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HOMELAND SECURITY ACT 26.11.2002 20:28
If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention
I am still in complete shock and disbelief at the passage of the Homeland Security Act on Tuesday November 19th, 2002 with only 9 senators (8 democrats and 1 independent) voting against it. After only 30 hours of debate the Senate overwhelmingly passed the most significant piece of legislation in the past 50 years. A 475 page document that probably none of them had read entirely.

Oddly, it's been conservative republicans that have had the loudest voices opposing the bill. William Saffire (a right wing columnist) and Ron Paul (a republican congressman from Texas) both wrote pieces talking about the danger of this legislation.

Some excerpts from Paul: The list of dangerous and unconstitutional powers granted to the new Homeland Security department is lengthy. Warrantless searches, forced vaccinations of whole communities, federal neighborhood snitch programs, federal information databases, and a sinister new "Information Awareness Office" at the Pentagon that uses military intelligence to spy on domestic citizens are just a few of the troubling aspects of the new legislation.

As for Total Information Awareness... well don't rely on anyone else's opinion. Check out their web pages where the accompanying images are from. Yes, these images are not a joke nor a parody, they are straight from the military website: http://www.darpa.mil/iao/ http://www.darpa.mil/iao/TIASystems.htm For anyone that doesn't know Latin, I'm told that their motto "Scientia Est Potentia" means "Knowledge Is Power." One item I find interesting, not only are they collecting financial, education, travel, and medical records, but the fifth item listed is veterinary. So, I guess the government plans on using the records of someone's veterinary visits to determine whether or not they are a terrorist... Another columnist, William Rivers Pitt [states the Homeland Security legislation]:
  • Eliminate[s] vital aspects of the Freedom of Information Act, allowing the government and private corporate contractors to operate completely in secret and beyond citizen oversight; [ bush attorneys ask court to seal MMR vaccine records ]
  • Redefines the term 'Terrorism.
  • Deletes any possibility of an effective independent investigation into what went wrong on September 11th, thanks to the aforementioned FOIA restrictions."
[ Full Analysis ] [ House Roll Call ] [ Senate Roll Call ] [ Homeland Security Act - Full Text (PDF) - 870K ]

VIOLENCE, MEDIA 26.11.2002 19:25
Posting On Indymedia Newswire Leads To Capture Of Police Murder Suspect
From the global Indymedia website, as posted to the open publishing newswire: In a situation that is still unfolding, Andrew Hampton McCrae has reportedly been arrested in New Hampshire for the murder of Red Bluff, California, police officer David Mobilio. Police were led to McCrae after someone used that name to publish an article to the San Francisco IMC newswire claiming responsibility for the murder. The "open publishing" Indymedia newswires allow for anonymous contributions, so the identity of the author cannot be confirmed. The author explained that the murder was in protest of police brutality and corporate impugnity. While some believe the article is a set-up, a local newspaper in Concord, NH, reports that McRae offered the same explanation shortly before his arrest.

There is a long tradition of criminals using mass media to get a message out. But the fact that this was such a brutal murder, and that the confession depicts the crime as anti-corporate, mixed with the anti-corporate stance of Indymedia and its emphasis on empowering people to become the media raises concerns that the line will be blurred in this case. This only serves to distract from corporate media's complicity in murders and violence committed for the benefit of corporations.

David Mobilio was shot once in the head on November 19 while he was refueling his police cruiser. Mobilio, 31, was remembered today by his family and thousands of mourners in the small California town. He was the first Red Bluff police officer killed in the line of duty. [ Newswire post ]

[ Discuss this feature | original McCrae post at SF Bay Indymedia ]

Security and the Portland IMC
A look at the inevitable increase in investigation of Indymedia as a result of Andy McCrae's murder of a presumably innocent cop. Also, an appeal to Indymedia readers to remain committed to positive revolution while rejecting oppression and violence as means to peace. [ Full story ]

FBI attempts to discourage activism?
What better way to discourage mass participation then some yahoo trumpeting a police murder as a form of "protest" then attempt to find sympathetic ears at the forum run by some of corporates most enraged critics. Sort of reminds one of the goading that Patrice Lacomb got (one of the six people picked up on the alleged involvement in "terrorism" - remember we still have juries and trials at least for now) from the informant working undercover for the FBI who promised to find guns and means to fight the US troops in Afghanistan. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. [ Read more... ]

related story: [ The whole "corporate/murder" think stinks of COINTELLPRO ]

