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FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY 01.02.2003 01:20
Tacoma refused permit for Peltier March, solidarity is needed
From the open publishing newswire: For the past ten years the Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group has held a march and rally for justice for Leonard Peltier. The Tacoma LPSG is a part of a regional support network (NWLPSN), which has organized or helped organize 60 rallies and marches through out our region with few problems from city governments. We try hard to keep the focus on Leonard Peltier and Native issues and we have not sought to give anyone any problems. This year our annual Tacoma march and rally is a bit different than those in the past because supporters from a number of different NW cities have joined in the organizing for the event, thus the event has become a regional event.

In past years we have marched on the sidewalk, but because the turnout will be larger this year, we applied for a permit that would let us march in the street. The City of Tacoma has refused to issue us a permit. We if cannot change that we will march on the sidewalk, (we will not allow anyone to change our focus from Leonard Peltier and Native issues), but we wish to address the reasons why the City of Tacoma refuses to issue us a permit because the reasons are relevant to all social activists.

The refusal of giving us a permit has not been the only form of official harassment of us. A Detective of the Intelligence Division of the Tacoma Police Department (Jeff Ship) contacted me. He said he was calling me about the traffic situation with the march. But the questions he asked me had nothing to do with traffic. He knew a lot about our past events and even knew to call me, which shows that the Tacoma Police Department has intelligence files on our group, even though we have never broken any laws unless speaking out about Leonard Peltier and other Natives issues is against the law. What these requirements that the City of Tacoma is demanding is a clear statement that only rich people can have permits to march in the City of Tacoma! Because our marches have included Elders, Children and others who may not wish to confront the City Of Tacoma, if our lawyers cannot get us our permit, we will march on the sidewalk, which does not need a permit.

The Tacoma LPSG will not back down in the face of intimidation; we will carry on our purpose, even if we must do it alone. But we believe that we will not be alone. We respectfully ask all who believe in social justice to join us for our march on Feb. 8th in Tacoma for the greatest protection we can have from further harassment will come from the greatest number of people possible that join us in the march.
[ Read More... ]

Community Building 31.01.2003 20:19
Anarchist Soccer 2pm Saturdays at SE MARKET st
From the open publishing newswire: Come see the incredible, Death-Defying anarkist sahker kids!...Saturdays at 2pm at the park at SE 33rd and Market (or maybe it's 35th... I dunno...)
[ Read More... ]

Police Make Plans to Sweep the Homeless Out of the I-405 Corridor
From the open publishing newswire: Police have announced to homeless activists a plan to intensify enforcement of trespassing laws largely on Oregon and Portland Department of Transportation properties. The properties targeted include those along and under the I-405 freeway, extending from the SW Hoyt up to NW Market, and all properties between the corridor and the Willamette River.

Earlier this month, the Portland Police Department presented the plan to crossroads a homeless peoples organization, a project of Sisters Of The Road Café, Inc. The action raises concerns among homeless activists that large numbers of people who use these properties as night time shelter will be displaced from unused land, possibly into the downtown core. The situation could aggravate an already strained relationship between downtown business community and the homeless community. The conflicting interests of these two communities came to a head last summer with the City's implementation of the "Sit-Lie" law.

"Time and again law enforcement and City officials tell us that these laws will direct people experiencing homelessness through the community court system and to social services that will get them off the streets," said Rachel Langford a volunteer with crossroads, "At the same time they admit that social services are overburdened and under-funded, and unable to meet the needs of many homeless citizens." [ Read More... ]

Related stories: [ May 17, 2002: APP Pressures City for "Sit-Lie" Ordinance, Community Responds | Aug. 16, 2002: Mayor Sidesteps Process and Enacts Sit-Lie-Stand Law | Sept. 9, 2002: City Hall Sit-Out | Sept. 5, 2002: Leaders Call on Mayor to Abandon Sweeping "Sit-Lie" Plan | Sept. 17, 2002: Peaceful Vigil Disrupted by Portland Police Officers ]

[ Sisters of the Road Cafe | street roots ]

First and Second Public Hearing on Mega-Ski Golf Resort at Mt. Hood-Cooper Spur Go Well!
From the open publishing newswire: For both hearings, there were 200+ folks from the Hood River communities & Portland present who oppose this plan by Meadows' Corporation to convince Hood River County that it needs a 450-unit destination resort on the N. side of Mt. Hood. The Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition, including organizers in Portland and other areas, adamantly opposes any further environmental devastation to Mt. Hood when it is really just because of corporate greed at the expense of regular working class folks.

