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LEGAL UPDATE 21.01.2003 22:23
1999 Battle of Seattle goes to courtroom
From the open publishing newswire: In a move that suggests the 1999 "Battle of Seattle" will continue in court, 12 claimants in a federal lawsuit against the City of Seattle rejected as "insulting" a settlement offer by the City on Jan. 9 that sought to give defendants $100 to $250 apiece to end the court action.

"The City of Seattle believes it can break the arms of its citizens, indiscriminately spray tear-gas and pepper spray on peaceably gathered citizens throughout public streets and violate the constitutional rights of thousands," says Jeanette Wallis, 32, of Seattle, "and then make it all go away with a few hundred dollars. That should rattle the sensibilities of all freedom-loving Americans."

The lawsuit, filed in Washington's Western District, alleges that the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of the defendants were violated by the City of Seattle, its Mayor Paul Schell and Seattle's then-chief of police Norm Stamper when police in paramilitary gear assaulted and gassed crowds of protesters in Nov. 1999 during the World Trade Organization's Ministerial.
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SMASHING PATRIARCHY 21.01.2003 22:06
An open letter to other men in the movement: SHUT THE FUCK UP
"Even with my mask I often spoke the tyranny of power. My first duty was to cultivate a revolutionary silence."
-Subcomandante Marcos
From the open publishing newswire: Being an activist these days means fighting for a thousand different things - indigenous rights, rainforests, corporate accountability, etc. Despite this diversity of campaigns, there seems to be some agreement on the kind of society we want to create. It's a society that isn't based on white supremacy, class exploitation, or patriarchy.

This essay is about how men act in meetings. Mostly it's about how we act badly, but it includes suggestions on how we can do better. Men in the movement reproduce patriarchy within the movement and benefit from it. By patriarchy I mean a system of values, behaviors, and relationships that keeps men in power. It relies on domination, claiming authority, and belligerence.
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'Nurse-in for Peace' announced for March 8
From the open publishing newswire: Portland Oregon's own Nurse-In for peace, to be held at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday March 8th, starting at 10am. We're hoping to beat the world record set in Berkeley set last year (1,128), but this time for peace. Why a nurse-in? Because world peace begins at home, nurturing children is the first step in creating a peaceful world, and what better way to nurture our young than to breastfed them!
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Global anti-war actions called for Feb.
ANSWER (The J18 DC march organizers) is planning a week of anti-war demonstrations beginning February 15. (Presidents day is the 17 of Feb.) The group is calling for actions supporting marches in Europe on February 15, and for protests -- including walk-outs by U.S. college and high school students -- February 21 to coincide with the anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. With 20 thousand plus marching downtown Portland this last weekend - what actions are being planned so we can take it up a notch while building on the momentum created? Post 'em if you got 'em!

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition sponsoring Friday rallies, Tuesday meetings
We have sponsored a rally and march through downtown Portland every Friday since PPRC was formed to safeguard affected minorities from abuse in wake of the September 11th tragedy. We also underwrite and share leadership for broader peace and justice initiatives in the Portland area. We are committed to the use of peaceful means to curtail carnage abroad, corporate looting and political witch hunts at home, and devastation of our planet and people everywhere.
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SOA WATCH | REV. ROY SPEAKS 21.01.2003 11:51
We Are In The Sacred Here
On Monday evening, Rev. Roy Bourgeois, a Catholic priest and founder of the School of the Americas Watch, spoke to a crowded auditorium at Portland University. School of the Americas is a training school for Latin American soldiers, many of whom have gone on to commit human rights abuses in their respective countries, for dictators like Samosa in Nicaragua, and Pinochet in Chile. The school first began in 1946 and was located in Panama, and was eventually expelled by Manuel Noriega. Rev. Bourgeois founded SOA Watch in 1990, and it's yearly demonstration has grown from the initial gathering of about 15 people to 10,000 in November of 2002.