[ McCrae post on portland indymedia: "Proud and Insolent Youth Incorporated" | Reactions to the featuring of this post: Corporate Action"? | IMC poster claims cop killing ]

LABOR 26.11.2002 17:43
what happened with the transerv strike?
i was present the final day of the strike... at about 2p, the lawyer friend arrived. he had a typed statement offering an unconditional return to work. all bike messengers present signed the letter and marched up to the offices to submit. the boss received the letter and ... [ Full Story ]

BACKGROUND: [ Picket line for Bike workers / Thu Oct 17 '02 ] [ Transerv (Bike Delivery) Workers on Stirke / Thu Oct 17 '02 ] [ rally to support IWW bike messegers / Fri Oct 18 '02 ] [ Support Striking Bike Messengers / Mon Oct 21 '02 ] [ Transserv Strike Still On! Come down and show support / Mon Oct 21 '02 ] [ Photos from today's bike messenger picket line / Tue Oct 22 '02 ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 26.11.2002 09:53
Eugene becomes 15th city nationwide to pass a resolution opposing the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act
From the open publishing newswire: Nearly 300 people filled City Hall to overflowing Monday, November 25 to urge the Eugene City Council to pass a resolution opposing the UPA and recent Executive Orders which violate our Constitutional guarantees.

As they waited outside in the cold for Chamber doors to be opened, the crowd chanted, "Dissent is Patriotic! This is What Democracy Looks Like!" In order to accommodate the 50 residents who had signed up to speak, the Council extended the usual 30 minute public forum to 45 minutes, but cut the time each person could speak from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

Speakers scrambled to cut a minute from their written testimony. A range of 22 speakers from young to old, from Arab-American, Japanese-American, Latino-American to European-American, from a range of income levels, and from all over the city, spoke from their hearts about the effects of the UPA on themselves, their neighbors and friends. [ Read more ]

[ Original post: Eugene City Council Passes Resolution Opposing the USA Patriot Act | Resistance to Patriot Act Rising! ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 26.11.2002 09:50
Bush’s War On Everything; Congressional Corporate Pawns Poised for Ecological Devastation
From the open publishing newswire: This coming winter's winds are sounding a wild waking howl of warnings. A Congress beholden to Bush's corporate industry agenda of profits and ecological devastation sits poised -and apparently willing- to unravel decades of environmental protection and policy laws. In the wake of this country's recent Plutocratic election farce, the previously squabbling factions of Congress have become more homogenous, and Bush's corporate agenda more likely of passage. Threatened are this nation's last remaining ecological treasures, from the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to the last remaining public wildlands of the National Forest and BLM. Similar to Bush's perpetual (and farcical) war "on terror", the administration intends to unleash a similar war on nature itself.

Utilizing everything from fraudulent "reports" of the severity, intensity, and scope (acreage) of this season's fires, to oil industry speculation, hype, and head-in-the-sands-denial alarms of "oil shortages", as well as "war on terror" "necessary" military exemptions from environmental laws; Bush and his Congressional corporate protégés stand ready with a sleight of bills and riders sure to benefit industrial profits "bottom lines' at the expense of ecological integrity. Such Congressional actions threaten yet more extirpations and extinctions of numerous fish and wildlife species—, many whose populations are already in serious decline.

Over the past several years many non-profit ecological advocacy organizations have been increasingly successful at exposing and stopping egregious government projects, from timber sales to military bombing ranges to herbicide and biocide sprayings.
[ Read More... ]

News and Discussion About the Recent Police Shooting
From the open publishing newswire: The man who killed a Police Officer in Red Bluff, CA claims immunity because he was incorporated.

