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SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS 18.11.2002 21:18
Thousands Of Tens Protest At Fort Benning Gates.
From the open publishing newswire: PARAMILITARY, Georgia - Ninety six were arrested for crossing a heavily armed fortified gate onto Fort Benning proper in an effort to continue protests which will keep putting the SOA and Washington's bunk foreign policy on trial and hopefully someday lead to the behemoth being eventually defunded and closed down for good. What behemoth? School of Coups, School Of Assassins, School for Dictators, WHISC or Whinsec (is that a dorky name or what?) -- the SOA. Numbers wars began immediately, and it seems the worst offenders were the Associated Press and the US Military. Yesterday, toward the end of the direct actions, NPR was running that 15,000 attended, almost all other "legit" press reported "over 10,000; while the AP was blindly and distantly reporting 6500. [ Full Story ] [ SOAW and ACLU Lose Injunction Against Searches/Metal Detectors ] [ Stay Glued to Atlanta IMC to follow this protest! ]

UNIONS - CENTRAL AMERICA 18.11.2002 20:36
El Salvador victory and an invitation
From the open publishing newswire: Public health care workers in El Salvador just struck a major blow to the forces of privatization and corporate globalization. Their two-month strike was made stronger by international solidarity and support. All are invited to join the Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC) in working to continue supporting campaigns like this one. [ Full Story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM - BENEFIT 18.11.2002 14:51
CASCADIA FOREST REVUE Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy

From the open publishing newswire: CASCADIA FOREST REVUE: A night of entertainment and education. Speaker and Slideshows from Mazama Forest Defense, Cascadia Forest Alliance. There will also be a short video. Music by: Mookie Wilson and Restless & Uneasy. Thursday November 21st 7:30pm 3-500 dollars, no one turned away for lack of funds. [ Full Story ]

HELLUVA ANTI-WAR IDEA 18.11.2002 14:49
Boycott War
From the open publishing newswire: Have you written your representatives to speak against the impending war with Iraq? Have you taken to the streets in non-violent protest to stop the war machine? Are you talking with family, friends and co-workers about these issues? Do you feel strangely disenfranchised, depressed and enraged? Do you wonder how to take further effective action?

Perhaps we can offer a viable next step. One that may garner attention, as a symbolic (or more) mass gesture. One that is revolutionary, radical, non-violent, low risk and timely. One you can participate in from the comfort of your home. [ Here's the idea ]

MO' RADICAL ACTIVISM 18.11.2002 14:48
Radical Movie Night Report!
From the open publishing newswire:On Thursday night, Nov. 14, 2002, the Clinton St. Theatre featured "Radical Movie Night," with six videos showing the ELF and ALF in action as they fight the rape of animals and the environment for profit. It was hosted by activist Josh Harper, who has been an activist, especially on animal rights issues, for over a decade. He brought a message of solidarity within all activist communities. "I understand we all have something that gets to us," he said. "But I want revolution on all fronts." [ The Whole Shebang ]

Portland activist's account of Sydney, Australia WTO protests
From the open publishing newswire: "I am a Portland activist currently travelling around the world and I was at the "Shut down the WTO" protests in Sydney, Australia from the 12th of November to the 15th of November."

"...The police started to surge into the crowds and the oranges pushed them back, linked arms and managed to dearrest a few people. The cops arrested a few people though in the melee. The cops then tried to divide the crowd between the central part of the fence and the others on the western side of the fence. This was a failure, so they continued to surge everyone out of the west side of the fence, since it was the weak link. This was successful and they then brought in the cops with the large barking dogs. All the blocs had an emergency meeting and we decided to stay for a few more hours - to keep the pressure on the WTO and to be with our arrested comrades that were alone in the arrest wagons. People started to feel anxious - this was also due to the lack of toilet facilities in the area, and there were more melees with the cops, usually the oranges linking up and trying to push the cops back." [ Read More... ]

[ WTO Coverage at Sydney Indymedia ] [ NO WTO - Australia ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 17.11.2002 23:22
Reports from Nov. 17 peace and anti-war event in Portland
Event lacked cohesion, solidarity of purpose
By my count there were 8,000 to 10,000 people that took 18 minutes to pass while on the march. What was not so impresive, was the fact that there still is very little cohesion in Portland's or the United States peace groups. What we seemed to have been, with the exception of a few small groups of organizers, student activist groups, families, clubs, etc, were still just individuals with vague discontent with what the U.S. government is doing with their permission. NO SOLIDARITY OF PURPOSE!
[ Read More... ]

Plea from Neophyte: Help Me Defend My Friend!
The student that got beat up is a friend of mine. He's just a highschool kid and the cops riped his fucking sholder out of it's sockit we are trying to get video of it to help defend him. If anyone has any information PLEASE contact me at pps_activist@yahoo.com.

