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Protest corporate media and the war!
From the open publishing newswire: Peter Jennings is coming to town to host a town hall meeting about Bush's "plans" for a war with Iraq. It is going to be held at Rex Putnam High School THIS SUNDAY and is sponsored by KATU TV. I think this is a *great* opportunity to protest BOTH the Corporate Media and The War!

C'mon people! The corporate media is NOT doing anything to question Bush's drive for war, and is actively not reporting on the peace movement throughout Amerika and the world. Their "newscasts" are more flash than content, and there are also a ton of issues that they regularly dismiss or don't report about, such as the U.S. use of Depleted Uranium in the Gulf War and elsewhere. The list goes on and on . . .

The town hall meeting starts at 6, so come out on Sunday at 5 and let folks know that they are being lied to by their good friend Peter. (How appropriate that it's being held at a high school, when billions of dollars are being diverted from public education to the war machine.) Let people know what issues are important to YOU, and how the media is failing the public miserably. LET'S DO IT!!!!
[ Details ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 07.02.2003 19:12
Protest Adidas for Kangaroo Massacre


From the open publishing newswire: The largest massacre of wild land animals the world has ever known is taking place in Australia right now. Imagine this. A mother kangaroo with her beautiful joey at night in the vast outback. It's a scene millions of years old. What's new is the roar of a four-wheel drive. She turns towards the noise and is transfixed by a searchlight. A rifle cracks and a bullet tears a hole in her neck. She falls, in pain and unable to save her joey...

Demonstrations at Adidas

Help end the kangaroo massacre!
WHAT: Protest & Leafleting Against Adidas' Cruelty to Kangaroos
WHEN: Saturday February 8
th 11am - 1pm
(right off the #6/MLK and #72/82nd Ave bus lines)

Because of companies like Adidas and the demand of their customers, kangaroo populations in Australia are being traumatized both by population decimation and unfathomable cruelty, all for soccer and athletic shoes. An account from VivaUSA!, the organization leading the campaign against this industry, paints the horrendous picture: "Adult kangaroos are often hit in the throat or neck and dragged to the trucks struggling and still conscious. Some are still alive when their leg is sliced open and they are hauled up onto the truck by a large hook through the gash. Their throats are slit, and they bleed to death. Young joeys who are still inside their mother¹s pouch suffer a more grisly death. They are pulled from the pouch and stamped on or clubbed to death. Older joeys are left to die of starvation or cold - worthless by-products of a callous but lucrative industry."

[ Read More... ]

Solo timber sale goes to Freres Lumber; Auction protested
From the open publishing newswire: on friday, february 7, 60+ protesters gathered at the Mt. Hood National Forest office in Sandy, to express their disdain over the auction of two timber sales -- Solo and Tarzan. the auction of Solo was actually a re-auction, and that was the big news of the day. the rights to cut Solo were originally purchased by Thomas Creek (at the now famous July 30 auction), but they backed out inexplicably, after not touching a single trunk. the forest service then offered the sale to the other two companies that bid on it during the original auction in july, but they were not interested in it. those who have been in the forest defense community for years have never heard of this happening before. direct action, it seems, got the goods and scared 'em all off!

it was cold at the forest service office today, but the crowd was lively and dedicated, chanting "you buy solo, you buy us!" as it turned out, only one company bid on Solo, which is unusual (though not unheard of). the company, freres lumber, had sent people out to look at Solo over the summer. according to Sarah Wald, of BARK, freres is one of the nastier lumber companies. [ Read More... ]

[ A message for the Freddies who'll be at the Solo re-auction on Friday morning ]

Related streaming AUDIO from philospherseed.org: [ Bark Field Trip To Solo Timber Sale (13 min.) | July 30, 2002 Solo auction protest: streaming (30 min.) ]

[ About the Solo Timber Sale | Cascadia Forest Alliance | BARK ]

FAITH IN ACTION 07.02.2003 14:21
Radical Congregation Holds Discussion Meeting for Conscientious Objectors to War
From the open publishing newswire: George W. Bush has read his State of the Union speech. Nowhere man Dick Cheney's new underground bunker is almost complete. Our friends over at Fox News have weighed in, telling us repeatedly that Secretary of State Colin Powell hit a home run at the UN. If one is watching the corporate media these days, it looks like it is time for war.