"Hello Everyone, my name's Andy. I killed a Police Officer in Red Bluff, California in a motion to bring attention to, and halt, the police-state tactics that have come to be used throughout our country. Now I'm coming forward, to explain that this killing was also an action against corporate irresponsibility.
[ Read More... ]

"Corporate Action"?
Whether or not the post claiming responsibility for a murder of a cop in California is a hoax, the fact that the Portland IMC put "CORPORATE ACTION" as the top headline of the story is offensive and chilling. Regardless of the politics of the poster, he alleges to have murdered a human being. It is sad that the trite claim of corporate immunity (becoming what you hate, eh?) is sensationalized by the Portland IndyMedia folks, and displays an astounding degree of immaturity on their part that tremendously destroys their credibility as filterers of the newswire.
[ Read More... ]

[ man who claimed cop killing on indymedia website arrested ] [ CA shooting post: FBI attempts to discourage activism? ]

FOURTH AMENDMENT 25.11.2002 19:32
"Maximum Homeland Security: Prison or Paradise?"

From the open publishing newswire: "Well it appears that we have all been sentenced to a life term, without the possibility of parole, to the Maximum Homeland Security Prison of America, Inc. This is in line with America's penchant for no muss, no fuss solutions to sticky situations. You've heard of the three-strike sentencing law? Well this is the no-strike sentencing law. No strikes and you're out. Wow! "

"I don't know about you, but I feel safer already. Those pesky terrorists don't stand a chance now."
[ Read More... ]

More on this story from past features:
Homeland Security passes Senate; Democrats sell country down the river

On November 19, the U.S. Senate passed the Homeland Security Act (H.R.5005) 90 to 9 with the understanding that next year both houses will take up 3 minor provisions of the bill that Democrats have objected to as being pork-barrel. The Democrats did *not* challlenge the provision for the Orwellian Information Awareness Office -- which conservative columnist Bill Safire lashed out at as a gross violation of civil liberties -- or the rest of this piece of fascism. [ Read more ]

The Resistance Creates the John Poindexter Awareness Office

Concerned about the rising threat to American security, the Resistance announced the creation of the John Poindexter Awareness Office (JPAO). The JPAO's charter directs the office to create systems maintaining total awareness of the personal lives, purchases, and activities of employees of DARPA. According to Rebel X, an expert in fascism detection and awareness, "DARPA presents an unprecedented challenge to the security, privacy, and well being of Americans..." When Rebel Y was challenged on the legitimacy of this kind of profiling, he responded, "Yes. It does make us uncomfortable singling out one segment of society, but let's face it, it isn't the Black inner city youth that presents a threat to our privacy and it isn't the Latino immigrant, it's the DARPA employee that presents the greatest risk. DARPA employees should not worry unless, of course, they have something to hide."

Please send your reports to: IAOWatch@aol.com. [ Full Story ]

[ Homeland Security Bill, House version (PDF format, over 300 pages long) | H.R.5005 (at senate.gov) | The Homeland Security Monstrosity (speech by Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX) | Sleep Safe America (artwork at DC IMC) | House Pases Orwellian Homeland Security Bill (global Indymedia feature story, with lengthy, informative discussion) | Total Information Awareness Resource Center (independent website) | Big Brother is HERE! And he's too stupid to choose a less sinister-looking logo ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 25.11.2002 13:40
Call-In Days For California Old Growth
Demand That Governor Davis Keep his Promise to Protect Old-Growth Trees! JULIA `BUTTERFLY' JOINS HUNGER STRIKER ON HER 50th DAY

From Eureka to Santa Clarita, citizens are putting their bodies on the line to attempt to save old-growth trees that would already be safe if Governor Davis had kept his word. In spite of tree sitting to starving on the Capitol steps, these efforts have not halted the loss of the last remnants of unprotected old-growth in California.

Julia `Butterfly' Hill will join in solidarity with Susan Moloney in her hunger strike on the south steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento for the next three days. Moloney, Executive Director of the Campaign for Old Growth, began a hunger strike on October 7th to remind Governor Davis that he has failed to keep his promise to protect California's heritage of old-growth trees. [ Full Story ]

Please call the Governor from Monday to Wednesday this week and tell him that you expect him to save California's heritage of old-growth trees.

