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Special Critical Mass to join Radical Feeder March for Jan. 18 anti-war action
From the open publishing newswire: Portland CM has called for "Radical Feeder Mass" - NW Park & Couch 11:30 am, Saturday Oil war being right up Critical Mass's proverbial alley, Portland CM will hold a Radical Feeder Mass simultaneous to the Radical Feeder March (and possibly along the same route, but you never know). Same time, same place, just look for the bikes.
[ Read More... ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 15.01.2003 14:05
Another victory against HLS! -- Urgent action needed to maintain pressure!
From the open publishing newswire: An amazing turn of events have unfolded over the last 24 hours. On Monday morning HLS press released that vivisection guru Kirby Lee Cramer and university professor John Caldwell resigned themselves from Huntingdon's board of directors. This public abandonment leaves Huntingdon with a huge gaping wound, as these two individuals were all that gave the board its scientific and business credibility.

These are the two main directors animal rights activists have been targeting in the UK and the US. Kirby Lee Cramer has had his home address and phone number widely published, and the other companies he sits on the boards of have been under attack (weakening his position there.) This summer, as SHAC announced this new area of activism, an ultimatum was given to Kirby to choose between being welcome at all the other companies he sits on the boards of, or just stick with Huntingdon. Mr. Cramer choose wisely.

The loss of these two individuals is the clearest indication yet that even those within Huntingdon admit it is a dying enterprise. They have chosen not to go down with the ship.

As if this wasn't bad enough -


Mr. Muhammed Faruque is a 73 year-old business man from Karachi, Pakistan. He runs a family company that makes cement, sugar, and paper products. He has nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry, and is reported to be making no financial investment in the lab.

It also has been reported that he has a great deal of trepidation about joining the board concerning the animal rights threat he may face.

Sounds like he needs some convincing!


[ Phone, Fax and E-mail info for Mr. Faruque! and a SAMPLE LETTER! ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM! 15.01.2003 12:21
Student Activist Alliance launches massive sit-In at area High Schools
Franklin High School, in Portland Oregon, as well as high schools across the PPS district, will stage a mass action to demonstrate against the legislature's wrong priorities. A good education is a basic human right. Any further and Oregon's Public Education system will become irrelevant.

So students are simply refusing to leave school.

On the 16th, after school, local students will gather from various schools, breaking longstanding rivalries, to meet at Franklin and other high schools and simply refuse to leave.

This action will last until 8:00 am the next morning. And serves as a warning of what's to come. [ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 15.01.2003 12:18
PPRC Friday Rally Makes Final Push for January 18th
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's Friday rally, set for 5:00 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square, will again zero in on the final push to "get out the marchers" for the January 18th mobilization against war on Iraq. "The world has been slowly but steadily uniting against Bush's mad rush to war, and Portland will be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding peace movement here in the United States," said Chris Roehm, a PPRC volunteer involved in the organizing for the peace march on Saturday. "We expect to see very large numbers of people journeying to Saturday's peace march from all over Oregon and Southwest Washington." PPRC volunteers will be fanning out across the city for a final drive of leafleting and postering to promote the rally and march. Spokespersons again emphasized that, like the previous two large-scale marches of October 5th and November 17th, everybody is welcome to participate in an event that will be peaceful, legal and brimming with a celebration of the struggle for peace and justice.
[ Read More... ]

HUMAN RIGHTS | BIO-WARFARE 14.01.2003 18:00
Smallpox in America: Into the Garden of Delights
Are [we] in danger of a smallpox outbreak in America? Or, are we in a danger of losing control of our health and wellfare. Jennifer Van Bergen examines the issue in Smallpox in America: Into the Garden of Delights:
We are told that there is new grave threat to our welfare. Smallpox. If we are indeed in danger of a smallpox outbreak (which is contradicted by medical testimony), the threat appears to be inflated. A far more grave threat, however, is the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA, MEHPA, or EHPA), portions of which were incorporated into the Homeland Security Act (HSA). The EHPA provides for forced vaccinations and confiscation or destruction of personal property under the mere threat of a threat of an outbreak.

Representative Ron Paul (R.-TX.), who also is a medical doctor, writes: "When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies. The possibility that the federal government could order vaccines is real. Provisions buried in the 500-page homeland security bill give federal health bureaucrats virtually unchecked power to declare health emergencies. Specifically, it gives the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services _ in my view one of the worst of all federal agencies _ power to declare actual or potential bioterrorist emergencies; to administer forced "countermeasures," including vaccines, to individuals or whole groups; and to extend the emergency declaration indefinitely."

