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FOREST ACTIVISM 04.03.2003 14:35
Borg 4 legal update: Two defendants report to court today; new dates scheduled
on august 30, 2002, four forest activists were arrested at a cascadia forest alliance-called protest at the borg timber sale and charged with a variety of offenses including the misdemeanor, "interference with an agricultural operation". this new classification of "crime" was created by the state legislature at the behest of the timber barons as a way of criminalizing dissent and direct action expressed by forest activists in defense of our public lands. more intense punishments are now threatened for actions taken on public lands in the forest than when those same actions are performed in the city. something as simple as sitting down in a road (to block logging trucks, for example) can now risk you jailtime, which is ridiculous. the intention -- to discourage the defense of life from those who mean to destroy it -- is clear. the real "eco-terrorists" are not the forest activists; they are the lumber companies.

i went to the clackamas county courthouse in oregon city today with two of the Borg 4 defendants, who had their court dates there today, for "interfering with an agricultural operation". judge Alan Jack presided in courtroom #6, and he called them up one after the other, first thing.
[ Read More... ]

background: [ Forest Activist Legal Update (23 dec. 2002) | URGENT-Forest Activists Under Attack!! (27 sept. 2002) | New Road Blockades at Borg Timber Sale (30 aug. 2002) | Photos of Borg | info on borg timber sale from BARK | cascadia forest alliance ]

The Evils of Politricks - Oregon bill amends chapter 666
From the open publishing newswire: Senator Minnis (R) is pushing an anti-terrorist bill that will amend current Oregon law and could effectively be used to punish radical protesters as terrorists. In the 72nd Oregon Legislative Assembly - 2003, there was a bill (senate bill 742) introduced by Senator Minnis (R), which would amend section 19, chapter 666, Oregon law - 2001. In Section 1(1) of bill 742, claims that a terrorist is someone "who knowingly plans, participates in, or carries out any act that is intended, by at least one of its participants, to disrupt:
images courtesy
repeatfanzine.co.uk and
(a) The free and orderly assembly of the inhabitants of the State of Oregon." This could encompass any disorderly conduct that obstructs the day to day events of more than one Oregon citizen.

(b) "Commerce or the transportation systems of the State of Oregon."

(c) "The educational or governmental institutions of the State of Oregon or its inhabitants."
The severity of the punishment for these terrorist acts are just as appalling as the crimes themselves, a minimum sentence of 25 years without parole. [ Read More... ]

New emma goldwoman essay: 'Women (and Men) of the World, Unite!'
The latest in a series of essays about male domination: Recently many of us heard Noam Chomsky say these words in front of thousands of people at the World Social Forum in Brazil: "The way to "confront the empire" is to create a different world, one that is not based on violence and subjugation, hate and fear." (entire speech here)

The violence Mr. Chomsky referred to was not individual violence (such as murder or assault), because he was talking about confronting empire, which is a political entity. The violence he referred to is state violence, the organized violence of war and police systems. Mr. Chomsky, who is usually very precise in his language, misleads us with his language in this case. Because, to state the situation clearly, he should have said this: The way to confront the empire is to create a different world, one that is not based on ORGANIZED MALE violence, and ORGANIZED MALE subjugation of MEN AND WOMEN, and hate and fear.

As I have pointed out in other essays (see A Statistical Analysis of Male Domination, and The Problem of Male Obedience) war and oppression in our society is, around 99.9% of the time, planned and directed and carried out by men. This is true now, and it is true for all of recorded history.

