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PEACE NOW 24.02.2003 17:58
Hollywood neighbors stand together for peace

From the open publishing newswire: Two Sundays in a row, Hollywood neighbors and friends have stood together along Sandy Boulevard in Hollywood with our peace signs and dancing peace symbols. Each time a group of 30 or more, young and old, manifested a presence for peace, in driving rain one Sunday and bitter wind the second Sunday. Enthusiasm was high among demonstrators, and passersby gave us energetic support with horn honking, waving and thumbs up. There is a lot of support for making this a weekly event -- SO, please join the Sunday Hollywood Peace Vigils, 4 p.m. each Sunday, NE 42nd and Sandy Boulevard. [ Newswire post ]

[ 2/22 Hollywood Protest Photos ]

PEACE NOW 24.02.2003 17:52
MoveOn volunteers participate in Friday PPRC Peace rally; Make call for Feb. 26 'Virtual March' on D.C.
From the open publishing newswire: The "I want YOU to March for Peace -- March 15" banner shown above made the Friday night march through downtown Portland a very effective rallying cry for action. In addition, MoveOn volunteers handed out the MoveOn fact sheet about why the war is wrong and/or a copy of Senator Byrd's great Feb. 13th speech against the war to the folks we passed in the street:

Earlier in the afternoon we handed out about 2,000 leaflets as we talked up the virtual march on Washington DC that MoveOn and 32 other organizations are sponsoring this Wednesday February 26.

When I spoke briefly at the Friday night rally a big cheer went up when I asked how many knew about MoveOn.org. The 19 MoveOn volunteers that leafleted with me all know about Indymedia now, too, if they didn't before (I sent them the URL). I expect that almost all of us will be there together with you on March 15. Please join us this Wednesday, February 26th.
[ Story & Photo ]

[ MoveOn | Virtual March on Washington Headquarters ]

PRISONER SUPPORT 23.02.2003 23:40
One Hundred Anarchist's Letters Needed
From the open publishing newswire: Rob Thaxton and Brian McCarvill are in the Disciplinary Segregation Unit of the Oregon State Penitentiary. They are Anarchist prisoners being singled out for repression due to their beliefs. Letters of support are needed to be written on their behalf. The timeline is now - until they are out of the hole.

Background: On Tuesday January 7, 2003, Misconduct Reports were delivered to anarchist prisoners Rob los Ricos (Robert Thaxton) and Brian McCarvill at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP). They were subsequently transferred to Disciplinary Segregation "The Hole". Rob was written up for "Disobedience of an Order I" and "Unauthorized Organization I"; we assume that Brian's charges are similar and he has also been sent to the Hole. Rob now expects "4 months in a box" and both Rob and Brian may be transferred to another Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) institution. In addition, Rob has been falsely labeled as a member of the Earth Liberation Front. The ELF is considered to be a terrorist group by the ODOC.

Brian McCarvill is currently involved in a lawsuit against ODOC staff, challenging their censorship and rejection of anarchist publications. Anarchists are viewed as a gang or Security Threat Group (STG) within ODOC. The circle-A symbol is considered a STG symbol; many radical publications are rejected by ODOC mailroom staff on this basis. Rob made a Declaration in Support of Preliminary Injunction in Brian's lawsuit and was also recently Brian's cellmate at OSP.

Rob is a longtime participant in anarchist movements. His writings have been published in such journals as Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed and Green Anarchist. He is now serving a seven-year and four months, mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon's Measure 11 law for throwing a rock at a cop-in self defense- during a Reclaim the Streets event in Eugene, Oregon on June 18, 1999.

Rob and Brian have both stood up and fought for the anarchist movement and for prisoner access to radical perspectives. APLAN now requests that the movement on the outside does their part to support them. "They're inside for us - we're out here for them!"
[ Read More... ]

Community Childcare March 15th
From the open publishing newswire: Portland Anti Capitalist Action is organizing Childcare for the March 15th Anti War Demonstration. Contact us to register your child in advance (deadline is March 12th). References are available upon requests. We have secured the NEW DAY school in Southeast Portland this time, which has so much room and things to do and a huge outdoor area with a playground.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action recognizes the need for childcare in peoples' lives.
-While capitalism forces parents to labor to fend off evictions and hunger
-While schools are threatened to shut down
-And while billions of dollars are spent on a war with a people we have more in common with than not.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is offering this service free of charge for events and demonstrations.If you know of other events, speaking engagements, movie nights, or demonstrations in need of childcare, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. We will do our best to get something set up.
[ Details and Contact ]

ANTI-WAR 23.02.2003 23:12
What is wrong with the justification given for war in Iraq?
From the open publishing newswire: The first assumption is that the possible dangers of Saddam's WMD are greater than the certain death and destruction that would be caused by a war. Obviously there is no basis to reach this conclusion because in both cases we are talking about events that have not yet happened, so none of it can be quantified. Only one thing is certain. If we go to war a lot of people will die and it will cost a huge amount of resources.

