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FOREST DEFENSE 26.12.2002 23:09
Old-Growth Yew Trees Killed in Forest Reserve for Bark
From the open publishing newswire: Roseburg Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is allowing contractors to kill Yew trees to harvest bark. The Pacific Yew is a small, slow growing tree found under the canopy of old-growth forests. Its bark contains a cancer fighting drug, Taxol. BLM is allowing the killing of Yew trees inside Old-Growth reserves (LSRs) without any public notice or comment. One can only speculate that the new interest in the Pacific Yew is related to the charges that Bristol-Myers Squibb is unfairly obstructing distribution of the generic form of Taxol, paclitaxcel. On July 30, 2001 a German company (Boehringer Ingelheim International) received FDA approval to market paclitaxcel.
[ Read More... ]

Evergreen – Strong Medicine

Within a one mile distance from my home there are two Christmas tree lots. December 26, post holy-day, the lots are deserted of people but littered with (beautiful) dead trees. This inane practice is a very appropriate expression of what a gluttonous wasteful society america is. It was the pagans who introduced evergreens ~ a potent symbol of life ~ into the winter solstice celebration. Cutting down evergreens, that symbolize life, is sacrilegious, soul-less.

I spent Christmas afternoon with Michael Moore, viewing his new film "Bowling for Columbine". While viewing 'Bowling for Columbine' I thought of a very important sequel with regard to the pharmaceutical issue. One of the students who was shot at Columbine High School recently filed a lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Luvox (Fluvoxamine). One of the (two) students who was involved in the shooting spree was on this anti-depressant drug.

This is not an isolated incident. Antidepressants are one of the biggest selling drugs, with $12.5 billion in retail sales. Depression is a common condition in america. Teen depression is alarmingly high, with a reported six teen suicides per day. I think that this depression has its roots in our artificial lifestyles, in the way that we devalue life, and in the way that we are despairingly disconnected from one another, from nature and most disturbingly, from ourselves.

Some may argue that the simple act of cutting down a Christmas tree is not such a big deal, but the evergreen is strong medicine, an icon of life. Take a walk by the Christmas tree lots and there you will see this depression. Peer in at the trees and consider the deleterious effect that this practice is having on our soul. Consider the symbology of it and know that this represents something profound. Depression is about soul loss. america is a soulless nation. [ Full Story ] [ straight dope on toxic and dangerous effects of pharmaceutical drugs ]

ANTI-WAR DIRECT ACTION 26.12.2002 21:09
Reed Human Iraq Shield Movement Forming in January
Reed College students voted overwhelmingly in favor of a referendum opposing a US unilateral or preemptive war against Iraq. The referendum passed with 88% of the vote. The turnout was comparable to or larger than that of other Reed elections, with close to 40% of students voting. The Reed referendum follows anti-war resolutions passed by the student government's of University of Texas Austin and University of California Berkeley. Students around the country are sending a clear message to President Bush that they oppose a unilateral or preemptive war against Iraq. [ Full Story ] [ STOP THIS WAR ? SUPPORT THE UKS HUMAN SHIELD MISSION TO IRAQ ]

POLITICAL PRISONERS 26.12.2002 20:55
Michael McMullin (Mike D.) Is in solitary confinement for not consenting to a strip search in the Inverness Jail. We do not know the whole story of what happened yet, but if you know Mike, then you know he stands up and speaks out when his or anyone's rights are being violated. Solitary confinement, for those who do not know, is where an inmate is locked up by himself, he cannot have visitors, and he sometimes cannot even have letters that are sent to him. [ Full Story ]

Previous stories about Mike D: [ Mike D Arrested at Borg Timber Sale (Sept. 6, 2002) | POLICE OPPRESSION CONTINUES IN CASE OF MIKE D "SUPPORT NEEDED AT TRIAL" (Sept. 7, 2002) | Mike D Solidarity Flyer (Sept. 10, 2002) | Who is Mike D? (Sept. 12, 2002) | SUPPORT MIKE D: WHEN THEY TAKE ONE OF US ON, THEY TAKE ALL OF US ON (Sept.12, 2002) | Police Target Moms and Harrass Supporters A Mike D's Court Date (Sept. 13, 2002) | Double Plus Goodness at Mike D's Arraignment (Sept. 13, 2002) | The Injustice System at work: Mike D. gets 60 days for probation violations (Sept. 15, 2002) | Mike D.'s hearing Wednesday; Support needed (Dec. 3, 2002) ]