Radical Feeder March a Big Success
Around 250-300 folks gathered at the North Park Blocks for a little bit of pre-peace rally fun. Lots of young folks in their Sunday black, but also folks from other leftist groups and some unions. The march was led by a "Smash Imperialsim" banner and took to the streets at about 12:45. No official permits were sought or obtained for this march. Folks argued that they already had this right and did not need to ask permission or pay any fees for "free" speech. The march went straight up Broadway, and as it approached a Pioneer Square overflowing with anti-war protestors, many clapped and joined in with the chant "it's bullshit, get off it, the cause of war is profit".
[ Read More... ]

The Pulse of Sunday's Rally
Peter Soloway, a member of the KBOO Youth Collective, and Judi Soloway, his mother and partner in crime, brought a jumbo-size pad of paper and an easel to the peace march in downtown Portland. At the top of each paper they posed some questions, then provided passersby with markers and encouraged them to respond in ink. These are the pages, transcribed in no particular order, that the protesters filled with their thoughts and opinions.
[ Read More... ]

Cops rough up teenager at Sunday's protest
While everyone was marching peacefully on Sunday, at least 2 policemen were busy attacking a protester who - the police say - jumped on a cop car. A crowd of about 20 people gathered around a World Trade Center inlet as police held down the boy in wrist locks, cutting off the circulation to his hands. "His hands are turning blue!" many people shouted, in an attempt to get the officers to stop. The boy was not resisting, and yet the cops let him hang there, while holding onto his wrists, for about five minutes until bike cops showed up to escort them to the "Justice" Center. The crowd followed the cops with screams of "let him go!" as they lead/dragged the boy, who was obviously in pain, to the center.
[ Read More... ]

AUDIO FILE: Together, We Save Ourselves
Today, November 17, 2002, more than 10,000 people, for the second time in two months, crowded the streets of Portland Oregon to voice their opposition to the war on Iraq. Peaceful protestors first attended a rally at Pioneer Square, from there marching through the streets of Portland, then north along Front Avenue to West Burnside, up to Broadway, and then back to Pioneer Square. Despite one corporate news estimate of a six block march, from my calculation, the train of marchers easily exceeded 12 blocks, at one point filling the northbound lanes of S.W. Front Avenue from Burnside on the north, south to S.E. Salmon. At least!
[ Read More... | streaming audio ]

Pictures of Peace Rally/Student Action
November 17 Rally Photos
Pictures from today's rally/student march
More N17 Photos
17 November Demonstration in Portland OR
n17 march & rally music video

More articles:
Crowds at Pioneer Sq. music still happening (as of 4:00 pm)
I climbed a tree @ broadway & burnside. I counted 4800+ marchers.
Sunday's Peace Rally through the eyes of Morgan Likely

Tchkung! an 'amazing piece of work'; Infernal Noise Brigade leads crowd into streets
From the open publishing newswire: I had no intention of getting into the 21 and over show last night, but i set up the CFA table in front and sure enough i got the apportunity to sneak in. :) T'chkung is a fucking amazing piece of work. I never danced so senselessly. I felt like I was at some sort of heavy metal concert from like the 80's. But the music was well a little more radical. And well then there's that thing we never did at no metallica show, (except that once) the Infernal Noise Brigade played next and after a couple songs they band left, straight marched right out of the club. Well the crowd came with. Sure enough: street party! Blocakades, flares, music, dancing, fires in steel drums, fire engines, cops, wait where all my friends... what do you mean we can't get back inside the club... 3 at a time?!?!?
[ Read More... ]

See also: "someone please post t'chkung show reviews".

[ a T'chkung website | The Infernal Noise Brigade ]

IT ALL STARTS AT HOME 17.11.2002 21:02
Anarchist Parenting
From the Anarchist Parenting website, as posted to the open publishing newswire: Authoritarian parents are not unloving, rejecting, or cruel. Like the vast majority of parents, they do what they consider to be the best for their children. But the authoritarian adult is the kind of person whose view of the social world is extremely highly structured, and the structure is very much based on considerations of power strength, of in-groups and out-groups. It is a very black-and-white picture of the social world, so that there tends to be a complete acceptance of the mores of his own group, and, with that, a complete rejection of those of other groups. One of the manifestations of this is prejudice: colour-prejudice, anti-semitic prejudice - all these things tend to go with authoritarianism...
[ Read more... ]

LABOR 17.11.2002 20:54
ILWU on Waterfront Lockout
From the open publishing newswire: Hear the labor union perspective on what happened with the lockout on the West Coast waterfront. Luisa Gratz is the President of the ILWU Local 26, President of ILWU Southern California District Council. She provides her take on the history of relations between the ILWU and what the Pacific Maritime Association has been doing. She was interviewed by People's Tribune TV, and then carried on their radio program. You can listen to it below (MP3 for download or streaming). It also includes comments from Chris Mahin on the November 2002 elections.

