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HEALTH 09.12.2002 04:39
Muslims Help Los Angeles Poor
From the open publishing newswire: On Sunday, December 1, the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity held a Health Fair for the Needy in downtown Los Angeles. At the fair, the Coalition made health screening, influenza inoculations, 'hygiene packs' (soap, toothpaste etc.), blankets, towels, socks, bottled water and food available to the homeless. More than 4,000 people were helped.
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Debating Indymedia
From the open publishing newswire: It was a great idea when the Independent Media Center opened up its first website for the Seattle anti-WTO protests in December 1999. The first IMC website came out of years of alternative and grassroots media activism. By a strange quirk of fate, the Seattle IMC also included something called the "open newswire," an experiment that allowed every reader to be a reporter, if they wanted to get involved in DIY, participatory media production. The IMC network recently observed its 3rd anniversary and the 100th IMC went online, but the IMC project is facing some serious problems which, if they aren't addressed by the supporters of the IMC network, will eventually destroy the wonderful idea that is Indymedia.

There are some that would argue that the Indymedia network needs a stronger organization to address its current and persistent problems. This may be somewhat true, but those of us who have pressed for reforms find ourselves at the mercy of a network of people who are afraid to step forward and make tough decisions. It might help if there were some more organized processes, but I see the chief problem with Indymedia these days to be a political one, not an organizational or technical problem.

From a responce: There seems to be some debate about the meaning of the word independent as applied to IndyMedia. My understanding of independence in the IndyMedia context would be that IndyMedia has no sponsors, CEO's or Board Members to tell it what to do. I don't think that independence refers in any way to left or right bias.

I agree that things overtly racist, confrontational or non-responsive should continue to go to the "recycling bin." But I also believe that those of us visiting this site are intelligent enough to wade through the pre-packaged, right-wing, COINTELPRO nonsense (most of which is ignored, anyway) to get to the real deal info we want.
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ACTIVIST LEGACY 08.12.2002 16:11
The Legacy of Philip Berrigan
Legendary anti-war activist Phillip Berrigan died of cancer on the night of Friday, December 6 at the age of 79. From burning draft files with napalm at the height of the Vietnam War to pounding nuclear missile silos into plowshares, Berrigan, a former Jesuit priest, had been involved in non-violent direct action against the U.S. war machine for nearly four decades. He spent eleven of those years in prison, and was the author of numerous books. He also co-founded the Jonah House, a Baltimore resistance community, where he passed away surrounded by family and close friends. the following is [from] one of his essays written while he was in prison. "if the American people knew the truth about Washington's nuclear and interventionary warmaking, they would stop it."

Two old men come into our collective view, both warriors, one a man of masterful peace and nonviolent resistance, the other an evil man, a war criminal and mass murderer. Phil Berrigan was once charged with trying to kidnap Henry Kissinger, a trumped up charge by those afraid of the growing leadership of the Berrigan brothers in the anti-war movement. Phil's death is auspicious in that it gives us a chance to tell the story of a life-long resistance fighter at the very time that the corporate media is glorifying war and death. The coverage of Phil Berrigan's life will hopefully teach us to live our lives with courage during these dark days.

I was a young person when I first saw Phillip and Daniel Berrigan speak. I was a student at Oregon State University. It was the late 60's. The Vietnam War blazing and the U.S. military was bringing back 40,000 young U.S. men a year in body bags. The corporate media was slinging the same old "we have to save Vietnam from Godless communism" propaganda at us. OSU administrators immediately "removed" any professor who would teach us the truthful history of SE Asia. The Berrigans came to the campus to talk to us. We asked how could we learn if the administration of the college would not allow it? Phil said that we should stop giving our power to authorities. He told us that on campuses all over the US and Europe students were organizing "teach-ins". The Berrigan Brothers told us to organize ourselves, to teach ourselves. And so it began.