There have been so many people at the first two hearings who have not yet gotten a chance to speak, that another hearing is scheduled before the Hood River Planning Commission for Wed., Feb., 5th, 7:30 p.m. at the Hood River Middle School again. As it was, each night the hearings went on until 11 p.m. (see Calendar & Story for more info.)

After several presenters with background information, testimony began both on 1/22 & 1/23. Personal best-estimates say that 3/4's of the testifiers both nights were OPPOSED to this resort---for many various reasons. [ Read More... ]

More on first hearing: [ Story | streaming audio (~15 min.) ]

Third Public Hearing set for Feb. 5
This is the 3rd Public Hearing to be held about Mount Hood Meadows plan to place a 450-unit destination resort with a mega-ski facility and golf course at Cooper Spur on the North Side of Mount Hood. This proposed destination resort would destroy the last wild and free areas of Mount Hood. This is the community's chance to say loud and clear - NO! Together we can save the mountain, bioregional agriculture, some of the best water anywhere, and valley life.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003 @ 7:30 PM. Sign in for testimony will be at 6:30 PM. Folks should plan on arriving early. Driving time from Portland varies with traffic. Plan on 1 1/2 hours. [ Read More... ]

[ Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition ]

OH! SHOULD I FLY FROM THE WORLD! 31.01.2003 19:00
Imboc - the high wiccan holiday
From the open publishing newswire: Because we must both build a new world and fight the evil of these times I want to share what I believe and hope that there will be something in it to add to the post-revolution world. Because today and tommorrow is the wiccan/druid/shamanic high holiday of Imbolc I want to share my way.

Because I am a wiccan pagan and because I believe the Earth is sacred and to respected I share this high holy day with the Portland Indymedia community.

There was a time when every human community on Earth practiced a form of Shamanism. We honored the Earth as our mother. We honored those who knew about the healing plants, the nutritive foods, the planting and harvesting and the celebration. Even while planting and harvesting we treated the earth with respect and did not over work the earth or over harvest. We put something back for each resource that we took from the earth. We honored the Earth through ritual and celebration. These were not times of drunkedness and violence. They were ritualized events to remind us and teach us to honor the earth and all the species including the human species.

With that intro I wish to share with thehigh wiccan holidayl of Imbolc.
[ Read More... ]

FREEDOM OF SPEECH 31.01.2003 12:05
Dow Chemical Boots Activists From Web; What's Next?
From the open publishing newswire: Bowing to pressure from the Dow Chemical Corporation, the internet company Veriohas booted the activist-oriented Thing.net from the Web. Internet service provider Thing.net has been the primary service provider for activist and artist organizations in the New York area for 10 years. On December 3, activists used a server housed by Thing.net to post a parody Dow press release on the eighteenth anniversary of the disaster in which 20,000 people died as a result of an accident at a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. (Union Carbide is now owned by Dow.) The deadpan statement, which many people took as real, explained that Dow could not accept responsibility for the disaster due to its primary allegiance to its shareholders and to its bottom line.

Dow was not amused, and sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaintto Verio, which immediately cut Thing.net off the internet for fifteen hours. A few days later, Verio announcedthat Thing.net had 60 days to move to another provider before being shut down permanently, unilaterally terminating Thing.net's 7-year-old contract.

From another post: I have been waiting for this would happen and it surprises me that Dow / Bhopal was the inaugural issue, but now that there has been a successful squelching of free speech, it is only a matter of time before W & company come after all the ISPs that house various radical content.

Lets us face the fact that W has to stop the internet. How can he have his phony war when the truth is still available to the masses? Expect to see more of this, and to the valiant person who made this post, my heart felt thanks.
[ Read More... ]

DIRECT ACTION 31.01.2003 11:47
*Day of Tactical Trainings for the Urban Activist*
From the open publishing newswire:
Sat. Feb 8 @ PSU.
Call students 4 unity @ 503.725.8777 for details
*Schedule* 10:30am-12:30pm Transliberation/Copwatch/Urban Climbing
1:30-4:30pm Grassroots Organizing/ Anti-Racism/ Blackcross First Aid
5-7pm Blockading/ Against Classism/ Guerilla Video
7:30 SPEAKER [tenative topic: racial justice in pdx]
8-9:30 gender caucusing (men/womens/trans)
TRAINERS FROM: Ruckus Society, Cascadia Media Center, Blackcross, Rosecity Copwatch, Allies, Earth First! and more.....
[ Read More... ]

DEEP POLITICS 31.01.2003 02:05
Disinformation and UFOs...Nothing New
From the open publishing newswire: Just down the newswire is a story that is supposedly written by yours truly, but sadly, I cannot claim credit for this gem of journalism. I am an open kind of guy, so I have decided to address this matter directly.

