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ANIMAL RESEARCH 22.11.2002 01:09
OHSU Primate Center Expanding - Letters Needed!
From the open publishing newswire:
URGENT REQUEST FOR LETTERS! On Nov 1. the Oregonian reported on OHSU's plan to expand their primate research in, "Primate Center files building plans." The full text can be viewed online at: www.boycottohsu.com/bldg.html. The new facility would house 900 rhesus monkeys and although the article is full of public relations rhetoric about social housing, it ultimately it means adding at least another 450 rhesus macaques to the 3,100 monkeys already incarcerated at the center.

The article states, "Most research in the new building will consist of behavioral studies, observing monkeys to see which have anxiety and depression and how that relates to human mental health." This will be more of the same junk science wasting precious resources in the same vein as experiments being conducted by OHSU primate researcher Judy Cameron. In previous studies, Cameron has sewn a heart monitor and transmitter under the backs of juvenile rhesus macaques to later release them into outdoor enclosures to scare them and watch their heart rate go up. This, Cameron purports, is to help kids with anxiety and depression. [ The Sordid Story ] [ www.boycottohsu.com ]

LABOR 22.11.2002 00:56
Report Back: Wal*Mart Action In Talent, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: Working families are standing up to Wal-Mart, demanding the mega-company pay workers a living wage, provide affordable health care for workers, stop illegal interference with workers' freedom to form a union, respect communities, respect workers, end discrimination and respect the environment. Counting three SOU students who handed out flyers earlier in the morning because they had to get back to class--our total was 20 and that included (besides students) several community organizations (Oregon Action & PeaceHouse), a couple of unions (SEIU, UFCW) and several children too. A great cross section of America--we were! [ Full Screen & Technicolor! ]

Another Report - with Audio!

Before marching, three people spoke, enumerating the grievances which have necessitated the protest, and what changes they are demanding to see in the management of Wal-Mart. The first to speak was Jeff MacDonald, grievance supervisor for UFCW, local 55. He laid out some startling statistics about Wal-Mart employment, like, 2/3 of the workers, about 700,000 people of 1.2 million workers, can't afford Wal-Mart Health Insurance because employee costs amount to about $192 every two weeks. The Walton family is worth about $102 billion. "Now is the time to tell Wal-Mart that if you want to be Americas store, provide for Americas workers, for Americas communities, for Americas families." [ Details ]

[ Audio ] [ Union Voice ] [ Demo at pdx walmart ] [ Yahoo News Story ]

OTRA AMERICA ES POSIBLE 21.11.2002 15:49
Sustainable Planet Party / Fiesta de la Planeta Sustenible
From the open publishing newswire: Sustainable Planet Party/ Vegan-Vegetarian Potluck November 28, 3:00-7:00pm at Laughing Horse Books (36th & Division): A potluck to celebrate all of earth's inhabitants and sustainable living!!! There will be spoken word, poetry, music, and videos to celebrate sustainable lifestyles at Laughing Horse Books on 36 + Division. The party starts at 3:00pm and may end around 7:00pm. This party happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day (November 28), a rascist holiday that celebrates the genocide of indegenous peoples and poor populaces within the United States...
[ Read More... ]

(En español) ¡Un potluck (un fiesta en el cual la mayoría de la gente trae un poco de alimento a la parte) para celebrar toda la habitantes y vida sostenible de la tierra!!! Habrá palabra, poesía, música, y videos hablados para celebrar formas de vida sostenibles en los libros del caballo que ríen en 36 y División st. El fiesta comienza en los 3:00pm y puede terminar los alrededor 7:00pm. Este fiesta va suceder en el día de Thanksgiving (el 28 de noviembre), un día de fiesta del rascist que celebre el genocide de la gente indegenous y de populachos pobres dentro de los Estados Unidos...
[ Lee Mas... ]

INALIENABLE RIGHTS 21.11.2002 11:46
Charges dropped against Indy Reporter - Camera and belongings still kidnapped
From the open publishing newswire: Went to the arraignment yesterday and learned that the bogus charges are dropped. The uniformed and armed thugs who kidnapped me on Oct 26th at a street action, also stole my camera, video tapes, backpack and other stuff.

After being forcibly held for 6 hours, I was released that day but the belongings were held captive. The thieves and kidnappers still have the camera, tapes and other belongings held against their will. There are ongoing legal efforts to have them released.