[ streaming version | download ]

LABOR ACTION 17.11.2002 20:50
November 21 Wal*Mart Day of Action
From the open publishing newswire: Who: Community & Labor Activists
Where: Wal*Mart in Talent (near the freeway exit). Meet at the parking lot entrance (suggest you do not park in the Walmart lot).
When: November 21, 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
What: Leaflets handed to customers in support of the campaign of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). Targets Wal*Mart for its anti-labor practices, its treatment of employees, and its support for George Bush in tarnishing "good faith bargaining" in the current labor dispute with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

NOTE: In Portland, UFCW is asking supporters to rally from 3 to 5 p.m. at Wal*Mart Eastport, 4200 SE 82nd Ave. (we're gonna surround 'em from both ends of the state!)
[ Read More... ]

GLOBAL PEACE 16.11.2002 19:54
MARCH and RALLY for Peace and Justice Sunday

From the calendar: MARCH and RALLY for Peace and Justice: NO WAR ON IRAQ
fully permitted, FAMILY/SENIOR friendly event to reinforce message of ten thousand strong Oct 5th event - but with BIG ENOUGH ASSEMBLY SPACE - music and speakers from many perspectives and easy medium-short march for peace (and sanity) - 1:00pm Sunday 17 November. Meet at Pioneer Courthouse Square, dowtown Portland
[ Read More... ]

From the open publishing newswire: Radical Feeder March in Solidarity with Nov. 17 Anti-War March. Portland anti-imperialists will be marching against the impending war in Iraq in solidarity with the rest of the community on the 17th of November. All are welcome to join a spirited, radical, anti-war feeder march that will join the larger rally in Pioneer Square.

Meet at 12:30 at the North Park Blocks NW 9th and Burnside. We'll take off shortly thereafter. This feeder march will not be seeking permission from city authorities, since we believe we already have the right to assemble and the right to free speech.
[ Read More... ]

Downloadable posters:
[ Read More From "Getting ready for tomorrow, ideas and links" ]


Ten 12

Posters Against War


RADIO ONLINE 16.11.2002 18:05
Two Interviews: 2000 Elections and Industrial Farms
From the open publishing newswire: Steppin' Out of Babylon -a film about the 2000 elections in Florida

Richard Perez produced this enlightening documentary about the details of how people (half of them black) were illegally taken off the voter roles in Florida if they were likely to vote democratic.

Click here for streaming version<. Click here for download of MP3.
[ Read More... ]

The Fatal Harvest-The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture

Kimbrell is a public interest attorney in Washington, DC, a member of the Board of the International Forum on Globalization, etc.. He talks about GMO food other important agricultural issues addressed in his book.

Click here for streaming version. Click here for downloadable version.
[ Read More... ]

Sue's programming can be found at the a-infos radio project.

SOAW and ACLU Lose Injunction
From the open publishing newswire: Looks like the SOAW dems will include metal dtectors and will exclude items such as large crucifixes and other props. A newly-appointed Bush judge ruled on the case after brief consideration. Jeff Winder, a long time peace activist and current [School of the Americas] Watch Staff member, commented before the hearing that the reasons for bringing the city to court were larger than the annual protest, he was personally concerned about people's rights to converge and voice their political opinions. With all the new laws created, he questioned "are we going to equate dissent with terrorism?" The ACLU and SOA Watch focused on fourth amendment rights which say persons can not be searched without warrants, probable cause, or consent.