This fact is not part of the acceptable discourse in the current anti-war movement. Why?
[ Read More... ]


Slew of events on Wednesday gives you the chance to protest war and defend the forests
Rally for the Native Forests
In solidarity with forest activists all over the state who are working hard to make Cascadia Summer a reality, Cascadia Forest Alliance is throwing a rally for our few remaining native and old-growth. This rally is taking place at the place of business for one of the largest exploiters of our National Forests. Come and show your support for the forests! CFA Office @ 10:00 a.m. [ Details ]

BOOKS NOT BOMBS! - National Student Strike Solidarity
Due to the increasing threat of war students across the country are organizing for a peaceful strike opposing military conflict with Iraq. While Students For Unity (SFU) is not advocating a student strike at Portland State University, we would like to show our solidarity with the 200 campuses across the United States. PSU @ Noon [ Details ]

Art Against the War
Art Against the War is an artistic expression that decries the proposed war on Iraq and the effects of UN sanctions on Iraqi people. This event encourages concerned people to take a break from reading the news and from activist meetings to inspire and invigorate their souls. Student performers will explore their feelings about the war through poetry, improvisational dance, and music. Reed College @ 7:00 p.m.[ Details ]

Benefit Party For Cascadia Forest Alliance and Liberty Hall
Music by: Desert Rat, Lichen & Rusty, Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman. Come enjoy a night of folk music with us. Red & Black Cafe @ 8:00 p.m. [ Details ]

Impeachment Resolution Action Coalition (IRAC) Weekly Meeting
We have organized a petition to pressure a member of the House to back a Resolution to Impeach George W. Bush. The resolution is written by Amnesty Internation lawyer, University of Illinois law professor, Francis A. Boyle; who is offering his legal counsel for free to any representative who steps forward. IWW Hall @ 9:30 p.m. [ Details ]

To check out other events, or add your own, go to the portland indymedia calendar.

ALERT | MISSING PERSON 03.03.2003 22:47
MISSING WOMAN she drove away
From the open publishing newswire: Oregon woman now missing one month. She drove away from work to an appointment. She never returned. Later, we learned she had traveled east from Medford, OR towards Klamath Falls, OR and used an ATM the same day she vanished. The ATM security video showed that she was alone. She kept traveling east and stopped in Lakeview, OR where she made some purchases at a Wal-mart. Again, the security video showed she was alone. That quieted our fears that she had not been abducted. Time went on. There were no outward appearances of what might have caused her to simply up and leave. Today marks one month since our sister was last seen. She may have been deeply troubled over some personal problem. Yes, we are concerned she may have harmed herself or committed suicide. She was also driving winter roads and may have gotten stuck somewhere, unable to get her vehicle out. It is also possible she ran into trouble with someone along her journey. She has never used her ATM card again. The possibilities are endless and now I know first-hand what other families endure when a loved one simply vanishes. It's like standing in a house of mirrors trying to seek that one mirror that reflects the true reality. It is easy to get lost there. Friends and loved ones call wanting to know if any word has come. The same words are repeated over and over until the echo in your head cannot be silenced. [ Read More... ]

FARM WORKERS 03.03.2003 17:39
Support the Farmworker movement!
From the open publishing newswire: A forum intended to educate citizens about the legislative issues migrant farm workers in Oregon are facing as well as to motivate individuals to become active in the farm worker movement. This forum will include a discussion of farm worker politics, a showing of the brand new documentary "Justice on the table," and information pertaining to ways the public can support farm workers and their struggle to achieve social justice! All are welcome.


[ Read More... ]

THAILAND 03.03.2003 17:32
Police State Terror in Thailand
From the open publishing newswire: I am a Portland activist that has been traveling in Southeast Asia for around three months. Recently in Thailand, the Prime Minister with the military elite who run the country have declared an open war against "drug dealers." This war has turned into a terror campaign that has already left over a 1000 people murdered by special police/military death squads, just within a weeks time. There are police and military checkpoints everywhere, searching for the people on the "death list." The military command of Thailand has just closed down the INN news service due to its reporting of the murders. [ Read More... ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 03.03.2003 11:09
Stop GE Lies
From the open publishing newswire: I know that the impending war is on a lot of people's minds right now, but it's important to not loose sight of other issues that are important - such as the dangers of Genetically Engineered foods. Monsanto recently got permission to market a new kind of pesticide rich corn, YieldGuard, and they will not stop putting these foods on the market until we stop them. One of the ways to do this, I think, is to take our complaints about the lies that are being spread (i.e., these foods are thoroughly tested, etc.) directly to the writers who are spreading them.