Political Prisoner Letter Writing Party - 6:30pm Saturday @ CFA

This is the time to get off your ass and write a letter to the people who are sitting in jail/prison for doing political actions. You may say to yourself "I don't need to show up at Cascadia Forest Alliance at 6:30pm on Saturday to write a letter. That is something I can do at home." But you won't end up doing it! You will put it off! Plus you can learn about all the poitical prisoners and why they are in jail/prison. This is fun and informative! [ Details ]

Saturday, December 28th 6:30pm

@ Cascadia Forest Alliance (16th & Clinton)
Call Cascadia Forest Alliance at 241-4879
for directions Bring Food to Share :)

Stop the Harassment of Melanie Schmid, prisoner at Oregon new women's prison

Melanie Schmid, #5992221, an inmate at Oregon's Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, is being harassed and intimidated by prison officers after allegedly reporting an inmate-officer relationship. Although Melanie did not blow the whistle, she has been subjected to unwarranted cell-ins as well as threats of disciplinary reports and segregation by CO Heflin (the officer in question), CO Jackson and others. Although Melanie has reported this intimidation to Captain Dickenson and Superintendent Palmateer, Heflin continues to work on the unit and the harassment continues. [ Read more... ]

CIVIL RIGHTS 25.12.2002 14:26
KBOO/NLG Broadcast on Your Rights!
From the open publishing newswire: KBOO Radio, located in Portland and heard in much of Northwestern Oregon, will be broadcasting a program about your civil rights sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild and narrated by Peter Coyote. This is one of the most important pieces of information being distributed over community radio, community news and the internet right now. Don't miss it!

On Tuesday, December 31 (New Years Eve) betweem 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM a very important program will be played on KBOO Community radio.KBOO, located in Portland and heard in much of Northwestern Oregon will be broadcasting a program about your civil rights sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild and narrated by Peter Coyote.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 25.12.2002 13:34
Reed Students Vote Against War in Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: Reed College students voted overwhelmingly in favor of a referendum opposing a US unilateral or preemptive war against Iraq. The referendum passed with 88% of the vote. The turnout was comparable to or larger than that of other Reed elections, with close to 40% of students voting. The Reed referendum follows anti-war resolutions passed by the student government's of University of Texas Austin and University of California Berkeley. Students around the country are sending a clear message to President Bush that they oppose a unilateral or preemptive war against Iraq.
[ Read More... ]

NEW MAGAZINE 25.12.2002 13:23
World Birth is Born!
From the open publishing newswire:


World Birth is a new magazine, that in the words of its founder, "is about listening, really listening, to women and children about world issues." World Birth is not another magazine focusing on women or children's issues exclusively, it is a central part of the movement to hear the voices of women and children, first hand, on every topic affecting our world today. World Birth's international focus will bring the real news that mainstream media either ignores or deliberately suppresses. Articles and roundtable discussions from top international journalists, both women and children, will focus on and connect positive wholistic movements that are working to reshape our planet. The magazine and its founder, Jensine Larsen, are still open to talented women and children to contribute their skills here in Portland and abroad. They are also asking for tax deductible financial support from all who can afford to help make this amazing news source widely available. To become involved or for more information contact: Jensine Larsen at jensine@hevanet.com or check out www.worldbirth.org in January.
[ Read More... ]

IMMIGRATION ACTION 25.12.2002 12:06
Stand up for our immigrant brothers and sisters on Jan. 10
From the open publishing newswire: Last week, hundreds of immigrants were detained by the INS in Los Angeles when they went to register themselves as part of new INS requirements. The next deadline for registration is Jan. 10. Photographing, fingerprints and interviews are some of what people might have to submit to with the INS. Jan. 10 is for so-called "visitors" from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, or Yemen.