Berrigan was a Christian - a peace-loving follower of Jesus Christ. His words are flowered with references to the bible and to Christian peaceful doctrine. He does however understand fully that anti-Christians have taken over the "church" to spread war, greed and hatred. One of the primary goals of the Berrigan brothers was to stir the conscience of their fellow religionists, their church and even the U.S. government and attempting to shift church and state from a death-driven to a life-affirming course. In an interview by Father John Dear called "The Life of Resistance, a conversation with Phil Berrigan (.pdf)" he explains the meaning of non-violent resistance and asks each of us to access thoughtfully, carefully, and with discipline what we will do to stop the growing worldwide oppression.
"One way to look at our responsibility is from the angle of law. We don't know anything about this law that we have. People purport to be Christians don't know anything about the biblical treatment of law and the fact that human law is always under the judgement of God because it's a sign of rebellion against God. Nuclear weapons are legal, right across the board, from making and processing them to running them through Pantex down in Amarillo, Texas and deploying them. It's all legal, every step of the way. What does this say about law? What does it say that we legalize every measure that could destroy the world? What does it mean that it is legal to destroy the world through toxic poisoning? It says something about law. It's like the law under which Christ was crucified. The rulers said, 'We have a law and under this law, he has to die.' He was executed, legally." - interview with Father John Dear (1993)
Just before he passed over, Phillip Berrigan sent these words to those who would resist evil and the spread of world dominance at this time:
  • that it is right and good to question our God, to plead for justice for all that inhabit the earth
  • that it is urgent to feel this; injustice done to any is injustice done to all
  • that we must never weary of exposing and resisting such injustice
  • that what victories we see are smaller than the mustard seeds Jesus praised, and they need such tender nurture
  • that it is vital to celebrate each victory - especially the victory of sisterhood and brotherhood embodied in loving, nonviolent community. [ Legacy ]
In Memory by flamewalker We walked across the country with the Hiroshima Flame ... brought back to this country to purify the fire that had been misused by humans ... it came with us to vigil at many of our nations nuclear sites ... Hanford, Livermore Laboratories, Lockheed, Los Alamos Labs and Oakridge ... Peace Rallies in Washington, D.C. ... to the building that housed the bomber known as the Enola Gay ... to a home in Baltimore that held the deep resonance of peace and contemplation ... When I first arrived, I had never met Phillip, Elizabeth, Ardeth or Carol before [ ... ]

Phil Berrigans connection to Oregon For you who don't know, or can't remember... Phil Berrigan came to Oregon during the time he was a political refugee on the run. I first met him in a farmhouse in a remote part of Oregon. He was being hidden and cared for because he was a hunted man for burning draft cards and breaking into a military recruiting office and pouring blood on draft records ... I was an ex-Catholic ... a peace activist. I had much anger about the Catholic church and the role of religion in the spread of war and hatred. He told us that the greatest spiritual truth comes from within us. He said that each of us have to hold a center that belongs to what is good and courageous [ ... ]

[ Baltimore Indymedia: Phillip Berrigan, Anti-War Activist, Dies at Home ] [ Phil Berrigan on Confronting Truth ] [ obituary | tribute ] [ December 4 edition of Democracy Now ] [ Berrigan interviews ] [ autobiography ] [ Disarmed and Dangerous (biography) ] [ 1989 interview ] [ 1997 profile ] [ Baltimore Sun obituary ] [ corporate media coverage ] [ video interview with Berrigan ] [ Baltimore feature ] [ ANALYSIS: Comparing Corporate Media's Berrigan Coverage ] Phil Berrigan's essay - Confronting Truth ] [ Philip Berrigan Interviews ] [ Looking for Legacies of Courage ]

HAPPINESS 08.12.2002 12:57
In Honor of Bodhi Day - On Transforming Suffering
From the open publishing newswire: Today is Bodhi Day ~ a day of commemorating Siddhartha Gautama's realization of and his presentation to his fellow seekers of the Four Noble Truths.