To help keep me up on GE food issues, I receive email updates from The Campaign To Label GE Foods. Often, these updates contain recent articles written about GE foods. After reading some of these articles, it is apparent to me that some "journalists" out there are obviously not interested in going after the facts, but writing fluff pieces about the biotechnology industry (surprise, surprise). As a journalist, I find this reprehensible. I think that we ought to hold these folks responsible for what they write and point out to them their lack of journalistic integrity (in a nice way, of course). It is possible that these writers do not realize their mistakes, or are succumbing to their editors pressure. Maybe they've become so used to censoring themselves that they don't even realize they are doing it. Perhaps if we point these errors in their research out, they will be compelled to offer the "other side" (anti-GE) of the story properly. Although the state that journalism is in right now is laughable, I do think that there are a lot of journalists out there that want to do a good job - they just need some guidance from time to time.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 03.03.2003 10:58
Hollywood Peace rally photos
Some scenes of a Sunday afternoon. Nice to see people with a greater cause than we're used to seeing occupying the sidewalks of Sandy blvd..... [ PHOTOS ]

Reports from previous Hollywood rally (22 Feb '03): [ HOLLYWOOD NEIGHBORS STAND TOGETHER FOR PEACE | 2/22 Hollywood Protest Photos ]

CASCADIA SUMMER 03.03.2003 10:51
Action camp in woods outside Eugene, March 10-16, kicks off Cascadia Summer

[ Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia Summer ]

WAR 03.03.2003 01:57
The war has started
From the open publishing newswire: Britain and the United States have all but fired the first shots of the second Gulf war by dramatically extending the range of targets in the "no-fly zones" over Iraq to soften up the country for an allied ground invasion.
As Baghdad threatened to stop destroying its Samoud 2 missiles if the US presses ahead with its invasion plans, allied pilots have attacked surface-to-surface missile systems and are understood to have hit multiple-launch rockets.

Targets hit in recent days include the Ababil-100, a Soviet-designed surface-to-air missile system adapted to hit targets on the ground, and the Astros 2 ground rocket launcher with a range of up to 56 miles. These would be used to defend Iraq in the event of an invasion or to attack allied troops stationed in Kuwait.

[ Read more... ]

ANTI-WAR 02.03.2003 21:19
VIDEO FILE: Northwest Portland Peace March
From the open publishing newswire: People the world over are gathering in groups large and small to protest the Bush administration's move to a preemptive war with Iraq. On Saturday, March 1, 2003,about 100 people met at Wallace Park and marched through the local Northwest Portland business district in a high profile statement against the war.

I interviewed four people after the March had returned to the Park. None believe that the administration reasons for war with Iraq are either reasonable or real, and that there is another agenda behind the strident rhetoric and patriotic thumping. An agenda one hears being debunked from all quarters of the planet; an agenda that is truly about control of the petrolem reserves of Iraq, and perhaps a large step towards global empire.

All the people I interviewed spoke eloquently and passionately concerning their beliefs, beliefs that in one case contradicted beliefs held as soon as six months ago. Another, a man whose brother died in the VietNam Conflict, was particularly clear about the methods used by the established order to justify their will to power and convince the public that this path is the only option.
[ See the Video ]

Report from Protest at Recruiting Center
From the open publishing newswire: On Saturday, March 1, the Radical Anti-War Committee (RAWC) held an anti-militarization protest at Holladay Park in NE Portland. About 35 people came, and we split off into 2 groups - one headed down to the Armed Forces Recruiting Center on NE 14th and Broadway, and a smaller group headed to the mall to pass out anti-recruitment information to shoppers.

I was part of the group that marched to the recruiting center. Around 25 of us marched up Multnomah, across 15th, and down to the center. When we arrived, we found that sidewalk out front had already been roped off with yellow "Police Line Do Not Cross" tape. At least 8 officers we stationed in front of the center, with 6 or 7 cop cars lined up outside the entire time. It was pretty ridiculous, the time and the effort they took to protect the building from us protesters. (After the march, we met back in the park, and one of the folks who had participated said that cops cost $2,000 an hour each to have on duty - your tax dollars at work.)