After briefy referring to his recent trip to Iraq in Decemberr of 2002, Rev. Roy began his presentation with a brief history of his life. He became well acquainted with violence in Viet Nam ... [went to] Bolivia for 5 years, where, as he says, "the poor became his teachers." Then he turned his attention to his visit to Iraq last December. Here he found many differences in culture, but two similarities: in both Latin America and Iraq, the people always ask why we are doing this to them; and, the abundance of natural resources-oil in Colombia and Iraq, coffee, copper and tin in Latin America. [ Full Story ] [ Audio (30 min) ]

ANTI-WAR | CITY COUNCIL 21.01.2003 01:04
Council to debate Sten's resolution, 2pm, 22 Jan
Portland City Council will debate passing Eric Sten's resolution opposing unilateral preemptive military action against Iraq. 2:00 PM, City Hall, Wednesday 22 January. [ Full Story ]

Text of Proposed City Council Resolution
Introduced by Commissioner Erik Sten to be heard by Council 2:00 pm Wed January 22nd. See how you can help support the resolution.


WHEREAS, the United States is part of the family of nations and a charter member of the United Nations, subscribing to its principles, including Article 2(4), which states that "All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state" except in self-defense, responding to an armed attack, under Article 51; and

WHEREAS, the new U.S. doctrine of preemptive war represents a major departure from decades of established American policy; and
[... full text of resolution ]

ENVIRONMENT 20.01.2003 16:43
Cooper Spur/Mt. Hood Wild and Free HEARING Alert!!!
From the open publishing newswire: What: Critical Hearing before the Hood River Planning Commission to determine whether to allow a destination resort at Cooper Spur or not.

When: Wednesday, Jan 22, 2003 @ 7:30 PM. Folks should plan on arriving early and visit our Cooper Spur orientation Room in the Inn. Driving time from Portland varies with traffic. Plan on 1 ½ hours.

Where: In Hood River at the Hood River Inn in the Gorge Room. To get to the Inn take the third Hood River Exit (Highway 35) and take a left as if you were going over the bridge to Washington. Just before the bridge the Inn is on the right. The Gorge room is a separate building directly in front of Registration entrance. There is plenty of parking.

IMPORTANT Carpooling Info: We have 2 sites for folks to gather for carpooling. Folks need to be at one of the sites below by 5p.m. or earlier because of rush hour traffic. 1) 38th & Belmont: Parking is opposite the Phu Hoa asian market on the NW corner of the street. OR: 2) ONRC: 5825 N. Greeley Carpools should plan to leave their areas by 5:00PM which will get folks to Hood River by 6:30PM. This will give folks time to visit our orientation room to get briefed about talking points, etc.
[ Read More... ]

SCHOOL OF AMERICA WATCH 20.01.2003 13:09
SOA Watch Founder Speaking at 7pm at U of P
Rev. Roy Bourgeois, M.M., an outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy in Central America over the past 15 years, will speak at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20 in the Buckley Center Auditorium on the University of Portland campus, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd. His talk is free and open to the public.

For more than a decade, Bourgeois has opposed the U.S. Army School of the Americas, a training school for Latin American soldiers. He founded the School of the Americas Watch in 1990 to educate people about the human rights abuses of the school's graduates and to encourage its closure.

Bourgeois became a Catholic priest after a four-year career in the U.S. Navy, where he received the Purple Heart. As a Maryknoll, he worked with poor of Bolivia for five years before being arrested and forced to leave the country for his defense of the poor. He has been imprisoned numerous times for non-violently protesting U.S. policy in Central America. [ Full Story ]

ANARCHISM 20.01.2003 12:41
Free Class on Anarchism, 2pm Today in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: 2pm today @ Reed College's Eliott Hall Rm 314, 3203 se woodstock blvd in Portland there will be a class covering arguments contra-hierarchy and in favor of anarchism as the best society. The class will also cover possible conceptions of the form and function of an anarchic society, brief history, and the possibility and practice of working towards anarchism today!
[ Read More... ]

SCHOOLS IN TROUBLE 20.01.2003 10:41
The Schools Need Your Help! Friday Jan 24th - 12 pm
Calling all members of the community that care about education! THIS FRIDAY, January 24th, there will be a rally in Salem [on the Capitol steps]. The Student Activist Alliance is trying to send the message to this nation that this state and this nation must recognize that the schools are anorexic and fading. We're also asking 'how could Bush even consider going into a $200 billion dollar war with Iraq when schools across the nation are suffereing from lack of funding. Please show up to show your support. If you need a ride or can help with transportation show up at Lincoln High School (1600 SW Salmon) at 10am. [ Full Story ]

All Power To The Future! .... P-ACA J18 Report
The Community Childcare organized by Portland Anti Capitalist Action was a great time and a huge success. Four kids attended: Sage, Raven, Anna and Cade ... There was painting, puzzles, games, playing with clay, food, balloons, and a lot of attention and love! The kids were amazing and we are organizing so that we can provide this service at any and all events in the future.