Health and welfare issues have traditionally been state issues. Since 1824, the so-called "police power," which includes "the authority to provide for the public health, safety, and morals," has been the exclusive province of the states. Sandy Mintz, who writes on Vaccination News, states: "The Homeland Security Bill as now written, however, appears to be an effort to circumvent states' rights, by federalizing declared emergencies related to "public health". It seems to have been decided that declaring a federal emergency using federal law would allow states' rights to be by-passed." She continues, "This effort seems to be, at least in part, a reaction to the failure of all states to pass, or in some cases to even consider passing thus far, an MEHPA bill." [ Newswire Post ] [ T R U T H O U T ] [ Rohrback Report on MSEHPA ] [ Government Vaccines - Bad Policy, Bad Medicine ] [ Vaccination News ] [ Vaccination Liberation ] [ Nuremberg Code: Directives for Human Experimentation ]

POLITICAL PRISONERS 14.01.2003 17:32
Anarchist Prisoners Placed in the Hole
From the open publishing newswire: On Tuesday January 7, 2002, Misconduct Reports were delivered to anarchist prisoners Rob los Ricos (Robert Thaxton) and Brian McCarvill at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP). They were subsequently transferred to Disciplinary Segregation ("The Hole"). Rob was written up for "Disobedience of an Order I" and "Unauthorized Organization I"; we assume that Brian's charges are similar and he has also been sent to the Hole. Rob now expects "4 months in a box" and both Rob and Brian may be transferred to another Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) institution.

Brian McCarvill is currently involved in a lawsuit against ODOC staff, challenging their censorship and rejection of anarchist publications. Anarchists are viewed as a gang or Security Threat Group (STG) within ODOC. The circle A symbol is considered a STG symbol; many radical publications are rejected by ODOC mailroom staff on this basis. Rob made a Declaration in Support of Preliminary Injunction in Brian's lawsuit and was also recently Brian's cellmate at OSP.

To compliment Brian's legal efforts, a postcard campaign was organized by allies on the outside. The postcards featured the anarchist circle A and the message "This is not a gang symbol." These postcards were sent in to Rob and Brian. ODOC's response was to throw them in the Hole.
[ Read More... ]

Former Political Prisoners to Speak in Portland
On Friday, January 17th, Splitting the Sky and Ed Mead will be speaking in Portland. The presentation will take place at Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, at 7PM. This event is sponsored by the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network outside support collective, Break the Chains and Anti-Capitalist Action. It is free, but we encourage donations to cover costs and support ongoing prisoner support ($3 - $10 suggested).
[ Details ]

JANUARY 18 ANTI-WAR ACTION 14.01.2003 17:23
Help Feed the Feeder March!! Bring Noisemakers, Banners, Propaganda, Friends...
Things are really coming together for the radical feeder march. We should have some great flags, literature, theater stuff, and noise. The current thinking is that we do the feeder march, hook up with the larger march, then try to stick together as a block (the flags should help) for the rest of the day.

To help make the feeder march a success, folks should:
1. Spread the word!
2. Organize your friends, co-workers, comrades into a contingent, affinity group or gymnastics troupe. Make a banner for your group. Make a plan.
3. Find some cool stuff for makin' racket--drums, pots n pans, washboards, penny whistles, tubas, whatever.
[ Read More... ]

Stories about Nov. 17, 2002, radical feeder march: [ Radical Feeder March a Big Success | Pics From The Radical Feeder March ]

Free childcare on January 18th
Portland Anti Capitalist Action is providing free childcare on January 18th. We have several certified care takers, certified social workers, (CPR certified ) and references available. We have secured the IWW hall on 6th and Burnside. Food, games, movies, arts and crafts etc...
[ Details ]

Peace / Anti-war events in the region: [ pdx indy STOP WAR page ]

Corvallis hosts traveling photo exhibit "Children of the Gulf War"


From the open publishing newswire: Corvallis will host the photographic work of Takashi Morizumi from January 20th to the 30th at the Center for the Humanities. The exhibit opens at 7 p.m. on the 20th with "Health Effects of War," a multimedia presentation by Xander Patterson, Director of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR). Both events are free and open to the public.

Japanese photojournalist Takashi Morizumi has made numerous trips to Iraq to document the consequences of the Gulf War and subsequent economic sanctions to the people of Iraq. "The people are exhausted, their lives a continual ordeal, and the main victims are the Iraqi Children," said Morizumi.