Obviously it is impossible to guess Saddam's, or anybody else's intentions. Even if we could know what others were thinking it still would not justify a preemptive war. Go tell the judge that you killed your neighbor in self-defense because you thought he was planning to kill you. This would really go over big if you came to court with no evidence to back up your allegations. Tell the judge to trust you. You know what you're doing. Better yet, tell him that God appointed you to rid the world of people like your neighbor.

We threaten Iraq with war if they do not hand over these WMD that may or may not exist. It's possible Iraq is telling the truth. We just don't know. All that we do know is that we gave Iraq a lot of very deadly stuff and they cannot prove that it was all disposed of properly. If Iraq does not have WMD then we are fighting a totally unjustified war. If Iraq does have WMD we will probably find out when we invade because they will almost certainly use them on our troops and even our civilian population if possible. Bush is threatening nuclear strike if this happens.
[ Read More... ]

HEALTH CARE 22.02.2003 22:05
Black Cross Health Collective First Aid Workshop
From the open publishing newswire: Saturday, March 1st. 8-hour first aid training. This is our standard class, intended as an introduction to protest first aid and aftercare. It will prepare the student to act as an affinity group-level medic. Students who already have lots of first aid training will also want to take this course as we cover many things that are specific to protest health care. We will all have lots of fun.

You will learn:
Basic protest safety for you and your affinity group
Chemical weapons (pepper spray) decontamination
Herbal remedies and aftercare
ABCs (Scene survey, scene management, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, spinal cord precautions, triage)

Dress as if you were going to a protest. Sensible shoes and raingear required. Sandals are a no-no.
Bring all the other gear you'd bring if you were going to a protest.
Bring a small, squirt-top water bottle that's still sealed.
Bring a snack and/or lunch for yourself.
Bring your friends.

[ Details and Directions ]

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 22.02.2003 21:42
Newberg High's Students for Social Justice march for peace
From the open publishing newswire: This Friday, the 21st, a group of about 20 Newberg High students and one teacher, who are a part of Students for Social Justice, met up at 3:45 in the Springbrook Plaza to march against a war in Iraq. We left the plaza at about 4:00 and began marching (on the sidewalk) down 99W. They were law abiding in most respects, although they did not obtain a permit, for they believe free speach should be absulotly free.

Walking down 99W a enthusiastic spirit filled these students, for many of them, this was there first protest (Newberg isn't all that well known for being radical, although there are a lot of pacifists here affilated with the Quaker churches). Many cars gave a honk in support and a lesser amount of mostly males in big trucks heckelled, fliped off, or gave a thumbs down to the students. This did not dampen their spirits and they just smiled back or put up a peace sign. After a mile or two of going down 99W, the groups approched their final destination where they met up with Yamhil county peace works.
[ Read More... ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 22.02.2003 18:56
PDX BoRDC Announces Online Endorsements and Signatures
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee now has two simple ways for you to support its campaign to urge to Portland City Council to adopt a civil liberties resolution.

If you are an organization or business which would like to endorse the campaign, you can submit your information via an online form: http://portland-or.bordc.org/endorsementform.html We will then contact you to confirm.

And if you are an individual who wants to sign the petition of support, we now also have an online form for you, too: http://portland-or.bordc.org/petition.html
[ Read More... ]

EDUCATION / LABOR 21.02.2003 21:25
Portland Area Workers Rights Board Calls on District to Negotiate with Teachers
From the open publishing newswire: Portland, Oregon, February 21—Last night, the Portland Area Workers' Rights Board heard testimony from teachers and school community members about the current contract negotiations between the Portland Association of Teachers and the Portland Public Schools administration. Following the testimony, the panel of community leaders issued a series of recommendations.

