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'Peace Pastors' to exorcise Palestine and Israel
The ecumenical group of Christian pastors who led an exorcism and "spiritual fumigation" walk around the Portland Federal Building last month is planning a new public prayer service for Christmas Eve.

Rev. Gabrielle Chavez, who initiated the earlier action, contacted co-conspirators, pastors from the United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Presbyterians, Evangelical Friends, and the Portland State Episcopal/Lutheran chaplaincy to begin planning a service at the Peace Plaza, located in the South Park Blocks at Columbia, across from St James Lutheran Church, set for noon on December 24.

The focus (pair of beneficiaries) of this radical spiritual action will be Israel and Palestine. The "rite of social exorcism" invites participants to pray for the "cleansing and realignment of the social institutions of the nations of Israel and Palestine for the support of peace on earth."

The prayer activity will conclude with a caroling procession to the churches in the immediate Peace Plaza area and the release of a dove symbolizing the birth of peace.
[ Read More... ]

Previous action: [ Social Exorcism of the Executive Branch (Nov. 20, 2002) | Interview with Pastor Gabrielle Chavez about Nov. 20 'social exorcism' ]

THE GLOBAL RESISTANCE 22.12.2002 12:08
The Venezuelan Coup, the Commercial Media and how to stop them both
From the open publishing newswire: After carrying out a two-week "national strike," or lock-out, and despite a helping hand from Associated Press and other media agencies, the Venezuelan elite has so far failed to force populist President Chavez to resign. In implementing reforms which benefit primarily the poor, Chavez has inspired well-funded opposition by oil barons and other business leaders, union bureaucrats and portions of the military, with the complicity of corporate media. Thousands of Venezuela's poor have rushed into the streets to prevent the "coup of the rich."

The Organization of American States has voted overwhelmingly to reject any future coup attempt in Venezuela or alteration of that nation's constitution. US religious and labor organizations and some members of Congress have asked President Bush, who had previously called for unconstitutional "early elections," to support democracy by opposing any move to oust Chavez by force. [ Read More... ]

Interview with Al Giordano: San Francisco IMC has interviewed Al Giordano, of Narco News, about the Venezuelan coup attempt, the media's complicity in the coup, and perspectives on how we can stop them. Read the Interview

Venezuela: burning down the house to rid it of its termites
The country's anti-Chavez forces are not their nation's loyal opposition, but a group of anti-constitutional zealots - many of them with tarnished backgrounds and questionable credentials - who are prepared to risk the destruction of the country's constitutional system in order to eliminate a government they happen to despise. [ Read More... ]

HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! An appeal to the international Labour Movement
The situation in Venezuela is reaching a critical point. The reactionary forces, backed by conservative big business and the US embassy, are mobilising all their forces to overthrow the legally elected government of Hugo Chavez by extra-parliamentary means. The mass media have put in circulation the lie that this is a "general strike" supported by the workers of Venezuela against an unpopular government. There is absolutely no truth in this. In reality what we are seeing is a campaign of organised sabotage designed to destabilise the country and prepare the way for a right wing coup d'etat. [ Read More... ] ]

Previous stories: [ Letter to President Bush about Venezuela from Congress and You (Dec. 14, 2002) | USA intelligence agencies revealed in plot to oust Venezuela's President (Dec. 12, 2002) | Struggles Continue Amid Coup Plotting in Venezuela - an Indymedia report (Dec. 11, 2002) | The Venezuelan Revolution in Danger (Dec. 7, 2002) | More information emerging about U.S. involvement in Venezuelan coup-attempt (May 6, 2002) | Coup in Venezuela fails; Chavez returns to power (April 15, 2002) | U.S. sponsoring war in Colombia; Venezuela next? (Feb. 28, 2002) ]

LOVE AND RESISTANCE 21.12.2002 15:40
Solstice Ceremony to Protect Tre Arrow
From the open publishing newswire: Community holds local activist Tre Arrow "in the light" during pre-solstice ceremony, and invites IMC readers to channel their thoughts, prayers and good intentions in a circle of protection around our lost brother.

Winter Solstice occurs at 5:14pm Saturday evening (West coast time), friends, fellow activists and members of the larger community will be pausing at that time to send positive energy his way, and hold him in the light of our collective good will.