In addition to the direct effects of war and sanctions, Morizumi and medical aid agencies are concerned about the lingering effects of depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military. At the end of the 1991 Gulf War, the United States left behind an estimated 300-800 tons of depleted uranium on the battlefields of the region. This substance has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and children are 10-20 times more sensitive to its effects than adults. There has been a ten-fold surge in birth defects in Iraq since 1991, even as large quantities of depleted uranium munitions are currently being stockpiled in the Gulf region for possible use against Iraq again.

The PSR presentation, "Health Effects of War," looks beyond the death and destruction commonly associated with war and explores its other short- and long-term effects, including civilian casualties, environmental and economic breakdown, refugees, land mines, psychological devastation, and nuclear threats. "There is no cure for the utter devastation of war, both short and long-term, especially to civilians, only prevention," said Oregon PSR director Xander Patterson.
[ Read More... ]

[ Children of the Gulf War Photo Exhibit | Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility | Background information on Depleted Uranium | Images from Gulf War 1 You Won't See on TV ]

ANTI-RACISM / ANTI-FASCISM 13.01.2003 20:03
Racist INS detentions protested nationwide and in Portland
On Friday, January 10, in cities across the U.S., hundreds of people protested the detentions and forced registration of non-citizen immigrants by Immigration and Naturalization Services. San Francisco [ Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Audio ], in San Diego, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Albany, NY, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix and Tucson. Here in Portland, about 150 people total protested in front of the INS office downtown over the course of an all-day vigil, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

I was there the entire day, and saw the crowd turn over completely about four times. In the morning, about 15 people from the Oregon Peace Institute were there, mostly women, handing out stickers for people to wear that said, "I AM A WITNESS". The next wave was a set of miscellaneous activists and community members of different ages. After that, the radicals arrived, and soon after, the food: Soup, bread, and pasta prepared by the anarchist cooking and baking collective the night before. That evening had also produced a profusion of signs that were used throughout the day, from cardboard reclaimed from the People's Co-op recycling dumpster. The final wave was made up of more community members of different ages, and a contingent of PPRC folks, down early for the 5:00 rally that day.

We saw people going in and out of the INS building every few minutes all day long.
[ Full story + PHOTOS ]

[ More PHOTOS ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 13.01.2003 19:55
Tell the Forest Service the 'Healthy Forest Initiative' is Un-Healthy!
On August 22, 2002, President Bush announced the "Healthy Forest Initiative". Exploiting the wildfires of that year, the Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI) seeks to increase commercial logging in U.S. National Forests. The HFI proposes some drastic changes that if put into effect could eliminate virtually any opportunity for the public to comment on or appeal destructive logging projects that Greenpeace and others have fought so hard to end. The President has directed the Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior and the Council on Environmental Quality to speed up regulatory processes and limit public participation in the name of fighting fires...

The Healthy Forest Initiative is a smokescreen for allowing logging interests to infiltrate the last of our old growth forests in the name of fire prevention. It cuts out important and necessary environmental impact statements and completely disregards the input of the public. The latest addition of categorical exclusions is just one more devious way the Bush administration is using the destruction of America's forests for political payback.

We the people have until January 15, 2002 to provide comments to the Forest Service to keep these categorical exclusions from becoming a reality.
[ Read More... ]

[ pdx indy forest activism page ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 13.01.2003 18:36
Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee - City Council Call/Email Campaign
From the open publishing newswire: Urge Commissioners Sten and/or Leonard to sponsor civil liberties resolution. While you can, of course, contact all members of the Portland City Council, we are primarily focusing right now on Commissioners Sten and Leonard. Why? Commissioner Sten's office has been the most receptive to the idea of sponsoring the resolution, and so needs to hear support for taking on that responsibility. As for Commissioner Leonard, at the moment he is the wild card, whose position on the resolution is currently unknown.