This brought up the question of what is violence and whether unlawful conduct and civil disobedience constitute violence. Officers testified that in recent years the demonstration has escalated and the past year came close to a riot situation. In support of this contention, one officer claimed that one of the signs that a situation was going to escalate to a riot is the appearance of bare breasted women ... [ Full Story ] [ SOA Watch ]

PROFITS V. PEOPLE 15.11.2002 13:36
Jails or clinics? You Decide.
From the open publishing newswire: The county is losing 18 million dollars out of its budget this current year, and 30 million next fiscal year. So, the county is taking it to the streets, inviting all residents to tell the administrators whether to cut jail beds, or close clinics. Or both. Last night was the 2nd [of a series of 4 Community Budget Workshops hosted by Multnomah County], [and was held] at East County Primary Care Clinic. More than 100 people have shown up both nights to grapple with huge budget cuts and to tell the county administration straight to their face what services they want to keep, and which will go. Two more workshops happen next week [Tuesday, November 19, 6 - 9 pm and Wednesday, November 20, 2002, 6 - 9 pm], and an online budget tool will let anyone weigh in on what's important to them.

No other major media have decided that these leaps toward participatory democracy are worth covering. But it's truly amazing to see elected officials and local government decision makers out in the general public asking people what kinds of decisions they should make about the services that they use. Participants can ask people like the Deputy Director of Health Services, or the District Attorney exactly how these programs work, and what the effects of eliminating them might be - and can engage in constructive dialogue with other people in their neighborhoods about what services really matter.

As former commissioner Bev Stein used to say, "The County serves the neediest, the naughtiest, and folks who use the library." All of us fall into at least one of those categories from time to time. If you feel strongly about the money that we spend on various programs; if you want more jail beds, or fewer detox programs; if you want to know what the people look like who actually make these decisions; or even if you just think it would be nice to participate in a rare example of participatory democracy, this is the place for it. On December 11th, there will be a public hearing at the Multnomah Building on SE Hawthorne to get the final say of the people about the proposed cuts. The County Board of Commissioners will adopt the current fiscal year (which runs through June 30th, 2003) adjustment, making cuts based on data gathered at these workshops and hearings, and from the website. [ Full Story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 15.11.2002 11:54
Excellent 1st-hand Account: My 1st Tree-sit
From the open publishing newswire: in july, four of us went out to the "solo" timber sale in the oak grove watershed in the mt. hood national forest where a tree-sit had recently gone up.. i'm from nebraska so i haven't seen much woods, and i'd never been to a tree-sit before, so i was excited, especially because so much forest-related action had already happened that month.. after stopping at people's for food and the cascadia forest alliance office for directions, and to pick up anything they needed delivered to the sit, we squeezed into the cab of a pick-up truck and drove out.. our journey funneled us down from vast city grid to six-lane suburban freeway to two-lane country asphalt to narrow lumber spur.. slopes steepened, valleys dove down, and the sky broke bright blue above [ it was a gorgeous day... ] [ Part II ] [ III ] [ IV ] [ V ] [ VI ]

Sneak preview of Nov. 20th 'social exorcism'
From the open publishing newswire: I had the honor on Thursday morning of attending a service performed by the pastors who have organized the "social exorcism" that will be taking place next Wednesday, the 20th, at 11:00 a.m., in Terry Schrunk Plaza. The event will be a public service of prayer for deliverance and healing of the executive branch of the U.S. government, followed by a ceremonial cleansing of the federal building. All persons are invited to support this spiritual witness through their prayers, presence, and participation, regardless of their beliefs (or lack thereof).

The service I joined was a dress-rehearsal of sorts for the 20th. The pastors performed all the parts that will be happening then, both as practice, and for themselves at that moment. There were songs, prayers, readings, and a meditation, ending with the sacrament of the eucharist (which will be left out in the public service). An Oregonian reporter had also been invited, but he did not show up. There were two of us there to experience it for portland indymedia, and we were the only outsiders; that was a big honor and I thank Pastor Gabrielle Chavez of Christ the Healer UCC for inviting us.

I could describe the ceremony blow-by-blow but I wouldn't be able to give you a full sense of what it was like. As a religious ceremony, much of the power was in the mood and feeling that was created among the participants; that is, it was tangible, but not in a way that is easily objectified into language, especially the language of our current culture, which lacks a commonly understood and meaningful vocabulary for such things. The modern consciousness is entrenched in literal interpretations of reality; metaphorical comprehension is discouraged as it is centered on meaning rather than measurement. Capitalism thrives in this cold environment -- indeed, would fail in a warmer one. I cannot stress too much this connection I see between the profit motive and so-called scientific reasoning. Subjective vision finds breathing life in trees while an objective one identifies lumber.
[ Read More... ]

