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Report from February 28 Critical Mass: 'Critical Mass, in Portland, is a really sorry thing'
From the open publishing newswire: Critical Mass, in Portland, is a really sorry thing, so far to say that it is just sucky. I like CM, it was founded as a celebration of cyclists to get together and be like one. Lately we have been having mid-month rides too, and those are really great. I think the mid-month rides weed out the people that dont really want to be part of what CM is. CM is a solidarity movement of cyclists. I was really really disappointed tonight, and that is part personal, but mostly that the people that showed for tonights CM were not much of a mass and definately not acting critically. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR DIRECT ACTION 01.03.2003 23:48
Seattle: Open Letter to the Anti-War Community
An Open Letter to the local anti-war community, from the 520 Blockade team In the current climate of war and the growing threat of a police state, activists must work as effectively as possible for peace and justice. Our action, blockading the 520 Bridge during the morning commute Tuesday February 18, was intended as a wake-up call beyond the normal activist community - we are asking all citizens in our region to take reponsibility to resist and stop the planned U.S. war on Iraq.

With privilege comes responsibility, and as privileged citizens of the United States we have the obligation to do everything in our power to stop this war. By stopping the regular flow of traffic, we broke the public's daily routine and asked everyone to resist apathy and reflect on the gravity of this war.

Our action was also intended as a wake-up call to activists - when one tool doesn't work, we must try another. George Bush, responding to the largest anti-war demonstration in history on February 15th, said "Democracy is a beautiful thing," but stated that he does not care how many people march - he is going ahead with war. When politicians ignore our marches, we need to develop more disruptive techniques. [ Read More... ]

PALESTINE 01.03.2003 11:32
What if we would have done nothing?
From the open publishing newswire: Today I live in a dormitory with young girls just out of their teens who are attending the An Najah University here in Nablus, Palestine. I wish that Anne could meet them. I wonder what she would say about the lives they are leading. Things are not so different from what she described in her diary. The sad fact is that it is Anne's own people, who learned so well the tactics of the Nazis, who are destroying not only the lives of the indigenous people of Palestine but also their culture and their future. If we were to make a museum of every home in Palestine that contains suffering, dying victims of this occupation, it would be the world's largest museum, covering an area that is home to several million people.

Will people someday walk these roads and remember that this is where the little boy died who was killed four days back for simply helping his grandfather reach medical care? He held no stone, he was walking away from the soldiers--and he was shot and killed. His grandfather died in the hospital a few hours later. Will we erect a monument for him and cry for the injustice? If so, then the roads will not be passable, for there will be far too many monuments to those who died for no reason. The soldiers fire their guns as though bullets were cheap--frequently, and without asking questions.

As soldiers entered a house less than a city block from me a few days ago, they were announcing over a loudspeaker that they were looking for one particular person. Others began to get out of the way and in doing so were shot and killed. Murdered. An apartment resident rushed outside to move his car. The soldiers shot him dead and ran over his car with their tank. They proceeded on to kill three more people and wound twenty-two as they went about their search for a wanted man. One of the wounded is an ambulance driver.
[ Read More... ]

HEALTH CARE 28.02.2003 20:51
Social Health Activism
From the open publishing newswire: Lets build a stronger social and mental health movement within social services and through other alternative struggles. While also making a strong connection between the amount of money spent on war and the deficiet in social spending.

I am tired of feeling frozen with fear and frustration.
Sick of caring so much about the entire world and fighting to not feel powerless.
From the ground up.

The current budget crisis in tearing any kind of safety net out from underneath so many different kinds of people. Yes i agree that we need to take a step back and figure out a new way to make it work but what legislation is doing is murdering those who cannot afford health care, taking away any other oppurtunity but jail time for those with mental health disorders.

The cuts in state and federal spending are affecting an enormous amount of people.

I believe that this is an urgent and desperate situation but also one where we could build a lot of momentum towards a serious and effective coalition of people who fight for social justice and demand the right of health care and equal oppurtunity for those who cannot afford it in the world we are currently living in.

This is a call out to those of you that have some of the same feelings.
[ Read More... ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS VICTORY 28.02.2003 20:27
Deloitte & Touche pull out of HLS!