Note that right now this campaign is to get a Commissioner to SPONSOR the resolution, not merely support it. Urge that any such resolution come in two parts: One part to INSTRUCT city officials to abide by local and state protections of civil rights and liberties (much as we have already done by refusing last year to participate in the FBI's nationwide questioning of Arab- and Muslim-Americans). One part to REQUEST that Federal officials and our Congressional delegation properly discharge their oversight duties and report on activities here in Portland. Further, be sure to mention that the cities of Denver, New Haven, and Detroit have passed such resolutions -- and each of them, like Portland, hosts an FBI Field Office and therefore participates in the Joint Terrorism Task Force program.
[ Details and Contact Info. ]

GEEK SUPPORT 13.01.2003 12:31
New Portland Linux User Group


Breaking apart, replicating, evolving. It's all about

be cool... ditch the corporate crap. Heard the word, "Linux" before? Have you tried it before? Are you still paying for insane licensing fees or downloading illegal software and feel a little guilt about it? ;-) Want to try something completely legit and free? Don't know who to turn to for questions and answers? There is a new Portland Linux User Grop ( http://www.pdxlug.org/ ) forming this month as a branch off from the original Portland Linux/Unix Group [PLUG] and we'd like to invite you to come join our mailing list and start interacting with the local linux community. Our goal is to provide the local community with advice and solutions to common opensource and linux questions. If you're still using windows and know the BSOD oh too well, than you need to do yourself a favor and look for alternatives. We're here to help you. [ Details ] [ Portland Linux User Group ] [ www.tearitalldown.com ]

ANARCHY | ACTIVISM | EATING 13.01.2003 11:36
Anarchist Cookin and Baking Collective - Update
[For the] anti racist INS protest we made:
- four five gallon buckits of lentil rice and veggie soup- from scratch
- two pans of salted foccacia- from scratch
- four gallons of marinara- from scratch
- one and a half pans of filbert and banana sweetbread- from scratch
- three gallons of home cut linguini- from scratch
- five gallons of dumpstered coffee
- a couple gallons of plaid pantry pasta

there wern't enough protestors for the amount of food we were advised to make. we were left with seventeen gallons of soup. I took to the friday food to FOOD NOT BOMBS but they couldn't use it. A homeless man told me of a church on sixth and broadway that would serve the soup. I thanked him and sped off. The church was glad to take the soup but could only take seven gallons. The woman that guided me through the transfer of the soup was curious about our organization. She asked who we were? I told her aout the A.C.B.C. she said is that like food not bombs? I said kinda.. but not really- and she said so what do you folks protest? WAR? I said GOVERNMENT. governments wage wars... She gave a nervous look at the pastors and me- then said "I guess thats true" I said "yep." and hastened me outside She thanked us again - and told me of another charity in north west- around second street- that would go on to accept the remaining ten gallons of soup. [ Full Story ]

EDUCATION 13.01.2003 00:48
Rally To Save Our Schools! Brought to you by the Student Activist Alliance
From the open publishing newswire: As Oregon's schools slowly die, the students and members of the community will stand up to prevent the collapse of education and democracy. On January 24th, there will be a rally in Salem at the Capitol to protest the school budget cuts. Be there at 12pm, if you need a ride show up at Lincoln High School (1600 SW Salmon) at 10am. Without adequite education, democracy cannot work. Why is it that schools all over the United States are dwindling away while we contemplate spending billions on a war in Iraq? Come show the citizens and government in Oregon that the people care about education and will not stand to see the end to their schools.
[ Volunteer Transportation ]

RADICAL POLITICS 12.01.2003 22:59
Audio from Friday's lecture by Craig Rosebraugh, former ELF spokesperson
From the open publishing newswire: Friday evening, January 10, 2003, at Laughing Horse Books here in Portland, Craig Rosebraugh spoke to packed house on the subject of the legitimacy of Political Violence. Packed is an understatement, for the crowd filled the building and then spilled out the door onto the sidewalk. There has already been an excellent post on Indymedia concerning Craig's presentation, including photographs. For those who arrived late and could not find a space to listen, or for those who could not make the event at all, follow the link provided for his presentation, broken up into three parts. [ Comments ]

Streaming AUDIO: [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]

RADICAL POLITICS 12.01.2003 19:30
Former Political Prisoners to Speak in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: On Friday, January 17th, Splitting the Sky and Ed Mead will be speaking in Portland. The presentation will take place at Disjecta, 116 NE Russell, at 7PM. This event is sponsored by the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network outside support collective, Break the Chains and Anti-Capitalist Action. It is free, but we encourage donations to cover costs and support ongoing prisoner support ($3 - $10 suggested).

Splitting The Sky
When the history of the late 20th Century peoples' movement for Justice and Peace is written, the figure of Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" John Hill will stand tall. This extraordinary freedom fighter exemplifies the spirit and character unique to those exciting times. From a background of orphanages and boarding schools, Dacajeweiah emerged as a principal leader of the Attica rebellion at the age of nineteen, and later became a major figure with the American Indian Movement.