We are forever searching for the thing that will bring us happiness. There is no end to our desire for things so no one thing could ever produce lasting happiness. How many times have we said, "If only I had X, Y or Z, then I would be happy". Ah, but happiness does not come in this form. While we may feel happy the moment that we have obtained something, we are already moving towards dukkha as our pleasure wanes in search of the next (empty) treasure. Ever witness a child opening gifts, eyes sparkling as the wrapping is torn off and the gift is revealed; only to see the gift tossed aside in anticipation of the next one? We are like this child, eyes wide with anticipation, tossing aside this moment in our curiosity of what the next will bring.

Happiness is an inside job, an inner peace, an inner knowing of what really matters. What is it that really matters? How do we achieve this elusive happiness? [ Read More... ]

THE RACIST POLICE STATE 08.12.2002 12:05
Support the Call for Kroeker to resign!
From the open publishing newswire: Join the Latino Network in calling for Police Chief Kroeker's removal! The awarding of medals to officers who shot and killed Jose Poot was one more in a long line of actions by Kroeker that are thoughtless and unethical. This racist, homophobic intolerant man has been an embarrassment to this city for too long.

If everyone gets behind the campaign calling for his resignation or firing, he CAN be kicked out of Portland. This is a local, national, and international story and a victory here would be a great precedent and message to the nation. Keep calling the Mayor and voicing your opposition to Kroeker and demand she fire him. Email her every week, or day.

"We need your help to continue our campaign to remove Chief Kroeker. Mayor Katz has stated she is not asking Kroeker to resign. Help us to change her mind! We need you to call her office at: 823-4120 and or send an email to: mayorkatz@ci.portland.or.us
[ Newswire post ]

Help Chief Kroeker Find a New Job
Kroeker's tenure in Portland has been a miserable one. Increased militarization of the Portland Police Bureau; unwarranted and unconstitutional violent attacks on peaceful demonstrators on numerous occasions; multiple killings of suspects, followed by the awarding of police medals to the killers. After the first of these sad events, Kroeker suggested that the citizens of Portland "get used to it." Clearly, he meant it, with a vengeance.

All of these incidents, and more, have resulted in a clarion call for Kroeker to resign, turn in his blood-stained badge and leave the city of Portland for, well, elsewhere. The Portland citizenry holds out no reasonable hope that distant Mayor Vera Katz would fire Kroeker, as Katz is so out of touch with reality in her own city that she can no longer be relied upon to make even the most simple, obvious decisions in the proper way. (When does her ignominious term end again?)

Toward that end, I have spent a few moments searching the Internet for Chief of Police openings around the country. The opportunities are ripe; Kroeker should have no problem landing one of these jobs and packing up his show for a riper climate. [ Read More... ]

some previous stories: [ People of Distinction Call for Resignation of Chief Kroeker (AUDIO, PHOTOS) (Nov. 27 feature story) | Friday rally marchers demand: 'Send Kroeker back to LA!' (Aug. 24 feature story) | Kroeker and L.A. - Now what? (April 29 feature story) ]

PRINT ACTIVISM 08.12.2002 11:36
Publications by/about the homeless, women and children, and radicals active in Portland
In Portland there is a newspaper called Street Roots that is put together by people who live on the streets or are activists supporting the homeless. This months issue is full of great information about Portland's growing homeless advocacy movement.

At a time when the number of homeless in Oregon is growing (reported 36,000 homeless children in Oregon alone)"Street Roots" has become the voice of advocacy, social justice and political action. This months issue includes a fold out poster of a collage of people, tents and events for Dignity Village. Dignity Village is conducting a fundraising to support Portland's homeless tent village and services. [ Read More... ]

Jensine Larsen, a healing massage therapist by day, came to Portland from outside of Madison, Wisconsin to escape her small-town high school. "My childhood was very connected to the forest, animals, and streams. I moved to Portland as soon as I graduated high school (1992) to attend Lewis and Clark College because of its international focus & reputation for great overseas programs," she said.

