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JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 21:07
Military recruitment center in Portland targeted by radical anti-war activists
From the open publishing newswire: apparently the recruitment center by the lloyd center was targeted as the protests downtown were winding down. The center was closed and locked today but the walls were chalked with No War and the circle A, and the windows were broken in protest to the actions taken today and everyday by American imperialism.
[ Newswire item ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 21:05
Portland: 'Don't March, the Police Aren't Ready... '
From the open publishing newswire: Did I hear it correctly? Someone announcing from the stage that we should not march, becasue the police weren't ready?

Stage MC:
"I know folks want to march, but the police aren't ready yet. Our permit does not start until 1:45. Please don't start marching. Will all available peacekeepers please report to 9th and Salmon." (where restless people had started to march)

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I just thought those words came blasting out of the PA. Yes, it's nice to have everything go so smoothly, but we don't need anyone's permission to do this. We should not have to pay for free speech. We should not always do what they tell us to do. Let's hope folks do more than politely march when the bombs start dropping.
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JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 20:58
Ashland March and Medford Rally
From the open publishing newswire: I joined the march from Ashland to Medford late, but organizers are touting 430 people walked the 12 miles from Ashland to the rally in Medford. From what I saw that sounds right on. We got a lot of support from passing motorists, and even a surprising bit of applause and shouds of approval from a group of 5 salesman at a car dealership was passed on Highway 99.
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JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 16:48
Peace march in Vancouver, Washington
From the open publishing newswire: Vancouver WA had a rare peace march today. Activists here usually just hook up with Portland, which we again did today. Our march was in the morning, from Clark College to downtown & back. We attracted about 400 peaceful people of wide demographic! That's a lot for us, & this was planned less than two weeks ago. Made us happy. The peace wave is growing, sisters & brothers. Let us make it bigger & bigger, to sweep across the entire planet. [ Newswire item ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 16:44
Photos from the Portland protest
J18 protest pictures by Stumptown
Pictures from the home front! Huge crowds! Great vibe! Check it out!

NO WAR PORTLAND 01-18-2003 by Eugene Keam
Around 2:00 pm Pacific time near the South Park blocks, I witnessed a massive procession of people chanting, drumming, ranting, walking peacefully and holding sharply stated anti-war and anti-Bush signs. I was told that another procession started simultaneously at the other end of downtown near the North Park blocks. Let's do it again. Peace out. [ Photos ]

Peace Pix from PDX 1/18 by David Lyles [ Click here ]

J-18 Portland protest photos by S
Portland's Bush Get Out protest was 20,000/30,000 strong. The march route was two miles long and the front of the march returned before the back even got started. All age groups, families and the portland dog population were well represented. Enjoy the photos and let's make this a habit.

choice photos from j18 big anti-Iraq march by Brian Thomas
9 pictures from the March - I've archived photo essays from all of last year's marches on my site. Most of them are presented with music recorded live at the protests. These require a high speed internet connection and that Apple's free Quicktime be installed. [ Photos ]

People and Pets march side by side against Bush's war by shanda and jason
Cool aerial shots and fun festive marching shots![ Photos ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 16:40
Critical Mass ride delights marchers
From the open publishing newswire: A spirited group of bikers splintered off from the radical feeder march to ride a critical mass ride through downtown Portland urging everyone to reduce the dependency on oil and the excuse for war. The group gathered in the north park blocks and rode along with the feeder march before splitting off in from of Pioneer Square. From there, we rode around downtown to the delight of marchers who supported our messages of "Bikes not Bombs" and "No blood for oil". We also were able to recruit other cyclists who were taking part in the march. The ride had no cop presence and was trouble free, lasting about an hour and a half.
[ Two wheels good, four wheels bad ]

January 18 Peace Protest Critical Mass Ride
A group of Critical Mass riders gathered with the Radical Feeder March in the North Park blocks, and joined the Radical Feeder March to Pioneer Courthouse Square, at which point they split off and spent the next three hours Massing throughout downtown on the fringes of the main rally and march. Signs carried by the Mass included 'Honk if You're Part of the Problem', Who Would Jesus Bomb' and 'No War For Oil--Ride a Bike--Lose the SUV'. The mass varied in numbers throughout the afternoon from about 10 to 50 riders, and attracted many cyclists bound for the main rally.
[ Read More... ]

J18 Critical Mass Ride Analysis
Today's ride, despite it's somewhat limited size, deserves analysis since it differed in significant ways from regular rides. As we congregated with the Radical Feeder March for the war protest, it became apparent that it would be difficult to extract riders from the 1,500+ marchers. Establishing a meeting point which is shared with a march has it's limitations. People standing around without bikes effectively serve as "control rods" preventing critical mass from occurring.