We do more good than we know with our intentions, take a moment ~if you are so moved~ to join in manafesting safe passage and a positive outcome for Tre
[ Read More... ]

"where ever you are, dear brother, you carry our love with you"

UPDATE: At 5:14 PM PST we lit the candle and asked for protection, truth and light for the world and Tre. We drummed in the light. We spoke words of protection, peace, strength and courage for the days ahead. We asked that our brother Tre be protected from the darkness that is trying to envelope us all. Each person in our circle of 17 spoke their prayers, hopes and wishes. We sang songs of protection and light.

We remember our brothers and sisters who have lost their freedom because of their acts of resistance and courage. We remember our brothers and sisters who are being attacked and threatened. We asked that the hearts, minds and souls of the oppressors be opened to truth, love and justice. We asked for peace on earth.

Tre, we remember you and send you protection and love. Someday this will all be over and we will rebuild a world that is just, peaceful and free. Until then we stand beside you. Stay strong! [ Read More... ]

Stories about Tre: [ FBI offers reward for Tre Arrow; Local community to raise funds for his defense (Dec. 18, 2002) | The Real Reason behind the Tre Arrow Indictments? (Dec. 5, 2002) | Activist injured at God's Valley pledges that struggle will continue (Oct. 24, 2001) | Judge decides not to "punish" Tre Arrow (Jan. 30, 2001) | Tre Arrow Speaks (streaming audio file, Nov. 13, 2000) ]
Defending Tre: [ The Speaking Truth To Power Defense Fund ]

INSIDE SCOOP 21.12.2002 11:56
Blockbuster Video censoring NAACP t.v. spots in its stores
From the open publishing newswire: according to a source at blockbuster video, earlier this week, the corporate office sent out a memo addressed to "all stores" asking them to play a censored version of the advertising trailer that appears in all their locations. the original version, which included two NAACP spots along with the usual advertisements and music videos, apparently received a negative response from several blockbuster employees and customers. the memo directs managers at blockbuster outlets to enter a special code at the onset of the "BBTV" (blockbuster television) dvd in order to block out the NAACP spots to "get ahead of... weekend sales opportunities".

it is not known whether a) the NAACP was informed of this decision to exclude their spots, b) the NAACP actually paid any money for these spots, or c) if the spots are donated by blockbuster, whether the company is enjoying a tax write-off that should now be called into question. [ Read More... ]

HYPOCRISY IN ACTION 21.12.2002 11:51
'Liberal' Nation magazine publishes government anti-pot ad
From the open publishing newswire: In the 12/30/02 issue at page 8, The Nation published this full page ad:

Header: Picture of small bag of marijuana.
Title: "Is it OK to Support Terrorism if it's only a Little Bit?"
Sponsored by: Office of National Drug Control Policy

The text of the ad states that if you buy drugs you are financing drug cartels, people who are responsible for terrible things. If you stop buying drugs, the dealers and violence would go away. It concludes by saying it doesn't matter if you only buy a dime bag... "you pick which side you're on by buying it in the first place."

So pot smokers are on the side of the "terrorists?" Oh really... The Nation says that it blanketly accepts any advertising that does not impede the use of its editorial columns, unless the ads are "blatantly misleading" or purveying harmful products in which case they fall into the gray area of discretion. If the above ad is not blatantly misleading, what is? [ Read More... ]

Medicine Lake action alert, Energy bill in Cascadia
From the open publishing newswire: In a reversal of the opinion by the Modoc National Forest, and California BLM, the Telephone Flat Geothermal Power Plant on the sacred and ecologically significant Medicine lake caldera, (located east of Mt. Shasta) was approved on the Nov 26.

The power plant would cover about 100-200 acres, built 10-12 wells, cooling towers and pipelines, and include 13 miles of Transmission line in this popular recreation area. It would release many toxins and kill or distroy habitat for spotted owls, eagles, falcons ,martens, ext. Medicine Lake is the place of origin for the Modoc, Pitt River, and Shasta tribes. It was also the site of The 1998 Indigenous Environmental Network Conference, which had thousands of participants, including tribes from North and South America, and direct action groups, such as the Cascadia Forest defenders.

[ Read More... ]

ANTI-PATRIOT ACT(IONS) 20.12.2002 21:03
Rep. Sanders' Statement on Repealing Some USA PATRIOT Act Provisions
From the open publishing newswire: Burlington, VT - Congressman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) held a press conference today to announce that he is introducing legislation in the next Congress to exempt libraries and booksellers from certain provisions of the USA Patriot Act in order to protect Americans' constitutionally-guaranteed right to read and access information without governmental intrusion or monitoring. Rep. Sanders was joined by Linda Ramsdell, President of the New England Booksellers Association; Karen Lane, President of the Vermont Library Association; and Trina Magi, Library Assistant Professor at UVM's Bailey/Howe Library.