The huge amount of information that is available about government (and quasi-government) black projects such as UFOs, Mind Control (such as the CIA's infamous MKULTRA) and of course, Chemtrails can be daunting to say the least, but unfortunately much of the commentary on such secret projects is by its very nature speculation. On the other hand, especially lately, much of the information available holds up well under scrutiny and comes from credible sources. Our task is to soberly sift through the stories of the Raelians, Heavan's Gaters, and others elevated by mass media into the spotlight for obvious reasons to get to the stories less loved by our media conglomerate friends.

What's a scientific-minded, politically aware person to do when faced with a story that presents information that is inflammatory, alien (excuse the pun), and uncorroborated? [ Read More... ]

ANTI-U.S.A. PATRIOT ACT 30.01.2003 23:11
Portland City Council Asked to Pass Resolution Supporting Civil Liberties
From the open publishing newswire: In the hands of the Portland City Council rests the fate of a document entitled "A Resolution Regarding the USA PATRIOT Act and the Protection of Civil Rights and Liberties." This proposed resolution is a product of the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee, part of a growing grassroots movement which has thus far resulted in the adoption of at least thirty similar resolutions in communities across the United States -- from Northampton, MA, to Madison, WI, to Santa Fe, NM, to Eugene, OR to San Francisco CA.

The resolution is designed as a means for the City of Portland to express its support for civil rights and liberties in the face of threats to these freedoms from the overly-broad increases in law enforcement authority since September 11, 2001. Such new authority is opposed by a majority of Americans, according to a Gallup poll which reported that 62% of those surveyed did not believe that the United States should abridge our basic Constitutional rights in the name of the war on terrorism.

With the drafting of "A Resolution Regarding the USA PATRIOT Act and the Protection of Civil Rights and Liberties," the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee seeks to bring the City of Portland into the fold of this growing nationwide movement. [ Read More... ]

[ Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee ]

AUDIO FILE: Biodiversity-The Essense of Sustainability
From the open publishing newswire: Winona La Duke spoke in Corvallis at the University of Oregon in mid January, 2003. Her presentation was entitled, "Indigenous Thinking on Sustainability." Winona, of the Objibway people, is not only a skillful and eloquent speaker, but is extremely unpretentious and down to earth.

Her talk took about an hour, and I've broken it up into three portions, roughly divided according to subject matter. This first portion is about 15 minutes and mainly discusses the wild rice harvested by the Anishinaabeg people of the Great Lakes region of both the United States and Canada. Before she talks about the wild rice, she talks a little about two major trends we are all dealing with. The first is Globalization; the second, which she says we should all be working on, is Relocalization of production and consumption. From here she moves specifically to the issue of wild rice, which is mentioned in the Migration stories of her people, where they are told to "go where food grows upon the waters."

The other two parts of this presentation will be posted soon. One will be on alternative energy, and the other a more general talk on the main topic of Indigenous Thinking on Sustainability.
[ Read More... ]

[ Listen to the first part(~15 min) ]

RACISM SUCKS 30.01.2003 21:50
speak out against racially motivated hate crimes in portland
From the open publishing newswire: The NAACP and other community organizations and activists are acting to mobilize people to respond to the recent racially motivated shootings that took place Sunday, January 19 in the Humboldt, Piedmont and King neighborhoods. Several people involved in organizing the last peace march, were asked to help get the word out and bring people together. The Metropolitan Human Rights Center and Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) are participating from the City.

The following information came from Robert Larry, President of the NAACP-Portland, Oregon Branch 1120, and Brian Hoop at ONI:

3 actions are planned--one has already happened:

* News conference on Thursday, Jan. 30, 10:30 AM, King Center, NE Alberta

* Town Hall meeting: Monday, February 3, 6:30 PM, Mallory Ave. Church, NE Alberta and Mallory Ave. (The invitation to this meeting goes out to ALL "minority groups" or victims of hate crimes in general. The forum is intended to be a speak out to denounce these types of behaviors against anyone.)