The more I've seen of this institution that is supposed to represent fairness and justice, the more clear it is that it does not and has no interest to do so. There may be some individual officers who are decent people, but the institution itself is a big malignant bureaucratic machine that threatens the principles that it allegedly stands for. Such vast and essentially unchecked power has become a grave threat to the forward progress of human culture and individual creative expression. [ Newswire article ]

[ previous story (Oct. 26): Cops grab IMC reporter ]

LABOR 21.11.2002 10:39
National Wal-Mart Day of Action, November 21st! 3-5pm
From the open publishing newswire: Wal-Mart is waging war on workers -- and the first casualty is the American standard of living. We urge you to join the United Food and Commercial Workers and the AFL-CIO in launching the Peoples Campaign-Justice @ Wal-Mart. Participate in the National Day of Action on November 21, as a first step in building the grassroots movement that will transform Wal-Mart into a responsible employer and corporate citizen. Events are being held all over the country - don't miss it! In Portland, come on down to Wal-Mart at 4200 SE 82nd on Thursday, Nov. 21st from 3-5 PM for a rally. In Eugene, go to the Wal-Mart at 4550 W. 11th. Visit http://www.walmartdayofaction.com/ for more details and organizer contact info. [ Full Story ] [ Southern Oregon actions ]

Wal*Mart's history of locating their stores on native American sacred lands:
[ http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/6181/release.html ] [ http://www.dickshovel.com/wal2.html ] [ http://www.yvwiiusdinvnohii.net/News2001/0102/AIMNFO010212Morgantown.htm ] [ http://mytwobeadsworth.com/WAJR.html ] [ http://www.ibsgwatch.imagedjinn.com/sites/morgantown.htm ] [ http://bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu/pipermail/nn-dialogue/2001-March/000028.html ] [ http://lightning.prohosting.com/~receipts/antiwalmart.shtml ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 21.11.2002 10:34
Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy

From the open publishing newswire: CASCADIA FOREST REVUE: A night of entertainment and education. Speaker and Slideshows from Mazama Forest Defense, Cascadia Forest Alliance. There will also be a short video. Music by: Mookie Wilson and Restless & Uneasy. Thursday November 21st 7:30pm 3-500 dollars, no one turned away for lack of funds. [ Full Story ]

PALESTINE 21.11.2002 10:19
TONIGHT! at PSU: George Rismawi "On the Ground in Palestine" - 7 PM
Addressing the Human Devastation Caused by the Israeli Occupation
Portland State University, Ballroom of Smith Hall
Thursday, November 21, 2002 : 7-9 p.m.

From the open publishing newswire: On November 21, 2002 at 7:00pm, Portlanders will have the rare opportunity to hear from an outstanding individual who has witnessed first hand on a continuing basis the suffering of Palestinian children and families in the territories occupied by Israel. Joining him will be a delegation from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions speaking on how the Occupation has affected employment and working conditions for Palestinians. [ Full Story ] [ International Solidarity Movement ]

ANTI-WAR PROTEST 20.11.2002 23:21
Youth Protest in NYC today
From the open publishing newswire: Today, November 20th was the Not In Our Name National Student/Youth Day of Action Against The War. Here at 'Ground Zero' thousands of New York City high school and college students gathered in solidarity to say "NO, NOT IN OUR NAME" to the war on Iraq. Over 2,000 strong the youth took the entire street of Broadway. We did this in the face of threats from administration, campus security that tried to block them at the doors, talk of suspension, and all kinds of other wack shit. We rallied at Union Square, till our numbers swelled so much we just HAD to take it to the streets. The cops said we could have University Place--but as we all shouted out together as we did it: "We're taking fucking Broadway!!!" And then we did! As one of the MC's said, "We took Union Square without a permit. We marched down fucking Broadway without a permit. We permitted ourselves to take history into our own hands!" MAAAAD students and youth on the busiest street in downtown! To anyone who thought we would keep our mouths shut, sit in class and let this war be waged in our names, to all those who said it couldn't be done... This is what we have to say to you! This war is not going to happen in our names! The detentions and round-ups of our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters is not going to happen in our names! This war on the world and the shredding of civil liberties is not going to happen in our names! In fact, we are going to prevent it from happening at all!!! And this is the just the beginning. [ Full Story ] [ NYC IMC ] [ www.notinourname.net ]