The hearing took place at Benson High School from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. School Board members Marc Abrams, Julia Brim Edwards and Sue Hagmeier also listened to the testimony.

Teacher Dana Florez testified about her commitment to teaching in inner city schools and her fear that she will have to leave the district or leave teaching if the current contract offer goes through. She said, "I am not exaggerating when I say that we cannot afford the [district's proposal]. Nor can we afford the demoralization, abuse, disrespect, and fear that our employers are handing us."
[ Read More... ]

Portland Teachers Are Unified
A strike is not yet imminent, but it sure feels that way. Teachers in Portland area schools have all voted on whether on not to accept the district's most recent offer, or go on strike. The votes will be tallied today and the results will be released to the public on Monday. Should we move to strike, a large, public "straw vote" will be held next TUESDAY at the convention center downtown. This move would occur only if the school by school votes overwhelmingly show that we are in favor of striking.

On Thursday night, hundreds of teacher flocked to Benson High to support each other and their bargaining team. Representatives from Jobs WIth Justice, the SEIU, and others were all there showing support. The event served to bolster the sagging spirits of your area educators. People who, despite the state's inability to properly support schools, are trying to help students.
[ Read More... ]

NO COMPROMISE 21.02.2003 21:20
The inseperable earth and animal liberation movements
this is an article by anarchist prisoner Craig 'Critter' Marshall currently serving a 5.5. year sentence for an attack on SUV's in Eugene, Oregon in 2000. The article was submitted to the British animal rights magazine, Arkangel.

My intent for writing this brief article is to explain what I feel is the inseperability of the animal and earth liberation movements. I would like to think that the connection between these movements and the struggle against an ever increasingly technological society would also be painfully obvious, but I fear this is not for so many....

If we could save every animal in the world from suffering in factory farms and labs, in the long run, what good would it do if there was no wild places left to free them into? Conversely, what would be the point of protecting the last wild spaces if the animals were all domesticated-their wild spirits broken? These struggles are inseparable. All the different aspects of civilization conspire against all that is wild. It is the totality of it-not just one element, that dooms life..that is, if we allow it to continue unabated.

Our struggles can not ever hope to be effective as long as we each only focus on one aspect of the dis-ease of civilziation. We must attack the totality of it every single day. We must be relentless in our struggle-for civilization is ever progressing on its death march and we can not allow it to continue to trample over every existing life form. We must challenge the assumptions that are integral to the everyday existence of industrial society. We must attack the hubs of the wheel of oppression. [ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 21.02.2003 21:15
Peace vigil on Sandy in Hollywood, this Sunday the 23rd
From the open publishing newswire:
Back by popular demand!
Hollywood Peace Vigil 2
Sunday, February 23 afternoon
4:00 p.m. • Harold Kelly Plaza
(just north of Hollywood Burger Bar)
•Bring signs and noisemakers
•Be visible •Be loud •Be peaceful •Be careful •BE THERE!
[ Newswire post | Calendar Entry | Bus Route 77 schedule & map ]

newberg high activists march for peace
I am driving home from from lafayette to portland, suddenly there are teens walking down the street with signs for peace, and protesting possible war. I was so thrilled, here is my lousy picture of the event. they also had a nice hand out. Hope they come to portland for the march 15th anti-war Rally! [ Read More... ]

It's time to stop loony conspiracy theories about Sept 11
From the open publishing newswire: Astute observers of history are aware that for every notable event there will usually be at least one ,often several wild conspiracy theories which spring up around it. "The CIA killed Hendrix" " The Pope had John Lennon murdered ", "Hitler was half Werewolf", "Space aliens replaced Nixon with a clone" etc,etc. The bigger the event, the more ridiculous and more numerous are the fanciful rantings which circulate in relation to it.

So its hardly surprising that the events of Sept 11 2001 have spawned their fair share of these ludicrous fairy tales. And as always, there is - sadly - a small but gullible percentage of the population eager to lap up these tall tales, regardless of facts or rational analysis.

One of the wilder stories circulating about Sept 11, and one that has attracted something of a cult following amongst conspiracy buffs is that it was carried out by 19 fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, with no apparent motivation other than that they "hate our freedoms."

Never a group of people to be bothered by facts, the perpetrators of this cartoon fantasy have constructed an elaborately woven web of delusions and unsubstantiated hearsay in order to promote this garbage across the internet and the media to the extent that a number of otherwise rational people have actually fallen under its spell.

