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PEACE / ANTI-WAR 07.03.2003 22:33
Your March 15 planning guide, and other resources
From the open publishing newswire: a lot of folks have been uploading plans and posters and ideas about the upcoming March 15 peace/anti-war events in portland. here's a collection of what's gone up so far. please add other flyers, details, etc. (and from places other than portland!) to this post as comments. there'll be a link to this page from the top of the front page until the day of the event.

POSTERS for Day War Starts events
Communities all over Southern Cascadia have announced plans for what they will do the day that bombing/invasion starts in Iraq. Here's some posters that have been made to promote the events in Portland. Please upload other posters and events here for people to see. [ Posters and Events ]

Online & Offline: Organize, Organize, Organize
More and more, internet activism and mass protest operate as companion parts of a single whole, (both containing elements of the other). While the peace movement does embody a great deal of organizational intelligence, and webmasters move mountains of code to get the word out, it seems useful to characterize the internet as the brains, and mass protest as the body of this, our political moment. It remains for conscientious activists to recognize the strategic nature of this relatively new dynamic, now -that we may help move the struggle for social transformation to the next level. [ Read More... ]

News for any federal lawyers & Northwest Forest Pass activists still out there...
From the open publishing newswire: I appeared in a Federal Courtroom in Portland just a few minutes ago to defend myself with regard to a $100 parking "crime" committed on National Forest land. I avoided testifying because I didn't want to be cross-examined, but proceeded to question the citing officer, and enter photographic evidence from the scene, and make an argument that the forest service had a duty to post signs relating to unexpected parking prohibitions. He found my arguments lacking, but but because the context of the trial was fairly informal, proceeded to state what "testimony" I had given in my argument that he was disregarding.

He decided to disregard any implication that I was the person who parked my car on the blackaded road, and then asked the prosecution to justify convicting a person of a misdemeanor parking crime for a case in which no direct evidence placed the defandant at the scene of the crime. The prosecution made an ad-hoc argument that there was a precedent set for cases like this, that most of the cases the federal court handles are parking tickets and that the "justice system" would be crippled if were not allowed to infer the identity of the criminal from the registration of the vehicle. In particular, he cited the recently-formalized and expanded National Forest Pass Fee Demo Project, and suggested that it would be disabled if he could no longer prosecute people for whom the Forest Rangers did not wait to return to their car.

Here is my open call to the community at large, that if they want to be a part of the precedent-setting decision, they should advise and assist me in formulating a response to the prosecution's legal brief. I am not really concerned about the suggested $100 fine if I am found guilty, even though I don't have the money to pay it, but rather I'm more interested in the precedents that this decision could set for prosecutability of Federally regulated crimes in this region.[ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 07.03.2003 17:03
Oregon's Blue Mountains bioregion under threat; March 22 benefit for activists working to save it
From the open publishing newswire: When most folks think "Northwest Forests" they picture the moist temperate forests of the Cascades. In fact, 63% of the forests in Oregon are east of the Cascades and represent high desert and high elevation interior forest ecosystems.

These forests are drier, and many of the animal, tree, and other plant species are different. Like the Westside, these forests have been ravaged by a hundred years of heavy logging. Nonetheless, the eastside still has Lynx, Wolverine, Pine marten, Northern Goshawk, Pileated woodpecker, Salmon, Steelhead, Bull trout, and Cougar, as well as many owls, raptors, neotropical songbirds, Bobcat, Coyote, Deer, Elk, Bighorn sheep, Pronghorn antelope, and maybe even isolated wolves in a few bigger wilderness areas. On the Eastside in general, one tends to see more wildlife than people.

Eastern Oregon has only 13% of of the states' human population and a significant portion of those folks are employed or otherwise affiliated with logging and ranching companies, or they are economically insecure small business owners. It is not what you would call the most supportive climate for engaging in forest defense. Even when people are supportive of protecting native forests, they are often afraid to voice their feelings publically.