PEACE/ANTI WAR 20.11.2002 17:53
U of O Students Occupy Admininistration Building
From the open publishing newswire: Hundreds of University of Oregon students rallied for peace in Eugene under cold foggy conditions. Warmed by music, speakers and their anger at the great fraud being perpetrated by the powers that be, the protesters debated, shamed, and drowned out the 5-10 Bush supporters that put in a quixotic appearance. Asked by one of the speakers, who was a veteran, if any of the Bush suppoorters had served their country, none replied...
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 20.11.2002 14:42
Local clergy perform 'social exorcism' at Federal Building
From the open publishing newswire: Clergy from a number of local pro-peace Christian organizations gathered at Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland today to conduct a rite of social exorcism directed toward the Executive Branch of the US Government. Local pastors and reverends from Christ the Healer UCC, Lake Oswego UCC, Metanoia Peace Community, Reedwood Friends Church, Milwaukie Presbyterian Church, and Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministries at P.S.U. were among those participants listed on the program guide.

The event, which began with a call for "radical change in the spiritual condition of our federal government," was attended by 30 or more members of the public. The "Prayer of Deliverance" included reference to the deluded Executive Branch in the following terms: "War, greed, mass consumption, destruction of life and the excuse that 'I'm just doing my job' are all symptoms of a deeper deception influenced by these deadened spirits." Clergy members recited a number of short prayers for an end to separation, ignorance, self-righteousness, greed, fear, and arrogance, with participants responding to each with the word "Amen."
[ Read More... ]

Press, Clergy Defend Civil Liberties from Federal Officers
From the open publishing newswire: Security guards from Wachenhut Corp. and Federal Protective Services officers attempted to keep this Indymedia reporter from exercising the right of the free press today while I was covering the Rite of Social Exorcism service held by members of the community of faith.

While taking pictures of the this public event a security guard from the Wachenhut Corp. demanded that I stop taking pictures.I stated my rights as a member of the press but the guard persisted. I then demanded that the guard state the regulation that covers media photography. He then called a General Services Administration Federal Protective Services officer by the name of Oscar H. Johnson Jr.(#725). Officer Johnson told me that since we "are at war" that these sort of measures are necessary. I told officer Johnson that I wasn't interested in vague references to "war" and "terrorism" and that that sort of reactionary attitude was ripe for abuse.
[ Read More... ]

THE FASCIST STATE 20.11.2002 14:30
Legislation threatens to reinstate military draft
From the open publishing newswire: It is estimated that the bush machine needs 250,000 ground soldiers to make his war work in Irag alone. There are two stratgies working in the corporate war world. Impoverish people so much they will want to sign up to work for the war machine or draft em. Please be alert! Read on and follow it closely. You can track this legislation by going to the Thomas Register website and putting in HR 3598 or HR 4546

The same people who brought you the Homeland security bill untill last week have a bill in committee to bring back the draft (HR 3598). This legislation details the building of a miltary machine with YOUR blood or the blood of your children. This legislation is in committee. Watchers of the miltary draft such as the Quakers and the Maine Draft and miltrary counselors believe this legislation will move out of committee the first part of 2003 or be added to already existing legislation.
[ Read More... ]

No Fear: A Manifesto

A new form of tyranny is taking hold of our lives.
People have installed themselves in positions of power over us,
people who intend to rule us through fear.
They intend to use incidents both real and contrived,
both explicit and inferred,
to frighten us into submission and hiding.
If we do not act now, together, and in the open,
we will soon be alone,
secreting ourselves away, prisoners of our own fear.

Corrections to an April 2000 speech by George W. Bush
From the open publishing newswire: I am proud to lead our party. And I am confident we will win. [AND EVEN IF WE DON'T, I WILL STILL LIVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.]

We will win because our philosophy is conservative and compassionate and full of hope for every American. We will win because our philosophy is based on the core principles of limited government, local control, strong families and individual responsibility. {CORRECTION: I WILL CREATE THE LARGEST ADDITION TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IN OVER 50 YEARS BY CREATING AN ENTIRELY NEW AND UNNECESSARY DEPARTMENT CALLED HOMELAND SECURITY. I WILL GIVE ONE OF MY DADDY'S FRIENDS, MR. POINDEXTER, HEH HEH, THE JOB OF TRACKING EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN.]
[ Read More... ]

THE RISE OF FASCISM 20.11.2002 00:03
Homeland Security passes Senate; Democrats sell country down the river despite being in lame-duck session
From the open publishing newswire: On November 19, the U.S. Senate passed the Homeland Security Act (H.R.5005) 90 to 9 with the understanding that next year both houses will take up 3 minor provisions of the bill that Democrats have objected to as being pork-barrel. The Democrats did *not* challlenge the provision for the Orwellian Information Awareness Office -- which conservative columnist Bill Safire lashed out at as a gross violation of civil liberties -- or the rest of this piece of fascism. The bill is a terrifying assault on basic civil liberties which guts the Freedom of Information Act and establishes a surveillance system that draws from public and private sources to create files on every citizen possible.