We followed along with the march for a few blocks, bikes filtering to the front and riding circles at the head. When we arrived at Yamhill, where the march turned left, we did a bike lift in order to squeeze any stragglers from the crowd and began our ride in earnest. The route which we took for the next three hours circled and weaved around the perimeter of the 20,000+ permitted march occasionally peeling new riders off or losing riders to the crowd. While the number of riders never reached more than about 50 at any given time, I'd guess that close to 150 different people participated at some point. [ Highlights ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 16:31
Updates from the streets
Updates called in from the streets by activists with cell-phones:

3:30 The last of the march is arriving at the Park Blocks. Another rough estimate of 15,000 is given by one who stood on 3rd and Jefferson throughout the hour long procession.
2:50 Now the crowd estimates of a minimum of between 20,000 to 25,000. A participant states it is "..way way larger then previous two marches" and has been "...standing for the last half of an hour watching the protestors go past" while viewing another section of the march, still going strong, on a street several blocks away.
2:35 The vangaurd of the first marchers are now back at the protest area in the South Park blocks with many of the crowd still waiting to leave on the march.
2:30 Estimates of protest march now stands at 15,000 to 20,000 The main march is still continuing and is "endless and uncountable with all types of people".
1:55 The main march is moving and is starting from 9nth and Taylor. Radical march is now on 10th St. An organizor of the main march tries to prevent others from joining "black bloc" march. He is corrected on the spot as to the basis of this effort.
1:50 Guild Theater- a group of 5 people are burning the US flag which stands for many as a "worldwide symbol of death and oppression".
1:35From 1:00 pm Five or six blocks of South Park blocks are totally full of people (the previous marches filled two blocks at the outset). The radical feeder march is now moving to an unknown location and the main march has not yet started.
1:10 The radical feeder march is now snaking downtown and is "..rocking!" The mall has been locked up by the security guards.
A participant reports the stated purpose of the march: "..the war is not the result of bad pollicies of the government or of a bad president. It is the result of a socio-economic system that is racist and exploitive of the vast majority of the worlds population, benefiting an economic elite at the expense of everyone else. ...with a shout against the current authority and against imperialism the march took off..."
12.25 Some 300 protestors, part of the planned Radical Feeder march, are gathered at the North Park blocks
Police are on foot and horse in this area and are guarding Nike Town. A tear gas vehicle lies under the Burnside bridge.

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 18.01.2003 10:13
January 18: Get downtown and protest the war!
From the open publishing newswire: all over the country today people will be protesting the war. of course, if enough people lived their lives anti-war (not driving, not over-consuming, not knuckling under to authority) then we wouldn't need these big efforts, but these events are important in the meantime. (although "meantime" is probably not too long, considering the imminent collapse of the biosphere.) anyway, get out on the street today and make some noise.
Announced Details:
A regional coalition of mainstream peace and justice organizations and churches have announced a 12:30 start time in the South Park Blocks. [ DETAILS | FLYERS ] At the same time, a radical feeder march will gather for action in the North Park Blocks [ DETAILS | FLYERS ] and will be joined by a very special Critical Mass! [ DETAILS ] First aid providers will be in attendance. [ DETAILS ] Free community child care for the day is available. [ DETAILS ] Mass mobilizations will be occuring in S.F. and D.C. that same day. [ DETAILS ]
[ Newswire post ]

From the J18 Alliance for Peace:
15,000 Peace Activists Expected to Amass in Portland
Burgeoning Anti-War Movement Draws from Dr. King's Vision for Social Justice