Here in Portland, we must show up in force that day at the INS to protect our brothers and sisters and not let the INS detain anyone. This is a call to all individuals and organizations, from all issues -- anti-fascist and anti-racist, labor, animal and earth defense, faith-based, peace/anti-war -- to come together in solidarity and refuse to allow the INS to commit more offenses against humanity. Especially at risk here in Portland might be the Somali community, which has already been targetted through the frame-up of Sheik Kariye, a local Muslim spiritual leader, by the PJJTF.
[ Read More... ]

Previous stories: [ Friday Rally to protest mass round-ups of Muslims by INS in Los Angeles (Dec. 19, 2002) | First-hand account from LA protests against the round-ups (LA IMC, Dec. 19, 2002) | PHOTOS from the LA protest (LA IMC, Dec 19, 2002) ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 25.12.2002 11:58
Happy birthday Prince of peace, your message to world is now dead
From the open publishing newswire: Where humans once gathered around campfires and fireplaces and disseminated the information from other lands or from the next village in the form of storytelling, songs and dance, people now gather around the television set. The difference now is the information is not being disseminated by one among us but rather from feudal lord central. An advance the feudal lords have been waiting for as a means to control the flow of information to the masses. However by making technology and the Internet fairly accessible to those that disagree with the feudal message the feudal lords themselves have had to develop techniques that resemble a child putting his or her hands over their ears and singing at the top of their lungs to avoid any truth that might accidently slip in. First, the futile lords, attempted to take control of the Internet and when that failed they began to say if it came off the Internet it was to be held in suspicion. Now that they know they can't stop the free flow of information from the net their resorting to pretending there is a no dissent at all and if they admit there is any, it represents the lunatic left, a tiny fringe minority in the grand scheme of things in America.
[ Read More... ]

[ pdx indymedia holiday feature, 2001 | Toxic Toys ]

COMMERCIALISM 25.12.2002 11:57
Toxic Toys (Photos of war toys in a Eugene mall)
From the open publishing newswire: On Christmas Eve we took a trip to the Toys "R" Us store in Eugene to see what was in store for this years war toys. G.I. Joe and Ulimate Soldier were the two most prevalent brands. Many of the toys are based on historical events, or, at least, on commonly-held or official versions of historical events. A Pearl Harbor set, for example, treats the incident as a surprise attack, though it has long since been established that the U.S. government had full knowledge of it ahead of time. Not that you'd expect it to be otherwise, of course.
[ Read More... ]

Has anyone noticed the number of war movies coming out?
From the open publishing newswire: I went to the see the Gangs of New York last night and it was scary to see that *every* single trailer before the movie was one of three things - war, glorifying the CIA, or both. (BTW- I went to see Gangs because of its historical depiction of the anarchy and state of society at the time. No for LC! Really.)

I'm thinking of creating some sort of flier to hand out at demos and maybe at the theaters about not going to the idiot propaganda warparty movies. No wonder hollywood people are starting to come out of the woodwork, they're probably sick of it too - and they're seeing it way before we are, in the scripts and the funding, from the gov't no doubt. At first I thought, well, people who go to war movies aren't going to stop. But as my friend pointed out, it gets people thinking about what they're doing, and it puts it into their heads so that they're aware. A sort of first step.
[ Read More... ]

FOURTH REICH RISING 25.12.2002 11:24
Martial law is coming. Do you have a plan?
From the open publishing newswire: I don't think it's a matter of "if" anymore, it's a matter of "when." The better prepared we are, the better chance we'll have against it.

I don't mean to scare you. I just want to be that little voice in your head that wakes you up just before you hit that truck speeding down the highway. If you don't move quickly, there's going to be a big mess.

Before you brush me aside as a "Chicken Little", let me ask you a couple questions:

1) Would it surprise you, given all the hype about it, if there were reports of an smallpox outbreak in the next month or so?

2) Would it surprise you if, in the event of a smallpox outbreak or similar catastrophe, martial law were declared in the United States?