* March and Rally: Saturday, February 8, 11:00 AM, location and route depending on identifying location of car shootings. (Around Northeast Mallory and Alberta streets)
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 30.01.2003 14:55
Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Approves anti-war resolution
From the open publishing newswire: This morning at the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners meeting, impassioned citizens spoke out against the Bush War plans for Iraq. They described the devasting cuts in community programs his war will cost us.

The meeting room was full. Commissioner Maria Rojo de Steffey stated that she had been told that her political carreer would be over for introducing this resolution, but she was loudly applauded as she concluded her remarks. At the invitation of pro-resolution speaker Rev. Cecil Prescott, the attendees arose from their seats and stood in support of the resolution.

On a motion presented by Commissioners Maria Rojo de Steffey and Serena Cruz, the County Board voted 4 to 1 to approve the resolution. Commsioner Lonnie Roberts, District 4, casting the sole disenting vote. [ Read More... ]

County Takes Up the Slack
Going where the Portland City Council feared to tread, in a session that was short and painless, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners this morning adopted an antiwar resolution by a 4-1 vote.

Moral and budgetary implications alike moved Diane Linn, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Serena Cruz, and Lisa Naito to support the resolution. [ Read More... ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 29.01.2003 23:25
Student Activist Alliance calling for General Student Strike on Feb. 6
From the open publishing newswire: We are calling for all groups in Portland to support a student led, student organized student general strike. We need all people from all communites because we feel that all people have been affected by the gutting of our budgets and we need them to say "NO MORE".

Why: We are demanding that students no longer be treated as 2nd class citizens. We feel that the legislation of this state has not taken us seriously in our demands to be given funding so that our education can succeed. We feel that our options are being taken from us. We have tryed to lobby, we have sent letters, we have gone to the capitol building and asked that they give us funding. Nothing has worked. We call this general strike of students to show people how much is dependant on funding of our social services. [ Read More... ]

War Resisters League protests School District's blunder over sharing student information with military recruiters
As school was getting out at Grover Cleveland High School at 3:00 today, January 29, 2003, a Press Conference was held by the local chapter of the War Resisters League concerning military access to student records. Leading off the Press Conference was John Grueschow, who gave the reason for the Conference, which was to discuss and evaluate Portland Public School's response to the "No Child Left Behind" Federal Education Bill of 2002.

More specifically, the Conference was called to comment on the amendment directing local school districts across the nation to open their doors to Armed Forces recruiters and to open their student records as well. This Bill requires only that school districts notify parents of high school students in writing that they have the right to opt out of allowing access by military recruiters to their students personal records. [ Read More... ]

[ streaming audio from press conference (9 minutes) ]

ANTI-WAR EDUCATION 29.01.2003 22:57
Portland Area Rethinking Schools convening a Teachers Against the War discussion
From the open publishing newswire: Friday, Jan. 31st, Portland Area Rethinking Schools is organizing a Teachers against the War discussion. Topics: What does it mean to be an anti-war teacher? What are the best ways for teachers and others to work against the war? What resources are available? Come talk about these issues and help develop ideas and plans to act on them, in and/or out of the classroom. [ Read More... ]

Time and Place:
Friday, January 31st
4 pm - 5:45 pm
Friends Meeting House
4312 SE Stark

[ Portland Area Rethinking Schools ]

Students at area colleges and universities to strike when war against Iraq escalates
From the open publishing newswire: The Northwest Campus Peace Coalition announces today that students at eight Oregon colleges and universities, including PSU, PCC, the U of O, Southern Oregon University, and Reed College, have joined in the NWCPCÂ's call for students, staff, and faculty to walk out on the day the war against Iraq begins. Students throughout the region are rallying together to send a message to Washington that the young people of this nation will not take news of war sitting down.

Â"As youth we are members of the generation being sent to die on all sides of this war. We have a duty to speak out in favor of peaceful solutions to conflict. This walk-out is a message from the next generation of world leaders to the current that the minute bombs start falling they have failed.Â", said Justin Elder, a student at PCC-Sylvania.

Many students are also outraged that in a time of serious budget shortfalls which have stripped funding for education, their national government has devoted billions of dollars to war. [ Read More... ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 29.01.2003 16:32
The Oregonian exploits kids in the name of art and education
From the open publishing newswire: A recent ad in The Oregonian is encouraging teachers and advertisers to cooperate in exploiting the artistic skills of children grades 4-12 to produce real advertisements for local businesses.