From the open publishing newswire: After 10 days of pressure from animal rights activists worldwide, Deloitte & Touche has ceased acting as auditors for Hutingdon Life Sciences. *If you have taken action against D&T, give yourself a pat on the back!*

Check out www.SHAC.net and www.SHACAmerica.net to see the actions that led to this victory.
[ Read More... ]

BENEFIT | FOREST DEFENSE 28.02.2003 12:03
Reclaim The Forest Benefit
Where: Eugene, OR @the lorax manor - 1648 alder st
When: tonight! - fri the 28th - 7pm
How much$?: 5-500$ donations

Come at 7:00 for forest updates, a beautiful slide show, bands and drumcircles ~~ bring your drums, friends and love. [ Read More... ]

CENSORSHIP | FOURTH REICH 28.02.2003 11:51
Censorship: The Bush Junta Raids The Library
image courtesy www.drooker.com
From the open publishing newswire: Four and half years ago I started writing a book about fascism in America. For much of the background information, I relied on already published works. Most of the works were out of print but easily obtained in the used book market. About two years ago I started having problems obtaining certain books they were either prohibitively expensive or simply not available at any price. Since that time, I have encountered over twenty books that are no longer available. At least one independent bookstore owner is on record of stating that many of these books are being bought up by the hundreds and shipped to Langley. This second form of censorship is taking place unnoticed by the public only a few researchers are aware of it. What follows is a short list of some of the books that are now disappearing... [ What books? ]

ANTI-WAR 28.02.2003 07:47
No School, No Work, No Business as Usual: March 5th Moratorium to Stop the War being recognized by students around the Northwest
From the open publishing newswire: Protests on Feb. 15 brought tens of millions of people in more than 600 cities across the world into the streets to oppose President Bush's plan for a "pre-emptive war" against Iraq. Not withstanding its previous failure to accurately cover Americans opposed to war, the massive demonstrations forced U.S. corporate media, for a brief moment to recognize the growing power of the anti-war movement.

Now, as the Bush administration makes final plans for its invasion of Iraq, U.S. peace groups are also contemplating their strategy to stop or slow down the march to war. One of the next nationally coordinated actions will occur on Wednesday, March 5 when a coalition of dozens of groups will engage in what they're calling the "National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq." Under the banner of "No School, No Work, No Business as Usual," religious, labor and student groups across the country will hold a variety of actions, including walk-outs, teach-ins and protests to send a message of resistance to what they believe will be an "unjust war."

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with the Rev. Peter Laarman, co-chair of the New York City Forum of Concerned Religious Leaders and organizer of the March 5th Moratorium to Stop the War. [ Read more and Listen... ]

Student Strike at Oregon State University announced
Corvallis, OR. Students at Oregon State University are joining more than 150 other college campuses around the country in a strike against the war on Iraq. The strike, scheduled for March 5th, 2003, is being organized by Wrench, an OSU student and community organization. An all-day protest and gathering will take place at the Memorial Union quad on campus. [ Read More... ]

Student Walk-out Against the War in Ashland planned
Join students from SOU and AHS for a march down Siskiyou Blvd. beginning in front of the Student Union at SOU 12:00 noon rally in the plaza downtown Ashland at 1:00 pm This is a decentralized, coordinated effort to stop the march to war. Please come out and support the students and youth who are walking out of class to speak up against war, military recruitment on campus, and cuts in school funding. BOOKS NOT BOMBS!! [ Read More... ]

Idaho Students Join Nationwide Peace Event
In the Treasure Valley, Junior and Senior High School students will begin their walkout at noon. Students will meet at the Boise State University quad for poetry, speakers, art, and literature, which will inform students about the war with Iraq and other such issues. Following the BSU event at 2:30, students will march to the Statehouse to express their feelings against the war... "This is a crucial opportunity for students, especially those not yet of voting age, to make their voices heard on issues that matter most to them," says Robert McMinn. [ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY SUPPORT 28.02.2003 02:06
Benefit for Liberty Hall and CFA, March 5th, 8pm, Red & Black Cafe
From the open publishing newswire:


Cascadia Forest Alliance and Liberty Hall need financial help. Come enjoy a night of folk music at the Red and Black Cafe (2138 SE Division), Portland's Worker-Owned Cafe on Wednesday, March 5th at 8 p.m. Suggested donation $3-50; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Lichen & Rusty (Forest Activists from Portland)
Desert Rat (Labor Activist from Portland) Listen
Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman (Anti-war activists from Maine) Listen Watch

[ Details... ]

PEACEFUL RESISTANCE 27.02.2003 22:08
Baring Witness right here in Oregon
From the open publishing newswire:
S O S - save ours survival -- Baring witness here in Oregon. See the web page for the story

ANIMAL DEFENSE 27.02.2003 21:09
Protest the expansion of OHSU's Oregon Primate Center!
From the open publishing newswire:

WHAT: Demonstration against the expansion of the Oregon Primate Center
WHEN: Saturday March 1st, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
WHERE: Oregon National Primate Research Center; 505 NW 185th St. Beaverton OR

IDA will be having another demonstration at OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center to voice opposition to the ongoing expansion of their primate research labs. This latest addition to the Animal Services Building is using eight million tax dollars to add another 900 cages for rhesus monkeys. The lab admits that most of this addition will go towards behavioral research, experiments that are highly criticized by many in the scientific community as being outdated, invalid and have no relevance to human psychology.