The other group of eight or so people that went to the mall succeeded in passing out flyers to shoppers, although 3 people did get kicked out by security. They passed out a pamphlet that read, "The Military's Not Just a Job ... It's Eight Years of Your Life!" It contained information about "The easy money for college myth," homophobia in the military, and the woman's experience, among other things, and included resources about where to get more information about militarism, conscientious objection, and non-military job opportunities. They also passed out another packet of information on "Alternatives to joining the military."
[ Read More and See Pictures ]

ANTI-CAPITALIST 02.03.2003 21:03
Benefit For Little Beirut!
From the open publishing newswire: Friday March 7th @ Reed College (in the ping pong room!)

Djin Teeth-violin and squeezy box cabaret revolution
The Chase-all girl cello driven punk rock
Mustapha Mond-intense emotive dark hardcore
Laurie-doing spoken word

Plus at least one other group.

Tables by Portland Antifa, Portland Anti Capitalist Action, and hopefully more including the Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective! Contact us if your group would like to table.

Show is $3 dollar donation at the door, but no one turned away for lack of funds. come and have a good time, meet some new people and show your support! love and revolution-PDX ACA

Little Beirut is an organizational newsletter intent on promoting solidarity and mutual aid, and better networking within the anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist radical left in Portland, of interest and accessible to anyone and all.
[ Contact Info ]

SUSTAINABILITY 02.03.2003 20:56
People’s Food Co-op: Green Grand Opening Celebration 3/22/03 - 3/29/03
From the open publishing newswire: People's Food Co-op, a member-owned health food cooperative in Southeast Portland, is proud to announce its Grand Re-opening. This building, located at 21st and SE Tibbetts, has been a food store for over 80 years and People's Food Co-op for over 32 years (making it Portland's oldest co-op). This year People's completed a massive expansion project yielding a building that is two and a half times the size of the original space and a dramatically increased and improved product selection.

Impressively, the new building was constructed with extreme measures taken to mitigate environmental impacts. People's Food Co-op's green building features, as well as its operational techniques, can serve as a showcase that normalizes efficiency and sustainability to both commercial and residential audiences (in fact, on several occasions classes have come here to observe our green features!).

So, after 7 years of democratically and sustainably driven efforts, the expansion project is complete. And, wow, it is time to celebrate. Please join us in the festivities. Beginning with a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 22 and continuing through March 29, People's Food Co-op will be hosting a bang-up Grand Opening Celebration fixed with live music, free product samples, raffles, workshops, speakers, tabling, tours, bike tune-ups, daily yoga, free massages, a farmers' market, classes, and panel discussions... whew. And, though hard to believe, there's even more.
[ Read More... ]

MEDIA ISSUES 02.03.2003 12:55
How the Propaganda System Works
From the open publishing newswire: How does the U.S. and British propaganda system work? Today's news provides a textbook example. Yesterday the Arab League voted unanimously to oppose the war in Iraq. The 22 member Arab League includes Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and other Middle Eastern and African countries. These countries are Saddam Hussein's neighbors, yet they are against the war.

Yet, how did the U.S. and British media report the Arab League's vote? They focused on a suggestion made by the U.A.E.. that Saddam Hussein should go into exile. This issue did not even make it on the agenda of the meeting!
[ Read More... ]

Critical mass review
From the open publishing newswire: The ride: There were probably around 70-80 riders at the peak. Temps in the 40s with a light rain, still it wasn't that bad. The Ross Island bridge was quite a change of pace, a proposed route suggested a ride deeper into southeast, which would include Woodstock and Sellwood and over the Sellwood bridge and up Macadam into downtown. While I would definitely like to include these areas for future rides I think this suggestion is a bit ambitious, and that seemed to be the consensus as we rode up Powell (how often do you get to do that?) and turned left up 21st and toward more traditional Critical Mass targets such as Belmont, the Joan of Arc circle and Glisan, by then it had dwindled down to about 30, and up 28th and down Broadway. By the time I left the ride at 7th and Knott, there were about a dozen or so left.
[ Read More... ]