Are YOU or is someone you know a draft board target for the "war on terror"? Christ the Healer will be conducting an informational discussion meeting for draft age young men and women and concerned parents on Monday, February 10 at 7PM. The meeting will be held at Christ the Healer, 5150 SW Watson in Beaverton. Anyone with questions about this meeting on establishing Conscientious Objector status is encouraged to call 503.650.4447. [ Read More... ]

Call to Conscience From Veterans to Troops and Reservists
From the open publishing newswire: If the people of the world are ever to be free, there must come a time when being a citizen of the world takes precedence over being the soldier of a nation. Now is that time. When orders come to ship out, your response will profoundly impact the lives of millions of people in the Middle East and here at home. Please Circulate this to Troops, Reservists and Military Families

CRITIQUING THE SYSTEM 07.02.2003 14:20
What's Up with Our Representatives, Media, and Race?
You might've heard that Representative Howard Coble (R-N.C.), chairman of a House subcommittee that oversees homeland security legislation, recently stated that the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII was a good idea. Partly, he said, for their protection from the American public. "We were at war," Coble said on a North Carolina radio show this week. "They were an endangered species. For many of these Japanese Americans, it wasn't safe for them to be on the street."

Oregon Rep, David Wu reacted with this, "At a time when we should be reflecting on a historic wrong, Congressman Coble has stood history on its head. Japanese Americans were not rounded up into internment camps for their own protection. If we do not accurately portray the past, we risk repeating it." [ Read More... ]

Ashland, Oregon, -- Patriot Act Resolution on agenda for Feb. 18th
From the open publishing newswire: February 4th, the Ashland City council voted to consider the "Resolution to Protect Civil Liberties" at the NEXT City Council meeting on Feb. 18th. The vote came literally in the closing seconds before the mandatory 10:30 PM adjournment time.

During the meeting, two spokespersons addressed the City Council in support of the resolution. Local immigration attorney John Almaguer spoke about new pressures and fears felt by immigrants and relatives of immigrants in Ashland as a result of post 911 law enforcement practices. Selene Aitken of the SOU Multicultural Center spoke about similar pressures on foreign students at SOU. [ Read More... ]

Missing person sought
Sourced from the Mail Tribune: All Oregon residents, and those of the south in particular, are asked to be on the alert for a Medford women, Rosemary Lou "Rosie" Reisinge, age of 43, 5 feet 5 inches, and 140 pounds. She was last last seen wearing a blue shirt, Wranglers ( a type of jeans), and a black jacket with a Peterbilt logo. Also look for a Chevy Blazer: a farming and sport utility vehicle , colored gray and white with liscence plate PTB 358. The contact/organizor to give relevent information will be Medford police Detective Terry Newell at 774-2230.
[full newswire article with more information]?

STUDENT ACTIVISM 06.02.2003 22:19
Portland high school students strike, take streets, occupy City Hall
From the open publishing newswire: I heard about the student strike scheduled for today here on indymedia, and from posters and friends. I was pretty excited about it, too. The ongoing and accelerating political activity of the high school students is one of the best stories going on in Portland right now. With their lack of concern for permits while marching, their delightful creativity and their seemingly boundless youthful energy, they are a fun bunch. From the walk-out last December through the sleep-in at Lincoln High in January, and their recent visit to Salem to lobby the legislature, you can see a rapidly unfolding and evolving story whose end is not known. With Measure 28 failed, it seems that there's little hope for any significant money to come to the public schools soon, and the cuts threaten to continue. So the students walked out and took to the streets today. [ Story and Photos ]

A summation of todays march and a suggestion for the future
I arrived at SW Taylor and Waterfront (Naito) around one oclock in the afternoon. THere was a small congregation of people, a few I had recognized most I didnt. So I went and sat by the water and tied a hemp necklace. The necklace turned out really well. Right after I finished the necklace I went to obtain my bike as I had parked it about two blocks away. Luckily I made it back about five minutes before the march began. I took my bike and corked the intersection. The police were glad that I had. Throughout the entire march I rode my bicycle in the back weaving back and forth between lanes as an "escort". This being a "radical" march (no permit obtained) the police were not required to do anything but cite people for breaking the "law". [ Read More... ]

Students Strike at City Hall - Vera and Political Dissimilation
Attending today's Student Stike against budget cuts and the series of empire inspired misappropriations of public money that led to them, I found myself in the presence of Vera Katz. The mayor seemed to have advance notice of the students' intent on occupying City Hall and decided to do a photo-opp and address the crowd. If she were my aunt, I might like her, assuming she didn't steal and lie compulsively, as is the case with almost all politicians ... probably throughout time, but especially these days. Even if, as a family member, she lied and stole, the brunt of the loss would fall on relatively few, and her charm might be a medium amount of recompense. Unfortunately, she's the current mayor of our city, thus her doublespeak and shady machinations affect far too many. No wide smile or well-chosen ensemble makes up for that. [ Read More... ]