The birthday of the nation's most famous peacemaker, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., will be celebrated by many thousands of people today in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland during a march that has been organized under the theme "Take Action for Peace and Justice; Stop the War at Home and Abroad." March organizers expect a record breaking turnout at today's event and, at last count, 139 organizations have convened to sponsor the historic action. The incredibly diverse group of organizers - with people representing a wide range of faith traditions (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Quaker, and Scientologist, to name a few) social backgrounds, professions, and political affiliations - represents a living continuation of Dr. King's call for an end to war. [ Read More... ]

[ LIVE coverage from SF and other cities ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 18.01.2003 00:03
Portland City Council to Consider Resolution Against War with Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: City Commissioner Erik Sten has introduced a Resolution to be heard by City Council Wednesday, January 22nd at 2:00 pm. The resolution will be sent to our congressional delegation, the President and the United Nations. It asserts that "war should only be the last resort, after exhausting all diplomatic and political means, and that war is not to be undertaken unilaterally or preemptively by the United States." Read the text of the proposed resolution at www.pdxpeace.org. Over 40 cities have already passed similar resolutions as part of the Cities for Peace campaign.
[ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 17.01.2003 16:54
Winberry tree-sit celebrates 4 years of occupation today
From the open publishing newswire: Cascadia Forest Defenders has been occupying the trees at the Winberry timber sale since January 17, 1999. Roseburg Forest Products has the contract for the sale. The forest at North Winberry will NEVER be logged. We're fighting for the last scraps of ancient forests and there is no more room for compromise. Allyn Ford needs to get out of the old-growth business and OUT of Cascadia!!

The Cascadia Forest Defenders and friends first built a platform in a tree named "Glisten" on January 17, 1999 at the North Winberry timber sale in the Willamette National Forest. Eventually, a tree-village was built with platforms in three different trees connected by traverse lines. Four years later, they're still there and are enduring another long, cold winter in order to bring attention to the plight of this amazing place. The tree-sit village is among some of the largest, oldest ancient trees in Oregon.
[ Read More... ]

[ Cascadia Forest Defenders ]

SUSTAINABLE LIVING 17.01.2003 16:53
School and Community Reuse Action Project (SCRAP) offers workspace, supplies for creative endeavors
From the open publishing newswire: Want to make a banner or sign for the January 18th ANTI WAR rally? Need some materials or work space? Hop on your bike, get out your walking shoes or climb onto a #4 Fesseden bus and get over to SCRAP - the School and Community Reuse Action Project In 2001, SCRAP helped Portland keep over 29 tons of material out of the landfill. Did you hear that!!! 29 TONS or 58 THOUSAND POUNDS.

I needed some materials yesterday for a banner and found my way over to SCRAP located at 3625-B N. Mississippi Avenue. A few friends had told me about this unique place and how much they enjoyed their visits. I spent a long time filling my bag of scrap materials and added 25 zippers at the end. There were several large barrels of zippers.

I was intrigued by the sign, 5 cents per zipper or 25 for a buck, all brand new and in a wide assortment of colors. The zippers looked familiar. Turned out, they were the same ones from which the Zipperist Party was created months ago.
[ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 17.01.2003 16:44
Scary Anarchists - Cookin' up a spicy revolution
From the open publishing newswire: The Anarchist Cookin and Baking meeting tonight was out of this world! We met at m2's haus in ne Portland- We talked a bit and decided that we'd make tostada stuff to go with the spanish rice another collective member (who's name I won't dare to butcher with my wackt spellin) had promised to bring.
We then posed the question: "What really goes in a whupp ass tostada?" ...
I asked "Should it have tofu or tempe?" Robin responded "It don't need none of that stuff- beans and rice've got enough protien."
I said "Yeah, and I don't want none of them folks at work talkin about my vegan stank." -------- "It's bad enough that they're always talkin to me like-WHAT YOU NEED IS SOME MEAT- A BIG FAT STEAK!--- "I'm like no way!"
so soy was out...
[ Read More... ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 17.01.2003 11:47
Lincoln High School students stage overnight sleep-in to protest budget cuts
From the open publishing newswire: Tents in the hallways, sleeping bags in classrooms, a rock band in the gym, piles of food donated by Food Not Bombs and other members of the community, and a whole bunch of kids running around. This was the scene Thursday evening at Lincoln High School, where at least 200 students had gathered for an all-night "sleep-in" to protest State budget cuts to the public school system. The action was planned and organized by the Portland Public Schools Student Activist Alliance, but was attended by a lot of "normal" students. Interest in this issue is broad within the student body.