Frankly, I'd be very pleasantly surprised if both of these things DIDN'T happen. Because, you see, the Bush administration fully intends to attack Iraq. You don't send all those troups over to the middle east without something to show for it. But currently the support for such an action is at an all-time low compared to past U.S. military adventures. It's just not in our national character to attack without what is perceived to be reasonable provocation. So that provocation must be created.
[ Read More... ]

related portland indymedia stories: [ U.S. to Begin Mandatory Smallpox Vaccinations (Dec. 10, 2002) | Smallpox, vaccinations, and the Emergency Health Powers Act (June 5, 2002) | 9.11 investigation coverage ]

See also: [ Executive Orders and National Emergencies: How Presidents Have Come to "Run the Country" by Usurping Legislative Power (Cato Institute) | Historical precedents for martial law | FEMA - The Secret Government ]

We Are In The Fourth Reich Here
On Saturday evening, December 20, 2002, the Greater Northwest Defense Association held their fourth in a series of lecture/discussions at PSU. This most recent presentation was called, "Civil Rights in America, Calling 911: Standing Tall." Two seasoned civil rights Attorneys addressed the gathering on similar subjects. 1) Robert Bloom: represented different groups such as the Black Panther Party, Puerto Rican Independence Activists, and Environmental Activists. 2) Stanley Cohen. Bloom's talk comprises the content of this audio file. Bloom says that he was first made political by members of the Black Panther Party in New York. He was no longer a young man when he figured out that a handful of people control almost everything we do. These few wealthy people have established institutions that help them maintain that position of power. He speaks to the issue of post 911 America, the targeting of the Muslim community, which he states is not just a target of convenience, but a target that will help them accomplish goals they have long held.......control of the oil reserves of the planet. The rest is all fluff.

Towards the end of his talk he remarks that to the extent that any of you in the audience get hassled by the police, remember, that "they are not your friends." We must have a unified community, because we really are in the fourth Reich here. "Seek all the help you can get." [ Full Story ] [ audio PhilosopherSeed.org ]

PALESTINE / ACTIVISM / ALERT 24.12.2002 19:03
Oregon Activists being held by the IDF
Update (6:41pm Tue Dec 24 '02): The following message comes from Leslie Frane, Executive Director of SEIU#503, the Oregon Public Employees Union:
Just to let you know that Bob is safe. I spoke to a friend of his in Bethlehem this afternoon. The hostages were released this morning. And Bob was not actually in the house himself.
Original Post: Bob Rossi, a peace activist, labor union organizer and co founder of the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund is on a humanitarian misssion in Palestine. He is supposed to visit the children that we sponsor and deliver to them the holiday gifts and the money that we collected for them in the last two months. As you can see from the letter below Bob and his friends Margaret Phillips were both threatened by the IDF at gun point and they are being held hostage by the IDF in the apartment of Mr. Sami Awad , Director of the Holy Land Trust in Palestine.
With hearts full of sadness I write this letter a couple of days before Christmas to inform you that Israeli army troops have occupied the apartment building we live in and have locked us as well as twelve other families in our apartments. They have told us that they are here for an indefinite period of time and we will not be able to leave our apartments until they leave.
Both, Bob and Margaret are United States citizens from the state of Oregon of went to Palestine on a humanitarian mission and to visit the holy sites. They entered the country legally and have no record ever or association with any political or military group. [ Full Story ]

INDYMEDIA 24.12.2002 13:10
IndyBENEFIT for New, Improved IndyMedia! - Friday 27th
What do we want? Faster and More Accessible FREE SPEECH! YAY! If you participate, believe in and/or actively defend y/our right to freedom of expression come help IndyMedia fund a tech upgrade so it can better serve our community.

An evening of totally diverse entertainment to raise funds for hardware needed to help IndyMedia run more efficiently, and help *you* avoid pesky error and "no story..." messages, among other annoying technical roadblocks.

Come to the RED & BLACK CAFE, December 27th, at 6:30 pm and see Rexella, Stizzy, and more tba. We're hoping for some spoken word, y'all. Hint to all the Poetry Movement posters, yo. If anyone is interested, please email me! [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 23.12.2002 21:18
I-5 Overpass Peace Action
From the open publishing newswire: For the past two weekends peace activists have lined freeway overpasses in Washington State with an anti-war message. There have been people on at least 20 overpasses along a 95-mile stretch of interstate from Seattle to the Canadian border. Those involved think that this action is very effective and are suggesting we take it nation-wide over the next three Saturdays (Dec. 28, Jan. 4 and 11).