For more information please contact matt@idausa.org 503-249-9996

[ Read More... ]

street roots Poetry Reading at Laughing Horse Books
From the open publishing newswire: Street roots publishes a newspaper by and for the homeless. This street roots poetry reading is free. It features many of the homeless and low income writers who are regulars on our poetry pages. Not your mamby-pamby pretentious coffee house reading. These readings are rich in diversity of experiences, perspectives, and subject matter. There will also be singer/songwriter musical performances.
[ Details... ]

FOREST DEFENSE 27.02.2003 20:07
Friday Rally to Protect Our National Forests
From the open publishing newswire: This Friday, February 28th 2003, is a day to mark on your calendar. On this day at 12:15 p.m. people will gather at 700 NE Multnomah (near the Lloyd center) to spur a from-within-the-government resitance to the horrendus enviromental policies of the current administration. This protest is hoping to show our Senator Wyden that the people will stand with him on protecting our current laws that guard the forests in America as a whole and the ecological diversity found within.He is currently undecided.

This is a very important issue for all of us and WE NEED YOU to be there Friday, Feb. 28 at 12:15 700 NE Multnomah.At the very least if you cannot show up, call Wydens' office on this to let him know! 503-326-7525
[ Read More... ]

[ www.gptaskforce.org ]

MEDIA [R]EVOLUTION 26.02.2003 21:50
Empower Yourself. Empowers Others. indymedia training on Thurs., the 27th
From the open publishing newswire: Not until we have learned as individuals and as a culture to empower ourselves, and to stop letting the fascist powers-that-be forcefeed us our lives and our news, will we have real positive change in the world.

This Thursday, from 7-9, come to a portland indymedia website/features training at the Cascadia Forest Alliance Infoshop at 1540 SE Clinton St!

The portland indymedia is one of the most-trafficked, most posted-to website in the U.S. in large part because it is such a frequently updated website. Where most IMCs have 1-5 center-column features a week (or a month in some cases), the portland site has 1-9 a day. That's because all original posts about local events/issues are turned into features. This policy rewards and encourages people who write original content and post it to the site. People LOVE it when their story becomes a feature! They feel EMPOWERED, and if you're helping to di it, you're EMPOWERING them.

There's a lot of talk about not just protesting, but creating viable alternatives. indymedia is one such alternative project -- a new kind of way of telling the news and distributing the news. A new kind of news, entirely! And it's working! Help with the media rEvolution! Come to the training on Thursday and learn how easy and simple it is to update the site... [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 26.02.2003 14:07
Anti-war Protest in Portland on Saturday, March 1st
From the open publishing newswire: Act Against War! Stop Military Recruitment! Join us to confront the lies of military recruiters and demand a meaningful and safe existence for our youth.

Radical Anti-War Committee is calling for you to join us in an anti-war protest at 1 PM, Saturday, March 1,2003 at Holladay Park (NE 11th & Multnomah) near Lloyd Center.

While schools throughout Oregon are being cut to the bone, the military receives ever greater funding. While youth are losing educational and employment opportunities they are increasingly being prepared to die and kill for George Bush.
[ Read More... ]

Legal: FBI Poking Around Animal Activists?
From the open publishing newswire: It has come to our attention that activists have been receiving strange visits and phone calls from unknown people. Activists have gotten calls from people attempting to find out where they work - "Hi. Jane/Joe Activist? This is so-n-so. I need to talk to you about XYZ. Please call me back with your work number so I can get in touch." Additionally, unidentified people have shown up at their jobs asking around for them.

Though we don't know for sure, it is possible that the calls and visits are in line with recent FBI activity. A grand jury has convened in New Jersey, both prisoners and un-imprisoned activists have had visits from the FBI, even an activist's parent was approached.

Currently we know very little about the grand jury only that it has been convened, and that at least 3 people around the country have been subpoenaed to it. To our knowledge no one has actually gone before it yet. At least one person was scheduled to go before it on January 30th but did not attend; the next date is March 13th. We do not know what the grand jury is investigating.