Apparently, Oregon's Wyden and Smith both voted for the bill. This was a lameduck session of Congress, meaning that the newly elected Senators who make a Republican majority have not joined it yet. So the make-up of the chamber in this circumstance is 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats, and 1 Independent (Jeffords, of Vermont), who often votes with the Democrats. In other words, the Democrats could have voted this bill down with nothing to lose. Are the Democrats completely spineless wimps, or do they just not care about the freedom and rights of U.S. citizens?
[ Read More... ]

[ Homeland Security Bill, House version (PDF format, over 300 pages long) | H.R.5005 (at senate.gov) | The Homeland Security Monstrosity (speech by Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX) | Sleep Safe America (artwork at DC IMC) | House Pases Orwellian Homeland Security Bill (global Indymedia feature story, with lengthy, informative discussion) | Total Information Awareness Resource Center (independent website) | Big Brother is HERE! And he's too stupid to choose a less sinister-looking logo ]

CREATIVE RESISTANCE 19.11.2002 18:13
West Marin women strip for peace

From the open publishing newswire: MAKING THEIR BODIES FIGURES OF SPEECH - West Marin women are serious enough about PEACE to spell it out. Wearing nothing but afternoon rain, 50 determined women lay down on Love Field near the Green Bridge Tuesday afternoon to literally embody PEACE and "show solidarity with the people of Iraq," said the organizers. "Women from all ages and walks of life took off their clothes, not because they are exhibitionists but because they felt it was imperative to do so," the organizers added. "They wanted to unveil the truth about the horrors of war, to commune in their nudity with the vulnerability of Iraqi innocents, and to shock a seemingly indifferent Bush Administration into paying attention."
[ Read More... ]

GET UP, GET OUT, DO SOMETHING 19.11.2002 17:48
Upcoming events round-up
Independent Publishing Resource Center workshops
Long Stitch Bookbinding, Copyright Basics, Letterpress Printing and more...

Eugene Student solidarity against war with Iraq
On the University of Oregon campus, Wednesday, November 20th at noon, there will be a peace rally with bands, speakers, etc., as part of the nation-wide November 20th protests. [ Details ]

Public Talk by Zen priest/Vietnam veteran
The Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship is hosting a talk by the globe-walking, peace-talking Zen priest, Vietnam vet and activist, Claude AnShin Thomas. 7 pm, Wednesday, November 20. [ Details ]

Road Rip Extravaganza
This is a short 5 minute piece on the potential problems of new roads built in our National Forests in order to access timber. The file is extracted from the recent Bark Field Trip to West Fivemile Timber Sale in the Barlow Ranger District. While on the hike, Nathalie Shapiro, of the Groundtruthing organization, Bark, speaks briefly about some of these problems and about the upcoming Road Rip Extravaganza being held at 6:30 pm on December 5. [ Details ]

ACTIVIST SUPPORT 19.11.2002 16:55
Actvist Mary Bull in SF Jail on Felony Charges and Needs Support!
From the open publishing newswire: International Activist Mary Bull is being held on felony charges in SF for pouring fake blood at Chevron lockdown action.

taken from an email from Starhawk : "Mary Bull, indefatigable Boycott the Gap organizer and Pagan cluster member, was arrested this morning at Chevron in the course of our GREAT action against the war in Iraq, in which a river of blood (cornstarch, food coloring and water) was spilled across the ground in front of the entrance to the plaza. She is currently charged with felony vandalism. (People are being asked) to call the San Francisco District Attorney's office, Terence Hallinan, at 415-553-1741 and urge him to have the charges dropped. Please remember, when calling, that Hallinan is generally very supportive of activists and civil disobedience, so there's no need to take an antagonistic tone. " Otherwise, protesters succeeded in blockading both Chevron and Diane Feinstein's office. About thirty people were arrested altogether. The others were charged with trespassing, cited and released. [ Full Story ] [ SF IMC story ]