Governor Gray Davis
FAX 916/445-4633

SOUL DEATH 25.11.2002 13:34
is something wrong with the person, or is something wrong with the world?
Commentary on the reported suicide of Jordan Roeter and John Hinman. the crux of this story in the Oregonian deals with the ingoring of the "warning signs" of suicide. i think what's more important is *why* anyone--especially someone as sensitive and "aware" as Jordan seemed to be--would want to attempt to kill themselves in the first place, knowing the physical effects of such an act. what are the suicidal really trying to say, if something in addition to "i wish to be dead to this world"? is something wrong with the person, or is something wrong with the world? [ Full Story ]

Permit for Critical Mass?
From the open publishing newswire: Someone applied for a permit for Friday's Critical Mass. The city has approved it, after removing the circle around Pioneer Courthouse Square. Jim Meyer was the applicant. Jim has ridden on but one Critical Mass. Police expect YOU to follow the route or else.

Comments posted to this article:
"Biking Jesus" writes: "I was under the impression that Critical Mass is a leaderless event. Doesn't having a permit and a 'representative' undermine the founding principals?"

"C3PO" writes: "We'll leave our houses (unpermitted), get on our bikes (unpermitted) and then ride (unpermitted) to join the permitted ride...but we ourselves will not be permitted even though we are riding on the permitted march. Even when we're with the permitted riders, we'll be sure to make it known that we don't approve of them and will flaunt their permited ways at them. Then we'll weave off (unpermitted) and weave back in (permitted briefly) and then weave back out and have a grand old time.

"concerned masser" writes: "Since the non permitted ride is liable to get even more police pressure than before. I would advise regrouping at Pioneer Courthouse Square if things get broken up downtown. Avoid riding your bikes in the square, though, as the police will probably be in the mood to arrest folks, and it just isn't safe anyway."
[ Join the discussion ]

LIVING RESPONSIBLY 24.11.2002 23:45
Think that plastic's getting recycled? Think again.
From the open publishing newswire: When consumers see the triangle with the # inside, they assume that when they put that cleaned, de-labeled, sorted plastic container, without it's lid or cap, either in their curb-side recycle or take it to their local Nature's, New Season's, Whole Foods, C0-OP, or School recycle bins that it is going to be recycled. Guess what? That plastic is not getting re-manufactured back into what it was before, it is too expensive to do that, and there is no higher-costing-recycled-container market. Have you ever seen a plastic bottle with a "made with recycled post-consumer plastic" % content bragging rights label on anything? It costs more to take shredded plastic, de-plasticizer it, prepare it to make into new clamshells, bottles, milk jugs, etc. than it does to use "virgin" plastic. Plastic products that are made from recycled materials are only made at higher cost because there has been a market created for those products by the liberals that work so hard recycling their plastic, assuming that it is all getting recycled. How many milk-jug 2X4 "wood" benches, shredded-plastic-insulated jackets, higher-cost blow-in insulation between walls, etc. are really being purchased?

The plastic recycling industry is "market-driven"; which simply means, that if the week your curb-side or business trash collector picks up your recycle they do not have an order for that type of properly-cleaned and sorted plastic it goes right into the local land fill along with everything else you put in the garbage. The most recent figures from Oregon DOE is only 7% of plastic is getting into the recycle stream.
[ Read More... ]

Afro-Colombian Leader to Speak on Tuesday
From the open publishing newswire: Clemencia Carabali Rodallega, is an Afro-Colombian from the department of Cauca on the Pacific Coast. She will give a first hand account of her life and personal struggle in a country torn by war and the devastating consequences for civilians. Clemencia Carabali is the founding member of the Municipal Women's Association (ASOM) which works in collaboration with the Process for Black Communities (PCN). Founded in 1993 by a group of Colombians from the northern pacific region, PCN is a network of 120 local organizations struggling for the right to life, land, culture, equality, and autonomy of the Afro-Colombian people.

Clemencia Carabali is an engaging speaker; her presentation will put the situation in Colombia into context and challenge her audience to act against military aid and instead, work to encourage development aid for Colombia. Topics of discussion: The decades-old armed conflict in Colombia, The situation of people of African Descent in Colombia, Community-based alternatives to the conflict, What you can do.
[ Read More... ]?

Indymedia: Three years of media resistance
Resistance is global. With a bit of coding, some cheap equipment, and the commitment of many dedicated volunteers, the Indymedia project has grown into a network of participatory websites providing news and commentary in eighteen languages, across six continents. Three years into this shared experiment in open publishing, a growing number of Indymedia centers around the world continue to seek out and mobilize media forms which dramatically alter the balance of power between multinational corporations and grassroots community organizing. Indymedia also extends beyond the bounds of the Internet, through local media production centers, radio networks, community newspapers, film and video.