[ collage of student sit-in at city hall today ]

CASCADIA SUMMER 06.02.2003 21:40
Forest Defense Women's Action Camp
From the open publishing newswire: Mazama Forest Defense recognizes the connection between all oppression and violence against the Earth and its inhabitants, including the marginalization of women. To address patriarchy inside and outside of the movement, MFD is organizing a womens' action camp this spring. The action camp will focus on substantially increasing womens' forest defense skills and knowledge as well as provide a forum and safe space for us to discuss and take action against patriarchy. All women interested in forest defense, feminism or any other social justice issues are welcome.

Workshops will include Primitive skills, Natural health and birth control, Herbal medicine, Wilderness survival, Climb training & ropes, Non-violence, Plant ID walks, Domestic violence/sexual assault, Self-defense and so much more. [ Read More... ]

Earth First! Northwest Regional Rendezvous
In the last year, eco-activists have seen a rapid increase in the level of forest destruction on public lands, the erosion of hard-fought legal protections and the amount of government repression on groups fighting for social and environmental justice. Bush and his cronies are organizing to continue profiting from injustice and exploiting the Earth. We are organizing to defend it.

Join us Memorial Day weekend for education, action and fun as we get ready to face a heated summer of defense in the Pacific Northwest. The weekend will be full of workshops, skills shares and strategy sessions including climbing & ropes, natural medicine & birth control, global justice, coalition building, prison support, primitive skills, Siskiyou geobiology, wilderness/city medic, legal, corporate campaigning, non-violence and so on, amidst the extraordinary mountains of the K-S. [ Read More... ]

[ Mazama Forest Defenders | Cascadia Summer | pdx indy Forest Activism coverage ]

ANTI-WAR 06.02.2003 21:34
'We the People' rally announced in Eugene for Feb. 15, the International Day of Action against escalating war in Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: Hey if you can't make it to Portland for the peace rally [?]. Do something in your own town. Progressive Responses, a program of CALC, will be holding a rally in Eugene, on February 15, 2003 under the slogan of "We the People."

The focus will be on the impact of the Bush Administration's agenda on the pressing need for living wages, environmental protection, civil liberties, economic equity, quality education, universal health care, and workers' rights. We will be voicing our protest against the this government's onslaught against all these American values under the guise of "national security" and "fighting terrorism". We will say "Not in Our Name" to war on Iraq and to militarism, and we will lift our voices FOR domestic and global justice, peace, the preservation of the public sphere, and the meeting of human needs worldwide.

The rally will take place at the Federal Building at 1 p.m. [ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 06.02.2003 11:56
In unprecedented move, Forest Service to re-auction Solo timber sale on Friday; BARK demands sale cancellation; CFA calls for protest
From the open publishing newswire: On the eve of the re-auction of the controversial Solo Timber Sale, BARK, the watchdog organization of Mt. Hood National Forest, has issued a letter to the Forest Service urging the cancellation of the Solo timber sale due to significant new information including:
  • Finding of second rare Old Growth Specklebelly Lichen
  • Unbuffered Streams
  • Failure of the Peavine Sale to mitigate road density

"This new information clearly reveals the faults in the planning of the old growth Solo timber sale. The best way to protect our drinking watersheds and old growth forests is to cancel the Solo sale," said Bark forest defense coordinator Sarah Wald.

The Solo timber sale was originally auctioned on July 30, 2002 while over a hundred citizens rallied outside the Mt. Hood Forest Service Headquarters. The sale was bought that day by Thomas Creek Lumber, convicted twice of timber theft from public land. In an unexpected turn of events, Thomas Creek was not awarded the contract. The Forest Service will be re-auctioning the Solo sale on Friday February 7 at 8 am at the Mt. Hood Forest Service Headquarters. Protests are planned by several environmental groups. [ Read More... ]

Cascadia Forest Alliance calls for protest at Solo timber sale re-auction
Thomas Creek Lumber - the company which purchased the rights to log Solo at an auction last July 30th -did not finalize the contract. While the Forest Service will not reveal why this unprecedented failure to award the contract occurred, we believe Thomas Creek and other companies backed out because of the controversy around the sale CFA helped create. Another victory! Tarzan is being re-auctioned because there were no bidders at its first auction. Come participate in a peaceful rally at the Mt. Hood Forest Supervisors Headquarters, 16400 Champion Way, Sandy OR 97055. Carpools at CFA office leave at 7am, breakfast starting at 6:30. Call us in advance 241-4879 for a wake up call that morning. Let us know if you can help drive. [ Read More... ]