"We are not lazy or drug addicts or violent," said Erin Jones, a Student Activist Alliance organizer. "We are about supporting our education. That's what high school students care about."
[ Read More... ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 17.01.2003 11:17
PSU Student Senate passes Resolution against war in Iraq; Support for January 18th rally and march for Peace
From the open publishing newswire: Portland, OR, January 16, 2003 Ð The ASPSU Student Senate passed a resolution against the looming war in Iraq on Wednesday January 15. Discussion amongst student Senators included issues about the state of the economy and the increase of the military budget by the Bush administration, as well as, support for the Peace rally on January 18.

"A few months ago we had a $30 million cut in our educational system. People lost their jobs. One missile costs $1 million. If the military would just cut back by 30 missiles, our state could have education funded" one Senator claimed.

"I know some of you are in the military, but I don't want to see any of you go off and die for this or any other war," another Senator said.

Although some Senators felt the issue had nothing to do with Portland State University, many Senators felt otherwise.
[ Read More... ]

ECOLOGY ACTIVISM 17.01.2003 11:08
Fun Nine-Week Environmental Film Series in Eugene
The rainy Cascadian nights are upon us. And what a better way to spend them? The Cascadia Wildlands Project and the University of Oregon's Survival Center are excited to present a nine-week environmental film series titled "Eco-Videos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!" The film series will be held in room 100 Willamette at the University of Oregon on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 from January 8-March 5. This Wednesday, January 8, kicks off the series. The event is free and open to the public. Popcorn will be provided at the showings. Please spread the word and let folx know. Warning: Most of these videos are inappropriate or really boring for younger children. Many may offend a normal person's sensibilities. [ Full Story ]

FRANKENPLANET 17.01.2003 01:02
U.S. Department of Agriculture sued over failure to recognize dangers of genetically engineered grasses
From the open publishing newswire: On January 8, 2003, the International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) and the Center for Food Safety sued USDA arguing that creeping bentgrass and Kentucky bluegrass, both of which are being engineered to resist Roundup (glyphosate), are already serious problems in some natural areas and would become "super weeds" if herbicide resistance was built in. Monsanto, maker of Roundup, and Scotts Company, a home garden and pesticide products company, have asked for USDA approval to commercialize a genetically engineered (GE) variety of creeping bentgrass popular for golf course greens and commercial and residential lawns.

Once released into the environment, the herbicide tolerant grasses could proliferate at will... Turfgrasses are ubiquitous in and near almost every type of habitat in which the U.S. populace lives, works and plays, including an estimated 40,000,000 residential lawns and parks, at least 40,000 athletic facilities, more than 17,000 golf courses, and countless other landscapes where they have been planted or invaded on their own.
[ Read More... ]

[ MonsantoSucks.com ]

Dann Horse Roundup on Western Shoshone Native Lands in NV
January 13, 2003, Crescent Valley, NV In order to involve the new players, late last week Interior let loose its latest public relations blitz which describes an impending confiscation as a "rescue" of unclaimed horses. Interior's new position is disturbing: only a few short weeks ago, it was accusing the Danns of "overgrazing" and "trespass". Now, the U.S. claims the horses for which they have been compounding trespass fees are "estrays" - unclaimed horses - within the State of Nevada's jurisdiction. The State's position has changed as well. Less than a month ago, Nevada State Dept. of Agriculture, Jim Connelly, recommended meat packing houses to the Danns as potential buyers of the horses. "If the state was concerned about the well being of these horses, why did they give us the names of meat packers and why are they planning this massive roundup in the middle of winter with snow and ice on the ground? It doesn't make any sense,states Carrie Dann. The Danns position however has not changed. They continue to assert Western Shoshone title to the lands where their animals graze and they continue to ask the U.S. for evidence of any land cession or in the alternative to sit across the table from the Western Shoshone and talk about remedies.

The truth is there is no emergency situation for the horses besides the threatened roundup by the United States. "These horses are pretty horses, healthy and running strong in the valleys and mountains where they have always lived." states Mary Dann.