"World Birth" magazine is Jensine's dream to bring women and children into the discussion of global issues. She saw that there were really no magazines written by women that concentrated on international issues. Even Ms. Magazine, that bastion of feminist thought, has only a small international news section. "The primary contributors to "World Birth" are leading women and children - a unique framework developed in response to the historical exclusion of women and children from powerful decisions that affect the earth's living creatures, economy, environment, and health." [ Read More... ]

"Blackthorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical d.i.y. culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, thus providing a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about the opening of doors, the exchanging of ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ehtics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self reliance from the dominant culture. We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful."

If you have an article, news or artwork you would like to submit, please send it in. [ Read More... ]

AUTHORITARIANISM 07.12.2002 21:08
Authoritarian 'cult' organizing at portland universities
From the open publishing newswire: an authoritarian 'cult' is organizing in portland universities. These days have seen the rebirth of authoritarian left organizations infultrating leadership roles in the labor, anti-globalization, and anti-war movements. As lovers of freedom, our lives, and justice I think this problem needs to be addressed. Diversity of tactics, but not when it allows these psychos to get power of others to rape abuse & exploit.
In the Reed cafeteria during lunch a group called the Friends of Seasonal and ServiceWorkers has been attempting to organize students.
Some background (from the site roughly), The main ground is called the National Labor Federation, aka the Provisional Communist Party, aka the Formation. In November 1996 NATLFED's NYC headquarters were raided by police and FBI. NATLFED actually has been active for over 27 years in dozens of small fronts across the country. NATLFED fronts, using innocent names like "Western Service Workers Association," "Eastern Farm Workers Association," "Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals," and "Women's Press Collective," lure liberal volunteers from communities and colleges into 'brainwashed' separation from their families, jobs, and friends. In portland the front is the friends of seasonal and service workers. The police discovered an arsenal of weapons, drugs, and stolen goods. Members had received sustained beatings, psychological, sexual, and verbal abuse. Members were systematically worker for extremely long hours, and isolated from outside contacts. The group structure is startling authoritarian and originally centered around a personality cult of the now dead leader who declared war on California in the 70's.
[ Read More... ]

POLITICAL PRISONERS 07.12.2002 18:48
Write a letter to OR Attorney General for prisoner Jeff Free Luers
From the open publishing newswire:

[ Here's the letter... ]

PEACE EDUCATION 07.12.2002 18:27
Peace Camp; Resistance on the Oregon Coast
From the open publishing newswire: The following is a list of peace vigils, non-violent resistance training and speakers to be held in the next two months in communities on the Oregon Coast. It's happening everywhere!

(Central Oregon Coast)

Local Contact: Dorothy Mack dmack@centurytel.net

DECEMBER 2002 NEWS BULLETIN Saturday Peace Vigils:
1. Newport - Hwy 101 & 20 - Noon-1pm
2. Waldport - Hwy 101 & 34 - 11am-2pm
3. Yachats - Hwy 101 - 9:30-10:30am

Peace Potlucks & Study Groups: (2003)
[ UPCOMING EVENTS (Click Here!) ]

ENVIRONMENT 07.12.2002 18:15
Turning Nature into Oil Fields
From the open publishing newswire: Gaia: Turning Nature into Oil Fields
Posted by: souljah on Dec 07, 2002 - 07:25 PM

A few weeks ago, officials of the American Petroleum Institute met in Denver to discuss their chief goal for the new Congress: an energy bill that would open up public lands in the Rocky Mountain West to further oil and gas exploration.

At that meeting, the oil executives decided among other things to undertake a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to convince voters in five Western states that new exploration in the Rockies would bolster their local economies while inflicting minimal damage on the environment. The campaign is timed to start early in the new year, just as Congress convenes with Republicans in control of both houses and eager to take up an energy bill. Around the country, businesses and industries that donated millions of dollars to elect Republicans are mapping out strategies to take advantage of the party's sweep in Washington. The White House was already sympathetic to business concerns, but with all of Congress now under Republican control, industry's expectations are higher. On Tuesday, for example, several power industry representatives are meeting here under the banner of the Edison Electric Institute, the lobby for electric utilities, to discuss the new lay of the land and what they may be able to achieve. A checklist of goals for the "extractive" industries — oil, gas, mining and timber — begins with a comprehensive energy bill. Provisions pushed by those industries and others would include $34 billion in tax incentives for an array of projects: to promote exploration and expansion, develop new technologies, increase the use of ethanol in gasoline, build a natural-gas pipeline in Alaska and limit the liability of the nuclear power industry in case of catastrophic accidents.