An account from the LAST Solo auction
Here is my account of the last Solo auction in July, starting when I got arrested. I've since gotten a "no complaint" from the DA's office, which means they've decided to shelve the case until it becomes interesting again or expires. I still don't have my knife back, and a complaint against the arresting officer doesn't really seem to be going anywhere... [ Read More... ]

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE BUT... 06.02.2003 11:42
Problems With Plan To Clean Up Williamette
From the open publishing newswire: A Press Conference was held today in Portland by the Portland Harbor Citizens Advisory Group. The purpose of the Conference was to report, comment and discuss events regarding the Portland Harbor Super Fund Clean Up. The Portland Harbor Superfund Site is a 5.5 mile stretch of the Willamette River, from Swan Island to Sauvie Island, that has been listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Priorities List of contaminated sites requiring cleanup. [ Read More... ]

[ streaming audio (~18 min.) ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 06.02.2003 11:35
OHSU and HLS gives presentation on so-called 'Animal Extremists'; Latter picket outside
From the open publishing newswire: On Monday, Feb. 4th there was a conference at the Casey Eye Institute (part of OHSU) about animal extremists and their effect on animal research. There were three speakers, one being a representative of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS),speaking on his own experience with animal extremists. Huntingdon Life Sciences is one of the largest testing labratories in the world and is known for their inhumane testing on animals. 4 animal rights activists tried to enter the building but were turned away because they did not have OHSU ID's. Instead they held a banner and signs protesting animal research. In my observation, it did not seem that there was very many people who attended this presentation. The few who did come out were asked what they thought of the speakers. "It was very one sided!", more than one person replied, upon leaving the Casey Eye Institute. [ Read More... | Here, too ]

[ Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty | Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing ]

LOOK UP! 06.02.2003 11:29
Chemtrails over Eugene/Springfield and Portland
From the open publishing newswire: What are all those jet-trails in the sky? "Chemtrails"? Why do they appear at one end of town and disappear at the opposite end? Why does it seem to rain a day or so after they appear?

A comment posted to original story reads: They're also over portland this morning also. Weird circular trails and trails shaped like a long "s". Would have gotten some pictures if I had my camera with me. Could be that it's cold and windy, but that would mean some pretty unusual wind patterns. [ PHOTOS from Eugene and Portland ]

ANTI-WAR 06.02.2003 10:47
Oregon Congressional Rep. Peter DeFazio introduces resolution to repeal Bush's war-making powers against Iraq
From the open publishing newswire: DeFazio filed this within hours of Colin Powell's speech to the UN, so could only round up about 30 cosponsors immediately. If you are so inclined, please contact your Congressperson to and ask her or him to consider being a cosponsor. The basic message is: "Please support the bill sponsored by Congressmen Pete DeFazio and Ron Paul to repeal the October resolution giving President Bush a free hand to use military force against Iraq."
From DeFazio's statement:
I heard no new evidence today from Secretary Powell's address to the United Nations, that would convince me that military action in Iraq is necessary to improve security of Americans. Americans want the President to lay a clear case for immediate military action in Iraq, but the Administration's message keeps changing- six months ago, their case hinged on regime change, three months ago it was Saddam thwarting inspections, three weeks ago it was possible possession of chemical weapons, today its tenuous terrorist links. If the case was clear, it would have been clear from day one. [ Read More... ]

Manifesto on the Imperialist War against Iraq
The war that is being prepared by the USA is a blatant act of aggression against the Iraqi people. It has not a single atom of progressive content. All the arguments used to justify this monstrous war are false to the core. The sending of weapons inspectors was merely a pretext to deceive world public opinion while the Americans proceeded with their military build-up in the Gulf. It has nothing whatsoever to do with weapons of mass destruction. No matter what the Iraqis do, they will be bombed and invaded. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR ACTION 05.02.2003 11:14
Catch the Oregon Coast Peace Wave
From the open publishing newswire:
All along the Oregon Coast communities are organizing for Peace and resistance. Here is a list of a few of those actions

Peace Wave Spreading Along Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast Peace Wave continues this next Saturday, February 8th, with an event in Newport and one in Bandon. Citizens Democracy Watch, a Florence-based action/discussion forum, is announcing support for both events and car-pooling north and south.