FREE BREAD SE Portland Call: 503-241-4879
From the open publishing newswire: FREE BREAD SE Portland Call: 503-241-4879 have as much as you can carry away this offer good while supplies last [ FREE BREAD! ]

Action needed for Damascus dogs- Nov. 19, 02
From the open publishing newswire: Many of you may have read Steve Mayes' disturbing article in the Oregonian last Tuesday, (Nov. 12) County raids site, seizes 3 puppies, finds six carcasses. Around 50 feral dogs, four of them whelping females and many showing signs of disease or neglect, are being kept in squalor conditions on this rural property Southeast of Damascus. Thus far, County officials seem uninterested in pressing for criminal charges even though there appears to be evidence that would support a case. Instead, Walter Cate, the interim dog control manager for Clackamas County, told me that they had a meeting with the Engelson sisters and their attorney and are working out an agreement to "bring them into compliance." The sisters have at least a fifteen year history of non-compliance including every provision of their conditional use permit...

IDA has filed a complaint with the Clackamas Co. Department of Transportation and Development which should start an investigation into the Engelson's land use agreement. There is no time to wait because the Engelson's attorney will be presenting a draft of the agreement as early as Wed or Thurs of this week! Please pick up the phone and call right now! Then, please, follow up your calls with POLITE letters and emails to the same county officials.

Comments you may want to include:
  • Finding 6 dead dogs is a serious matter and the county should prosecute; not make deals.
  • The Engelsons have had many chances to comply with their conditional use permit and you want to see an investigation started immediately to have their permit revoked.
  • The results of the dog necropsies should not be hidden from the public.
Clackamas County Animal Control
Walter Cate interim dog control manager
phone: 503-655-8629
[ Full Story and Contact Info ]

MOVEMENT POLITICS 19.11.2002 02:27
Analyses of the Nov. 17 peace / anti-war rally
Liberals are part of the problem
From the open publishing newswire: The Peaceniks are pathological. In various comments regarding the youth who was arrested, they are calling what the kid did violent and supporting the police actions, meanwhile they got in their cars and drove merrily away. Driving a car is arguably violent, standing on the bumper of a cop car for like 1-2 seconds is not. Paying taxes which support the war machine is supporting real violence, not the street violence that the peaceniks are so afraid of which is really just exuberant expression of dissent. The extent to which peaceniks will go to keep everyone repressed and controlled is exemplified well here. The young man, who had been dancing and laughing stands on a bumper, harms nothing and is violently hauled away and the peaceniks will blame him. This is a pathological state of insanity.
[ Read More... ]

Community Action and Liberal Illusions
Imagine if a thousand people had surrounded the cops who were assaulting the young man at the peace march and steadfastly said, you cannot arrest him. Such a show of peaceful solidarity would have resulted in his release. Then if the people who stood for him thought his behavior was incorrect, they could have discussed it, and educated him. That would be an example of a community taking care of itself, of a true democratic action. This would be an example of putting peaceful living into action.
[ Read More... ]

Holding up a mirror
On the milder side I am embarrassed, on the darker edge, heartbroken. Folks, read your own wounding divisive rhetoric. I find it ironic that [a poster] says no one walks their talk. This hurtful polarization throughout the articles on the peace march defiles what might have been peaceful actions. Peace begins with me. Peace begins with you. How are these stabbing arrows peaceful? ...I will not talk your talk, or walk it.
[ Read More... ]

On Useless Marches.....
Unless you are going to challenge the system that creates war. Stay home. You marched 10 years ago to stop a war and the Bush Cabal ignored you. You NEVER opened your mouth or took to the streets when the Clinton Cabal murdered 500,000+ Iraqis and now you are marching in the streets again, and again you will be ignored.