We believe the BLM roundup will begin this weekend. That is a problem with many people attending Peace marches on the 18th. Hopefully, they will wait. If you can help, please contact the Western Shoshone Defense Project or Shundahai Network. Feel free to send this to others who may be interested. [ Full Story ]

ATTACK ON FREEDOM | NLG 16.01.2003 14:57
Destruction of our rights: Riva Enteen, National Lawyers Guild
Riva Enteen is the program director for the San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. She spoke with KPFA's Guns and Butter radio team for a show that aired today, January 15, 2003. Topics covered include the rise of police state powers, and the fact that restrictions serve interests other than so-called security, that in fact were the government interested in long-term security radically different measures would need to be taken. She discusses how elements of the USA Patriot Act and 30 executive orders (as of August, 2002) directly violate the Constitution to such an extent that they are grounds for impeachment. She speaks about the local communities passing resolutions to protest and limit the USA Patriot Act's power, but cautions that with the executive orders and the passage of the Homeland Security Act, the threats we face are coming from multiple fronts.

Some media commentators have attempted to spin the issue about legislators not reading the so-called USA Patriot Act before passing it. Riva Enteen researched what happened, and notes that we were not just dealing with lazy legislators, but an actual and explicit political decision to ram the legislation through without review. She notes:

"There is a requirement that legislation be available to read before voting ... But that requirement can be suspended by the rules committee, and the rules committee voted to suspend that requirement. And that rules committee decision had to be voted on by the Congress. What was interesting is that it was a closed vote in the House; it was eight votes apart. So, almost half the House said, "Excuse me, but can we just get a chance to read it before we vote on it?" It was close, but we lost by eight votes. And when it came to an up or down vote (the final vote for the bill), it was a landslide because everybody is lockstep with this government because it's all in the name of fighting terrorism."

[ Full Story ] [ Interview (MP3. 24mg. streaming.) ]

KBOO's PressWatch: Revolution.
Here is the text for the 9:30 AM broadcast on KBOO 90.7FM/kboo.fm. Compassion ~ History ~ Truth ~ Desire ~ Creativity.

In 73 BCE, the Roman Empire was heavily dependent on slave labor to work the fields. The Romans, like Americans, didn't like to get out there and pull up the cabbages so they discovered that they could militarily, economically and socially force other people to do it. Central to the success of this idea was the utilization of mind control, that is, telling people from the day they were born that they didn't deserve any better. However, the survival and reproduction rate of the slave class wasn't very good, so they had to be constantly replaced with new slaves, generally brought in from newly conquered territories. One such slave was a Thracian named Spartacus, who like some was taken not to the fields but to the entertainment industry where the Romans gathered to see the spectacle that reinforced the idea of their supremacy, the gladiator's fights in the arena. It was their version of Dirty Harry, Rocky 99, Predator, buddy cop movies, and Saving Private Ryan. [ Full Story ] [ KBOO ]

Mexican farmers on hunger strike to resist agricultural NAFTA policies
From the open publishing newswire: January 15 marks the end of a 10 day hunger strike by 16 campesinos (Mexican farmers and peasants). The Mexican countryside is in an emergency state with the January 1, 2003 ending of Mexican tariffs on imports of nearly 80 U.S. agricultural goods. The lifting of agricultural tariffs is part of the 1994 NAFTA agreements which have already devastated the Mexican countryside and this devastation will only increase with these latest free trade policies.

Protests and mobilizations have been frequent throughout Mexico's cities and rural areas since the New Year. On Jan. 1 NAFTA provisions that ended Mexican tariffs on nearly 80 U.S. agricultural goods went into effect. (Tariffs will remain on corn, beans, and powdered milk until 2008.)

A solidarity organization compiled of 12 smaller campesino(peasant or farmer) groups will meet today, January 15 to discuss the state of emergency in the Mexican countryside with the latest NAFTA provisions. They have begun a coalition called "El campo no aguanta mas" or "the countryside cannot take it anymore".The meeting today marks the end of a ten day hunger strike by 16 campesinos who are camped out in front of the Angel Statue on Avenida de Reforma, one of Mexico City's busiest streets. See photos of hunger strike with this article.

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