From another post:I strongly support this method of getting the message out. Particularly around this time of year when so many people are traveling up and down the freeways with their families and such. Maybe it gives people something to TALK about in the car and it certainly shows that there is another opinion that is not being heard above the warmongering in the media.
[ Read More... ]

FOREST DEFENSE 23.12.2002 20:55
Borg 4 Legal Update: Forest defenders need your help!
The charge 'Interference with Agricultural Operations' was passed by the state legislature well before September 11th, 2001 as an effort to further criminalize nonviolent environmental protest and label it 'eco-terrorism.' Four activists arrested last summer protesting old growth logging at the Borg timber sale in the Mt. Hood Nat'l Forest are now facing charges on this absurd 'crime'. While the Mt. Hood is clearly public land, the description of this charge refers to activity taken ''while on the property of another persyn.'' The forest defenders facing charges need our support.

The four forest activists who were arrested on August 30th, 2002 in the Borg timber sale located in the Mt. Hood National Forest (the Borg Four), all made court appearances on December 17th in Oregon City. At their first court appearance, on October 1st, prosecutors declined to press charges and 'No Complaint' against the activists was filed. A month and a half later all four activists were notified to appear in court again on December 17th for their arraignments.

These forest defenders need your support. Come to the Cascadia Forest Alliance office on January 7th to carpool to Oregon City. Support the activists who are fighting for life.

Michael ''Mike D'' McMullin, also arrested at the end of this summer, is currently being held in the Multnomah County Jail, located in NE Portland, for a Parole Violation. He will remain in jail for 90 days. Come to CFA on Thursday, January 14th to write letters to political prisoners such as Mike D. He needs your support.
[ Read More... ]


CIVIL LIBERTIES 23.12.2002 20:44
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?
From the open publishing newswire: This morning I'll be escorting my wife to the hospital, where the doctors will perform a caesarean section to remove our first child. She didn't want to do it this way - neither of us did - but sometimes the Fates decide otherwise. The Fates or, in our case, government employees. On the morning of October 26th Mary and I entered Portland International Airport, en route to the Las Vegas wedding of one of my best friends. Although we live in Los Angeles, we'd been in Oregon working on a film, and up to that point had had nothing but praise to shower on the city of Portland, a refreshing change of pace from our own suffocating metropolis.

At the security checkpoint I was led aside for the "inspection" that's all the rage at airports these days. My shoes were removed. I was told to take off my sweater, then to fold over the waistband of my pants. My baseball hat, hastily jammed on my head at 5 AM, was removed and assiduously examined ("Anything could be in here, sir," I was told, after I asked what I could hide in a baseball hat. Yeah. Anything.) Soon I was standing on one foot, my arms stretched out, the other leg sticking out in front of me àla a DUI test. I began to get pissed off, as most normal people would. My anger increased when I realized that the newly knighted federal employees weren't just examining me, but my 7Z months pregnant wife as well. I'd originally thought that I'd simply been randomly selected for the more excessive than normal search. You know, Number 50 or whatever. Apparently not though - it was both of us. These are your new threats, America: pregnant accountants and their sleepy husbands flying to weddings.
[ Read More... ]

23.12.2002 18:48
Last night while travelling back to Tucson after working the day at
Kitt Peak, I was detained/arrested at a police check point in the
Tohono O'odham Reservation - Pima County, Arizona. The check point was a
joint task force operation involving the Tohono O'odham police, U.S.
Customs, and INS/Border Patrol. Below appears my account of the events that

ANIMAL RIGHTS 22.12.2002 22:29
Protest at the Primate Center TOMORROW!
From the open publishing newswire: Since ORPRC opened its doors in 1962, there have been no significant benefits to human health produced by this facility. Yet nearly forty years have passed, billions of public tax dollars have been spent, and countless lives have been lost. Now the OHSU-run facility is under a twenty year expansion which will greatly increase the amount of non-human animal based experimentation occurring on-site in Beaverton, Oregon. The Oregon Primate Center needs not to expand, but, in recognition of the lack of any substantial benefits to humans, it needs to be shut down.

While the animals are being tortured, dissected, and killed in the primate center, the researchers are going to go home and spend a nice cozy holiday with the family. Let's make sure they remember what they are leaving behind. There will be a protest at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center on 505 N.W. 185th Avenue Beaverton, OR 97006-3499 tomorrow (Monday), December 23rd at 3:00pm.
[ Read More... ]

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