Ed Mead
Ed Mead, is a former political prisoner, the co-founder of Prison Legal News, organizer of Men Against Sexism (a group that militantly opposed sexism, racism, homophobia and rape) inside the walls of the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, and the creator of the Prison Art Project. He will speak on the formation of Seattle's George Jackson Brigade (or GJB - a now defunct clandestine organization made up of working class anti-authoritarians and anti-imperialists) back in the '70s, and the relevance of that group's approach to organizing in the context of today's political realities.
[ Read More... ]

This week on KBOO's PressWatch: Revolution
From the open publishing newswire: This Thursday at 9:30 AM on KBOO people's nonprofit community radio 90.7 FM/< kboo.fm, tune in for a discussion of the urgency and responsibility to move swiftly to revolution. The phones will be open after the initial 15 or 20 minutes, and I will try to get extra time. I will discuss tactics and milieu of revolution from Spartacus to Marcos, and will suggest ways and means with humanitarianism and effectiveness in mind.
[ Read More... ]

Class warfare on the Oregon Health Plan
From the open publishing newswire: The Oregon Health Plan should have been the last program cut by the state legislature. Instead it was one of the first. I'm very concerned about mentally ill people I've known, who will no longer get treatment through OHP. The mental health system, already in deep trouble, is now in danger of collapsing.

There is no excuse for this. Legislators are waging class warfare, like the cold greedy middle-class pigs they are. In the next election I will vote against all incumbents.
[ Read More... ]

OPPRESSION OF WOMEN 11.01.2003 16:42
Understanding a sister's struggle-Nigeria
From the open publishing newswire: "And if there is no proof of virginity, she must be stoned to death. For she had done a sinful thing: having sex outside wedlock" (Deuteronomy, 22: 20)

Since the introduction of Sharia law in the northern states of Nigeria the plight of Nigerian women has come to the attention of the world. In particular young women have been condemned to being stoned to death after being charged of the "crime" of adultery. This is a particularly barbaric aspect of class society and will only really be eradicated together with the system that spawns it, when the workers of Nigeria overthrow capitalism. Below we are publishing a comment on this situation by a Nigerian Marxist.
[ Read More... ]

NO TIME FOR SNOOZIN' 11.01.2003 13:48
toxic train derails near the dalles - Callout for local reporting ... Is anyone from the Dalles reading this?

from the whoregonian. "At least 20 cars left the track about 7:30 p.m. for an unknown reason, according to Capt. Joel Brown of Mid Columbia Fire & Rescue. There were no known injuries or reports of hazardous materials leaking. Authorities did not order any evacuations, but they advised residents within a half-mile radius to stay indoors, shut their windows and doors, and discontinue using any air-venting devices." IMC post

"I was arrested" [Follow up to INS Protest Story]

on the way to a public restroom.....I was arrested. my rights were not read. i was not allowed to make even one phone call. I found out I was charged with Failure to Obey and Disorderly Conduct. in my opinion, my rights were violated during the course of the day from the moment the arrest was made. i have to appear for trial on February 7, 2003. i'll write more about this later and want to thank everyone who stood in solidarity with those that were required to register with the U.S. Government. i did see 6-8 men in federal custody at the INS building when I was arrested. they were subsequently taken to an unknown location. Full story Background Background on INS roundups in SoCal
TODAY: TO'DO'S AND GOING'S ON: Help needed building computers for Argentina - No experience necessary ^ Political Prisoner Letter Writing Party, Saturday Jan.11, 6:30 @ CFA ^ Indymedia meeting Saturday 4:30 pm

TOMORROW AND MONDAY: hike state forest sunday, timber sale threatens bald eagle nest!!! ^ Volunteer Doctor from East Timor to speak in Portland

DIRECT ACTION: corporate press on the ELF and SUVs ^ The Animal & Earth Liberation Front - MORE! UPDATES FROM THE FRONTLINES! ^ UK ALF Press Officer, Robin Webb, US Speaking Tour ^ One generation to save world

TRUTH AND ILLUSION IN "DEMOCRACY": 12 Ways the Media Misreport Violence ^ What Democracy Would Look Like If It Really Worked

WAR AND PEACE: NEWS & DISCUSSION: Russian Warships on Standby to Sail to Gulf ^ Part 2. No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool. ^ Defiance of North Korea ^ Michael Parenti Article: To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why ^ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ^ The Unprovoked War ^ From Containment to Pax Americana ^ Bush and Hitler

VENEZUELA: Plutocrat bank strike in Venezuela

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