Sanders said, "There can be no question that we must protect Americans against terrorists. But that does not mean that we have to give the federal government the right to monitor what Americans are reading at their local library or what books they are buying at their local book store. What makes this situation all the more distressing is that the Justice Department refuses to divulge how they are using the new powers given to them under the so-called USA Patriot Act. This kind of secretive conduct is exactly the reason I voted against the Patriot Act in the first place."

When Congress reconvenes, Rep. Sanders will be introducing legislation that will exempt libraries and bookstores from parts of the Patriot Act that allow the government easy access to patrons' information. Sanders also wants to increase the amount of information the federal government has to provide about its activities under the Act.
[ Read More... ]

MUNICIPAL POLITICS 20.12.2002 18:55
I Am Opposed to Major League baseball in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: I am dismayed to hear that Mayor Katz has put on her baseball hat and come out in support of bringing Major League Baseball to Portland next year. How on earth can these people expect the city to rally around this issue when the same tax funds (approximately $75 million from the taxpayers) is cleraly so desperately needed for the schools and the crumbling safety net in our city!? Where do Katz's misplaced priorities lie? Is there ANY issue that the mayor can be expected to get right?

I plan to vigorously oppose this push with everything I have and I hope that Portland citizens will join me en masse to work against spending funds that will go to entertain a small class of fans and line the pockets of rich investors like Paul Allen and Scott Thomason. Portland cannot even do MINOR league baseball right!

No MLB for PDX!!! Your thoughts?

PRINT 20.12.2002 18:48
'Little Beirut', new Revolutionary Portland newsletter, seeking community's input
From the open publishing newswire: Little Beirut is an organizational newsletter intent on promoting solidarity and mutual aid, and better networking within the anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist radical left in Portland, of interest and accessible to anyone and all.

The name Little Beirut was the name given to Portland by the first Bush due to the aggressive demos against his regime during the gulf war particularly when he dared to show his face in our city. Bush's intent was to illustrate the violence that surrounded his appearance here, associating it with the violence in Lebanon throughout the 80's, which include militant resistance to U.S. imperialism and militarism in the Middle East. We are taking this name to illustrate the resistance to the U.S., to Bush in particular, the U.S. Patriot Act, Militarism, and U.S Imperialism worldwide. Let passions burn should he show his face here again, or wherever he and his empire roams.
[ Read More... ]

Mass Arrests of Muslin and Jewish Immigrants in the U.S.
From the open publishing newswire: An unconfirmed report says that more than 2500 people were arrested in the last few days. INS has flatly denied revealing the number of people in custody. INS spokesman Mr. Arcauate said that those men detained yesterday had violated the immigration laws. He sited example of overstaying visa, wanted for crimes, etc. If these are the reasons, why does the INS not arrest millions of illegal Mexicans or other foreign nationals who constitute the majority of illegal immigration problem in America? When Bush strongly denies that America is not against the peaceful minority immigrants or their faith, does the selective apprehension of Muslims and Jews conform to the President's wishes?

Director of American Civil Liberty Union's Immigrants' Rights Project comments, "Given the evidence, there is no alarmism in saying this is a round-up, Attorney General Ashcroft is using the immigrant registration program to lock up people who already have provided extensive information as part of their green card applications. Therefore the purpose is clearly not to get information but rather to selectively arrest, detain and deport Middle Eastern and Muslim men in the United States." [ Read More... ]

Previous stories, 19 Dec.: [ Friday Rally to protest mass round-ups of Muslims by INS in Los Angeles | First-hand account from LA protests against the round-ups (LA IMC) | PHOTOS from the LA protest (LA IMC) ]

EDUCATION / RESISTANCE 19.12.2002 22:49
Portland students walk out of their schools and take to the streets to protest budget cuts

From the open publishing newswire: Franklin students organized a walkout today, and Wilson, MLC, and Lincoln organized solidarity walkouts. MLC kids met up with Lincoln at Lincoln around 10:45 or so, and they walked down to Pioneer courthouse square, chanting "Hey hey, ho ho, budget cuts have got to go". There were several hundred people there. Wilson students met up with them at Pioneer courthouse square, and after a short rally, led a march through downtown Portland. There was no police presence as of the time they started heading back towards Lincoln.
[ Read More... ]