Much more here:


VENEZUELA 07.12.2002 16:10
The Venezuelan Revolution in Danger
From the open publishing newswire: As Alan Woods had just finished writing this article (see below), we received a letter from a Venezuelan Marxist commenting on yesterday's article by Emilia Lucena and we are publishing extracts from it relating to the present situation, followed by comments by Alan Woods:
"(...)In my opinion our country is passing through a pre-revolutionary situation. In reality the working class and the people now have almost all that is necessary, except a revolutionary leadership, which at this historic moment in the history of capitalism, is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in order to overthrow the capitalist regime. On the other hand, since April 13, there has been a continuous development of organs of popular power, with thousands of Bolivarian circles, land committees, popular assemblies, class currents, all sorts of political movements, etc. Nevertheless, this process also reveals the inexperience of the popular movement, showing serious organizational weaknesses within it and, what is even more serious, a great lack of coordination between its component parts.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 07.12.2002 09:20
Portland's most famous writer leads Friday peace march; Delivers anti-war petition to Rep. Wu
From the open publishing newswire: After a feisty rally & Portland's premier writer, and one of the world's great Sci Fi writers led a march to Congressman Wu's office to deliver the Writers and Artists petition against the War on Iraq.

In the first picture Ursula K. Le Guin, center, listens as Douglas Lain reads from the "Writers and Artists petition against War on Iraq" that he co-wrote:

"Artists have both the ability and the moral obligation to combat deceit and distortion. It is this ability to illuminate even difficult truths that defines an artist.

"Truth has been one of the casualties of the 'War on Terrorism'. Assassinations, bombings, and chemical and biological attacks, whether perpetrated by individuals or states, are crimes. They should be dealt with by the rule of law, and not by the use of indiscriminate force. With this in mind, we condemn the US "War on Terrorism" and call upon both the US government and the "anti-terrorist" coalition to end this war, which benefits no-one but those who are making money from it, and which is sowing the seeds of future terrorism and violence." [ Read More... ]

[ Portland Peaceful Response Coalition | pdx indymedia STOP WAR page ]

MEDIA ACTIVISM 06.12.2002 20:08
Tell the world what Portland corporate media gets wrong
From the open publishing newswire: We all know that Corporate Media is bullshit. That's why yr reading this right now. But instead of just bitching that they are wrong most of the time, we would like to see some real examples of the corporate newspaper world at work. So, we challenge all of you to read the Oregonian (or other Portland-based corporate paper) everyday and publish yr stories about what they got wrong, why, what it means to the people who believe everything that they read, and any other analysis you would like to include. OK, I'll go first:

In today's (Dec. 5) issue, the front page late edition headline reads: "U.S.: solid evidence on arms". What? The Bush administration has not given the American public any "solid evidence" about Iraq's weapons, and no new evidence is brought up in this article. According to one of the accompanying articles: "White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer declined to say what evidence the administration has on Saddam's weapons but said the United States would provide the results ...
[ Read More... ]

PAC Benefit - Callout to Musicians and Performance Artists!
Police Accountability Campaign(PAC) is looking for musicians who are willing to help us with fundraisers by playing for FREE. We are an organization calling for accountability of our local P.D. and a CITIZEN review board. Interested bands should send us 2 ways to get into contact with them (i.e. an email and phone number, two different members phone #'s, etc) Demo's are not necessary (we'll take them) but we would like a description of the music you play. Sexist, racist, homophobes need not apply...