Those few hearty souls doing forest activism on the eastside are greatly overstretched. The Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (BMBP) has only two full-time (minimally) paid staff and covers the Malheur, Umatilla, Ochoco, and some of the Deschutes National Forests, as well as the Prineville BLM district.
[ Read More... ]

[ PHOTOS & Exposé: The Truth of Oregon's Fires - In many of Oregon's forests the fires burned as beneficial under-burns ]

Benefit for Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
The show will be Saturday, March 22 at 8pm at It's a Beautiful Pizza (3341 SE Belmont). There will be a gorgeous slideshow of threatened eastern Oregon forests and areas that have been protected through the work of BMBP. Following the presentation, we'll have music by Djinn Teeth, Danny Dollinger, and Jen Rawlings. There will be a sliding scale cover of $7-15. Coming to this show is a great way for "westsiders" to support eastern Oregon wildlands protection, as well as an opportunity to learn about the unique ecosystems over there. All proceeds will help BMBP continue to protect eastside public lands.

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 07.03.2003 16:37
News, events and analysis about the war
Stop the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance!
Join the campaign to eliminate profit for members of the Pro-War Portland Business Alliance. The PBA is out of control with Franklin Kimbrough at the wheel. Kimbrough coerced city council members Jim Francesconi, Randy Leonard, and Dan Saltzman to ignore public opinion and fail a popular resolution opposing a "unilateral, pre-emptive" strike against Iraq.
[ Read More... ]

Building a Working Class Anti-War Movement
It is obvious that working people are the true loosers in war. On all sides, the working class people are the ones who do the dirty fighting, get bombs rained upon them and starve. At best, they are subject to increased speedups and increased repression in the name of national security. A workshop will be held this week to explore what a working class anti-war movement would be like. Subjects for discussion include: What are the cause of the present war, what would a community based working class anti-war movement look like, the need for internationalism and an overview of successful working class war resistence.
[ Read More... ]

PRESS RELEASE: Portland, Oregon Nude for Peace Demonstration
Join us to send a creative and cooperative message of peace and contemplation to our government during this time of global saber rattling. We hope to gather 250 people onto private property and use our nude bodies to form the Chinese symbol for "Peace" as created by Daniel Dancer.
[ Read More... ]

Oregon Senate Bill 742 would create new "terrorism" crime
This Oregon bill introduced by Senator Minnis looks like something to be very concerned about. It would essentially create a crime of "terrorism" with a minimum jail sentence of 25 years for activities as minimal as participating in an action that "disturbs commerce and transportation systems in the State of Oregon."
[ Read More... ]

The WMDs Are Thiiiiiiiis Biiiiiiiiiiig

Fitting to the fish story Mr. Bush laid out in his news conference this week timed for consumption just before Hans Blix reports to the UN the York Times published a photograph on the front page of Mr. Bush at the podium posed with his hands spread apart as if he were describing the size of the fish. [ Read More... ]

BENEFIT 07.03.2003 09:14
Benefit dinner theatre puppet show for PDX Art+Revolution and PDX Freeskool
From the open publishing newswire: PDX ART AND REVOLUTION presents: A benefit dinner theatre with Vermont puppeteers The Insurrection Landscapers in: the battle of this and that, Ben T. Matchstick with: Jack the Giant Queller and Portland's own Circus collective strutting their stuff. We'll serve plates of delicious Indian food plus dessert for $2. ALL VEGAN. Come join us for an exciting evening of entertainment. All ages all welcome. Sliding scale of $3-$5 and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Happening Friday March 7th at 7pm, Disjecta 116 ne Russel near MLK. Benefits go to support the projects of PDX Art and Revolution and PDX Freeskool. For more information or directions e-mail pdxartandrevolution@yahoo.com. Thank You! [ Read More... ]

OHSU's bioscience guru admits Oregon Opportunity a "delusion"
From the open publishing newswire: OHSU: We're good at torture, so we're gonna stick with it. The tide is turning and the truth is out. OHSU bioscience expert admits the Oregon Opportunity is a "delusion" doomed for failure. According to a Portland Tribune story, Oregon Health & Science University's new biotechnology "czar" -- the man who is counted on to turn the university's bioscience discoveries into an engine of economic development for Oregon -- harbors no illusions. In fact, Dr. William New Jr. bluntly says OHSU officials are suffering from "delusions of national grandeur" in trying to establish Oregon as a major biotechnology research center.