PHOTOS from the Lincoln students' snake-march through downtown
yay for the kids! this action was a helluvalot more lively than most of what you see here in Portland that passes for a protest (especially those tepid, permitted affairs the liberals throw). these young people took the street loudly and unapologetically and recieved -- APPLAUSE from bystanders.
[ Story & Photos ]

Report from Franklin High School
I went to Franklin High as part of an Indy Video film crew. We arrived at 10:00am and talked to a student on the sidewalk behind the school who told us that students would be walking out of the other side at 10:15. We walked into the school and headed for the administrative offices to sign in and let them know we were there. (We were warmly received by the assistant principal.) There were a number of mainstream media folks there as well, signing in. Then we went out the front door of the school onto the large space between the track and football field, near a huge statue of Ben Franklin. ("A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.")

Students were beginning to drift out of the front door and gathering near a set of speakers under the statue. A group of students began to 'grab the mic' and share their thoughts on the gutting of the public school budget. There were many ideas expressed, including dismay at the potential elimination of the spring sports curriculum; the danger to students' educational competitiveness against students from other school systems, etc. Within minutes a couple hundred kids had gathered and began cheering on the speakers.
[ Read More... (scroll down to find in comment) ]

NUCLEAR WASTE 19.12.2002 22:19
Protest plutonium shipments along I-5 and I-84
From the open publishing newswire: Wednesday the US Department of Energy began trucking High-Level Nuclear waste from California to the already grossly contaminated Hanford site along the Columbia River. A shipment will come through Portland around Friday. In spite of the Bush administration's warnings about dirty bombs, they are willing to ship them on our highways now putting all citizens at risk.

Protesters will urge Governor John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Office of Energy to file a Temporary Restraining Order in federal court to block the shipments of plutonium-contaminated waste (TRU -- transuranic waste). The shipments are illegal, being made without due process (EIS not yet finished), dangerous and at high risk as terrorist targets. Bring signs and cardboard boxes marked Nuke Waste. [ Details ]

WHEN: 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2002

[ Hanford Watch ]

POLITICAL PRISONERS 19.12.2002 22:15
Mike D. is now in jail
From the open publishing newswire: Michael McMullin (Mike D.) was found in violation of his probation for not calling his probation officer every day. He has now been sentenced to 90 days in the Multnomah County Jail and he has now turned himself in Wednesday the 18th @ 8:00am. We are asking for Judge Baldwin to let Mike be FREE for the Christmas holidays. So please just take a little bit of your time and write a letter, fax, email, or call Judge Baldwin. Also write Mike to show SOLIDARITY! [ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 19.12.2002 22:07
Anarchist Knitting Collective to meet Friday night
From the open publishing newswire: [On Friday] the newly formed Anarchist Knitting Collective will be having its third meeting. We will be meeting between 6:00-7:00 at the Red and Black off Division and 22nd. Come and learn how to knit or crotche. This is an excellent community based project, where individuals share their skills and build autonomy in an anti-capitalist fashion. i.e. do it yourself, don't depend on machines. If you would like to join us please do. You do not need any prior experience. If you would like to come teach that would also be wonderful. Yarn donations are likewise greatly appreciated:)
[ Read More... ]

Another poster writes: What's going on with the anarchist cooking collective?

CIVIL LIBERTIES 19.12.2002 10:17
Friday Rally to protest mass round-ups of Muslims by INS in Los Angeles
From the open publishing newswire: [T]he PPRC will renew their protest of the targeting of immigrants by the Bush Administration's "Homeland Security" policies. "In Los Angeles and San Diego alone, as many as 1000 people have been arrested when they tried to comply with new INS rules requiring them to re-register with immigration authorities," explained Mikel Clayhold of the PPRC. "We must all speak out against this unjust and immoral attack on our Islamic and immigrant brothers and sisters whose lives have been brutalized by the INS."

Hundreds have shown up at a demonstration outside an INS office in Los Angeles to protest the arrests. The Southern California chapter of the ACLU has compared the arrests to the internment of Japanese Americans during the second world war. The jails are reportedly overcrowded with the recently arrested immigrants. One young man whose father was being held claimed that "They've been treating him like an animal... [putting] him in a room with, like, 50 other people and no bed or anything."