Normally I don't even bother debunking this kind of junk, but the effect that this paranoid myth is beginning to have requires a little rational analysis, in order to consign it to the same rubbish bin as all such silly conspiracy theories.
[ Read More... ]

STUDENT ACTIVISM 20.02.2003 22:50
Student Activist Alliance to hold Liberation School during furlough days
From the open publishing newswire: The Student Activist Alliance (SAA) is a grassroots organization run and organized by and for Portland Public School students. Organizers of the recent walkouts, sit-ins, and protests related to the cuts being made to the school budget, the SAA is currently organizing a free school, called the Liberation School, to supplement public education during the days lost due to budget cuts. In the event that the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) strike, the school will be in operation for the duration of the strike. The Liberation School will be open for students in Elementary, Middle and High School, and will be taught by schoolteachers, parents, responsible students, community members and anyone willing to donate a portion of their time to the future taxpayers of the city.

The SAA is holding an Open Forum/Workshop on Monday, February 24, 2003, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Smith Building of Portland State University, Ballroom (rm. 355). This forum will inform prospective parents and community members about the efforts of the SAA to create, in a short period of time, a safe place for students to go once school has prematurely ended. The Liberation School is seeking a location and community members who are willing to teach classes or help out in anyway.

"We hope that we get lots of people from across the city to attend the forum, as it is one of the only ways we can get this important message across to everyone who could be involved in the Liberation School." States SAA member Jesse Hannan.
[ Read More... ]

PUBLIC POWER 20.02.2003 22:48
VIDEO FILE: Andy the Illuminary Challenges Larry the Lightbulb
From the open publishing newswire: On February 12, 2003, Oregon Public Power Coalition supporters rallied on the corner of S.W. Salmon Street and 1st Avenue in Portland to display to Enron (disguised as PGE) their signatures to put creation of a Multnomah County People's Utility District (P.U.D.) on the ballot.

The Coalition's mascot, Andy the Illuminary, challenged in vain Enron lackey, Larry the Lightbulb, to a debate on utility rates and on such Enron schemes as "Death Star," "Ricochet," and the one that describes Larry himself: "Fat Boy." Coalition supporters then proceeded to the Multnomah County Elections Office at 1040 S.E. Morrison Street, to turn in reams of completed purple Multnomah County petitions.

Placing the P.U.D. measure on the ballot on September 16, 2003, requires 7219 valid signatures of registered voters who live in Multnomah County, according to the county's Elections Office. Over 160 volunteers collected Over 10,000 signatures, of which 9500 were turned in. [ Read More... ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 20.02.2003 22:46
Write to the Willamette Week and Demand Accuracy in F15 Commentary
From the open publishing newswire: In Wednesday's Willamette Week, the columnist writing under the guise of "the Nose" rails against the apathetic attitude of Portlanders on the F15 day of international protest. It writes:
"In Oregon, 1,400 people marched in Salem; 4,000 turned up in Eugene. Here in Portland, this state's largest city? Zilch. Well, not quite zilch. There was a two-bit rally on the North Park Blocks on Saturday, after which a few anarchists split off and took over a downtown intersection to stopper SUV traffic. But that's it-- unless you want to count the 700 who walked downtown Saturday to protest the loss in funding for school sports"
The reality, of course, is that close to a thousand people, if not more, marched in the streets of Portland that day, filling up the streets for 2-3 city blocks. They went all around downtown and even across the Burnside Bridge into Southeast Portland.

Perhaps this lazy and grossly incorrect reportage is what we have become accustomed to expect from the news media, yet the Willamette Week has a circulation of 87 thousand readers. Even if this column bills itself as an irreverant take on local news, it is important to demand at least a little bit of accuracy. [ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 20.02.2003 22:44
Peace Vigils in Wallowa County / Enterprise, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: There are regular peace vigils in Wallowa County / Enterprise, Oregon. We meet on Sundays, 5:00 PM at the Enterprise Courthouse Gazebo. All are welcome to attend. Bring love, candles, musical instruments, such as drums, tambourines, guitars, etc. [ Newswire post ]

ADVERTISING 20.02.2003 14:15
Lawsuit Targets Pre-Movie Ads
From the open publishing newswire: I am a visiting law professor at Lewis & Clark College here in Portland. My law partner and I have filed the first in a series of lawsuits against movie theater chains that push back the starting times of movies in order to deluge the captive audience with advertising. If you are interested in striking a blow against commercialism, and if you have an interesting story about your recent experiences at theaters in Portland, please feel free to contact me.