Instead, he says OHSU needs to concentrate on what Oregon is good at, the technology that really gets the goods... "Oregon's focus ought to be electronics, computer hardware and software, wireless -- the technology 'tool kit,'" he said. "Oregon is world-class in electronics. Why would one even think about anything else?" We have some opportunities coming up to educate our legislators and the country. [ Read How... ] History: Oregon Opportunity Plan (OOP[s]) | OHSU on OOP[s]

Call New HLS market makers - Brokerage America

Brokering in blood and broken bones Brokerage America has executed a few trades over the last day as a Market Maker for HLS. The company has been contacted numerous times in an attempt to inform Brokerage America about HLS's history of animal cruelty, sloppy science, and financial failings. A letter and extensive information was faxed to, and received by, CEO Andrew Sycoff and numerous follow up calls were made but not returned ... you know the drill. [ More Info... ] Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Andrew Sycoff, Brokerage America CEO.
  • 212.880.7444
  • 212.682.8833
  • 800.337.4910

ALF rescues chicks "In the early morning hours of February 27, 2003, the ALF liberated 115 chickens from Merial Select Laboratory (10026 Main Street, Berlin, MD, 21811, Phone 410 641-2060, Fax 410 641-0768) In the midst of a snowstorm, we made our way to the animal housing units. Using crowbars and boltcutters, we bypassed the alarmed doors by prying and cutting our way through the window panes and wire mesh. After crawling into several barns, we loaded 115 baby chicks into carriers and brought them to safety. They have been taken to temporary housing to live in a period of isolation to ensure that the possible diseases they have been infected with do not spread to others. Afterwards, they will be moved to permanent homes to live freely. [ Newswire Article ] Photos

POLICE STATE 06.03.2003 14:25
3 student protesters assaulted by Campus Security during peaceful protest at the University of Portland
From the open publishing newswire: On March 5, while participating in a student walkout in conjunction with the "National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq" at the University of Portland, three students were assaulted by a member of UP's campus security. We had gathered in the University quad and were banging upon a number of improvised drums, including a commandeered trashcan. The officer in question approached us, and demanded that we stop our drumming. When we refused he attempted to wrestle what he perceived to be a drumstick out of the hands of a student, and in the process threw her to the ground. [ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 06.03.2003 14:20
Rally to End Commercial Logging on Public Lands - Eugene, Monday March 10
From the open publishing newswire: Monday March 10, 2003 - 10:00am - Federal Building, downtown Eugene (7th and Pearl St) - Bring signs, banners, drums & noisemakers, and creative energy

Activists from the local area as well as activists in town for the Environmental Law Conference will join forces to bring attention to the plight of our public lands. The greedy destruction of our last native forests is now in the hands of the Bush Administration offering payback to the timber industry for their millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Companies such as Roseburg Forest Products, Zip-O-Log Mills, Seneca Jones, Starfire, Rosboro, D.R. Johnson, Lone Rock, Thomas Creek, and so on...... are raping these forests for profit. Let's do something about it!! [ Newswire post ]

Action camp in woods outside Eugene, March 10-16, kicks off Cascadia Summer

[ Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia Summer ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 06.03.2003 14:13
Labor for Peace to Host Friday Rally
From the open publishing newswire: The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, March 7th, at 5:00 p.m., will be hosted by Portland Labor for Peace and Justice, a local organization formed to give voice to organized labor's opposition to war. "In these times when our schools are closing, and many people have no access to decent health care, spending billions of dollars on an unjust war is something that just doesn't makes sense to workers here at home," said Peter Parks, an organizer with Portland Labor for Peace and Justice. Parks is a member of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 8, the Powell's Books employees union, an endorser of the recent historic peace marches that have taken place in Portland over the past several months.
[ Read More... ]

[ Portland Peaceful Response Coalition ]

Don't pay for a war you don't support
As a country we are going to be paying for a war that we didn't want to begin with. You wouldn't be very happy if somebody told you what to buy against your will. Since we are supposed to live in a democracy, (which we are not, otherwise we would get to vote whether we go to war as a nation or not.) we still have some power and say in this matter. We can decide not to pay taxes this year. I don't want dollars that I've earned to be spent on killing people I've never met before. There's just something fundametally wrong with that. So what if we all decided not to pay taxes anymore? How is the government going to fund a war that nobody else is funding? Let the pro-war people give the government extra money or something if they need a war that badly. I can do something better with my money. I can help out my local economy. Let me know what you think.