"We must all recognize our obligation to protect the rights of all individuals, whether or not they are citizens of this country," said Clayhold. "Will naturalized citizens be the next to be targeted, or the children of immigrants?" The PPRC considers the new policies to be a form of ethnic and religious profiling and condemns the selective enforcement of INS rules and regulations. [ Read More... ]

First-hand account from LA protests against the round-ups
im across the street right now, this protest was put together very quickly through Iranian radio and TV by all types of different people. It's so sad what is going on, i have talked to lots of different families today who have a brother, cousin, dad someone get detained by the INS in the last few weeks. They say they are being kept in horrible conditinos and being treated very unfairly and some are facing deportation.

A lot of people are out here and it looks awesome.. im amazed that this was put together without any activist groups.. in some ways that makes it even better.. but i am truly surprised that no activist organizations are even out here.. no ANSWER no NOT IN OUR NAME, no Peace coalitions, no people tabling.. it's mostly Iranian people.. it's kind of weird cuz ususally when i come to protests out here mostly those groups have organized it and lots of white people and weekend activsits come out to them.. but for such an important event like this.. none of those groups are even present.. maybe they only go to events that they organize.. and events like this are just not important enough.. who knows

either way this today has shown me that peopel can come together w/ out any leaders of big old groups telling them where to go and this and that.. they didn't even have a permit (so i've heard from a few speakers) this is truly awesome [ Read More at LA Indymedia... ]

[ PHOTOS from LA Protest ]

[ Mass arrests of Muslims in LA (BBC) ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 18.12.2002 17:10
'Borg 4' forest activists arraigned in Clackamas County
From the open publishing newswire: Four young activists affiliated with the Cascadia Forest Alliance were arraigned in Clackamas County District Court in Oregon City on Tuesday, after being arrested at a non-violent protest at the Borg timber sale in Mount Hood National Forest on August 30th. Each of the activists was initially charged with three misdemeanors: Interfering with an Agricultural Operation, Interfering with a Police Officer, and Disorderly Conduct.

All four defendants received "no complaint" notices at their arraignments in the same court on September 30th, meaning that the Clackamas County District Attorney chose not to charge them at that time. The DA reserved the right to reinstate charges for a period of two years, and did so earlier this month.

All four defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. [ Read More... ]

Streaming Audio of KBOO Radio News Feature:
[ modem | broadband ]

Background: [ Borg 4 arriagnments next tuesday (Dec. 12, 2002) | Downloadable flyer: "Support the Borg 4" [PDF] | Forest Activists under attack... again: 1 & 2 (Dec. 2) | VICTORY for the forest kids! (Sept. 30, 2002) | URGENT-Forest Activists Under Attack!! (Sept. 27, 2002) | New Tree Sit at Borg - 2 arrested at Road (Sept. 4, 2002) | 'You buy Solo, you buy us!' - Pepper spray, arrests at Solo timber sale auction (July 30, 2002) ]

ANIMAL DEFENSE 18.12.2002 16:06
World's Largest Insurance Broker Abandons Dying Laboratory: Activists Declare Victory
From the open publishing newswire: Animal rights activists are celebrating their second major victory in less than a year with today's announcement that Marsh Inc., the world's largest insurance company, will no longer provide insurance for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Activists have campaigned against Marsh since February. Property attacks against Marsh increased in the face of mounting injunctions limiting aboveground protests.

The credit for this victory lies equally with those who smashed windows as those held vocal protests outside Marsh offices and homes of executives states UK Animal Liberation Front Press Officer Robin Webb. Mr. Webb is currently in the U.S. and available for comment at 732.545.7560.

As a result of the campaign, Marsh has sued dozens of activists and animal rights groups in up to five U.S. cities, and dozens more have faced criminal charges as a result of the campaign against Marsh worldwide. Three activists are currently imprisoned in New York for property destruction at the homes of Marsh directors.