On November 24, 1999, a trans-Pacific collaboration brought Indymedia into existence in Seattle. In the three years since, Indymedia's global network has grown rhizomatically, crossing national borders without difficulty. Locating the silences where social and economic injustices are perpetuated, Indymedia journalist/activists challenge information monopolies based on wealth and power. This is only the beginning.
[ Newswire article | Seattle IMC feature | global feature ]

Adelaide, Alberta, Aotearoa, Argentina, Arizona, Athens, Atlanta, Austin, Austria, Baltimore, Barcelona, Belgium, Bolivia, Boston, Brasil, Brisbane, Bristol, Buffalo, Central Florida, Chapel Hill, Chiapas, Chicago, Chile, Cleveland, Colombia, Cyprus, Danbury, Washington, DC, Ecuador, Eugene, Euskal Herria, Finland, France, Germany, Hamilton, Hawaii, Houston, Idaho, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ithaca, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Madison, Madrid, Maine, Maritimes, Melbourne, Mexico, Michigan, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Montreal, Mumbai, Netherlands, New Jersey , New Mexico, New York City, New York Capitol, Nigeria, North Texas, Norway, Ontario, Ottawa, Peru, Philadelphia, Portland, Portugal, Prague, Qollasyu, Québec, Richmond, Rochester, Rocky Mountain, Rosario, Russia, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Seattle, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Sydney, Thessaloniki, Thunder Bay, Tijuana, United Kingdom, Urbana-Champaign, Uruguay, Utah, Vancouver, Victoria, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Windsor, Zimbabwe, and, in the works, Ambazonia, Beirut, Guatemala, Hungary, Indianapolis, Istanbul, Kansas City, Lancaster, Lille, London, Miami, Nice, Phillipines, Pittsburgh, Polska, Sacramento, Sonora, Springfield, Swaziland, Tallahassee, Toledo, Venezuela and others.
Also: Radio, Print, Satellite TV, Climate, Process, Tech, Discussion, Volunteer and Global.

INTERVIEWS 23.11.2002 18:49
Interview with emma goldwoman
From the open publishing newswire: Over the last few months, a person using the name "emma goldwoman" has posted a series of articles to portland indymedia on the subject of Male Domination.

The series, which has been featured in the center column of this website, has brought some passionate responses. For example, "Captain Planet" wrote a comment to The Problem of Male Obedience that reads: "I try to avoid negativity in these forums, but could we PUH-LEEZE leave that crap from Emma Goldwoman off the front page? ...Get outta my life, Emma Goldwoman! Reject 'binary dualism' ... this 'men are violent, women are not' sounds just like the 'you are either with us or with the terrorists' kind of either-or absolute thinking." Conversely, a reply to "Captain Planet" from "Sam" reads: "Emma's articles rock! She is raising issues that nobody else is on the site, and which are very important. You would benefit by listening to her, if you can get past your male ego."

Personally, I find a lot of emma goldwoman's analysis to be spot-on; I believe that much (though not all) of the negative response to the series have been from people who are in denial about how their choices dominate others and who don't want to give up their priveleged positions in society. Since emma started posting, I've been in activist settings where the male behavior I saw caused me to exclaim, "emma goldwoman is right!" In many, many cases, men do need to step aside for the women to lead and I've happily witnessed some very positive results when it's happened.

I emailed emma with a request for an interview and received an affirmative response: "i'm interested in any questions except personal ones... i'm interested in questions from different people; in difficult serious questions." I asked four other people who are regular readers of portland indymedia who are familar with emma's work to submit questions and sent them off. emma took a few days to respond, and said: "A heartfelt thanks to everyone at portland indymedia for all your incredible work. And a cheer for all the Portland activists, inspiring people all over the world."
[ Here, then, is the interview: ]