[ War Resisters League ]

WILD AND FREE 06.03.2003 14:08
Yellowstone National Park Sends Over 100 Wild Bison to Slaughter
From the open publishing newswire: For the first time since the 1996-1997 season, Yellowstone National Park has reopened the Stephens Creek buffalo trap, which is inside the Park near the north entrance. Yesterday, agents from the Park and the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) captured over 100 buffalo there, and as I write this they are being driven in several trailers to area slaughterhouses. The trap can hold 125 bison, and after sending approximately 50 bison to slaughter today, the Park rounded up the other 60+ bison in the area. As many as 50 more bison will be driven to their death tomorrow. In a matter of hours, this has become the most disastrous season for the bison in the last five years. [ Read More... ]

HEALTHY BODY IMAGE 06.03.2003 13:34
FatGirl Speaks - Call for Volunteers & Performers


From the open publishing newswire: Announcing FatGirl Speaks; a Celebration of Size, Self and Sexuality -- Saturday, May 3rd, 2003 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon, from 4pm to 10pm. Founded on progressive feminist principles of size positivity and the promotion of natural body diversity, this evening conference and show will energize, empower, uplift and celebrate women of size and our allies!

FatGirl Speaks will feature political and educational workshops, a FatGirl fashion show, an evening of spoken word/performance art, live music and fun extras like scale smashing and a FatGirl kissing booth!

We are looking for people to get involved in the planning, promotion and putting-on of this event. We need fundraisers to help us cover our costs, we need promoters to help get people to the event and last, but certainly not least, we need PERFORMERS to come and be a part of this show!![ Contact info... ]

ANTI-WAR/IMPERIALISM 05.03.2003 21:17
PDX Radical AntiWar Protest--N. Park Blocks, March 15!
From the open publishing newswire: Time to join more mature nations like Turkey, France and Germany that have for now stalled the murderous plans of our unelected terrorist regime! So let's stand together at 1 pm Saturday March 15 to publicly and loudly denounce Bush and his henchmen.Just like we did a month earlier, ANYONE WHO WANTS CAN GET UP AND SAY HER/HIS PIECE ABOUT THIS BLOOD THIRSTY REACTIONARY CABAL THAT HAS HIJACKED OUR NATION! THEN WE'LL TAKE TO THE STREETS WITH NO PERMITS NEEDED --we're still under the US Constitution!-- and decide to link up with the other protestors on the waterfront. OR WE MIGHT MAKE OUR OWN BATTLE PLANS. It's time again to match the courage and determination shown by other peoples here and around the world to STOP THIS WAR!!
[ Read More... ]

[ POSTERS for March 15 Radical March ]

ANTI-RACISM 05.03.2003 21:11
Anti-Racism for Global Justice Workshop SATURDAY


From the open publishing newswire: Anti-Racism for Global Justice trainers, part of the Challenging White Supremacy Workshops, are coming up to pdx to do a workshop on saturday that examines institutional racism in society and focus on how white privilege manifests in social justice activism. The workshop is taking place at Reed College at NOON in Vollum Lounge and is open to the public.

This workshop is based in the belief that anti-racist work with white people can operate as a catalyst to social justice work. ARGJ workshops examine institutional racism in society and focus on how white privilege manifests in social justice activism. White privilege expresses itself in the ways that leadership from oppressed communities is routinely marginalized and how racism is frequently absent from white activist's view of society. The curriculum is designed for white social justice activists, but everyone is welcome to participate. We will use group activities, small and large group discussions and handouts to explore how white privilege manifests in activist work, look at definitions of multiple systems of oppression and look at how anti-racism can help strengthen the work we're doing.
[ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 05.03.2003 16:24
Forest defenders protest BMC West and ask for boycott
From the open publishing newswire: today forest activists went to a BMC West location in Vancouver to protest the fact that BMC West sells wood purchased from Freres lumber and other old-growth loggers. at 11am or so cars full of activists from the cascadia region left portland to go to a BMC west location in vancouver.

perhaps 20 or 30 people held a line outside of the store while about 6 different police vehicles as well as one undercover car came and went, attempting to harass activists when they would walk in the driveways to the store. the crowd went with the intent to be non-violent and was so, regardless of the police presence.

while a line of signs elicited many a honk of support from passing vehicles, people took turns addressing the store itself [many customers and employees of which came outside to hear] about its pratices and the pratices of the companies they buy their lumber from. [ Read More... ]

RESISTANCE 05.03.2003 15:16
March 5th Day of Action
Students and allies take Ashland!
From the open publishing newswire: About 600 students and peace activists took downtown Ashland today, declaring "Books not Bombs!" and committing themselves to direct action against war. Starting at noon from SOU, college students joined with striking high schoolers to march down Siskiyou Blvd, blocking traffic to the tune of a walking gamelan band. After a dance-rally and street performance in Lithia Plaza, the crowd returned uptown. In mid-Ashland, three or four Ashland police threw demonstrators to the ground and tried to arrest them. The crowd pulled them to safety. A brief standoff resulted, and then activists proceeded up East Main. --in progress
[ Read More... ]