CONTRA-GUERRA 02.03.2003 12:43
The prelude to war?
From the open publishing newswire: There are two superpowers the United States and international public opinion. The U.S before firing the first of the next war is caught in a quandary. Raw aggression has to be endorsed democratically. But how? The tide of public opinion worldwide is shifting away from war. Yet each new day brings war closer. Uninterrupted preparation is underway for a coordinated and air attack assault against Iraq as the marchers take to the streets. At the same time a barrage of media coverage with footage showing the mighty weaponry of the Pentagon, anesthetizes the senses like an addictive narcotic. As part of the selling of war, a sophistated arsenal of missiles and combat equipment is being marketed on the T.V screens almost like the ads for cars and appliances.

At the same time a constant chorus of the " coalition of the willing" preaches Iraq to disarm. In the meantime a grotesque pantomime is being performed on the world stage. At the UN horse trading and haggling is underway to "buy" votes in order to pass another resolution to legimazie the U.S war on Iraq. The non-aligned movement the Arab league gets together frantically to at least give the appearance of a united front against the war, even though they are deeply divided on the issue. Naturally, in the Muslin and third world, where the majority of governments are theocracies run by tyrants public opinion is simply an abstraction. No pollsters are allowed t gage the public's mood on an international issue let alone Iraq. Instead, delegates to this conference have secret police services that are telling them what is on their subject's minds. They know "the masses" are seething with resentment towards their repressive ruler. And they may be the next to go in a U.S led campaign to "liberate" the entire Middle East region of its oppressors.
[ Read More... ]

DEEP POLITICS 01.03.2003 23:59
Chemtrails over Portland today
From the open publishing newswire: Today was bright and clear, absolutely blue and beautiful. Then the chemtrails started. These are photos of chemtrails that i saw this morning at about 11:30. Two hours later (in the last photo) they had been widening to form a partial cloud cover. Since then (it's now about 2) there have been only a few new chemtrails, but the partial cover persists. In the south, where it was definitely clear before, there is a hazy mass of clouds.

Some of it's starting to blow over now, but i can tell you this was not normal behavior for *contrails* which are the clouds that are sometimes naturally formed in the wake of aircraft. Contrails as a meteorological phenomena are short-lived; twenty minutes is an impressive history for a contrail. These formations, on the other hand, have lasted for hours and are having a distinct effect on the day.

i don't know what they are, and i'm not going to speculate here, but they are definitely *not* normal. there are plenty of days where planes fly over and their contrails disappear in a few minutes, or -- very often -- immediately. Then there are these days where they hang and spread and what was looking like a clear day turns into a hazy one. It's fishy, i tell you. Damn fishy. [ Photos and Discussion ]

Chemtrails in S.F.
I've been noticing a lot of them lately. Maybe it's in my head. Maybe it's the weather - sort of hazy down here lately, so that could be definate factor - or the altitude, or a combination of those, or anything imaginable. But lately I've been noticing a dark sort of parallel trail, that seems to run alongside the contrail - maybe it's a shadow, but it generally isn't below, so that seems unlikely. Maybe it's just pollution. But why is it now different than before? [ Read More... ]

LABOR / IMMIGRANTS 01.03.2003 23:56
VIDEO FILE: No Justice, No Tacos
From the open publishing newswire: Today, March 1, 2003, on the corner of Interstate and North Going Street members of the Portland community gathered to protest Taco Bell's callous indifference to what seems to be reasonable demands of tomato pickers in Florida.

This is a national campaign, and here locally, a different Taco Bell is targeted every month. I interviewed two people on the picket line, Dave, from Cross Border Labor Organizing Committee (C-BLOCK), and Cindy, a member of sheet metal workers Local 16 and Jobs with Justice.

Basically, what the tomato pickers in Florida are asking is a 1 cent per pound raise. There has abeen no change in the price paid for tomatoes since 1978, leaving the workers far below minimum wage. [ Read More, and link to VIDEO... ]

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