[ Interview with Pastor Gabrielle Chavez about Nov. 20 'social exorcism' | Press release | Event announcement ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 14.11.2002 17:28
Activists take to the bridge to spread word about Nov. 17 Peace Rally
From the open publishing newswire: I was bikin' in to downtown this morning and found a lovely trio of peace activists spreadin' the word about the PEACE RALLY ON SUNDAY at 1:00 in Pioneer Square. The organizers have been doing a great job of getting the word out about this event, and I really hope it's well attended. Now that the radicals have declared an unpermitted march to start in the North Park Blocks at 12:30 and meet up with the others, there's something for everyone on Sunday. I'll be out of town that day, so I'm hoping to log on to indymedia and find out what happens, so please post your pics and stories, y'all!
[ Photo & story ]

Peace Signs Form Feeder March
The Fabulous Walking Peace Signs have announce that they will conduct their own feeder march into the Rally the Sunday in Pioneer Square. A spokes-sign from the radical leaderless autonomous collective of walking peace signs announced via a chalked message infront of the Federal Building that they will form their own feeder march into the Peace and Justice Rally this Sunday. Rejecting the use of the word 'march', the spokes-sign insisted that they will 'trundle' from an as yet undisclosed location. Supporters are encouraged to scan the sidewalks for further communications from the collective.
[ Original communiqué ]

[ More peace/anti-war events at the portland indymedia STOP WAR page ]

Homeland Security passes House; Portland police whip into action
From the open publishing newswire: Got a call that a fellow activist's house was surrounded by the cops this afternoon and went to check it out with a passel of friends/indy folks. We got to the SE Portland home and found six cruisers and about 10 uniforms there. Our friend was inside with the door shut. We'd heard from our phantom caller that the cops wanted to see if someone in the house was someone they are looking for. We talked to Sgt. Anderson, #24003, who was "in charge" at the scene to see what he would tell us.
[ Read More... ]

PLUG IN! 14.11.2002 15:53
Happenings and Callouts
Activists wanted to help Progressive Portal
During the past few months we've been swamped with a variety of critical needs: 1) Defending against a huge, sustained "cyber-attack" against us 2) Operating several projects related to the threat of war against Iraq... 3) Work on the November elections and aftermath ... Now, we are facing some new challenges, and [ would like your help. ]

A chance to hear Infernal Noise Brigade
... without getting pepper-sprayed or arrested! Infernal Noise Brigade and Tchkung! will be appearing in Portland and Eugene this Friday and Saturday. Friday, November 15th at Plan B (aka The Medicine Hat Gallery), 1834 N.E.Alberta, Portland. This is a 21 and over show, $9 at the door. Saturday, November 16th in Eugene at the WOW Hall, 291 W.8th. This is an all ages early show, $8-10. [ The Skinny ]

On the Ground in Palestine - Presentation About Occupied Palestine - Update
On November 21, 2002 at 7:00pm, Portlanders will have the rare opportunity to hear from an outstanding individual who has witnessed first hand on a continuing basis the suffering of Palestinian children and families in the territories occupied by Israel. Joining him will be a delegation from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions speaking on how the Occupation has affected employment and working conditions for Palestinians. [ Learn more ]

On N30 1999 we shut down the WTO. On N30 2002 we will recapture the spirit of resistance and all the creativity, enthusiasm, and intensity of that time. The Bush administration is preparing to escalate its war on the world by attacking Iraq yet again. This agenda means war - war on the poor, and war on the world. And in 2002 we're confronted with new offensives against peace, democracy, and our very lives. To fight global injustice, we must fight it here at home. Join us! N30 2002 will climax a week of creative, disruptive resistance. What will you be doing the [ week of N30 ]

Peace Church Challenge
Now is the time to terminate war and military aggression and only the Christian church can do it as our obligation to the founder of our religion, Jesus of Nazareth, Messiah of Israel and the Son of the Living God. Only the Christian Church can terminate war by raising the voice of its ministers and priests in the pulpit of their respective congregations. Devastation caused by war will end only when ministers and priests refuse military-age members of their respective congregations to enlist. But it will not be easy because it may provoke persecution, just as early Christians suffered rather than capitulating to Caesar. [ Details ]

Why no stories about communities of color?!
PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE! Post some stories about how the Bush Junta's policies are affecting [communities of color]! They are the ones that are going to have to bare the brunt of the loss of civil liberties. If you know of any activist groups in town that deal primarily with communities of color, let them know about Indymedia and let them know that if they post something original or if they simply post a press release to the newswire it will probably be the easiest way to reach several thousand people a DAY!! [ Full Story ]

Anti-GE protest at Woodstock Safeway
SATURDAY the 16th of November
11am to 1pm
4515 SE Woodstock
Come tell Safeway to get Genetically Engineered ingredients out of their product line! [ Full Story ]

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