Ashland Pt. 2
From the open publishing newswire: An estimated 500 students from Ashland High School and Southern Oregon University demonstrated for nearly 5 hours in solidarity with Books Not Bombs! student strikes around the globe, reclaiming Ashland's main streets even under the threat of arrest. Students demanded an end to militarisation and war in exchange for greater support for public education and infrastructure.
[ Read More... ]
Pictures [1] [2] [3]
Santa Clara Day of Action
From the open publishing newswire: A couple of miles north of Eugene lies the quiet bedroom community of Santa Clara. In the local mall, three recruiting offices, Marine, Army and Air Force, recently took over the space a large corporate store had abandoned. Until today Santa Clara was unvisited by the protests that are practically daily fare in Eugene, but on this day of action, the fact that similar small communities all over America have experienced outpourings of dissatisfaction graphically demonstrates how much support the current administration has lost.
[ Read More... ]

Taking a stand on March 5 has a long history; once again, the young lead the way
From the open publishing newswire: On March 5, 2003, a student strike will take place all over the United States. The theme of the protest will be "Books Not Bombs," as campuses protest the push toward war against Iraq. March 5 is a fitting day for this protest. No day of the year personifies the struggle for justice in this country better than the Fifth of March. No day better symbolizes the central role of young people in that struggle. March 5 is the day the American Revolution began in 1770. It's the day that young people in Boston took matters into their own hands and decided to confront the representatives of the state power.

The political forces advocating a U.S. military assault on Iraq like to pretend that the American Revolution was a nice, neat, respectable affair and that this country was founded by upstanding property owners in New England and Virginia. In fact, the American Revolution was begun by people who didn't own anything, people who were the ancestors of today's downsized and underemployed. The first battle of the American Revolution was the Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770, a confrontation that young people led and in which they spilled their blood. As young people all over the United States prepare to stand up to the powers that be again on another March 5, it is worth recalling what happened on the evening of March 5, 1770, on King Street in Boston.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 05.03.2003 08:25
Voices of Eugene - Declarations of Peace

a lot of folks have a declaration of peace in their yard - here are some great ones!

PEACE / ANTI-WAR 04.03.2003 23:27
Fear and Loathing in Kelso, Washington
A middle-aged, middle-class woman comes face to face with the enemy and finds that the enemy resides among us.

Saturday, March 1, was a beautiful day in Kelso--warm sunshine, the smell of spring in the air, and several hundred people at a "Support Our Troops" rally that started at noon at the Allen Street Bridge in Kelso. I thought that this would be a perfect venue for me, so I decided to attend the rally and show support for the troops in my own way.

I am a middle-class, middle-aged white female who has always played by the rules. I cross at the crosswalk, I pay my taxes, I wear my seat belt, I don't smoke dope, and I wave at police officers because I like to think of them as the good guys. Some (perhaps most) of you would dismiss me as rather dorky--well meaning, perhaps, but basically dorky. I support our troops; I support them by protesting the impending war in Iraq because I don't want to see American military personnel sent to an unjust war that will kill untold numbers of people, cost billions of dollars, and just increase terrorism both in this country and abroad. Since the "Support Our Troops" rally in Kelso was billed as non-political, I figured that I could go there among my neighbors here in Cowlitz County and show support for our troops in my own way. After all, this is America--land of the free and home of the brave, right?

I have tried to explain this thinking to my friends ever since. The kind ones have called me "naive." The blunt and honest ones have flat-out told me that I was stupid. Either way, here is my story.

ANTI-WAR 04.03.2003 22:10
PDX Radical AntiWar Protest--N. Park Blocks, March 15!
From the open publishing newswire: Time again for

Time to join more mature nations like Turkey, France and Germany that have for now stalled the murderous plans of our unelected terrorist regime!

So let's stand together at 1 pm Saturday March 15 to
publicly and loudly denounce Bush and his henchmen.

Just like we did a month earlier,


04.03.2003 18:58
Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A lawyer was arrested late Monday and charged with trespassing at a public mall in the state of New York after refusing to take off a T-shirt advocating peace that he had just purchased at the mall.


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