The FBI has a history of poking around, looking for information, asking questions - and harassing activists, their friends, employers, and families in an attempt to get it. The same history also tells us that, when we engage agents IN ANY WAY by talking to them, they repeatedly come back. On the other hand, after being told time and time again "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!" - they will give up. Let this be your mantra.
[ Read More (including tips on WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE INTERROGATED) ]

F15 ANTI-WAR ACTION 26.02.2003 14:03
F15 arrestee speaks
From the open publishing newswire: so i posted this comment to the F15 photo-essay feature that went up, but due to technical difficulties, it was up for about an hour and then gone. i'm reposting this now because it is important to me to have my voice heard on this matter...

(original comment follows)-

thank you to the person who put this photo essay together. it's awesome.

i was arrested that day, and have since been unable to check indymedia because it is just too depressing.

maybe it wasn't THE GREATEST action to take, but ya know what? we all acted out of frustration and PASSION. i, for one, find it very difficult just to get through my days without completely breaking down and falling into a deep deep depression over the state of the world. [ Read More... ]

EDUCATION 25.02.2003 20:42
Tentative agreement reached, not yet signed by district -- Teachers vote to strike
From the open publishing newswire: A tentative agreement has been reached which is as yet unsigned. In the meanwhile, the Portland Teachers have voted to go on strike. The Teachers have technically voted to strike, though it appears an agreement has been reached. The city and county have signed on, but district has not yet signed, though it looks like they will. Until the deal is finalized it could fall through and the teachers could still strike, but at this point it looks like the deal is solid.

Good day for portland teachers though this does not address lost school days and other issues. Stay tuned for breaking details as they come in.
[ Read More... ]

Inside the Teacher Vote
From the open publishing newswire: I went alongside thousands of my colleagues tonight to the convention center downtown to vote on a strike. While none of us truly knew what to expect, what with rumors and emails flying about like confetti, the overwhelming sense was that the impasse would not end.

As we listened and waited for Steve Palumbo, one of our union bargaining reps, get within a hair's width of calling the strike vote, we saw our union president Ann Nice take a phone call on stage. We learned that she was speaking with Nancy Arlington, our chief negotiator. It turned out that an eleventh hour agreement had been drafted...a tentative agreement.

After several delays the news was clarified: the city, the county, and the union had signed the t.a., but the school district had not. Almost directly after that news was handed over, we made an official strike vote. Overwhelmingly (looking back over the crowd, I guessed 95%) teachers voted to strike.
[ Read More... ]

POLICE STATE 25.02.2003 14:48
Eugene Cops Spy On CopWatch Press Conference
From the open publishing newswire: The police officers behind the locked glass doors of the City Council Chambers began their videotaping well before the press conference began, being sure to catch each individual as he or she arrived.

CopWatch volunteer Tim Lewis and Attorney Lauren Regan spoke of police misconduct involving a tank, reported the need for increased vigilance in this time of increasing police powers, and warned of the dangers of both misinformation and disinformation, spread by law enforcement via the mainstream media. When asked for specific examples of inaccurate information, Lewis and Regan cited news stories supplied by police to the media with inaccurate claims regarding seized drugs and equipment, claims later proved false.

Throughout, the EPD continued to videotape, mostly obscured from view by the tinted glass of the locked City Council Chambers Door, refusing to come out and answer questions, even when requested to by former City Councilor Kevin Hornbuckle. [ Full story ]

[ New Eugene CopWatch site ]

EDUCATION / CHILDCARE 25.02.2003 14:45
Furlough for the little guys -- Mission K5 covers low income kids in PDX
From the open publishing newswire: 25,000 kids in grades k-5 will be locked out of the Portland Public Schools on May 13th. Fill up all the furlough day camps, neighborhood programs, friends and relations houses -- and we may still have as many as 5,000 kids without care. Mission K5 aims to give those kids a great place to hang out in a safe festive atmosphere, with educational, arts, and recreational activities (and a USDA lunch) for the furlough days.

Who is Mission K5? Right now, it's a small group of volunteers who are negotiating with Parks and Recreation, the Columbia River Council of the Girl Scouts of America, and many other groups in town to see if we can care for those kids. We need more folks -- if we get our max capacity, we need to maintain a staffing level of 225 volunteers for ten hours for a month of weekdays. We need people to plan and negotiate, raise money, and coordinate volunteers now. In May, we need volunteers to herd kids and put together fun activities, or just read to a small knot of admirers. Bilinguals and polyglots most graciously welcome! [ Read More... ]

[ Mission K5 ]

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