Food and Knowledge Members of Portland Anti Capitalist Action handed out hundreds of free vegan sandwiches downtown this past Saturday, along with hundreds of leaflets and hundreds of copies of Little Beirut.

Little Beirut The newsprint newsletter is out, 2000 copies printed and circulating the city. If you haven't found a copy by the end of the week then give us a write at littlebeirut@ziplip.com.

Revolution ACA would like to applaud all those who went out on the streets this past weekend world wide without the agenda to recruit, or take credit, or "police" anyone's desire to visualize and express their outrage for George W. Bush and his nightmare war with no end.

[ Full Story ]

DECLAWING THE LEGACY 20.01.2003 10:04
MLK, Not Political?
Two years ago at our Ashland MLK celebration I spoke to Judge Arnold just prior to the event. Think back two years, can you remember? We had just had the presidential election and the following fiasco that selected Bush. 60,000 (mostly people of color) had been illegaly dropped from the voter's registry in Florida by brother Bush. Remember? I requested to Judge Arnold that this be mentioned during our celebration. His response: "This celebration is not political."

Last year here in Ashland at the time of the MLK celebration there was a war going on against low income residents ... to displace trailer home owners in the Lower Pines trailer park. Anything said about this at last year's celebration? No, its not political....

And this year. We have this hideous United State's foreign policy that has us rushing towards a stupid war that benefits this country's war mongering administration. Cronies in the military industrial complex will make big bucks with the oil and arms economy. It is shameful, absolutely shameful. But, what will Judge Arnold say about our rush to war with Iraq? If Martin Luther King was with us he would first speak, but then he would lead us to act... Not Political! What a joke, and a huge discredit to this Great American Hero! [ Full Story ]

MLK Celebration - 12P - 1:15P
Britt Ballroom
Southern Oregon University in Ashland

LABOR / HEALTH CARE 20.01.2003 00:54
Corvallis: OSU Grad Assistants to meet with University President to demand health insurance
From the open publishing newswire: On Wednesday, January 22 at 3:30 PM a delegation of OSU graduate teaching and research assistants will meet with Interim President Tim White in 600 Kerr Administration. They will present him with petitions containing over 750 signatures collected during Fall Term from their co-workers and OSU community members seeking paid health insurance benefits for graduate assistants.

The petition presenters will be members of the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE), a labor union affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which was recognized by OSU three years ago as the exclusive bargaining representative of the majority of its graduate assistants. Presentation of the petition will mark the formal kickoff of CGE's campaign to negotiate paid health insurance benefits this academic year.

"Graduate assistants have been trying for seven years to get OSU to provide us with paid health insurance", said CGE President Luke Ackerman, a Graduate Research Assistant in Chemistry. "It's our biggest employment-related concern and we need OSU to make this their priority, too. Nearly all of our peer institutions, including the University of Oregon, provide their graduate employees with fully-paid health insurance coverage. If they can do it, so can OSU."
[ Read More... ]

[ Coalition of Graduate Employees ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 20.01.2003 00:46
Radical Youth take action against US military; Smashes windows at recruiting office
From the open publishing newswire: For Immediate Release: On Saturday, January 18th at approximately 4pm the Radical Youth Brigade launched the first in a series of preemptive strikes directly against military recruiting in the Portland area. The windows of the U.S. Military recruiting office at NE 13th and Broadway were shattered and graffiti nearby proudly proclaimed that there will be "NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR."

The Brigade launched this offensive in direct response to the unrestrained militarism of the Bush administration, a rogue dictatorship in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This action was taken in solidarity with the worldwide protest against the impending war on Iraq. Although war has not been declared, racist military recruitment and the "poverty draft" amount to war on the youth of our communities.
[ Read More... ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 20.01.2003 00:43
'Redneck' Grants Pass has huge turnout for Peace March
From the open publishing newswire: 447 people, 11 dogs and one giant puppet in Grants Pass peace march yesterday... Over 4 solid blocks of marchers and one guy passing out free "Buck Fush" bumperstickers. Not one member of the corporate disinformation division of Homeland Insecurity. As if we care. Almost 100% support from people driving by. In a town that is about 75% Republican! This is grass roots, corporate America. Get used to it, because it's going to be around for awhile. You can't buy it. You can't sell it. You can't stop it. Peace.

queer for peace - one nation united
Representing a global family of social activists and active socialists formed to resist racism and sexism wherever they are found. Come out against the war! Queer activists discuss our involvement in the anti-war movement and the relationship of this work to radical queer politics. [ Full Story ]

Meeting - Sunday, January 19th - 7pm
In Other Words bookstore
3734 SE Hawthorne

!URGENT WARNING! 19.01.2003 10:47
Warning of a huge "terrorist attack"
Warning of a huge "terrorist attack" in the USA and/or in Europe staged by friends of VP Cheney and elder Bush in the "intelligence" and "military industry". There are also indications of the involvement of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. [Why?]