The double Peace event follows the first Peace Wave at Waldport. The rolling peace event has received national radio mention on San Francisco's KGO this week. Newport spokesperson Lynn Jeffress says "We expect to move the Peace Wave into Washington and California, while keeping energy here in Oregon. Newport activities include music, food, peace poetry and an organized high school student contingent singing group. More traditional ways of expressing opinion against this unnecessary war will also occur, including signs and a silent vigil." Newport activities will start at the intersection of Highways 101 & 20, at 11:30 a.m. [ Read More... ]

AUDIO: Interviews with people at the coast taken during previous demonstrations at Newport and Waldport: [ streaming audio (~10 min.) ]

ANTI-WAR 05.02.2003 10:25
A report from Baghdad; the next ground zero.
From the open publishing newswire: It becomes clear so quickly here that the Iraqis are not and cannot prepare for war. They wait for the terror to come as helpless as any people have ever been. They are totally unprepared. They are severely lacking medically and only have food to last three months. They have nowhere to go and if Team Bush does as they have threatened, and Baghdad is "leveled to the ground," they will have murdered five million helpless people. These people are sitting ducks. The US is the biggest military might in the world. The Iraqis are a depleted people, stripped of all economic support and without resources. The word genocide has been raised by some of the humanitarian workers here and as the days pass I see it also. It is the murder of a whole people.

Do you remember the old movies of Christians being thrown out into the coliseum to be killed by lions? It seems a little like that from the view from here.

The insidious nature of the sanctions become more and more apparent as we go deeper into the society and see the lives of everyday people. Every person in Baghdad receives rationed food. Iraqi cannot supply its own people under the sanctions. The UN oversees the "Food for Oil" program and people receive rations papers based on the numbebr of persons in a family.

People are beginning to come to us for medicine. A waiter needs cough syrup for his little boy. A woman is waiting for us at the hotel for vitamins for her children. Someones uncle has pneumonia and need antibiotics. The waiter has tears streaming down his cheeks and you can see it is humiliating for him to ask.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 05.02.2003 09:23
PDX AntiWar Rally Feb. 15!
Why is it that there's no big PDX downtown weekend antiwar rally planned for February? Did I miss the email? Unless a miracle happens, Bush is gonna pull the trigger on Iraq this month or next, so now is the necessary time to hit the bricks again. It's ridiculous to waste the momentum of A22, O5, N17 & J18 with absolutely nothing when it's most needed.

No Blood for Oil!
No Fascist War!
Insane Warmongers!
US Corporate Whores!

Let's hook up at Noon Sat. Febr. 15 in the North Park Blocks (NE 9th & Burnside by the elephant) and re-create the feeder march assembly from January. Some fabulous people did a great job last time. How 'bout doing it again?
[ Read More... ]

SOLUTIONS 05.02.2003 09:20
Power To The Future! Community Childcare!
Portland Anti Capitalist Action recognizes the need for childcare in peoples' lives.

-While capitalism forces parents to labor to fend off evictions and hunger
-While schools are threatened to shut down
-And while billions of dollars are spent on a war with a people we have more in common with than not.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is offering this service free of charge for events and demonstrations.

We believe the entirety of the world is a child's place, but we also have seen and experienced the violence and brutality of police. We also respect that being a parent is a full time job, not to mention marching around for hours gets tiring for us let alone the kids!

If you know of other events, speaking engagements, movie nights, or demonstrations in need of childcare, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. We will do our best to get something set up.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 04.02.2003 23:22
Reed students demand 'No War for Oil' at Shell gas station in SE Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Today, 30+ Reed students staged a 'No War for Oil' picket in front of the Shell gas station at 44th & Woodstock in SE Portland. This demonstration was one of over 100 that happened across the United States and in the United Kingdom as part of an International Day of action focusing on gas stations to protest the war on terrorism and the imminent attacks on Iraq. This group was spirited and chanted loudly for the forty minutes or so that I saw. "No War for Oil!" and "It's bullshit, get off it! The cause of war is profit!" (One of my personal favorites!) Signs also focused on the connection between consumerism and war, which is to say, between capitalism and war. That's a connection that must be made, in my opinion, as there can be no peace under the current system. The current system requires greed and war in order to prop itself up. [ Read More... ]

[ TargetOil.com ]

Peace Demonstrators in US & UK Take Message to the Pumps
From Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Tucson, Arizona and from London, England to Logansport, Indiana, more than 100 demonstrations at gas stations in the United States and United Kingdom sent a powerful message of "NO WAR FOR OIL" today. Demonstrators condemned military action and called on the Bush and Blair Administrations to reduce their nations' dependence on oil as a key step toward sane national security and energy policies. [ Read More... ]

A video of this action featuring interviews with participants will be shown at Reed College next Tuesday, Feb. 11, during the 8:00 p.m. VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE.

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