In this time of school budget cuts in Oregon, particularly in the arts, I'm suggesting that we voice up and let advertisers and media organizations know that their money would be better used as donations to our school system rather than as enticement for teachers and students to trade their education time for dollars.

You can let The Oregonian know how you feel about this issue by contacting Joe Doe at 503-221-8374.

In addition to telling The Oregonian how you feel about this- contact our Portland Public Schools Superintendent at 503-916-2000 or email: superintendent@pps.k12.or.us

[ Discuss ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 29.01.2003 16:17
Knitting Towards Our Revolution: one womans' thoughts
From the open publishing newswire: I have always wondered of ways that I could directly remove myself from the consumer trap. Every time I would head to any type of store I would cringe at the thought of putting money back into a system that is out to destroy the human spirit. That system I talk of is Capitalism. This system breeds racism, sexism and class oppression. I was determined to shut it out. I began sewing my own clothes, baking my own bread, salvaging food, clothes whatever I could find. So when I heard of an Anarchists Knitting Collective forming here in Portland, I was ecstatic. [ Read More... ]

The Anarchist Knitting Collective meets every Friday at 7pm at the CFA office on 16th and Clinton in SE Portland

MURDER IN THE BIOREGION 29.01.2003 16:17
Oregon bears suspected of damaging tree-farms are killed
cute little bear about to get SHOT by the Forest serViceFrom the open publishing newswire: USDA Wildlife Services (aka Animal Damage Control) is proposing to kill bears that might eat bark in tree plantations. Wildlife Services kills an average of 119 bears every year that could harm young trees on private and county land. The "preferred" alternative in their Environmental Assessment (EA) will continue or escalate this.

Should western Oregon bears, suspected of damaging tree bark in privately owned tree farms, be trapped and shot by the federal government? Comments are being accepted until February 14. [ Read More... ]

[ More information at Umpqua Watersheds ]

STATE OF THE DISUNION 29.01.2003 16:05
Line-by-line indy analysis of Herr Bush's speech
From the open publishing newswire: Two of us watched the State of the Union speech tonight in different places. One of us came over to the other's house afterwards to decompress from the unpleasant experience. Together, we went through the text of the speech and made some comments. [ Read More... ]

DAS pResidents state of the disUnion
The president gave the state of the union speech. The Democrats gave their response. The overall gist was war, war, war. With sprinklings of terror, terror, and terror. donÂ't worry because the kinder gentler nation will finally pay tithing to faith based initiatives. Oh and the attack on abortion begins. And the old folks are going to get kicked of Medicare or lose an opportunity to have prescription drugs covered. Privatization of Medicare. Further if you are a good African dictator you will get aids relief. That it you can provide more service if you make a profit of those whom you are to help. Its ludicrous Orwellian republican logic that is going to ruin your life if not the economy if not both. [ Read More... ]

Cascadian National Party response to Bush and Democrats
On Tuesday evening, America's so-called President George W. Bush, spoke to America, Cascadia, and the world on several issues, including health care reform, alternative fuels, the environment, and the so-called Â"crisesÂ" posed by North Korea and Iraq. His speech was nothing more than a hollow, pie in the sky diatribe that offers very few and concrete solutions. On all these issues, the President gave citizens of the Pacific Northwest more reasons to separate from his policies of money and hegemony and form a government that is truly by, of, and for them. [ Read More... ]

Green Party response to State of the Union Speech
Greetings from the Green Party, the party of peace! Tonight the President promised America a policy of war. War on Iraq. War on minorities. War on the poor. War on regular working people. In response, the Green Party, America's only growing political party, offers an alternative of peace.

I represent almost 30,000 working people in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I know my constituents personally, and I know their struggles for decent housing and decent work. When my constituents need help, they call me on the phone. ThatÂ's grassroots democracy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tonight, in Washington D.C., I must ask: Â"Who phoned Bush and asked for this war?Â" Â"Who phoned Congress and asked for this war?Â" I know that America did not dial that number. [ Read More... ]

Bush's state of the union speech - "The die is cast"
"Once again we are called to defend the safety of our people, and the hopes of all mankind." The words of George Bush's annual state-of-the-union address were full of lofty sentiments. But the President aims were more prosaic. Half way through his first term of office, his popularity ratings are falling. He is worried that he may not get re-elected in two years time. The first part of his speech, not accidentally, concentrated on the state of the economy: "We must have an economy that grows fast enough to employ every man and woman who seeks a job," Bush declared.

His analysis of what needs to be done was not even worthy of a simpleton. [ Read More... ]

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