOA Protest in Eugene, Nov. 2001
From the open publishing newswire: The movement to close the US Army School of the Americas (School of Assassins) nears again. In Ft. Benning, Georgia on the 15-17th of November this year, thousands will gather in protest to attempt to close the School. Graduates of the SOA (cosmetically renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) have been cited in countless human rights atrocitites throughout Latin America. Eugene, OR will have their own day of action in solidarity.

The Eugene solidarity actions will be centered on the University of Oregon campus, particularly the EMU Amphitheater. On Thursday, November 14th, from 10am-4pm, there will be mock executions, mock assassinations, a "die-in", and mock "disappearances" across campus, but mainly centered around the Ampitheater.

At 7pm that night in room 166 Lawrence, there will be an 18 minute video followed by discussion and a Q&A session. This is a free event! EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to attend!
[ Read More... ]

[ SOA Watch | For coverage of the SOA Protests, visit Atlanta Indymedia ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 07.11.2002 11:09
'Wow! Computers in the trees!' - Update from tree-sits in Freshwater, California
From the open publishing newswire: Wow! Computers in the trees! It took about 15 minutes for the thing to boot up because it had to scan for any errors due to incorrect shut down. It seems to be sucking the life out of my big battery up here. Maybe a third battery would be appropriate...

It's November and far sunnier than July. Other than the days being shorter, it feels like summer. It makes me think of the Democracy Now when Amy Goodman talked about global warming, 120degree temperatures in India, massive flooding in Dresden, Germany and Prague. It felt like a horrible futuristic movie, where climate change suddenly became real and detrimental, only yes, it is real.

For eight weeks I watched as PL used weapons of mass destruction on an area of forest that they turned into 22+ acres of clear-cut wasteland. This is in an area where they have nearly annihilated the coho salmon population in just the last five years. For twenty million years an ancient forest flourished here, offering life and shelter to countless living beings. In just under two hundred years, the euro-american value system has killed off the grizzly, the wolf and is working on the marbled murrelet and the last of the giant redwoods, like the one I'm living in.
[ Read More... ]

Find out more about California tree-sits in SF Bay Indymedia's Forest News section.

PRISONER SUPPORT 06.11.2002 22:57
Vigils for imprisoned SOA activist Chani Geigle-Teller in Salem and California
From the open publishing newswire: Last year over 10,000 people turned out for the School of Assassins annual protest and funeral procession. As happens every year, there are those who choose to stand in witness through their arrests and subsequent federal prison terms. Currently and Oregon activist, Chani Geigle is serving her prison sentence.

Many people are going to Georgia for this year's November gathering, as an alternative for those who cannot go and wish to show support, there will be a vigil for Chani in Dublin, CA on November 11th. Chani Geigle began serving her sentence on September 10, 2002.

Supporting Chani locally
Saturday November 9th, 7pm: SOA BENEFIT FOR CHANI, Featuring WIDGETS, JULIAN SNOW INDEX, UNITED GUMBALL BAND, CALEB RILEY. YMCA Teen Center, 299 Cottage St. ne, $3+ at the door, all procedes go to "the Chani fund"

Every Thursday, 4:30-6:30 , Court & High, downtown Salem. Weekly rally against war and vigil in support of Chani. [ Read More... ]

previous stories: [ Support imprisoned SOA protester Chani Geigle-Teller | Chani Geigle-Teller Sentenced To Federal Prison | 10 School of Americas protesters receive six-month sentences | 50 gather to Support the SOA 37 in Salem | Salem City Council Sends Letter to SOA Judge | Crossing Lines of Justice - Voices of SOA Activists ]

[ SOA Watch website ]

SAVE OUR WILD SALMON 06.11.2002 22:46
Salmon Support Needed @ PSU Thursday 11am
From the open publishing newswire: This Thursday, Nov. 7th, Congressman Earl Blumenauer will be on the Portland State University campus to sit on a panel with former Senator Paul Simon to discuss current political issues. The panel will start at 11am in room 238 of Smith Memorial Union and follows Paul Simon's lecture that begins at 10am. Save Our Wild Salmon would like those who support wild salmon recovery efforts on the Columbia and Snake Rivers to be present at the panel discussion to demonstrate to Congressman Blumenauer the level of support for wild salmon recovery.

Save Our Wild Salmon is currently supporting legislation in Congress called the Salmon Planning Act (H.R. 2573) that ensures that removing the four lower Snake River dams is kept as an option for Columbia and Snake River wild salmon recovery. If the current Federal Salmon Plan, which does not consider dam removal as an option and has been a total failure thus far, fails to show meaningful recovery results in the next few years, then the Salmon Planning Act will prove vital for moving forward toward more aggressive wild salmon recovery efforts.
[ Read More... ]

ELECTORAL POLITICS 06.11.2002 22:44
Election wrap-up (now let's get to work)
From the open publishing newswire: The number of posts to portland indymedia jumped in the days before Tuesday's election as various people published arguments for and against candidates, measure, and voting itself. These articles elicited a great deal of response, but the post-election blitz of posts was even greater. Many subjects were covered: what the elections will mean, whose fault it was that they went the way they did, why people who didn't vote should've. Here they are, collected in one place.

If there is on thread in common among these articles, it is that there's a lot of work to be done now. Fortunately, a couple of opportunities are coming right up on Friday: a protest against the Guard Timber Sale Auction in the morning and the PPRC anti-war rally and march at 5:00 p.m. The first event has been called by the forest kids, who are always in need of community support, and the second promises to be interesting due to the increasingly diverse tactics --including direct action on election night-- being used by PPRC and the folks who come to their events, who this week will include the Portland Public Schools Student Activist Alliance.
[ Newswire item ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 06.11.2002 14:01
Actions against the Peak timber sale continue: Two lock down to Forest Service office
From the open publishing newswire: On Monday November 4th the cops where there in full force with over 80 officers. They stood ready to arrest all of those that had planned to cross the closure that has been place on the area around the Peak timber sale. Well they waited and they waited we never arrived. They ended up looking really stupid and very scared because instead activist from Mazama Forest Defence locked down to the Rogue River National Forest headquarters. Showing once again that the element of suprise can make a simple action into an amazingly strong statement.

The lockdowners locked there necks to the entrance of the building around noon and were joined there soon after by 20 protesters. The police arrived a few minutes later. We danced and sang and passed out info about peak. The action lasted for about an hour. They unsrewed the handles and halled away the activists. There was no other major altercations with the cops for us on the outside.

On the inside it was not so peaceful for one of the activists named forest. He was not complying with the officers in a peaceful way by not standing or talking. Once they had him inside the jail he was pulled by his hair for 400 feet. Then the police stripped his pants off and pulled him by his feet causing his genitals to drag painfully on the concrete. Along with this humiliation they applied pain comliance hold the whole time. [ Read More... ]

previous stories about Peak resistance: [ Decoy action announcement that fooled the freddies (30 Oct.) | Peak Arrest Update, demonstration plans (29 Oct) | Activist Arrested at Peak (27 Oct) | Activist Protest Reckless Behavior (26 Oct) | Columbia Helicopters Endangers Peak Tree-sitter's Life (24 Oct) | New Peak Tree-sit in Danger (27 Sept) | Saturday rally at Peak Timber Sale (26 Sept) | Logging Continues at Peak, Resistance Grows (25 Sept) | Logging underway at Peak timber sale in Southern Oregon (23 Sept) | Mazama Forest Defenders Set Up Treesits at Peak! (21 June) ]
[ Mazama Forest Defenders | portland indymedia forest activism stories | Tree-Sit.org]

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