If you have an idea for a venue, want to perform, or want to help with the benefit, call 503-287-2255 or email volunteer@policeaccountabilitycampaign.org [ Newswire article ]

People's Co-op seeking volunteers to help with the big move
From the open publishing newswire: Since last Spring, the People's Co-op in Southeast Portland has been undergoing a renovation and expansion. A new building was added to the old one, which will double the size of the store when both are open together. All summer long, volunteers have worked hard on this project, which utilizes many progressive construction techniques. The siding, for example, is recycled wood from an old dock in Seattle.... The outside of the newer half employs cob -- a mixture of mud, sand and straw that dries to an almost rock-like consistency. Cob structures went up all over Portland during the Natural Building Convergence last Spring. Cob is a very sustainable resource here in the mud-rich Northwest!

Volunteers are needed to help with many tasks, including: construction and finishing (inside and out), cob plastering, and moving (on moving day and the day before). For construction or cob, simply show up at People's during daylight hours anytime between now and the big day. (If you're specifically interested in cob, call ahead to confirm that team is working that day.) Hours volunteered for move-related work count toward your total if you are a People's member.

This project is a great opportunity to support a vital, vibrant community resource that is thriving with a non-Capitalist model. "Food for People, not Profit!" Please donate whatever time, energy and resources you can.
[ Read More... ]

Comment from Sarah, the grocery buyer at People's:
The new move times are as follows:
Monday December 16 - close early at 7 pm and begin moving until late night
Tuesday December 17 - arrive 7 am until it's finished. move, move, move.

There are plenty of opportunities to help out. Please call People's at 503-232-9051 and ask for Dusty to find out how you can help out. Thanks to the Portland lefty communtiy for all of your support and business. The new store is gonna ROCK!

Previous stories on portland indymedia: [ Peoples Co-op renovation update (Aug. 7, 2002) | People's Co-op Expansion going strong (April 29, 2002) | People' s Food Co-op Cultivates New Ground: Expansion Benefit This Weekend (Sept. 10, 2001) ]

UP FROM THE SKIES 06.12.2002 01:19
Heavy Chemtrails Activity over Portland Thursday
From the open publishing newswire: I awoke at 8:30am and stepped outside my SE Portland residence to get the Oregonian Classified ads out of the box and above me was a fattening chemtrail, flanked by another running parallel to the "first". I stared up and blinked at the bright morning sky and an uncomfortable air of familiarity grasped me like whenever someone from the Bush administration talks about "evil".

I rode my bike into Downtown over the Hawthorne Bridge to see the trails streaking slowly from the South horizon to the North on the West side of the river--the same direction of the trails on the East over my apartment. Throughout my day I saw the planes continue to fly as described in a seemingly endless enigmatic procession.... On these days of "heavy commercial air traffic" to here the Air Force tell it, I can feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of such a covert program that is indeed taking place and above the heads of people struggling to get through their days and the implications that such a blatant violation of the most basic of public trusts have for all of us.
[ Read More... ]

Previous chemtrails posts: [ IMC Hamilton Journalists Document Aerosol Spraying Of Hamilton-Area Skies | Chemtrails in full force on Election Day | Chemtrails Dismissed as Conspiracy, Sky Dismissed as Blue | Concerned about Chemtrails? | Sigh...Chemtrails over PDX today...again | Chemtrails and HAARP | Chemtrails in PDX and Rainmaking in Moscow | Today's Skyline Marred by Big,Fat Chemtrails | Chemtrails and Related Information | Today for Example... | Arizona Burns, Chemtrail Complicity, Harrp Is Suspect | Chemtrails CONFIRMED! | Chemtrails in Portland | Chemtrails banned with HR 2977 | Chemtrails or Contrails: Conspiracy or Simple Science? | National Online Chemtrail Petition Debuts ]

The Real Reason behind the Tre Arrow Indictments?
From the open publishing newswire: Pretty much everyone reading this knows that Michael Scarpitti, aka Tre Arrow, has been indicted in connection with two arsons (one against logging equipment at Eagle Creek, the other against gravel trucks at Ross Island). There's been much speculation as to how the indictment doesn't make sense (generally, there's not much overlap between activists that believe in nonviolent, public actions like tree sits and camping out on building ledges, and those that believe in covert and more dangerous forms of direct action such as arson), and how it might all be part of an effort to justify the existence of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force.
[ Read More... ]