Why? Because YOU are marching to make sure you don't have to suffer as a result of war. You march because you know the Iraqi people are tired of starving and killing them to secure your oil rights might take more than a bombing campaign. You will be ignored because you aren't willing to give up your lifestyle of decadent consumption, "P.C." racism and privilege for REAL FREEDOM. You will be ignored because all of these things are birthed by greed and greed will never have the power of the voice of change.
[ Read More... ]

Real Solidarity... ... ... ..What did I mean by that? And WALK YOUR TALK?... ... .oh my!!! So many interpretations by people who read what they wanted to hear, based on fear, violence and fear of change. The basic reason for the article was to inform the mass of people what happened: that a boy was arrested for acting out, letting his passion and hormones control his reason. He was not acting out of violence and destruction or control, like the police who took him away were. Realize that that boy WAS PART OF YOU, part of your supposed community against the war. He is a high school student belonging to an organization whose goal is peaceful protest and change. He got carried away though in his youthful exuberance, then literally cut off from "your body" and taken away.
[ Read More... ]

Solidarity is not Stupidarity
It is good that there were two marches. But participants should understand some basic principles. (And most do.) - 1- The greater the danger in an action, the greater the discipline is required for success. - 2 - Do no subvert the decisions and commitment of the GROUP, once the action has begun. - 3 - Don't expect support for improvisations without thought. - 4 - Honor the dedication of others to do the right thing together, even if you disagree with their methods.
[ Read More... ]

Tales from the singing bowl...
Hello, to all the peace pilgrims who were in the rivier of 5000 on Sunday. You might have seen me or may not have any idea who I am. I was the young man with the singing bowl( 1 of 2 in the crowd..me and my girlfriend.) I am writing this in response to a few of the comments that have stirred me up a bit. First off let me say that I thought that sunday was a beautiful event, and was very impressed with the number of people who attended, its good to see that peace has the voice of the majority. I also would like to state that Like everyone else who has written a report for indymedia here that I do feel that there was division among us.
[ Read More... ]

N17 was a farce of morality
"Peaceseekers" who refuse to redress their society's mass greed and wantonness are the Pontius Pilates of Today, seeking to absolve their own guilt of a crime that they are perpetuating. Simplistic blame on cops, Bush, and other arms of the people ignore the causal relationship of bourgeois participation in capitalism and oppression. We must all stop oppression!
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 18.11.2002 23:28
More reporting from the Nov. 17 event
Pics From The Radical Feeder March
definition of "feeder march": when people gather in one place and march to join a larger gathering in another place. a way for people who choose different tactics to participate in the same event.
from the definition for "radical" in the merriam-webster dictionary: 3 a : marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional : EXTREME
[ pics from the radical feeder march ]

How many people were *really* at Nov. 17 rally? About 5000.
There have been a wide range of crowd estimates at yesterday's peace rally downtown. The police and corporate media reported ~2000, which is clearly a purposeful underestimate, meant to discount the number of people opposed to war in Iraq. One indymedia activist counted 4800. Organizers claimed 10-13,000. One commenter on this site made the ridiculous assertion of 20,000, which has no basis in reality. I did a rough estimate...
[ Read More... ]

pretty pictures from the nov. 17 rally!
there was a diversity of groups and signs at the nov. 17 rally. was there a disparity of messages as well? it felt like it. was everyone there for the same thing? no, i don't think so, which makes the whole discussion of how many people were there irrelevant. a split in the crowd was clear shortly after the march started, down by the world trade center buildings, when the young man was being whomped on by the cops. despite pleas with the march organizers to stop and make sure he was okay, the march went on. pleas to the crowd itself led to a small number of people peeling off to see what was going on. most folks, though, just kept going.
[ Read More... ]

Love in the Justice Center: Reflections on Nov. 17 Jail Solidarity March
Shortly after the crowd returned to Pioneer Square, some of the people who were friends with the young man who was violently attacked by the police organized a solidarity march to the jail to demand his release. I was still very angry at the lack of support given to him by the rally organizers (who refused to slow down or stop the parade to check on his safety) so I offered to try to make an announcement from the stage about the jail solidarity march.
[ Read More... ]

Sunday's Peace Rally through the eyes of Morgan Likely
Went downtown for the anti-war/peace rally yesterday afternoon and met up with Cory and Stacie. The whole scene reminded me that yes indeed, there is comfort in conformity, security in control, a thrill in domination, and that all of us are secretly attracted to violence and that the greatest narcotic in the world is the sense of belonging. Note to self - it is not what or whom you are reading but what you take away from the literary experience that counts. Lasn's Culture Jam is giving me a whole new list of Situationist works to track down and consume with thine own greedy eyes and the other day I also found myself fondling a literary erection while at the same time salivating over the collected works of Chomsky. So money choices, yet so much money - if it weren't for the fact that it was Powell's books (locally owned and operated) I would have no qualms as far as thievery is concerned. Anyway, back to yesterdays protest.
[ Read More... ]

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