1. The popularity of George "W" Bush has dropped to a new alltime low
2. Cheney and GHW Bush's plans to lay their greedy hands on the worlds oil fields is not going as fast as they wish.
3. Most people in Europe have made it clear that a new war against Iraq is out of the question... [ Full Story ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 19.01.2003 03:22
J18 organizers deny press packet to portland indymedia reporter; "Indymedia is not real media", they say
The difference between liberals and radicals is simple: liberals want to change the world their way and make other people do the work; radicals want to change the world and are out there doing it themselves.
From the open publishing newswire: A portland indymedia volunteer who was seeking an official J18 press packet for background for her story about the day's event was denied one by organizers at the information table, who told her that "Indymedia is not real media". The portland indymedia volunteer explained that she was planning on interviewing people from different organizations for a story for the website, and that she wanted the list and any other information they could share to help her write it. They asked her if she had a press pass to show and when she told them she didn't she was not allowed to have a press packet from the stack.

That's what she told me. Those are the facts. Here are my personal opinions about the incident and what it signifies.
[ Read More... ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 19.01.2003 01:33
Give it up for the real heros - the radicals
From the open publishing newswire: The J18 march was great success! The radical feeder march was awesome (if not a little disorganized - but that's what you get when you don't have a damn permit!) and the permitted march was huge. It was hard to tell how many people were there at first, but when the people who had started marching first came back to park blocks, and people still hadn't marched yet, I realized how many people were actually there. I'd say 20,000 AT LEAST. And the marches can only get bigger as Bu$h escalates his push for war. I don't know when or if he will start listening to the people, but will be able to say that we did not go down without a fight.

I must also give it up for the real heros - the radicals. If it wasn't for them, the middle class liberals wouldn't have been there today. They are people who really make difference day in and day out and open people's eyes to the f*cked up sh*t going on in this world - even if the liberals don't realize it.
[ Read More... ]

Masquerade Ball/Art Show - Benefit for Black Thorn
From the open publishing newswire: Black Thorn is hosting a Masquerade Ball and Art show to raise funds for the third issue of Black Thorn(which we still need submissions for), on the 1st of February at the I.W.W. Hall(located at 7th and Burnside). Admission is $4.00 with a mask(and hopefully a costume) and $10.00 without a mask(but still hopefully a costume). The art show starts at 8:00pm with music by the Inquisition(experimental/ambient type stuff) followed by dancing and fun into the evening with record spinning by the Phantom Hillbilly. The art show will feature original and unprinted art from featured artists in the Black Thorn as well as some lino cuts, layout sheets and other related stuff. Some art will be for sale in the hall and pints of pabst will be for sale for $1.00 in the cafe.
[ Read More... ]

JAN. 18 NO WAR IN IRAQ PROTEST 18.01.2003 23:58
Audio from Portland: An outpouring of the American spirit against throwing the first punch
From the open publishing newswire: Today, January 18, 2003, in Portland Oregon, at least 20,000 people gathered at the South Park Blocks near Portland State University in solidarity against a preemptive war against Iraq. This was the third Peace rally, after the October 5th and November 17th rallies, each larger than the one before it, mirroring the growing dissatisfaction in our country concerning the Bush Administrations' myopic rush to war.

The large gathering was multi cultural and multi racial; it was composed of various religions and social classes. It was, mainly, an outpouring of the American spirit against throwing the first punch against a country whose threat to our way of life, our safety, has yet to be demonstrated. Along with the call for peace, this event was also a celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who spoke out against the Viet Nam war when it was not popular, or safe, to do so. People gathered for music, for prayer, to be educated, to add one drop to the growing wave seeking a peaceful resolution to the escalating conflicts in the mid east. [ Read More... ]

This is about a 35 minute file from that rally.

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