Related discussions on the newswire: [ Guilty Plea in Arson | Guilty Plea in ELF Actions ]

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife taking public comments on whether to return wolves to their native habitat
From the open publishing newswire: Maybe I am the most non-connected environmental activist on the planet, but thanks to the Cascadia Forest Alliance I just found out that the ODF&W has a series of town meetings schedualed to get public comment on this matter, I have no doubt that every rancher in the state is aware of these meetings. Besides the obvious environmental advantages of prey species population control, anyone who has met a wolf in the wild knows what a exceptionaly powerful expierence this is, and it is an expierence that is within our reach- perhaps. [ Full story ]

[ Full text of the ODF&W statement | Schedule of town meetings | Voicing your opinion ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 05.12.2002 16:57
Knitting, cooking, letter writing and more!
Radicals and anarchists, contrary to their portrayal in corporate media, are not bomb throwing terrorists. They seek to reclaim community and love from "popular" culture. They get together with anyone that is interested anarchist or not every Saturday to play soccer and other games. Food not Bombs feeds sisters and brothers around the world not as an act of charity but in a spirit of mutual aid.

First meeting of the Anarchist Baking/Cooking collective!
Anarchists of the world rejoice...A new collective is forming and everyone is invited. This Sunday at 3pm at the Back to Back Cafe(7th and E. Burnside) there will be the first meeting of the tentativly titled Anarchist Baking/Cooking collective(we'll have to work on that.) We will make much good food and have good times. Build community and your belly at the same time! We'll deliver food to houses for no other reason than to make people smile. [ Read More... ]

Anarchist Knitting and More!
Discussion on the news wire has led to plans for the inaugural meeting of what is is being called an Anarchist Knitting Collective. However, many comments to the original post came from folks interested in sharing the skills in sewing and quilting. The meeting time is this coming Friday, 6:00 PM at the Red & Black. [ Read More... ]

Radical Lit and Zine Night, Tuesday Dec 10th
Cascadia Forest Alliance is hosting events to get its space used in SE Portland.Come check out the space and the Zine and Radical Lit Night at Cascadia Forest Alliance. 1540 SE Clinton. Free Tea, Bring your mug. Starts around 7:00pm come early if you want. [ Read More... ]

Prisoner Letter Writing Party, Thursday Dec 12th
Lots of people are felling the pressure of the man, some of them are in jail. The man lets us write them letters, thats kinda a privilage. We should take advantage of it. Come to 1540 SE Clinton for a letter writing party. Free Tea, Bring a mug. Thursday Dec 12th, 6:30pm in to the evening. We got your paper, pens, envelopes, and stamps. [ Read More... ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS PROTEST 05.12.2002 16:13
SHAC Shows Strong National Support
The Demo was a total travesty of civil rights. An absolute abomination. The New Jersey police force allowed 50 people in at a time, and only 15 of those were allowed to the fence. Because i had a press pass they were honoring that day i got to go in at the head of the first 50 and they pretty much gave me free reign to wander. However, when it was time for that first 50 people was being shuttled out i was the last one, stopping to photograph much to the frustration of my two large police escorts. They were still somewhat polite as they attempted to force me to move faster. Since i wasn't interested in jail, Jersey or otherwise, i behaved.

Actually standing outside the place i have loathed and despised for so long brought forth the seething hatred i feel for HLS and those that work for them the cavalier disregard for life that they arrogantly displays. I like to believe that each of us that stood in front of the fence that day represent a nail in HLS' coffin.

There is a special place in hell for anyone who can do what they do to another sentient being. Visit www.shacamerica.net to find out what you should be fighting against and why. ACT UP!! FIGHT BACK!!

[ Full Story ] [ HELP FREE ROBIN WEBB- UK ALF Press Officer ] [ www.shacamerica.net ] [ November 30th report from New Jersey ] [ Dec. 1: 300 protest Huntington Life Sciences on its 50th anniversary of animal cruelty ]

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