"Marsh threw everything they could at the animal rights movement, attempting to deter protests, only to fail miserably," states activist Dave Elliot. "No lawsuit, private investigator, or criminal prosecution prevented this victory. Until HLS is closed we will not apologize, we will not compromise, and we will not relent."
[ Read More... ]

[ SHAC | Animal Liberation Front (ALF) - UK | Animal Liberation Front ]

Benefit for the Feral Cat Coalition and Indigo Rescue - Show for feral kitties - Friday, Dec. 20th - 3558 SE Morrison - $2 (as in TWO BUCKS!!) How much cheaper can a night out be? And the money is going to feral cats! The only thing that would be better would be world peace, an end to hunger, and compassion for all living beings ... served up on a platter by a fully-reformed GW! [ Details ]

In Defense of Animals update, 18 Dec.
IDA Africa - in loving memory of Pepe, Damascus puppy mill, Ark Rescue, Pit bull attack, Mall Walk against Scamp's/ Puppy Mills THIS SAT! [ Read More... ]

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 18.12.2002 15:42
FBI offers reward for Tre Arrow; Local community to raise funds for his defense
From the open publishing newswire: Apparently Jake Sherman did'nt spill enough beans: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading directly to Tre Arrow's arrest. Local activist Tre Arrow, wanted alleged involvement in an arson which occurred at the Schoppert logging company in Eagle Creek, Oregon, on June 1, 2001, has been added to the FBI's "Most Wanted List. He remains at large. Arrow is a longtime environmental activist with an extensive history of involvement in peaceful protests and anti-logging tree sits, including the successful campaign to cancel the Eagle Creek Timber Sale.

Community support for Tre remains strong, The Speaking Truth To Power Defense Fund was established in the wake the indictments against Tre to defray the legal expenses of citizens targeted for voicing dissent. In light of recent events they are focusing their efforts on the Shoppert case and Tre's defense. A benefit dinner and concert featuring gormet vegan foos and music by Danny Dolinger and Vivian Section is planned for Jan 9th at the Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall, tickets available at Laughing Horse and Mirador Community Store.
[ Read More... ]

[ The Speaking Truth To Power Defense Fund | The Real Reason behind the Tre Arrow Indictments? (Dec. 5, 2002) | Activist injured at God's Valley pledges that struggle will continue (Oct. 24, 2001) | Judge decides not to "punish" Tre Arrow (Jan. 30, 2001) | Tre Arrow Speaks (streaming audio file, Nov. 13, 2000) ]

IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST 18.12.2002 15:09
Guilty until proven innocent - the new American way
From the open publishing newswire: Guilty until proven innocent. This is the new American way. And no evidence is necessary to order someone killed. Just the say-so of the man with the gun. Everything Americans have worked for over the past 227 years, to establish the rule of law over the emotions of the mob and the predations of the aristocracy, has been nullified by fake terror, insincere legislators and endless bribery.

Vigilante justice is the new order of the day in this frightening 2003 edition of the United States of America. Due process, the right to a fair trial, the right to be safe and secure in one's home - these are all things of the past, things we used to defend as the best traits of American freedom in those happy days before the self-inflicted War on Terror.

Now we are defending the right of the president to order people killed because he says they are bad guys. He doesn't need any evidence because he's the president, according to Ari Fleischer, his sycophantic press secretary. This is what we are presenting to our children as the actions of a democracy.

As the reptilian politician Henry Hyde said recently, the Constitution is just not relevant anymore. What he means is people don't have rights anymore. [ Read More... ]

Yahoo announces George W. Bush as Person of the Year! Tell Yahoo what you think!
Check out this garbage! Yahoo announced their Person of the Year (for whatever that's worth), and it is noneother than George W. Bush! They say the findings are based on popularity, but the glowing analysis they give Uncle George is too much to bear.

Check it out at: http://yir.yahoo.com/2002/winner.html. Tell Yahoo to go to hell....send email in protest! [ Read More... ]

ANTI-PATRIOT ACT(IONS) 18.12.2002 09:06
Update on Civil Liberties/USA PATRIOT Act Resolution in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: We have close to 1,500 individual signatories to the proposed resolution, as well as thirteen organizational endorsements. Inquiries from the public, the press, and potential organizers in other cities are all on a recent increase -- mostly due to the passage of Eugene's resolution, and the recent pair of local articles about our campaign.

This week we've had meetings with staffers from two more City Council offices, meaning we have thus far met with three out of the five offices. These meetings have been very productive, and have provided a solid foundation for the necessary conversations between the PDX BoRDC and the Portland City Council. [ Read More... ]

[ 13 Dec. update from PDX BoRDC | Ursula K. Le Guin Endorses Civil Liberties Resolution | Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee ]

Eugene City Council passes anti-PATRIOT act resolution, 25 Nov.: [ 7-0 Against UPA (U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act) | Eugene City Council Passes Resolution Opposing the USA Patriot Act | Resistance to Patriot Act Rising! ]

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