COST OF WAR 23.11.2002 18:35
Iraqi Children are Playing with Nuclear Contaminated Shrapnel
photo by Bill Hackwell
From the open publishing newswire: A new weapon was used by the U.S. and U.K. during the Gulf War. This new weapon, the depleted uranium (DU) projectile, is radioactive. DU is contained in bomb casings, missiles, tank shielding and multiple types of munitions. Worldwide use of U.S. dirty bombs is producing horrible consequences. The United States has caused permanent radioactive contamination of large parts of Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Almost twelve years after the Gulf War, adverse health effects from DU exposure continue to develop among people in Iraq, and among veterans and their families. The U.S. is leaving a grim toxic legacy for people around the world and its own military.
[ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 23.11.2002 18:25
Radical Movie Night - Benefit for Portland's Native American Youth Association
From the open publishing newswire: RADICAL MOVIE NIGHT! Benefitting Portland's Native American Youth Association November 27th 7PM at the Empty Shell (24th and Alberta-behind the Star E Rose)

Directed by Michael Apted, this film documents the repression of American Indian Movement members and primarily the court case of Leonard Peltier.

The film paints a picture of a tense, jumpy community in the months after the occupation of Wounded Knee (1973), the scene of an 1890 US Calvary massacre of Indians. There was tension between traditional and activist Indian groups, many shootings and much violence, and then, in June, 1975, two FBI agents were shot dead at an Indian village near Oglala, SD.
[ Read More... ]

LABOR / CIVIL LIBERTIES 22.11.2002 23:22
Me and Ricky - 'Seaport Security' As a Longshoreman Sees It
From Pacific News Service, as posted to the open publishing newswire: A longshoreman reflects on the recently passed seaport security bill and wonders if an attempt to eliminate terror risks will disturb the rich tradition of freedom, work and friendship on America's docks and elsewhere.

NORTH BEND, Ore.--I was driving along in my car when news of the Senate vote came over the radio. They voted 95-0 for legislation requiring America's 361 seaports to develop security plans.

I'm a longshoreman who works in a small port in Oregon. The radio said the bill will establish "secure areas" at ports; workers in such areas will undergo background checks and carry identification cards. A "maritime intelligence system" within the Coast Guard will collect information on vessels and their cargoes and crews.

I'm skeptical. After all, what are they going to do about me and Ricky Provido?
[ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 22.11.2002 13:42
Anarchist soccer on Saturday!
From the open publishing newswire: Anarchist soccer is being played most Saturdays [2pm] at the park at SE 32nd and market st. I sincerely hope you lazy, stinking leftist hippies will get off your duffs and come play. And rake some fucking leaves while you're at it. And worship the goddamn lord. FACT!
[ Read More... ]

Share biodiversity at the First Annual NWRAGE Seed, Plant, and Herb Swap
From the open publishing newswire: Since agriculture began farmers have saved and swapped their seeds with other farmers increasing the varieties they grow and preserving and increasing biodiversity by mixing seeds grown in different locales. To this day over a billion farmers continue to save their own seed and swap it with others. This cooperation is under direct threat from the Biotechnology industry as they try to homogenize, and control world agriculture through Terminator technology (sterile seeds) and making the saving of seeds illegal. Come join local gardeners, farmers, herbalists, and others as we continue this ancient practice and trade seeds and plants we have grown and collected, swap stories, watch a movie and eat wonderful GE-free food.

What to bring: open pollinated seeds, plants - herbs or vegies or flowers, GE-Free potluck dish and your own utensils, empty seed packets or envelopes - we will make envelopes at the swap as well. Bring your friends. You do not have to have seeds to share to participate. Information will be provided on: seed saving, organic open pollinated seed sources (including the federal governments free seeds from the national germplasm system), doing your own breeding and what you can do to preserve biodiversity and prevent the intrusion of genetic engineering into our lives and ecosystems.

When: Sunday December 1st from 2-6pm. [ Read More... ]

[ Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NWRAGE) ]

CITIZEN ACTION 22.11.2002 10:46
Boycott channel 2 with Lars Larson
From the open publishing newswire: For any of you who stood up and voiced your passionate opposition to war with Iraq last week (Nov 17th) it may interest you to know your thoughts are trivial. Or so KATU channel 2 news would like you (and all it's viewers) to believe. Conservative Right Wing radio personality Lars Larson enjoys a regular commentary spot on KATU's so called nonbiased media news show. Last week after channel 2 had done a criminally small spot about the thousands (I heard a count of 9k) of protesters who gathered downtown to march around the city against the war in Iraq. The next day KATU offered a segment they call "contradictions and common sense with Lars Larson" regarding the protests the day before.
[ Read More... ]

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