Excerpt from press release: A class-action lawsuit was filed today in Chicago against Loews Cineplex Entertainment Group and the approximately 2,445 screens and 263 theatres they own and operate. The lawsuit alleges that Loews Cinemas purposely deceive moviegoers as to the actual starting times for feature films, with the goal of generating a captive audience for advertisements. By publishing misleading starting times in newspapers, on marquees and on their tickets, the movie theaters breach their contracts with moviegoers and engage in a deceptive trade practice. The effect is to waste purchasers' time by forcing them to sit through unwanted commercial messages. Purchasers are effectively forced to watch commercials on their own dime and time.
[ Read More... ]

THE WAR: ANALSYIS 20.02.2003 13:52
Language in the media
From the open publishing newswire: The U.S. media has been very careful in describing the coming war on Iraq as "possible"--yet many of us know George Bush set his sails long ago, and the word possible, in the media's lexicon, really means a fait accompli. Winky winky. Here are some contrary possibilites that too many Americans aren't able to consider as they sit mesmerized by their TV disinformationalists, however: Is it possible that Americans are being astray? Is it possible that George Bush and his adminstration are loony tunes? Is it possible that your welfare is the furthest thing from the Bush adminstration's concerns? Is it possible that George Bush and the CIA/Mossad orchestrated 9-11?
[ Read More... ]

How it started in Nazi Germany
Why do we compare George W. with Hitler? Here is just one of the many reasons.... On July 14, 1933 Germany began a campaign to revoke the citizenship of those considered "undesirable" by the government. The people targeted were always a minority, and thus the relative alarm of the majority of the German people was minimized. By revoking citizenship, Jews and other 'undesirables" became stateless individuals, without citizens' rights, "legally" held indefinitely without charge. And without citizenship, they had no papers (passports, etc.) with which to travel anywhere else. In this capacity, they were ostracized without recourse to escape, and thus open to the endless scapegoating that followed.

The present-day American policy towards Muslims in this country, as well as anyone from the global south suspected of possible visa-violations is not the same, of course, but the similarities are striking and disturbing.
[ Read More... ]

Peace will come...
A war will start soon, a war that in many ways already have been going on for over ten years. But that will not be the end. Peace will not come. Aggression from Bush and the scoundrels in Washington awaits countries like Syria, Iran, North Korea, Libya and all other nations who might be perceived as a threat to American domination and an ever increasing demand for cheap oil. But what about the world wide protests seen over the weekend? Won't that effect Bush and Blair?
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-GLOBALIZATION 20.02.2003 11:35
WTO to Speak at Reed, 4pm Thursday
From the open publishing newswire: 4pm Volumn Lecture Hall 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland OR. A WTO speaker will present a lecture on Hunger in the third world and the role of "manufactured art" and free trade in aiding find a solution.

[ Read More... ]

WAR ON (SOME) DRUGS 19.02.2003 22:49
Mexican conference demands legalization of drugs, Portland journalist reports
From the open publishing newswire: Many Indymedia readers have been raised on the "War on Drugs." There were too many socialist-type gains in the 60s and 70s for the taste of President Nixon. With the mind-expansion help of drugs, people were uniting, racial and gender lines blurred and rights were won, communes that questioned land ownership were born, people loved freely and a war was stopped.

From a United States perspective, what has this 30-year war given us? A booming profit-driven prison economy where half of those incarcerated are non-violent drug consumers? An expensive law enforcement system where one half of our "peace officers" are mandated to convict petty sellers and consumers? A drained economy that sends billions upon billions of US dollars to right wing paramilitaries in Latin America to stop drug production, which kills thousands of peasants.

This war has fueled a violent black market, a savage capitalism that will never be diminished because of the enormous profits to be had. And, although our government professes concern for the consumer, thousands die each year due to no quality regulation. A friend of mine died last year because of this.

The war has failed, violently and miserably, and its motivation now as in the beginning is clearly right wing government control. First to slap down US leftists and now to control all of Latin America so the literal superhighways may be paved through such devices as Plan Colombia, Plan Puebla Panama and the extension of NAFTA.
[ Read More... ]

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